Previewing Panthers vs. Ravens, and Queen


Gas, and they're like, I can't remember it was called. But it's like there's the rule is no matter what your opinion is. There is at least one personally internet, the disagrees with absolutely absolutely. Even if even if your opinion is cancer is bad. Like there's somebody who will disagree with you by tourist. Heard there you gotta out the hurt. Like, there's no opinion that safe from the internet today fans saying, Freddie, Mercury doesn't belong. Michael Jackson in France. Oh my God. You know, you know, in a way he's actually right? And real Panthers fan. If you're listening to this podcast because I hope you are you're wrong. Assuming this gets in the show you're wrong to a point. But you're also, right, Freddie. Mercury does not belong on the same level as Michael Jackson impressed because he is so far above them that they shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence. He's the fucking truth. God damnit E G is the most legendary greatest vocalists that music, not just rock music, but music has ever been gifted, and that is the only correct opinion on the matter. The guy's vocal cords were literally different when he was born like and. Yeah. If you don't believe me, get on your computer and Google Queen nine hundred eighty five Live Aid concert. It's twenty one minutes. Long watched the video your life will be changed. And also keep in mind that if you do watch that Freddie, Mercury had the flu when he did that performance. And it is considered by multiple people in the music industry as they single greatest rock and roll performance by any group ever in the history of music and did. Yeah. No, like real music. Like Rolling Stone. You know, people like that have actually they consider that the greatest performance in the history of rock and roll music, and he did it with with the and flu. So. Michael Jackson didn't do that. And prince didn't do that. So. Nuff said. Welcome to keep sounding podcast. This is your SP nation. Official Carolina Panthers podcast via cat scratch reader. I'm joined by Brad, Brad. How're you doing tonight? I'm doing great. And I'm also joined by John John. How are you doing tonight? I'm doing pretty well. Good. Hopefully, you had some Queen on your on your playlist as you're coming back from work today seems like the best way to go about the end of your work day. We are here to talk about Carolina versus Baltimore on Sunday, one o'clock game against the ravens. And the last time. These teams played it was not good. But this one could be good. Maybe. The Panthers face off against a very very good defense one that sacked Marcus mariota. What like ten to twelve times or something like that eleven ten to twelve? I was right in the ballpark. Hadn't prepared my notes. I apologize for that. Go on Brian and very very underrated offense as well with Joe flacco playing with fire lit under his ass after they drafted Lamar Jackson. He's got Michael Crabtree. John Brown smother guys here and there. So there are other players on the ravens offense. So this could be this could be a tough one for the Panthers. I mean, they just came off a really playing really good defense in Philadelphia, and they'll be playing maybe even a better one as far as the front seven is concerned against the ravens. So looking at the Panthers versus the ravens defense. What are we most concerned about John I'll start with you? Joshua everything. Under pressure. I'm just gonna just gonna make Queen references all night, you might as well just deal with it. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, Terrell suggs is obviously always problem, but they're passed since it will their their defense isn't much other than that game. Never mind at twenty seven sacks. I remember reading at one point that they didn't get a lot of sex. But they were forced they're still doing great and pass defense that clearly isn't the case anymore since day of commanding lead. Over the rest of the NFL and sacks. So. Eps gonna go with everything because I don't know if there's like a like a part of this defense that's weak or that's like an obvious place to exploit. Definitely not a very complete defense. They also have Eric Weddell who thinks that Cam Newton's dinosaur. So that's they have their expectations measured which is good. They have Terrell. Suggs who is the second leading active sack leader behind or excuse me. A force fumble leader behind Julius peppers with thirty three. They have CJ Moseley in the middle. He's obviously could be a problem. Really looking at the defense. Just kind of seems like the intermediate passing game. Maybe but overall not a plus much Panthers. Brad. What are you looking at? You just got to play the game. You play to win the game is making clean reference. I know Brad probably got like the Queen just like discography pulled up right now. Skimming through for songsheet news. There's a probably five percent chance that that's accurate. Looking at the ravens defense just real quick there. I in the NFL and completion percentage allowed I in the NFL in yards fast temple out. They are second and opposing passer rating, even though they've only ended up at five passes, which is like middle of the pack. Second touchdown passes allowed and fifth lowest yards per carry allowed. So yes, kind of what the right? They have they have one vision, which is to just make other teams play the way they want them to play and just take over games. Yeah. The secondary looking at it Jimmy Smith Brennan car, Tony Jefferson, Eric Weddell. That's that's a pretty good. That's pretty good group of four there for your starting four on the defensive backside. Said fact side against the. The defensive back side of the game. You said backside again. I separated out the words back inside. Thank you will say Jimmy Brennan car and Jimmy Smith. Neither in practice on Wednesday. I don't know the Thursday injury report yet. So maybe they're. If it's not good. Yes. They're little little slowdown. That will help us a little bit. So it kind of seems like in the offense of side of the ball. The best thing they can really do is introduce a little speed and Kane DJ more twice. Good idea. Yes. Also with a hurt knee. So fun fact courtesy mule has two touchdowns on five touches on offense this year, pretty good. It's it's worth looking into. It's pretty good. Yeah. Maybe we're feeding him the ball might be worth. I have a feeling that if toy doesn't play. We'll see more Jerry's right? And roughly the same DJ more Curtis Samuel. But. I'm hopeful that we'll see more at least one of them. Yeah. I mean, I'm going slightly mad over it. Because I think we need to see more Curtis Samuel, especially because it seems like almost every time he touches the ball he scores, and that's obviously a tiny sample size. But you know, it makes sense to work him into the scheme. And I don't know why for whatever reason Ron is continuing to be stubborn about it. And it's kind of them. Oh. Veteran presence breath any more snaps for you. Get more snaps. Ron rivera. Yeah. Zachary? This Jimmy Smith practice on what's apex full all Thursday. So we're just gonna disregard that. Good. Seems good. So this seems like a team where? And I've been saying this for the last two or three weeks, but it seems like this is a team where Christian McCaffrey is gonna have to get involved in the passing it in. Because that front seven is good. They will get after the quarterback Cam needs tavist D valve, and unfortunately, Greg Olsen is not that anymore at least not to the degree. He was in years past. He had the game winning touchdown last last Sunday. But he doesn't strike me as the ten catch two touchdown tied anymore. He's the guy that they can maybe count on for maybe four or five or sections that come in the clutch. But in this game, I would expect the Christian Catholic should be heavily involved at least on the perimeter because that. That middle of the front seven of the ravens defense is very very stout. So theoretically, that's what you'd want. Ron Rivera to run. Obviously that means that Christian McCaffrey is getting the ball, the gut at least fifteen say just well as I do what we're gonna do. We're going to run the ball up the middle for two yards. A carry and C J Anderson is gonna stay over on the bench and watch the game. Like he has full blast three weeks. Come in for two snaps on a option about is just to be on the field. So we have someone the option stuff. Yep. Just in case the defense. Oh CJ Anderson's on the field. Maybe we should account for them. Because they haven't watched film over the last six weeks to really bummed out about that too. Like, he's not getting hardly any any game. At all. I mean, he's he's gotta be saying to myself. I wanna break free. Right. I mean. Little Queen reference. I mean seriously though, I mean we brought him in because he was a former thousand yard rusher. And we thought, hey, he'll be a nice compliment to Christian McCaffrey. And he hasn't hasn't played hardly at all in three weeks. And it's almost and he's not hurt. Like, it just doesn't make any sense. You know, Ronald say something like olas port of the game plan in the scheme. What kind of game plan and scheme? Do you have when you put a thousand yard rusher on the bench and don't put him in the game? Like, it doesn't talk about a game plan a scheme. Like, it's something that you can't take that. You can't like control. No, no. They've already rented. Laminated cheats. Like, you can't change. It wants to do that game. But my hands are tied wasn't in the game plan. Yeah. Well, once they do get CJ Anderson involved in the Russian game. That's the hammer to fall in my opinion. Nice. Here too. Real talk. They do need to get him involved in the power rushing game, especially against this very good front seven because it just you just eventually Christian McCaffrey is gonna get hurt. Let's be real here. Like, he's a big. He's big enough for the kind of player he is and his body size. But you run him up against out front seven. Eventually he's going to count for net. You can't keep them under pressure. Like that. I don't know. He seems like a guy. I mean, he got all those carry in college is different. But he had. An excessive workload in college in this relatively on hurt during his college career. So. I think he'll be okay. He'll be doing. All right, something like that. Good. So I'm like, well, I'm looking at the the raven. Oh, go ahead, outsiders how they had a wreck against different sketchers and their weakest spots are against. Number three wide receivers inside hymns. Bad. They're like middle of the road. Fending? Like, I would guess you'd say slot receivers to extent and titans. So. So we know the two players will not be in the game. Yeah. Funches going to get like fifteen targets. So. I mean. Real talk. I do like I do like how they've been trying to get more involved at least. He's been on the field quite a bit more. He's had some action in the running game. As far as like a. Diversionary option. I would hope to see more of that, especially, you know, somehow, Ron Rivera comes to his senses and goes with what we were talking about our last podcast. They use guys like DJ more on Curtis Samuel in the no huddle where don't really have to change up personnel that much just move them around and forced the defense to keep the same personnel field seems like a great idea in practice. But they don't do this so games at least get just for digit more. I think you can keep building off of that. We'll get three catching his is four targets five targets. Like, all right. We got him involved. It's gonna matter. He's involved on wanna give him too much volume than what the defense keying on them or anything. Now, never never. So looking at the defensive side of the ball. Obviously the Panthers just had quite a bad game against the eagles offense and they face somewhat similar matchup. Michael crabtree. Who will probably see a heck of a lot of James Bradbury on Sunday. On top of that John Brown, who's probably maybe one of the only players in the NFL who can go step for step with Dante Jackson, maybe even better. Alongside willie. Steed tight end. They have Nick boil max Williams. This offense is very very underrated in my opinion like flack playing well. They've been playing welded and putting up points. This doesn't seem like one of those hapless ravens often seen over the last few crazy. What happens when you surround your quarterback playmakers? Like what it does for the offense? They're rushing game. Hasn't been is good this year. But. Just to do this for football outsiders again because I already have the webpage. Hold up last year. They were twenty six twenty six best passing team in the NFL and the off season they signed Michael Crabtree. John Brown release need. And now they are seventh their the seventh best bass offense in the NFL. Just it's amazing. What a competent. None of them are like what you'd call my definitive number one wide receivers. John Brown's been their number one receiver and it works just because they have so much such good like versatile skill set. Among the the group they will complement each other. Well. You have Crabtree. Who's like, the all Sean Jeffrey type you have the job round. And take the top off the defense Willie. Snead's goodness lot. I may pretty much assembled all those pieces in the off season. It's amazing. What happens when your general manager? Commits to assembling town round your quarterback and using them to sure it also helps Joe flacco realizes that. He is he's mortal. He's not a permanent fixture behind the backfield. He almost seems like he he caught the Nick full syndrome where he's like I'm gonna frigging slinging because this may be my last season as a quarterback and that's dangerous. I mean, we saw with the eagles and flacco seems to playing a lot of the same way. Very Chuck in the ball down the field, not really worrying about turnover so much which good or bad thing. But in this case working out for them. So I do want to say on that point even with Lamar I was just going to. I just want to say one thing. Lamar Jackson seems to come in in the red zone too. So that's even more motivation for Joe flacco losing snaps in the scoring the meat and potatoes plays that you want is a quarterback. So I could definitely see why he's motivated. But yeah, I say about the turnovers he's only four sections this year, which is very good, especially by his standards. But I do think there's opportunity there. He is. But he is one of the more aggressive quarterbacks in the NFL this year one two three. One two three. Is eighth on this on next gen stats? He's got these eighth most aggressive quarterback in terms of throwing a tight windows. You know, good throwing close to close defenders. Also the. Most of these lease accurate. Secondly, accurate quarterback start all their games. Thirdly, accurate in terms of his completion percentage. Relative to is expected completion percentage. So he still going to tight windows. He hasn't been super accurate as of wedding interceptions. So I do think there's a chance editors aggression coming at some point. We're like maybe he's due for like three or four interceptions game. Maybe. Well, the good news is that Carolina's defense has been very close to batting balls away over the last few weeks. So those have been some tight windows throw into. So maybe he'll throw off to the side a little bit and allows men are sections. I mean, Dante Jackson certainly could get some more to make his case to be rookie of the year on defense. That'd be nice. That'd be super cool. In my opinion. I agree with your pin? But but the ravens definitely also seemed like a team who's going to try and establish the run and this defense so far has still struggled against the run at times. Like the eagles. Really? They did. Well, running the ball. But they didn't stay with it, which I thought was interesting where I think the ravens, especially the John Harvey. Had a good run. A couple of runs in the beginning to kind of put the. Going but the pay there's buckled down like the eagles averaging like three yards carry or less than three are to carry. It was not a lot. But I hope Baltimore six run. They've been bad at it. This year. Yet. What worries me is just like this defense is uncharacteristically giving up a lot of chunk runs. Every that's kind of what concerns me and outs. Collins is good it. He hasn't really this year. But last year he showed. A definite ability hit a home run hitter. Like five yards a carry. Do you have any opinions on that? Give any pennies on that. Brad. You'd like share with the rest of the classroom. I mean, you pretty much covered my opinion. You know, I don't think they're going to run too much though. I think we're going to see a an era doubt game. I think it might even turn into like a bicycle race. Where both teams are just flying on all cylinders. I would think if the. Gainey through the like, the the Queen song list trying to think of other ways to work in the. Oh, man. I would think if Carolina is actually, you know, doing well on offense that this would be a better game for them. And it would be if the ravens because we saw how dangerous the offense can be when they are flying all cylinders doing everything, right? Gives you too much killing opinion. It's true. All I'm saying is that this offense continues to to blast through defenses in the fourth quarter. We might be saying, we are the champions the vamon city. So. There's no way to work at one end. So. No. Real talk. If the offense like finally came a wake against the eagles in the fourth quarter last week, and we saw Cam, I forget who said it may have been Eric. But he said when Cam Newton's completing passes jumping in the air on fourth in ten and getting clocked. That's you know, it's over at that point. And I felt that was very true because Cam Newton was on. And I'm curious to see becomes in this game. And he's just on again. Because if he is this long game for the ravens. Especially if we let him do that from the start. I do like all of the office of players being like yet. We're real good in the hurry up. No offense. Like, we're really good at it guys. And then Ron Ron is like, well, we're not gonna make that or identity. You know, nobody saying you have to run it all the time. You know, we're not saying you have to turn into chip Kelly. We're just saying, hey, you know. Terrell. Suggs had to come out because he had to put his shoe back on run the no huddle offense. So he can't come back into the game. Like, it's not it's not that hard. Like, you don't have to do it all the time and don't do it predictably like don't do it. Every time you force a three and out or at the beginning of a quarter, or you know, things like that makes it up a little bit, you know, reach into that bag of tricks and pull one out, you know, it it's okay to go off script. We're on you lose your job if you and if you have a game plan, and you decide in the middle of the game. Hey, you know, what we're gonna do something different? You know, David peppers, not gonna fire. You. On top of that. Like this idea that they need to run the no huddle all the time is not necessarily true. I mean like you can start a drive off especially if you're starting off with the first the first snap of the game or the second half for step. You can start the game off with with the no huddle just to establish a little bit of a temp especially with Cam Newton is very he's very Defoe basing its getting a rhythm. So like, it's okay to start a drive off. And then not new the no huddle the entire time. But it's a certain kind of magic for one. Cam Newton is when Cam Newton is on and you allow him to start and get a tempo run the ball a little bit. And he can take over a game from the get-go. I don't know why. 'cause you gotta stay. You got to control. It's heaven for everyone. Then for everyone does that. Does that? Got to win that time of possession. Just spread your wager on just spread your wings. It's all I'm saying. Save save me run to save me. Beyond top of that. If they're going to run the ball, maybe run behind the right side. A little more often. Like, I remember seeing that the left side was somewhere where they ran the ball much better in the beginning of the season. That's probably because Taylor was over there. Let's run the ball on the right side will more now that Taylor mountains over there. And try Turner's over there to my opinion. Maybe I think we should also let C J Anderson at home too. But I can't remember. That would also be nice even even arma Alex Armagh like it's almost like Ron doesn't realize that it's not illegal to put CJ Anderson Christian McCaffrey on the field at the same time. It's not a penalty to do that. You can do that. He's like. Think we need to save more like more Christian McCaffrey in the slot lineup. Brian talked about that recently. And that would kind of be like the way to do that procedure innocent on the field from caffeine wide receiver. Maybe toys Smith hurt. That's something we go to but. I don't know. Now, it's kind of maddening to me. 'cause like you have a guy who could have been drafted in the first round for simply his receiving pedigree. And they still refuse to put him in the slot. They just keep throwing granted last week. He did well out of the backfield. So I'm not gonna take that away from them as far as like if that was their game plan is to keep Christian McCaffrey in the backfield. But this week against the ravens defense that chews up the run and gets after your quarterback. It's like, okay, I get it. Christian McCaffrey is better at passed protecting the used to be but come on man like. Get more weapons on the field. There's nothing wrong with having too many weapons on the field. If you can get the ball out in time like there's nothing wrong with having McCaffrey running Drager a slant over the middle and having C J Anderson run. Maybe an option pass block route and Curtis Samuel running a reverse or running something deep down the field. There's nothing wrong with that. They all have the ability to catch the ball and do something with it. Why not put those kind of players on the field together. Just doesn't make sense. I'm looking at you're talking about Brian with the rushing success. At sharp football stats. Christian guy will the Panthers general. But as I say premature Christian McCaffrey sixty seven percent success rate running outside of the right? Sixty seven percent success rate running at the right tackle. And then. Looking on the left side wave zero percent success rate running over left guard as European success rate running left tackle and twenty five percents success rate running outside the left, so yeah. The right side teams like the way to go, which I said makes sense. Taylor moton. Trae Turner, also Taylor Moton has definitely stabbed himself as as least the top fifteen. Right. Tackle is that fair to say. I think at least very heavy emphasis on least. Yeah. He's good which interesting miss interesting. There. Williams is ready to come back. Yes. He's been kind of forgotten. Somebody asked about that in our in our group, or I shouldn't say group are post today about the podcast. They wanted us to go over the first round picks over the last few years. I felt those little early for that. And then they mentioned something about what what the real situation will be one Daryl Williams returns and. I don't know. I mean like. If Matt Kalil wasn't going to be on the roster next year for sure I think maybe they try to bring Williams back. But it almost seems like it's counterproductive at this point. Especially when they got a sign maybe Devin funchess indefinitely Cam Newton. The next few years. Maybe also very slow on that Cam Newton gay. Maybe shack Thompson to mean. Yeah. I think that ideal situation. That's what I think Moton at left tackle Williams at right? Tackle, right. Correct. It's a lot of money shown out for tackled. Oh, these for the ship because you'd think like Daryl Williams and Ryan Kalil and trae Turner a lot of money these showing those three positions, especially when. You know to plan of Saint position. So that could be a problem. Mardi harney. Go ahead. We're gonna say the same thing about the same. Mardi harney's. If he's still around is going to have a lot of tough decisions on his head. I was gonna say. He's he's okay with you know, let guys walk. He's not the mardi her knee of old of any contracts everybody. So if it Moton Kiessling well since we're kind of stuck with Galil release one more year. I wouldn't be surprised if he's like because like you said there's a lot of. You know, cafes contribute to to commit to the office of line. So I wouldn't be surprised if they're Williams walks, especially when you have two more years of Taylor Moton, at least, you know. Like yet bargain basement. There's no reason to offer Daryl Williams a lot of money, especially when you have guys like Erick read you wanna sign back. You know? Yes. Torrey smith. Definitely toy Smith. Or C J Anderson, especially if you can get him at team friendly contract five million dollars for an NFL number three wide receiver. That's a that's a steal in two thousand eighteen dollars. The reasonable five-billion-dollar contract. I do think that is that a fair value for someone of his caliber considering like what we saw in the free agent market like Paul Richardson, getting eight million dollars year Sammy Watkins getting like fourteen million and so on so forth. Yeah. If Paul Richardson's worth eight million dollars. You can't convince me that Torrey Smith isn't worth five million dollars. Like, it's just you guys literally seamy arguing about this in cash for your comments since March Torrey Smith is worth five million dollars. I don't care what you think of Torrey Smith in the free agent market five million dollars for any free receiver. Who's worth a damn is a bargain, and I've been yours act and yelling about it via text since I've been until I was blue in the face and people still said Torrey Smith is worth is being paid too much. Guess what? He's fucking beeping the Panthers. The Panthers still let him play for us. Yeah. Of course, it always makes me laugh when people say stuff like that. He's not worth it. You know, it's not like we have to pay Torrey Smith like when you go to a game the money that you're giving them it. It's not like you have to put an extra twenty dollars in a bucket that goes to Torrey Smith, so. It doesn't matter if. If the five million is if it's five million or fifteen million, you know, you're not paying so just enjoy it because he's worth five million dollars. I've just been imagining since you said that them passing around the Tory donation jar at Panthers games. I mean, I haven't been to panther's game. So maybe they do that. I don't know. Maybe they pass around bojangles bucket with with Torrey Smith written on it and sharpy in that it actually gets paid. It's actually two paces of tape and it says Steve Smith, but the Steve part is crossed out over it's written in a different color of marker, Tori. To try and pull that actually. Yeah. I think that would happen. Sounds legit. Guys. I have some good news. Yeah. Sorry. I came excellent my headset. Where would you say we're weakest in our past offense in terms of area of the field. Probably the middle. Yeah. I would say the middle or wherever Colin Jones is which is usually the middle of the bench. My. Joe flacco this year is a has a thirty nine point six passer rating on deep passes in the middle of the field and a seventy eight point three seven eight point three passer rating on passes in intermediate area. The middle of the field. Those are below that sucks because whatever their sucks because whatever your day on top of that. It's because whenever Eric Reed actually picks them off the NFL's gonna find a way to turn it over. Exactly. He's got to get clear interception rate. Just like it's like a catch and run and referees just gonna panic and throw a flag. It'd be a pick six, and I tell you it's going to be a pick six and they're gonna throw a bullshit flag on something like hands to the face. It'll be taunting because they're just going to throw a flag into skull. It'll be taunting because he got up with the ball vigor and tried to run with it. That'll be taunting. Now, they're gonna call like a illegal contact illegal contact penalty as the receiver bumped the referee. Just every like the moment. Air interception. We're gonna see like six flags field. Yeah. Six flags and they're gonna throw the hat to because. Gotta make sure we see it. Raining official project. You're in Steeler stadium with all the fucking yellow towels are going up in the air. One thing we haven't talked about. And I think it's a legitimate question considering who were playing this week is Joe flacco elite. You want to say something? Makes you think in fact, how many players on this roster von Super Bowl. Tori. Exactly played with Joe flacco there for making Joe flacco elite. He didn't win with Joe flacco duty is he owned the Ray. He's absolutely did. Yes. Okay. That was Doug. So he's got to. Yup. He makes that quarterback better. Roy Smith wins Super Bowls Torrey Smith makes his quarterback better by profit. I I don't know why Panthers fans are so pissed about his five million dollar contract. I see. No. I mean, I would pay five million dollars to win a Super Bowl I would too. If I ask five million dollars. I will pay five million dollars out of David tempers pockets when I will to let's all sealed every notice on all just buy lottery tickets. I'm sure we can make it happen. Are two dollars. Let's go. Let's fire selves a Super Bowl ring. Let's do it. We can make it happen. I swear. Of course. So moving onto scoring projections. I'll start with John. What do you think is going to happen? This sunday. Since I was right last. Yeah. That was the only one that was right last week for you, buddy. That's you were right for three quarters. I hope you take hope you make yourself a nice nice strong mixed drink your Tiki bar in your room for that victory. I'm gonna keep ticking. The panthers. I think we'll start faster especially being at home. We always played much better at home. Lose. I don't tickle. Okay. Now, we're four two and I picked the Panthers every week. So he came acting like me pick the Panthers as bad thing. Go panthers. Twenty-three ravens sixteen. Brad. What about you? John's guests is pretty close to mine except it's going to be flipped. I think the ravens are going to win twenty three to seventeen. I believe the Panthers will lose. Seventeen to ten. Wondering the Vegas? The ravens are two and a half point favorites over under his forty four. So if you do some math that's roughly like twenty three twenty one twenty four twenty one and that ballpark for the ravens, that's the Vegas thing. It's prediction. Well, I don't buy it. I think that's pretty accurate. This is reasonable. Seems reasonable. But I just struggled. I struggled with. I don't. I don't know like counting on this Panthers. Offense to show up again against very good defense, especially since that defense just loss to the saints. So it's kinda where I'm coming from. That our offense hasn't showed up for real in like three weeks. So they're due to be good from the start. Yeah. I think one of two things are going to happen. I think it's going to be an extreme situation. I think we're either gonna see like a nine three game where none of us won't to to live after it's over or we're going to see like forty five to thirty eight where neither team can stop the other one because we are due to to have an offense of breakout. And I think the ravens while they are really good on defense. I think it's possible that this could just be one of those. Hey, it's slip ball. What are you gonna do type games? Sounds fair. But I do think we're gonna lose. Well, any other lasting bits here? Else? Freddie. Mercury is still the best. Jackson wants came to jersey after the game sprinkle. I can see why it's a good quarterback. Joe flacco, I don't I don't really get it. Because he's he shares a locker room with Joe flacco like why why cams autograph sitting next to an elite quarterback as it is. Yes for Joe flacco jersey after every game. So I kind of hope. Yeah. Because that would be funny. One of the thing about Joe flacco. Very much joy him at wide receiver. That is funny. Yes. He's like he's like Jay Cutler, like at least he gets himself. Unlike a wide receiver stance, and he could not stand more still while the players are being run within wide receiver. Jay Cutler is the elite quarterback at wide receiver. Guy though, like nobody could have less of a shit about anything than Jay Cutler does. Joe flacco is bad. But nobody's Spanish Jay Cutler standing there, like shoulders pointed parallel till on scrimmage, but this hands on his hip during during enough to play. There's there's no beating that. So I guess we're. Wrapping up. Yeah. Thought we. Well, life lessons from Brian Bevere sluice at some point in your life. You're gonna meet somebody who is death onto legs. But the important thing is that they say, you're my best friend, and they also sing bohemian rhapsody. That's great. I wanted all that would be the love of my life. And if you meet that person, and they say now, I'm here. Maybe you should go for it. And let them save you. So from all of us here at the keep sounding podcast is a fat bottom girl. Exactly. The show must go on though from all of us here at the keep sounding podcasts. Friends will be friends. This is Brian doing the by Brad and John enjoy our podcast enjoy the ravens game. Hopefully, we have a victory talk you about hopefully, we have one vision for you next Monday or Tuesday ending on the day. Thanks listening. Facing? I guess. The high. The. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from Espy nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart it's smart as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another same smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall, don't do anything smart.

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