Ep 10 Struggles of Long Distance Relationship


Opinion. To to the sensitive content episode listeners, this question is highly advised. Day that Kappa mining nobody knew by now, McClellan. Welcome to life honey. No. Relationship is perfect. Lahat D'Amato thinks appoint Donna next struggle or Kennecott an upper Bama. Cone. Union Mama Geserum Onondaga Benham problem. How much more you'll mom at that all mcgillion. Oh, you can get bogged napping along this stance relationships or you long distance cop. Lalo by UMASS Ella must listen a number blemare. Today. We are GonNa talk about struggles of long distance relationships. Yes. In goose happen at John say named phenomenal very common out on long distance relationship cosima ramming. Abroad. Or Gamut I. Mean Gustin allow mugging. Must Megan bail get the you unelectable. So IWONA laying family Nila sappy being US battle meet than. Malaysian Beira Agenda Lennox start on his long distance relationship Medal Mona bag ena or given long distance scale Pera Me Mata be up by the Laguna Leo Long Distance. Relationship Guide. Soul Brazil around damning pointing mugging struggles or you Margus NEP boy the will eat bake. Involvement young steadily most along this than's relationship. But Bob him up I psalm dousing long distance relationship I guess the putting an emperor also Casino Whistle Buso, more guidance and paying Lou pileup. No window could bug me both. Mandaba, will Alabama Gaga kayaking dean. Barrow Guinness. Though. He Sang Long Distance Relationship Darius alone court for example, unless when Selah, there's an ordinary car check made. suicidally Seles among groups or to answer and man now listen among a bag on or. Non Existing less per Guy Begin Handgun Command on a long distance relationship castle. You Casa Basle Soleil without knowing Nassau. Brown. Muggings that ugly new a long distance relationship will he Deka Moreno may compromise urkel heating up goose happen under but the Lega I'll that by noon go in say sang long distance relationship this amazing because it's an owner may sic more ibis them a hug it that only at Doggone Yan bearing the naming set up is not similar MONTECASINO NEELA soldier, nexium ally Malone but Obama at I have ten in my list right now onus. Is Time Zones. So if the young when you live in different continents, he Nisha by. Dick. No He shoulda. Applicable that's the word niche. Applicable also had long distance relationship, but for those people who live in different continents. Eight, the USOV but on my heat up Sawa I mean. Not, only you have to accept the fact that shoe are far away from each other. In struggling say but lmu in the blender L. The but at the same time, you fact that you're living in different continents union soul Brung heat up a simple adjustments in unheeded mug adjust. Unlike those couples and the Elbe are not at all but it has cylinder or as like for example, Nessa Manila had that pursuing boyfriend more necessary boo so Mud Mugabe's long auras. Then o'clock, no Maga Mogadishu thought then Oklahoma, Omega Than Sasebo or let's say you're NASA you're into. Philippine step was soon boyfriend more NASA Taiwan or Singapore for NASA call. So but I asked lemon off message up on my neon. Okay. Long Buster NASA Asia Cornfields Adjustment More Adobe, throw Ido, deneen people, Berrima Relationships among Akobo Sneha. Your Sahana that that pursue is upbeat bean as Lebanon here UK say at Od Thel Gabin. So don't delegate struggling some hopewell's Megan young set up battle home hung in a minute. GEICO McCain but on fighter mcguirk utilization Amerian Ko Nestle Brahma. Gagen Young Bella. So in this particular Struggle it in time so. I'll communication is GONNA. Be Really hard to, for example. Addo CEO at that was good Bassani. Portola Ghana buggy sing by Longchamps Muggy with warning Sakai National Magoo. Good night mistrial. So you schedule long he'd Mug adjusts biddle. Shampoo. Couldn't devoted gaze at saga go hi, the Laguna way or but then get been Neil. At the Honda Anamika Belong Wounded Geoghan the Loa I guess a what Oh one of the thing that you can do for this particular situation is spending go home on of Non Abou- Cy Gubbay or GASA add aluminium MAG delegation Daloa, for example. By the Goma. The backup of. In the usually, for example, this was a America or any. This was Kinda. So Arrow sippy beaten US good. I mean the US is. A base I know how will your order small? So mockup schedule Guy. Bias in young Bella they bought by the young reveal away Brady on US solution saga NATO classing Deroga- sent lb are also going month game happe- just none gooden. Extreme. My commitment that about hope I didn't among Sabe bunk butter on Kabul Maui Guyanan long sweet messages for the more emotion than along seed messages because a shampoo. in between sleepnumber glycine geesink up when the Hunnam by your something like that make you thin Enjo-. Are Morna. Nine again sing make you the new long seed. Mrs Moore Neca League Inca Gone On. So by getting mugs San now for those or Kia Mc Zinkernagel let me but a update Musha heroin decide that he said Gustin update shop. Dale. Gustafson a update Casino Hockey Game Argon by Guy For example, go on fame line more we'll be big sure got the big breakfast lunch whatever going to Wyoming special for today that send reinsert Kenya. Anne hathaway large APP was maguire the Orange Gagnon my own Mugambi away. Barra. Make I'm done with soccer Nina Hitmen, the Dulag Luke Shasha, but in your any east sip. Mall. Mirani. Guessing butter UNE- but I'm but I'm them not in Sahara Neela CRICHTON and the arpaio. So isil another way you're not succeed aside beginning. Selena. Away your own. But. I'm that in Sahan Leila Nutty Stan Chalan I annual marina butter on mugging stronger utilization. American. Cayo. So CIGUATERA going into the new CEO Gusset none of Mugniyah important the show. So by the meeting in CEO copy. Shown going on so I and but at the time so it's not blame pattern Mondays among elderly are Nah the problem on time zones Where both the Pakayo Kosei Salah Merimee jumped elegant. Problem Manila time. So and Sparrow leggings thrown in Selah in via Belan on the stand Shaw Bara Molin. By Asa, but a mcgivney up case is Sangria Sean gets they must merimee bunk it'll be our guy timezone differences. Now Must Malaysian lemony Lebaron pop but in delegates Selah. So anyway, let's move onto the next one nestle iskoe jealousy. yes. Not Baha. Notebook a money though say I mean you to sailor Napa means and means side NOCCO Hockey League unipetrol sub began Nila Ladan sobre massage. Ma. So you people in because he may watson unique to sailors Laga. I mean guy had NASA is Sung Lake Maga salmon that illustration league improve lemony Leeann. DEBA. So how much more Zemo? Osama same. When I the same her walk on. Almond butter on keyed up barrel that putting a higher and now Sarah in known bugsy sailors you relation metal. Ko Mara Damon Lulu car needed the Hanukkah Galaxy Makali'i Barracuda, Hindi Mo on now my Sierra who are no metal Kale, the Helix partic-. Loose Single Minson Sunday I would buy. Roommates no location. Hey, keep that. I would be by your gut thereby union by Michelle mcgann lunch I would that buying best friend now? Barky Seila Gimblett people gone on Barrow him be more acid that in Egypt your Maga non COSC- by goupil muscle. Sorry. lesser-known Maryland Ko. McCullough. The Lower Olympia Megan blame my aunt. So that will Guy Macbeth. Thyolo you sailors. Note I listen. I listen to lots of Egypt. No, all what Nathen May Watson Yen Pharisee, Goro Magoo, open face apart during night they massana gun togan lmu inmate therms although he mentioned Asaba mcghie make better whatsoever Kosei, you'd have to live your own life and your partner has to live his own life. So. McConnell. Like once in big compromise. So I suggest NAPA. I know molly. Money, Neelam the boyfriend Morna next saying the skin up last two. But mugging open at dinner the subway friend when hey next to send us now whole. Baha. Kasey. Allowing being in a mental infants shown of Zillow's in got the LAGGY Scholem. Obama's with his friends he media invention Yohan. Cosso when you must have been partner mole, what am I gonNa Atty McGee problem an an advocacy you my Indian Sean. So allow Infants Sean I mean go see NASA Jonjo ammonium boyfriend more now Bugsy Lawson Guy Union any special going mine. The Fargo Sap on young Daloa must moving alum and assailant Ska Alumna by Donna off the Hania. So who are you senior Nama Aga-? He'll be me needs sub mocking Problema Kale Listen Arbor. Doba communication is the key who may PROBLEMA BAGUA SAP on one came in cassoulet attic whom. Muggy Glam Alon Nemesis, Malachy in the future in the long run dot boss echoed in Amman Caylao CPA you boyfriend Mo Maple Hayden. Shah. So a seeping. Morna. Lumumba's with his friends. Lunch with his score workers or colonial. mckeag interact Lezak Romania. In people gone, I mean he'd be Montecasino pig union. So economic wake and said, he go in Lille Orca cussing what? Quist. Machado Sakhan. napping up you on the Messiah Hannay or mile up equipping and wounded at the Manama. Latin Been Hawks Sober Brennan Nakazawa Dinner Mind Live your own life in. Let him live his own life. Him Be. Happy now in, you'll Delo and alone echoed Yowen. Deep. Gannon. Jessica of the meeting up onto ninety nine, hundred in particilar small. MATZEC IT I rely. Chemin. mcgahan or Nag Dude Hasina. Up On assistive GONNA gossip on that but saga golombek Batman artist that. But Nick Nick Bug. But a guy that but naked pagosa sack in La should Mika Hakkinen Guinea that was GOLIC GETTING People on. But I'll. COUPLA GANEA and more gone through Encana Boxes Halo Small Well. The push they relational. In mugging the by the Lega Kosciusko me small you Moana way better. Masirah. So that but was sacked by new again Bella Cup of feeling more me something. Let's say loose kin- giving sooner bull connor a seeming suggested that but did not bang-up. Belogonov is really not been. Nah Mean. Senator. Resubmit. I N decent of what the Samah Gay, Guy? So punk sapped by noon the LOA. Third. In my list is miss understanding miscommunication. But on Busselton Apostle cylinder Laura dern. So meet the number and Kosei and he by the Arca Kasey Sham he could the last one on means of communication your debate texting. So magma message, CEO, Magma Message Sahanaya bus like Mississauga even though Gullit battle, but you thought guessing. I. Get that or I mean minimum Larry, Nager Keynesian naked. Embody language. You're winning that fight now but believer in the nose in cyanide then. He upcoming synonymous misunders through e bunk by all I, mean this I'm talking general barrel Comex Joa tap was gone. So but I hear up better booting along Allama in woodland the hell at technology. In Higher Mug facetime MC though against skype or gap game though again saw what's with ever enough guinea pig amid don't apps bottom of communicate bit sometimes a heat up buddy guessing a free example, NASA work economic quits at Thou. So all my Atta instead of answering the colon gangway in Mexican Kenema premade Nah messages like I'm busy I'll call you back later you might deepen gone on so much that the US shah Egypt a God and Ohio ending a is GonNa make Osama don't eat bus Ghulam island veto gun Dagnon breathing guessing you've been vincent thing especially the Elderly D. R. Better. Sign NABUCCO TYPO must offset San Aer the are now. Sean Nepal redundant ill, the are not lashawn saying long distance relationship son alumni. Pena me monopoly that Nagorno better at the same time that. But but got to Alana Monotony, foul Muhahedeen specially, CAPAC, NASA work behind him at the Laguna at the WHO thought Oh or bombing meeting allegation that will begin them at the benefit of the doubt you'll significant other not they organic Sometimes Olympian message sat in your girlfriend not then that boss usually mansion a nomadic shown emoji. Heart Emoji that was smiley and all that and damning boom boom Super Omega. That was one day extension and message bid. Good morning allow McDonnell Sabi more I. Know Naree back again believe Mrs Shmona Signing Hogan. Bogan Denison was at that was one day Ibanez and and Mogi morning allow me problem but I oh so he said in yawn not policing landing bag the dude that or ugly lead some misunderstanding. NEPAD. On feeling not then CIGUATERA may bonetto alum call Mabo Yomata saw Banner Napa millions a sound long distance relationship guessing I hang vk Yuma Gassama that put similar misunderstandings Nayan must may he up? combat wishes I mean never experienced sonoma pneumonia Coppola's DEMOC Osama. But for this particular our relationship, which is a long distance relationship must Mahir up. Shah Kosei just like for a long distance cup a Mega Mega. Maybe, it's understanding the. mypillow explaining Kosabe radioman point behind cool mcadam Bushel CEO. mabopane behind. Gad's shot or Kim the high at the end of the day afterward Beta for them my heat up on heat up mono you're very trendy. My higa Mug by sweet virtually Mahela the but in day Mahita Indian Day some. Loved ones napping you end up on adding near Adam the mind so bad will happen mass all season long distance relationship you have to know all this things Nah can be did this advantage say some long distance relationship opposite the next night in is the NFL nothing stone walling. If you're not familiar with stonewalling, it's CIGARROA. I'd say shaping up our Matt the now silent treatment in calmer nap fung island are bowing net then says stonewalling. So when you silent treatment if the people negotiating the dinner, Kayla was Merrin showing new bunket Nah send topic. Now I own book stop by guessing the umbrella guilty or buying up at the Minute Eagle and Gaga in mall. that. The he the Lower Gasoline Marino I don't WanNa talk about it. You should shut down Mauka Good Shah. No LAMELO. You might be gone on another example for stonewalling people Owain owain among king the Lohan significant other mole Berra one day allow Hyun economic bottom themselves on your Ma people to to day guiding message. Diesel massive with Fowler Hindi to Martha Orca Ya. Mug Tussock Komo's thou- Michaela has it been more basic or make them you messages snap pedal scene longfellow. Again, he can line hit an annoying people were laughing Summa Hon. Means sank in a government year. Now web on neighboring fat Oh na him be Kaige on eastern long distance relationship. Bada Komo. Alas among our partners Nila. Means, and then at the Lionel the deepal Olympia in. India but a higher and long distance relationship Christie Gustav must lap it Sinema Lhasa PM woman a whole. At least Nemo been, Mahan Umbrella walkman among the foul one. No one. Now my lung but I lom Cosima heat up means San, you'll our relationship. No puncture especially quicker in the e one. Mahita Qasimi Mahidol. Okay Leno along closure at melanoma, thou-. He dkny enclosure. So doo-wop among signed ongoing your bug stonewalled Bida McGLADE is on break be men and Nafta face your significant other Intel them that hey, I thought I can actually handle long distance relationship, but I can't motto whole at Capella Physical Touch. Gilan component by my Lapid sovereign. What more going way out to the treat numb Armenian silent treatment bar la La city summary less shown he seeping moving you've been ECZEMA Haniel at the number new is eka fitna at that. Now what do you call this struggle? He Sang Long Distance Relationship Napa, Coleman Monaco, and cheating as an she thing s in banana. Did you What do you call? You what is the term? You, talk saw her is the the term that I'm looking for you took. So my belly laying duck saw cup a long distance relationship gail backup Gammel Casiraghi Beckenham about WanNa Whiten Orlando Guy did see store or Simone Moose do sale. Okay. Shopping Come A. Long. or up a Gomolka in Casella bus echo alone laggy lameck, Osama foreign kissing a calendar Matthau happily. Good. CEO. Valuable Gasoline. Capacity your. Dog Nothing relationship invaders. Kyla single Ga.. Ghia Allama Yuan from my success sorry less and or in the third been was still at the same time cussing. In, Vino Monday alarm Nah. An available akina beacon available so The meetings up again, that wasn't the in thirteen PGA John Negligent cheating. So songs drug, Alien Samsung, long distance relationship DOPP Erica, that by. Sabi Bugsy Gone Must Owen domain maker election, gut. But at the same time, stop entertaining people and also make sure that you tell them that hey, I'm actually relationship and I don't want to cheat on my boyfriend or my girlfriend because I love I. Love My boyfriend, my girlfriend needs, gallagher me Martha all the beginning around counting at insurance. Co. Clerk Buchner Mine God good Mug dive in Yob beginning outlet. Then should at the beginning he may be gay now men Joe Alcock and although name beginning inside your Costlo Dot org new. Long distance relationship at welling physical Dutch Theon A. Up a GCA so sad now. Sign. A Bug will help muscle subtler shown he seeping Mamounia who by what? La La Kosei Kauai your. Whole Guyana snappiness stonewalling. Cut biking be when Akira Magoo Continue Sano Merrin Sahan Mona minute the old wanna it do dime and minimal aura. Only. Heat up Cristiano. Kyla no. By Osha long leg nick. BUBBA. CEO An. Bubba a fateful. She say your tap was echoed by la? My ID WANNA sank among by sat or COONASS Common Luga. So said BMI NATHEN or Gayan. Casa thinking more me Nisa. Cheating. Sung Bagai who me was Cannella no. Man Kosei one say Allen Ludden Knuckle Mamoun that almost annually Lotion Llosa Pandelli allow seppanen daily on sale my name. Osama me new Muhamalai Union ballot the Lega buyer CEO BAP was Heineken Annandale, the Eliza. Second amendments at that Ole. So couple Kgalema pop went Diana Boonsert out Nah mugs. You Cheat GonNa. Talk to your partner talk to your significant other and tell them that. Hey. I don't WanNa do things. That's GonNa like costs. Pain, urge. That will lead to break up. So I think we have to work really really hard sat assurance specially knee kaffee Lingo Babic Okinawa higher though L. D., R. But sign up the Lewin Mojo. Barakaat in Good Bowl Kasey Iowa has boy who you might be Bongino. I'm financially Kasey sobbing an ad in but unbelie young. Compare have boy. Oh, how more will Alan? Garcia Mata Thou- special macari Leshem Melissa L. D.. R. OR Melissa, l.? D.. R.. At the lagoon. Super a fateful CEOS super committed. CEO. Sobering cockeyed NAM ally you are you said you said it. Lagarde Moulin Kasai not careering at Oregon. Then ignore heighten umbrella. So as much as possible once normal, he says annual. The MALASPINA Niassa national box cheat. Sabinas Isa. New You'll e set Isa and at the same time utilize show metro better was windy. Eighty one Elaine Chao. I mean Coosa relationship Anima Gassama did the nobody cheesy Lyndon you're buying a bit. How much more say suddenly long distance relationship. So sign up at the nine at the ninety four gets me said that ISA. Tendency lagging. Mung Mug little but the nine Manhattan's Ivanka or high. You'll muggy met the guy. So but I'll? This Dan Xiaoyun BUGGY DANCING YOUNG DALOA So our next one is being possessive or possessiveness. Possessiveness. Very harmful sang long distance relationship. Better. He Be Shot Lega Watson I mean Oklahoma. Okay Got Bugs Zaken Bosox along going need to buy this. Iba, Sakhan. Gallon, sign. Ati Get the bid signing among up wound door now. Magog go beyond a certain point. You'll pay in possessive more classic known the Guingona my Sassa Colleen Thou. So who amongst all over? Me How can. I again. A No rim them, who? Mahela. Kosei Baron iron your whole. Home If. You or a score a happy Sabah. So own Anne. Hathaway Wayang and better that had been Keesa Puna saw Braille Bowden's a limit now Hain hakuna sadness abandoned and budding the lead Sir. going beyond the limit of being possessive cussing Antoninus similar allow. Unsold Mahia. Nagging Brew Blame Hug. Soul Brenna DOT SACKLER Guy. Innings. And Abigail Clean Edessa Jealousy Diba, Understa Z., Legu- artisanal bow or I don't get the. Possessiveness goose the MO- sale only Echo's Joulwan that owing depending on. Cassese me when the decision said, he may boy main. Chung serenely he me now on the Maga awesome. The lags phone as it that abortion as Abou- ARCADA SUBOTICA goose demonise gala gate but by. That about. Julia. Or Gay Means San Gustav Market by binding hypoc Bark didn't say that. The mall. I mean going up Babo Island more casino. Say Long Join I o Mo Ibrahim Ebba. I'm among enjoy Saburo High Na- cussing at Wheelock Hiring Don Jesse. Glory Baking. Possessive. League in Pro Blair Musi. Soundless Sean the Hell Night Nick Huma Kasama. Or sometimes the mindset social media got going out then he's making up how controlling not then Kosei people we make the Hammock me message Sonya don't behind him the more bucket momentum message. Griffin Guitar or Bracket Moumouni Message Boyfriend get full behind me like photos them boyfriend. Casino. Haba. Him People Gun on your battle. I O. monae keeping in their access. Ivanka Gustav Maasai. Yulon. Gone inside the Hanina was the mo say not only do underneath that. Oh, he'd be wading on Casino Marketing, the billowy NASA earth. So he needed that but but it would be known Dunia. So your Lung Napa Selfish number known that biting the diagonal in Kazan Haka Bombard then means San Saba Gola now Kaka Sakai, which can lead to. A lion denied. Denny suhy while I. N. so that by. What making possessive Machado ambushing Mahboob high. Civilian Window Hoogland Someone Domo You People Gannon. It being struggles that you send Long Distance Relationship Bug be bill numb memories together unhealed up Kasumi. Mungiki fees, ball. Aired. The ICY Lena. Guana, let the sleepless in an the half again Iguana Lunka crops in fourth on yard as Mika Crop. Now, Photo Know Issa the preceding medial photo Nila Baron together guide named the Mandala Teenage Info as a call. Kosovo Google I by no waste. BHADRA demonizing indicate, U.. L. D. R.. So he had up known Elon Baron Gustav Woman the second at the Lagarde Iguana Impo the although magazine Maceio mcanuff photo Bairro champagne chef phone again, delicious. A laptop that was in the don't pass a place. So although straggling shod that by Geena go up in in, you'll be build Nang memories even you guys are apart Kosei. Story Anini. Matab. Though on the Lanka. Your coupling negative Monaco our. Motto in the Lanka, your but any need new among up in the island you must struggle snow now obviously Lake Bassano. Passing Anak Years Nacchio betting I that a year sner ill be arpaio at Marina monkeying memories than build Kaitlin McHugh Lekeitio. So struggling Shah but at the same time in the long run, very fulfilling Shah, knowing that you were able to go through all those struggles of being in an L. D. R. as the COP on WBAP boss Neca servive. Ko after so many years. So Megan they among US scrap book elemen- began among afford those the slogan coin though Sober GonNa Idea Barisa San. Long distance relationship in people I. I Virtual dating y'all you was of first virtual dating. You know you might the Bongo knowing my Sarah Mc build ninety, seven relate showing. MORLA. Say Sam Mahia nasty to Sean Kosei very fulfilling the legislature wants mud at the New Yorker Twentieth Year it congenial in people a high away on that derive this over here apolinar Bella Gus Oberg heat up nothing MC communicate. So. Here up my date Yuma movie nights not together on set up by Lake Medication Congo Caning memories through scrapbook. So if you have not started doing that, I suggest seem Roland Yuna Kasai mergen Shang, idea Easter Palapa abundant or the whole. Oh, anyway. So let's move on to our next one wishes anniversaries and holidays on harnessing It'll be our Kasai bottle goes the MASSANA show is surprise the office or Whatsoever Hindi? Woma. Go Wild Goose. The MASSANA shall but repair numb dinner at up we in and by Mister Bri- adding some movies, Beethoven Dima, go up it'll. Allow. Me Madame Begin umbrella. Then go in Allan Fung very struggling dos among our hope was very, very sweet specialty. You may healing Mug, surprise. On again excess Mila. Bureau is gonNA breathing unum ongoing Dole at Bredon Magi memorable, and there is no on Valentine's Day Let's see birthdays or whatsoever Kosei. No base mind Matteo online shops the denied thing game eaten. But as a delivery snow flowers or get a hype restaurants, the offer delivered he says, well, about the mango before young husband Conan where was he? I? Think he was inquiry Korea then that pastas to China whole batboys you depot Mug but by the Legacy Zachary no flowers at the knowing Ho hey, an elegant Gagnon. Map was seen among Franco Jose Magoo sub. Silla. So didn't while you address does the hug neurons the scope up the lean Dongguan bullcrap like that the no sign favorite can again Gagnon Kosei negated Alhbin has-been goal. barrel. Think pooling thor then. L. The ARCA me. So in Vk me all the way through McGaw Kayla for May and Blah Blah Blah Blah. Now, face L. The ARC me so I hung up. that. Upset by them you'll. Guide me. Foul. Then again be beginning at the Guy Numb then time. By at Meghan Washington Fort Fat Liga Madame Damon, Munochiveyi anniversary sooner Mukilteo Gug wash learning something to make you feel special. So my here up on Godwin eminent on McGowan among. But I ll normal American about them with the looking round the mino- While I feel. So Special Kostanic but listen and go. Yeah. It's the material things but it it's the thought that counts lagging Amon Guinea. Only long union flowers that Bonilla's husband goal When was this? This was ten years ago or eleven years ago I known anybody has hacked paid blue roses shock say on. Blue simple delicious Oxana Moore assists. Ninety. Two buddies can leaguer a shrew box stop boss. the largest have been is then luxury this estates soon hutter Wa. I mean, it can be a struggle in a long distance relationship, but there's always. A Way By mcguirk. I'll anniversaries or anything special locations. A lemon. Yet given in fact now, it's hard by you just have to work on what you have for now long distance scale battle. Important, I'm celebrate. Anniversaries together. Getting Valentine's and other holidays together. Whole Book that boy knew a Shinya going at that I think eight Don suppleant Donna Maya Heiligenkreuz chasa birthday. Now, personality may up moesha's anniversary knoll. You might be longer known so that but learning at than an ID VR. COULD GIVE UP PGA combat at the LAS this Tanisha will lead the league among -Oday so that but m- positive ga knocking them, Gaglione Hoyle. Mara Mingora on Barham. Abram. The Young Mama Hell. No say set Isa. And the ninth on my list is. Trust Issues I. No I keyed up niddle. Garcia Luna Coolio Glenn Oem partner. No. Is the ligament trust issues before by. Nagging Ginkel 'cause who knows Maha? exner not an Amazon. or in a local channel x now or something cut by well Alcazar young trust to trust Kosei very very. Vital none trusts sung relation but bug Ohio Melita Lisa snl Sean Goma trust issue scale that but muck covering you now who sapping Yuna Bhagwat Huma Investment? Soul. Brazil Bra. I mean may trust issues. Shah. That but Sabina CEO. Mind Benjamin, Leeann Kumala mean authorship in Beira the same time you two should educate each other now that Bart muck the warlock as it is at Isa. Malagasy are being set. He said Issa I don't know better that by Magdi Yla. said he said, Issa. Cacique. Bugging Chest Nah. Own. I on a heat up Nah mudslide bound you. Bella. Hung Gung Mewa. So, wines Nah setting in Mall May bug the do the nail partner. Maceo. Beginning a minute assurance or k how sapping multiple Zico Naumann going to do the Hanuman Nusa partner more co sapping woman what Wenham C. Ben Network in Ghana sound bad relationship networking. You Moan exe- noling CEO Ignominy and Gago we know places not bark thermal if that is the way you think he become a gigging Messiah Satan nor Elisha walking more. Hunky while been set the open a battle wimal how getting one already sold by he meka mugging. Messiah that was GonNa go are more is by don't. Dominated by among bat owner and a he makes me more comfortable at the La, gamble. Mug, the Wisla or lit Sayyed bum foul. So for example, may trust issues you partner mole is suggests now. E update more all the time or make. Make Your Life Lake really really open for her or for him but I can be Chakai I know. Bagai he good show of Duda. At the machine what do you call walk Michele hair and Madame Dominion a barrel. Hindi shop out at the boy more than but involvement with the Lagasse subway. Moss. AMMONIAC CEO Bada. He knew a dangerous opponent. Doodoo the Shah Khazei genome start. You'll trust issue noon Daloa. That Bush empathy mcelwain Veloso also means paranoid Ga.. COUPLA paranoid gum. GonNa do this Santa or that was. Indian. mcgahan an actress issues. So as much as possible but am overcome. Among Munger Extending Union that Padilla Gus O'Brien open chaos said is mcgonagall communication young. Bella Bureau another thing that you can do by my avoid issue at Dordogne struggle nettle say sacrilege show and. Try not to rush your relationship Magadan delegate careening face where you get to know each other. When you madelene deported long distance you relational or on the board Gustin, your arm thinking you're. Halloween is Issa after three or four days mcgilla who will you the in beginning among Thing dime Barra McCullough Mantra Makila. Anemic. Meaning The island you solution at that they fire at least educate PGA or Mitchell Cage Shah Kwan. But don't you sign up an Dabbagh Jingo Wayne Cy Electron Noble in Young Daloa that is another thing that you can do Barra he meka them I think subban door now. McCain and trust issues. Okay. So we are on our last struggle on my list, and this is what we call. The struggle to being intimate. To Your partner who is Miles and miles away from you on heat up allowing unequal goose mugging intimate Sonya. But of course, he can touch your partner. Of course, you can kiss your partner, of course again at Hug your partner. So unknown that by going an keyed up at US among a specially does among a traditional but I'll saw brown I, how do we do it? Some people they say, yeah, they do it but you know. Since I've been Langdale I go up. So mean say, Badung. ABC became among Bat Oh season fat owner romantically involved. That patsy Grad the Hubbard in at the what gunpoint the dense extreme never video. If you know what I mean. I mean sexting calling or whatever okay. Beside the unit biddle you something. Maga or no record you'll thou- Although Been Academy Allah and more. I don't think you should go that FARC long distance relationship unless Gustav, I mean, why would a million? But you have to remember that once. Nessa Internet Niane. Anassa Internet Niane. So be very careful on what you're gonNA do I. Mean Phone Sex Scher that can work those or that I was looking for earlier sexting. Yes. That can work and also especially nowadays seemed technology sobre advanced Nah you can buy your girlfriend like a toy or something that you can control. So like that you know I mean there people na but beginning topic or at the League Laguna, the lung MMA give in but. I mean that only openness again ethel so. You have to talk it through. You have to have a mutual understanding of what's GonNa. Happen. Cassini biding Golan Kiernan going. In, behind UNAGI I know. So that Batman consent from both parties hitting Lunga going more passing A. Be then Ga that Dago in Mauka cygnus Tomo a Sabin Begin Michele Chanel got up at one nobody Nigga mini game was Shannon caught up at done no Machi the car so that but may consent dogmatic. We believe Thou windy the Dow was in I've been on that oh? No we have to wait until mcgeechan the lower just respect the person. And if you feel like that set, the set up is not gonNA work for you. Just tell the person that it's not GonNa, work for you. Played The game compromise watt. Ev nothing is going to resolve the problem because his annual Gustavus gone go in in. Recent vow at not also hiring a compromise and the High Awadallah need the. In Uni sow nothing beaten up was I own Sabina you're not. You don't feel like. still going on with a relationship Kosei, you need something. You need that particular in intimacy from your partner Queenie may be gay. CEO. Just the respect your partner. Greenie deliver mcguirk out so single Up are at ISA. cassia meaning that they necessarily Sean Keelan lagaan Gila No sexual intimacy Sean M- elaborate man or multi Yuma new Mukasey BP, it'd be guy cassette behind him them in Alami Mahela Halloween Thou Baharom the in Lebanon, Guy Amihai John Shaw or gambling academy mega album leads. Me Leads by a McGee. That boss United. She thing they on top of me leads hero like means on your Abaci Gustavo Binney. Begin Alaso. I am telling you right now you have to be very, very careful in the what you show in a what you give to your partner especially, the LV are. Specially that Internet me very very, very careful. Kasich Guide Guidina made the Wildlife Habitat. All the Mara think is up within a McGee king, the LOA or can't the modern things up one? No alanine new phone. Yeah or Account now someone in it but in like. Beta. Once, Nah not gonNA mutual understanding of you guys can do with at that thing. You'll unheeded up mcgurn very imaginative mind cussing hanging a monkey, your Mukasa my special Lincoln sexting lung or. phone six long at Nikica visually on here up. So very struggling shah. Is Long distance relationship. So, there you have. It ten of the struggles that I feel. Is a very common. Cy Long. Distance relationship I mean none of my leading yancey sound. Traditional their relationship but still it's very struggling sandler long distance relationship is pungent foul CEO. He meanwhile McCall fourth. Up. Went behind. See you in that was skipping malahide shy in Yangshuo, McCall Ford and make Mika San Mateo the bombing advantages skipping Mike Osama barrel Maima Must Miami and disadvantages summer nation ships. No Long Distance. So. Cool million menu is at the same. Them Oklahoma guy just bottom mcguirk. You'll show Mero who? COMMITTED SATI SET ISA Guidina anew by young adapt ones Indiana Mapra Blair Ma bit ogun in your. Is. Issa. Malick Bassani. In the poor kid L. D. R., Ko Mara Arming Marina Mcginn muscle lecturing Johan Nigga Norway Nora Malawian Sakai Mesa traditional now rely shown Songa going along but denying Sahan neela named the poor get mcgillion the Loa it's Mellon Carnegie the all over Dylan along. Side, fact knuckle Ukraine the Loa it can work if you do. worked together. As a couple. A long distance relationship can actually work what you many new Isla Mussina sobbing. I long distance relationship the imminent that by any I long distance relationship no, a lung in one. I long distance relationship who? For sure the umbrella. Mayan. What came up at the Osama exceed. Kasit that but but the nine you said Latman. Foul. Knuckle, hype a Newman, Yari you bug mama new. On NIHILO SACRA hidden Annabel lamb veal Dumas thing subway newell at setting less show Metal Ko. Selah Heightening Nessa Long Distance Relationship Zayn about the hypothetic Bahrain. The ANIELA HATA game he how? But denying you someone Donna now Montgomery you hieaux him be had lung you upper blame Ah, he had lung you media me longest fanshawe Viramune Buhrman gone. Could Deli unrelated show man on Kale gase must admit that bag buddy I stronger you'll bug mama highland new home Berra Samana buggy neighborhood. So I. Guess That's it for episode for day, if you like this episode, please leave a review on whatever podcast platform that you're listening to and all. So if you have any topic in mind that you want me to discuss this episode, please email me add life hunting in MRI gmail.com and also if you are unfazed Burger Instagram, please follow my account. It's life honey in Messi and Young I think that's it. So I'll see you again next week for another episode of life honey an MRI stay safe y'all. Hey thank you for listening I. Just want to remind you that the content of this episode is for informational purposes only based firm life experiences in such. So this this replace professional judgment. All right until next week.

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