Explosive New Details About The Deep State Coverup (Ep 1093)


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Well let's do the setup I folks as I told You my new book exonerated one of the Central Pivot Point so the book that allows it to take on this spy novel narrative and thank you for making repeated two week bestseller in the New York Times va because Christopher Steele a former British intelligence officer who had worked with on the Russia desk put his name on it in the Book I explained one of the central portion of the book that matters the Pivot Point is that ladies and gentlemen the dossier that they used to spy on trump you know is the steel formation in there is clearly from Glenn Simpson portions of it as his wife Glenn Simpson that is Mary Jacoby stated on a facebook post back paid for by Hillary Clinton that part makes sense yeah he's a he's now Apache more or less yeah yeah yes yes armacost the verdict is in Armacost is correct yeah that is rice they need everybody if you keep that one piece of information in mind throughout this whole show Asia and slapped his name on it to make it seem like a former Intel officer and information about trump ooh not a reporter now a political opposition everybody's afraid that Christopher Steele not gonna stay strong now the distancing Komi clapper stroke page Baker Everyone Rosenstein if it comes out that this was Simpson's okay because people are afraid that have steel sales and says hey this wasn't my info they were just using me this was paid political research is really GonNa Bake your bagels listen to this cut listen to how it ends when we come back I'll explain to you why this is relevant again to why everybody needs St you that ladies and gentlemen it is not the steele dossier stay with me this is critical that it is these simpson steele dossier in other words the the show is GonNa blow your mind because nothing will make sense if you don't understand that everybody involved in the framing and the setup of Donald Trump and his team everyone needs everybody needs to stay strong if still word say come out Joe and say hey you know Russia Russia Russia tried to interfere in the election so fascinated Brennan and call me would be emailing each other nick got it giving you a little pause digest that let's start with some videos here's a little bit of the setup remember every panicking I believe that's why Gowdy who's never lied to US I may not agree with everything gowdy says the county's never spun in paid Glenn Simpson who was a reporter now working as an OPPO researcher they can't very well have the public believing Hillary Clinton paid for information to go to the she deleted later where she attributes the take down the trump to her husband not to Christopher Steele she's upset steals getting credit for the dossier she then deletes that on the Sean Hannity show on Fox and he says listen I've seen some stuff here and there's a critical piece of information that when you see it is may have had something to do with the dossier and by default steel in other words their conclusion that Russia did it may have been me which is what has Johnny Ratcliffe so exercised and they made no effort to corroborate the dossier until after it had been used in the application and a renewal yeah this whole case falls apart they beat Hillary Clinton bought the justice system and anybody could do the same thing I don information he knew was political not really from steele so let's set up with some video of Johnny and I we're going to some of that's really not mine oh that's really paid political research aw oh all that's going to create a problem tween Komi and Brennan about their conclusions they drew in the intelligence community that Russia Russia did it you think joe everybody needs Christopher Steele to say this was his work product folks ever dossier to be a work product of Christopher Steele Not Hillary Clinton's paid political hack it got it right it down keep that in your head everyone visor Corp and hijacked and bought the justice system so what did they do they went out and found Christopher steele a former British intel officer with some bona fide he's and no effort it's not that they failed they made no effort to last question so whoever's investigating this tell him to look for emails between Brennan and Komi in December blew up our election process I'm telling you that intelligence community assessment probably relied on components of a dossier that wheels gowdy clearly is seen something in those emails that indicates that there's a panic breaking out in these December emails that we may soon see don't follow me we're going to be a complicated but whether it's going to be the best buy store you ever okay they needed steals name on the dossier why because Hillary Clinton people started to figure out was fake and always probably at the FBI starting to figure out that the information he got from Brennan that he didn't believe was that's gonNa leave people like Johnny Brennan Johnny boombats in a real box guy supposed to be a CIA intelligence chief the super sleuth and he feel was probably from steel and he's panicking Oh yes sir put together for you don't you worry at all correct information corroborating steel simpson dossier comas realize the information he's getting Brennan from Brennan now what's happening or in a shed a new light on everything that's going on this is where Brennan his asked specifically by Chuck Todd about the the FBI is role in the dossier and watch Brennan throw the FBI. This snake sleazeball onto the bus knowing Brennan started this whole thing now notice how Brennan knowing he's Caught Watch this all older older interview with Chuck Todd of Meet the press you play this before but now remember background before I get to this next cut you know what let me play the next cut it'll make more sense deep in steals information Lama I would think so now as chuck Ross points out an excellent piece of the daily we're be available in the show notes today Bongino calm a little bit of panic breaking out chuck Ross daily caller report Brennan and clapper to be interviewed as part of an investigation and is from steel and Simpson it's the same info it's not corroborated it's the same damn thing. FBI did not pull the threads investigative threads on American persons who might have been involved with Russia and working on their behalf either wittingly or unwittingly individuals who may have had some affiliation with the trump campaign and so the intelligence that we collected was pulsed against that and I thought it would would have been derelict if the tire to interview CIA analysts who gathering intelligence about Russian meddling in the two thousand sixteen election according to NBC who gathered intelligence some what a piece of human sleaze this guy is remember what I'm telling the FBI is we'll continue to live for them check this out I can tell you it is even worse than what you described it is what you described in addition to the withholding of his skull Pretoria Information Russia probes origins pencil nervous about that why asked about when he found out about the dossier Brennan conveniently leaves out the summer of two thousand sixteen when this case started again why I implies they've even hired attorneys anticipation that they will be interviewed grab go back to the start folks against the FBI information was a different data set of intelligence then the dossier because it's chuck Ross indicates in the peace apparently they're looking interviewing some analysts at the CIA as well quote Durham also expressed that this came out and it was in late summer of two thousand sixteen when there were some individuals of from the various us news outlets who from Christopher Steele now will we get to the setup from what the the the Khuda grass going to the distancing from steel started a long time ago why into details about how was acquired but the FBI has very close relationship with its British counterparts and so the the FBI had visibility into a number of things that were going on involving learn of the so-called steele dossier and what Christopher Steele was doing well it was a very well kept secret among press circles for several months before that's what would they be emailed each other about remember that's conveniently around the time that the assessment reports from the intelligence community came out Joe and says that's because I can send some of you may be confused why there's a rift in December and these emails between Brennan and Komi Remember Komi thinks the CIA is feeding why because he says he hasn't seen the DA until December which will see in this cut when did you assessments that was done that was presented to then president Obama and then president-elect trump really toe again just to be clear prosecuter under Justice Parma now is going to interview Brennan who's been allowed to lie in the media the entire time and not only is he going to interview Brennan He's when he briefs the gang of eight includes information to Harry Reid and others that is only in human sleaze John Brennan he's now throwing the FBI under the bus saying I didn't see that until December well folks that's not possible because in August as we stated before Brennan briefs The gang of Eight up on Capitol Hill away so a video a tray gouty why this is important this gowdy on Hannity a little while ago versus for months ago but this is trade you better because if it comes out that it Simpson's and just political research that means Hillary Clinton effectively bought a FIS award back to August Brennan had that information already from steel remember the parallel constructions the information till December he said quote I heard snippets of it he throws the media under the bus well the press said some of it he says we had some Intel persecuted they would possibly go to jail they need steel to continue to insist this information team remember the takeaway from this show that we're going to we're going to get to steal and Brennan are being interviewed now interview CIA analysts too and it's GonNa come out that this whole thing was bedrock steals information the whole thing right entire hoax and still I'll get to this in a minute talking way steals get little chatty you asked me about my familiarity with and I had heard snippets about it I did not know what was in there I did not see it until later in that year at this out we the CIA tells community had collected a fair amount information in the summer of two thousand sixteen about what the Russians were doing a multiple fronts and we want to make sure that the FBI by law enforcement officials they can't lie anymore without being charged because the precedent for lying to the FBI I Mike Flynn and others use other cases later he's a man I heard this from Harry Reid and John Brennan this must be true this information about Carter page and others it's the same info on the summer sixteen it's not steals info because he just said he didn't see until December what else did he have thing had full access the popadopoulos thing come through the CIA via the five is thing that that would have been a piece of information it gets to the FBI you know how that works. I'm not going to get should he can't tell Komi that because they know it Simpson's information he can't tell me I want you to open investigation based on a former reporter now I'm telling you that the intelligence community assessment right around the time gowdy says Brennan encomium emailing each other that indicates Russia from him and Brennan Needs Steel to continue to insist that he didn't speak to him until December why because he just sat on the record he didn't have any of the Doc- and Paddock is run amok or today's show also brought to you by buddies brickhouse nutrition you know brickhouse nutrition is my favorite nutrition company out there ladies and Gentlemen I have been yeah I through the gang of eight in August and Harry Reid who sends a letter to the FBI and when call me then gets the Steele Dossier Krishan dot com slash Dan brickhouse nutrition dot com slash Dan Pickup Foundation today you will not regret it okay so quickly just resetting dot com slash Dan pick up a bottle of foundation it's like having two extra gas tanks in the gym and just do me a favor don't take my word for it I mean take the mirror test try found and joe audience hat on yet Brennan has insisted from day one that the intelligence he quote pulsed you remember the parallel construction scheme John Brennan only has deals information the dossier so unless Brennan is some Michael J. Fox Mardi MC fly back to the future guy who can travel from December Brennan has lied about this repeatedly and now he's being interviewed and I'm GonNa get to Brennan has insisted from the start he didn't know anything about steals dossier until December I'm telling you Brennan was getting information from steel knowing it was Simpson's December but I I was unaware of the providence of it as well as what was in it and it did not play any role whatsoever in the intelligence community media interviews has already distanced himself from this they then fed this Intel from steel and Simpson to the FBI pretending it was from a different source so we uh it helps me look better I really my energy level they were one of my first sponsors and I really enjoy their product if you don't believe me go to Brickhousechad that's the setup the setup to what I told you when we started the show everybody needs steel to stick can take a quick break you're going to get to in a second they'll go anywhere do these Washington examiner pieces why everything's changing now avid vocal supporter of what I consider to be their best product foundation I love it they have field degrees which is excellent I really really love foundation what does foundation knowing they had used steel as Joe said a Patsy of run for the documents to make it seem like it had come from an intelligence professional when it came from political activists Brennan in information this is all in light and what's new why are we covering this today because now Brennan's in a panic because the investigator Durham looking into this script that he didn't talk to the CIA before December well why is that because Brennan's already on the record saying DOJ investigators looking into this no what I know they know Brennan's line they know Brennan and his team had contact going to be like is that good take some notes how many bench press squat whatever burpee you do whatever it may be come back seven days later do it again boom oh they need steel to stay strong man what is brandon do their brandon as I'll show you in the next clip when he's your performance going to go through the roof this product Zach Good I love it Joe loves it Paula loves it little Joe loves these not so little anymore by the way Joe of listener was nice enough to send I should give it about five seven days to load new system that's the way creating works I'd say supercharged creating ATP Bland look at yourself in the mirror seven days later well I just showed you the clip steel comes out and says I was talking to them way before that Oh Houston we opener pieces here Brennan being interviewed is going to be a big problem because I'm telling you Durham bar in the the script Joe that he was the guy who generated this yes yes everyone everybody also needs steel to stick to the instill gives it to the FBI. Personally it looks like it's corroborated when it is in Bredon wants to distance himself from that now to the Komi of the gowdy emails between a couple of nights dog tags for you and Little Joe so I gotta get you that but little joe graduated from Tariq or not so little anymore but check out foundation it is at good go to break it's really bad because if he answers honestly he's going to have to tell them that he lied and that he had this information which steel or is information before December they know it because the information steal had appeared in August in a briefing Brennan gave to the Senate the problem daddy o now just described to you why this Brennan being interviewed by Dorm before I get to the Washington probably starting to question Brennan and say hey this dossier is this real did you guys have this before you said you had it you get it and that's why Goudy have a constitutional republic you are under no obligation to do that but let me get this straight predators said repeatedly including the other day in a soundbite he did on NBC that he has nothing get his lawyer so I have their own Brennan pleads the fifth is bad that I have Brennan answers honestly in eighteen ATP blend is the single best nutrition supplement you will ever take hands down I love it what is done for me it's done everything it's helped me perform better I needed everything by the books I'm sorry it was at a conference nothing to hide I plead the fifth but I got nothing to hide plead the fifth nothing hi please snippets of things you heard but it's other yeah I didn't see that they'll December everybody needs steel to stick to the Oh me and brandon makes sense this is likely a confrontation where right is this intelligence community assessments coming out about the Russians involvement in the election combs grip folks everybody if steel doesn't stick to the script and says I talked to the CIA way before deal and was pretending it was from a different source in order to investigate any presidential candidate using the FBI now you see why he throws the FBI into the FBI lied to Congress Oh really joe got some good sources about what maybe the FBI insisting the timber and by the way the Info and that dossier wasn't really mine oh analysts around Johnny B who may know about steals interaction with Jani therefore why our CIA analyst lawyering up Joe according to Chuck Ross's piece now covers this in intimate detail let's go to the Washington examiner piece I just this headline investigate what the information you lied to them about that information the quote summer of sixteen when you six to you call me email each other parliamentary jumper ranking daily caller piece for me and went out of order a little bit but Brennan and combing your really need to see these emails there's probably a paddock in the FBI hey we thought we were getting corroborating information from the F. B. I. When in reality it was just the same information awesome I clip with Chuck Todd you can rewind this show in that first. Clint be clearly says well listen the F. B. I. would quote be derelict if they didn't investigate it has two choices now Brennan can plead the fifth which are going to look bad you don't have to talk to law enforcement we thank God a big time clockwork orange like I open remember that movie yeah this one is going to be a doozy what do I got and the hill the gang of aid it's simple to understand it's not cop bread is really stupid this is not complicated they know that so Brennan now for the Fish Hook I got more spread this show everywhere and working on this for a long now when oppo researchers paid by Hillary right nobody's going to go on the record with that even these hacks so he feeds an information stream to the really kind of like this right doesn't like this it's kind of like this but you think so go together he can plead the fifth faces. Hey it's my face I can't do anything with it sorry I like to get a little aggravated you WanNa Watch Standard Cable TV you're free to do it but this isn't the Damn Clinton paid for info panic Johnny B now is going to be interviewed according to Chuck Ross the daily caller and other all right why is that happening they didn't do anything right I one nervous corpus time by the way this is laid out in my book I hate to keep promoting it to you folks I worked hard on it though my book exonerated out awesome deal needs to stick to the script I did not talk to the CIA until December that's the script and that was my info that wasn't Hillary hire time that it was steals information that might have something to do with it I get emails sometimes we love your faces I can other emails we hate you ars everything you set aside the right over my head as as the listeners why did yeah well now we show this is from Dan Shea this is from June fifth twenty nine thousand nine it's an older piece joe degenerated said they Christopher Steele GonNa talk to John Dorm improved the scripture there bungee things different so steals going to talk to the FBI apparently had some information remember miss you call them the dossier the Corpus now let's go to the second piece by The Washington examiner which is just peachy isn't it the Corpus I got that one one day just buy stuff I guess remember Brennan it's the Corpus of intelligence it was it was a and follow Dan on twitter twenty four seven at Dbongino I'm going to show you who else is nervous about Christopher Steele and was nervous about steel NBA. We need a fulltime out. We're going to have to re evaluate everything folks everybody's worried about steel steel I can't repeat this enough when I was in director in the Secret Service Academy they used to tell us over and over with the new agents students tell them what you're going to tell them tell them and then tell them what you told them assistant didn't even talk to the Seattle December and another piece of information that steel was the originator of this now who would know about both of those things steel who all the sudden talk and durum investigating this case bar and Horowitz and others and all of a sudden hold on because everybody needs steel to stick to the script and now that Brennan's being interviewed he can't lie about it anymore either she oh time out on the field folks we need to delay this report why would they do that. This whole case is center on the fact that Steele didn't talk to the CIA the CIA had independent go back to the Washington examiner piece from and let's see what this may have been connected to you live how we we've this stuff together you're not gonna get this anywhere else does that mean so a new timeline emerge why would a new timeline emerged by the report remember the Inspector General Was Expecting Ladies and gentlemen follow me during President Trump's visit to the United Kingdom investigators found steals information credible enough to warrant extending their investigation they said they were going to interview Christopher Steele all of a sudden the timeline got thrown all out the window and everybody said wait after for accounting finance hr they don't talk to each other it's a big hodgepodge mess it's a disaster especially for small businesses but you know what big businesses Spector General Michael Horowitz was looking into this whole fiasco everything we're talking about steal spy gate the advise abuses look into all of that the Inspector General Information Joe they fed to the FBI they didn't start this on Hillary Clinton's paid for fusion GPS info they had separate in viewed as well so who else is panicking ladies and gentlemen well folks Brennan wasn't the only and so was the State Department relying on information from Christopher Steele remember steel interviewed with the State Department remember we have talk show they had everything tied up briant around one relying on information from Christopher Steele the FBI was also relying on information from Christopher Steele yes to explain to you why people are panicking they're panicking because of the steel interview and Brennan now knows he's going to be in fifth or get charged with lying to unpalatable options but they're not the only ones panicking all right folks today's show also brought to you by one of we got some splaine in the do now when I come back in the other side is quick break here quote the delay in Horowitz's work the I G was reportedly due to his team's two day meeting with still in London. Doj what I call the flood zone strategy like a football game where you flood the zone receivers and hope one of them catches the ball when you throw it down summer twenty one thousand nine hundred getting ready to drop this I g bomb and all of a sudden they talked to stay on their life. Te'o not a twenty-second either US using steel I wanna hat tip the conservative tree house guys here who did a excellent piece on this you can see the headline here view here but the tree house guys have a fascinating analysis here of someone else who needs Christopher Steele to stay strong favorite new sponsors net suite by Oracle we would be lost without him here at Bongino Inc my wife and I use net sweet and what's the benefit of nets sweet folks listen you have a lot of these business systems real steel who had his face on a dossier that was not his flooded his information everywhere hoping it made its way back to the FBI easy for you net sweet dot com slash Bongino okay so this portion one the setup it took a little bit about thirty minutes but I needed the setup bottom line matters introducing net suite by Oracle the business management software the handles every aspect of your growing business in an easy to use cloud platform giving you the visibility and control worth your time they did some great work we've had some back and forth I don't agree with everything they put up over there they don't agree with mine either but this that's fine there's there's room for a lot of points role was expected to release his report over the summer but Joe in the middle of the summer when nobody was paying attention right around the time Especi Bungee and you can see it right there why does this matter remember go back to the start everybody needs I am hoping that that information if it came from multiple places even though it was all from him would appear more credible than one but there was someone else small businesses alive can both benefit from using net suite by Oracle. Listen if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business the problem growing businesses have and that we had it keeps there was notes from the State Department interview in October where steals their steelhead communications with the State Department he had information going to the I'm from knowing their numbers is this hodgepodge business just doesn't communicate efficiently one for accounting sales inventory others it's a big mess takes too much time too many resources and hurt your bottom line you hang in there Chris and you continue to insist that's your dossier buddy I'm telling you read my book by the way you will come to the I'm from their piece of the Conservatory House piece someone else I'm going to set this up for the Senate Intel Committee you think no no the Senate Intel Committee that hates trump fake Republican Richard Burr and Legitimate Democrat which means you know anti-trump by nature because I've been debunked nothing to see there either don't you work why does this March seventeenth date matter so on March seventeenth defies the Dan Jones later went to work for fusion. GPS nothing to see their folks work now we're working in conjunction with fusion. GPS precision matters to advance the dossier after Tom Slash Bongino that's net sweet. Su It dot com slash bungee download your free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits net sweet dot com joe what is it rely on almost exclusively as Andy McCabe former deputy director of the FBI and acting director has already said on the record that thus the dossier as fake intellectual Chuck Todd Would Call Dope this is a good show on March seventeen twenty seventeen the Senate intelligence committee we know can't stand donald trump you know these these losers over there Mark Warner may have had something to do with the Senate Intel Committee where all the leaks were coming from let me set this up for a user some screen shots from there they were kind enough to put together simplest slash Bungee oh there's a reason thousands of the best known brands including US and fastest growing companies use net suite to manage your business now it's available to you check it out you're GonNa love it make everything Democrat senator from Virginia on the Senate Intel Committee Mark Warner and Adam Waldman who is a lawyer who is in concern conservative treehouse guys hat tip to them it's in their piece wow look at this text exchange between anti-trump Hack visor application aspiring trump is based on steals information that the CIA says it didn't see till December and it's claims his his can't claim it's Hillary oughta stick to the script this is yours not Simpson's right we're gonNA move away from the CIA angle for minute you now know why Brennan Panic so firm conclusion read exonerated that this was not steals dossier the evidence in there is damning here's screen shot number one warner just tried to call now going into skiff what skiff sensitive compartmentalize information facility not s Mark Warner who was actually Democrat. He's a Democrat from Virginia they hate trump they've always hated trump and Dianne Feinstein who had a staffer named Dan Jones they hated trump or instantly from your desktop or even your phone we have it right here that's why net suites the world's number one cloud business system and right now nets offering valuable insights with a free guide seven application to spy on trump first and the second one is delivered to the Senate Intel Committee it's classified in that Pfizer application. Now let's talk whenever you're free just try it again so they're calling each other at a paddock back and not strategies to grow your profits at net sweet dot com slash Bongino don't waste anymore time folks don't lose money on this mess assistance go two net sweet dot com information from Simpson now it's in paper form delivered to the Senate Intel Committee on March seventeen burned these other ones that have been after trump from the beginning on march seventeen twenty seventeen the Senate intelligence committee took custody of the FIS application used against Carter page Thurston Howell types they're more important than you and I know that the center of course Donald Why would he be going down into a sensitive facility Joe to do what maybe read the FIS applications that was literally just delivered this senator is texting a lawyer representing steel and others and Russians going to call you win five then he says call information paid for by Hillary to spy on a presidential candidate and steals reaching out to a lawyer excuse me Warner Democrat Hack on this Intel Committee that's leaking like a sieve by the way we'll get to that second waters reaching out a paddock to a lawyer who's got some Adak with Christopher Steele remember everybody needs deal to stick to the script Joe Look at this text exchange what does that they let me look let's see crat anti-trumpers knee deep in this whole scandal to launder steals fake information under the guise that it is it's really Simpson's he's not going to say this isn't his Info Right Warner's in a panic said a paddock he's melting down he's freaking out north after Warner goes down into the skiff to read a Pfizer application which puts on paper for the first time the fact that the government used Glenn Simpson contact which Theo steals stay strong right I've now read this dossier were need deepen this guy's steals gonna stay strong right Tom Slash Bongino Code Bongino get your best teeth today check it out right okay so warner you need to grow with nets save time save money and for us most importantly une- we don't need any more headaches saves unneeded headaches by managing sales finance accounting orders off look at that that's candid C. dot com slash Bongino Code Bongino for seventy five dollars off candid co dot com taking horrible close mouth photos while everyone else is grinning ear to ear do you getting a photo ready smile starts now it's easier than ever with clear A- liners get your photo ready smile by the holidays go to candidate co dot com slash Bongino Code Bongino to get seventy five dollars and now to get media our merit of out there the Senate Intel Committee which is supposed to be operating on the up and up these are your senators llosa's we know the Pfizer court delivered the read and return top proceeded top secret classified application due to the Clark stamp of March seventeen twenty seventeen if you watch it on Youtube Channel YouTube dot com is clearly a little bit worried warrener's like Hey Waldman lawyer woman you're talking to steal right ended company candidate we love candles let's talk about the holidays okay they're coming up I know it's crazy it's a little early but trust me you don't WanNa go through another holiday season eyes are going bad on that date is march seventeen twenty seventeen am going to call and five this is Hack GonNa stay strong fold on us busy please tell me not gonNA fold but why is Warner's so worried again warner in the Senate Intel Committee why are they freaked out finally today's show brought to you by buddies at panicked he's reaching out to the lawyer for st they're going to stay strong but why is Warner Paddock I mean the FBI did it right you why is candidate candidate have the best teeth you can get right now candidate liners can help straighten your teeth faster than traditional wire braces that's right faster tree inner around March twenty seventeen this is an indictment of James Wolfe was a staffer on that committee march twenty seventeen classified documents contain secret top secret information including secret level information regarding the identity of the individual referred to in this as male one honor about March seventeenth. Wow isn't that convenient the same day the FIS applications delivered the classified document was transported to the purchase candidate donates twenty five dollars smiletree to bring safe one hundred percent free cleft lip and palate treatment the children around the globe that's nice when we like this company a lot the three D.

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