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Called the will the bars was called the whippersnapper but right now they've made it to the theme of the Office of Right now is called. Of course you went. Yeah and I did office Trivia last weekend and I got third place. We went from six place third third place and we still don't get prizes and oh I hate. I hate losing well. Don't you think Blick old for you. The office whatever that show every get old now over. I love the office I loved how about your mother but then it just kinda comes up with other shows. Yeah like okay so aw I wanted to the morning show I already finished it. Oh this was. Steve Corral Corral and he it so it's so weird because I went you know like benching offices visit Trivia and then I saw the morning show and it was he. He's such a good of an actor like he's I mean like it's known he's a bad guy on the show. Well not a bad guy. No because you know he's fired from the B like before the show even even know that you didn't watch the trailer. No Oh okay. Well the trailer even tells you that. So I don't think it's a spoiler alert. Hells you spoiler anyways. But he does such a good job of playing playing like this like this that character that he plays on the show and that I sort of felt like Achey afterwards. And I'm just like to. I like Steve Curl anymore an L.. Like that's how good of an actor. He has like debating like a good guy or is he a good by good guy. Bad Guy Can Joffrey if you saw him on the street in real life or like the like the actor or the character in real life. Oh Yeah I'm sorry. See it same thing with like Lena Haiti who plays search Lancaster. Though see I it's separate that because I feel like I'm not as emotionally invested as probably you are but a lot of people are yes it's hard to get over that got to do like a second look for the dude that please King Joffrey and then be like okay. The you're not really good guy who's another like bad person. I was really matter will ferrell and Idris Elba and the Office for like replacing Michael and being mean to Michael Scott which is character. Okay so talk about that okay. Oh that's it. I've been addicted to the show. I need somebody to process to show with me because of how it ended and luckily this was also also announced when the before the show aired. So it's not a spoiler either Zoric. There's two seasons were slated for the show for like from the beginning winning so when the show was announced it will there will be two seasons and I didn't know this until I started reading the articles because I was like I need more anymore. Need validation and then it was like it was announced announce it okay so I get another season so I'll watch it no report back because somebody could actors in that show right Steve Carell and there's Innocent does an amazing job reese Witherspoon Kinda cracked me up. Roll A lot. Because he has to play like this reporter and her serious face Sometimes look like she was about to start laughing at any minute And so I like I. It was just funny to watch okay. It was good. We'll check it out and we'll see so what's in the news. Let's talk about some like I feel about this story. I don't know how you feel about this but the og from the OC saying goodbye who's the OJ. Oh what's your name Vicky Vicky Vicky is leaving the real housewives of Orange County also book terror teen years. That's crazy but what is she going to do. Uh we'll see a real season working on new projects being citing empowering and inspirational idols. He also has a podcast coming. Oh we should listen to do you think she is a strong enough character to have our own project like her own show now. Yeah I don't think I think she needs that drama. Pick on picking on people but she was scared. I mean she's been I mean. I think through every long-term relationship I've been in. I've watched that with my girlfriend. At the time had an watched her throughout the thirteen years is eight your choice to watch the show. I'm not indulge a Jane Doe Maar. This is what we do. We we compromise so we watch my show domain. Watch her show in your show is the the house was of Orange County know. Well I like Atlanta that drama. No but I like different different kinds of shows but typically women don't like my shows I I like blood and guts and gory stuff. Remember Spartacus. Now cinemax sex. Yeah so so good. What else? So she is leaving. I really think that her like the whole thing like really was her downfall. And it's so funny because I know that she wants to forget it. We all went up for. Forget him too but man. She lake was wrapped around this jude and jude was the worst human in the whole wide. Receiver the like. I mean. I didn't even killed his teeth. Were messed up. She had to pay for his teeth in. Its against him because he he was just he was just a jerk. So someone else's also leaving the real housewives of Orange County damage. Oh I liked her shoes. I up really see is like in her fifties I think she she reminds me not as good as a Jaylo Jaylo. Oh my gosh so chairman's is leaving too and I'm so sad She said that she is leaving because she said that her family really want her to like not be on the show like she would stop being on a shot and it's kind of like that's what's happened just like a natural progression like wanting to be out of it thirteen years. I think maybe also well. Yeah that's a long time. Yeah Um that's over our like issues right was she. The one of the original of was she came on either. I think she came. These three but Vicky has been on the show since the beginning. Let's let's sucks for her to show now but maybe it's time it's time to rejuvenate the characters name being. I'm just not a fan of Gina on the show. She just you know I think she'd do better on the New York. New York should should get like guys because it's twenty twenty Hashtag so the real house by may be a housewife and you're a house husband husband. No gooby housewife wants to to. UNLV housewife came out. I'll let Andy Cohen ow. Let me drink this bottle of wine and then I'll mess contrast okay so the Super Bowl is coming. And what is the best part of the super bowl the foot commercial radio commercials theon no right. No one wants to watch the commercials watch marshals. It's all noise. Now you're basis. No what's noise. It's you buying shit after the you watch those commercials. I never buy anything. They're not funny. They're funny they're entertaining to judge them. If if you're funny the commercials if you want funny go to the Hyenas Comedy Club out how much I love. The Dallas judging makes me happy funny judging commercials what Foothills Me Watch I love Lucy. Oh Gosh go ahead of any show so in preparation for the Super Bowl. Somehow Mr Peanut say penis. No Mr Peanut you know okay. WHO The guy with the monocle? We've known him. Yes as the mascot for plane turn died yet he died. He died preparation by the Super Bowl. Yes he did. How does how does a fake cartoon die okay? The twitter account called the estate of Mr Peanut. It said in a tweet on January twenty second. We're devastated confirmed that Mr Peanut is gone. He died doing what he did. Best having I think people's back when they needed him the most Hashtag are peanuts. It's ridiculous so his funeral. I wonder if his family of how his family feels about his death. There's can I finish. Kazuki has a pre-nup with us. Mr Peanuts funeral members impression for the Super Bowl will air during the third quarter. The Super Bowl deb. Ury second into do you think what what kind of coffin is going to be in. Is it going to be like a I. Don't know what do you think like a ring box. Do you want to know Mr Peanuts. FO- name name. What is his realm? You Richard Haass. Carol Hyphen. Smith taught my just made this up just though he was born in. One Thousand Nine Sixteen So he you do the math. He's one hundred and two four because it told me right here but sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen my fingers torn. Okay for right okay. So everyone was tweeting just support for Mr Peanut. Do you think thank you had kids. Well that's what I'm trying to wonder how he had sex with his partner and all I know is that apparently had an estate Those kids are going to be so set and the wife you know if if I wonder if he cheated on her you think they had a good relationship. Let's hope he was always classy. Always always crunchy and always cleaned up. Nicely will miss him said Mr Clean. Here's the here you you go. Here's one for you and sending thoughts and prayers to Mr Peanuts family. If he has a family. I'm not actually sure you know. He's one of those celebrities. I don't remember no celebrities that likes to keep your family behind the scenes like dress up as Mr Peanut for Halloween out I do it. They should have a peanut funeral. I'm GONNA have a monocle. They are. They're going to have a funeral apparently in the commercial where he sacrifices themselves. It was to save Wesley. Snipes and Matt Walsh So there you go that said fucking fucking news but we at least get to have commercials during the superbowl and then we get to the part of Mr peanuts funeral mhm Monday through watching the football. Obviously I'm not even going to watch probably L.. I am curious because again. It's about the commercials. Okay Fun oh I will talk about them talk about them. I will talk. And then you're gonNA yourself. We'll be like aright alarming. LemMe what what. What did you say that? I'm perfectly just blocked me out on purpose. What Obama okay? So today is the day. We're GONNA talk about age. Groups were age differences. So what is the oldest okay first of all this. This is the first question. What is your age range on? Farmers meets from Summers Right. Yeah what is your age range. Great Question Because you are obviously twenty or thirty. But you're obviously somewhere in your twenties probably high dry ice grill. Yeah Dirk so what is your what is your like in your late forties. Okay so so what is your age range is it. Plus plus plus minus ten plus ten. I can actually go to like probably plus fifteen. I'd be okay with that okay. But it's like minus one plus fifteen minutes one. That's fourteen okay. So you're saying the oldest person you would date is sixty two. Wow So after after I had a day with a significant person I was I was perusing. Hulu who TV and I found this show on the lifetime channel which I think the lifetime sales my favorite network network. Tell me why. Tell me why because they always have like obscure reality. TV shows that are actually really good. Okay that's good. What else murder mysteries based on romance? What else that's right and it it's network that's full of life No because we met kill out. Did we had the lifetime channel. I they have the best shows this show I found the other day as called marrying millions. Liens and you can get it by the name of the show right you have to couples right and one is older one is younger sometimes but there is a big big gap in the in the income some of them are also are the same age as well but one is one is very well off and the other one. There's just barely making it. So the reason why bringing this up is because I think age is. It's always a topic for dating right. Do you get this all the time you guys talk talk about this with your with your friends giggling about but age I feel so it's a Friday like we have a A lunch meeting gene and then our business over there was talk about like relationships and tour like married or engaged and then me and someone else. We're not they all like seven. How started hounding me UNMINED dating relationship and it wasn't until the conversation was over that my anxiety you like kicked in and I was like I can't breathe like my chest was like super tight and I couldn't do any diaphragm breathing and I was like panicking and I was like why the handicapping and then I'm like oh it's that conversation? I didn't like lot anyways. So yes it's a big deal and then it was funny because you mentioned that because then I kept getting hounded on like well. That's something that's not helpful. You're too picky and you're being too picky which I hate being told because I don't care hair care we'll everyone type things and I like what I like and I like when you call me picky. I just want to be like a few hookah. Shit right you like what you like back and to shut up you just in general I am dating. Oh so anyway so the reason why this this is really near and dear to our show sort of is that you know one of the people on the show not personally but you know of this person. There's one person on the show. It's it's it's this couple. A her name is Brianna and bill. Do you know Bill Hutchinson. I might this might be wrong. Bill Hutchinson he's a Dallas real estate developer. He has over a hundred million dollars in net worth. Yeah he's like all over Dallas. He's a big deal in real estate in Dallas. Okay you don't know you don't know him but he found so he was going to this Mexican restaurant when he saw this woman. She was like this server server hostess. I think and he saw and you know he was interested in so he kept on going and going and going PAS. I'm I'm trying to understand the shop so they already already know each other when they're being filmed. Yeah they know each other said they dating yes okay so they basically. He met her at a restaurant and pursuing suing her and now they're living together and dating so it's been one year and so now I think at one year recording their life so she's living in this huge huge mansion and she's twenty one years old twenty one so this age gap so he sixty and she's twenty one and throughout this. I've just seen the first episode. She talks about and you can comment on this. She talks about having to acclimate to his lifestyle of rich friends One part in the show where she damn. She's just she's not dumb she's just young. Okay yes she's just she's not experienced with with things things society and so he's really pushing her to really meet his friends and they finally meet his friends and the friends. Who like are you just marrying being him for money? And you're so young and so my question for you like if and she also was like Oh my gosh you know throughout the whole show she. She was nervous because when they first start dating well I think the first few days should not but then her friend googled him Eh. Pay Look at this guy this guy dating. And he's like worth a ton of dough but if you're in her shoes meeting people for the first. I think that we're just wealthy. How would you feel because she was very like quiet on the show? It'd be the same. Yeah Yeah and and at one point his friends they seem pretty cool. But they're like just badgering her the questions and Yeah I'd have a panic left. She left the table. We'll look he. He went over to get her and he was like you know they're only gels because they're they're not as good looking. That's not a but if you look at this couple it's like oh my gosh. It's just it's just night and day night day. Sierra thing that they're in love does what they say over and over again anything to try to convince themselves. I don't even know but so the whole point of the show is at the end. They propose to each other and get married. I don't know if all the couples actually get married but the they show clips of them preparing for the wedding and this and that at the end of the show this happens. Yeah no there's six couples so there's another couple. Aw That's in Dallas and her name is on Dallas now. There's just too but I think half of the show was Dallas based. It's kind of interesting if you're if you're from MM Dallas but this other couple. The name is Katie Hamilton. Josh Hamilton matter. No not the daughter wife that was on the Red Sea because she was friends with Megan. Kings Reagan King Edmund. Correct so so shallots sheriffs spokane. Hi Heather Dubrow I guess so. Yeah that's what I'm saying that you know this person and so- oh Katie has Katie Holmes. They moved back because he used to play for the angels out. Yeah but I thought that okay. You're right you're right because I was in tarrant county. You're right okay. Yeah so they broke up and then so now obviously. She's on this TV show and so she has a daughter. She's very attractive. Obviously because they're looking people yeah but she but her daughter is is a model in La and is trying to like follow her modeling career but her daughter has a bff. You've around his Same Age Ron Twenty K.. And so the daughter went off to la but but the friend you know you know the friend would hanging out the house US whenever she was here in Dallas and her bff started dating her mother her best friend was a guy. Hey best friend was clarified. That there was a guy and then After her daughter went off to La they kept hanging out somehow. I don't know how that happened but oh my God oh sorry. I'm trying not to be judgmental that that would be so mad if that happened. Yeah so so so Katie. The Hamilton that you know is thirty on the guy. His name is Colton. He's twenty three years old friend of the daughter named Julia and so at the end of the show like a katy talks to her daughter. Gives her the story and the daughter's like so surprised. She's like how could you she's mad right. She's and she's like this is so weird it yeah it puts you this weird like space like this is my best friend. That could be my Stepdad. And like you're like I would be like you're dating someone that's like my age like this could be your kid to. That's crazy but at the same time like from Katie's perspective you're like you go girl but you're she's still held up but the Colton Guy. There's a lot of good looking guys in Dallas. Come on no. I'll I'll share the picture later. GRUNGE guy he's and like so he just doesn't wasn't like he showers just he's just from one to ten am not good at reading guys. But he's probably like a four and the Josh Josh Hamilton. Show too he's he's good looking. Got Josh how good looking at him like at a seven I guess so is there are a lot of good looking guys in Nelson. I don't know why she she's talking to this guy but anyway so if you you can tell where the show is going. I'm guessing they're going to get or at least try to get married. Oh my gosh now I just feel that what he looks like so it's kind of. It's kind of crazy. There's another couple I'm going to move off. Kadian Colton The name is gentle and Brian L.. Gosh he's Paul's Calling K.. So if you look up look up other people on the show gentle Brian so gentle. She's the woman and she is a real estate investor and Nevada or something. She's so pretty much she is kate. I'm still stuck on Katie. Yeah okay but but Gentile Brian. So she's like he's a rapper. Colenso rapper okay. Can we get off. I'm sorry okay with the other person's name well hold on. So let me go back to Katie. Before I continue so kidding Colton that you're looking at it to me. Look when you watch this show. It seems like a mother and son dynamic doesn't seem right. I don't see them being romantic in any way possible. It's just so weird and think about it. They're probably having sex you mam bun and then the daughter of Katie. Julia was like I think Colton were probably want to have kids in the future and Katie. The Katie was like well. You know I I might WanNa have kids too. That's just so we're talking about that with your daughter for and it's just it's just kind of weird and it was just a couple more couples this gentleman Brian. There are the same age. But they're just it's just different in an income right. She has so much money and he's like a contractor. He's like a construction worker. You're right she says something about how she makes one million dollars per transaction. He probably makes like forty or fifty K.. It's just it's just different and then and then there's another another couple drew and Rosie drew's like thirty nine Rosie's twenty one and do just like owns a construction company but just showers Her with with gifts and she loves it and she eats it up so That's this show. I think guys if if entails a few like this type of reality TV show. I think it's really interesting. And Plus if you're from Dallas you might WANNA watch this show but it's it's really cool so I've talked about this couple's here sorry Kathy so let's rebound for the different man please. So what do you think about the success of these couples. Do you think they're going to be successful or not. And I'm just talking. Maybe a lot of the four couples that you mentioned could be successful last two. You mentioned the last two yet. The last two I think will be more successful because one isn't similar in age forty four and forty eight maybe and then uh the other one. That's Oh I don't know you have to watch this show. I love that. It's kind of like the power dynamic is different of the woman and makes more money than the man in Halle. Yeah that goes kind of against the norm of were used to it is But the science says that no matter age gap does not make a difference. You're equally successful awful. Whether or not your night. Twenty one and sixty or forty four and forty eight and I believe that but I feel like with that first couple that you mentioned like like she might be a little bit more insecure with herself and like sort of questioning the relationship. And then I think that's what it's GonNa cost like strain Like you feeling insecure like feeling like you're not good enough for whatever reason. Yeah Yeah Yeah because if you if you have a partner who has boo coo of money right has like ten cards words and your gentleman contract which that's fine fine career but it's just a different. It's a different lifestyle totally different lifestyle. So I I can see that and then research I found is that many people assume that age gap couples fare poorly when it comes to relationship outcomes but some studies find. The relationships has affection reported reported by age. Gap Couples is higher satisfaction. Some studies say that the satisfaction is higher for different age gap couples. These couple seemed to report greater trust commitment and lowered jealousy than similar age couples. That's interesting right. Yeah and then last year over. Three quarters of couples were younger. Women are partner with older men report satisfying romantic relationships thoughts. That's right I mean. It's what why. He's smiling and gathering her thoughts. Says I think part of that is like unfortunately a lot of men that are ages orrick are no longer chivalrous they're like our gender gender norms are breaking and I think that sometimes with the older older men they grew up or these jenner norms. Were very important. You had to take these roles right and so they are like sort of filling these these roles that they've created eight at these stereotypes. You know they're that's what they're doing so I do think that that kind of feeds into that more where it's kind of like they get to be the ones that are like maybe more like loving your affectionate Eh. Or they're the ones that are providing and versus like now like we look at it and we're like equals right so it's kind of like we don't really know what the roles for each of us are supposed has to be but I think with that age difference like the role is a little bit more kind of guy. Yeah definitely like someone's the provider whatever and you know this is what expected details of you if we get married or relationship. This is what I would like. This is what I want. Is this what you want me to be right. Like it's a little bit more defined so okay let's say and so there's a couple here where the woman is just so much more well often than the man How would you feel? If would you want the man to still take the lead of the the relationship because you being so successful and wealthy you probably are and always taking. So how would you want him to take the lead instead. I would think that you would but I think that it would be difficult for you to give up that power but I think that there are times like you have to be able to balance herself out. You can't always being controlled setting. That's what breaks our relationships ships like one person is always in control without like actually balancing it out in the US on this show you do see the power dynamic even with the man the six year world and the female. Are you seeing like more males being in the power role or is it dependent on their relationship depends on who has the money from this. I UH-HUH I haven't seen the rest of the season so it's interesting -nother -nother Want to get your take on something else here. A factor that does not impact that doesn't impact on their relationship. Outcomes of age couples is their perceptions of social disapproval. Like your mom. You're dating a guy who's sixty your mom says I don't know I don't know so the research is saying that this this disapproval is affecting the success of somebody's. Yeah No. That's unfortunately I will be like personally like that does affect my relationships of up too much. What people think yes? If people in age couples couples believe their family friends and community disapprove of their union than relationship commitment decreases and the risk of break-up increases. And that's so shitty right Super Super Shady. Get Mad about it that I like all this to happen but like happens so one less thing to mention is that that. Let's say you're twenty. No let's say you're thirty and twenty if you're in different phases of your life like for example. A twenty year old is trying to find themselves in their career. Right third year old is already probably mostly set. They're saying that that does have to do with it whereas if almost fifty the three and sixty three. It wouldn't even matter because you're in the twilight of your career. So that's the third thing they say that will negatively impact an age gap relationship so in other words in general. It's kind of what kind of a UH I guess. Conflicting information here. I'll think it just depends on the people does. That's yeah my yeah my point is just it depends on every situation like we we can and swear up and down about this research but I serve you start getting into an eight year old. Like I won't talk to you but I'm twenty two so it doesn't matter I guess So what does this mean to everyone out there dating Emma like what did what did you gather from all this information because guys I did not prep Emma for any this. I'm I'm trying to just get her take on the fly. Twenty year olds should marry rich. Guys uh-huh why should what else and have clear like will not have clear roles but I know your expectations of the other person like we do need to have that conversation and you have to be somewhat but you have to have that conversation with the person I was like. This is what I would expect of you. This is what you expect of me like. Woody's take me if you don't have those like Roselli's outlined thinking are both like stepping on each other's toes I also see that. Maybe we should be open open like open up your age range on tinder make it wide that show why it's wide for her older but not for younger. You said what fourteen fourteen years or something like that one down one down like ten up or whatever. Oh okay. Arctic Tina one down fifteen up. Okay would you ever date anyone younger than your brother's thirty so so it's fine. Is that an answer. I'm now I'd say ten years is my Max so down down down. Yeah ten years because you know when the when they're when people are in the twenties are still finding themselves. I won't go to CORTEX either. So you're just like an idiot until like it's developed and think of What's your name again? I'm not Haley. Hamilton Katie Katie. Hamilton dinning twenty. It looks like he looks like maybe that's what she needs. Though at this moment she needs a rebound. Maybe maybe that's what it is. This is kind of like public rebound and they yeah. I don't know he's a rapper. Oh ooh okay. So that's the only robbers but nothing against drake or whoever it is post Malone or nothing forget nothing but okay so the moral of the story is everyone out there. H. H isn't really matter. It just depends on situation Russian and all that jazz okay so next week. I don't know I'll mention this. Have that mentioned issue but apparently as a matchmaker. Oh Yeah. I'm a drunk much matchmaker and we had some event and she'll report her findings next week. Okay I will follow through because follow. Do you have any other. I have had not received any but I also have not asked for any please. Sex Heart of me was like do I even want to ask at this point. Are we still am. I still friends but these people I would say text them next week and just say he's updating what happened word a word too big okay anything any any parting thoughts Sir now leisure. I'm really sat up at the OJ of the OC. But I'm also kind of relieved about the og of the OC see. I'm sure they'll have some very funny. DORSAL GONNA be on it all election. We don't know I like selection to okay so again the lifetime channels our favorite show because of Kale who glad you know. You Know Kale royal is you'll know Thomson no there's only one Kale and not the vegetable. The person actually no ACL who I wouldn't say he's my cousin 'cause he's like not my cousin but we're like technically family. I can't say his last name name. Oh okay just know. His last name starts with an E.. a writer villain great but thanks. Thanks for listening to the date podcast. Please subscribe and review if you liked what you hear. Send us an email at hello at date. PODCAST DOT COM for any questions comments or show topics you'd like for us to discuss. Follow us on facebook instagram and twitter. Most importantly tell your friends about our show uh-huh uh-huh.

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