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The Veiled Monarch 018 "Murder at the Club"


The following hey it's jolly entertainment. Production is recommended for listeners. Seventeen over due to adult language adult situations violence silence and subject matter that could be sensitive to some listeners. If you enjoy the show please leave us a rating on your favorite podcast APP. We'd really appreciate it Isaac get plenty Hang up the bike now that you're with the fancy fangs. That's not funny. No Oh it's not especially not since it was to help me sorry. How are you not used to this yet? You don't doc me coming around anymore do you. What of course not? You're still my friend that doesn't change. I mean there will be times. We might not be able to talk but once that stuff is over. We're friends again. No one's going to mind you being around just because of your situation. How did things go at work? Darius told me to take time off. He didn't believe the story so we told him the truth. We're all trying to come up with something to keep bannock out of jail. Didn't rain a say that. If someone attacked a victim the attacker is responsible Alaa. Yeah then I attacked you so what we were all there you and I got into a fight my werewolf temper got to me and I attacked you. Weapons were drawn and I almost killed you. Are you nuts. No I can use a defense of my emotions and being close to a full moon. I'll do two years tops. Isaac you can't go to jail for someone someone else I can. She saved the life of my friend. I've been to jail before Kat. It's fine no you can't the pack needs you. Aw I'll do it. Both of you are nuts. You can't do this. Clothing needs you and the pack. Needs you or you both did it. All three of you say you attacked me Vince. Annika will say the same thing. Even rain Ronin in Kevin will. There'll be so many changing stories in holes in it that the water will be to money for an arrest. I'm the victim and I can't name attacker occur because it was too traumatic for me to remember everything it's everyone's words against each other. Will that work. Yeah it will work. Why don't you go see Vincent? Antica are willing to do it if they are. I'm in Q.. And Hey hey you help save my wife I owe you. I owe you to. Which reminds me? How are you feeling? Sorry I didn't ask. It's been a weird few days for me better now. That all those drugs out of my system is everything's still blurry I remember getting grabbed along with Elissa. Everything after. That is a mess of psychedelic drugs. I don't know what was and wasn't real. I swear I shifted without a full moon but I know I didn't. I'm just glad you're okay me too. We'll you guys all of us do. I'll go talk to Vince now and let you now. Can you believe they figured something out. I can't wash what no one is going to be arrested turning that woman. They're all claiming they did. It in every story is a mess. You know when you can answer as Catherine claiming and she maintained contain. She wasn't conscious a druid is backing them up by saying she was witnessed a nothing. They're smart I'm. I'm not in the mood today. Faulkner some close this time close to what your goal she could have shifted. I know what. How would that benefit your Jacob in any way shape or form? The possibilities of the important part had we done it. We would have harnessed what we had had centuries ago before you were even turned yes. I'm aware all of that power and it's been gone for for ever. I said I am not in the mood. They've slip-up Jacob. They always do. Everyone does their vertu close. We are to close sign. We stop waiting and start to act. And what the you suggest a new pilot bodies. I'm getting bored with that method. It's time to play a game of cat and mouse with them. How do you propose that? Start picking off thirty liters one by one. You can't do this. No we draw them out one by one a long and slow game of your life or your community. We played this game before. Read the groups of the ones who know too much the rest go on without knowing a thing. There is one language problem with that method. What Vincenzo Moretti? Don't remind me you know what he accomplished. In the past you have seen the records I was there for. This is not not something you can afford to see again Jacob. The iron ore was able to cover shot because it was a hundred and fifty years ago in this day and age. It's warped covered up. Mr Moretti needs to be reminded of his beloved life and that he has a young son who was human. Make sure against the memo. Kill Kill all of you know. Won't you can go for now. I'll go you and we have information on our flight to Miami as you wish faulkner. Yes someone tip the police in Georgia do our little company. Do you know who may have done that. Not a clue same like you have a mole So we do. You could nice. Hey thanks for listening to the veiled monarch. We're going to interrupt the show for just a minute and bring you a message pige from our friends if you live audio dramas like we. Do you probably have a million ideas swimming around in your head. Why not get your idea going here at? Hey it's jolly entertainment payment. We use buzzed. Sprout sprout is one of the easiest ways to start your audio drama or podcast in minutes. Bus sprouts your show with every major podcasting directory and and gives you a free highly customizable website where your show if you click the bus spout link in the show notes. You'll receive a twenty dollar Amazon Gift Card after the second paid invoice join. Join US on buds sprout. This is the story of the West. Few people hear the stories of our everyday struggles. Shameful Acts and triumphs use. This is the veiled West. It's a shame your dog since of smell is in his keen as a werewolf. Hey now just a minute there. You can't talk to silence thrall. Don't speak to the mayor that way. That's better what I meant was runs runs was sold to another werewolf that surrounding the city now Amos. I thought we had based on the control. Dr Ally Decker is wonderful. Wonderful to meet you. Happy tell me. Is the coyote crossing ranch of friendly case for us. Let's all of us even the lady who owns it actually much come down and meet everyone to stay in town. Don't worry about a sheriff. I promise we take care to make sure the ten the safe from sorry. We bothered him as Vera. If you ever need anything you send someone for us. We'll come running. Well everyone of them just like the other two ranchers feeling. I can arrange something unfortunate. Listen to the story of the Old West that you've never heard before visit the veiled West Dot Com. The Vince yes. I got something for you on your phone. It's not that snapchat thing again. Is it the. I really don't understand the point. Nope it's called tender here. See Tinder Leo. I am quite allergic to anything wooden. No it's just look well she. He's rather pretty so swipe right. I don't understand look vents. You Swipe right if you like them then left. If you don't for what reason and to find a date. Why do I need dates because you are one of the richest guys in Miami and permanently thirty three years old are you? Are you joking. The amount of women you'd get is need schools of women. Leo Wow you are so out of touch well perhaps a date or two wouldn't hurt me any. I'm sure one of these lovely women wouldn't mind a nice dinner and a good conversation perhaps a walk on the beach. Yeah sure good idea. Is this something you on telling me Leah. No I don't owns believe you had. Oh yes what dig God. I'll be right there it's eight. Am What are you doing. You can't go out. I have to go to the club. I'll stay there today Eh. You is- Lewis this. How could this happen Ronin? Please Chapin on come on you have to go. You can't be here right now. How did this happen? We don't know I don't understand neither do I. I came into state through the day and the police were here. Why are you staying here? I have worked tonight a a little compassion would be nice Raina. I'm in shock. WHOA sorry I'm very confused as are are you alright? No but I cannot be all right because this is my damn case. Now I am so mad. Where is Catherine the asleep? I hope yes. She has will work on some things tonight then. I have to to ask you some questions. I'm sorry me we when Kevin was found witness said you left the nightclub alone a witness us you found a witness. Yes we do too. And they're both telling me the same story U. N. inside with Kevin and he was happy drunk drunk and you left alone. They both were concerned when they sell you leave in walked inside then. They found him. Pets not possible. I locked the doors. There's no sign of a break in and your keypad was used. The doors are unlocked. But Vince was not here when I left. When was that the three in the morning? Where were you last night? That's sitting by my pool the entire night. Yes I like to take nights alone. Was the Leo home. No Raina what. Are you asking what I have to ask. I'm I'm sorry events. Do you truly think me capable of this to a man who helped me recently. I can't answer you right now. Did anybody anybody see you at home last night. No I was alone thank you. I'm on under arrest. No not right right now the genzyme. We're ready I have to inform you now that you're suspect in a murder case you cannot leave this county until you're cleared suspicion. Is this a joke. I'm sorry since he didn't do it. RENA I in trouble come here. I didn't do it. What can I do let me and Catherine do our job and let me grieve leave for my friend? I don't understand why you're here. This is too close neither do I. I need statements from you and Louis Mus can we use your office bio means Halio. WHO's cars is that it's a lift? Where's your bike stolen? Someone stole my bike. Dude not cool. Is that Leo. Someone stole his bike. The Hell O kill them. Holy Shit are you okay. I'm fine I swear somewhat as after me someone broke into my car and then my bike got stolen all in one day. Damn well sit down. Khloe come on can help me in the kitchen. What why because I said so except I don't cook time you learn then mom now? How sit down Leo something wrong? Yeah what happened. You haven't seen the news yet. Kevin Rain friend he was murdered at Your Dad's Club. Your Dad's a suspect Vincent do that. He's not under under arrest. Not yet that happened this morning and now this happened to you. I'm worried that's all I don't get it Vinson. I didn't do anything to anyone at. How was this connected anyway? I'm not sure if it is by faulkner is still out and about. None of us are putting anything past him right now. Now framing Vince from murder. He do it. I wouldn't be surprised if he killed Kevin himself. You think he's after me and Vince. I think he's he's after Vince. He'll go after you if he has to. He invents have long history. I know he told me everything. Finally when Vince I moved Virginia from England he met a young widow who had a baby. He married her and was a father to the kitten folk. Ner killed both of them right in front of events than he's set the house on fire and burn their bodies. Vince went crazy after the iron oath and ran them out of Virginia. Now I heard that was what happened nine nice to hear. It's a true story he moved to the Arizona territory's right after that. Vince said that he didn't want to talk about that too much. I guess the Vampires weren't always as easy to live with as they are now may weren't we used to be at odds with the lot. Vampires they ruled the world up until the early nineteen hundreds. Yeah that's what he told me. The iron oath got their hold back in started to wipe out vampires again. That's when the ones left adapted I guess most vampires alive alive now aren't much older than one hundred with a few exceptions Vince. Being one of them. I'm sorry you're caught up in all of this Leo. I'm sorry you you all have to go through all of this on a drink sure. Hi this is Taylor. Fair Voice of Catherine Klayman. Thanks for listening to the monarch to subscribe to the audio drama or find Yup more. Please visit us at the veiled monarch DOT COM. Thanks again for listening

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