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#A231 (appellate to appetite)


Hello Word nerds. Welcome to this episode of the dictionary. Previously on the dictionary. We read the word appellant on this episode. We will be starting with the Word Appellate A. P. P. E. L. L. A. T. E. This is an adjective from seventeen sixty eight of relating to or recognizing appeals specifically having the power to review the judgment of another tribunal as in an appellate Pellett court next. We have Appalachian. This is not the Appalachian that we had a couple episodes go. This is spelled A. P. P. E. L. L. A. T. I O. N. This is a noun from the fifteenth century. One and identify name or title Synonym Is Designation Can Two is archaic the act of calling by a name three a geographical name as of a region village or vineyard under which a wine grower is authorized to identify and market wine also the area designated by such a name next next we have appellative vis is an adjective from the fifteenth century one of or relating to a common noun to of relating relating to or inclined to the giving of names appellative is also a noun and appellative. Lee is an adverb next. We have apple believe A. P. P. E. L. L. E. It's a noun from fifteen thirty one one against whom an appeal is taken next. We have a pen and this is a transitive verb from sixteen forty six one. We have the synonyms attach and a fix to to to add as a supplement or appendix as in a book this is from the Latin word dairy which means to hang or your way out and that is from pendrey which means to way and there's more at the word pendant next we have appendage. This is a noun. I'm from sixteen forty seven one an adjunct to something larger or more important synonym is a pertinence. I don't know if I know that word. It is spelled A. P. P. U. R. T. E. N. A. N. C. E. to a usually projecting part of an animal or plant body that is typically smaller and of less functional importance than the main part to which it is attached especially a limb or analogous as part as a sita or Seta S. E. T. A. I don't know what that is three before the definition for for three in brackets it says the word a pendant which is actually our next word so it seems like it's a form of appendage and it says a dependent or subordinate person so here we go with a pendant. This is an adjective from the fifteenth century one belonging as has a right by prescription used of annexed land in English law to associated as an attendant circumstance three and we have a similar situation as we did in the previous word before the definition in brackets it says append a p p. e. n. d. and the definition says attached as an appendage as in a seal appended to a document and dependent is also a noun the etymology says this is anglo-french from a pendant probably from a Pendrey that's a French word that I don't know how to pronounce which means to belong or be subject and that is from middle at an up and dairy which means to be attached or belong to could also mean to be pending and that is from Perry which means to hang next rehab appendectomy. This is a noun from circa eighteen ninety eighty five surgical removal of the Verma Form Appendix so I just learned a story about someone who should have had an appendectomy what happened very quickly. Tell the story but if you want to hear the whole story go listen to my wife's podcast horse talk horror and listen into the episode called icy dead people part two so this person her appendix ruptured and she didn't know it she knew something was going on but she didn't realize it her appendix had ruptured and what had happened was her body cocooned the area and and basically held in all of the bacteria that was in there and so it didn't spread to the rest of her body. She should have had an appendectomy right away. after it burst. I assume it's still called an appendectomy after it bursts but she didn't she did get one later but that's all the story. I'm going to tell you. It gets way way a more interesting than that. Trust me next. We have a similar word that I don't think I've ever seen before appendectomy A. P. P. E. N. D. C. E. C. T. O. M. Y. This is a Noun from eighteen ninety four and it it happens to be the British form of the word appendectomy next. We have appendicitis. This is a noun from eighteen eighty six inflammation nation of the Verma Form Appendix Next we have at Penn Dick. You're it's an adjective from sixteen fifty one of or relating leading to an appendage and especially a limb as in the APP indicator skeleton and here we go with the word appendix what we've been talking about. This is a noun from fifteen forty to one A. We just have these synonym appendage. One be supplementary material he'll usually attached at the end of a piece of writing to a bodily outgrowth or process specifically the Synonym Verma Verma Form Appendix. I didn't realize that are Bendix is actually called the Verma Form Appendix but if I remember that and I'm talking about the appendix with somebody I will make make a point to call it the Verma Form Appendix just so I can sound fancy next. We have at perceive so this is the word perceive with with a P. added to the beginning. This is a transitive verb from eighteen forty three to have a perception of and don't worry at perception is the next word it's a noun from seventeen fifty three one introspective self consciousness to mental mental perception especially the process of understanding something perceived in terms of previous experience. I feel like those are interesting. Concept's oops. I may need to look into that a little bit more but really anything that has to do with the brain and consciousness. I just find really interesting so that might be the word of the episode I duNNo. Let's find out at perceptive is an adjective next we have appertaining this is is an inch transitive verb from the fourteenth century to belong or be connected as a rightful part or attribute synonym is pertain the etymology says. I'm going to pair this down for you from the Latin oppor to narrate which is from pertinent array which means to be long and there's more at the word pertain next. We have appetites A. P. P. E. T. E. N. C. This is a noun down from fifteen ninety eight and we just have these synonym appetite so it's the same word but we've replaced the at the very end with with a y. And that is our next word appetite. See It's a noun from sixteen eleven. A fixed and strong desire synonym is appetite tight. Appetite is an adjective next. We have appetizer or appetizing. These are the British variations of appetizer Kaiser and appetizing with a Z. Instead of an s and here we go with the last word for the episode. It is appetite. This is a noun from the the fourteenth century one. Any of the instinctive desires necessary to keep up organic life especially the desire to eat. I I love food to a an inherent craving as in an insatiable appetite for work to be we have the synonyms taste and preference as in the cultural appetites of the time and that is from J. D. Harte H. A. Rt and appetite is an adjective. I don't know if I'm familiar with that form of that word so this is from the Latin op at dittus which just from which means to strive after and that is from Terry which means to go to and there's more at the word wait for it feather F. E. A. T. H. E. R. I am so curious. How feather is related to this but that is the end of the episode And yes. The word that I'm going to pick is perception. I just thought those were kind of interesting concepts and until next time you you know it say it with me. This is Spencer reading you the dictionary thank you and goodbye.

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