French Open Day 14 - Brilliant Barty Wins First Grand Slam; Thiem Takes Out Djokovic


Hi, I'm John McEnroe on board. This is Martina Navratilova, a massive Lander. I'm Sandra Rinker enlighten, you? I'm Andy Murray. And you're listening to the tennis podcast. We have a new champion a new grand slam champion name is Bharti of Australia, and it was achieved in the most sensational style from her point of view wasn't dramatic. It wasn't extravagant, but it was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. I'm David law. This is the tennis podcast brought in association with the telegraph. And I'm joined by Catherine where to get imperative Catherine. Ada doing it. David thing it's not good. His birthday. He might undo staying in, in McCue where I find myself right now. Oh well, there we go. You've been saying all along, the mature is responsible, and she is a few million richer fifth champions, literally seem. So we've also got that robots Halimat. Hello, David, it's, it's not the same as we're in three different places. Whereas you were sort of crowded around a media cafe table with some pretty revolting food in front of you. But great company and general. But anyway, we're here, virtually on the tennis podcast. And that's a great start the final, obviously followed the resumption of the men's semifinal today and. Well, it was our worst fears realized really wasn't in terms of it starts time. We had the men coming on call at the appointed time that they'd been given Novak Djokovic against dominant team. Let's take it in that order, although I wanna talk about the the, the chief innovation party as the central point of the podcast, but it feels like the day started where it did, and ended up influencing that women's final. So I feel that we should we should start there the match should self. It was again played in ferry high winds resuming, once at all three one two team. And then Jackovitch came out to the immediately broke serve, Catherine. What, what was the condition like out there compared to say last night when we were talking? Been for what happened yesterday, which was sort of apocalypse level win. We'd have been saying made today's windy, but actually from saying, oh, the win Windstar down a bit, because, you know, it was an it wasn't a total sandstorm out there, but it was still very, very windy. But today Jovic had the either tiger about it, obviously sort of hypnotized himself overnight into believing that he could fight through the wind and he just came out. Absolutely middling it, and I thought and just looking laser focused, absolutely laser focused. I mean donate team did end up winning that third set, but not before being being breaking back by Djokovic. She took seven five. I think in the end and then, again the laser focus returned the start of the fourth and it she turned into more of a sort of cat and mouse type match tactically than I was expecting. I thought it would just be big beefy. Agricultural Dominic team groundstrokes versus the relentless depth in staying power of never Jovic, and it wasn't it was quoted slicing and dicing Dominic team. I've been a bit skeptical about his slice in the post, but he's been playing it so much that it's a it is a vast improved show. I still think it has a little way to go, but he was drawing Jovic into the net. And you know, it's tough at the net and windy conditions, and it was, I think, because it started to pay dividends, he sort of stuck with that tactic. And there was a lot more going on variety in tactics wise, than I was. That for me. I think we were exchanging messages about that particular slice backhand, and that being an area of concern for him as to whether he needed to really be trying to blast his way through jock vich, or at least playing really heavy tennis in the wasn't moment when Jacob issues coming back at him when it just felt like he'd gone into lockdown mode, and the only way that team was going to be out of beat that jock of each was playing Stanford Rinker twenty fifteen final sort of tennis. He got over the line in that third set as you say, Catherine dominate team did jock of each then came again, but it all the way through mats. It seemed to me had that feel of unpredictability neither one of them was taking the initiative, and then running away and gaining in confidence from being ahead. They, they just can't on lapsing part of to the repayment. But I was surprised at jock itch in that way that he didn't manage to sustain some of his runs in order to get the job done. I was two and he got a bit distracted by things. I think there are kind of three yucca vich is I often think they could have peaked your Vicks, where he's in a mode is relentless, nothing gets in his way. And that's the best version of himself. And then there's the worst of h where he doesn't emotionless. He's fly doesn't react to anything and this today was conviction the middle which was everything was affecting him. And sometimes that can bring out really best tennis. And sometimes it can go. Oh the other way, I think today it slightly the other way because he came out in lockdown MO, but he lost it. And he coughed up some really strange errors at times. But I wanted to say on teams variety and kind of sort of the slice and the drop shots. I mean if Karros was watching that, Matt, she would have been smiling because we will heard that interview. He said the way to beat Djokovic is to bring him in and make him uncomfortable. And I'm not sure I quite agree that KIRO systems of tactical mastermind who's who's sort of crack the code on academic base on a couple of wins. He had against him. But team did play smarter match than I think he would have done a couple of years ago. I think I think we did see the, the kind of new team in message to, to that the immediately springtime one is that on the matchpoint itself, he actually set up the winning shot with a backhand slice cross court really deep floated and Jackovitch was really able to get anything. No notable on the backhand cross-court and there, it was sitting up and team pull the trigger any any landed. And he won the match. I think if you slice well to Djokovic, she's back canned he, he struggles to generate a lot of pace on, I think federal had some. Success in that. But team doesn't quite after slice of federal, but it's it's good when he hits it. Well, and as you said it sets up his massive four hundred and it takes me about nearly twenty years to queens when Lleyton Hewitt was in his absolute pump, and he was he, he was about to go into Wimbledon, and he was winning everything. He'd won the US open, and I remember him hem in Todd Martin having a conversation in the locker room about how how'd you beat this guy with an attacking game because he's the best return in the world is the best Lauber in the world. He's the best mover in the world. So, so how can I serve volleyer get past him and Todd Martin? It had got to the conclusion, the way to do. It was with what he called junk. We're just trying to give him Dolly shots up the middle not ready. Give him much pace make him put all the pace on the board. And he actually got quite close Martyn did. And then Henman went against him in the final at queen's. And he said, I thought try it and he did. He tried. Slice and dice game really not going for anything really at all. And had sort of marginal success, but ultimately plays with much bigger games, and more rounded games like Federer and late in doubt, obviously Jackovitch now with the ones that too much for Lleyton Hewitt back then. But I do find that adapting of his game for dominant team. Very, very interesting. But the there was another rain delay Catherine, and there was actually a pretty massive choke from from dominant team wasn't he fired three automatic one stage closing victory. And then he he lost. He lost his serve when he was trying to serve it out. You had two match points that didn't he did. Yeah. You had to successive match points at forty fifteen and just sort of. Yeah. Choked, basically missed. I think four shots in a row just hand hand. The game to your age he she kept on shaking out his right on didn't he? It was very you know, his is on with leaden, and he clearly tightened up there have been in. I mean been he did. So, well, I mean, yes, that was a moderate mental, lapse, but most of the metal up ups and downs in, in the much even in the resumption today with from Jovic you know, that was a he was given a time warning for the time. He was taking on serve by the unpire and image to take a deep breath and keep his cool about it at the time. But then several games later wanted lost that third-set sat down at the change of ends and gave the unpire, she sure he the empire wars of not looked vaguely familiar, but he's not one that I'm, I'm not hugely familiar with his back. Catalogue of work gave him a ROY talking to really sort of, you know, quite serene Eskin terms of, you know, who do you think? Hugh, all. Do you have a play tennis? I actually the that really. Well, he just said, sort of. Yes, yes, I remember Jim Courier years ago, saying you just trying to get in the papers twenty years ago, and you're kinda gave him one of those you said, well done, you've made a name for yourself or something like that. Heats, the moment I understand. But it's not a not a great look. Right on the edge at that stage, Chuck E T took to the court for the for the full, sir. I was thinking, you know, sit to pass for Rinker when we talked about how he seemed emotionally right on the edge. That's an I thought that was the case for jerk rich. And then suddenly, he just hung his down stocks playing just brilliant, relentless metronomic. Focused tennis again. Nothing, right. Okay. He's, he's channeled brilliantly in and here he goes. And then and then the rain comes and then go, I mean, I don't even quite remember all if the circus like events from full fifth sorta shows limitations to that metronomic game on a on a clay. It's not quick doesn't it in in as much as a guy with a really destructive game? I mean I have to say explosive games that you said to me a few weeks ago, Katherine and you arrive about people that have Rinker and team and the Dow people can just make the ball explode off the surface with, with extra spin, can ultimately be too much for pla- with with depth on that surface. And, and just accuracy, you have to have a bit more on your own. What was it like in the aftermath Catherine in the press corps because we've had a lot of chats about what went on with the. Calling off of the match last night and the extra play. And, and a lot of people concerned that jock of it should apply pressure to, to leave or he'd he clearly wanted to leave. We saw that when he was on the court he wasn't enjoying it. And I've seen it many times where players are, you know, trying to get out the door and say, isn't it time? We stopped now and I think this has got to stop. This is ridiculous heard all these sort of things from players before two referees and supervises and so forth. What, what did Jackovitch say when he was questioned about it, and what did team say and normal for love? Neither either them. I went to that press conferences, and also intervening period between them those press conference, given by nNcholas Masih Dominic teams, cage and actually being these press conferences meant that I missed almost all if the women's final, and as did, I think most of the journalists because very understandably that was a huge story that. The reactions to their Spanish of what went on last night. It was a huge story, I believe is a, you know, a big talking point in terms of, you know, the full starts on the women's final, which we will get onto, but yes, I was at all three press conferences Jovic is I was probably the most dramatic not necessarily in terms of what he said. I think if you read a transcript he'd be pretty underwhelmed by it. He gave a lot of credit to team. He was obviously, obviously gutted but me. Relatively philosophical wasn't drawn on anything about last night. Just said they were pretty much the worst conditions ever played in said that he and Dominic with both consulted before play was cooled off last night, and he didn't leave the court didn't leave the stadium the, the, the site before being told that play had been cooled off every question apart from that he, he gave pretty short shrift and you said. That's the organizers the organizers, he was cutting questions of before the journalist, even got the words, he was just saying, you know, with a with a real looking of, I'm not getting into this. This is one of the worst moments of my career, not getting into that. Just just. Absolutely. It was having any of it, which, which I think I was expecting. He straighten the press comas room. She usually does off to defeat saves extremely rule. You know, he wanted this so badly so badly, we was going for something Ottey extrordinary here would have been extraordinary, and it's gonna be a tough one to take in probably in his mind. He lost it g to number of circumstances outside his control. I mean, whether that's throw interpretation, I think is, is up for debate because actually, I think. A lot of the extraneous factors did the best to help him out. I mean, he played better of every single one of the rain delays, I think there were three entitled, the couse the today's and probably with a great deal of assist to tomorrow, inviter. He came out and played so much better of every single one of them. So I'm not sure there's too much to re in terms of circumstance for Fano joke of it. And I think also he would still have gone onto lease that much if it continue playing right into the glorious evening that we had in Paris yesterday. So I didn't I dominate team didn't say much either. He said, look, yet we both consulted. He said, I was all right with it. But then he very quickly moved conversation onto to tomorrow. He didn't wanna do. All he wanted to be forward-looking. He's not good a lot of time to prepare for this final tomorrow, and he didn't want to spend. Any of that time to Elling on what happened last night, but she can understand we'll get we'll, we'll have a brief preview that at the end of the show, the, the final to come tomorrow. The men's singles final she'd say, by the way, I out of the corner. My, I've got the doubles fine line here, and it's an absolutely packed house on the Suzanne Lenglen court. Fantastic. Me, Jeremy shoddy and Fabri small town who is not a player of seen before six six inches tall. They're second down and five seconds as I come to you against Kevin Kravitz who's not a player. I think I've seen before and his partner Andrius are read and how to say this MIR's or Myers, both German, and yeah. The crowd just jumping up and punching him Levin atmosphere out there as they weren't really in the women's fine at the start because, as you said, we had a long delay for rain and in the end, I think the women's final got onto court an hour and twenty minutes after its shed you'll start time and it was just it was pretty depressing Radi. That was that of the day. And it was it was kind of pretty much worse case scenario what we feared might happen. It was a long men's matchups. Great men's match then. There was a rain delay, and then you've got this stadium just with all the energy sucked out of it. And on come to first time grand slam finalist with with the Boca flowers, each and it just it just didn't feel right? It didn't feel how it should fail. It ended with with a great scene in the end because Ashburn was absolutely sensational today. I mean she barely put a foot wrong Hammett of, of that much. Did you see what was your take on the actual tennis? Well, yeah, I saw it all. And I think it would be fair to say that it was a combination of things that brought about the final scoreline, which was very one-sided in, but he's parties favor. And the first one was Andrea shiver didn't really have much of a fair chance. Big, given that she's nineteen years old, her first time even setting foot on Shatt trae the occasion, the uncertainty. If the start time I am action that really did affect her because she did look quite nervous. I mean Andre Andre Medvedev, said to me in the week, you know, these players are not robots. They do get affected by things. And especially when you're nineteen. And so it was a shame. We didn't see the best version of from drew shiver. We did see the version of actually party who was superb. I think. She, you know, we talked about this being shift kind of stylish, tennis and crofton variety. And she has shown, I think that she has that in abundance and is better at it than anyone else in the world is just sucks, you joy to watch and not only her slice back Cam which caused from three Shiva lot of problems, but her forehand, particularly her footwork, a willingness to hit the forehand talks been four, and it's such a weapon on clay, when you also throw in her serve. She must be the best maximize of serve I can ever think of five foot five but she hits a lot of aces. A lot of power. He's got the kick. And once she got a break, and he said he was able to just control things on her serve and actually, I would say Catherine perhaps, it's the first play we've seen against Vondra chevette who she just didn't really have an answer against. I mean that's. Sets out of six in them at his that they've played. And I was watching Pat cashing about cross talk about it in, in your coverage today about how she would just drift this backhand slice time after time after time into this little quadrant of the court in that, back and corn. Or the four hand corner for the left-hand advan Russia and she just she just couldn't deal with it. She didn't. She couldn't use our own slice against it when it went onto back inside and turn into the drop shots. None of that stuff words, he's got a billion tennis brain hasn't she? She's just got the perfect tennis, brain just seeing on Twitter actually wonder if this is what? What if seen on Twitter is reminded that Andy Murray in January, she joined the Australian Open at January loss Jeb, and, of course, flown out there hoping to play ended up having the first of what's been a coupla surgeries? And then flying home he did an ask Andy session because he use with, like back home in London. And he was oast by one person, which young female tennis play. Do you think has a brilliant future ahead of her, and where would Ashburn you've been ranked in John? We've lost we can look that up. But I think certainly outside the world's top thirty. I think and he replied sporty, and I suspect that tennis brain that tennis cunningness, which is obviously something that, that Andy Murray has as much, if not more than anybody else that I think he sees in her and sore in her then unless a heck of a pig. I know that we haven't known about both these talent for a long time. You know, she's a she was a genie grandson champion. But I think too, yeah. Yeah. She's. Winning genie gone slums is a guarantee of absolutely nothing as we've as we've talked about on, on recent podcasts say deny. Deny record this baron case or lychee we're con these people, you know, should incidentally, she, she had inside the just about inside the top twenty at the start of twenty eighteen year earlier from that she'd been three hundred in the world because obviously, she'd had all that time off. So she'd managed to regroup and get back on the circuit and start to move towards it. But in the next year, the next twelve months, Yanni rose two places. The jump that has taken place. This year has been a real coming of age, I think mentally emotionally of an end in terms of that feeling of belonging. We always talk about imposter syndrome, and I'm sure she somebody who doesn't have such an inflated view of self that she just assumed that she belongs at the very top from from day one. I think that that's something that she's had to, to get used to. Yeah. We'll again see save to us if. Courtney and the WTO inside. Can I read you a quote from Ashbourne this time last year? She said every week on clay is a week closer to gross. That's amazing. Grosses favorite surface, her best surface, which is mind boggling 'cause that's why she's gonna be next week in eat, try telling me, she's not the favorite for Wimbledon, kiss. She's, she's one while in garrison. I think she's better on grows. She's the most quipped player, a tall isn't she? Yeah. And she's and she's a new number two. Yeah. So I'm Bharti wanted to in the world. How cool is that who, who would possibly thought this might happen? Well murray. Yeah. Yeah. Somebody else's are we thinking about your moment of clever in stave it that? For that one moment in seven years, or I guess it was brilliant. Hey, we'll fool house yesterday. We were amazing. Basically every day folks during the French show from we send out a newsletter every morning. You can get on the list, if you want will advertise link on Twitter, and we put our prediction of the day on, and I mean, honestly, I've, I've come up with, with a went on a four day run of getting everyone wrong. But then last night or the day before we, we made three predictions one of them held overnight. I said, Vondra shiver in two sets Catherine said team in five sets and Matt said, Nadan three cents. So we got a full house so yeah, we all smoke and we're gonna not gonna apologize for it. Come on out with it. Well, come on saying saying a month ago that body's going to win a grand slam this year was come on. That was quite good. It was all collectively, it was wonderful rule time greats so doing now trying to take sort of pulled cast family ownership of that prediction. I'm actually not to irritated by it because I'm it's offset by the fact that I'm very happy. Fresh boaty. Yeah. First of all time, I tell you what that, that picture with the trophy from when she was kid in two thousand seventeen years ago, she's twenty three she would have been six years old. The pitcher for stood with a tennis racket clutching trophy looking like the cutest, most edible, little thing in the world. That is just absolutely everybody. Is tweeted it today. Apparently, she's really not found of that photo. Yeah. Right. Is it is everywhere, actually, I wouldn't by any papers tomorrow. If I we I think you'll be seeing it a few times. I did you think you read the player's Tribune peace with her sisters from maybe a couple years ago, I read it today, just describing what she's like and, and what they're like, is a family, and I don't know it just it's it is a really feel-good story, isn't it because Austrailia has has really lapsed this up? I mean she is so them isn't she? She they, they really, they really get her. It's, it's, it's just a lovely story. And I mean, I, I agree with you. I think she could move on from here and her game is solid absolute. She can do this on play my goodness. You know, we might suddenly have a period where she well, she she could be well, number one, and, and she probably will be in the not too distant future. And she come be a threat. I'd put it put any stronger than that she can be. A threat to every grand slam. She enters high on. That's really that's really to say that the world number-two every grand slam. She enters David's. That is a redundant comment. Kerber is not a threat to Ronin girl says she nine okay? But you know most of the mall. Yeah. Okay, I'll give you free pass because of the general. The general brilliance of your body predictions but. Even you've ended on a bum note that Dave. We've just had the most wonderful say in on on kill courses along with the German, Pat Kravitz, amaze actually hitting a winning volume both falling similar tiniest flat on their backs as they've just won the doubles title. It's a bit of a balloon Popper for the stadium because the French pair of shoddy Martin, heaven one, but anyway, a lovely saying these guys, one of them's right? Two hundred in the world. You know, these are not household names. You've just won the doubles title, but brilliant story, crafts and mice, I'm gonna have to go and look them up a little bit more standard image about him. The men's singles final tomorrow dominate team. He was beaten in straight-sets by Rafael on the Dow last year a we are we going to get a closer singles final tomorrow? Catherine go. I think it's going to be an getting close. I think he's gonna get a set I think it's going to be competitive for a little while and he's going to get closer, but he's not going to get the team that is the dole is going to get their twelve scrim singles title at Roland Garros for reform analysts, a prediction Kettering, where to go. What about you, Matt? I agree. I think. In for I was looking team has never got more than full games in a set against the dollar at Roland Garros. I think they've played nine cents but I do think he's much better plan now. But I think that oh, be too strong. And if he gets to twelve that, that would put him his role, Garros titles, alone would be. Joint fifth on the all-time. That's ridiculous. So he's won as many running titles is Roy, Emerson wound grand slam titles. People ahead of him would be Pete Sampras, fourteen Djokovic fifteen and then and then adul- kind of really counting. So then federa so forth. I mean it's a joke. How is this happening, right? Okay. Is there anything else with missed I think we're done for the night. We're gonna come. I you know, it's a shame that donate ten it would have been the same joke, which, of course, it's a shame that he's not gonna diverse the window has going into the fine lumber anything. That's a massive shame. And it is going to make it less of a final Somme. Got a really hope they take stock of this fortnight I know that they have had weather issues. It's been rough and if they get a roof next year, they will certainly benefit from it. But I don't want that to just be the answer to all their problems in their minds. I feel that they need to look at this shedule and, and think it through an actually be prepared to be self critical because that that's how improvements are made is you got to sometimes accents when you when you've got it wrong, and they've got a number of things wrong this, this vote night. And, and that's certainly one of them. If this would've bearing the head in this, but we're gonna have a wreath next year. We're going to be fine. We'll you still have to make a lotta shedding decisions with the reef. And they they've made so many howlers this year. Honestly, it's been it's been a shocker it's been an obstacle from the point of view of the women's tournament, you have to care about those inequalities in order to change them, and they need to have that self examination and acceptance that, yeah they need to maybe do something differently. I except when she made the decision you've got yourself into into tricky position, the way the hadn't in the weather works against them. It becomes very difficult to get yourself out of it, but don't just say, always not apple. You know, the, the, the circumstances, go away and self reflect is my is money just quickly on on, on that point, because I've had a lot of people saying, oh, will, you know, the players don't mind they seem really relax. You know it is. About the players to, to small degree. I d think it as pointed out very well. Do you think probably was very difficult for them today? But this isn't really in the white scheme of things about the place. Just as a small example. You know, we'd prepared a half hour show. Power running order building up to the women's final entirely dedicated to the women's final with fee t content with with, you know interviews with by finalists to sort of give a bit of background on them because oversee for the casual Tonneins view than very well nine you know, giving it the proper up the proper platform that it deserved and due to how things pan out today about fifty percent of that. Go canned and fo- by the wayside, and there's just never been seen, and that's not right. It's not Ryan Russia. Okay, Catherine, you rest up one more day, the French Open to go, Matt lovely time you with us as always on the tennis podcast. We hope you have enjoyed this our panel to at one of the fortnight's. We'll be back again tomorrow after the men's singles final bring you any of the results of note that have taken place, as well. We are executive produced by tennis balls dot com out Matt Scott Israel with the why with produced an association with ten we'll be back tomorrow. See that.

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