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Radio vermont. It's the Dave Graham show on WD. It's your show about the people places and the issues that matter the most to you now, here's your host, Dave Graham. Good morning. Everybody. Dave's not here, and Dave is recovering. So taking a little bit of time off this morning. So I'm Lee attell filling in for Dave Graham on the day Graham show live from the very auditorium. The mecca of high school basketball here in the state of mind, and it is also the mecca of employment on this very day for the tenth annual central Vermont job fair, and we're going to get right to our first guest at eight Jamie, Stewart of the central Vermont economic Development Corporation, the CV is a big. Organizer of this event? Celebrating your ten year, Jamie absolutely part of the team that organizes it. It's a great collaboration. We have the department of labor creative workforce solutions and CVC that have been putting on this event for a number of years. Believe I started by the folks at voca rehab Qaralegh was the person really founded this event ten years ago CDC came in. I think in the second third year been with it since, but what's really great about this event is we've got three organizations private as well as the public next to put together, what is the state's largest and most successful job fair many years running his point. And it's been it started ten years ago understanding there serving ice cream today is. You got a proclamation by the mayor. It's Rams upon with well terrific. And it is in addition and an event that has grown and grown and grown. This is a big deal every year for not only folks who are looking for an opportunity, whether it's employment or different employment. But these days it's a big deal for businesses who are hunting for people. Absolutely. It's the most common conversation that I'm having with businesses. Whenever I meet with them, the need to find the skilled workforce to for the jobs that they have available, and in many cases, they aren't looking for you to have necessarily those skills when you come to the table. But if you're somebody who's prepared to learn who's willing to put in the effort and time to understand the job and to will be good about working with other people. There's a ton of great opportune. Ladies out there in this region right now today, and again, a lot of folks out there are looking for the person. And if the person is as you point out somebody that's willing to take on a new challenge, they'll provide them with one, and we're not didn't not not necessarily talking about jobs here. We're talking about careers. Well, exactly. And you know, one of the most interesting things, I think that people have to recognize is that there's a whole lot of people out there that are the old guys like me, we're all getting ready to retire in the next four to five years, and that is going to create a huge opportunity for people who are entering the workforce. Today, the potential for upward mobility is greater right now than it's been since anytime since just after World War Two, you know, we're really looking at a similar economic opportunity just fewer kids. So there's fewer people competing for the jobs in this going to be all of these jobs opening not just in the entry level, but in the middle management and the upper management position. So that. Potential to get into a career now and find the opportunity for really rapid advancement over short term the potentials there today's it's never has. It hasn't been in in decades trades. So those millennials out there looking for an opportunity can concert find plenty of them in here. And there's also on the on the other end of the scale, there's the time horizon for certain careers, or or businesses or ways of doing things, and you might have started work in a certain field thirty years ago. And all of a sudden the opportunities in that field have have transitioned two different mediums or Mods, or in know, if you made like they made buggy whips once upon a time there were hundreds of buggy whip manufacturers, and all of a sudden would be advent of the car if you made buggy whips, you're looking for work, and there's a lot of folks that are of a certain age or any, well, let's even in the I think we have a great example for one of the entity. That's here today, the very granite association is here today, and I'm working with them currently on reinstituting their apprenticeship program. Now, it's critical about that is we are taking an apprenticeship procedures policies manual. We're working with them to update that the update is coming from nineteen Forty-six. Those jobs have changed significantly since nineteen forty six. They did not have CNC lathes. They did not have CAD Cam design program software and the computers to do any of that type of work. It is technology industry today in a way that it was not back in the forties. So it's although they're still amazingly some of the very same skills are absolutely necessary in there the equipment and the ability to how you accomplish those jobs is very different. And but we when we talk about a career Greer opportunity, the granite industries still offering some of the highest wages best benefits. Of any industry in the state of. And it is it is a path that tree middle class opportunity. And they are looking for people today is Jamie Stewart your title with the central -secutive director, executive director of the central Remond economic Development Corporation, by the way, folks, you out there in the audience are invited to join us on the line today at eight oh, two two four four one seven seven seven toll free, eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five if a guest that we have on the show today inspires a question from you. You are invited to ask us on the air, but you're even more encouraged to come on down here because in all the prices right to come in for for all of these businesses news more than seventy employment opportunities through the organizations and businesses here today parking his free admission is free. So they just want the folks to come on. It starts at ten. So folks are just getting settled in here. But. I suspect when the door opens things are going to get busy here. Pretty fast, Jamie. Yeah. His if again, if starkly we hit the same kind of numbers, we're looking seven eight hundred people will becoming through here today. Looking for jobs. What's been a lot of fun as we do take the time to really review the activities both looking at the type of job seekers come to events year as well. Some of the results, and we know that a significant number of people are walking out the doors with jobs people coming here, they're they're interviewing they are. Filing job applications here and scheduling interviews for later dates or in some cases here today people are walking out of here with jobs today. So things can happen pretty fast. If you come on down here to the Barry auditorium, if you wanna move fast, they can move fast. But they will certainly be looking the folks here are all hiring or looking for people, and that's an important aspect. You're not going to be going door to door finding places at. Aren't hiring in the Barre auditorium today. They're all looking for people, and what's great really whatever type of employment you're looking for. So if you are looking for seasonal supplemental part-time work those opportunities are here as well. As many time year round good paying jobs, so you have the full broad mix. And again, it starts at ten o'clock this morning. They are serving up coffee and refreshments downstairs if you'd like a bite or something to drink while you're here. So it just important to come on down. If you're on your lunch break or lunch hour, and again, Jamie. A lot of what we see here are folks who are already working that might be either burned out or as you point out looking for some supplemental income from somewhere. So we're looking for career change and one of the things I'd suggest people in radios that if they go to our website, which is WWW dot central Vermont or central. Not job fair dot com. I got that. Right. Central job. Fair dot com. Go there is an exhibitor list. And we have that is up to date. So there's a full listing of the exhibitors that are going to be here today. And from that, you can get an idea of the types of jobs that are there and available and with the central Amman economic Development Corporation. This is the biggest event that you have in terms of a single day job fair organizing event, but what are some of the other things that the is responsible for here in a community? Well, we are broadly here to support the business community helping economic growth ultimately to create high-wage jobs that is the the measure that we really provide for our selves to determine if we're getting our job done properly is are we helping support and create new high wage jobs, and we do that in a wide variety of ways. So that's helping a lot with workforce training finance. Real estate expansion development. Basically business comes through our door. And it's our responsibility, the understand what are the resources available for that business to make those necessary connections, and and again in this market with the. Low unemployment considered to be a good thing. If you look in terms of numbers, I mean, high unemployment is a is a bad thing. Low on employment is creating a lot of challenges for for businesses and organizations here in the area. Absolutely. And you know, it's a common problem not just here, but across the country because of changes demographics is and a strong economy. And we've got we've been instrument Konomi steady growing economy now for over a decade, and that really has created a made it more difficult to find the vailable workers when you need them again, we're really working trying to support that process as much as possible because the ability to grow someone's business is always going to be linked to their ability to find the people to do that job. And it's a wide ranging group that have assembled here today where we see folks from from State Department. It's the department of labor is here in the department of corrections is here that shouldn't in regional correctional facility right in front of us Gifford medical center. So there's a areas in the medical field, the employer support of guard and reserve down there for folks looking for a military based opportunity and covers a lot of ground for folks looking for all sorts of opera taxers darned tough for my Kramer. Here's well, we have hospitality retail. We really this point. And it's one of the things has a committee. We've really tried to develop to make sure that we had jobs available in all sectors. So that anybody with an interest in work. We'll find somebody here who's offering jobs in a field. They're interested. Oh, come on down today with the ten annual central Vermont economic development corporations central Vermont job fair here at the berry. Auditory the doors will open at ten o'clock and Jamie. Store the executive director the DC pre sheets giving us some time to make one really quick clarification. It's not saving ADC's job fair. I over credited you too much 'cause I really wanna give to our partners. It's creative workforce solutions department of labor and CVC. It is a collaborative. It's a partnership. We do it together. And it wouldn't happen. If it wasn't for that collaborative. So that's really key to making the sing work Jamie Stewart, or the CBC appreciate you giving us some time here on the day Graham show today and good luck here at the job fair and enjoy that ice cream and cake. Congratulations on ten years of helping folks in the area, find some employment and opportunity. Well, and all folks out there camman down. Join us today. Find the opportunities, and maybe have some cake and ice cream to I welcome in Lindsay hatch of the white river junction veteran's affairs hospital and and Lindsey welcome to the day Graham show and WD. Thank you. I appreciate it yesterday at the state house. They passed a resolution to honor the families of veterans military veterans who have taken their own lives. And of course, we know a lot of there are great many difficulties that veterans have to deal with a lot of folks think that begins and ends with going out into the field of battle in and fighting in wars in and that's a big part of what they do, of course. But when you come back home, you a lot of them have to deal with with injuries that were sustained in the course of battle and a lot of them have to deal with things they might have seen. And of course, you put your life on the line. And you put risk of death of a lot of veterans also have to deal with the fact that perhaps they took a life from somebody else while in war, and of course, in war you. It's justified under certain sort of aspects, but you still have to live with it in your post military career. So veterans that come back have a lot of a lot of things to deal with some physical some emotional and the veterans affairs hospital at white river junction has been a big contributor in helping veterans. Resuming their lives when a return to the United States. Absolutely. And we're grateful to be able to be there and offer careers in and serve those that have served certainly and so positions that are the white river VA hospital are looking for what sort of skills. Are you looking for from the people that are gonna come to the berry auditory today? So we have a wide wide range of employment opportunities right now, we have housekeeping eight positions, we have nursing positions LPN positions. A wide variety of administrative secretarial positions on nutrition and food service positions, human resources, all kinds. Of of opportunities out there. Then some of those positions would require being licensed or certified in a certain field already. And would there be others where you would be willing to train? So folks do have to come meeting the qualifications for the position that Paul -cation standards. But they're certainly, you know, many positions that you can get your foot in the door and work your way up acquiring those skills, but yes, as far as obviously nursing positions, you know, A positions types, those type of positions you do do require skill all in that type of thing. But like, I said, we have many medical support assistant positions, which is checking patients in and out of -pointment s-, and we have housekeeping eight positions, we have secretarial positions all sorts. We have quite we have quite a number of these and looking for part time help and fulltime helping a lot of these areas mostly fulltime, but we do have a few part-time positions that do pop and the folks that work. The white reveal certainly a lot of challenges to to work there. But I suspect many of the people that work there find it a very rewarding place to earn a living. It's it's absolutely. It's the most rewarding job I've ever had. I I love it there and Harding the white reveal a hospital and the services they provide their lot of medical and talk about do they deal with like drug addiction rehab sort of issues there as well residential recovery center. There's all kinds of other services that the VA does offer as well. You know, lots of them. I can't get to end up on his. I'm not as familiar, but there's many and the VA costs. There's a twenty four hour round the clock. So first shift second shift third shift's on the nursing physicians and housekeeping positions nursing assistant positions. Yes, you're right. I shift second shift third shift. There's all different varying shifts, we have facilities positions boiler plant. That's also multiple different shifts HVAC mechanic positions that station, but ACA mechanic work. There's multiple different ships different positions. And how many years is the hospital in coming to the job fair here. Very first year excited to be here. Yeah. Well, welcome here to bury for this event. So you you don't you don't know what to expect? Down. But it already looks great. I'm and we're hopeful that we're gonna have a great turn out all sorts of skilled folks vailable, and and again, there are certain positions that they would be willing to train four and again white river junction. So or thinking, maybe Orange County Windsor county and in parts of Washington county for folks that want to make the commute down there from day to day, but again, a very rewarding location and and opportunity for folks to to help the people who have who have given paid a heavy price to to help keep this country. What it is. Absolutely. And I will add as you talk about location. We do have community based outpatient clinics throughout the state in Vermont and New Hampshire. So those are other locations that we are looking for and they to fill vacancies those areas frequently as well. So that's another opportunity and for somebody who might not be able to make it to the. The very auditorium today, but find the opportunity worthy of taking a look after how to folks get into contact with the VA medical center. So they can certainly reach out to myself. USA jobs is the best resource. Our jobs are list listed on USA jobs. All of our available opportunities are listed right there. That's USA jobs dot gov. And that's where all of our employment opportunities can be found. Okay. And once again, some of the positions you are looking to fill today, housekeeping, eight physicians AC mechanic, positions boiler, plant positions nursing positions secretarial positions, nutrition and food service positions other administrative positions, Allen, a positions all broad range of them, the river veterans affairs hospital looking for help in all of those positions. And again, you can contact somebody here Representative of the hospital at the Barre auditorium at the tenth annual central Vermont job, fair Lindsey hatch of the river VA. Thank you so much for giving us some time today. I appreciate it. Again, the doors open at the center for my job fair coming up at ten o'clock. So we're just over a half an hour away. But it's going to be a big day. There are more than seventy businesses and organizations that are hiring here at the Barry auditory. And it can happen. Very fast out there. They are doing some of these locations are doing interviews on the spot. And so if you're looking for new employment or employment period, doggone on here today at the largest gathering of employment opportunities anywhere in the state of Vermont, the centrum job fair going on here at the very auditory. We're gonna head to the newsroom and come back and talk with more of the businesses and organizations here at the job fair on WD, FM and AM. Sale sales sale. The word for April upstairs at the Warren stores. No joke. Full winter clothing is fifty percent off and last spring summer. Apparel is up to seventy five percent off something for everyone at prices that cannot be beat out sweaters dresses pants price to sell new spring merchandise arriving daily we have to make room come on down to warn village. To the almost world-famous warn store have lunch in Iraq in Delhi and shop up stairs. Best one. Stop shopping for months, fun, funky and friendly. Newsradio WD FM and AM. Now back to the day Bram show. Live on the floor of the Barre auditorium and the central Vermont job. Fair is getting underway at the top of the hour going throughout the morning, and after noon, and we're broadcasting on the day Graham show here on the stations of radio Vermont talking to as many vendors as we can over the course of our program, and you out there are invited to call in. If you are inspired or want to inquire of our guest a little bit more information at eight oh, two two four four one seven seven seven and toll free at one eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five and joining us right now on the air as Jennifer O'Neill from Reinhart food service. Jennifer, welcome to the job fair it. Thanks for having me. How many years is Reinhard food servicemen coming to the job fair here in berry? He now, I'm not sure on that. But I think several okay. Well, again, it's as the go to spot for folks who are. Looking for employment, especially here in the central Mont area. But it is the biggest gathering in Vermont for employment opportunities and reinhart's big. When you are operating at a county is that right? Yes. Our location is right and affects and the you have some fairly big clients that you provide food for absolutely if you go out to eat, you definitely had our food. Okay. Yeah. See the trucks all over the place. So you provide for restaurants, and and hospitals and organizations as well. Some things like that absolately so many restaurants schools in the area nursing homes and pretty much anywhere. That serves food in bulk leave touch them so run heart is looking for what sort of skills to join your team. We have a few really great job openings right now varying scales are big one. We're looking for is drivers how we deliver all over the state, and including the surrounding states, so sev-. Different types of drivers were looking for we have class. Eight drivers shuttle drivers class drivers associate drivers and to sign on with those some of those specific driving qualities have a very big signing bonus. So seventy five hundred dollars for those who do have either class a or class b licence. So we're really looking to amp up driving free, you know, make route shorter for everybody and get product to the customer faster. Yeah. We're also looking for custodian position and some of our nighttime selectors. So those would be the group that goes through and picks the orders that go out on trucks in the morning. And lastly, we're looking for an outbound warehouse manager, okay show, a selector somebody who loads the truck. So it can go out on route Elliott and a warehouse manager somebody who controls inventory of what goes in and out of the warehouse. Absolutely make sure operations run smoothly. Okay. It's seventy five hundred dollars sign on bonus for somebody with a class A or B CD L. So that is quite an incentive to get folks to come on in and jump on the team. Absolutely. It's a great company to work for now. You said now as Reinhardt based in Vermont only or do they have locations elsewhere in the United States, we do have twenty nine locations throughout the US. Okay. So this is a big nationwide company, then gets and you from the Essex area run roots that extend out how far alley go up to New Hampshire New York. Okay. And so how how difficult has it been to find these positions? Have these been longtime searches for you to find to find drivers? Or is it an ongoing challenge or I would say just because of the Shang number of routes. It's an ongoing challenge. We have drivers who have been with us since the beginning. And we have new drivers coming in all the time. The goal is to make route shorter get people to and fro faster and the more. We have the easier. We can make it on everybody. Then. And how long has Reinhard bend in the state of mind? Do you know that so Reinhard? But out Burlington food service about six years ago. Okay. So and they're they're a big again, if you folks have had a meal in a restaurant, a very good chance that Reinhardt delivered some of that food into the kitchen where you dine. So they are a big supporter of the the local restaurant industry here in the state of Mont and again looking for all sorts of skills if somebody is unable to attend the job fair today. How might they get a hold of you to find out more information about your opportunities all of our job postings are right online. If you go to WWW dot R, S H I R E, S dot com. So that's WWW dot RFS hires dot com. Okay. Reinhard r f s fires Reinhart. Foodservice hires are us hires dot com. Tom, exactly. And then just search your location search for the Essex location, and you'll find us the one folks come in here are you offering on site interviews or just scheduling interviews for down the road. Can do interviews. Right on-site. If you come here opening at ten over yet. Just a few minutes away here coming up very fast, and again, high expectations going to get a big crowd here in Barry auditorium and Reinhard a company that apparently sounds like it's growing somewhat here in the state as well. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. So there's another opportunity for folks out there Reinhart food service one of more than seventy employers here in the very auditory him looking to offer employment to folks in the area. Come on down to the Barry auditory doors open at ten o'clock today. Jennifer O'Neill of Reinhart food service. Thank you so much for giving us some time and good luck. In your hunt for qualified people today. Thanks for having me, and I hope to see these. All right. Jennifer O'Neill from Ryan art here on WD, FM and AM. Again, we are about twenty minutes away from getting started here at the very auditorium big day here at the odds for folks looking for job opportunities again leak attell filling in for Dave grand today, hoping gave we the quick and speedy recovery from what what has put him under the weather this morning, but happy to be here at the today. We're all sorts of folks are definitely excited. About the opportunities. Some folks excited for the opportunity to work and some folks looking for the opportunity to fill a need in their organization that they have been looking for for quite some time. And right back to it here with Paul Putnam a rehabilitation associate for the division for the blind and visually impaired. Now, Paul we talk about folks looking for employment for a lot of different reasons, including more money is obvious. One more convenient hours is another reason or supplemental income, but some folks are looking for the job or the the employment that allows them to make an important contribution to others. And it sounds to me like the division for the blind visually impaired might be able to fill that Bill for a lot of folks out there who are organization is an organization that will help people keep their jobs who have visual impairment. We're here as a service table to make people aware of what is available. If you're have a vision problem, if you have a visual impairment or are blind. We can provide training. We have a creative job force that allows people to work in a position for a stipend and not as volunteer. But as someone who is trying out a job. And so our our purpose is to help people keep or maintain employment or find find a job that is suited for their needs. Dr me a little bit about some positions and opportunities that are suitable for folks who are visually impaired. There's really nothing that cannot be done for an individual that has his payment. There's a Queant that can be provided for people who have like problem. Excess imprint there's a TV that enlarges the print helps them read. There's a product called ZIM Tech's people are having trouble accessing the computer they can. They can still have ZIM texting on a computer if it'll magnify the current and it also. Read to them, if they if they're totally blind, and there's all kinds of accessibility equipment out there. That's available for people. That depends on their skill level. Their skill sets and what they choose to do. And of course, those who are visually impaired wanna make a contribution or or to earn a living just like everybody else does. And so does the division for the blind and visually impaired also work to resolve other issues such as transportation to and from employment, or is that fall under separate sort of umbrella transportation is the problem in its. It's a problem in the state of a month. There's a lot of projects going on right now to try to dress that, but it is a problem. We are rural state and Hoover as riveted. There's montier. There's over in Burlington. There's a project car share that. Not exactly sure how that works. But I think that. May could be a possibility for some people not all but some in. There's always the the bus lines learning the lines where they go the transportation to Burlington from Montpellier's bailable through GM TA. There's. RCTI in Saint John's berry that covers the northern region and the northeastern part of the state so. There is no simple answer to transportation of say that right up front, but there are things that that can be done. There's always resources family and friends for people who need to. Needs to get to work. You know, they can try to help her find help with their co workers. You know, maybe pay them, you know. Ten dollars a week twenty dollars a week for transportation back and forth to work this ball Putnam the rehabilitation associate from the division for the blind and visually impaired. They're located on State Street in Montpellier. And so you're not here to fill positions except for to assist. The folks who are blind and visually impaired with with maintaining or or create or finding opportunities for them. We also have an independent living program. That's the program that I work with and our goal is to help people live independently in their own home. And we can there are things that can be done to help people live independently to learn how to clean learn how to do dishes. Simple things like making your bed. You can there's systems that they can learn to help with that to make it easier can provide orientation mobility training through the Ramon association for the blind, which is a private nonprofit organization. And you know, there's there's lots of things that can be done to help people who want to be more independent in independent living. World and back to an earlier question when you talk about the readers, and and the various pieces of equipment that can that can help visually impaired folks to succeed on the job. Do you work to help businesses and organizations acquire that that sort of material? The short answer is that we'll have someone going and do an assessment of the workplace in and they'll determine which equipment would be the best suited for that individual. It could be as simple as a simple magnify. It could be as simple as electron ick magnify, or it could be as complicated as modifying computers and. And. Bringing in TV's what sort of feedback? Do you get from employers who hire the visually impaired positive really positive, and the people that that we place? In the workforce are ear to work in there really eager to try to do their best in. Hasn't rule? What we do is. We try to if you were to make an analogy as we level the playing field. We try to make things excessive oil and put. Put the playing field on even ground for those who are blind and visually impaired eight oh, two two four four one seven seven seven toll free at eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five Paul. I was thinking about the kind of jobs that would be appropriate for somebody visually impaired in the first thing that popped into my mind was radio talk show host. Yes, that's true. That would be very very very good job opportunity for people. And there's a young student up in Burlington is pursuing actually that's that's the perfect opportunity because as long as you can talk it if you can talk and here, those are the two basic fundamental requirements of doing something like this and and visually impaired people have both of those bases covered. Absolutely. We have. Not only radio. But I mean, this food services people the blind visually impaired. I can work in the food services business. They can work in grocery stores. They can work in corporate world. There's nothing that is impossible. And how many years have you been here at the job fair Barre auditorium. This is my. I'm guessing this is my at least fifth, maybe more. Okay. So you know, what to expect around here? What kind of folks are you looking forward to meeting today? I'm looking forward to meeting employers and looking forward to meeting people who. No people that have a visual impairment, and we're looking for referrals and folks who are unable to get to the Barre auditorium today. But what you have said have triggered an idea in their mind. How do they get hold of? You can call me. Two two eight two seven six two or they can send me an Email at Paul dot Putnam at Vermont dot gov. That number is eight two eight two seven six two all dot Putnam at Vermont dot gov. Polity rehabilitation associate for the division for the blind and visually impaired, Paul very much. Appreciate you. Giving us some time here on the Dave Graham show this morning. Good luck today at the job fair. And and thanks again. Thank you for the opportunity opportunities and positions are hopefully going to get filled with interviews being arraigned, many of them on the spot here. The odds if you've been looking for an opportunity, or I guess as Ben Judy of the department of labor joins us here van is not only just for looking for an opportunity. But if you want to take a look at the most opportunities in the shortest amount of time. The very auditorium is the place to go today. Day. I would certainly agree with that Lee. We've got over seventy employers here today. All of them, actively recruiting we've got a fair representation of construction companies from pike to J McDonald. We're going to be quite familiar with J McDonald because they're hiring for the main street work in Waterbury, say gonna be breaking loose here in a week or two. So we'll get quite familiar with them. But people that are looking for laborers flagger 's equipment operators, you know, all of those types of things should check out the job fair here today from ten till four here at the very odd. We've got I'm looking down the room here. And I see Holly who is human resources for guarantee. Socks in in Northfield. We've got Cabot creamery here grab it creaming Agar mart. You know, Sugarbush that some of the resorts are here. Some of the supermarkets Shah's or Hannaford some of those places. You know, a business it's sort of taken hold in the last few years, and I'm looking at right front of us here. People that do they hire out and do cleaning for companies quite often after hours or evening hours. I could see genetech here, I know, Janet Tron IX across the room. So we've got a wide variety of point opportunities as well as the state of Remond, which is a big employer not to central Remond. But I see we've got some folks here from department of corrections, and they're actually recruiting for positions. At the Chilton county facility over in south Burlington, and then right here next door to us. Our neighbors here is and Moores who. A lot of the equal rights EEO. Hiring for the department of transportation here for the St. over Mont, some of the military recruiters you're here army Air National Guard. So we got a wide represent some of our higher, Ed institutions. I just awesome folks, come in from Vermont technical college over to Randolph and their offices in Williston as well along with community college, Vermont, they see them down there who operates twelve sites plus online presence all around the state. So, you know, I get it private sector public sector academic fields on organ a hospital or a restaurant or a manufacturing location. They're a wide variety of opportunities. And again, if oaks aren't sure where they wanna go, but they know they're looking for an opportunity. This is a great place to browse the room. And and take a look and see if you can find some going to suit you, and I've mentioned that folks are looking for supplemental income or part-time or full-time or whatever for flexible schedule. There are all sorts of variables that people are looking at when they're looking at employment opportunity because not only do they people need to make a living, but they need to make a living in a way that fits in with the rest of their life. And so here is a great place for folks to to take a look at a lot of different places to find which opportunity it's not like looking for a job. Now, it's almost like deciding which opportunity will suit you and for businesses that are here, we've talked about your Labor Department. So we've talked about the low unemployment rate, but that means that there's a lot of places here that are really hot on trying to find somebody to fill in. Important position somewhere. Most definitely certainly related to the construction industry. We've got a couple of companies here involved in the flagging traffic control business LPD local business here in berry, and then also ADA traffic control, which is. They have a pretty much statewide presence. You mentioned about the phone part time and and fill in type of work. We have the US census folks here, and there are multiple ways that those jobs can be if they like people that work maybe later in the afternoon to catch people at home on they're out doing their thing. So I mean, the money's pretty good for. For event where the time horizon is pretty short. You know, you're you're going to be doing work for short amount of time. But that's a pretty flexible opportunity for a lot of people that are retired are working back into the labor market. It's a good entryway. The the other thing is, you know, a job fair like this. You're cutting through a lot of the barriers on online application to get an interview you come today here, and it's instant on the spot interviewing which is a great opportunity, and I certainly courage any of our folks out there listening, or if you know somebody that's looking for work advise swing on by. There's no charge parking is handy. It's a beautiful day outside, and you know, nothing to keep folks away. So Ben Judy Vermont department of labor very much. Appreciate you come on by paying a visit here on the Dave Graham show today and hope we got a big crowd because you better go. Any moment. Now, you're listening Dave Graham show here on WD, V, FM and AM. We'll check in with our Washington correspondence. After a look at world, the national news. And then we're live from the job fair for next hour at the Barre auditorium right here on WB, FM and AM. Sale sales sale. The word for April upstairs at the Warren stores. No joke. Full winter clothing is fifty percent off and last spring summer. Apparel is up to seventy five percent off something for everyone at prices that cannot be beat. Outer wear sweaters dresses pants price to sell new spring merchandise arriving daily we have to make room come on down to warn village. To the almost world-famous warn store have lunch in Iraq in Delhi and shop upstairs best one stop shopping for months fund, funky in friendly. The day Graham show WD. Hey, welcome back. The doors have opened here at the central job fair at the very auditorium and didn't take long for this place to get busy more than seventy employers are offering up employment opportunities here at the today. So if you're looking for more employment part-time fulltime weekend looking for a different field or a different career. Very auditory is a great place today to get a lot of work done and take a look at it. A lot of opportunities in a short amount of time. We'll be talking with more folks from the job fair in just a moment league. Tell filling in for Dave Graham on this Wednesday morning and let let's check in with Ellen Ratner from the talk media news to find out what's going on in the Washington area Ellen good morning. Good morning. Poked on yesterday called the morning, Paul. And at thirty three percent of the people. They ask that support your twenty five percents that they support Bernie Sanders and then eight percent Camila Harris. Seven percents and and also sorry a better work and seven percent of reform Massachusetts four percent only book. So they're kind of interesting that happened yesterday. And. I just wanted to say, you know, I've I've been watching some of these polls. And of course here in Vermont. There's a lot of support for for Senator Sanders, and based on limit let me just offer this as an opinion based on the fact that there are already millions of people for years ago who voted for Sanders in the democratic primary and a lot of time especially here in Vermont. Maybe not so much the country, but people voters are creatures of habit. I they send that same people back over and over again is a lot of incumbency. And I it seems like it's a lot easier to get reelected than it is to get elected. The first time I get the feeling that gives Sanders a huge edge over the competition. Because there's a lot of folks that have already checked his name on on the ballot across the country. Well, very interesting. Of course, Joe Biden, apparently might have might have to problem, of course, the president yesterday took aim at him at the NRC internet's the national Republican campaign committee dinner, and basically said he was going to call up Joe Biden and saying how do you like it? Are you having good time? So that is going on. And then he also said the socialist, which Liberal Democrats are going to take care of. Going to take care. Bye. When he said that at the dinner. What do you think about the timing of this? The Joe Biden story coming out is this is this sort of information the sort of opposition research being dug up by Republicans or is it being brought up by other opponents in the primary. The president says it's being dug up by the by the quote, unquote, socialist democrat with a lot of people think that it's being dug up by the Republican. And certainly I have I get the Republican news. Magazine online federa, and they are really going after by. So I think it's been dug up by the by the Republicans, frankly based on what you know from your discussions with Republicans if they could pick the democratic opponent for the twenty twenty election who would they choose? Oh, I have no idea. Honestly, don't I think that they would travel to somebody like Kamala Harris, who's very very vulnerable in my view. And they're not gonna choose very Bernie Sanders because he'll win. I think Sanders has an ability to reach across and end up peel to some folks on the other side that that a lot of the other candidates in the primary do not have. Lutely. And so we'll see what happens happens on that front. But you know, I just honestly don't know who's gonna we know that the first debate is going to happen at the end of June. And then there's a second debate in July. And there's I gonna put sixteen people on the same stage have figured out how they're going to stop. Gift to raise money from sixty five thousand individual people in order to qualify for the debate. So some people will not be in the debate at all. So what what was the what was the criteria for landing on that stage five thousand individual donors, at least it's not just how much money it's that you got it from individual donors, which they think very very important. And I know it's a long ways out. But with all of those candidates are are we looking at the possibility that somebody might not get the necessary delegates to get over the top. And then do you have any idea? What happens brokered convention? And I wish I could predict 'cause then I'd go to Las Vegas to make a million dollars. But I honestly don't know whether we're going to get over the top and whether people are going to get enough candidates. I mean, politics is very very complicated. And you know, we have the New Hampshire primary. We have the Iowa caucuses have the South Carolina primary, and then of course, even California has moved up their primary date to March. So we really, you know, it's just impossible to tell. And of course, California with all those delegates. They used to be on the tail end of the process now that they've moved up in the mix. It certainly does make that a choice jewel in the chase to get that nomination while they absolutely. And you know, the California primary is going to be very very important this year. And of course, so if you look at the calendar of June and July for at least two of the debates, and then you have the whole fall. And then of course. You have the Hiwa caucus probably happening at the end of January. And then we're thinking that the primary in New Hampshire is in February. That's what we're told Ellen. What else going on in the beltline? Well, let's see there's a lack going on the president yesterday took some questions when it's because it's a seventy anniversary of NATO and the NATO commander is is actually in Washington. And he was asked about cutting the aid of three Central American countries. And the president basically said, hey, look, they've only started now to stop things when they feel that they're eight may be getting cut. And basically he said that that they do anything for us could we've given the millions of dollars and they've been taking advantage of the United States for years and that they arrange the caravan, and they don't put the best people in those candidate. Cannock care Vance, and we're not going to happen anymore. And that's what he said. He was also asked about the relationship with Russian defense. I have a good relationship with Russia at the fact is that we have made and and then he asked about clothing order, and he basically said security was more important. But then again, there's a lot of pushback on cars looks like he's going to exempt cars from coming in terms of trade. And when the NATO folks, come to visit the White House and talk about politics, and in global politics, they talking about places like Turkey in the Middle East, and how that affects their relationship while we don't really know what went on in the private conversation between device presents the president and the NATO commander. We just don't know about that. Because they didn't issue any statement on it also, by the way, one other really important thing. Chinese woman was charged with making false statements. The US secret service. This was when the president was playing golf, and she was at mar a Lago. She said she was there for United Nations friendship event at mar a Lago, but no such thing existed. And apparently she had a thumb drive. That contained delicious software. So the secret service probably getting a little heat about a lapse in their security down there at the president compound. Well, I don't know because they actually think that coming in. So I don't know that there was a lapse at all. But we do know that the service charge her. So that absolutely happened today. Well, it happened yesterday. Ellen Ratner from talk media news service here on the Dave Graham show Allen, thanks for giving us some time. And we've talked to all different sorts of folks today and joining us right now is Lieutenant governor David Zuckerman who David welcome aboard a year. Let's first talk about your official duties here at the job fair today. Well, I mean as Lieutenant governor the official duties are running the Senate and standing in for the governor if he's either out of state or if he truly became incapacitated. I'd become governor. None of us are hoping for that for for the governor, obviously want his health to stay strong. But also it's to get around the state see what's going on job. They're like, this is where I could talk with both employers who are seeking good solid employees and trying to expand the economy for the state, and then a bunch of folks young and old who are looking for jobs that will match their skills or their time constraints, whether they're single moms got kids and whatnot and trying to find those matches which is one of the challenges that we have about ten thousand jobs in the state. The question is are they geographically close to the person looking for the job and do they fit? Time constraints that the employer has any employee has fell that is a big thing that people have to do you know, you have to make a living. But you also have to factor in how you make a living with how you live the rest of your life and younger kids. These days are looking for a lot more flexibility in how they do it. So coming to a place like Barry auditorium today. There's a lot to sample from to find it's not just looking for a job here. It's trying to decide which job you would like, and there's some some challenges there. I mean, I think we have a world where you know, young people the world is your always and the internet says all these options, and you wanna do all of these things. Well, sometimes it's also buckling down and make some sacrifices and taking a job. That means a little less time that you wanted in the afternoon for a sport, which is frustrating heart because everyone should have access to both. But it's the world is not perfect. It's also about bringing jobs skills and learning those jobs goes young person to show up on time every day. I have a small. Business. It's a farm and eight of us are meeting in the morning to get the day started. And we're going over what the days jobs are and one person is late. Everybody's standing around not working, and that's tough on a small business owner, and so you know, employer's and employee's both have responsibilities for to make it work. And sometimes that balance is always as understood by first generation or younger workers because that's part of learning. So as employers we need to be trainers. Hopefully, parents are also training their kids about some of that responsibility. Because folks right now are looking for good employees if you show up on time, and you put your head into your work. You're going to be able to keep a job at a month, and you talk about farming. Of course, the two day summit in J wrapping up yesterday, and you're up at Jp for part of that event, the the agricultural in farming community here in the state of Vermont is in a situation because there. Are a lot of opportunities in various aspects of farming. But Jerry is in a big struggle carries in a huge struggle. We're in about four to five year real downturn. In the prices, it's global commodity now, and you've got thirty thousand Cal farms out west that are just producing milk more efficiently than we are over here in the northeast on the other hand, we have some advantages with our Bill to grow grass and feed versus some of those massive fines and places where they don't have that growing environment. But you know, we've gone with the free market run to the bottom on price situation. And it's really hurting our dairy farmers on the other hand there was a lot of interest in a number of ideas yesterday. One of the biggest workshops, and it was before I got I heard was well populated with dairy farmers looking at growing hemp, which is a booming expanding market. Now. The question is how much will that boom and Willett also bust we need processing and other things. But her Gary farmers are ready to to find a way to make a living off that land. But I would hope we could also find a way to get the dairy farmers of fair price for their work whether. We're talking about raising the minimum wage for working people who deserve a fair pay for their work to having farmers. Get fair price at their gate under the market order at the federal level is another piece of it. Or can we take Vermont Milkin differentiate it somehow and get a little more out of the marketplace. These are all exciting conversations folks are also talking yesterday about paying farmers for ecosystem services, and that's a fancy set of words, but those farmers keep the landscape open that helps tourism industry. Those farmers have an opportunity to potentially do intensive grazing which will take carbon out of the air and put it back into soil to increase their soil organic matter. Well, if you do that, you're helping all of us because carbon in the air right now with climate change is a major issue. So are there ways to value our farmers with with economic value for the broader services, they're doing for our state? Those are questions we don't understand the answers yet. But there's a lot of creative minds working to figure that out to four seventeen seventy seven or toll. Free eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five we've got about eight more minutes with ten governor Dave's soccer men, and Dave a little bit more on farming. You know, there are all sorts of opportunities out there. And some folks are trying to create their own opportunities. I see the Middlesex. Cricket firm decided to close up shop with an idea. That is I can't remember the last time I had a roasted cricket. And if it if I did it was probably by accident drive like bicycling down the road with my mouth open. Right. But but there and people are creative and you mentioned industrial ham. Let me talk to you about about commercial marijuana here in the state. I know there's an effort to provide a taxation regulation system. But based on my own experience in the issue. It seems to me like there would be a lot of folks out there who just in their own backyard. Create a tiny. Any little stand with a couple of plants, and then give it out to their neighbors and friends, it seems like it would be a very difficult deal to create a market where you could price enough to generate revenue for the state. Well, I can see where that question comes from. And right now, we have a model where you can grow your own, and you can give it to friends. You can't sell it. But you can give it to folks in attacks regulated market, if you think about it when you're out here in berry, and you get five miles out of Barry people either have yards or space where they can grow their own, but not everywhere in Vermont people own property where they could grow their own. Renters often can't produce their own and attacks regulated market. You would also have tourists who are visiting goodbye. Just like they buy beer, you know, you look at Colorado. It's a legal regulated market. Everybody's not growing their own. Not everybody has a green thumb not gardens. But a lot of people can grow their own food so attacks regulated market. For responsible don't use would also mean cleaner product because under those regulations, you wouldn't be able to spray with herbicides pesticides that product right now in the elicit market, you might have someone selling cannabis, but they're also selling some other drugs that you really don't want people -ffiliated who are buying the drugs to be affiliating with these other drugs that are much more serious addictive and life altering drugs. And so there's a lot of reasons with both from a safety perspective from an economic development perspective right now, a lot of people are growing underground and selling it. Well, they're not paying their fair share taxes like everybody else who's struggling to make a living and pay their taxes. So it's it's just and I'm not trying to throw those folks under the bus there just trying to make a living too. But why not allow them to come above board make living possibly sell a little bit more to tourists other than just their local community of people that they're working with and pay their fair share taxes and have a better. Hold on this product, that's already widely all over the state. So people forget, and it's sort of long lines. You're talking about is it's already out there. So it isn't about bringing more or suddenly having more people smoke in Colorado youth rates are the same before as they were after really. Yep. Absolutely. That's governor Hickenlooper was just in Vermont talking about his youth rates haven't gone up. And in fact, you know, adults now they have this whole taxes, and they've actually put a lot of money into their schools with that money from those sales, and we are much closer to a large population of tourists than Colorado's. And so, you know, folks want to come up and ski and at night have good beer. They could have a good beer. They wanna sit on the deck and smoke either way why not have that be an economic generator as well. As a health consequence that's in the right direction. Legitimate governor David document here on the Dave Graham show or live at the very auditorium for the central Vermont job there. My complimented on your business card, by the way. Formation written. In braille the folks from the division for the blind and visually impaired must have given you extra points when they get your business card. They haven't made my way to all the haven't seen them here. I saw them back at their main office. I gave them on a few months back. But it's been really well as use it horrible phrase, which is I opening, but it it's really been amazing the number of people that immediately noticed 'cause it's tactile and recognize suddenly, wait. There's a lot of people are left out of the business opportunity or the opportunity to to buy a product from someone if they get a card they can't read theirs. It's really when I gave this car to Tunbridge fair who is visually impaired. And at first let me give you my card. I could see that that was sort of. Why would you give me your card, and I gave her my card, and I will never forget the look on her face and her response verbally of feeling included in our society. Lit right out. She really did. And she was older he knows inner seventies maybe early eighties. And I think it was probably the first braille card she'd ever felt and and it just it said, I'm included in our society. And folks who don't you who can read the card in the print side become more aware of that reality for others, as we all become more aware of other folks challenges and circumstances, I think we then become more empathetic to that. And recognize that we're in a society altogether here, which I'm seeing in this room right here. I mean, I've got a younger people older folks talking. There's a lot of buzz in the room a lot of good employers offering jobs that that cross connection is key. Whether it's through a business card or the braille or business fairs like this one talking about a state that's got a very very low unemployment, which he always in the past have been you want that unemployment number to be low, but here in Vermont, it's almost almost too low. Well that check. The challenge is that it's too low. But that sometimes the person looking for the job and the skills that they have and where that job is that the person wants to fill aren't always geographically nearby on the other hand, you can get to a lot of Vermont from Burien a forty five minute drive, and there's some good employers. I was talking to one one company they're saying their jobs are sixteen to eighteen bucks somewhere, even twenty one bucks an hour. I said you should have a sign up mind your booth because a lot of folks think all the jobs are entry level jobs at twelve bucks an hour is the demand for jobs in the state getting out to other states. So that folks may recognize that there's some opportunity here. Well, I think there's some, but there's, you know, lower unemployment ever since Obama took office to two years into it. The unemployment rates dropping pretty steadily. And during the Trump administration this continued at that same decline, which is great. And so there's there's actually that. Unemployment's Jason, I think a lot of the country. And so I think hopefully between the state raising the minimum wage or the demand for good employ. We're gonna see is go up a little bit. And that's gonna help with the affordability gap. The governors talked about because if you actually look at the state, we're we're little bit more expensive than other states across the country. From a recent study, but average wages Vermonter eighty two percent of the national average. So waited need to come up with it. And I think a lot of these employers will find their employees. Jenna governor Dave's argument. Thank you for joining us today. Thank you, Judy. We're at the central Remond job fair Barre auditorium led to the newsroom and back with more of a daydream show on WBZ. Sail sail sail the word for April upstairs at the Warren stores. Say no joke. Full winter clothing is fifty percent off and last spring summer. Apparel is up to seventy five percent off something for everyone at prices that cannot be beat out of where sweaters dresses pants price to sell new spring merchandise arriving daily we have to make room come on down to warn village to the almost world-famous warned store have lunch and I rock in Delhi and shop upstairs best one stop shopping in for months fun, funky in friendly. Most of the day Graham show on your time at W E E, V radio dot com. Click on the program Taff then day Bram show to listen to the podcast of patch show. Now back to Dave live on WD FM and AM league. Attell spot starting for Dave Graham here at the very auditory today for the tenth annual central Vermont job, fair a gathering more than seventy employers from private sector, public sector medical fields manufacturing academic, the Sugarbush ski resort is here. I see the folks at hood the dairy are here as well. Again. Some of the biggest employers in the state are all right here. So folks looking for employment opportunities or training and education. This is the perfect place to be going on tell four o'clock Assaf to noon at the Barre auditorium parking free admission, free and speaking of education and training. We're going. A welcome in from the community college of Vermont the project manager best demerge Beth welcome to the job fair. Thanks so much for having me. Why is the community college of Vermont here today? Well, I tell you Jamie Stewart who is the executive director of CDC earlier this morning, and he said that about fifty percent of the people that came last year already had jobs, and they were looking for better jobs. And so can you call Vermont is a great way for people to increase their skills, and we're really trying very hard to make sure that it's acceptable for everybody. So that no matter where you come in, education wise, family wise, financial wise, geographically CV is going to be there for you. We have short classes like the certified bookkeeper, we have two classes that offer a certified production technician for manufacturing. We have apprenticeship coming up in medical assisting harm seatac anima, new facturing as well as a bunch of short courses. So that no matter really where you are. You can increase. Your skills and get that better job. So somebody that comes in here today and takes a look at a job in a specific field and says boy, you know, that would be a perfect opportunity for me. But I don't have the necessary education on it. How quick does it take to become a certified bookkeeper through? Certified keep your be done in MS littlest, three semesters so a year and a half a year and a half, and then you're nationally certified as a bookkeeper, I know a lot of folks bristle at the idea of four years of time invested in order to get the training. They need for a position that you know, they think they might they think they want, but you still have to actually get it and do the job on a day-to-day basis. And so a big decision gets made in there. And so a shorter time invested in the proper education is a big help. And I bet the community college over Mont has to be constantly changing in order to fit the training needs of the market. Absolutely. So one thing about these certifications is that you can be working and be taking these certifications. The other thing is that we whenever we look to start a new certification. We always go and talk to the employers. We're talking to the players that are here. We're talking employer statewide to make sure that. What we're offering is what they need. So that when people complete they can automatically and right, then get hired community. College over Mont is not here seeking employment or seeking people to come in. And be part of the team rather yours seeking to provide the folks here with the education training and skills. They need to fill some of the positions that other folks are looking to look into fine. That's our main purpose here today. If people are interested in working for the community college, Vermont, they can go to our website see that EDU scroll to the bottom and look for that link that says careers, all of our staff and faculty positions are listed there. All the time and gimme that website. One more time c dot EDU. That is Beth immersion project manager from the community college of Vermont. I want to bring in another CC's V Representative here. This is Kelly young the coordinator of academic services. And you're going to talk about getting folks certified for position so. Let's first of all get into what sort of fields people can become certified four at. Yeah. We offer a number of certificate programs. These are sort of half associates degree perhaps in length, and they're in all kinds of some of them, you can sort of start with one of the workforce programs in bookkeeping manufacturing. And then and then build those into one of our certificate programs. So we have a full year certificate program bookkeeping where you can become bep was talking about. And we also have a sems-. Studies certificates that you can take those credits in manufacturing get a job and then keep going towards that certificate. And then if you want to you can then that builds right into an associate's degree in stem studies, if you wanna do that science technology engineering and mathematics, right? Yes. And we also have a number of other programs so in allied health hield, we've got four different programs administrative and clinical medical assisting each medical billion coating is very popular. And just allied health prep, which really helps people headed nursing school or other allied health dental, hygiene and other options as well. And we also have a number of new news or ticket programs in the area of designing media studies, so digital media production graphic, design and media communications. I think these are all the skills that are needed right now. And we'll be needed more and more in the future by digital media. Probably referring to handheld gadgets and things along those is to help people in the also see media communication in. There. You teach folks how to host a radio show. A big part of being able to communicate in the world today is visual communication. Sure. So that's that's a big scale liberty storytelling, which is certainly radio. And the visual communication aspect is. Well, everybody needs at right now. And there's not enough folks with those skills. So those are some pieces that we offer a new certificate for funeral directors. So we also offer credentialing that's just needed in the community right now. So funeral directors need to be certified to keep their jobs and. Job security. I mean, the the funeral directors care if you'll director you gotta covered Becker coming and going. That's right. So those are all available through community college of Mont and and again to get certified. I can't go over how often people think about four years of time invested doing to get an education, and you wanna learn about this. But before you get your degree, you have to learn that. And so that's that's a complicating factor. So what I take about is not only do you get to eliminate what you don't necessarily want to be obligated to have to learn to the problem in learning those things, but in terms of being constipated and time efficient CC the is a very effective place. Vermonter one more piece that we offer if that line is various options for credit for working life experience. So you can come in and take a workshop or a class or a whole bunch of credits. Just pay for one credit three credits, depending on which program, you wanna go into and you can earn a whole bunch of credits towards a degree. So we have people who come in and take the assessment of prior learning class earn sixty credits and go right on for a bachelor's degree. Straight from there. So there's ways to really short in that time to completion with various options for earning credit for work experience life experience how many years cvb been coming to the job fair. How many years has been happened is your number ten? Okay. I think that's probably true. There's a reason why you keep coming back because a lot of folks come here looking for for for what they need to learn in order to get a job that they want. That's right. That's where here to do. How do we get a hold of you one more time at folks cannot come into the auditorium today? CCD dot EDU is our website and the main phone number for the college is eight to eight twenty eight hundred our local academic center is eight two eight four zero six zero eight two eight twenty eight hundred eight to eight twenty eight hundred we'll give them just one number is hard to do eight twenty eight hundred the community college of Vermont, Kellyanne coordinator of academic services. Thank you so much for giving us some time. You pleasure and Beth thanks to you as well. Pre shit. You guys coming along from the community. College of Vermont as we continue here on the Dave Graham show, WD FM and AM live from the very auditorium at the tenth annual central for Mont job fair. And this place opened up at ten o'clock and has been filling up very quickly. And it seemed like every station along the way has been has been filled up or a Representative talking to a potential client. And let's get back on the line right now with Duke to do Meghan foster from the university of Mont health network central Vermont medical center. Welcome to the Dave Graham show on the WD airwaves. Thank you for having me kind of to be here central Vermont medical center is a critical part of the medical services provided here in the central Vermont area. So. You are why are you guys here at the job fair so myself, and my colleague Sarran, Katie we are here today to be able to meet with community members show them the opportunities that we have at central Vermont medical center. So it's not just clinical opportunities. We have administrative assistance openings in mental services nutritional things, so really working within healthcare. You have opportunity to enter into a variety of fields. Adroit? It's not when people think hospital a lot of time. I think the only positions available or doctors. The need folks to help provide medical care and and go on there's more than I miss it. I work in human resources, for example. So we've got accounting finance. We've got patient registration. Our access department is thriving looking for folks people to help come meet with patients and help them navigate the financial system of it being able to go through all of that. Aspect of the. So we have quite a variety of jobs. Are you're hiring. And all those fields. We are. Yes. We have. Quite a variety across the board. Right now are focused is we're actually we are focusing for clinical right now. So even if you are in a field that you thinking, oh, I'd like to go into nursing one day. But that's not something that I can do right now, we actually have a pretty neat opportunity coming up at the end of the month. We're starting a track for people to be able to apply for Ellen and training program. So what we've found is people will come in and work in our environmental services or nutrition and. They are ahead. Atlanta license nursing assistant. So what it is is an assistant for are licensed, practical, nurses, LP ads and our ends the registered, nurses. And so they come in. And we are trading Ellen as we have a program starting the twenty ninth of April actually that we are hiring for even today. People want to come in. And learn more about the program we'd love to talk to folks about it. So if folks want to learn how to become a nurse you have it's kind of like an entry level position. And it's a licensed physician with the state of months, you actually, hold a license, and it allows you to be able to be at the bedside. You do in our nursing home. For example, they deliver activities of daily living the ideals, and so they support patients the assistant getting dressed, maybe some of the day to day activities. They help them get two meals and be able to go through and work with the residents that way. So folks that are interested in getting an Illinois a position do they have to have at Vance training in alike. In collegiate academic atmosphere. Not for an Elena, not for the license nursing assistant level. So there is an actual certification program that they do need to have to receive that license. So we are hosting that program at CVS see says such Vermont medical center, it's an eight week program. And then after that and they received their licenser, then they will have a position at CVS see as an LA. Now once you have you can then enter into a collegiate fields, if you're going to be a licensed, practical nurse or registered nurse, and what to do that we have a program coming up to be able to assist in that process as well. Moving from the LA to LPN to become a licensed, practical nurse to be able to move through that. And so we can help you get into schools and be able to work through that to then have the licensure in that saddest. Well, those are the collegiate level programs where you have degrees. And so the Ellena really assist you giving the base levels starting position is there through that comes the income to help to fund the advance. -ment to the better positions down the road. So CVS's working to kind of integrate the whole thing to build people in the latter. It's really well rounded wraps program to be able to support our staffs that we're supporting with Elena programme. They're going to get paid to go to school. They're going to be here. We're going to support them along the way making sure that they are getting all of the pieces that need to be successful in the program. And then when they're working as an and if they're going to be going to LPN school to be able to allow for time for that. So they can have the work life balance to make sure that they're being successful. And you are offering interviews on the fly today. So we have talking about everything today. So for the Ellena program, we also have another job care next week at Woodbridge rehabilitation or saying specifically at the nursing home Wednesday, April tenth from two pm to seven pm. So we will be there as well. Doing on the spot interviews as well for the program. If you only have your Ellen definitely come in. And check that out as well. Well, we are offering positions that as well. We have five thousand dollars on notice that we're really excited about for current Ellen. As Meghan foster, the talent acquisition partner in the human resources department at central Vermont medical center, part of the university of Vermont health network, Meghan. Appreciate you giving us the time and information, and we hope you run into just the folks you're looking for here in job. Thank you as we speak right now. The berry mayor is up on stage making a proclamation celebrating the tenth year of the central Amman job fair. It has been a very successful event for a decade and grows from year to year Lieutenant governor David Zuckerman who joined a surly or in the show also part of the the big celebration. I see a big ole cake over there with some balloons, and they're gonna have a good time today. It is a big celebration for folks, not only because they are here ten years successfully. But for the folks that come in maybe finding a whole new lease on life. Whether. You're looking for an opportunity for some additional income, or if you're trying to find simply a job that you have that means more to you than the than the job that you personally doing there's all sorts of ways to help others in your community and the job bear here today at the Barre auditorium is a great place to find them. Joining me right now is Brian zek and Ellie of the wayside restaurant. Brian get good morning. How are you today? Great. Thanks for having me, though, wayside been popular. Stop here in the berry area for a long time. And why do you come to the job fair? Well, we're at an interesting point in the waysides history kicking off our second century of serving Vermont hers and feeding Vermont or tourists alike. So we're gearing up for the next century. And are you look I so you're hiring looking for people as you come into the job fair today. Yeah. We got an amazing crew of about over sixty employees with a combine. Years of service of over six hundred years. So that's an average of ten years of service per person at the wayside. So we're looking to augment that great group of people, whether it's dining room or kitchen, but just looking for a handful of people to helpless gear up for the years ahead with sixty people six hundred years that's about ten years per person. So you have quite a bit of continuity from folks who have been at your restaurant for a while. But as life moves on people have changes initiation. So that sounds like a a livelihood where all sorts of opportunities are popping up from time to time. Yeah, we've got veterans. They're certainly, but we're always looking for some new recruits that we can bring along, and we have a large enough staff where we really can't bring someone that has good customer service skills. Maybe never been a waiter before. But we can bring him or her along into a wonderful fulltime position or. A a lot of times of folks will have a day job, and they'd like to have some fun and work at the wayside at night. They just need to be able to get there for a five o'clock shift. Well, that's one of the one of the draws of the restaurant industry is open all hours of the day. So you can find something when people are looking for something that they can fit into their lives around their children are there. Other occupations are endeavors that the restaurant business. Not only does it provide some flexibility in when they work, but for waiters and waitresses, especially you know, the money can be pretty good on a busy day. Absolutely. Yeah. That flexibility of the schedule in the restaurant business is a real advantage, particularly if you want to minimize your daycare expenses and be able to be home with your child and tag team with your significant other and still put in a good work week. We're open more. Morning, noon and night and on weekends. So like, you say, there's plenty of hours plenty of flexibility, and it's not like you don't have to have any skills to be in the restaurant industry, but as far as formal education, or you know, that you don't need a certification to be a waiter or waitress. You just have to have an ability to communicate with people and be willing to move and work. Exactly. Yeah. It's one of those things where our staff is willing to bring new people long, and it's really a great opportunity for folks to have a fulltime or a part time job, and you do and the folks at the wayside do their own training for folks that are willing to put any effort. Exactly, we we like to teach them the wayside way the wayside way. What's on special for lunch today thing to eat all day? Yeah. The folks here today, we've got our booth and they're giving us a little bit of grief for not having some Donut holes too. Giveaway but at the wayside Wednesdays is a great day with chicken pie, Meatloaf. Right. I understand their disappointment with the halls. But boy that lunch sounds really really good that the job fair has been here for ten years. How long is the folks at the wayside Ben part of the job fair. I think we got on board about five years ago. And it's been a wonderful thing to meet and greet people and let folks know about the wayside, you know, it's been around a long time. And but I think folks need to be reminded what the wayside means to the community. And it's kind of two two things one. You have a job you're getting paid. But you're also doing community service. And would you say that some of the folks that are working with you today you met here in Barry auditorium during the job fair? Absolutely. Yeah. Every year, we grab a couple of people from today's exhibit and. Already gotten a couple of good leads the smarting. So things are looking good outstanding. And if folks who are listening, but are but are unable to get here to the auditorium today. But say maybe the wayside might be a good spot. How did they get a hold of you just stop by the wayside the folks at the cashier's station out front have applications right there and take a few minutes to fill it out. And it'll end up on my desk, and I do the initial screening. And then ultimately, there's a lady Amy that's in charge of the dining room. Barb overseas the kitchen, so they would you know, tell me what they need and chances are if you got some. Interest in qualifications or the right skill set. You'll get an interview. And did you have you been in the restaurant business? A long time. I have interestingly enough. A a photo showed up this past year of my first pot washing job back in think nineteen eighty five. So yeah, certainly marrying the boss's daughter twenty five years ago hell to this. But and here we are instill enjoying it Brian zek and Ellie the wayside restaurant. Very much. Appreciate you coming on down today. We hope you make a lot of great connections and thanks for being part of our show. Thanks so much for your time. We love WD right Brian zek and Allie from the wayside restaurant. One of more than seventy employers and businesses and organizations here at the central Vermont job fair at the berry auditory, I'm going on until four o'clock this afternoon. Don't go away. Bill sair with common sense radio is moments away from firing up his program next year on the stations of radio. Aunt WD, the FM and AM for Dave Graham. I'm Lee Patel here on the station's radio Vermont.

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