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Coming Soon: Tell Them, I Am


Hey, everybody. It's me media. Usa, aloe. Okay. Am I just doing? Okay. Cool. Cocoa cocoa. Tell me who you are. And what your best known for? Oh, man. I just came from therapy. So that questions like, oh, who am I this is tell them? I am. I am Dina cog. I am the dancer choreographer ball Taybeh. I used to introduce myself as an actor until I had kids. So now, I'm a dad, and then I'm an actor. A husband, and a friend and a son and a brother and a citizen. When was the last time, you got to decide who you are. When did you decide you were funny or spoiled or shy or the kind of person who loves a good, I told you? So when was the last time you got to tell your own story. Thank you so much for listening to mystery. This is one of those things I mentioned before that. I just like, I it's the biggest thing and most important thing that has happened in my life. But something that I don't talk about with people that I mean, I love this rap song. You know, alkyl rap about whatever. I was just the player. I guess I don't remember. I'm only saying it's okay for me be Muslim because everyone else says that I can't begin Muslim. And I am. So I'm just saying that I am. And he's like, okay, I get you. So the part that I get really stuck in. And then I'm curious about like your impression of delay person. What does that phrase really mean? Like, I am. I was I will like what like, yeah. Why answer in that way? Like, that's such a bizarre thing. Right. Like, it's funny that we have turned that into a name. Right. We say what is the name of the God that Bose's met in the desert? His name is y'all way. But that's just a Hebrew word. That means I am. I was I will be the deity didn't say tell them. I am Galway. Does not what he said. He said tell the miam- tell them. I am. An episode every weekday this Ramadan. Wherever you listen to podcasts.

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