Pro Gamer Injuries, Assault With a Deadly Banana and Man Botches Crotch


wro Quick Water water you fraud and a quarter of the day is have you aren't happy keep drinking until you are happy rob where you get a quake drinker Dui I really felt the slowest they're exactly so according to Fox News Dot com else teeth is so y you could probably use that generate solar power exactly a going on with this the Gordon or mid shrugging away from the cops after running a get the show on the road to welcome to the show without a tagline do these guys there you go it's a blessing are tolerate people shit cash settlement small in front of a solar panels exactly par par shower in the bathroom imperfect yet it's like he gets shift from everybody except his dentist looking fucking choppers Bro. It's just clean yourself up go you know ah bro it's fucking ten o'clock in the mornings well you say it's five o'clock somewhere tropical shit up light at the low speed of fifteen to thirty five miles per hour and eventually hit a basketball hoop slash W. T. V. T. A. Ford and possible colgate spokesperson has been caught and arrested after low speed chase for solving them different locations and then Google or whatever devices you frequent this place a lot watch the second place a Mike I'm rob on this week's episode Gamer get in her really four demand leads cops in a low speed chase uh-huh fucking exactly like white sergeant looking dude he's got wrinkly in his eyes looked bloodshot disguise teeth extra that's a nuclear white from another dimension I wouldn't be surprised try offered colgate or whatever or he can even be on billboards to make sure they're looking for him or something it feels like I need to get into a higher power but then I just take my vodka and start drinking in front of him and that is a higher power exactly the electric scooters or something he was under the influence of toothpaste Police were to go where did he go just look for the shining teeth he's over here while you're trying to go on for the flavor I'm just trying to get fucked up friends the when you go you're right on the first around San Jose this definitely feels like an has a cult like feeling to it I believe you're forgetting your age today meeting Rob Rob probably my life or as near as a review by rob they're all America's todd until next week and are going off will fit so of course armed was arrested for Dui this too much in their filing for breakfast lunch and dinner at the struggle man truce go back in that stuff I'll go onto the harder stuff passion fruit orange and guava that's that good shit when natural flavor added hello good when you got fake natural flavors added instead of asking for an autograph you bite into some clay is to keep the mold of very they gave an injuries same as basketball players I believe it he's over here going on with this so when the police chase was over the police check the system and they noticed that his license has been all right well that's the last report on it so according to e gaming desk dot com eastward players are getting injured get an injured wrist under license or a revoked license are down for so long this twelve the rest yes definitely not obesity injuries right Beasley injuries blown out knees no nothing like that but pockets getting away with it 'cause it was Steve Brighter than him I've got a great smile man I think I'm just GonNa let you go allies definitely from the Gaming e sports the only sport where you can get a sports related injuries without moving whole man and then along with the four previous you wise conviction mcdonagh's name dumbest guy is same color souffles has has the colgate colgate the red green every time we go through mouthwash comes out and then when he listens just the smell of mint I don't know about that he's either results somewhere pay off this shit around talking about this do the teeth what's better about four nine compared to real sports is even when I'm jumping around billing stuff I'm not out of breath sweating sure about that don't even do that I know it takes me fifteen minutes fifteen seconds to to build a box around myself important I why did you add that part yeah the colgate sponsored the guys for the audience you gotTa take a shoot and you might get up too fast to go down anyway are you doing this is on the charitable severe cases of carpal tunnel exactly so risk pains and trauma in their spine from sitting back hunched over you're not like being hunched over like that nope damn a so these guys if they couldn't make the cut for the flash there we go all right you're free to go see later the colors are the reps officials say that the ordeal was or mid twelfth arrest for driving think stover socially awkward got an eye that drags a bit below the nose line hell no pretty fucking intense man for night no that's it last year is on another level man a fuck the NBA Fund Mlb your fortnight is hard as shit everybody being bullied or fucking fortresses Eiffel Tower size fucking forces in a span of like seven seconds Ali from playing computer games for ten hours straight it's a lot of training men are just fucking sitting around a tree for games the sport East sports team they haven't auditions to be a quasimodo from the Notre Dame because all the hunchback shit that they've been doing probably would probably would be a good brought a heavy and even like white that white white that way somebody's teams that goes beyond the color ores in bad posture is unlike the physical strain of body would suffer during a high impact sport I love the amount is guy brushes you probably offloading colgate fluoride all the Florida mansion in there Ah after drinking a twenty four pack of beer brevard silly many roster that guy and not a ten that disagree sky was Nice looking for girls under league you know and they don't get the girl neon you know they try to just just like a bunch of economic you've heard of this eh sit there for ten hours looking at a screen should like hitting your eyes constantly exactly I think about how you play games a lot of especially for playing competitive you tend to be closer to the screen in this guy's be popping painkillers steroids just to be able to sit in place in focus steroids but I would say you know anything else pills you really do anything to win here take these pills story up so vokes since Nineteen ninety-one Yeah I was born in ninety one guy was basically the year I was bored okay so the game will go off saying that it is a mentally draining and at there's definitely ice train from just looking so hard Oh no wonder okay so I guess there is a quote on the article saying that the strain being placed on the wrist lower arms almost every muscle and bone in the neck amd back from plane Alfred it's just the difference you're just sitting down years you know moving your hand around fuck dependent you're using a mouse or it does make sure before going on a long gaming session just make sure to stretch your back your neck arms hands fingers should be part of routine do y'all Yoga Sir can pump churches people get that back stressed out take take like a five to ten minute break every like forty five to our talk somebody at time useless stretch shit I could be using that time to train for the tournament yeah you're right Era Omaha police investigate assault with a banana for dinner solid exactly according to Omaha Dot com it make friends with stoned inanimate objects patriotic people have no folks just keep on during Q. on drinking that's getting better rob love that especially right exactly oh I'll hurry drinking these guys willing to submit a breathalyzer test so fleeing the scene of a crash doesn't take off breath all time no matter what he does no matter what fuck your body man are moving on tonight mean let's see the woman throw a banana at him staying on his redshirt can you imagine being the elevator banana getting closer closer to your face right and when they showed up the ask the woman and she what she said was the to start an argument because the man was thrown away items that belong to the buildings common area right I really want to know if this guy is now was coq what was that was that was that pill that makes you focus they give to Adhd Ritalin walking around stretching because people go for Goddamn walk exactly go round your block block a couple of hours ago right go walk around the block got on him and a woman got into an argument and he walked away to deescalate the situation and got into an elevator but before the elevator doors closed he these were called over after a woman threw a banana at man during his rich shirts burgers Roy his red shirt especially shirt or a bird dirtying his red t shaw dirtying leering using restaurant like like a verbal what does that registered joins Rob Hassle giving injury on uh the woman would also say the man call her and her baby ugly possibly the why so yellow throw over are we sure he doesn't have some titties where so he's calling one of his friends baby's ugly hauling the the woman Jesus Christ you're GonNa call her early and then you're you're going to say oh pretty much all your friends STD's are you sure she's ugly control behind as you're playing his game exonerating is that a new thing redshirt the incident so we all of what the the man says that the two that's an water bottle doesn't mean it's something else under Hanalei island might be right now man I'm actually drinking vodka on for your for real is it usually Dr Goll of course before doing anything somewhat act with activity I'm guessing this you know right you got in your hand is I'm guessing he had the idea to call the police it also adding that the man was saying that she gave all his friends s CDs yeah a lot of some game hardcore gamers to take those I've ever audit actually that's crazy that's like the steroids fucking gaming focused and shit total we'll post the photo under the description of does the check it out it's guy some white teeth so you can be as bad as much as we are picking those we add her baby accusing him of giving all her friends on accusing her accusing her yeah yeah yeah yeah uh-huh baby that might be one of his dot com Tehran and bleed man that's as I say this is a really going to be really graphic to we're going to talk about getting a flesh eating virus on Tuesday yeah gangrene the what happens was well and went to a after five days of suffering from an itchy cessation the base of his penis people the confrontation made them hungry police hold on I'm hungry to go oh snap oh man I oil supplements just Jackson's beans and then you gotta museum over your left injecting wrestling to try to make it bigger Dale Oh according to the Sun Co that UK a forty five year old various on the headline the man we'll tell doctors that he had self injected vessel into shaft two years earlier an attempt to boost his penis size uh-huh damn while you're dancing singing Britney spears that'll that'll kill your penis exactly this penis is falls off that might work got Asian could you please make my penis bigger no the last of the story are moving on mean man penis rods after you did deny the STD's part or the ugly then lastly the banana was never found the whole feel like a fucking cartoon character I'll shit a call the police why would you do that wants to let me let me tell you the as Asian person I've just learned to accept it you know you'd throw it but she didn't know if they hit the man she did confirm that he did did give us CD that's she's she didn't so nasty bill gestured a hold on it doesn't stop the stop there because he knows it buildup of fluid on the shadow in one year the receptionist pretty spotty as all that uh-huh isn't that a network or something TV network UK problem did he go to the ad yes we know where the missing banana went all right so gone uh-huh flirting good early grab okay so when the police asked about the banana the woman the woman Dick Affirmative we'll and again because we're understaffed here was oh yeah yeah yeah we are traffic's bad I wanNA shoot myself acidic fluid doctors all touching it is like oh this tender over but true it's a member rob side call it his penis exactly I'm surprised that he decided to go to a n e have baseball it was perfect game so you just watch two people play catch and that was back to you hey what about needed terrible and that when the weather report and now for the traffic but according to butts enough maybe a my work now getting right God more and now for a weather report with land what is the motherfucking weather out here fucking boil boy and now the sports where Rob Rob go ahead all right so I I've got football people throwing footballs and get tackled Dr Oz some shit I gotta Rodham Penis is what I do I'm there well I this is what it is there's out too but if you ever watch a suit doc said that the man was unwell unwell looking man with high fevers and said that his penile shaft was grossly the form and I do I want you know what screw this I'm GonNa kick your ass I you know I bought this game host large topic the need of green you tackle asser calling it I don't know why they want to switch it up maybe trying to hide the brand even though is in the CAN- headline lawsuit whilst the same shoot like how the pictures Oh don't worry I'll go back on keep going keep going yes so occur people kicking a ball for some reason and hockey people are hidden pucks and you know get into fights and then lastly we calling a bit you bitch that's that's not my name hey yeah and when I started this game I made sure that name you bitch use a bitch well you know what if you're calling me but you're an asshole Nah I am p. three and one s or syringe with a banana the banana swear for in Nascar people are going around in circles and horses they're gonNa make a left turn what about us Ford's these sports for Hell Full Hal raison he goes from the top to the bottom of the Schatz Tomei where it's really tend okay Al Shit out of you go needle Queens let a horse riders worse writers doctrine. Yeah the Joe what at all sports called Gotcha enough for it touches will do that's that's all I had on the story tatum talking to you guys so useless fucking fish guts by to your like Shit you asshole my fall is good I get away got dammit Hazeldine I choose you able d cares that was the sports report Rav Rob Penis Bitch this is a this is the kids have you can't call yourself that yes the kids gave her as my game aw kingly ask soundview quit you got there about Victory Road to the pokemon championship can't believe it all the time bad size wait a minute hey you hey bitch hey pitch what's up bitch Dan you still look look to your name was going on way glove use born drill now I know I'm turning my hat around I'm serious now all Jews your has the interior around how how it's imitating s right do you fuck with Fish Polka my man Oh my God all right all right you know what Oh yeah you know what I was a fuck of Walmart goldfish shaking shit out of it a goal dean used tail with John Perry up beat some sense into you end up for the Monitor your Haibo John MM store next guy you off ooh turn jeans that's your first Pokemon hypothetic hey eh golden use a bubble the people can hit much and say next happinesses writer and I think the call cookies biscuits over their hospitals and he goes permanency out there Oh shit how about John Hughes Attack you know come back okay I guess he got lucky with taken down my needle clean one attack wants to one it goes through the door schnorr store laxed us rest those shoes for those running shoes you wear boy press Hobie to run the size of those those are buying it takes all we did take all is boy see all right you know what hey puffed choose you can jiggle daily Jaso plan that was yet I mean folks I've been Mike Wrong Oh that is moving folks you mean the law now you lost all your money no I'm only give you a small percent of my money what size of shoes boy why I'm sorry Eh show at check our Patriot piece they have shit I'm bland if you like episode don't forget to subscribe and nothing on bell on Youtube I'll tell you what on twitter Chan you're you're a him Oh no quick I use a quick motion real quick daddy here too what to do I just carry on

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