7-7-20: Kentucky lookahead with Parker Kligerman, Kyle Petty and Krista Voda


and. Welcome back to tarmac Admiral. Gus from the? Weekend at Indianapolis a with Parker Clergyman. Kyle Petty Kyle no question nobody was happier to be back home in Indiana than boss Tony Stewart. What a weekend for Stewart! Must Racing Listen winner? Stewart Haas racing not had a great weekend this year. I think when you look at but to come back to Indianapolis. And it's well documented of what Indianapolis in that speedway means to Tony, stewart personally but chase Briscoe in the xfinity race, we see in the cup race at Kevin Harvick Eric Merola Coal Koster you. Only one missing is really a clint, but clint struggled a little bit this year, but when you look at the weekend for that that team that organization and for Ford Motor Sports Ford's been asked this year man. Man as some of these places so a big weekend for them, but you know. I gotta give a tip of the hat to shoot to gase racing with Scott, Dixon and then when Mackenzie Matt Kansas, right, there could see becoming oldest winner at Indianapolis Motor speedway that close to win in that race finished secondary few times before so I think an asi racing and Stewart Haas racing come away from Indianapolis both. As winners, this is sports uncovered the uniform crates that revolutionized college football. Make your picture of work like Spiderman on steroids. Subscribed to sports uncovered for free wherever you listen to podcasts well, thank cal on the Stewart Haas point. How cool is it that someone Tony? Stewart has been so important that speedway on a weekend at something so monumental happened in terms of indy car, which he raced was champion of NASCAR come together at a place of Megyn much in his race team does out there. Do Racist. It's just I think it's a really cool story that we see not that often a motorsports lineup like that, so I just think overall. That was a very cool experience. The only thing it'd been cool honestly is if we had fans there, but I note rutledge out all the ones on the fence out there trying to see what was happening, so you know we know we had their support. will watch MTV, but Adra pointed out that Kansan couple years ago. When you isn't that six car at indy for the first half of that race, he actually was on I was watching because he was. Was Flying. He had a chance to win. That race back then then goes away. Instead. This was a great track comes back and goes up there and has a shot to win as you said I. Think People have slept on him there because he hasn't gotten that win at Indianapolis, but he reveries in Gels of that racetrack so well and I. Don't know what it is I. Don't know if it's style is laid back. Demeanor whatever he is incredible. Indy babysitters shoplift Stick around or the last one say he got inputs. It's such a field that story, because what forty eight kyle forty eight your level. Youngster is youngster. Yes, and then you talk about forty four year old Kevin Harvick's see the two old guys battling there at the end kyle. You mentioned Cole custer. The twenty two year old was pushing the forty four year old, so Parker go back to Matt Kenza I. Want to get all the ages in there. The fact that it had won that race, he would have taken a playoff spot which would've pushed Jimmy Johnson. It hasn't even further back as Jimmy. Johnson continues to sort of wait out his medical condition, so really had a lot of factors. Factors play when you figure right now. Half the playoff field is already set. Really you Jimmy I you know with the situation. He's in obviously very disappointed in the AD. That disappointment would see something like although I know Matt. He respects a lot and seemed a win. It would put him in a tougher position in his final season to be a part of the playoffs, which is unfortunate because Jimmy Johnson eighteen. We're doing a solid job to this I mean they were very strongly in the playoffs on points. You know there's been times they've shown the. The speed, possibly being conversation for a win this year, so all that is tough, but look right now points battle we have. Kyle is unbelievable. In terms of the names and the players involved in that playoff wins balance pretty oss yet you anytime, we, we talk bubble. It constantly moves it constantly evolves, and we saw yesterday Austin Dillon wreck on the last lap had an opportunity to have a solid finish. Maybe gain a few more points may be closer. They have issues rettig capitalizes. He moves up a little bit, so we talk about Jimmy and we. We talk about Jimmy, and we talk about the bubble a lot because that that's that's the ones that get eliminated in the ones that move forward, but really all of these guys have run a lot better in. It's going to be a lot tighter. Farkas mentioned it before as we talk about a bubble wallace back. There's we talk about a rhetoric and how that team has in. He's a rookie where they were last year. This format seems to help smaller teams and the smaller teams running a lot more competitive, which is a headache to Jimmy. And the Henrik Organization which is a headache to the Pinski organization and the Stewart Haas and those teams like that, because these guys are taken, valuable points that used to the upper teams took and the more teams took so this is going to continue to be that ebb and flow, but it's GonNa. Be Tight I. Think until we get to that cutoff race. Draft kings the leader in daily fantasy sports has a variety of daily fantasy contests with cash prizes up for grabs, contests include golf, MMA and soccer events. It's simple. Each player has a salary associated with drafting them assembled lineup of players while staying under the salary cap, and then sit back and watch your points. Pile up. Download the draftkings. Use Code uncovered new users. We'll get a free entry with her first deposit. That's code uncovered. Only at draftkings minimum five dollars deposit required eligibility restrictions apply see draftkings dot com for details. Well some other names I mean be remiss if just all. You almost heartbroken for him, because wasn't really his making filling in there for Jimmy Johnson that forty eight another great run. Kyle for Michael, McDowell as well I know you also mentioned Allen Rolla, but. Michael McDowell the match Benedetto. Knocking on the door here, these races and kind of get about sometimes okay I. got my paper right here. Who would have picked Matt Kenseth custer, Michael, McDowell Colorado and bubba Wallace to take five spots in the top ten in a fantasy league. Not Yours truly those were not would not have been my picks, but but I. Think when you look at Michael, Mcdowell, they have put together some top ten runs in these teams are putting together top ten and fifteen runs when we look at Michael McDowell when we look at a Bob Wallis. When we look at some of these guys, they are putting together top ten. Ron's were if we go back twelve months from where we are right now. Now where we had practice where we had similar where we had everything, the Hendrick Organization and those guys could put into it These guys were lucky to finish top twenty, one, not top twenty, top twenty one. If finished twenty second, it was like a victory for those small teams, but now they are in the top ten an end, the top ten, and they're kicking these big teams out, and I think that is a huge plus for the sport and a huge plus for race fans to be able to see those guys and put another mix of names up. There put another mix of teams up in there and give these guys a credit that they deserve because they're all talented drivers. A Great Point Hal end in one of the things that I think people might not understand is why is it happening with no practice who what changes well one of the things that practice allows bigger teams to do is use the resources in all the stuff that they have smaller teams don't to perfect that race car. We talk a lot of time. The engineering terms about getting to the hundred percentile of the performance of the race car when you don't have. Have that they can't, so they're on a good day. Maybe they're ninety six percent, although smart teams Abbott chance of hitting on, and maybe getting closer to those big teams in that I. think that's part of what's happening. Is You're just smart? Teams maybe didn't get faster, but what happened is the bigger teams are not able to perfect everything to the nth degree that they normally can so just brings feel a little closer adding that parody one other thing to ask. What happened in the last year is that NASCAR has gone through a major development trees in terms of what you're allowed to do. These race cars in developed to them, and developed the different parts of pieces, and I think that it's helped smaller teams as well sort of close that gap the not allow the team to get so much further ahead so all that is working in because the great parity that we have been so cool and Christie you mentioned some of those names up there. McDowell either radic I mean Tyler Radic in store real I, mean five races ago I. Wonder All Right Rookie Doom, well sure we've seen this before, but can continue on the slog of a cup season through. Through the Summer Nolan acts when falls apart normally. That's when the wheels come off gets hot. It's gets the team isn't quite jailing how they should, but this team that eight team with tyrannic is firing on all cylinders, and it is incredibly impressive to watch what they're accomplishing here. And when you look at Richard shoulders racing, they might have a chance to get both cars in the playoffs I mean that is something I think. We went into twenty twenty. I had zero expectation of happy. Okay, so let's look at Kentucky this weekend. Obviously reasonably the HARVICK versus Hamlin show won't continue. We mentioned Merola Parker is he the next best team right now? In the next worst Kyle Busch as Kentucky is his. Air Role is an awesome thing to see you know because when we look at Stewart Haas racing for a long time. We say hey, it's all about Kevin. Harvick right in when the other guys in step, but occasionally we see something out of a border shown up at times, obstacle cultures in his rookie season, so he's learning a lot of things and eric been a lot of times. That second car is a jar, but what I've seen now is a little bit of. Of a speed increase, you know you let all those laughs of Pocono. He's showing that there's maybe a little bit more potential in the navy and been able to show with Mike Ravage. Rea- say coming on board that ten car, so I think that team is very interesting to watch and is really someone that routine that maybe wasn't allowed people's radar in that sense of maybe going out, and being one of these dominant ours in the future races, cowboys west of your hand. On Perplex this note practice no qualifying to play right into his wheelhouse, it should be something he relishing in and I. Don't know if it's an execution, issue or something, but there there is something odd that why he has not been. Doing replicating what didn't Hammond has done, but I'll tell you this. where he talks about the beginning of that in race, the right front tire his description of what was happening there. That is so hard to feel what he was describing. No that was going on the point he did that I. Tell you that he still has the feel everything. Is there I? Just think it's an execution each. And I agree you know and I. Raise the question right? Whereas Bush I think the way Parker explains that is perfect because I think when we look at Cow Bush, we talk about him constantly as the driver with the most car control the driver with the most natural talent, the driver that can step across the brink, and come back and live the Taliban and we talk about with such reverence that in this day. Day In time when there is no practice in your counting on your driver to jump in that car, and do all of his talents in that one seat and hang on to that steering wheel. Make something happen. Those guys aren't getting it done and I can't believe that's because of Kabushiki I. Just can't make myself believe that that cow Bush is not getting the job done it. It has to be execution. It has to be the preparation what they have. The approach that they're taking has to be taken them out. I cannot blame any of this. Not that I've seen anything yet to say that this points towards towards Cao Bush, and we go back to Eric and I. Do believe that Eric is strong right now. My only hit a couple of Ellen Eric. Eric Merola right now as I feel, he should WANNA racer to in these fives in the streak of five top fives, I felt like there should have been a victory in there somewhere and for me. It's a huge step forward. Yes, he stepped in separating himself from the rest of Stewart Haas racing. Is He Kevin Harvick no, not yet but when he knocks off a winter. Then come back and talk to me, but right now i. do believe that's a bright spot over there, but we just got through talking about at the beginning of this show. The bright spot is store racing this year especially for the Ford contingent. And especially in recent weeks they are the bright bright place for Ford Motor. Sports and I think Eric's capitalizing on that well next up Kentucky. No surprise pop-up storm summer storms in the forecast shouldn't be as hot I'm sorry, Parker but. It shouldn't be a hot because drivers in indy were three degrees away from being a medium rare state. That's the temperature. That is how hot it wasn't Indianapolis so. We're GONNA. Go Hydro Right now. Ready for Kentucky thanks for watching.

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