Mini Beaut 1 - Questions from the Hunnies


strivings natural do a natch Butte <hes> honeys hello. How are you welcome to match view? Welcome to the first ever official many episode Nash Butte. Yes there have been other minis yes every once in a while throwing a little surprise if I have something to say but guess what what we are regimented now honey okay we are now going to be doing to abso. Wake right there on your main feed. We're going to have the main show on Thursday where I have a guest and we'd talk for an hour plus and now the minis and the minis are coming out on Mondays to start you off right every week and you don't know what we're going to have with the minis. Sometimes I'M GONNA guess so it'll be an interview. Sometimes <hes> maybe Edwin will come in and talk makeup. Maybe Lauren Adams and we're GONNA live call in shows through instagram live or like today. It's GonNa be me Yep in my gums solo and there's going to be all kinds of topics. We have lots of fun ideas <hes> my producer back and I came up with some funny stuff. We're going to do reviews news. We're GONNA go do some treatments and review. We're going to do all kinds of stuff so but today being the first one we're going to do a good old fashioned Q._N._A.. Because you know that's the lazy thing to do and Y'all provided me with such great content content plus. There really hasn't been a super interactive segment and Natch Byu in a long time where I do answer your questions directly so guess what that's what we're going to be doing and I I just WanNa say thank you for listening to Knatchbull. Thank you for supporting shooting match. Butte and things are going on this journey with me <hes> I also you know sometimes at the beginning of episodes I put like a little disclaimer or or a little thing at the top it's like hey I have this going on that going on etc.. Now those are going to be in the minis so if you want to know what's going on listen to the Minis Babe and so to start that off. I'm going to say if you're listening to this when it comes out that means today is July fifteenth on July Eighteenth. I'm going to be returning to the Howard Stern. Wrap up show so if you happen to be a Sirius X._M.. Subscriber you gotTa tune in here that <hes> the wrap up show. I believe it depends on where you are. What time it starts so you need to check your local listings but it runs on Howard one hundred and one so Channel One zero one on your Sirius X._M.? Dial and that is Thursday July eighteenth tune into hear me there you can also call in live and I would really flip out if an honey called it would make me look really good in front of Howard not to bring pressure. Is Your own y'all. It's live sweetie alive okay so if you feel the pressures of live radio and you WanNa call in they tell you the number. I believe it's like eight eight eight stern one hundred or something like that. Don't quote me. They say it on the wrap up show and you when they start the show call in and ask me a question made me look good. I would flip out. It would really be great but no pressure okay so that's all I have coming up. You'll know I'm on drunk history on August six on Tuesday August six on comedy central but that's a while away I will remind you you closer to okay. Let's get to the questions so yesterday. When I decided to ask Y'all some questions all I did was I went on the Nashville instagram which is at Nashville you? If you don't follow me go there because that's where all the info is going to be if I spontaneously pull something the thing like I did today and I went on there and I just said hey send me some questions. It doesn't have to be about beauty. It can be about natch butte the podcast about shoot you can be about life it could be about my butthole. Whatever and Yo- came through I mean I don't? I haven't counted them but there's a lot of questions here so we're GonNa get through as many as we can. The next many will be maybe a follow up with more plus. I'm going to go through my summer makeup bag and tell you everything. I'm using right now what I would repurchase what I wouldn't and that's an exciting segment that I'm excited aided about. I'm excited. I'm excited. I'm excited. Are you excited that I'm excited. Are you excited okay. Let's start with the first question. The first question is how natch do we need to be. Are we just being green washed. Where's the data now listen? I'm going to say you know what most likely yes we are and a lot of people because they hear the word natch Butte they think that I'm all about the natural which I love but I'm not if we're being honest I would sam about half and half and there's no rhyme or reason to that. It's essentially just products. I'm drawn to and products. I like and then the ethics of the company. It doesn't necessarily mean I only use products that are quote unquote natural or Green <hes>. I don't <hes> but I also am not. I don't know it's a weird balance some some chemicals. I'm scared of some. I'm not into that I say do you're damn base and do your own research and come up with what you want and what you believe in and forgive yourself. If you use a damn when wild lip gloss that happen sue nut being yet euro or whatever you know what I mean. We're all doing our best. There's chemicals around us in everything so just do your Goddamn best in by what you fucking want okay. That's the short to answer that <hes> so no you don't need to be a total natch butte being asked you where it works for your lifestyle and I hope that answered that question okay next question new Jackie got a fancy cut but favourite hair dye in products on a bud. Did you okay yes. I did get a fancy haircut. I'm just GonNa yes. I got fucking fancy haircut if you follow me on Instagram at Jackie Michelle Johnson Michelle with one L. Hinny yes okay. I just got a very very fancy cut. In color done at nine zero one salon here in L._A.. which it would be honestly easier for me to tell you who doesn't get their hair down there honey because everybody gets their hair down there and it was a lucky kind of happenstance that I was given the opportunity to got my hair down there? By the two founders of the place Nikki Enron they own it and the fucking founders cut my hair honey they like literally do every famous hot chicks hair in Hollywood and they did my hair okay new Jackie. You decided to treat herself and yes don't worry they're coming on soon so all hair questions they can cover and I'm not going to say here and act like a damn hair expert but I was taking notes the entire time and I have so many amazing questions to ask them him and I will definitely <hes> pull y'all for questions for them as well because they pretty much are on the pulse of what is happening in terms of the cool chic L. A. Cool girl hair movement was going on the colored trans the products the styling tools techniques everything anything and I can't wait to tell y'all but I'm going to say that for their interview so long story short. Let's see favorite products okay favorite hair dye. I have not died my own hair in a long time. I did it for a very long time but now I'm treating myself often having it done however I will just go to Sally's and I would buy a color and a developer depending on my needs. My color is very my real hair. Color is dark brown and I would lift it to a red or light red so therefore I would use a thirty developer which is is very high now the past few years I've been doing a twenty which is a little less intense because I was trying not to like over strip my hair which I was doing <hes> which is why my hair like literally didn't grow over five years but go into Sally's or your local beauty supply store and I would say watch youtube. 's Do research go up to somebody who you think has good hair and ask them what they use. You know because I can't tell you what haired either by. It's going to depend on your color. How much lift you WanNa get how permanent you wanted to be etc etc but you definitely should do some research? 'cause I love a D._I._Y.. <hes> hair products on a budge. y'All know I'm a boozy ass bitch so it's hard for me to answer that question. <hes> I think somebody else asked me at some point my hair regimen. I'M GONNA wait and get into it on that question. Because I have a list of all my products great okay next question. How are you doing? I hope you're healing and treating yourself with Love Pink Heart Emoji. Thank you for that question does so nice if I'm being honest. I'm doing okay. Some days are easier than others. <hes> the stages of grief are real and they're not linear and there was a while where I thought I was doing real great and then all of a sudden. I'm angry again. I'm sad again. I'm I am a bargaining again some days. I do all of them. Sometimes I'm very depressed some days. I'm very happy it's a very wild ride. I'm on <hes> but in general I'm doing okay and I thank you very much for asking and checking in with me. <hes> <hes> you know my my wedding. Anniversary is tomorrow if you're listening to this July fifteen by my three year wedding anniversary is July sixteenth and just thinking about it makes me very sad <hes> because you know it feels like a failure. The divorce feels like a failure and take it for me. I I did the very best I could given the tools. I was given in the moment and now I'm doing a lot of work on myself and I'm. I'M NOT GONNA pick the wrong person again. That's really exciting and this was supposed to happen. This is what was supposed to happen. It's horrible and it's been really painful but I know that it's for the best and <hes> that's beautiful and I'm really I'm proud of myself for doing the work better late than never you know I've always been a late bloomer and <hes> this journey. I'm on and it's beautiful so thank you for that question okay next question. How has your journey with therapy going? Doing you know what I think might have just answered that going exceptionally well and it I we focused a lot on my divorce in my relationship with my husband and now we're not even talking about him much now. We've gone deeper honey. We're talking about childhood childhood. We're talking about my parents divorce. We're talking about my house growing up. We're talking about like things that <hes> occurred throughout my life <hes> kind of the themes that have been following me through my entire life. I really interesting posting stuff. The therapist has extremely insightful and was shocked when I told her I'd never been there before and I was like yes any it's insightful so it's the best it's going. It's going so well. L. And it's very expensive but you know what it's really important to me and I'm doing it right now. Okay next question. How's meditation going? If I'm being honest not good okay. You know what somebody had to break something had to give and guess what it was. It was the not M. transcendental meditation not going well. I fell out of the practice. I'm going to be honest. I I think it's great but getting into the practice of it is not easy especially when you live in unpredictable life such as mine some some days. I have to get up at four A._M.. Because I book something and beyond said or this day I have I stayed you have to have a very regimented schedule and you have to block out an hour of your day thirty minute thirty minute block and I was just I fell out of the practice yes I yesterday. I went to a group meditation at the T._M.. Center in Los Villas which is where I trained which is the most popular training facility in the world is the Los feeless which is a neighborhood in L._A.. transcendental Meditation Center and <hes> You you know people are just coming in and out of there with a damn rotating door and I was one of them and I went through the training and then I was like wait a minute this is I got to really work on this so <hes> you know it's an expensive investment and I'm GONNA get back into it but if I'm being honest meditation is. Not going that well. I'll keep you updated. I'm hoping to get back into it okay next question. Is it hard maintaining a healthy self image in L._A.. Yes it is extremely fucking extremely. I don't know that's probably true for wherever you live because of social media instagram if you follow any bitch l. a. on his you know the standards here are getting out of control. <hes> there's things about me. I never had issues with and now all of a sudden. I hate them because it's hard so yes it is hard. You didn't ask me how to help so I'm not going to get into it but yes. It's very fucking hard. It's very hard especially being in your mid thirties re entering the dating scene <hes> yeah yeah honey it is okay. It's extremely hard so oh thank you for that question. Okay what's next. How often do you get facials? How often would you recommend you get one? If I'm honest not often because I'm cheap and you know on a budget right. Now I think once it's a month would be really great. Once every three months to six months would be great and if you can't pull that once a year once a year I think is great but if you've got the money honey get once a month you're you're set on that and I think most petitions would agree. That's probably a good amount <hes> okay next. It sounds Corny but what's your best post breakup self-care advice therapy therapy therapy therapy therapies self-care therapy therapy therapy talk about the break-up talking about what happened talk about how you feel talk about how you Never WanNa make the same mistakes again. Get to the bottom of it. <hes> recognized red flags as soon as they come up. You know these are things that you can go to therapy and work on so that's it honey go to therapy okay and I know it's not easy in this country makes it difficult but do some research. There's clinics was sliding scales in your city <hes> if you live in L._A.. There's a bunch of them. There's a lot of APPS now. Talk Space is great. Get some therapy fuck sheep masks. Okay fuck bath bombs. You want some post breakup healthcare therapy answer it question hey honeys. I'm here to tell you all about figs okay now. I'm not talking Fruit Cape listening okay. I think we can all agree that nurses doctors dentists and folks that work in medicine and healthcare are awesome. I'm thankful to all of them. Every day for pursuing that field and I think we can all think of a time when a medical professional helped us or a family member these these people dedicated their lives to helping us and serving others so don't you think they deserve to look and feel amazing in scrubs that make them look and feel good because I sure think so okay I want all these amazing people that every day help us with their incredible professions to look and feel their best because what they wear is more than a uniform. Shouldn't they wear scrubs. It helped them feel good and perform their best. I think so okay so let me tell you about figs. Figs is an amazing in comedy that is making scrubs stylish and functional for people who deserve it most for years doctors nurses dentists other awesome medical professionals physician assistants out there honey. They've been forced to wear scratchy SCRUBS CBS ill-fitting scrubs. Maybe they don't make them feel their best. Okay maybe there in one boring color whatever have fun live your life okay because figs were designed with innovative technical properties that are going to protect and hold old life saving tools. Did you hear that yes figs created the highest quality medical apparel so medical professionals look their best feel their best and perform their best. Every set of biggs is anti microbial that means they protect from germs and bacteria. They're very soft their moisture wyking and they feature a four way stretch figs are made with yoga way spans so they're comfortable. They come in a variety of styles. We got a straight leg. We got a jogger. We even have a skinny style. You know what I mean. Make that make that hospital your runway sweetie. We're here for it and every time you shop at figs they give scrubs to healthcare providers in need around the world through their threads for threads initiative and to date fix has donated hundreds of thousands of sets in over thirty thirty five countries. They also have gift cards available. That'll be a great gift for somebody you know in the medical field. Tell them thank you by sending them. Things and I'm telling you I'm on this website. They are so adorable and cute. You're going to be getting compliments in the break room honey. You're going to be getting compliments when you're giving people Juvie Durham and their lips you're GONNA be getting compliments from yourself in the mirror because things are going to make you feel great so all my honeys out there in the medical profession you gotta check it out. Okay whether you're one of the awesome humans at works in healthcare or someone that wants to say thanks to these deserving folks thinks is going to make that easy by providing you with fifteen percent off your first purchase by using the code natch you better believe it honey. Okay get ready to love your scrubs head to wear figs DOT COM. That's it's W.. E. A. R. F. DOT COM and enter my code natch which is at checkout. You're going to get fifteen percent off your first purchase. You're GONNA love him. Baby where Figs Dot Com my Code Nagina T. C. H.. Put those scrubs on on live. Your best life fakes honeys. I'm here to tell you all about ship station. I know a lot of my honey's out there are selling online and we all know getting orders out can be a real pain. It's time consuming and it's expensive and there's so many carriers to choose from. We don't know which one we don't know before making the best choice. That's why you need ship station DOT com. 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Amazon fulfillment and then you can compare and choose the best shipping solution for you and your customer and they give you big shipping discounts most of the time you only get big discounts if you're like a big old business with a ton of clients and a ton of business but no honey shift station has got you even if you're a little man a little dude we got you okay so you will always be getting the best deal on ship station. No wonder ship stations the number one choice of online sellers. You'll shit more or less time with the best rates available and right now. The Nashville listeners can try ship station for free for sixty days when you use Promo Code natch. There's absolutely no risk you can start your free trial without even entering a credit card. which if I ever start a company I'm going to do that too? I don't think so honey putting in your credit card on a free trial. That's how I feel. Ship Station degrees just visit ship station dot com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage type in natch p._C._H.. That's ship station DOT com enter Promo Code NATCH FOR FREE SIXTY DAYS TO CHECK IT OUT SHIP STATION DOT com make ship happen next. Where do you go for laser hair removal in L._A.? Fix Laser Center F.. I X.. Fix Laser Center in Glendale listen. I'm going to be honest. It is a no frills place okay. This is not a boozy spar experience. It's three Armenian ladies but let me tell you something they know business and they no body hair okay and they throw you down. She goes take off your pants and she just watches me. Drop trowel I get on that table. I spread my pussy and she gets in there with that. Damn laser and they do very thorough work in a very fair price and they're very like <hes> like I said I would say the bedside manner not the best but they get in there with that laser in that Pussy in that Aso in your pit wherever and they do a great job and they always have a group on they always have a discount if you sign up for their email they've done great work. I mean that one of the best things I ever did for myself was laser hair removal. If you're a person who doesn't like body here I'm telling you I was just before the July party my bikini line. I posted a photo of me in a very high cuts swimsuit. That photo is unedited. I didn't edit out a single bump. I have the most beautiful bikini line in L.. A. Honey and it's because of fixed laser center no they're not paying me but <hes> laser hair removal work extremely well on me because I pale skin and dark hair that the contrast of the hair and the skin is an ideal candidate. It worked like a fucking jam. They do great work there so that's where I go okay. This person asked me. How do you clean your shower interesting question? I use the method shower cleaner. It's like a spray and I believe it comes in lots of Yummy sense and you just spray it in there when you're done and it keeps the grime off. I have no rhyme in my shower or D.. Bathtub gets a ring of you know because I use lots of oils in bad bonds and things what do I do. I use Bon Ami which is like a sort of a natural Ajax or comet and ascribe daddy and I scrub the the the ring out and I do that. Every once in a while keeps keeps a fresh. I love a weird question and I appreciate that. How many times a week do you hang with friends? I'm here for these questions. I think this is interesting. I would say a if you can't dates sunny. I would say three to four yeah. That's probably accurate but you know I'm in a new stage in my life where I'm going out more and I'm being around around people more and whatnot so three to four. Maybe four to five if I'm being honest. Take that okay next question. How do you stay consistent with the skin care routine when there's so much new stuff to try that's why I have an entire hi room in my house full of products because it stressful to me to throw in a new product and knowing I'm not gonNA use it all the way up and it's thing basically I have a routine and I will throw in a product and try it for a couple of weeks and then I'll rotate it out? I'll rotate it in a rotated out so I'll maintain contain a base routine and I will rotate out one product at a time <hes> and that's usually how I do. It and I think that I think I asked You kisser that when she was here and I think she had the same answer but if you WANNA release into the one of Nashville Jacobs because a you could get her opinion as well and I'll try to remember and ask any other influencers that when they come in here okay next Hey Jackie whoa this is my niece. My niece is too so this is not my knees but there's somebody who considers the ant which I love hand Jackie. What are your top five favourite lush products? I'm a lush virgin. You know what here's what I say. First of all the bath bombs second of all the celestial moisturizer third. I love their like lemony fluffer butter cuticle oil. I really love their <hes>. They do this one moisturizer lotion. That's like their charity lotion so it rotates out because they give the money to one hundred percent of the proceeds go to a different charity so I don't know what it is right now but it's just gooey Yummy oily. I just SP- spread our my legs and everywhere I go. I leave a little slime behind and that's my vibe of the summer so that's my other one. I don't know if that was five. Sleepy the sleepy lotion is on there but here's what I'll say go into lush in see what you are drawn to. I it's like when Melinda Lee home was talking about crystals. It's like what Krystal do you want. Just go into a Christmas shop and poke around and see what you intuitively to Italy are drawn to there are so many things in lush. You don't know what you're going to need. You know what you're going to go in there and just start playing around and see what you like what you're drawn to what smells good what feels good what fits into your vibe. That's really and I understand can be intimidating. There's a lot of stuff in there and especially depending on the salesperson you get some are a little more engaging than others you know but their corporate culture they always higher friendly people and they don't force you to buy anything they're not like very pushy in there so just go in there and have a good time. That's my advice. Fill it out. What are some healthcare things you do that have a positive impact on your mental health therapy but also my nails and getting my hair done like going out to a salon or or a place of business and getting up professional to do something to you? You don't even know when I started out of that salon after getting my hair done I've never I was in slow motion. I was a slow motion hot girl walking being at that Salon. I was like honey this me now same with when I get a fresh my fresh manny you know my yes honey. I've taken over the world. My hands are gorgeous and I can do anything so I think <hes> anything where a professional handles yo honey. The Lips <music> the injections when I walk out Lena Metcalfe's office with my lips done. I'm like yes. I'm a new person so yes I live in l.. A. And I'm a monster but that's the truth tips tips for maintaining a genuine and positive social media experience okay. Here's what I do. I Open <HES> instagram and I hit like on the first photo I see I scrolled for maybe thirty seconds and then I fucking close it. You know I also follow a multitude of accounts. I don't follow people that look like me. I follow you know all types of people all sizes all everything okay expire expand your mind. Don't live in a bubble follow. Some humanitarian counts else follows. Some social causes that you're into <hes> follow animals follow funny memes follow things that bring you joy and that open and expand your mind not just hot chicks you know selling skinny tummy t expand you know do what you gotTa do and I think that will probably help need some green beauty rex for after Sun care even though we cream the neck well if you burnt up I you know listen it happens go to the drugstore and buy a a tube of Aloe Vera Gel cheap easy and works great. Put it in the fridge and when you get back rub that shit all over okay because Aloe Vera don't quote me but it ain't GonNa hurt Ya okay rub it on your burntness. Rub It on your face. Take a moment. That's the cheapest and easiest thing you can do. I know they make like Kula makes a great after <hes> after Sun Lotion that you could check out so there you go. I hope that answers that question. Okay let's see. Do you think you'll ever do a live show tour I would love to we just need more people to listen to attribute first so if you WanNa see me on a tour near you let's spread the word about Natch Byu get more people listening right now. If I did a world tour it'd be probably five of us. It's in a room and I don't think any touring management companies are interested in five-person audience so yes I would love to do a tour and I will do one. One snatch butte hits a new level so yes thank you for everybody for listening by the way okay this question just says men's routines you know everything's gendered and I love that there are more and more guys out there getting into a routine. If you have a man in your life that's interested in a routine gene the here's where you start of face wash okay. I know so many guys who don't even wash their face really get a face wash get one. That doesn't have a scent get one. That isn't florally get one. That's in a neutral bottle auteuil. There's lots of options. Take them to target shopping around see what is drawn to him or check out his vibe going to shower kind of see what the bottles of his stuff look like. Get something similar you know we got to kind of play to their instincts right a basic face wash see ask him. Do you like a foam. Do you like a Gel Kinda. Get his vibe face wash and a moisturizer and you know same rules apply in that regard get in one. It doesn't have a scent get him one. That's a neutral jar. Get Him one that looks nice so that he'll be drawn to it and he'll actually use it so face wash moisturizer and a sunscreen for the day. That is the base routine that we should all be doing no matter what gender under you are. That's the base so get that man on those three things now. If you WANNA get a wild you could throw in a tone or you could throw in a serum. You could throw in an eye cream but that's if you WANNA get wild. If you don't WanNA get freaky Dicky start with the basics six and I think any guy could get on board with that okay. Let's see who are the ever so slightly tinted at all. Are you ever so slightly got. It are the ever so slightly tinted at all times glasses growing on you great question Alex Okay so let me back up everything so I was wearing my worby Parker's for about half a year loved them. My laurels with the tea rose fade. If I'm being honest I lost them. I don't know where the fuck they are in the thing about when you lose glass is you have to have glasses to find glasses because you're blind you know without your glasses so I don't know where my glasses are. I've looked everywhere in my house. I don't know maybe. Maybe I was traveling. I left them in a case. I don't know but my laurels my worry. Parkers are missing worby semi some more thanks so when I was in Austin at South by South West I walked up to Xeni optical. They had a booth and I said Hey I love any and I told him I was. I dropped namedrop myself and they're like Oh. Here's a coupon for a free pair of glasses so I tried on a pair I liked. They're really cute. They're they're clear around how went home I went on the website and I found them based on the searching I searched clear and round and I found him and I bought him with this coupon right in because it was free. It was basically like you could get any pair of glasses. New Out of the cost and Xeni is like really good in the way of like are are you on a real budget great but you can also do a lot of add ons. They're like okay. Do I want to put a coating on my glasses so that they don't get <hes> scratch. Do I want to turn them into transitional lenses. Do I WANNA put like blue blockers on them. All these you can do all kinds of things you know different levels and price points because I'm a cheap as big okay and they cater to my cheapness because they were like free. I'm going to get the most expensive fucking lenses that they have of course. Wouldn't you do that if you were told you get free glasses so oh I picked the most expensive lenses they were like. Do you want to block blue light. I said of course I can wear these at night. When I'm <hes> you know looking at my computer or whatever I got him somewhere in the the choices I clicked that I want them to have a tent on them and I guess it's a transitional tint but doesn't matter even in the in the darkest room? There is still a tent on them like a gray wash. I hate them. I love the frames but I fucking hate them. The grey does not serve my skin tone. I feel like I look like Ozzy. Osbourne <hes> you know or a John Lennon moment but not in a chic way. I don't like it if I'm being honest. I don't like to transition a lenses and I'm not gonNA use them but right now. These are my glasses 'cause I if I might war race in my others ends are pink and they leave it on my nose so I'm not trying to have it so this is where I'm at right now can I am I blind or do I say this is where I'm at or am I have fucking Ozzy Osbourne Gray it lands is those are my three options that presented themselves to me at this stage in my life so no the answer is no. I have not gone used to them and I I need to find my war beezer. I need to just buy more okay. Okay okay. We're almost to the end already and there's so many more questions next question. Just says composting you know Venus tried out Vegan each other and I'm going to be honest. I do not compos at this stage in my life. What I like liked to get to that point? Of course I would of course I would but right now in this transitional time period composting is not on my list of priorities so if I start composting y'all will be the first people I tell so get excited about that but no currently I'm not composting. If I do <hes> I'll let you know do you ever have self doubt and if so how do you push through it of course I do and I do all the time I would argue. I probably do more than I don't but you know what therapy number one therapies helping number two <hes> I read this book called you are bad ass Jen cinch herro which just Rona recommended to me <hes> and it's an amazing book that's really it was wonderful especially during like my divorce and things so try reading that book is she also just talks about all these little things you can do to help psych yourself up in life <hes>. I'm not doing all of them but one of them is a soundtrack and this is something that I never did ed before. I never used to have music playing the music I wanted playing. I never had the media that I wanted playing in my house. You know <hes> now honey. I have a cookie divorced lady playlist on my spotify and I say I say Alexa play my my divorce lady you know mix and she was on music. fucking changes your energy. It changes the mood and the VIBE. If you're trying to psych yourself up for a meeting <hes> a date you know an orgy whatever whatever you're on your way to that you need to be pumped up for put on music the music that pumps you up that makes you confident you know what I mean. That's an easy thing that they she recommended his book and I'm like yeah a soundtrack to your life. It makes perfect sense. When I'm sad I put on music and I lean into it and I saw and I cry when I'm happy I put on happy music and I really like feel it and it pumps me up so give yourself a soundtrack if you're having self-doubt put on like you know bulletproof or whatever whatever or Carrie Underwood or whatever serves you you know okay? You know what's crazy. We've already hit half an hour and I have so many more questions to answer so guess what you're GonNa have to tune in next week because we have so how many questions and I love them. y'All covered so many crazy things <hes> you ask me all kinds of questions and I'm happy to answer them so we're going to wrap this up. Thank you so much for listening. Please let me know what you think of these men as if you have ideas for them <hes> you can <hes> d._m.. Me On the natch instagram you can email me at Jackie at Nashville DOT COM <hes> I've been really behind all my emails and I'm so sorry one hundred percent because of my nails my have a Mac book pro and as very flat keys and I literally can't hit the keys with my nails even though my nails aren't even that long so don't like well. Do I come shorter in order to serve my career these emails but I really liked the link they are so. It's a stressful situation so d._M.. Me On attribute INSTAGRAM JACKIE NATIONALLY DOT com. Let me know if you have ideas if you're enjoying these <hes> just let me know because feedback is helpful and once again thank you so much for listening. <hes> you deserve to be happy. I'm talking to you and.

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