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Hey David Lawrence Eric Doyle on heroes. And also you see me. Driving taxicabs taxicabs and many other things on many other shows. You're listening to fight. Talk Danny Huston Stars as Colonel. Cool new movie that mixes mythology very cool sword play and Ninjas in the old West the warriors way we chatted about this film acknowledge roles in thirty days of night and Wolverine. He Will Next starring conspirator a period piece with Norman readers of walking dead and James mcevoy and it's directed by Robert Redford. Here's my conversation with a talented actor Danny Huston chummy. Hi Mr Houston how are you? I'm very well thank you. How are you? I'm doing fine. Where are you? I'm actually in Hoboken New Jersey. That's where yeah have you seen some of material I have actually The funny thing is Before this call. I was actually editing together from my website. Little like behind the scenes of your movie okay and it featured some soundbites that you did and I it was part of like I research and then I saw like all these great clips so I think I think it's a great movie. It looks pretty cool and I truly believe it's some tastic in some tactical kind of way. It's a great sort of kaleidoscope of Rana's but yet it's It's a it's it's quite a usually contained fable quality of it and what appeals to me. Right off the bat is essentially a man who becomes the greatest swordsman on planet Kind of loses himself along the way and this movie seems to be his journey to try to rediscover who he really is yes. He has to the very thing that he was trained for. He has to renounce violence and the case. Cowards is revenge and She requires his violence expertise to the angle to conquer hurting. Sort of the nicest send like Play there in the middle of it. Mike character isn't wrong because she starts the kernel oil and things. Many many years ago but in a way snowy scarring space also scarred. His is hard and some kind of perverse like way romantically searching. Her hung his look and everything about him. just You know just really got me. And they all seem to be like a bunch of misfits in this town That that seemed to be there and I guess he kind of fits into that a little bit. Yes and has this wonderful sort of surgery owning kind of mythology to it and and and And yet it also has sort of the eating. I'm grabbing onto Italians. You're leaning US. 'cause magical Circus show know thing happen. He's Connie's they're all kind of victims of the landscape all existing. They're all Misbehavior on their own. Lives lost within the context of the store and judging by the Look of the movie. It's very deliberate very mythical almost for the Times Times a little like childhood memory yeah. I'm I mentioned surgery. Only for a couple of reasons. But also in a way villain reminded me of those ways. Cow Palace kids and Heroes Year reminders. Coldeze character. Yeah very much. Yeah I'm sort of. There's there's there's something where where Where those kind of Miss Daljit can do in a way but also the villain is is. You reminds me of that that I used to look at is scared me. Oh Yeah Interesting. It seems to achieve that look. There was a lot of green screen used a lot of Greens Times. I must say it was very congenial. You have no idea how and and and I was one particular time when when the director was very helpful training of visual worlds from you could see tell me to shoot up high one of my shooting lights twenty seven the stage lights numbers and and I got okay but what is like. It's a Ninja. I and are there other morning. Just he's an all around. Oh my God and and of course i. I realized that that the colonel would be terrified of of of of such sites. Nothing is necessarily a coward. The cats this votes here so so you know there were there. Were there were times. That was slightly lost. Thank God for for a very specific director. Well I've seen that scene and that scene is pretty intense to scare anyone. I've never seen so many ninjas literally fly out of this guy like that it was really pretty intense imaginable that the turn of the century kind of western Cat Western cards come in fossils and I think what really makes his movie standout and it's really credit all of you. I tend to clip that I have. I'm actually putting together or you're talking about You know doing your own sword play as much as you possibly could not to involve the stunt double to give give it more realism. And there's one scene between you and kate that's really I think it's one of the set pieces of the film. As far as action sequence there was really intensive pipe between two. Yes I mean. It's one of the one of the highlights from the in in in my career was working out those sort sequences. Hey Because so much like a dance ballet and working versions very very athletic but also the construction by the coach mask rather heavy sword. I add Made it made it very challenging. And we're very proud. Those results results that finally sequences is Her and I know stumbles well. And no and no strings attached. Yeah that was That was really one of the intents scenes that and all the ninjas literally it was like raining Ninjas that once seen it really what it looked like and you re really need the director to deal explain something like that possibly imagine and speaking director Mr Lee. He wrote it and he also is. It's really his first direct. Oriel debut in Israel so yes but I'm very sort of You know a film starring teachers so that So very Some savvy literate individual Never stops Jimmy. Likes HE WAS I'm struggling in any way very very specific game freedom As far as interpreted what was it he wants us. You knew exactly what it costs. Yeah he actually was very kind of all of you Yourself and Kane and and Jiang Jeffrey Dahmer. Really just saying that they were you. Were as much as anything. It was very sad very lucky to have you all working with so yes when we were. We were collaborating but but also he was. He was great in that world around us way. In a way we didn't really know what it what what it was when turn out to be in that regard We're very much I saw the film about a month ago and Ours don't how cool it's it's beauty style. It's not. Oh Yeah Yeah I mean that's I that's some of the best sort. I've seen film a long time. So Happy Avenue's yeah. It was really neat and all of you to I mean I know the training just didn't come. I know you had to do it for a little while to get to that point and do it over and over. But you wouldn't know it by watching. The film is really I know. A lot of that is about repetition short just up but most of the night it was the stunt double pace chain. She didn't stop me So finally when we came to unicycles win happens that much other It's been luckily private Sussed oh Jesus but at times it got a little got a little dangerous and we were pushing not one hundred percents far as it's speeding in power But close. Yeah no I like her. I like her she she her character to me. Kind of evokes a little calamity Jane kind of character from the oval last kind of. Yeah Yeah. She's a little awkward. Yeah a little boyish. And but yes A lot of them. Oh absolutely there's a wonderful scene where they're sword fighting into desert that that. I think people will really see that. It's a lot of things going on besides the sort fight I really. I like that part of it too is it was nice in and he is Euros there's wonderful. She's got that that. Clint Eastwood thing where he doesn't have to expressionless he's stealing exactly yeah and And for Western isn't causing US. That's really works especially close up. Certain ones want reactor over the express. And it's Kinda like I look at it as a mythical western you know it's That's the way that's the way I can see. Yeah because there's really nothing quite like this the only thing maybe a little bit of Kung Fu but if you took and made it more mythical maybe that's what you'd have have you'd have the warriors way a little bit yeah and with the host sort of stable mythical stable element services and the Carney's just Wonderful clowns I love it of the colonel. Hates understand why people out I think people will enjoy Geoffrey. Rush the little things I've seen him in. You look at the look pretty good pretty good. The town's going for shock Sudas. Exactly exactly that's great. It's interesting I do want to ask you You actually you're your writer and a very good one and I understand. You have a project that you're trying to get me called day of the debt that's correct and based on a novel by an ankle can help cool And it's a. It's a dusty. Something Border One how Nice Without ripple rather powerful senior taxes. You know all kinds of stuff that I don't like Casablanca. Yeah there you go just border crossings. And and It's something I've been developed into the last ten fifteen years costumer. Yeah have options book over and over again and But I mentioned back back into the saddle and Direct again just sticking with this and You know I love acting in a way directors on on the project. They're the ones after have to wait. Painfully Funds Eternal Green lights on commission making their phones. So I know what that's like and the Try To time side music. How it can happen there. Yeah it's IT'S I. I hope I hope it does happen because you know the day and that is its own. You know -nology too and I I like that. Yeah I'm almost pinks purples. Yeah Now oh absolutely absolutely i. I'd have to give you Kudos for your role and thirty thirty days of night. I thought he was That was a memorable vampire. I'll tell you that back. And hopefully we'll see you again You know as a striker in other wolverine if I yeah you'll probably see maximum the conspirators. Oh there you go and Robin restaurants. Nice Very Nice. So you're obviously busy always I'm trying to keep up but this is cool. I guess for the DVD. You guys did some things for two and I guess you'll eventually do commentary as well. I'm sure it'll come to that some points. Yeah at the moment We wait with anticipation for being a fight at night. Yeah there you go and that'll be the first time using it with an audience correct. Oh cool yeah really looking for. Oh Yeah Yeah it's Kinda it's an Korean section town and they're like oh good so they'll be some Some fans like that's one thing that. Jiang is a big star in Korea very yeah and you know people were saying How this is an opportunity for these kinds? Asian cells do into Hollywood. I kind of feel that there's an opportunity for Hollywood breaking Korean. Yeah I think he can play both ways now. You can be a really good thing. That would be awesome so you get or more of an interest there too. Yeah Yeah it's an interesting As far as that works a little differently than some of the other directors. You've worked with necessarily this one Say something that I really enjoyed was just husband. Laws clear concise. And I've seen I've seen like the. He's all he after takes. It seems like whoever was in the. You all got a chance to watch what you did and know he didn't all those carts cut taxes Chester's reopened. That's a nice as directed yourself. You can appreciate that. Yeah very very open Respectful lovely match the producers of the Korean producers to our lead actors villagers out at all so I guess there was hardly if there was any location. I couldn't tell it seemed like everything was studio. Everything Student Wow. It's amazing how do you have? I mean there was some heavy galloping near some beach just like two hours away from Oracle so some of the long stretch of voice back like those words on Jerry but the whole the whole backgrounds though yeah sure but even then even even if we were on you know outside still WanNa be outside of the. We're going to see and as far as you're looking in your transformation. Is You know a lot of actors a cold me. That when they start putting the makeup on they find the character a lot easier. Was that the case with the colonel or every month. Because there's an the mouse was such a large part of this character and the way the Nass was so hikes straps force me to speak way. Hct headed certain wage. I can only really one. I changed that made me move my head and Character and he also had like a Cape like outfit too so not the easiest. Probably move around it. No no that that that force me to move in a certain way so it was at first a little hindering but finally Very instrumental in threaten characters actors movies. I mean there's a graphic novel quality to this movie. There's no doubt about. It has just help but it comes across in a good way. Yeah I believe so too. I'm sort of like a memory. Yeah Yeah I see that. I definitely saw that like like even you know Ninjas th this guy itself was like You know very very much like you remember something rather than maybe what? It really is exactly. It's almost like somebody is telling this myth or story and has been told over and over again and embellished bit more every time. It's told yeah now I is there. Will you be going Doing anything any other films coming up as far as shooting No not for the moment I'm hoping to dedicate some time film that I'm developing and Now the next year. So I'm Kinda trying not in a way should not work right now so I can work on my own thing very cool. That sounds great. Appreciate you taking the time to talk about this project in a real pleasure In your family is I think one of the first families of Hollywood as far as I'm concerned thank you sir and I mean the work that you've all done speaks for itself and there's a Lotta great work there. We'd take lack of screen and on happy holidays.

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