Week 12 Waiver Wire Pickups


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We're GONNA be talking. Can Waiver wires of course some week. Eleven stuff getting very close to the end of the fantasy regular season This week I'm going to pass it off to you. Take the reins heading into week. Twelve waiver wire episode all right Well so what we got our pick ups for the week But I and we're GonNa talk talk about what I think you and I both agree was one of the more frustrating Sundays. For overall football daily fantasy season long fantasy just washing football games. MM swearing get into you. Know a few specifics in terms of what we were talking about. And it's funny because I I called you and I just felt weird yesterday watching the game so he was just like. I'm not a fun day car knowing and then you said like the same thing and I was like okay. So we're GONNA talk about some of that But open question Mr Bisky. We're bad game last night. Rams Bear Bench trubisky With like I think it was two and a half minutes left down to possessions but it struck me as really really odd like. It's not a normal time to bench. You're starting quarterback we're back trubisky wasn't having a good game by any means that game which was a terrible game but he also wasn't. It was normal dad trubisky. It wasn't like it wasn't anything out of the norm So I guess my question two parts to one. Do you think we've seen the end of trubisky this season for the bears. And you'RE GONNA bench him in to. Should the bears be looking at replacing. Trubisky are better way of sentences. Do you think this is more trubisky or more Maggie. That last questions. It's really good. You know so. I'll start at the beginning of in terms of. Is this the end of Trubisky for this season. And that I think definitely okay not I think they definitely need to continue trying to figure out where the root cause is going forward is at the end of trubisky. It's one of those scenarios where I think that we've I've commented on a lot where they need to move on from quarterbacks a lot faster than they normally do of course. This is a very weird that season for Chicago and Chicago fans and beers players and etc because of their success they had last season winning the division etc.. You know is Ed. Is anyone aware of the fact and I was super surprised when I saw this but like Matt Nagy was the coach of the year last year. Like that's how much the a beers have fallen from grace like you have a window vision. They look a young quarterback their head head. Coach wins coach of the year in. Now they can't move the ball at all. I would probably put most of the blame on Bisky I mean it's it's it's just a quarterback he I'm sure that their plays running. Maybe could be a little bit better. Optimize could have a little bit better talent shirt but the to the level that they're playing at I. I was a mostly falls on their quarterback. They should probably be in a scenario. Where maybe they're not drafting a first round quarterback or moving up but they should highly be looking at someone on that might fall a little bit my goal in the second third round? I mean remember. Russell Wilson went and third round. I think they should be still actively looking in the off season if it doesn't continue In the off season I think they need to seriously derives open agree. I think I think I think it's more trubisky for sure. I don't think they should bench though I think I think we're coaching comes in. And I feel like when you watch your biscuit similar to Josh Away. Bills US Josh. Allen I think with trubisky you have to cut him loose a little bit and he running has to be a part of it. A man sounds too simplistic but running has to be a part Mitch. TRUBISKY's game 'cause he's athletic he can. He's mobile if you force your Bisky to be a strict dropback passer pocket quarterback you're gonNA. He's clearly not accurate but the other thing with with with risky is like and he's not good by any stretch and imagination but I think their their collection of weapons is like sneaky bad and I mean outside of Allen Robinson who never get separation. He's a very good makes contested catches saw receiver Entry Cohen. Who they don't use probably nearly enough I feel like they're his surrounding? CAST is just. He's not served very well by his supporting cast doesn't mean that he shouldn't be better he should but I think I think he should start for the rest of the season and if they do part ways with your bisky in the off in the off season I think that you'll find another landing spot. I think he's still has potential essential. Yeah obviously how did lash. I don't think they should even try and move away from him. I just think that if he continues to have a bad season then I don't think they should go into the twenty twenty season thinking like okay. Something's going to change. He's just going to get better I. That's where they need to bring in other competition to continually evaluating the position. Is it only because people got one year of tape on trubisky that this is happening or you know or is there a bigger issue. Let hands and I know I know his supporting cast is in the greatest as you mentioned and of course I haven't seen a ton atomic Kagame's just because they've been so painful to watch and they haven't really early bent on prime time. But you know you brought the argument like are they utilizing all these players correctly the utilizing him out of the pocket. These are well probably great questions. It would lean more on the head coach in terms of him kind of fulfilling his his role and I would have to imagine. You're playing the way that they are. They've tried everything right right like they try this they try a little of that in just just one of those years. It could be all right and I actually got. We're going to throw up a little bit the curb all got you. I got a second second opening question. I don't think we've ever done a second opening question. It's this is. This is a pretty groundbreaking episode. This happens when I give the writings over to you. You know so I was thinking this yesterday so for for most improved player in the end but first of all do they have most or in the NFL most improved player. They have comeback player. which so this is this a little bit different thing it Nashville like an injury player coming off again? Ucla Andrea so. I have a player a quarterback in mind for most improved player. I WanNa let you guess as a quarterback this year who I I I would say is the most improved player. I was thinking about this yesterday. I'm like if they had the most improved award. This is a player that I'll give it to its quarterback. I'm going to give you a chance to guess with as and I'm going to tell you if you don't get it who I think all right. Let me take a look here. At the Games from yesterday it is going to snapshot of who was playing in most improved I mean with the Mark Jackson be the obvious takeaway there. I mean yeah but I. I don't have him. I think his natural progression and his his upside is running. Ability was leading to him being this good but I think it's tough with the first year to second year. You expect them to make a big jump. I got a couple of other are solid guesses. One could be dact. No Josh Allen. No you done yet. Margo on a Jacoby. No their car. Dirk I looked at it was like really really yes yes really. For first of all six wins last. They've already masters season. Their total last year was six wins. And when you watch Oakland Antique though Okay but let me finish here when you watch Oakland Oakland. It's like they. They are not a disaster anymore. Partly because Derek Carr is just doing his role. He's not. He's not a complete like last year for example eleven. Fumbles ten interceptions this year. Five interceptions one fumble six turnovers and granted. We have six games after go. He had twenty one turnovers last last season he is going to have his best passer rating it. He's had his entire career this year. He's GonNa have his best. Completion percentage and the raiders are just. They're they're solid team. They're they're in every single game. They're in a winning record. They have a chance potentially making the playoffs with the wildcard spot. So I just think for somebody who like like a year or two ago we were thinking of like in the Mitch trubisky position. And that's kind of why I wanted to have. This is the second question a year ago. We looked at dinner. Car Is like Mitch Trubisky like Mitch Trubisky who is like Derek Carr. Light from two thousand eighteen dare car has now turned the corner and I think he's like a legit good quarterback in the NFL. So I think he's improved. Well I think he definitely qualifies more on the Comeback Player. Just because he isn't even even playing as good as he played in two thousand sixteen when it went twelve and four and the issue is the issue that I kind of have with this in general is because like he's playing to see your point very game managerial and I don't know if that's really like a most improved but most improved because he played like trash last year or replayed hurts when they went four and twelve and had new head coach and it didn't have any one on offense and they went out and got Jim Waller. It's been a big upgrade for them mm-hmm. Even though Jared Cook had a good year last year you know tyrel Williams. Obviously Josh jakup's that offensive line that they invested in Trent Brown in the off Season Assembly Assembly and etc like their team is better on offense and he is managing the game. He has zero games in the words of Jon. Gruden Z.. E. R. O.. Gangs being with over three hundred passing yards this day and age of the NFL. He also has only one game of more than two passing touchdowns in a game. So He's Alex Smith at this point. It's probably who he is and I would take that what we saw from him. Each the last two seasons so I don't know just a random thought most improved player award and there's other players but I just you know there's a dawned on me. Derek Carr is not terrible so yeah and I think I think maybe to your point a little bit is like again in two thousand sixteen. They went twelve and four and he had better statistical year than this year for sure and then he went two years. You Know Head coaching team injuries. And he was able to kind of come back slash improve however you want to call it and and basically show that he is the player that he was. I guess I mean kind of feels like that's what you you realize like. Maybe much for traffic. I think he's kind of settled into the player. That you know obviously doesn't sixteen was a a monster year. He's not going to have numbers like that but I think he's. He's I think somewhere in between that now Smith I still think he's a little better than Alex Smith. Maybe I'll tell you a player that would be move on but another player that would be in this. This conversation will be Matt Stafford. He was on pace if he would've just finished out the pace. For thirty eight touchdown passes which would have been. This has been basically up till staffer. Staffer got injured a couple weeks ago. This was staffers. Basically his career-best season or is best season since two thousand eleven back when he had Calvin Johnson by the way so but anyways So all right so yesterday was a really frustrating day of football. I called you during the house. The four o'clock games we're we're dislike kind of down the whole day and he said something like Oh this is a really annoying day or something like that and I really couldn't put my finger on what it was. I was doing like okay in a couple of my my matchup. So bad and a few My daily my handle teams were. Were tanking talk. Talk a little bit about what you like. What was it for you yesterday? That just may that's slate of games so I don't know what the word I don't know how to describe it just it's like not even not even not fun just like annoying frustrating. I don't know just maybe it was just like a compilation of items visit. Maybe resulted in it. Because like you said I couldn't really put a finger on and I don't know we're kind of in the loan category it could be like it's getting towards the end of the year two week eleven and you know in my four main leagues like I'm pretty all set in terms of record wise but there's one main one that you know. It's very competitive. I'm still wearing a dog fight. Four and I had to injuries and my starting players. So that's always annoying right. It's like it's almost. I almost feel like I'd rather have them employer do well then feel like I get cut off at the kneecaps because my player gets hurt and I lose any scenario like that. There's that there's the you know so outside of the cowboys lions game. There was literally hard to watch any of these games for the most part. And then you had the lion's bring ring out bow scarborough out of nowhere and so sometimes when these these teams do something like that and then they kind of like oboe scarborough's now running one hundred yards and they just Kepala Perkins. It just makes you feel like what. What did you think was going to happen when you cut Paul Perkins you've got an immediate upgrade? Why was he on the team in the first place and I was also in? It's really weird and kind of saying a couple of things kind of wrap it up here and let you jump in. It's kind of weird while I'm watching another another team. I was watching the Minnesota Denver game and it was literally aggravating. ME OF HOW POORLY DENVER was managing the game down the stretch like I get Brian Brian Allen. But you're up twenty two zero at halftime. Do you want to know what the record is teams at Twenty in Oh at halftime. During the regular blur season there ninety nine or they were there ninety nine and Oh and somehow Denver manage to F it up and I. I don't care if they have Brandon Allen it's still enough of a lead now vic fangio falls finds himself in the same scenario. Dan Quinn shrimps. Losing a game like that just dangling loss in super bowl up twenty eight to three or whatever it was and not only that the mismanage time at the end of the game was fourth and one they ran up. To the line of scrimmage. It was like thirty seconds left or something like that in all brain allen had to do is do a QB snake league or at least attempted QBC real quick to kind of catch them off guard the best they can because one running out of time had one time out the good QB sneak on fourth and one right around the ten yard line then call a time out and have thirty seconds. I mean they could even done stuff underneath still spiked it with enough time. Where they do do they waste like twenty seconds and then they run a bootleg? Play where Brian Allen Stays inbounds and they have to call a timeout literally. Ten seconds left on top of them screwing bring it up. I mean I'm like not even a Denver Fan and I'm getting aggravated watching the game with how poorly constructed is. Yeah Minnesota so had no business when when when in that game. They squeak by for the win at home and watching that game and also watching the Carolina game where where I was all on Carolina you their players for for daily fantasy. I Love Kyle Allen going into the game you know. Dj More Greg Olsen everybody and they get stomped out by Atlanta team that AH entered the game with only two wins. Carolina was posing as a playoff team. They want us to believe they're for real and they get blown out at home twenty nine to three aid that in the Minnesota squeaking by with a win and even Dallas probably had. No you know that game should not have been that close with driscoll as a starting quarterback for Detroit. It just made me think the that's why I hate it when people get on teams. Who Don't play a tough schedule in win? Easy Games Washington jets. And it's like yeah well you could you. At least. They're stomping out the teams that they're supposed to be you see. So many teams lose these inexplicably lose these games like Carolina loss to Atlanta INTA. So that was really frustrating Carolina. Only plant three points. The there are three quarterbacks. Can you guess the three quarterbacks that had the most pass attempts uh-huh this week going to go completely blind here but back this whole weekend. Was Jimmy Garoppolo up there. He was up there but not in the top. Three was one of them. Winston yet fifty one and then be kirk cousins or Calamari tile. Alan actually phillies fifty pass attempts in. This is another thing that really nick. foles forty seven pass attempts. You look at the ball funny. Watch these games and there's so much especially with red zone so many games on at once is a lot digest. Were we're following our FANEUIL teams are. He's long teams then the next day. It's good to look back at the scores and I'm just looking at the score. The INDIE game thirty three to thirteen. I did not realize it was that bad and and they look at the box score only eight while yeah it is just looking at it. Nick foles forty seven pass attempts. That seems a matchup like that. which should it'd be a more slowdown hard-fought you know you're so right and again like if I if I can have something an issue Denver then I probably an issue with every single game in what happens when you watch these games last week in kind to your point Jessica was in this game for quite a while and I've heard a lot of people say oh this should have given the ball to and for net more or as they were in the game? They're probably right last week with Brian. Hoyer playing Miami Frank Reich thought it was a good idea to do new four five wide. Receiver sets nonstop and have Brian where chuck and all over the field. Even know Miami couldn't score forever instead of grounding pounding the game two victory you and I had the saints in terms of like I had a lot of saints in terms of Fan. Do I had a heavy. Stacked there and Jameis Winston could not put something something together. I mean the question that you had for me a off. The air was the inconsistency here at Tampa Bay. What level of frustration you add at this point extremely frustrating because you watch every Tampa Bay game and they're they're always down or in a in a close high scoring game name? They're always throwing the ball. All I can get so he's perceptions but also for passing yards he's like Ryan Fitzpatrick when he was a Tampa Bay last year So in Mike Evans had Monster Games Gardens cooled off for a few weeks. But you also have these lowe's from Gavin's where he few weeks ago he had zero points literally zero imen- Yesterday was probably our favorite match of the day for Vandal. Right both sides hides Tampa and New Orleans and neither one of their receivers really did anything Godwin got touchdown but ended up with thirteen fantasy points. So that touchdown really helped him salvage salvage. What would have been another terrible day for him? And it's just like I never won the receivers never blow up on the same game right in number two. There's there's just Mike Evans has scary lows. And I don't know I just expected it's just a little frustrating and it's hard to really get on my Gavin's too much because he's as you know what I think he entered. This week is like a top three fantasy receiver. But I get your points a game and it's like it's like like they. They forget the ways they win like certain teenagers forget the ways that they win and I realized that defense can have a contributing role in in that scenario like in that scenario of like. Oh I can't get the ball to so and so we can't run. You know the game in this scenario but but many times uh-huh oh this is. What kind of aggravates you watch the game? And it's like guys. What are you doing like you know? How many weeks attempts to Tampa Bay have design in place for sharp Perriman or we commented several weeks ago that apparently New England call Bait for OJ Howard in Oj Howard's like no? We're keeping them like why. Why are you keeping him like have you not found out that guy is not living up and then go see this guy do a back catch catch flop thing that you know Trinidad interceptions like this is what o j Howard is? There are poorly coach team and the head of the drive where they they had the ball to one yard line. I think thank Play action they don't get it and then the second play I think they got stopped and luckily on third down I think they end up completing but but just seven ten yards away. Yeah Yeah so my last thing that knows lightly you comment on this one I think the most maybe the most frustrating most frustrating teams most frustrating offenses to watch given the town of some of the players. They have is Houston. They lost lost. Forty one to seventy yesterday and you can say it's Baltimore but New England put up a much much better fight against Baltimore than Houston did. And so that other teams like Cleveland Cio. So Houston putting up seven points. The Shawn Watson got sacked. Six Times. Didn't throw a touchdown pass. Something's off with there with their offense. That protection is not great. They don't have much of a running game and they have no one to throw the ball to die under hopkins twelve targets eighty yards receiving receiving off seven receptions. They do not have a second option and this is why and seems like says their six and four now with that loss. I'm sick of everybody talking about Houston as a potential contender. Like their cross off for me do agree. I am I over my lake. Yeah Houston's like the the kind of I don't know like count the chargers in many ways where it's like. They always like kind of look good and sometimes or they looked better on pay per per se. There's a couple of things here to your point like first of all. Houston you gotta put up a better match up. I mean you had New England who clearly can't score their our own points right now go into Baltimore on a Sunday night match up when Baltimore was on a week by preparing for New England. They still did a significantly better job not just points but just effort moving the ball. In general I mean Houston's only points came at the very end of the game on calls run Watson Failed to protect people. I I'm on the almost to a fault. I blame the quarterback on this just because look at the best quarterbacks and they can have a rotating left tackle center guard. Whoever it is New Orleans offense has been shaken up a lot? Peyton Manning's have never been doc great on and on and on in they give up two first rounders second for this left. Tackle out of Miami. Are you kidding me Houston. It's a joke of a move and to Shawn Watson continues to get sacked and hit and people want to blame the offensive line. I'm not saying it's only him. But we need to put the more the bulk of the blame when it comes to this taking a sack and a hit specifically on on the quarterback you know maybe he might not have much to do something but does it mean just James Wins. It doesn't mean you need to freak and run backwards for ten yards and get sacked. Do a better job than that and then on the flip side. I am also sick and tired of watching literally every single team and in some cases when even when New England was playing Baltimore for no one can stop the Mark Jackson right now. I mean this this train that is coming through with Baltimore. And how they've planned this offense offense. I mean they have to be Super Bowl favorites right. I think they're the number one for me in the. AFC everything thing they do. It just seems like me because there's so many things they can do. But Lamar Jackson literally makes it look easy and it's frustrating to watch as oh a competitive team someone that you don't want Baltimore to win because it's guys you want to cover this person over the top. He's like you wide open or mark. Mark Ingram literally uncovered out of the Backfield with one of the passing touchdowns. I it's almost like the the defense anything to do and I'm not saying there's any defense solve solve this solve this. Apparently kind of Cleveland. Miraculously a no team can stop it. It's crazy it's an unstoppable force at this at this point hip art. Let's let's get into some waiver players. I think this is actually an okay. Weeks weekly yeah go ahead and in hype you up here okay who want. Let's let's transition here. I know we always like to bitch and bone get a little bit off our chest. That was that was that was wanting a lot of emptying. Yeah all right. So I'll some some pretty fishy performances looking at put this list together and I'm GonNa Start by going over some players under snob buying at all you can just ignore. Don't don't read anything into what they what they did. On Sunday Brian Hill. F people having him in their fan projections. Like if you were one one person had it not gonNa site or anything like that but they were like. I'm just I was to look for ideas and one person's like Brian Hill. You know some people's not GonNa just agree with me but he's like he's diapers like if you were gonNA play Devante Freeman in the first place you should play like who was gonNA play Devante Freeman in. The first place is worse argument. I ever heard four Brian Hill. My Life I know and he had to pick them up and season-long because you never know and you you were expecting him to get a lot of touches against a pretty poor rush defense But yeah but I think there's there's some players laid out Carolina to right on top of it it's like the perfect game scrapped and there's nothing else you guys need to know so so let's start with with a couple of a few tight ends here. Roster Wylie Cameron Break Ryan Griffin. I'm not buying. into any of their Fantasy Sports Ryan Griffin twenty two points Ross dwellers. I pronounce it seventeen points. He got a touchdown. Cameron Bray big game. Well what's the WHO's the third one Cambridge Rothwell I. Well Ada San Fran backup tight end starting in replace a kettle and then Ryan Griffin Karen. Braid is just like the whole Indianapolis thing they kinda use your tight ends when they choose to use your tight ends and you also don't know which one it's going to be so completely agree you just there's no way you can run that Griffin. Didn't he have a couple of games like like. They were pretty decent right before he came back. Not too sure kind of going off memory here and yet he did have a good game. We gave against Jacksonville and then he followed up an eleven point game. He did nothing in the giants last week. so He's earning right. Yeah but I mean yeah well did. Did he get any snaps. Like I have to look into the snap. Count so her hearns so Ryan Griffin's out of the three he's you know he's the you know what the more the more I look at these three A. I don't know if I put him on my pickups but he's maybe he doesn't deserve to be in this list L. Life is you. I know you you pay a call. See if I if I make a mistake. Admit Rothwell everybody tears up Arizona. Anything there to know that you just keep targeting targeting Arizona flow chart. Yeah and Cameron Bray. I mean a big part of the big reason. Why big part of the reason why Chris Evans were so average? Yesterday was because they were going to Cameron Bray Med. To seem to me to be more of a game script type thing where they it was just like a Mea Cameron Bray Day. So I'm staying staying away from them. Any agree with Brayton dwelling. Yeah most definitely. I mean. Obviously obviously kit will be back soon later. Right so Jason Grant not paying attention to it at all for Miami eighteen fantasy points here that kick return so look turn points you and you didn't realize how got it is kick return. Just get return all right so those players. I'm staying away from which which may be obvious Gus Edwards to Unless you're a much deeper league and or are you own mark Ingram. I mean you could argue. Gus had a better game than marketing room. He had the long sixty plus yard run. which skewed things a little bit? But they're unpredictable. Abol snap counts because I look at it often with Baltimore. Just because the whole fan duel thing and you know Mark Ingram could legitimately admittedly be like a top three to five running back if they wanted him to be legitimate could Baltimore's up every single game just is pounding the ball but just split up the workload so much that he's non so for that reason you can't trust them they have. They have justed hill. Just hill right so say if someone goes down my inclination is that they would just kind of rotate in Justin Hill. A little bit more or what do it. Every other team has done this year which is go pick up bowe scarborough and go find tie Johnson and go find you. You know trade for Kenyan Drake or whatever and teams are doing that just find something to do instead of giving the workload to one person both scarborough and other player not not not reading into the tr- I'm done with teams in this kind of goes back into our venting for twenty minutes. I'm done with trying to trying to guess like like the Brian Hill situation. There's like five different running backs or Philly with like Mile Sanders and they have like three other running backs. After Jordan Howard was ruled out. Same thing with scarborough. I'm not. He's he's clearly clearly. I don't think he had a single target in the game zero catches. He's GonNa he's touchdown dependent for a team. That's not going to get made touchdowns so I am not reading into scarborough at all. I don't think he's this big revelation. I'm staying away. Not The anybody's GonNa rush to grab him. But you know. Some people are dumb when it comes to these pickups to see a running back at a touchdown he's a starter. We thought tied Johnson was going to be you know and then we thought mckissick was going to be valuable somewhat valuable neither happen so all Detroit. Yeah I mean I guess I would have to agree. I would like to look at the snap count. I mean just just in case aches for some reason. They're like okay. We don't have anything in any of these people and and I just like to see this now but the chances chances are the healing about what fourteen carries the chances are it was a mixed bag of touch all over the place because I did see Tonto on the field at one point so that that basically explains everything. Oh Wow that's that's probably the probably the best thing you could say about Johnson. You saw him on the field for a play. Well you know Detroit. It was like a we had tied Johnson J. mckissick. I don't think we have enough running back when you get a three headed monster. Let's go ahead and activate scarborough from the practice squad. which by the way? I took a look up today a day. We'll see that's from Alabama man elephant. You play for you play for Dallas last year or the year refused drafted by Dallas. He was also on to other other teams. I'm forgetting one why to Ben Africa now Denver. Maybe I forget anyway. He was only oh Seattle was one I believe he's already. He's already on his fourteen. which was kinda surprising but anyways us us? Yeah so another. Running backs bounced around this better than Sunny Michelle and retire penny that we're both taking the first first round all right. Let's get into somebody in my way re pickups hiccups here. I think there's a I think a few pretty good ones this week. Let's start with a couple of players that are must pick up this week due to injuries juries to starters. Let's start with the colts game. Jonathan Williams has got to be a pickup completely different than the Detroit situation. indie actually actually runs the ball a lot and it's pretty predictable in terms of WHO's getting the carries up to this point been Marlin. Mac has been an absolute workhorse. Heya fourteen carries and then left the game in the. Was it the first half or beginning of one of my players. I have all over the place scoring seventeen points in the first quarter then leaving them. Ek Super Exciting Jonathan Williams salutes. Pretty Okay it looks pretty decent our shifty pretty shifty. I think that might mean that they might utilize now. Hime hines a little bit more war near the red zone inside the ten and they had in the past. Maybe not right on the goal line. But hines did have a touchdown in that instance so you could see a little bit more of of him in those really nice situations near the goal line on the goal line between the five and twenty. So there's that scenario but at this at this time of the year MARLA MAC is not gonNA play Thursday and we'll see going forward but I did listen to a pod where that injury doctor was on saying that. There's a good chance of magnus back within a week. So keep that in mind. So we're really looking at like a stopgap you know in this situation for for maybe one week. They knew him hines who's WHO's own. I think in twenty nine percent leagues. He's probably available is it. Okay pick up as well if you're hurting running back. Now he's hit. Most production comes comes in the passing game. She had three catches on Sunday four catches the week before but if he's just on the field a little bit more because there's no moral Mac and they just kind kind of eats into that those touches just a little bit and maybe instead of getting a you know the three to four carries which he typically gets a game he gets like six or seven carries. He's just a little bit on the edges. There would help he minds. I think he's a solid pick up but Jonathan Williams seems like the guy you want given how India has been using running backs but again. It's always tough when like yeah. They've been using running backs when his mom knack. Maybe that's different if his junk Williams. It's tough to gauge for sure. And there there was a note join. Wilkins said that he's available to come back and Mike and I know please don't yeah Jordan. Jordan Wilkins definitely not on my pickups for the week so then the second player there's a pickup due to injury to the starter is James Washington and so crazy crazy end to the Pittsburgh Cleveland game And just crazy game. General pitcher players is dying left and right Jim Connor leaving with a shoulder injury. Juju Andy Johnson. Both had concussions given the way the NFL teams are handling concussions. Now I'm just GONNA go out on a limb and say that neither Johnson or Shuster is GonNa play this week so James Washington just by default you know by process of elimination. He has to be you. You have to pick him up. He's had some good Games in the past few weeks and they have no one. That's the ball to so James Washington's owning twenty percent of leagues go pick him up like that one I think that's a definitely a really good one that maybe most people really gonNA keep an eye on specifically this early in the week right. When when waivers are GonNa go through maybe it could be like an end of the weakening people might kind of catch catch onto who or or you know kind of see through the news of the might not be playing is still very kind of suspect if they're gonNA be playing so you're just trying to get in there before someone else does at at the end of the week when maybe an announcement comes at the energy and and and even if just one of them doesn't play he still worth he still must pick up right unless yes you're in shallow Alina League if you're in a deeply somewhat deeply even if just either Schuster ordeal Johnson's playing is one of them? He's a pickup I and I like their schedule next three weeks. You Got Cincinnati Cleveland in Arizona. Three teams you can throw all over. I Love I love Pittsburgh's in this on a side. No love Pittsburgh's defense week. Thirteen revenge game against Cleveland at home. So and then Cincinnati. And where do you. Where do you fall with Mason Rudolph? I mean I've been every time. Watch the game. I just feel like He. They are babying him. I just I almost felt like the game when they had duck stuck in whatever his name is doc. Hodges almost KINDA liked him. I'm not I'm not saying he's a better talent. But I watch the Game Mason Rudolph and it just like their babying babying him. He doesn't throw the ball downfield. Maybe it's partly him very conservative is always throwing underneath. It's it just I don't like the off. Yeah I don't know if that's going for but I just don't like and they're they're not running the Pittsburgh offense. They ran with Big Ben most certainly and probably because he can't do a lot of things the Big Ben can do and he's he's has did not have a good game on Thursday but I agree. I feel like they're running. They're not even running the Indianapolis Indianapolis Colts offense right. It's just like I feel like we know how to explain how I think their their offense is being run. But it's just so so short passes. I mean it was one game where Jaylen Samuels had fifteen catches like come on like this is the type of offense. You're literally trying to run I agree. They're they're relying too much on defense to to win them every single game and they they had a chance the win against Cleveland but he threw four interceptions. When this? What happens when you get in these scenarios where they fell behind against Miami and they're able to claw their way out of it? The partially due to Rudolph stepping up a little bit and of course their defense but as soon as they get behind a tiny bit it almost like just like a house of cards cards. Everything else just kind of falls apart. Because the way they're designing their offense becomes even more difficult in that scenario. I read a funny meam after. There's this game said likes the picture of Mason. Rudolph getting hit over the head with his his helmet by Mile myles Garrett and the memes said something like thank you had a bad day try try throwing four interceptions getting beaten with your own element. Uh All right. So let's get back on track here. Sorry so James Washington Jonathan Williams pickups and one player. Hey that I picked up last week so we. We talked last week about picking up players that are on by because people on Russian pickles players. They think okay. I'll get them next week. I'm not going to ground when they're on bikes. They can't use them so a player that grabbed it was on by is none other than Jacob Hollister for Seattle is only rostered in fifteen percent. Leagues is is coming off the bye now so no more bye weeks. And he's having back to back games with touchdown so back to back twenty point games for For HOLLISTER IS PHILADELPHIA. Decent match up and again tight end is a you know. It's not incredibly deep position. He we saw what it was doing for most of your until he got injured and then hall stepping right and it seems like Russell Wilson's using tight ends a lot more this year than he ever has. So I think Jacob Jacob Hollister sneaky pig up and he's coming off a bye so he's not coming off he's he's like a week removed from that twenty point performance. You know some people might forget about that performance and my forget about them so I think he's a good pickup and he's one that you have a reasonably good chance again. Yeah I like it a lot. You know we're going to go with this go to my trusty stat tool here on lineups dot com for my snap. Percentage Jacob pollster is playing eighty percent of the offense snaps. You know anyone playing eighty percent of the snap on a really good offense with Russell Wilson throwing the ball you want shares ears up and they played tight end so give me some of that and you're absolutely right you know. It's definitely one of those by week if you could grab them for free in the bye week instead instead of waiting so he'll still go a little bit under the radar because he didn't do anything last week and if anyone is sorting by like points scored last week. He's not gonNA show up 'cause he didn't play this week so there's a couple of advantages there that he might go not be super high on the radar but being tight end. It'd be pretty hard to miss for most people if he's still sitting there and waivers like it away. What all right in other tithing tile Rudolph what you know the game against Dallas he had was to one yard touchdown catches and you know he was having a pretty bad year and a half up until that point last season half was very very any of herbs Smith who seems to be becoming a bigger part of the offense so we weren't reading too much into that performance by Karl Rudolf another really good performance? It's against the broncos with a touchdown I think Carl Rudolph is now started. I think he's a player that at the tide position again. I mean I was in a league where I had kill. Who is injured? There's no one available I start Air Hebron I mean if you're in a situation like that I think Carl Rudolph is very very star table and worthy of pickup. Yeah I mean he's going to have his games he you know if anything he's actually playing less percentage of snaps and when he was while has increased week over week so he's been a little bit productive last couple of weeks. Earth Smith was quite productive this past week. You Know I. I don't know what the thing I just I think Dallas was scoring in the fourth. Throw the ball and they don't have Adam Phelan Elon and same thing happened here with a surprise behind the ball game against Denver there behind the had to throw the ball. They don't have atom feeling. I think that there's probably a better correlation with with those two things having to throw the ball and Adam feeling not being on the field that anything else very possible. And I think he's. He's definitely your last resort type. Hi Pick up but I think that he's better last last resort pickup. Then like maybe tyler was last week when I completely blew that prediction and and And that's why it's important to actually look at the snap counts. Because I was I you had mentioned that to me and fan do and I was like yeah. I looked at him. He's just not playing like he's not on the field enough. So he got one lucky touchdown that doesn't constitute picking him up or anything like that. That's why it's important to look at how how often these people are on the field in Minnesota goes into a buy this week right so that plays a little bit of a tricky role there as well next player I have and this is a player that I think in a lot of leagues especially deeper leagues. He's definitely worthy of pick up. I'm not completely I'm I'm not completely variant with him but I think he's a player we have to mention is to kill Harry first game for New England. You know it was a low scoring game which has been you know. A trend for New England's offense offense is struggled. I just think Nicole Harry. You're not picking them up based on anything he did. Yesterday yesterday. Buses First Game New England drafted him in the first round. And I don't know we've been saying this for a while. Oh it's like. They had they ha. They need to manufacture offense. They need to find weapons they brought into new who is also visible door. Sets clearly is what he is at the stage and they've element. WHOSE WORKHORSE I but I think Nicole? Harry is worthy pickup. You'd be lower on this list. I would I would put him behind Hollister Jonathan Williams and James Washington but he's more of a later later season play. You're picking him up stashing and hoping that maybe two or three weeks you know down. The road is going to provide some fantasy value for you in like a flex position. Type thing it's weird. I watched that whole game and I must have missed it. Kill Harry on the field and apparently so did Brady but you know I think you're right. I mean you have a first round pick. There's not too many these types of caliber players out there. He played thirty two snaps which is not not a ton but a pretty solid amount for his first game back especially considering its New England. Philip Bruce it left in the second half with a concussion. New the England needs to find things to ignite their offense as last couple of weeks so he could be part of that. You know they're going to work them in. They're they're gonNA try and utilize them in best-case scenarios he's going to be a new England wide receiver which means you know outside of outside of June Edelman Week in week out which means he'll I'll have his weeks. There's a little bit more active than others. But I think especially with his body size in us in New England and scored more touchdowns then this is is a good stab getting someone and he plays in his schedule. Outside of the Dallas was not terrible. We'll have Detroit did against Alice. But the three matchups after that are are particularly juicy for nine years Houston Casey in Cincinnati. Three three teams. That you're GONNA be able to throw. Oh all over so I like the schedule if you can afford a roster him. He's he's definitely. I think worthy of a pickup last player. I have is is up there for me in terms of put him up there with Hollister and Jonathan Williams probably one of the top three pickups and Stevo Samuel for San Fran back to back twenty point games. He's just he's starting to become a little bit more consistent. And he's he has these monster Mr Games. It's like it's borderline monster game of the season granted against Arizona. Jacoby Jimmy Garoppolo to best games. This season have been against Arizona. But I like I like Deebo Samuel. I think he's not a player that you don't you know he's worthy. Pick up at this point in the season it's Kinda crazy. How low Rosser percentage he is? Ours in his bayonet completely changing. And this is very this. This is very normal right for a rookie wide receiver to kind of get his legs underneath them. Get more involved in the offense. Is it also a surprise that he's actually been able to do a little bit better. When Emmanuel Sanders has been there too in terms of Emil? Sanders may be taking more of the primary coverage. In of course it helps that other teams can actually score against San Francisco these last couple weeks. That's always the best recipe for fantasy production action just Minnesota game. You don't think it's because Dante Paddison on double coverage Nope I don't think that's the reason. So that's it. I mean defense. I mean Pittsburgh's defense and there are only like seventy five percent leagues. They're likely not available but but I can't use them as my streaming defense. I love love. Pittsburgh's defense these next two weeks plant. Cincinnati and Cleveland at home in mobile revenge revenge game so pre not a great week for streaming defenses. The jets actually had to back to back really good Games. They play Oakland at home so very low upside given talk about their car. Not Turning the ball over this year so I don't I don't really have a streaming defense this week. It might sound crazy but is there one that you see. I can throw a couple of different options to you and tell me if you like any of these right. The New Orleans Saints Defense came to Mind Against Carolina and that was gonna be my streaming defense of the week but the Saints Saints First of all. What are your thoughts on that game? Everybody's just think Carolina's coming off a three point at home. Going into New Orleans tough defenses. Yeah I mean is it. I don't know if it's just because there's enough tape on him or not but they're on. What three four game losing skid? They're they're not playing well right now. In fact now we know also Kalaiana picking a while. They were very conservative. You know those types of teams. That doesn't doesn't always bode well when you're playing streaming defense like you want sacks and turnovers and there's been plenty of that with gallon in Carolina so absolutely I mean look look it with the saints did against Tampa Bay. WHO's a much better offense? Even though it is James Winston on the road so yeah I like it. A lot of the defenses. This is that the defense is that that are also have a higher ownership percentage have good match ups like the Ravens against the rams struggling offense love that rematch the bills at home against Denver. Gray matchup so so yeah. I got one here for you as we wrap. But it's more of a planning defense. You're not pick them up for this week. Necessarily though I'll be kind of okay playing them it's in San Fran. It's Green Bay. If you didn't want to Rosser too I would take our take. The you know the hit this week to start in the following three weeks which is giants and then at home Washington at home Chicago. The first two weeks of the playoffs. MIND BOGGLING MIND mind. Bogglingly numb awesome matchups. Green Bay packers like I love. I love if if you can afford a roster as which might be your second defense? I don't know if you're able to roster them. I love playing ahead for these especially funeral league. Where you know team defense is pretty important that we're in a league where you can get a lot of negatives with team defenses? They also have while upside so. I like it all right excellent. Well that's going to wrap up our week. Twelve fantasy football waiver wire episode. Thanks everyone for listening. Thanks so much for listening to this episode of the NFL. Talking heads fantasy football podcast. Show try saying that three times with your hosts jeff carrier and Seth Long. We'll l.. Catch you next time. Inhale wouldn't that smell better with farm-rich Mozzarella sticks in front view. Yes fine farm rich in the freezer aisle and enjoy eh in hill. Good wouldn't that smell better with farm-rich Mozzarella sticks in front of you. Yes fine farm rich in the freezer aisle and enjoy.

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