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Who Love to read but often. Don't have time to enjoy your favorite pastime. Go to James Miller. Follow DOT com forward slash audible to start your free trial. They have over a hundred and eighty thousand books from all genres. So I'm pretty confident. Your favorite authors books will be there go to James Miller followed dot com forward slash audible and start listening to your favorite book today. Once go to James Miller life algae dot com slash audible to get started today creating proof of your success. There's nothing worse than having a goal by not having anything to show for it. I used to be an adjunct professor and I taught a lot of different psychology courses on one particular course that I love to teach was treatment planning in that treatment. Planning I taught my students how to create an effective treatment plan so each patient would know and be able to prove to themselves that they were making progress in treatment. One of the main things. You really want to focus on anything you do. Is You want to create metrics or in other words. Tanta ways that you can prove to yourself that you are making changes. One of the most difficult things is when we try and create a metric of success for something we can't see we're not sure actually accomplish it. Research states that on average it takes about sixty six times for someone to engage in a habit before it sticks when you're trying to make a goal. It's often good to break that goal down into quarters for example if you have a year goal breaking down into a quarter which is three months and in those three months that's when you continually do something and a stated earlier after sixty six times it becomes a habit so much else for you today. Is this any time? You want to try something new. If you can't put your finger on it and say yes. This is the proof to show that. I'm accomplishing my goals. Then you have to think what are the activities or what are the behaviors? I can do that after a certain period of time. I know I will accomplish my goal. So as you develop own self development goals your own business goals or financial goals. Whatever those may be you want to say. I have to show proof to myself that I am accomplishing goals. Because a more proof you show yourself the more you buy into continually growing developing and that allows for you to ascend to the next level of yourself development and the more you do this the more excited you are because you are accomplishing your goals. Just because you've had a goal in the past and weren't able to accomplish it doesn't mean that today you can't restart that goal because the more proof you have two more successful you'll be. I have a fantastic interview. Dr Jeff Standridge. He is an expert in. How did you become the superstar that you are? He gives you practical tools and techniques in his book the top performers field guide catalysts for leaders superstars. All who aspire to be. This book will give you the road map. You need to be successful person that I know you can't be cessation for this phenomenal interview. I wanted to take just a quick moment to thank you. All who continually support and listen to James Miller Life Allergy. I am so blessed and honored by your continuous supports. However I want to make sure that you don't miss anything exciting. That's happening over here. So good. Or James Miller lifelock dot com or DOT TV and sign up for the Free. Weekly recap each week. I will send you an email. Which has all the latest radio episodes youtube episodes magazine articles and self help products specifically for you once again go to James Miller lifelock dot com or a life allergy DOT TV and sign up for the free weekly recap. Mike yesterday is actor. Jeff Standards who helps organizations and their leaders disrupt the status quo and generate sustained results in the areas of innovation strategy profit growth organizational effectiveness and leadership. Jeff is here today to discuss his best selling book. The top performers field guide catalyst for leaders superstars and all who aspire to be. This book will give you specific tools and techniques to help you be a top performer in your industry. Welcome to my show. Jeff thank you so much. It's a pleasure to be here. Yes I really looking forward to this. I I was reading your backstory. And you've been to five different continents working in consulting that is that's phenomenal. That's amazing you know. If you would've told me that when I was a young child growing up in a small town in South Arkansas that I would circumnavigate the world many times. I would have thought you were crazy. Isn't that amazing? When we reflect on where we were very hard today is quite fascinating insurance. Did you know that you become a leadership expert? I had no idea I had no idea. I knew I wanted to go to college. I'm a first generation. College Student Families Completed College and grew up in a farm town graduated high school with twenty eight. People in fact rammed a four year degree into five and a half years. I I go around and no I did not not understand that I was going to become a leadership expert and then your your daughter's followed suit. Were both wet neonatal. Icu nurses that is fantastic. Yeah for Nina Lights nurses and worked in the same unit where my wife and I met Tony Nine years ago. So that's that's really cool. I always love to hear family legacies. And how you know how one generation starts something in the next generation will continue to help grow and develop. That's really cool education. I'd say changed my family tree. It didn't change ally but it literally changed our family tree and You know Our kids are are very successful. And I I consider that one of the greatest accomplishments is is having daughters who have grown into strong young women That's wonderful and I believe one of them. As soon be sending a lot will also be a physician to well. Actually I have a son in law. That's that's going to be a physician. Oh Gotcha okay per mary. Oh good okay well. Congratulations now. Let's turn into your book because I was really excited about that. So the book top performers field guide catalysts for leaders superstars all who aspire to be now. That topic itself is a huge mouthful. But I think encapsulates so many individuals who are listening right now so we want to focus on entrepreneurs people who are our the business world but also just people in general who want to be top superstars. So why don't yes? Why don't we jump right into the book What would you say? Is the premise of this book. Well I spent a number of years both academically and Organically as a leader within organizations on five continents studying the concept of leadership. What is it that differentiates those people? Who are what? I would call that cream of the crop at the top one percent of performer. The ones who really stand out as superstars from those who are in the masses the average which is most everyone and Spent a number of your studying. That academically had a couple of organizations wanted me to replicate that research within their companies to figure out what constituted high performance within their companies After a couple of consulting engagements I walked away from a A professorship six months from from a tenure review to join the corporate world where I got the opportunity to continue studying leadership on five cont On the premises that that top performance and leadership I kinda put those in the sector. There's leadership where you have responsibility for leading people then there's leadership where you have responsibility for leading yourself results. And what have you and people ask me? Well what did you find your study? And and when? I really boil it down. Top performance and leadership really revolves around the degree to which an individual can ballots to. Thanks and that's result and relationships. Oh interesting if I focused on results at the expense of relationships and I keep a set of kind of legal scales on On my bookshelf. In talking right exactly if I think about that if I if I wait over to the result side if you got resulting relationships on each side of the Scales and if I err on the side of result to the extent that I that I'm wildly on results I'll be successful very very quickly until I alienate everyone around me responsible for helping maintain those results if I air to the other side and focus on relationships at the expense of results. People will love me. They lose respect for me. Because I can't do what I say when I say I'm going to so it's almost like the expansion of what successful looks like. So it's not just one metric that's being used. It's okay which makes a lot of sense so one thing that I really teaches well. Is that balance of how to how to encapsulate pretty much. Everything in one's life to be able to live that to create that metric of success whether that is quality of life whether that's what have you but it is something that if we're not mindful of that we can easily slip into one side or the other. No you're right when you reflect on the five continents from where you work all the places you've been. Is there a difference between cultural? What what it means to be a cultural superstar like in one culture. There is what I would consider minor nuances and some of them not so minor nuances but the interesting thing is when I talk about this concept of results. In relationships it has really translated into virtually every work environment that I've ever been in some environments are a little more focused on the relationship aspect some environments are a little more focused on the results aspect but by and large. I would say the vast majority of the people with whom I've worked over the course of the last twenty five years they get this balanced and they get this conversation around results relationships in the tightrope that we walk Two balances low when it comes to entrepreneurs surveyed say. They don't really have much of much of a team or just starting out. How would they be able to balance between the relationships and results when it comes to their own mom-and-pop shop well the customers they think about the relationships that they have to build to actually Get customers in their store and to keep them coming back and to have them generating word of mouth partners and vendors if they have that supply them with the With the things they need Those those are a couple of ways that they focus on the relationship on the results. Side obviously There there are very few results but they are very critical result in a new. Start a business that that must be delivered and in many of those are around generating new customers generate new revenues and and making sure that those revenues are being managed profitably. How would you help them? Really kind of just slow down and say okay. We really have to focus on both things at the same time because there's I know for me when I first started life. Algae I was like Oh my gosh. There's so much to do just me and it was really overwhelming so thankfully I was able to be successful the way you're saying this as far as the relationships results but it was very overwhelming. What are some practical ways that they can just generate and use right? This second say okay. This is how you could balance those things out. Well one of the things. I like to call like ask organizations and individuals to do is just to step back and say where am I going where am I going and over. What timeframe do I want to get? There is a twelve month. Is it a twenty four month or is it a thirty six month and if it's if it's more than twelve frank let's say it's twenty four month timeframe. I want to be here and be very very definitive and clear about what here actually is. Where are you going? How are you going to know that you've got their win? You get twenty four months out you WANNA be able to look back and say yes or no. I did or I didn't preferably I I DID RIGHT. And so get very very pedantic and specific about where you're going and then you back up from there and say okay if it's twenty four months then what. I have to do in the next twelve months. To get halfway there in verse mcnew at your reverse engineered and then you say okay in twelve months. What I'm going to have to do in the next six months the next three months the next six weeks the next six days and reverse engineered into here the things that I need to do on a regular basis in order to to get where I'm going you know I have found that success is really two things it's it's number one defining what it is and then it's committing to it which means figuring out what you have to pay to get there and start paying. I really liked with you saying that. Because when people start a business or perhaps even therein are an organization of some sort. They may not really know to what end. Where does that look like so they often may have the end result in mind of you know to be incredibly successful which is wonderful but I really like how you break it down to a year? Let's get twenty four months three years however you want to do that but when you are really specific with quantifiable metrics it really creates that roadmap because sometimes if we think so far out and we have creative steps to get there or perhaps the evolutionary steps of what that may look like. Then you're right. We won't really know how. How am I going to get ten years now? If I haven't really looked at what are the steps? I have to write the second. You know. It's interesting I have. I have taught in adult settings College settings actually teach a couple of courses at the university now I've taught at the junior high and high school levels albeit very short periods of time. But I figured out that is not my calling But what I have found is that the subject of goal setting action planning and progress monitoring is probably the most under top subject in any setting. It's it's it's almost completely ignored. And as a result we have a number of people in our in our world today. Who just don't know how to take control of their lives and all their one performance are what had. Yeah without that without those quantifiable metrics. Once again like you said they're just meandering around their their life. How they're going to get there. A swap versus river cuts through canyons. Just kind of spreads out exactly. Yeah I like that. I was looking through the table of contents of your book and my listeners. This is not just some fluff book. He has he has fifty fifty two chapters and I was like. Oh my goodness that is a lot of what I love it. Because they're so practical the techniques that you have in there so I definitely want my listeners. A purchase this book because it is going to give you the methodology. And the step-by-step ways. Which Youtube to be a superstar when you wrote this book what what happened in the world around you that you said okay? I need to write this book. The world needs to read this well. Well it's interesting. I actually started with a different book before this one and it was called the innovators God and the targeted toward Entrepreneurs innovators and organizational changes in its written in much the same format a format. The book Even though it has fifty two chapters each chapter has the same format. A- A TITLE. That's meant to kind of. Pique your interest in a quote that unpack that a little bit a very short reading about two pages followed by some questions for reflection and consideration and perhaps even some action steps and so it it's It's a very digestible book. And that's the reason I have. It is fifty two chapters as one could take a chapter a week and then do the actions at the end at Cetera. No I wrote the after. I wrote the innovator spill guide and it was very successful in a variety of settings from public schools to colleges and universities to nonprofits and businesses. I really went back to my life's work of studying top performance about which I had never really written a line And and so while the innovators field guide was very targeted. I wanted to step back a little bit. And and take the same approach and provide some content that would distill out. Those key taught performance qualities that I can put into digestible format for people to read and adopt and take action on. Well that's perfect. I'm really. I'm really glad you did that with some of my listeners. Who Listening now. Let's say they're working in organizations and they've really trying to grow and develop and become a top performer but perhaps leadership or perhaps just a culture of the organization doesn't really want for change or doesn't really want for sometimes even the superstars. What what advice would you give them to help them to break through that glass ceiling you know used to have people come to be and say and I worked in a billion dollar organization that had multiple levels of leadership? We call them all leaders. And when you had the title leader in your name you were actually a formally recognized officer of the organization with hiring environment compensation responsibilities and so people come to me and say you know. Jeff. I'd like to sit down and just visit with you a little bit. Maybe some maybe some mentoring and yeah. That'd be great. Come come sit down. Let's talk and they come in and say you know I really want to be a leader in the organization and I would say well then go be one. No no no no no. I want to be a leader like you in the organization and I said then go be worth go. Be a leader in the organization and do that consistently and I'm using the the lower case l Leader in an organization and do that consistently and over time An opportunity will arise to provide you with the upper case L. Role of leadership. And so you know really looking at where. Where is it that you want to affect change within the organization and sit down with your with your leader or you're the person to whom you report and have that conversation in gained some type of mutual consensus around how you're going to pursue that change what it is? What's the end result going to Try to produce you know. One of the things about entrepreneurs is eight thirty six percent of all entrepreneurial endeavors fail because the the entrepreneur creates a product or service. That no one wants Jessica Point Severi. Yes they they create a product or service. That doesn't that. Doesn't that not enough? People will buy at the price required to be a prophet one. One concern will in organizations. We do that all the time. Someone gets a great idea. And they run headlong in trying to implement that idea only to find that it fails because they couldn't really articulate the problem that they were trying to solve or the or the problem didn't affect enough people to be worth the effort that goes back to if you don't know if the goals that you have if you haven't really fleshed out with that looks like a where you're wanting to go then yeah it's not going to be successful. Yeah so so. What we just talked about is is taking an individual who you know. We talked about the reverse engineering approach. The same thing happens in an organization is figure out. What's the business problem? You're trying to solve the the the opportunity that you're trying to seize get agreement with your leader of of that that is one that's worth chasing and then reverse engineer. What has to happen to actually get there. it's funny. We were talking about this. Yesterday I was consulting with with a of mine and he had just started this new job and he but he has this desire to be entrepreneur so we started this new position. He's like but I also WanNa do as a side hustle. Why don't get focus on what you're doing at this full time position? I said why. Don't you take the entrepreneur aspect and do exactly what you just said. I said as you become invested in this company look at some of the pitfalls or ways. In which you can. I'm augment someone else's dream a dream of someone else's business always started as an entrepreneurial endeavor and then you create a way in which you can then kind of piggyback off that or look at ways in which to improve and enhance it and from there you then would create this job detail and without job detail then would allow you to make more money for yourself and to be able to arise higher in the organization. So I'm so glad I'm talking to an expert like you hearing that. Perhaps my console console was wise so that is good so when when it comes to some of the pitfalls of just say leader leadership in general so let's say I'm a leader of an organization and here I am I've I've kind of hit that glass ceiling myself and I've kind of lost some of my drive in lost someone we motivation and all of a sudden. I was once a top performer. And now I'm not that trickle down effect does affect the culture. What advice would you give for leaders? Who maybe have that moment of self reflection as wait a minute. I have lost. Perhaps my Mojo fuel you know I found out that I would lose my Mojo occasionally earlier in my career and it was probably in my mid forties early forties that I really started to ask. What's my calling when what what am I uniquely. Gifted to do some people call it their personal mission their purpose in life. I like to refer to it as a calling and I believe is some people their vocation is they're calling. My wife was a nurse practitioner. My daughters are nurses. Mahathir law was a pastor counselors people in the helping professions. They get the privilege of getting up every day and going to work and earning their living while fulfilling her calling bin there. Other people whose vocation hopefully supports. They're calling and I put myself in that category I was working for a large. It company selling data to to marketers. Better try trying to better target their consumers and I was pretty convinced that that wasn't my calling But but but what was an in so at when I start to receive feedback from folks and they would tell me what I was good at and where I had helped him with this or help them with that. I came to this understanding. That my own unique gifting. If you will was to create new insights that lead people better ways of living and working. And that's what I was doing with the five hundred plus people I had in my organization on five continents. I was solving problems for them. I was making work easier for them. I was helping them balance their lives with their work. I was helping them achieve their objectives. And it's why I wrote this book and it's why I speak on leadership. And what have you? And so when I figured out the intersection between my vocation and my calling. It was a complete and total game changer for me. Wow so I would encourage those those entrepreneurs those leaders organizational Folks who feel like that. They've lost their Mojo to snap back and really begin to contemplate what what is my calling. And where does that intersect with? While work is my calling my job or his. Does my job support my colleague that really very profound so a lot of this has to do with just people sometimes just forgot to perspective or forgot the foundation. For why do they do. That's exactly right and sometimes you just have to step back and and understand you know what what where that connection is. I can't imagine how I worked for you know I guess I was forty two at the time so how I worked for almost twenty five years not really understanding this connection between what. I'm really gifted in uniquely qualified to be doing what I'm called to do. And and how it intersects with the -cation well I think it kind of goes back to what you were saying before as well as if a person starting out and if they don't really have a clear cut with quantifiable metrics of where they want to be. Let's say a year or three years or twenty four months. Whatever it may be I think sometimes when people are in established leader they forget that they haven't arrived at the end of their career to have two know. Click new iteration of that. I think research states I think about five iterations or five transformations for each person in life and so with that they have those metamorphosis or change of of I think it is roughly five times and so I think many people do forget that when they are at the top of their career top of their of the maybe the executive branch now from forget that. There's still so much more they can do and fast because I know sometimes I do that. Can cause us if you like. We don't what's getting you're losing your Mojo in somewhere well and I stepped away from our corporate career To To do my own consulting coaching business and when I did that it enabled me to fulfil that calling discovered in years previous. It enabled me to do that. Even almost It almost transformed my ability to do that are exponentially increased my ability to fulfill that calling. And and you know being able to reinvent yourself in the physical world to earn a living so that you can fulfil your calling in the grander scheme of things. That's really I think what it's all about. And that's why I think those transformations occurring people. Yeah that is so. That's so inspiring. I really hope my listeners are picking up on obviously your energy but also just the aspects of where you are today. Does it mean to you have to be tomorrow? Changes change is a way to just simply have a conversation with someone our conversation with yourself understanding where you want to go and then creating reverse engineering the steps. You need to take to be able to accomplish that goal. That's right Dr Jeff Standards. It has been absolute pleasure having my show. Thank you so much for wisdom. If my listeners would like to find out more information about you to work with you and purchase your books and the book we talked about today. A top performers field guide CATALYSTS FOR LEADERS SUPERSTARS ALL. Who ASPIRE TO BE. Where are they find this information online? Best Place to find me that Jeff Standridge DOT COM J. E. F. F. stand on a ridge standards dot com perfect. Why also note that if they're not able to find your book one more time to top performers field guide catalysts for leaders superstars all who aspire to simply go to the previous guests products in both source at other. James Miller life algae dot com or life Ozzy Dot TV. Dr Jeff Standards. Thank you once again for your wisdom. I appreciate all your work. It's been my pleasure and thank you so much. I also want to thank you my listeners for tuning in today please subscribe to this Radio. Show ever portal. You join me today. Also please go to my website. Were you may sign up for the free weekly Recap Watch. My youtube episodes. Read the articles I've written specifically for you. Purchase my previous guests self-help products. 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