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"Sweet Home Alabama" (2010 Auburn Tree Poisoning Scandal)


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I've never told this story before because just like disclaimer. Just don't just doing judge here because what I'm about to tell. You is just dedicated. Sports Fan you know so we there were no tickets left Racha. There were no tickets left for the final in Oakland game seven. That's fine game. Six actually ended game sakes all right. I had to go there. We had a good chance of winning this when everyone was injured. And these lovely gentlemen who were much older me and my sorry but my judgment. I put it came on. No no no not yet not yet. Okay these lovely gentlemen offered US Hotel Room not with them a separate one and tickets to the game and there were like we just WanNa come with you guys. You guys are crazy. Toronto fans we just wear your highest heels in your town it sounding so bad. They were very nice. Nothing was Caribbean about it. They just wanted to spend an afternoon with two lovely young women that they did hope that they're not listening because I'm very grateful experience. It wasn't weird at all. Okay wasn't creepy. No it definitely doesn't sound creepy. It was a lot of fun and sometimes you have to make sacrifices and hang out with old guys for an entire weekend because then you get to go and watch your team win the first of all no judgment but lots of making fun like I absolutely get it. You literally got to watch Leonard. Win a championship for your team and your city. I got to watch all of it. That's amazing I sobbed on an old man shoulder. It was great. I can't wait to uncover a picture of what you were to that game so I never show you. Well listen I hate to break it to you? But that story doesn't even come close to die hard college football fans in this country. Honestly I can buy that. I have heard some crazy things wild stories. And that's kind of like where we're going today. Great College Football Country. Ready to go so across the US but especially in the southeastern conference or SEC. College football is like the rage. I mean it's everything as a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes in the big ten which is also a huge football conference the Midwest is not like the Midwest dozen love their football but I gotta hand it to college fans in the south. It's next level. Here's a quote from famed Alcorn State Football Coach Marino case. Some that I think sums it up. Well incidentally he just passed away but he lived a very long big life he said on the East Coast. Football's a cultural experience in the Midwest. It's a form of cannibalism on the West Coast. It's a tourist attraction and in the South football is a religion and Saturday is the holy day. Wow because I'm never going to the mid West right over that that's amazing so within the SEC. Perhaps no state hits fever pitch quite like Alabama and the fabled rivalry between. It's too big universities. Auburn and the University of Alabama. Oh Yeah Yeah. Big Deal in the book. Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer author Warren Saint. John followed the giant community of our viewers who follow the Alabama Crimson tide from game to game across the South during the college football season. Okay so let's break that down real quick so he is like a group of groupies that they travel. They must live in their views. Like half of the half of the year because they play every single weekend. Correct I mean. I don't know the length of their stilettos or the tightness of their those tickets. But we know that they're committed. I'm sure they would wear whatever they needed to wear. I'm with you on that. I think you can relate. I'm imagining myself as Julia. Roberts in pretty woman right now you like go to the ticket booth where you tried to get a ticket and now you're with these old dudes in your tank top and you're like big mistake. Huge huge mistake. I am the biggest pair amazing anyway. Weren't saying John in the book says that ninety percent of Alabama citizens describe themselves as college football fans. He said to understand what an absolute minority non fans are in Alabama considered this. They are outnumbered by atheists which probably don't exist in the south exactly damn girl. Everybody is a college football. Fan and Alabama. That's amazing so some background on these universities Auburn Alabama. Famous names on the Bama side. There's Paul Bear Bryant Hall of Fame Coach For thirty seven years. Who led the team to six national and thirteen conference championships? Joe Nemeth maybe. You've heard of him one of the best quarterbacks to play of all time on the Auburn side. There's Joe Heisman who literally heisman. Statues named after the Heisman is the statue given to the best player in college football every year. And Mr Bo Jackson remember that guy. No Big Bono's Point being these schools are all about their history and their tradition. The pre and post game rituals are hardcore like unwavering. These FANS ARE BANANAS. Like they don't just wear tank tops in high heels. They go all out. Just go naked your opinion terrible picture. I think we all get it girl. Everybody has their thing. They would put on heels and a tank top to get fish eggs. No Bra everybody has their thing in Alabama thousands of fans lined up two hours before the game so that when the team gets off the bus goes into the stadium they can like cheer them on. And greet them and scream. It's called the walk of champions. They do it every game. And at every game. The band plays Thunderstruck Sweet Home Alabama and Dixieland Delight. And they go bananas. It's so fun seeing every word. I'm sure yeah. That sounds fun. Yes you get it so. At Auburn University. One of their big things is Tumors Corner O. T. O. M. E. R. Dot. Yeah just just no I get it. I saw your eyes and I knew it was good to clarify so tumors corner is an intersection in the heart of Auburn Alabama. Where for almost a century? There's been a tradition of students fans and locals gathering to rule tumors corner which is basically the power lines and trees that stand around to celebrate. Anytime Auburn has a big victory. That sounds dangerous and that sounds like a firehouse church. It's not nothing to pick those things up after. Yeah I bet. It's not these fans but let me tell you why it started. Apparently back in the day tumors drugs. The Neighborhood Drugstore House the only telegraph in Auburn and back then when there weren't TV's in radio when way football games happened the only way that fans could find out what happened is from the Telegraph Tumors Drugs and when Auburn won the employees of the drugstore withrow tickertape onto nearby trees and power lines. And that's how fans would know. And that's how that tradition of keeping started is a big deal. The annual game between Alabama Auburn is called the Iron Bowl. This is because up until nineteen ninety eight. Every game was played in Birmingham Alabama. Which is the country's top iron and steel producers? Insist civil war and I feel like. Has anyone ever told a story about the civil war there? Any story IDEA ANYTHING. That comes out. That doesn't go back to this. No no this sounds everything centers around that. Yup It's unfortunate anyway. The Iron Bowl is also an APP name because it represents well the hardnosed intense nature of the rivalry. Which is chock full of last minute victories? Painful losses big time players and gritty. Tough Down Home American football. Ya Yes. Girl are felt like we needed A. We're in the south after all and for today's story we're going to take a little voyage to the two thousand ten iron ball. Take yourself back a decade versus Alabama. It's Game Day November. Six two thousand ten or the most intense rivalry in all of college football. This point in the season. Auburn is eleven. Now and Rick second in the country point once a year the southern enclave but outcome resonates for three hundred sixty five consecutive days in and around the state camera is nine and two ranked eleventh in the country a brother versus brother Battle of wills defining families and loyalty. Rv's we talked about been tailgating for lakes in the parking lot Alabama. The defending National Champs relegated the scorn of this year for the chance to ruin Auburn's dream season like super meaningful game with big national championship implications one St Meeting the seventy five in the game known simply as the Iron Bowl Game Starts Alabama right off. The Bat makes a huge statement in the first quarter of scoring three touchdowns just like that too by mark. Ingram and Julio Jones who are now as you know big time players in the NFL so halfway through the Second Quarter Alabama's up twenty four to zero as a giant lead Bama fans are like I feel great. I'm feeling good so glad I got here. We go to tailgate. But then Auburn Star quarterback Mr Cam Newton is like well not so fast and as we know Cam Newton is also a big time player in the NFL now so he steps up in the second quarter towards the end. And through the thirty six yard touchdown ending the shutout. The teams go into the half with Bama still up twenty four to seven still a commanding lead. But at least it's not a show but then just fifty six seconds into the second. Half Cam Newton seventy yard touchdown all of a sudden the scores twenty four to fourteen to feel the momentum shifting so toward the end of the third quarter Cam bulldozes into the end zone running the ball in from one year himself. Auburn has pulled into within three points. Bama's only up twenty four to twenty dollars. Then they score field giving them a twenty seven to twenty one lead a little bit of breathing room but has great quarterbacks. Do Cam Newton delivers again. In the final forber fourth touchdown of the Game Auburn makes the extra phrase of all of the turmoil. And they were me the biggest rivalry in college for to twenty eight twenty two twenty seven after being down quite twenty four points you know what they call it. Rachel. The Cam back. Oh okay. So Bama fans are devastated. I mean they definitely thought they had it in the bag. First of all and second Obama Fan. So they're just crushed none more so than Alabama superfan Harvey Uptake Junior. I cannot wait to tell you about this dude but I owned hall of shame is brought to you by light stream. Are you paying more money and interest than you need to on your credit cards? Refinance your debt today with a credit card consolidation loan from livestream quickly role balances multiple credit cards into one single monthly loan payment. I love this. Yes yes as low as five point. Nine five percents. 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So much so that. He named his kid after him. Literally his son is named Bear Bryant. It gets worse. Oh he also named his other kid crimson tide. No tied spelled T. Y. And I just WANNA I just want to say that's probably a girl. And how many period jokes is that girl fielding? Okay we need to stop this podcast right now. We need to stop down and just pay our respects to crimson tide and crimson tide t wide D. E. Oh my Lord this poor girl this poor woman now. It's like her version of Johnny Cash. Is Boy Name? Seal girl named Crimson tide update. There's no cool way. Oh Hey girl. Hey girl was your name Crimson. So bad thruth point is Harvey Update is very very serious about his Alabama football so much so that he would ruin his children's lives so good for him so anyway. Harv that weekend is feeling real emotional about the loss. So he decides to drive thirty miles from his home in Danville Alabama to tumors corner in Auburn to pay a visit to those oak trees and those power lines also but the oak trees in particular that the Auburn fans. We talked about adore. And it's like the pride of Auburn Football. And he goes there and he takes his revenge on Auburn very lethal dose of Spike. Add F which is tree poison. Basically onto the around the trees just for some context. That is five hundred times. The amount of herbicides needed to actually kill the trees like He. What a petty Dude Patty Bitch. That's I guess passion. Also no no I guess. Never tell me the women who are emotional. Yeah this is the most hysterical man I've ever come across so he's so upset about a loss that he goes on to initiate. What ends up being a very slow in silent death for these oak trees from poisoning because tree deaths are so. His grime goes unnoticed for weeks. Because it's a tree or trees plural and no one caught him during and no one suspected anything. But you know our dude harv clearly is an emotional and prideful guy. And he can't help himself so on January twenty seven two thousand eleven two months after the game and his poisoning of the trees. He calls in to the Paul Finebaum show which is in Alabama College Football Radio Show. Paul Finebaum is referred to as the king of the south. And he's known to have callers with like color opinions so it's sort of like he's like Howard Stern. But for Obama football sure as New Yorker says there are two types of people in Alabama those who listened to find bomb and those who were liars meaning like everybody in Alabama knows finebaum point being harvey knows if he calls into this show and tells them about the trees. Y- everyone in Alabama will hear it because this fucking guy. Well let me tell you what I did weekend. After the Iron Bowl I went to Auburn Alabama Khalil thirty miles away poison to tumors trades under the pseudonym. Al From Dade Ville. He admits to poisoning historic oak trees in tumors corner with spike eighty eighty deal. I mixed it with water and put it. In Milk Jugs I had to milk jugs for each tree. Do what did they die? They're not there yet but they they definitely will desert against the law to this dude poisonous tree. Give or take care okay. I really don't many signs off with Rhodium tied rule. Damn tied wow. He was just so impatient he could not wait for these trees to collapse. Herat he'd been waiting he'd been waiting. I'm sorry but why didn't he just use chainsaw? Why didn't you just call them down interesting? I wonder if it's because it's like somebody would hear chainsaw. I wonder if he enjoyed the slow like every day. He checked the news and he's like I wonder if today's the day someone's big. The Oak trees are dying. And I'll be like I did it and it didn't happen so he's like I gotta take this in my own hand. Call Joe Everyone. Yeah but an Auburn Fan listening alerts. The school and the school sends soil samples from around the tree to a lab and two weeks later. The results come back for spike. Adf which Confirms Harvey Story. And they're like okay so the person. Al From Dade Bill was not lying he poisoned. These trees and Auburn fans are crush so they paid tribute at the side of the oaks with decorations and messages. Please God save the trees and yet will soon go well soon which I was like tree. It's two trees that they can't read. Let me just but in here and say Auburn fans are full of Shit because every single weekend they harass and vandalize these trees in the first place throwing shared on their branches hanging on peeing on them. Who knows what they've done? Yeah you know what great pulling this tree was probably like you know what Bermuda poison. I'm ready to die. Miserable is an environmentalist. He was just doing what the trees needed. Yes put them out of their misery. You Go Green. He says well Harvey is also not the brightest bulb in the bunch because very easily police traced the call back to him and he was arrested on one count of get this first degree criminal mischief. That's like cute. He sounds like Dennis. The menace that makes him sound cuter than he is. What second degree and third degree. That's like if you put a banana in someone's tailpipe. I don't know why they're degrees of criminal mischief. Which all sound pretty behind. Try that on my worst enemy but that guy poisoning a tree is not an adorable crime. I'll say that so. His defense attorney said that Harvey was mentally competent enough to stand trial but would continue to pursue the insanity defense because of his mental health during the time of the incident. It's like over you temporarily insane due to being a sore loser I mean. Is that valid. I don't know he later told. Cbs News that he obsessively plan for the crime for a month. Which means just so. We're clear he was planning to do this whether they lost or won. Wow then you can't plead insane while this is happening because this is like a thought out a thought out being yes you thought about it. He literally said he stayed up all night. Long for weeks devising his plan which I'm sure was like amazing for his wife and bear Bryant Junior and Little Crimson. I'm picturing Harvey having this whiteboard with stick figure of a tree and like an ex-soviet like that's the amount of planning he did ham holding a milk jug. Yeah crayons yeah. What's like the planning that? Why why did you stay up all night dude? I could have done this in five minutes. Thank you can do that on a post it well. This guy named his daughter Crimson tide. Don't forget we are two years later. He pleads guilty to felony criminal damage of an agricultural facility and receives a six month jail sentence with five years probation he was also ordered to pay eight hundred thousand dollars solution to the Auburn University. That's I get that they're angry but that's a lot of money it really is. This should is so big in the south. I guess but that just reflects how much they cared about. These trees trees do not cost eight hundred thousand dollars. It's wild I. We don't know to historic oak trees. We don't know what do we know about? What trees costs speak for yourself? I know a lot about harvey didn't learn his lesson of course for him being sentenced during his time in jail he was signing autographs. Like this was in jail signing autographs. I feel like my first thought is that if Harvey is going to jail you know he's GonNa be surrounded by all these guys like. Oh what did you do killed my family. What did you do? I killed trees but they. He was probably worshipped. I would imagine there's some mega Bam you're like. Oh Dan this guy's crazier than all of us. The one who kill the trees in tumors corner? He's the boss of the jail now. Yeah this rivalry lives on across Alabama even jail. Wow even in jail. They take this shit so in October of two thousand nineteen just this past fall. Harvey was put on trial once more this time for failing to GIVE FULL RESTITUTION TO AUBURN. So eight hundred thousand. He'd only paid sixty nine hundred. He didn't show but his trial because he was like busy. I Dunno poisoning Cornfield or something out of drying out his next plan. He paid an additional thirty three hundred to avoid jail time. That's a lot of money sucks. So he has to pay that entire thing that means Crimson. Tide probably isn't going to college now either. Bear fucking Dad. Do that sucks. So Harvey's probation recently ended and after being asked Pope cast mobile aries about why he poison the trees he said. I just don't walk all over. Several swirl and I really intruded on locked in Auburn one of I wanted Auburn. People hate me as much eight down there. Now you get it it's like Harvey. I don't catch up. I'm not like poisoning ketchup. Factory what are we doing? Good comparison is that was that a good analogy on harv. That's wild. Is there a team that you hate that much that you would do anything to? I besides like talk trash. I mean there's nothing I've yelled at people before. Sure no there's I I can't imagine any sort of sports situation driving me to kill a bunch of old trees. Wow that's like competitive to a next level I mean yeah that's one word for it this man for no other reason than Fuck Auburn and roll fucking tied decided to destroy an iconic landmark. So do we have an update on the trees. Oh my Gosh Rachel you read my mind. Because of these trees of the trees. Despite the best efforts of the university and Horticulturists they indeed slowly died. The prayers didn't work so this these people who care so much about these trees the administration allowed the community to continue rolling tumors corner through the football season of two thousand twelve. So like they're all devastate. The trees teepee immediately these trees. Can I just say are probably happily living in their afterlife. Intrigue has about to be reincarnated as you know seaweed or something you can live in the Ocean. Stay Faraway football fans so anyway. They continue to teepee until the football season two thousand twelve but after a win that fall the toilet paper caught fire and the aesthetically dead go guys. I told you it was dangerous. Why didn't you listens taff? The last rolling symbolically occurred April twentieth. Two thousand thirteen with AB three thousand attendees. It was an emotional goodbye to a traditional living monument. During the ceremony Auburn Alumni Association President Bill Stone announced. The school would be selling parts of the trees commemorative gifts so these poetries are like. Oh now you're going to chop possessed resin and sell us. Getting better or treat. This is a story of some trees that just WanNa be in peace. Just won't quit. You know it's crazy like sometimes you're on a hike and you'll like stop by a plaque in read. And really interesting person lived here imagine walking by tumors coroner and you read it a plaque says Oh. Hundreds of thousands of people used to flock to this quarter to celebrate football games until somebody poison the trees that would be a wild thing happened upon. It's tough well after this final rolling the fouling Tuesday after this final rolling. The first of the tree was made at seven. Am FANS WATCH BEHIND? Barricades were thought. Unruly police in two thousand fifteen four years after the incident to New South Carolina Groomed Live. Oaks were planted in tumors corner. One of the folks didn't take to the soil so only one ended up being used Jack because that's soil is like the radio active correct girl. Guess what a new vandalism incident occurred to the replacement oak when they were set on fire set on fire following an Auburn win over. Lsu In September two thousand fifteen. Jesus guys what is up with you? These trees did nothing to you. These trees did nothing. They're just standing there. They're just like standing there tired. It's not the trees fault tired. They're just tired of your both have to know Harvey was not the culprit that time but oh my God give. These trees. Auburn shown their cards. Now what they can never have trees because people know what gets them. They need to keep it a secret now. They know what really hurts them like? What really grinds gears? So a second replacement occurred with two new oaks from Florida in February. Two thousand seventeen and a sculpture of one of the tumors original oaks now sits in the Auburn art store. That's cool so yes listen. I love love the Zealous Fan Sports. I love that you were those heels to that raptors game. I love at home. I'm in college. Football is great. I literally used to go to my friend's house every Saturday during college football season and he had like six TV setup and we would just watch for hours from like ten in the morning to six at night. I get it. But there's a limit let's keep nature out of it. I guys are planet is already so screwed. It has to burn down more trees. Yeah if you need to poison something. I don't know. Just find a different way to express your frustrations and your sadness and like violence. Like come on intense is great. But it's supposed to be fun. There's a line here guys. I think I'm going to get shit on for saying this but I feel like people forget that it's just a game and I I'm super passionate but people just take it so know richer. Okay they don't have any pro like professional sports leagues in Alabama's yes there's no. Nfl team no NBA team. No Major League Baseball team and there's not a hockey team so this is it which seems like a poor mistake like I feel like if they had a football team like a NFL team or if they had a basketball hockey team would give them like. Oh my God. Those seats would sell out so quickly. Maybe they wouldn't be poisoning trees. I don't know just one more outlet. Some people link how intense it is get to the south losing the civil war. 'cause girls is it always goes back civil war. That is absolutely fascinating. I love to hear stories about fans and the lengths that they will go to. This is so petty on the level like level. One hundred pettiness. My heart tree really goes out to the woman name Crimson. Tide would love to know if she's changed her name. Yeah would love to know a lot about her. My heart also just genuinely goes out to those trees. That's poetry's Melissa Rachel. I think that the intensity of sports fans ultimately is one of the great things about sports it surely is and I feel like the intensity of fans leads to the intensity on the field. Because like as you're getting traded all the time the fans are the only ones that are there the entire time from the beginning to the end. Yeah they stay with you. Oftentimes the anger and the rivalries on the field are because of the fans. And if we didn't have happy little like Harvey did not people like Harvey would be okay but if we didn't have people that had passion and were you know just like wild about sports. Sports wouldn't be the same. This was a really fun story. Thanks for thanks for bringing us through. I don't WanNa go visit this tree. Site at some point tumors corner. We should go to a college football game in Twenty. Twenty five eleven role. Damn tie rolled in hall of shame is a product of crooked media. The show is produced by Carolina Reston Alison Paul's at our executive producer. Sarah Guys Moore and Steven Hoffman Engineering and sound design by Kyle Seguin Charlotte Landis. Our theme music is by Takayasu. Zoa thank you to Sydney rap and Brian. Semel production support every week.

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