How Food Can Help Hair Loss and Thinning


Welcome to dishing up nutrition with license nutritionists and dietitians from nutritional weight and wellness. We explain the connection between what you eat. And how you feel stay tuned for practical realize solutions for healthier living through real food nutrition. You got to make the mom last just giving down cobblestone. The phone crew. Welcome to dishing up nutrition. My name is JoAnne, right out, and I'm a registered and licensed dietitian. And I'm in studio, this morning with Caroline Hudson who is also a registered and licensed dietitian, both of us have had over thirty years of experience each. It's a lot of experience. In the nutrition field. And like that insurance companies commercial on TV says we have seen it all. Oh boy. Have we ever do? Because of our extensive experience, working with many, many clients over these thirty plus years. Caroline, and I thought today we would add address some of the frequently asked questions that we've been asked in one of those questions is are there, any supplements or certain foods? I should add to my diet that will help to slow down or stop my hair loss. I'm getting bald in spots on my head. And so, I'm so embarrassed. Boy, I've heard that one. I. Personally, I found that both women and men are very willing to change their diet or take some supplements, even give up alcohol or whatever, I suggest if only I can just help them get their hair to grow again. That is true. And if you are experienced hair, sending your not alone as many as forty percent of women, experienced female pattern hair loss, and hair thinning we know both women and men experienced this and these take a real toll on a person's wellbeing. I in fact JoAnne, I found us the Tissot here that says that by age fifty eighty five percent of men experienced some degree of air law. Wow. That's a lot, isn't it yet? So there can be many causes of hair thinning such as childbirth are times of excessive excessive amounts of stress. Lack of sleep. That's a really big one for a lot of people. Yup. Five or eight problems. But interestingly, one of the biggest culprits is lack of nutrients. In fact, I was just saying to somebody last night. Oh, yeah. My the show tomorrow's on hair thinning. And they said, what you can do something about with nutrients in the food for hair thin. I don't believe it. I said. Yep. Well, you'll just have to tune in exactly we live in a country of planning. Right. Plenty of food. Right. So why would we be deficient in key nutrients? I believe the reason could be traced back to guess what? That low fat low protein, Dr vacation weight loss types of diets, and they were so very popular. And in fact, unfortunately, still are in many cases, right? So our hair needs to key nutrients for hair growth, protein, and fat and sad. Both of these nutrients are really missing in those low calorie, and weight loss plans. So why do we need that protein for our hair? The fact is that a simple strand of hair is made up of protein fibers. So it makes perfect sense that we need enough protein in our diet for healthy hair. And when a client, asks me, how can I get my hair to grow, again, as a dietitian? I sit down and calculate the number of owns is a protein, the client, should eat most days and unfortunately, so many women and Manon not yelling enough either. Right. Are getting less than six on the protein each day. Yeah. I'm always shocked.

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