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Live from n._p._r. News in washington. I'm korva coleman michigan democratic congresswoman proceeded to leave says she is calling off her trip to visit relatives in the israeli-occupied in west bank. This comes shortly after israel granted her permission to do so n._p._r.'s daniel estrin reports from jerusalem to leave and congresswoman ilhan omar were planning a a trip to jerusalem and the west bank this weekend but president trump tweeted against it and israel banned the trip but then israel granted to lead permission for quote humanitarian visit to see her ninety year old grandmother in the west bank to lebed accepted israeli restrictions against advocating a boycott of israel during her trip which prompted objections from palestinian activists activists now to leave says she will not make the visit under quote oppressive conditions meant to humiliate me. She said quote racism and the politics of hate is thriving living in israel daniel estrin n._p._r. News jerusalem the new york city bomb squad has inspected a third suspicious package discovered this morning in manhattan and on deemed it safe. This suspicious package was found in a manhattan neighborhood earlier today. Police found two suspicious packages in the new york city subway after an investigation investigation. These packages were also declared safe. President trump held his campaign rally in new hampshire last night the first since the mass shootings in dayton and el paso he has appeared to back away from us earlier repeated calls for strong background checks for gun purchases. We can't make it harder for good food. Solid law abiding citizens to protect themselves. We will always uphold the right to self defense life and we will always uphold the second amendment we will trump was silent on background checks instead. He spoke about mental toll nece. Denmark says greenland is not for sale. President trump has talked to aides about having the u._s. By greenland reporter sissel over guard says says this comes weeks before trump visits denmark greenland is part of the kingdom of denmark but one that has been gaining autonomy in recent decades as climate change increases the the potential for shipping and resource extraction in the arctic interest in the massive island has intensified with both china and the u._s. vying for influence but the idea that denmark would sell this territory to the u._s. Is total no-go based on initial response from danish polticians. The country's current prime minister who will meet the president in september has yet to respond respond but the former prime minister likened the idea to an april fools joke other politicians responses include terrible idea forget it and the thought that denmark would sell fifty thousand citizens to the u._s. is totally crazy for n._p._r. News i'm cecil over guard in denmark on wall street. The dow jones industrials are up one hundred thirty. Five points joins us twenty five thousand seven hundred thirteen. The nasdaq is up eighty five points or more than one percent. This is n._p._r. North korea has fired two more projectiles into the sea and complained about remarks from south korea's president south korean president moon jae in today called for both both koreas to reunify but in exceptionally colorful language north korean state media replied they described moon's comments as so ridiculous they'd mate quote the boiled head of a cow fall into a side splitting laughter sporadic violence has rocked the capital of zimbabwe harare after the country's high. Hi court upheld a police order. Stopping a protest march. Organizers wanted to protest a worsening crisis ish mundi qua- has more from harare the opposition movement for democratic change. M._d._c. petitioned the court to set the order aside but the court upheld it however some people assembled in a mostly deserted downtown harare where there was a heavy police presence. Suzanne moyer says they were sitting and singing in a park back when the police started beating them up oppressing us not express the way we feel about what's happening in our country. Does the problem that we're having we can't even hold peaceful demonstrations now. The m._d._c. has vowed to proceed with marches slated for other parts of the country starting next week for n._p._r. News i'm eastman wind equal in harari on this day in nineteen seventy. Seven elvis presley was found dead at his memphis tennessee mansion graceland. He was forty two years old. Elvis fans have lit candles at graceland during the annual vigil known as elvis week commemorating his life work and his death forty two years ago. This is n._p._r.

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