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While it's always a pleasure to see a happy tuesday we it's gonna be a nice one and before we go any further. I got reminds you. You probably know what day this is. First of all. Let me say as rush has mentioned yesterday and he mentioned it a couple of times last week sometimes he just has to take day. And you know we're all part of this fight with him and today was one of those days so they called me up and it is such an honor to be here. It's kinda goose bumpy for me. Not just because this is the greatest audience and the biggest audience in radio. It's it's russia's birthday rush limbaugh's breath is today so happy birthday to mr limbaugh and you have an opportunity to go to rush. Limbaugh dot com. Go to the messages for rush and share your birthday wishes. I was on the website earlier this morning. I always go to the website for i fill in just to get a feel for the latest at such a great website and in the right hand side of the website you can just scroll through millions of americans and it's just great at one caught my eye today. There was a family of like eighteen. Yup they definitely like rush and they're all on the same pajamas and they're wishing rush. Well so you do the same thing. You do not have to wear pajamas. you don't have to wear anything. That's the beauty of radio. Eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two my name. Is ken matthews again. Happy birthday to rush. It's an honor to be here on this special day and the special day in history. We have so much to talk about. But before i get into that. I just want to mention. I think one of the problems and this is something. That's so exciting. About what rush. Limbaugh has built with your help rush. Built first of all he reignited and built. Talk radio to the powerful force. It is where people go to for truth and information. And what rush does he attracts. People with discernment. And that's what you have. This is the type of audience. Mr limbaugh has built. This is what he has one of the many things he contributes to every day. See most people behind a news desk behind an anchor desk. They don't have discernment they don't understand context. Or if they do they ignore it because that's not what therefore they ignore logic. They leave their curiosity at home. That's why the infamous montages of the puppet media or you may have heard. It called the mockingbird media. That's why these are so entertaining when you go from network to network news feed the news feed and everybody says the same thing. Because that's what the teleprompter set and then it's like slamming the brakes on a freight train. You tune into the eib network and there's rush limbaugh and it's say i'm going to steal something from sydney. It's like a fire hose of common sense coming at you. And you go. Wha- what so you understand this. You understand this better than anybody. And it's not the first time i've said it that the best analysis you get on any given day most of the time. It's the callers that call into russia show because the puppet media and the puppet hollywood and the puppet political party. They're doing what they're told. That's what puppets do i want to give you an example of what happened today and i want you to weigh in on this. Eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two. This is so this is interesting so we. We have a meeting in the morning and the team. The team we talk about what's happening. First of all we find out what's going on with rush and he's chilling out enjoying his birthday today. And i'm sure when his website explodes again with all your love. He's going to be thrilled. Just like catherine will be then. We go through all this other stuff. What about this. What about that do you think this. Do you think that we start looking at it. And what you find is this. I used to say. It's an absurd pattern but it's an obscene pattern. How right now. And we're going to really drill deep into this because rush talked about it a little bit earlier this week. Wasn't that much earlier because it's only tuesday. We're going to drill into the censorship in this purge. That's taking place taking place shortly. But here's an example of using discernment all right. This is a story on fox news this morning at nine fifty six am. I'm going to read. I'm going to read the headline. And i'd like you to weigh in and give me your thoughts on it and then i'll read. What the person in the story actually said and you can weigh in on that trump acknowledged. He bears some blame for capital riot in a conversation with kevin mccarthy now the the sources said fox news and there it is last week on call in with mccarthy sources right now exactly one hour later one hour. Later trump defends remarks that he made before capital. Riots calling them totally appropriate. So president trump said a few hours ago actually less than two his remarks to supporters just before they stormed the us capital. Last week were totally appropriate. Even as they have become the basis for an article of impeachment against him the president went on to say. They've analyzed my speech in my words and my final paragraph my final sentence and everybody to the t- thought it was totally appropriate trump told reporters as he departed to joint base andrews to visit the border with mexico. By the way that's where presidents headed. Today's headed to the alamo. Well near the alamo. To show off another one of his promises kept four hundred fifty miles of beautiful wall. It's beautiful it's huge. It's beautiful so what do you think about that. In within an hour trump has to come out again and correct alleged leaks from his own establishment. If you wanna call it or from his own party this is what this man is up against. But it is interesting. it's interesting. How the hill all the news. Sources stay on the script. So that's why you're seeing. They storm the capital. It was an insurrection. I could not believe my own. Senator in pennsylvania one of them will neither one of them are mind but senator bob. Casey said on the floor of the senate. Maybe you saw that. And i'm quoting him. Because i i have burned in my mind. That tuesday domestic terrorists under the direction of the president led an insurrection against america. Now there's a guy who is so out of touch with reality. He doesn't know what a domestic terrorist is. He doesn't know what an insurrection is and he obviously doesn't know what leadership is but this is what we're up against so today we're gonna talk about some of this purge. I want to get your thoughts on it. Let me tell you one of my saddest moments during the purge and it has nothing to do with me being kicked off linked in or band for another week from facebook or dumped with polymer like millions of other people to things. Happen that really bug me number. One facebook got rid of the walkaway movement. I thought the walkaway movement was so awesome and it still is half a million videos of people that were proud to be an american proud to be a patriot. Proud to support and love. President probably listeners. In this audience were part of the walkaway movement and facebook removed. It gone and you know google's in on it because now google controls they control the search. This is why when you have you try to have an intelligent conversation with a leftist friend and you say four plus four equals eight and then they say. Hold on a second. I just googled that and it says right here at equals nine nut. No it equals eight. I actually did it. I had like potato chips. And i put four potato chips here at but for chips here then i put it in a video and my three year old said daddy. That's eight. no. Google said it's nine so that's where we are. You want to know why people are getting shutdown. That's why seventy one thousand people kicked off twitter. It's just incredible the walkaway movement. Oh here's another. Here's another announcement from facebook. Facebook is removing all content. That mentions stop the steel. How about that so this is i'm gonna call this. I'm gonna call this insult to injury. So i you get the insult or no you get the injury and then you say why i think you just. I think you just strip me of my rights. Will you deserved it. You should have known better. You need to agree with us. i mean. pbs and npr can do it. Why can't the rest of you. Eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two. What are your thoughts on that that somebody leaked a statement. And i'm gonna call it a pretend. Statement that trump acknowledged. He bore some responsibility for the capital riot. In a conversation with kevin mccarthy do we know the source of course not who needs sources. If you're trying to take down a president. When was that important. How many times have you listened to mainstream america and heard some of the greatest journalists of our time like don lemming joy behar or gayle king say you know sources say and then. The story begins thrilled to be here today. I want you to call in and comment on that and actually love to get your comments on the president's trip today as well and don't forget it's russia's birthday and you could certainly say that when you call but more importantly send him the message at rush limbaugh dot com. I'm kevin matthews. We'll be right. That the rush limbaugh show. Happy birthday to rush limbaugh thirty nine years old today. Just seems like it's been longer doesn't it. Eight hundred two eight hundred twenty eighty two. This is the network my name. Is ken matthews. So by all means join the conversation because free speech is still permitted on this show as far as we know it yup Yeah And i i want to go back just for a second crash. If you can play that rush cut from yesterday go ahead. Is it fair to think that what is happening to conservative on social media. I mean we are being censored out of existence. We are being silenced out of existence. We are being pummeled. We are being threatened. We are being intimidated out of existence. So is it. Is it fair to think that what is happening to conservatives on social media is the same thing that happened to their votes. Oh what an astute analysis of course. It's fair to say that. Of course the same tech gurus behind slowing down the frequency of news feed or neutralizing your share option or searching for words. That well like. I said facebook just said if you put anything on there about stop the steel now about that for a moment. You're saying stop the steel meaning. We believe there was a theft. We need to stop it. You're not saying. Joe biden is a whatever you're not saying. I'm going to go and put dog poop in joe biden's yard. You're not saying that you're saying hey stop stealing stuff all right. That's enough of that. That's enough of that. Ladies and gentlemen. I think one of the reasons. There's such an overreaction to not just in my opinion the reelection of trump but there's such an overreaction to everything that's related to trump whether it's a rally whether it's ice cream whether it's catch up whether it's hair colour i think they're terrified at trump. Who do i mean by anybody that has a stake in what donald j trump is. President of the united states has exposed in the last four plus years. President trump started calling things out even before he was elected like the swamp and the poorest border and terrorism and a lopsided trade dynamic with china now believe it or not in. This is the sad sad story. There's a lot of people in government that benefit from a porous border and they even benefit from terrorism and they benefit from war and they benefit from china and china owning their company or a platform or buying some valuable piece of defense equipment. And the problem is those people are angry. The major broadcasters the major company. There's only about six. There's about six companies. Give or take and if you do your research you'll see when the tentacles come out it all leads back don't you go. Oh my gosh they own that they. She owns that he yeah. It's just a half dozen people so we all we start. We enter the game violating the constitution. Just the just. The mainstream media concept is borderline monopoly which violates laws but then we also we've limited unbeknownst to us over the years free speech. Because if something's going down on cnn you're saying well i'll just go over to msnbc that's funny. That's that's a good joke there. Well i i'll just listen to. Cvs well you know nbc. No no no no no so when the truth started to get through about trump that he's not a bad guy that he's doing a good job that people love the guy and he's exposing the swamp broadcast media then cable media then social media started shutting down. This didn't start yesterday but they're panicking. Today it started months ago months ago and it reached its fever pitch with some of the tragic events last week. Now the news media will refuse and they'll continue to refuse to shed any truth on anything you have to find it on your own right. So what is the next thing they did. They shut you off social media. They really believe the people that hate trump. The people that love biden the people that like globalism. The people have no trouble with china building pieces of military equipment for the united states which is absurd there are people out there. That are okay with that you know why. Because they're getting rich off of it so they have no problem with well. You know what's going to happen. The conservatives are going to do what they always do. They're going to innovate. They're going to adapt to overcome happy birthday marines. But they're going to do that. And that drives the left crazy you knock someone off facebook. They create another platform. You knock someone off here. They create another platform. You target people. The american people know what's going on so much that i could not believe it. Listen to this. How many times have you heard this. You know it's bad when the aclu voices concern about conservatives and republicans being purged and the president being purged off twitter permanently. It's gotta be bad for the aclu to get involved because you know that's not that's really not how they roll. I mean you. Can you can threaten a talk show host all day long and they'll call it free speech but if you say now let's walk down this road then you're inciting something. Here's the comment from the aclu concern that the movement to d platform president trump could be a slippery slope. I'm sorry i just never thought. I'd hear the aclu say that because they usually rally behind a small group of leftist with everything. This could be a slippery slope with eventually unintended consequences especially for minority groups. Oh you don't say so. Let me get this right. The brain surgeons at the aclu are now saying that free speech should be for everyone you know. The world is influx. When that happens on ken matthews. We'll be right back. I have to say it's it's kinda special. I kind of feel that. I met russia's private birthday party. Maybe i'm going to tweet that maybe i'll do like the you know the millennial thing and i'll tweet that out hanging out with rosh happy birthday and then i'll take a picture myself eating some cake. Happy birthday rush limbaugh me. Hey anyway happy birthday brush. You know we made it. You know we love you. America loves you and what you do. Eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two in this time when everybody in the news talks about healing i just wanted to play up something. That may may or may not inspire you. This is from the very articulate wonderful role model maxine waters congresswoman from a beautifully run state. California runs it runs like a swiss watch and this woman is is she is. She is squeaky clean. She is a role model for anyone who wants to not be corrupt. So let me just say that. And here she is with words to live by and this was exactly ten months after president. Donald j trump was inaugurated. The first time. i'm. I'm a little emotional. Because these are such words of encouragement. I will go and take trump out to night is bringing the country together and the applause. Yes now at least some people still have free speech it just. It's just not us. But i wanna go to some of the analysis again some of the cutting edge analysis that you can get from the clown news network that cnn for people. New to the show. Chris cuomo just a brilliant analysis. I didn't. I couldn't find chris comment last week. But i wanna share this analysis with you during the blm riots now too many see the protests as the problem. No the problem is what forced your fellow citizens to take to the streets persistent and poisonous inequities and injustice and. Please show me where it says. The protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful. Could you show me where it says that well having been to several maga- rallies they're always polite and peaceful see at maga- the trumpsters. We know that our parents raised us. Don't firebomb police cars for goodness sake. Go to your room. What did we tell you about throwing. Bricks at police timmy. Eight hundred two eight to two eight eighty two. Let's go to bill in akron ohio. Hi bill you're on the rush limbaugh show the the birthday rush limbaugh show. Okay can hang Happy birthday to russia and all our prayers to him and his family jeff. I'm calling because. I am so frustrated of hearing the bad mouth thing and the left to back off and by tech. Why don't we put this where it should be right square in the rhinos. They did it at the federal level. They did state level. They let us down. Why do we talk about primary. Forget about the dirtbags on the left. We held who they are. Let's get this off and let this get we get straight knock. It's gotta be the same thing over and over and over here it's redundant bill you u-b-e-r you brought up some great points and the timing of your call is perfect and let me tell you why because you're not the first person to say that to me and we we all know that rhinos are actually. We need to come up with a better name just because rhinos are. I don't know if you've ever seen a rhino in the wild but they can tip over a vehicle and that's not the fighting spirit that most republicans that i know of you know what i mean. So eventually bill. We need to come up with a new name. But republicans in name only. You're absolutely correct. They are the biggest sellouts in the party and they were. Unfortunately the biggest blockade to president trump's outstanding agenda which despite being sold out on a regular basis by the romney's and the to me's and the christie's he still got all that stuff done because there is a core group of patriots that surround the president. Many of you have those in your state and you know who they are but i want to go back to why the timing was perfect because it wasn't until last week that the entire country had an opportunity to see who is the real deal and who isn't who is going to stand on that floor and make an argument that this will not stand unless it's fair and accurate knowing they're going to be ridiculed labeled libelled slandered targeted. They're going to attack your new wife's in your new kids home that this is an awakening that we cannot even put into words. Bill i have to tell you this is crazy because it's been such a bumpy ride this last few months with the election. And you know it's it's crazy. But i've never been so energized. I am more energized. Because i clearly see who is four america and who is not who in the news media tells the truth and who doesn't who supports president trump. And who doesn't and i think to reenter the peaceful battle with that level of clarity is good and like bill and i wanted to point out that the first thing bill said is the the right way to do it see. That's the difference between the right and the left. The right will say we need to primary them. We need to vote them into the next century. I'll never support them again. Meanwhile the left says. Where do they live. I wanna blow up their camper. How did that happen. I'll tell you how it happened. Number one rhinos just like bill said because the republicans have never been aggressive enough shutting down criminality corruption and a lack of ethics for a couple of reasons. First reason the people that are involved in that might be too powerful and a lot of republicans don't want to jeopardize their future plans. So you're not gonna get a senator that said two weeks ago i'm going to object. I stand with ted cruz. Josh hawley. They're not gonna. They're going to get that phone call and they're going to go so if i don't play ball never get a lobby job in my life. A lobbyist job. So that's that that's the problem with republicans and then on the other side of it. The other problem and this is something we need to accept. Even though it's redundant if the news media just cared enough about the truth we would all be better informed. It's like. I opened the show today. And i had those two stories and both sources lapped it up. They both lapped it up. Both news organizations were excited to take the narrative. Run with it. They keep calling this a insurrection storming breaching attacking. You had a bunch of unarmed people. Push their way in. It was a big thick crowd. And you had some people. Let them in. But i digress. Imagine if the news media covered them like they cover us. If the news media would cover a steele dossier the same way they cover a hunter biden. Hard-drive but you know that's not going to happen so those are the two things that you you're a patriot if you're listening to this show and they're not only purging they're not just purging trumpsters. They're purging patriots. they're purging. Anyone that disagrees with the narrative. Let me give you an example. This happens to be. This is a wonderful example. All right perhaps you've seen this. It's on twitter. It's been posted by several people. They were there. The videos are there. They might be down in a few minutes after they hear this. But united airlines kicked every single passenger off the plane because they were singing the national anthem. And this comes right after. American airlines threatened to land the plane because people started to chant. Now you may wanna take the children in the other room. I yeah go ahead timmy. They started to chant usa usa. That's like sunlight to a vampire right there. God land the plane. There's patriots on board but wait there's another airline involved and you would think after the airlines had their had their financial but handed to them after the democrats and china crashed our economy. You would think they'd be a little more accepting of free speech but apparently everybody's in on it delta kicked two women off they were talking about trump. And you know because you listen to talk radio we can get a little excited talking about trump. We can get a little excited talking about america in the military and how awesome the rally was and that frightened people. I'm thinking probably some young. Liberal men were traumatized by two middle aged women and they were told to get off the plane. Yes because someone can planed and on the way off. This is what worried me. This is the only part of the story that i i'm really concerned with. On the way off someone said what happened. What are you getting kicked off for. And the one woman said through her mask because you know that's mandatory. She said free speech and then a whole bunch of obviously people that don't own a copy of the constitution said get off. Play off god off and i'm like. Wow wow so. This is how we learn who the patriots are. And who has a clue about what's going on. It's exactly what rush said yesterday. It is a purge. it's not just conservatives though you better make sure you stay on board. You better not show up on facebook with a alternative treatment for covid and you better not show up on youtube with a stop. The steel video. 'cause they're gonna get you. We'll be right back on the rush. Limbaugh show the numbers. Eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two. My name is ken matthews guest hosting for mr rush limbaugh on his birthday on the eib network you can wish rush a happy birthday at rush. Limbaugh dot com. I wanna follow up with a little more information on that american airline story. Apparently it was flight. Twelve forty two from washington. dc the phoenix. That's already a powder keg. You're going from washington dc to phoenix anyway. The pilot came on. We're hearing now from the daily mail that trump supporters who boarded the flight were seen on video chanting say say usa. The pilots spoke on the loudspeaker with a noticeably frustrated voice. I'm quoting now as he issued a stern warning to the rowdy passengers. And i've also heard that some were not wearing their mask so i think it's obvious we need to comply eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two but the captain by the way for people who fly and have like. I know there's a lot of pilots in this audience. You know the captain he runs. He runs the show and if he thinks for any reason that anything could be unsafe or distraction airy to to him or the crew he can actually legally put the plane dour every like so. I would keep that in mind. That's why dr most places now. Eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two. Let's go to gordon. stri is at strasburg colorado sir. That is correct sir. Welcome to the rush limbaugh show. Thank you got something for you to think about. Something for republicans and conservatives think about for one man it took almost all of congress it took almost all of media back lives matter antifa. It took judges. Hollywood election officials and maybe even more people across The world to get rid of one man. Think about what we would have if we had a hundred or a thousand of those type of people in office. Wow that was so well put gordon. You just got to tell you. This is what they are terrified about this why they cannot let him run again. This is why they want to impeach him with like forty seven hours left eight days left. They want to impeach him. They want him to resign. They want to charge him with the twenty fifth amendment violation. And they want to charge him with sedition. They do not want a repeat performance. The last thing they want is what gordon just said they don't want you and you and you and your neighbors going. You know trump really pulled back the veil. I need to get more involved. That's the last thing. Chuck schumer once is a bunch of people that actually have brains running in new york or this is the most terrifying thing this is. Why such a good mood because there's been an awakening. There's been an awakening. Look i said it before when the ac l. u. says. Oh you guys shouldn't have. You shouldn't have not trump off twitter. I don't know if you know the whole story. But first heap they. They limited his tweets from his co. account the real donald trump trump. And then they they. He said okay. I'll just go to the white house. One they got rid of that too and this is what is so frustrating. You want to know why people that support trump democrats. Libertarians left right black white. Whatever are so frustrated because it there is no debate. there is no listening. There's no interaction. There's up a mega hat on. You're coming in this store. That's why we're frustrated because we studied history we've seen how history works and all the things the democrats claim to embrace diversity. Freedom fair treatment equal rights. It goes out the window when you disagree with them when you disagree with them they just become cards in the deck to be played against you. That's it that's it because every lawyer in the world should be fighting for the truth to come out on everything over the last several months just like our congress and our senate should have done. That's why this is a remarkable indicator of where everybody stands. It's not so much that you know trump did or trump did that. It's don't you wanna know. I mean if i can just reach out to the pretend president joe biden for a moment. Don't you wanna see the real vote count so you could actually show it to your supporters or are we just going to have to keep this charade going so you can keep your people in line. Personally i liked the trump version of it. I like the trump. let's counted. Let's let everybody see we'll be right back so much more to cover on the rush limbaugh. Show my name's ken matthews. And the number is eight hundred two to twenty eight. Eighty two more of your calls coming up along with a soundbite as the demand telemedicine grows. So does the need for connectivity. Five g. meets that need qualcomm remains focused on giving doctors and patients superior rich five g. Connectivity learn more at qualcomm dot com slash invention age. Ever pull up to a red line. Just look around that man or woman sitting beside you. Who is that person. There's about five million people out on pardon and parole right now and what about the others. You've never been caught the bt killer. Dennis rader was a dog catcher. Married with three children weighing. Jc serial killer doubled as a clown at children's birthday parties. Ted bundy serial killer was a lost. Eat at that blended imperfectly. I'm nancy grace. Please join us for all new concept killers amongst us releasing weekly. As part of our crime stories with nancy grace podcast killers amongst us breaks down the most evil the mazda torius crimes and we deconstruct unsolved homicides and more join the investigation. Listen to crime stories with nancy. Grace on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. The buck sexton podcast. Freedom is our fight this year. You have a democrat party that increasingly just bears its authoritarian fangs without any sense whatsoever of fair play and good faith toward the other side because they haven't had it for years because defeating trump in their minds justified. Absolutely anything so buck sexton podcast. Get it for free. Daily on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you find your podcasts. Happy birthday to rush limbaugh. today is russia's birthday. The website is rush. Limbaugh dot com. And it's still up. Yeah now the chinese have not removed yet. It's exciting rush. Limbaugh dot com the maha-rushie just go and go to the messages to rush section. You see all those beautiful american patriots at send pictures and messages and you can put your birthday message in there as well. I know mr limbaugh will appreciate it. This is breaking news now as the democrats. Try to heal the country and move forward. This is breaking news. This is newsweek. Let me read it to you. House homeland security committee. Chair chairperson representative bennie thompson. Has said that. Senator ted cruz and josh hawley should be put on the no fly list. If they're found liable for inciting the riot at the capital that left five people. Dead thompson is a democrat representing mississippi. Second congressional district said that there would be no exception for elected officials who were found responsible for the deadly incident. Boy this guy staying to the narrative you could say what you want about democrats when you give them a script. They're like george clooney's man they just stick with it. He told the hosts that was interviewing him. There was no question about placing the capital writers on the domestic. No fly list though. There is some debate about how quickly this could be done. We're we're not even a week out yet and the prosecution have begun. I don't mean to laugh but it's kind of part of me is laughing because for years rush limbaugh and other conservative stars have said this. They've been plugged in for years. They said don't let bad people get too much power. Don't let nancy near that gavel. Chill hit you right in the face with it. It slipped out of her hand. And here. we are. Listen to this guy. This congressman thompson. You know what's scary. He is on the homeland security committee. How did that even happen. He's attacking his colleagues because they disagreed with him. And i've got proof in a second from another source. This is going to blow you away. This is what he said. First of all these folks in my opinion can be classified classified as domestic terrorist because of the actions. They participated in on wednesday now under normal circumstances. The congressman from mississippi goes on to say international. Terrorists are on no fly list. And then he just wouldn't stop. He got so excited about the script written for him by the democrat party in the news media he just i'm sure he wanted his close up. Don't all actors want that. I'm ready for my close up. These are domestic terrorist. He went on to say the same thing. A terrorist is a terrorist. No matter who you are so for you. People that know and support Senator josh hawley and senator ted cruz. I would be a little concern now but for you people that just live in america and don't even know these guys and i know this audience is extremely in touch with what's going on but do you realize which just happened. This is communism. You have disagreed with the rulers. You are now labeled terrorist by one of the largest institutions department of homeland security and the committee in congress. You could be put on the no fly zone. The no fly list. Excuse me yeah but it gets better because as you know you have to have republicans selling out. Republicans republicans go to the white house. Initially i'm sorry. The capital to fight for us figuratively speaking. I don't wanna trigger. Don lemon they go to fight for the right policies and the constitution but they always get sold out by their own people in fact. The hill says some republican colleagues are really not happy about holly and cruise though. Gop criticism of the pair tends to be softer than the barbs thrown at the president. See the president is such a wonderful target because he scares the hell out of everybody and most cowards want a pile on. that's what cowards. Do get them from the front. kick him from behind. he's down. he's got eight days left. Let's impeach him five times before the weekend and then charged him with treason. Yeah that's how. The democrat is healing. America with the help of some sell out. Republicans like senator mitt romney as the senate was evacuated earlier. According to the hill senator mitt. Romney was heard yelling. This is what you've got guys. This is what you've done. We don't know if he was crying or not. You did have a lovely sweater on though that guy can wear a sweater. Like nobody's business. Senator ben sasse of nebraska told npr. They're pretty reputable outfit. I mean they use our money. That hawley was doing something that was really dumb ass by challenging the electoral college votes. So there's your gop ladies and gentlemen. This is why the gop in my humble opinion is pretty much finished as it is today and we'll never be reincarnated in this fashion again. Because a colleague of senator. Ben sasse said to the national public radio interviewer. My colleague is really stupid because he's challenging. What he believes is stolen. Vote in his state. You see how it works. Oh but it gets better. Harvard just kicked off all the republicans off their advisory committee. Because that's really it. Look the last thing you want in a college is open minds. that's okay. We know that i went to college. That's the last thing you want. You don't want some professor that listens to all the evidence that's where the indoctrination comes to a fever pitch it starts in kindergarten. Yes timmy is a tree. That's dog you're a woman that's the moon and that car is a man. What so senator josh hawley and senator ten crews are scheduled to be put on the no fly list and this lady flies. First class scene that've been got northfleet gas. We're just stations and others you really. You know it's it's interesting. Say what you want about. Maxine waters but she. She is a wonderful dresser she is truly a fashion eastern. I will say that for a woman who's one hundred eighteen years old. She really dresses nicely. I wanna give her that. She also has a very calming presence as well. This was a rally. She was speaking at eighteen months after. Donald j trump took office and she was yelling at people that voted for him. That's why the threats were there on on the out. Undestanding that can protect the recap detecting sure. We we have to show you that cabinet and a restaurant ask you get out and create a crowd that you can't do that on a plane so i'm just warning you right now. Don't we learned the hard way. Don't even chant shut up. Put your mask on. But you think about that. There was a rabid hatred for donald j trump the minute he became a threat to the establishment. Some people call it the deep state. Some people call it the lying scumbags in washington whatever. He's a threat. He doesn't need your money he doesn't need your love and support. He doesn't need your approval that pretty much destroys both political parties. The news media and academia. There's a man who is so comfortable with himself and the love he has for this country. He doesn't care what you say about him. He doesn't he has a job to do and he's going to do it to give you an idea of that. Just go to the white house website and see what the trump administration has accomplished just in the last five days so why people are marching outside. His home chanting traitor. Treason sedition all this garbage and impeach him or as maxine would say it pays for it if he's getting stuff done so you gotta scratch your head and say tell me again why you want to get rid of that guy with you. Know the economy and the jobs in january of twenty twenty. You can easily check that with the immigration reform. The prison reform the foreign policy the two peace agreements in the middle east building up our military. Not getting us involved in a war or military action during his entire first term. I president to do that and almost fifty years making us energy independent. I mean i could see how if you're nancy pelosi. You can't stand this guy. But i also know why millions of us love him. By the way it's russia's birthday send a message online rush limbaugh dot com on matthew sitting in for rush more of your calls next. Can you play the the sound bite from the leader of the free world president donald j trump on the impeachment. It's really a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics. It's ridiculous it's absolutely ridiculous. This impeachment is causing tremendous anger at. You're doing it at. It's really a terrible thing that they're doing for nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to continue on this path. I think it's causing tremendous danger to our country and it's causing tremendous anger. I want no violence. You know what's interesting about that if you go back to. When covid jumped from china over to this side of the pond if you remember as president trump and his cabinet set up to take this on you know what the democrats were doing that. That was the other fake impeachment. That was the other impeachment so it you have to admit again the democrats kind of have a good thing going here. The house actually impeached president. Donald j trump earlier this year while they should have been helping out with covid. They did that based on something that the pretend elect joe biden. Did it's on tape. And now when they should be healing. The country joe biden is continuing the narrative that president trump is. I wonder if he's going to put on the no fly zone. They may not even let them fly in his own plane. Think about that. So these are two moments in history. Where when you ask the honest question. What have my democrat. Representatives and senators done for me. Well they try to impeach trump twice. They're trying to get him to resign. They lied about the twenty fifth amendment. And they're calling him a terrorist and traitor. I mean isn't that what you sent your representatives and senators to washington four to continue to ride this guy right till next week. It is absurd when you think about it. Somebody used the comment. Poor winners or sore winners. It's not so much the sore winner thing. It's just no matter what you do. It's not enough for the left. They want power president. Donald trump threatens to break up the power and put more of it in the hands of the american people. And they're ticked about it. And i want to say one more thing we do salute and we do love and respect just so you know the national guardsmen and the military many times. They're used as chess pieces in big political games by stupid mayors or lunatic politicians. There's going to be between ten and fifteen sales in national guardsmen. At the capitol. I would love to take a survey and we can't do this. And i'm not i'm not going to washington for that but i'm just saying i would love to just go around and ask them. You know off record. So what do you think about your new commander in chief. How about that. Joe biden one thing about all the soldiers now surrounding all the buildings and they put up seven foot fences around all all the monuments and buildings that we pay for in a regular basis. It does have a very communistic look. Does not vary socialistic. Very communist i mean. Aoc has got to be thrilled. Think about it. Ilhan omar oh she must be ecstatic that they can keep us quiet and they can just say terrorist. Let's go to karl in columbus ohio. Hi carl you're on the rush limbaugh. Show you know when. Nancy pelosi rips up the state of the union speech further president last year. She should be charged for sedition. That's not forming a more perfect union as hamble states did it in front of people. Millions of americans tax payers. She should be charged with sedition and any judge that doesn't put that under the article eighteen. You know they should do that. Why can't she be removed homing. That's a great point. I have no answer for that. That's exactly what i thought. I think that the democrats constantly not only behave worse. Then they accuse our president of behaving. But sometimes i see laws being broken and constitutionality being abused the problem is i hate to keep using this carl. But if the news media doesn't have the guts to question it or report on it there's millions of people that don't hear about it and that therein lies our frustration today because as we were discussing earlier in the show conservatives and trump fans when you give us lemons we make lemonade. When you call us deplorables we set up a website and sell hats. That say i'm proud to be a deplorable. And when you say we're never gonna cover you fairly on cnn for the rest of your life. We say okay. I'll go over to one american news network then bye-bye but now they're shutting everything down now that's illegal eight hundred two way to twenty eight. Eighty two speaking of rush. I wanna revisit something. He just said yesterday. Because i don't know if the average person like your neighbor that is busy and their unplugged. I don't know if they understand the scope of what's happening in this country just in less than a week ahead crash. Have you noticed. Ladies and gentlemen a bunch of corporate people. Ceo's vice ceo's cfo's cm's icbm's any number of corporate people are now expressing regret for having voted for trump. I know of one personally saw it happened. This is exactly what happens in communist countries. Everybody that did business with the disgraced individual in this case trump. Anybody who voted for him anybody who supported him anybody who helped him anybody who promoted him anybody who did anything positive. Must denounce them must do it. Publicly must apologize publicly. Apologize for ever having voted for the guy for having been fooled. If you don't you could be ruined and these people in corporate america who did support trump. And they're a lot of them. They need the democrats and leave them alone and the only chance they have is by begging forgiveness. Here's another headline marriott. Bluecross blueshield and commerce bank suspend donations to lawmakers who objected to certify the electoral college vote so marriott hotels Bluecross blueshield commerce. Bank have been told that if they want to remain most favored nation status among the democrat. Party they are going to suspend donations to any republicans who objected to certify the electoral college. Vote back on january six. This is how it works. This is talent carrying one party rule. This is how it works in communist china. It's how it worked in the old soviet union and this is what the democrat party is becoming or has become for a long time in our country and that is a wonderful argument for so many different things as is the case. When mr limbaugh makes the complicated understandable what that also points out is this now you know how much power we allowed our government to take that they can make a phone call to one of us that they can call their citizens their bosses see. It's backwards now. Donald j trump is has been and will continue to turn this around. He's changing the power dynamic. He's changed the dynamic with our enemies with our allies. He's improved the dynamic in this country. The man that they called a racist from the time he came down the elevator because in a wikileaks email the strategist for hillary thought that would be the best way to slow him down in the polls the quote went something like this. You can look for it yourself unless they've taken wikileaks offline but don't worry there's enough. There's enough hard drivers that have it. The quote went something. Like if i remember correctly and podesta was involved in there. Were several other advisers. It was the fall of two thousand. Fifteen trump was starting to get some traction his message instantly resonated with millions of americans including me. I remember being laughed at. I remember people calling my show in pennsylvania saying can't can't can't come on man are you telling me that trump is going to be crews and jeb bush and i remember saying one i don't know if jeb bush could get elected to the city council you see here's why because the uk or england the people that we broke away from. That's their thing we're going to have one or two families and they're going to rule forever and then when we go to court were all wearing wigs. That's their thing that's not our thing. I could barely stomach the second bush. You wanna sell me a third butch you got three hundred and thirty million people in the united states in the best you could do is i think we should endorse jeb bush. You're crazy you see. This is the awakening. i'm talking about. This is that awakening. We've allowed people that work for us. We are citizens in a constitutional republic. We've allowed them to assume the role of rulers. So when senator dum dum and congressman idiot calls commerce bank. Well you better do this instead of saying what they should say up yours. You'll never get a donation for me for the rest of your life. They say okay. I don't want to be attacked on twitter. That's another reason. My grandfather spinning in his grave. World war to combat. Vet and. My uncle larry korean war combat vet their spinning in their grave. All you have to do is threatened and the sad thing about it is some of these. Ceos are loaded. I mean they're loaded. you know what. Ceo's make and. I'm not complaining about the size of the salary. But i'm saying if i was making eighty million bucks. Let's say twenty million bucks as a ceo and some punk congressman called me and said you better back off trump. that conversation would just end terribly. I would use my platform to politically target. That person. it's the reverse now. We the people three hundred and thirty million of us are leading people that are think they're royal rulers target us. You better not get on that side of that issue. What do i mean by that. Well someone who. I have grown to admire since she was elected and i have sound bite here is congresswoman tulsi gabbard and just went since she ran. I would watch the debates to prepare for shows and i constantly would walk away saying like many of us. Oh my god. These democrats are lunatics. Except that tulsi. She seems to be making sense and she can surf. She recently told joe rogan. Exactly what happened to her when she first got to congress. This is what we need to stop. What happened to her. So what we're gonna do. Because i don't want to go off the time here crash. What we do is if we could play this after this commercial break. And but i want people to hear and i think he's being very honest. She's a veteran. i think she's very analytical. I'm just saying that there are good people on the other side. In addition to that when we talk about the left or the democrats please understand. We're not talking about the millions of voters in workers and people that loved their families and our neighbors were talking about the leader's that have stolen so much power that we're afraid of them. Were afraid we'd better get him off the committee we better. We better remove that republican guy. Oh my god. That guy's got a trump sticker on his car. Oh no oh no there goes the meeting. Are you serious. This is america. Ken matthews on the rush limbaugh show. We'll be right back. Happy birthday to rush limbaugh. Today is russia's birthday. And i have the pleasure and honour of guest hosting again for mr limbaugh today and i'm thrilled to be talking to not only the largest but the greatest audience and radio. This is truly exciting. And if you wanna wish happy birthday to rush rush limbaugh dot com. You can go to the messages and get online there rush. Limbaugh dot com my name. Is ken matthews tulsi. Gabbard was recently interviewed. And this is what she said. The first day she got into congress. This is what she said that happened. In the reason. I'm sharing it is when you look at the dynamic of party politics. What the democrats did to bernie twice what they did to tolsey. And what the republicans did the trump and anybody else who exposes that. They prefer to put us before the party or they prefer to put america first. You slowly come to the realization that both parties are the same. It's it's a. It's a fight for power and when you stick up your head. It's like a nail. And when you say to a nancy. Pelosi or to mitch mcconnell. Well wait a second. I thought that the constitution says this and we're supposed to do that. What do they say they say. What honest people hate hearing all of their life. And i know you can relate to this. Don't you hate it when someone says. Yeah but that's not how we do it but but what about. Don't you want to do it the right way and follow the the. That isn't how it's done. You better get in line or you're not going to be part of our club. The generally this has been one of the most frustrating things that i've seen and experienced throughout my over six years in congress that really started When i first went up after i got elected. We're after every election happens in new members of congress they go and they have what's called new member orientation and they give you these books. And here's the maps and here's where your offices and you know all the all the administrative and logistical stuff. But very quickly. I would say within the first few days You know where we i come. Together as. democrats and republicans immediately. Kate democrats go this way. Republicans go this way immediately separated and what we're told right off the bat is look this is about Getting wins for political party. And if you work with the republican that's going to hurt the party especially if you work with the republican that the democratic party is trying to take out. Forget the substance of the idea. Forget the substance of the bill and this happens on the opposite. Side is while republicans with democrats. Both both political parties are our Guilty of this where they're really putting the interests of the political party ahead of the people who voted for us to go and serve them and isn't that a breath of fresh air. That's the truth. That is the truth and the next phase. Is you go and meet with your party. And then your party bosses. Because that's what it is in many cases party bosses not in all but in many cases it's this whole organization is designed to generate revenue for certain people. Just not you which is not and this is what president donald j trump exposed and what he stumbled on and the more president donald trump. I was talking with a friend yesterday and we were. We were laughing hysterically because we were using all these different things. We are remembering all the things that donald trump exposed and and areas of our government that he walked into like a new boss would walk into. May maybe you're in a bad situation. And you finally get a boss in your totally stokes an stoked and and you give the boss tour so there's president donald j trump who's never been government before pretty successful guy understands the greatness of america the love of family god the military gets it all and he says well. Give me a tour so serious. He's going room to room every door. He opens his. What the heck's going on here. Oh this is the copy room. Why are there four hundred copiers two pieces of paper. What what is happening. See once he started to learn and this is only an. This is only an example. So please don't don't sumi once. He learned that there's four hundred copies there because there's a copier lobbyist. That's the brother of the senator. That knows the woman that works at the place where they get inc. And that's why but it's not efficient and it's ripping off the american people. He went every single department. The va the military. The epa the irs and every single dishonest person making a killing off the backs of the american people. They can't stand him and every hardworking person. They like them they do. That's the myth. The myth is that all of washington all of government. All no no. It's not like that at all people who roll up their sleeves and work hard. They like president trump. They want the light to be shown on the dark. They want that we all do. Most americans do. Most americans want the truth and they want another word that the left his hijacked justice so he comes in and holds everybody accountable the same way tulsi gabbard said and then the next phase. Is you go to your party. And they say here's how it works. You always vote with the leader. You always vote with the speaker. If you disagree with the leader of the speaker you'll never get out of decent committee if you're never on a decent committee you'll never raise enough money and if push comes to shove you know like if there's a protest or something that goes sideways will all get on twitter and call you a seditionists got it. I'm ken matthews in for rush limbaugh. We'll be right back okay. I just checked. I'm still on twitter. Which is kind of interesting You can follow me at ken matthews. My website has not been banned yet. Use media dot com. I'm off of linked in. Obviously we're all off of polar and i'm frozen on pace facebook. I'm frozen on facebook. For i think a couple more weeks. I think i said something. Like oh my god. It was terrifying. I said we need to investigate. What could be a stolen election and you can imagine the the response from the script writers. Well well well well well in fact coming up next hour i'm gonna i what i did is i just went on facebook and i had someone else. Get the sound bites for me. Because i can't access my account right now because i'm a trump supporter and i really love american. I'm patriot but i found some leftist. Some of the things they are allowed to say on facebook is amazing by the way. Twitter has purged close to eighty thousand accounts since friday. So it's official. Communism has arrived. Well happy birthday to rush limbaugh. It's russia's birthday and i'm thrilled to be here with you. This is the rush limbaugh. Show eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two. If you're just tuning in russia explain this last week from time to time. He needs a day with treatment. So don't freak out remember. He said that so. He's looking forward to getting back as soon as possible but it is his birthday and you could send a message rush. Limbaugh dot com just as a message area and the in the corner by all those great pitchers patriots that they send in. Check it all out. It's also a great store there so we're kind of we've passed another benchmark here in america. We sometimes people will call us the sleeping giant but but we wouldn't get awake enough and there's a difference between being awake and being woke. There's a big big difference there now. Some people may have been woke or as i like to call propagandize but i think for the first time. Probably i'm gonna go out on a limb here. I'm going to say i don't think we've been this awake and attuned to the government dynamic for a couple of hundred years. That's just based on my limited reading of history. I'm a student of history that's it. I cannot remember a time where so many citizens of see eye to eye. That's another myth. That i get tired of hearing. I get tired of that myth that our country is divided. We need a leader. That will heal us. I get so tired of that. Our country is not divided. The narrative is that our country is divided and that we can never come together unless somebody else does it for us. I like to call this. The fog of cyber warfare. The fog of disinformation the propaganda juggernaut. That's what we're in. This country has continually grown in diversity and success and love and welcoming people. I know that the major news networks when you have a narrative and you're working off an actor script you're not allowed to use fact but when you go decade to decade to decade as of about eleven months ago things were incredible in this country and our rulers were disgusted because many of them had nothing to do with it. They didn't have anything to do with donald. Trump's incredible list of promises made and promises kept so the democrat party which based the democrat platform in two thousand sixteen was trump's a big fat many and he's orange and he's racist and sexist and i can't believe he puts catch up on steak and that's what they ran on and then president trump got in and just rocked it and you know we did. You know he did. I mean you could. You could look to the damage that the governor's did with covert and the power. They were able to control and the way they were able to scare your grandmother and your four year old with the same comment you got to admit the democrats. Aren't that great communicators. Because ideologies for the most part are weak but when they wanna scare the hell they can do it and they've done it but just remember. Our country is not divided our government is and it should be. our government should be divided. There should be constant debate. The debate should be simple. What's best for the american people. That should be the ongoing debate every day. If you're working for me as a senator. That's hard to grasp for senator schumer. It's a foreign concept to maxine waters. But you work for us in every day. You should be arguing. no. I think this would be better know. That would be better. Well what about this. What about that but you stopped doing that. What couple hundred years ago. I don't mean to call out. maxine waters age either. And what are you doing now. What does this policy mean for me. If i sign on if i sign off on this voting machine dominion what will my back end. Take the if. I sign off on this military weapons platform. What kind of money can i get from the defense contractor. See you went. You went off the rails and this is the great awakening in america. Many of us already knew this but now everybody does because we saw you. We saw you on january. Sixth saying the most stupid things saying ridiculous. Things like madam speaker. Why would anybody challenge this election. Because seven states sent dueling electors. You mine is will have said and this is mostly to the rhinos. Because you're nothing to me your sell. Sellouts you minus will have said madam speaker. Why do we have to keep following this constitution. I haven't done it for years. And i've been making all kinds of money and now because there's a crisis to the republic. We all have to follow rules. Why i'm not gonna do it. And they didn't and they didn't and one more thing. Our government isn't broken. Our constitution is a work of art. There are people across this globe that dream of having that level of protection from their government. That's with the constitution is for the constitution was not made to defend mitch mcconnell. So you can't see his investments and the relationship. He has with businesses it. It was made to protect us from bad decisions. That the senate or the congress might make so our government isn't broken our constitution. It's not perfect but by god it's the best thing on the planet. I know people that cry when we talk about the constitution. Not like don lemon crying but they tear up. Not like chris cuomo crying but you get gist seriously. The people that are supposed to run our government. The people that we voted. And we said. I'm putting all my faith and trust in you. Please go to the dark. Swampy place where everybody's rich in pompous and they have no idea what a hard day's work is like. Please tell our story. And mr trump did and that's why they're so ticked off so remember when people say our government is broken. We need to get rid of the electoral college. We did rid of the constitution and we need to get rid of that stupid flag. They're idiots the people that are in. Our government are broken and we have to stop sending broken people to incredible system. We're sending broken people into a system. That's run on honesty where they swearing on a bible or koran but many of them don't even believe what they're doing so we're putting we have this high octane race car and we're putting drunk drivers at the wheel and this is not a joke about ted kennedy. Because everybody knows he was a great driver. We're putting drunk drivers at the wheel and they've never even driven that model and then when they crash. What do we say up time for another car. This is a terrible car. Whose idea was with this car together. The founding fathers and most of america are tired with people mocking the father the founding fathers mocking the flag pointing to the constitution and say see. If we were like cuba. This would have never happened. That's a reference to michael moore by the way he's coming in a sound bite so remember that when someone says oh my god. We're so divided. That's to keep you thinking that. I don't like you or you don't like the woman at starbucks or the guy that's fixing the road they need to keep you believing. Oh it's so horrible world divided. We're not when you put us into a room. among ourselves. we do find. Americans do fine among themselves because of core american values. Then you put someone the room you put someone in the room and they say hey what. What are you doing over there. You're not supposed to be no no. You're black you're supposed be over there. can you're a conservative. Stop getting along with those liberal guys. Stop it get away get away. That's how rulers rule and now we're awake now. We're awake and with that. I will now handed over to michael moore with a lovely effort to heal america and action law enforcement knows that there's more violence ahead they know it right now. Trump and his inner circle his crime family have called for this uprising and they are pleased with what they've seen and they know what's going on unless these white terrorists are arrested. Now en masse there will be people killed between now and election. I'm sorry between now and inauguration day. I can't stress this enough way too. Many police excuse me michael. I think you're overreacting bro. Yeah you're overreacting. Bring it back to take it down. A notch are sympathetic to their white terrorist brethren. They will stand down again just like they did on wednesday and allow the violence to continue. Keep hoping in the back of my mind chew. The music doesn't really can pray. It isn't to happen. We have to treat the seriously. They've already issued the threat just like they did to the weeks leading up to wednesday. We have to treat it seriously demand action. The terrorists saw on wednesday that they could get away with us. They are empowered. They are excited. They believe this is their moment. My friends we are all. Thank you. Michael moore ladies and gentlemen. I'm ken matthews in for rush limbaugh. We'll be right back. Always good to be here with you. Today is a special day because it's Rush limbaugh birthday is kind of exciting because normally as you know rush kind of downplays it and we can really you know we could really go over the top with it and send them all these messages and i can say happy birthday to rush like every other segment and stuff like that so you can go to rush limbaugh dot com january twelve twenty twenty one. Where has the time gone. I'm matthews in for rush. Let's go back to the phones. J. in gainesville georgia jay. You're on the rush limbaugh show. Hey thanks for taking my call Happy birthday to big daddy rush and My question is i listen to ericsson show and he was saying that the republican turnout for the runoff was down thirty percent from the presidential election and that people are signing that they don't believe their votes count that it stolen then it's pointless and so they don't want to vote and then you go and protest peacefully and a couple of knuckleheads you know show out and then all of a sudden everybody's riders and even if nothing happened they still would have been painted as a racist and xenophobic. And all these things and so if you can't vote and if you can't protest what options are we left with You know that is. That's a great question. you're intimidated. And this is a few times during this broadcast. And be honest with you buddy. I'm just not seeing it with. We're hopeful and trump and everybody's kind of let him down and that's kind of the hope on a lot of us so well thunder with understand and that is a great question to attempt to kind of flesh out somewhat of an answer. It won't be as good as a rush limbaugh here but i'm gonna try to fledged it out. Keep in mind that every day of every week of every month of every year the mass media. we're like piranhas on president trump and the media also for the first time that i remember attacked people that supported trump by the second era president. donald trump's first term. What were they saying. Were saying that. Karl georgia and cannon pennsylvania. Or i'm sorry jay in georgia they were saying we are just as bad as trump. We must be sexist. We must be this. I mean i had never seen anything like it. It seemed like the better the job. President trump did and the worst the worst consultants look like some of you may or may not know that political. Strategist rick wilson. He's like wrong every hour but most of them are. Most strategists are wrong. Most consultants are wrong and the funny thing is if the news anchors would just take a breath for example. What you asked about georgia. I don't have an for georgia. Because i thought in georgia they would have stopped the run off until they fix the machines but instead and i don't know how this got through this i know how it got through the system. Sixty judges would not hear evidence. That's how it gets through the system. The supreme court wouldn't even help direct anything where it needed to be directed. That's how it got there. But the fact that many of us believe the election was stolen on the third and then the same process was used to put two more democrats senators in. I understand. that's like a punch in the gut. But i try to look at the glass half full and i think that the democrats have so overextended themselves in every chance they have to say see. We were right. See we did win instead of saying that they say prosecute them arrest them. Put them on the no fly list impeach him charged that guy for treason. Make sure you don't donate to that guy. Don't do business with that woman. So this is the awakening. I'm talking about. I think over the next week or two by the time. The twentieth rules rolls around. There are gonna be just as many democrats as there are. Republicans saying what just happened. Was that legit. And that is the panic because everybody believes that no evidence has getting out but president trump is a fighter and he'll get on a ham radio if he has to. And then you won't be able to buy a ham radio i now they'll call up. Call a major department store and say yeah remember what. They remember what the left does every time. Something goes sideways with any product. You know well. We don't want people having spray pairing. We don't want people having those polls we don't want people having umbrellas and that's how they do it because there's never any reasoning or rationale so the answer is what i always say you stay engaged. Stay positive stay energized. You've got to stay positive. I know it is difficult to stay positive. That is by design. The bad people always need to feel bad. We'll be right back del. Forget it rush. post birthday. send him a message. If you'd like it rush limbaugh dot com. This is the rush. Limbaugh show on the eib network. And of course. I forgot to get him a gift. So holy moly so i'm going to be scrambling that's a great question. What do you get rush. Limbaugh birthday you know. Maybe i'll just go on the message word. Yeah why don't you know never mind. I can't i can't see see. I get both sturdily. These t shirts for gifts because they thought their lovely gifts and when you're dealing with people like bose independently wealthy. What are you get him. But he got so i. I got the latest shirt. I got him. It says stay weird. And apparently he's upset over it. I'm not gonna get russia. Stay weird shirt you know. Maybe i'll get a coffee cup. Eight hundred two eighty to twenty eight eighty two. Let's go to dave in bucks harbor maine. Welcome day to the rush limbaugh show. I can't thanks for taking my call. A What i what to talk to voters like the level of outrage for different things. We seem to be in an era where it's it's all or nothing. I was raised by world war to combat vets to that fought against the real nazis. And they taught us. You know something can be good and bad. And i'm just thinking when you know we had this business that went down at the capitol and not to make light of any of it. But what if you were a black store. Owner in minneapolis No one of these places back in the summer there and yet business that you put thirty five years blood and sweat into was fancy ground and who i watch. Who's saying anything about it now. What are those poor people doing. And you know It was bad what was done there but it just seems like the level of outrageous You know it's like if we get a bushel a clams and there's a couple of broke in it you don't throw the whole bush. Oh is nowadays. If you say the president you know you kinda like the guy was wearing your elevated to level of joseph mangla or something. I mean that. Make any sense at all. No you bring up. You bring you bring up great points. The democrats like people in the media are well first of all. I think there's so many drama queens on the left and and that's a real big issue for example what you said. It's such a great comparison because sadly twenty five people died in the blm antifa or as a friend of mine says the blantyre far twenty five people died in those riots in quote peaceful protest. Thousands were injured over one hundred. Police injured police also died in that but more so blm. Riots were the costliest manmade disaster to the insurance industry while ever ever well over a billion dollars. Well that's it and i. I know people that went to this thing washington and all that was with them as you know they was concerned. They heard that people voted. And and well. I know people right here that they went to vote said no. You've already voted by mail. Lot noise and and you know so there is there was definitely some legitimate stop so they went down they listen to the president and the only thing you know that they was incited to do was was Join hands and pray and sing the national anthem. They didn't so much as drop gum wrapper on the ground and there was hundreds of thousands of like that and there was thousand idiots or whatever that it but they did. But you know you don't put everybody you know blackball everybody now see you. You have the discernment that we talked about earlier in the show. And i thank you for calling dave you have the discernment you can watch the facts and you could see things unfold and you can make your decision. The problem with our news media and the left you will never be allowed to see all the videos of that event. You just will not you will not. It's the same way you're not allowed to see the threshold on a cova test. You're not allowed to see documents involving joe biden. You just are not allowed to and the so the people that stress look let people make up their own mind. I just vote on the science. I just vote on the facts. They will not let you make up your own mind because if it doesn't go their way they're in trouble so they'll hold back the facts and they'll manipulate the science. The sixth of january was an opportunity to ramp everything up and create as another friend of mine says who's a veteran the fog of war. I call it the fog of cyber war the fog of media war and of course if you say war ii just triggered someone. Someone just had to go to. Hr go home now. As i said war but this is what it is we have been at some level of war from the people that hate the fact that donald trump doesn't want to give it up to china. He doesn't want a porous border. He doesn't want to be in debt. He doesn't want more war in the middle east. that's why he did two peace agreements and those people sadly well you you heard with the cut. I play from us earlier. They own giant businesses. they own banks. They want things done the way they want done. The awakening. that's beginning in the weakening that you and i need to embrace is. I don't care what you want done. Just because you're rich or you this that or the other thing you need to go through the proper channels those channels. Are we the people. So every time you hear mitch mcconnell or a chuck schumer say while. How would lowered her. You're right it isn't that's why you're going to be voted out quickly. That's why there's a recall petition. In california there's a petition to start impeachment hearings against our governor in pennsylvania governor wolf. I don't know what the what the count is. Last time i saw it. It was like sixty eight thousand. It might be more now so if you are looking for a peaceful project that is a great one. That's a great one. Now the media may not cover it. But that's okay. Because that's something i always. I always talk about this with bo. That people can think for themselves. Find your own sources. You know where to come to make sure you're on the right track with what's happening. That's why there's any ivy network understand that this is why talk radio has always been under attack because talk. Radio is one of the few places where you can communicate back and forth with the host and the host job was not to push in agenda and that's one of the reasons you know. Look at look at the way people have gone after rush for years. Anybody that shines on the darkness. The response is hey well well. What are you. Turn that off. But that's not how it works in america. that's how it works in the former soviet union. That's how it works there and that's definitely how it works in china and the thing. That's so scary. I think there are people that are criminals still on social media platforms but because they support biden. You know there's people that are not good people or as george bush would say bad hombres. They didn't get banned. You just heard. What michael moore said that to me was as close to inciting something as you can get if you go on the social media platforms. Now you're going to hear and see because it doesn't get banned if it's coming from the left you're going to hear and see people talking about you or me being hanged. Donald trump being exiled from america for ever. Don't let it depress. You understand the dynamic of where we are think about how afraid of one man and one group of supporters. You have to be if you're a sitting. Us senator in the man's party and he's got eight days left and you're still pushing impeachment or resignation or something. What are you afraid of. I'm going to argue that they're afraid. Donald trump is not going to go away. And i pray to god. That's the case. I pray that president donald j trump does from this point on. I hope he continues to help. Make america great again somewhere somehow some way because i stand with him. This is the rush limbaugh show. We'll be right back. Eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two and I got something else for my your here. Another member of the team that didn't want to be quoted but they said there's now three branches of government facebook amazon in twitter. Yes naked all fight over who the executive branches. Let's go to houston texas. This is vanessa. Vanessa you're on the rush limbaugh show. Hi ken thank you for having me on the show and happy birthday to rush. What's on your mind. Well i was in dc on the six and it was a huge setup and the media of course fake news. They're not reporting what happened accurately at all and so i want to shed light on it. I can't post anywhere. 'cause i've been banned on twitter and facebook and tiktok took down on my videos but It was a beautiful thing. There were grandparents their children in strollers and it was a beautiful thing. It was peaceful and everybody was very pro american and when trump took the stage and he came on pretty late he was supposed to be on at eleven I was tired of standing. There didn't standing there since seven. I started walking towards the capital when trump started. But before. I got there. They'd already opened the door. And let about one hundred people in and then they shut the doors. And then they put the barricade around and these people some of them were might have been trump supporters. But some of them were dressed like trump supporters. But we had heard that they were going to be people we were we were told. Antifa was going to dress like trump supporters. I don't know if they were teeth. I do know on the fifth. Three buses came in three travel. Buses escorted by police police escorts. They were not trump supporters. I i was in. I don't know who they were. Not trump supporters three busloads the night before anyway so let in about one hundred fifty people. They shut the doors. They lock the doors. If at the barricades around when the speech is over and all the patriots trump supporters started coming up to the Capital they were shouting usa and stop the steel and enchanting. But nobody was violent. I in fact. I was the very first one at the barricade at the they called the bike rack. And there were a line of police In rye full right year with gas mask on goggles and helmets and they were standing there. And between them i could see. The captain had a captain's hat on and i was. I called them over here from here because they were shooting. At a with tear-gas russia bullets These these rubber balls that explodes. Make a lotta i. We thought firecracker so we were cheering them on. But i'm like site. Sorry that's a typical patriot. That's a typical patriot. Response you hear gunfire and you go. Oh my god fireworks -actly and we're all being very patriotic. And you know we were there because we wanted the bucks to be challenged. We wanted to give support to the people that were challenging the illegal votes because we wanted the constitution to to go the way it was meant to go and The votes to go you know legally and and if there was any question to be examined so that's why we were there. We weren't there to cause problems and we're there to get our voices heard because you know we went to vote and our voices were hard work. Boats weren't heard. We are cases of bought the courts all over the world. I mean all over the united states and the courts turned all down evidence so we weren't heard there so we were hoping that congress would hear us and we were there. And i talked to the captain said. Hey what if you keep shooting with the rubber bullets. You're going to enrage some people and you and this might become not peaceful. I said these people support law enforcement. They're flying flags been blue. Line flags you know they. They support the police. And we're not going to attack the police and everything's cool. Well when they got done with the photo ops inside the building. I'm assuming because after the hundred and fifty people in the building did whatever they did and they let him out the cops open the doors and let them out. Then they lifted up the bike barricades and removed the barricades and let all the trump supporters close to the building. At that point the people started climbing the walls to the first level of the the patio and they're climbing the walls and waving their flags we're here and but nobody was breaking any glass. They weren't break. Roy building kinda celebrating that our voices are being heard. We're being heard. Yea wave our flags building. What is what's your main takeaway from this that you think the media hasn't shared with us well then after. The police walked away and left. A group of people started bashing the windows and the doors to get an and breaking the glass and the trump supporter yelling. Stop antifa up like once again. I don't know if it was antifa. But they thought they were so they're saying stopping people stop and a couple of trump's supporters tackled him to the ground and tried to keep them from breaking the glass and all the glass breaking all that all the fighting with the cops that you see on the news everywhere. That happened after everything. Yeah fide. we're we're before trump was even done speaking all the pictures from inside the capitol. I'm so glad you called. And and i'm thrilled. That you called vanessa and you you are the reason and people like you and us. This is why were being censored. Because you just heard a part of the truth from vanessa. and now they're even scrubbing videos. I saw seventeen videos of this event from a variety of angles and the story. You're getting from the media is bogus and if you ask them to prove it they're just going to call you a conspiracy theorists. That's been the pattern for quite a few. We'll be right back. Thanks so much for tuning in today to the rush limbaugh show. Don't forget to leave rush. A birthday message at rush. Limbaugh dot com. I'm ken matthews. God bless you. And god bless america. The buck sexton podcast. Freedom is our fight this year. You have a democrat party that increasingly just bears its authoritarian fangs without any sense whatsoever of fair play and good faith toward the other side because they haven't had it for years because trump in their minds justified. Absolutely anything so buck sexton podcast. Get it for free. Daily on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you find your podcasts. Hi guys nancy grace here. You know it's so easy to think nothing bad will ever happen to me or my family. But that's not true. It happens every day again. I mean say grace host of crime stories with nancy grace and dedicated everyday my life to stopping crime and helping crime victims. Please join us. Take a listen to crime stories with nancy. Grace on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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