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remember that time when you found out that you're girlfriend is really you're aunt or you're daughter is you're mother well welcome to the world of dark the netflix original series that worry it'll be breaking down today on stinger in a world where your friends and coworkers don't understand your movie or tv obsession movie or tammy obsession where you just want someone anyone to share your binge watching watching addiction and then he drove are here for you your wages or or stores now hi everyone i'm shannon an eye dangerous welcome to singer tv movie podcast today were talking tv we are going to get into season two of the netflix original dark will get to that in just a second but before we get to that i wanna let you know that if you haven't seen it or if you stayed away from it because it's german and you're just american and you're over dubbing subtitles and you just can't be bothered you need to get over being over that yeah hey listen out oh it is such a good show and were there oh my gosh there's so much to talk about with that yet i wanna say i just wanna quickly mention that this is being number two most binged show right now on the tv time app if anybody is that they do a little rundown of the most binged shows now of course that's kind of natural just came out but it's popular and people are watching it so do not write it off right in the fact that it's clearly attracting the global the audience which has an and i love that netflix is doing that they are bringing these shows that you know for years we were trapped in are network tv world and we didn't have access to other shows and i think so many people in the u s are very three 'em american focused when it comes to entertainment and i loved it this is allowing us to broaden my horizon right right yeah but before we do that i wanna say shannon high end congratulations and happy birthday anniversary to us guys were officially middle aged that's right that's right so fiftieth episode as a it's a ballot are second anniversary i said it wasn't anniversary 'cause i started this podcast in july of two thousand seventeen but it's actually is that go august yeah so i was a little off but we're gonna celebrate anyway 'cause were very excited that we have persevered this long we love doing this podcast and we again we were recently named some list of somebody something a tv movie podcast so were on the list guys were list where they were on a list of the top forty tv and movie podcast a top forty that's like old school rap forty austin all right well so if this is your first time joining us welcome or vince coleman if you are german my that's my pathetic german an before we get into what we call the stinger topic of the week were were diving deep into dark that's a tongue twister we like to just chat about what else we've been watching so shannon what have you been watching yeah i think it's a very short list because i did binge dark the last week in the caught up on the handmaid's tale i know i've been talking about that i'm a little late to the game with the handmaid's tale but now we're at the point where we are caught up and just watching week to week lovett great show highly recommend wow you're you're way ahead of me and i started watching it way back when yeah well you know it's interesting if you get someone in your family on board to watch something i find the benching is easier you've talked about this with their son how you struggle to find things to watch is you can't you don't have the time to watch things that he can't watch so very easy yeah very easy for me to blows through handmaid's tale because my husband wanted to watch it every night is like what's watch watch watch okay like all right good yeah so that was that was a a quick one other thing that i think we both want to talk about is spiderman far from home right absolutely so if you're not usbased this movie actually just came out on july second i thought opening opening day which is a rarity for me you're usually a fancy preview liv well either i see it as a preview or i see it probably a weaker to after it opens i'm not one of those like opening day 'cause i i want the best seats and not many people there so a wealthy we have a wide range of theaters to choose from around me and i can always find one and i usually by my tickets like weaker tune advance so why go opening day because i don't like to hear other people talking talking about it well yeah i guess i could see that it depends on the movie but we went to amc and i i've never taken advantage of this before i think because last summer movie pass and they have used to be called five dollar tuesdays now it's discount tuesdays you don't have an amc near you do you do yeah okay so discount tuesdays where 'em you know you can see movies for five dollars but it depends we wanna go to a nice theater for this we did i think it's called prime it's stadium it's like the the adult i think of the dolby theatre it was in three d we had the reclining seats it was so mean we went through the full experience but this one so we pick the fancy theater to an unrelated to the movie they also have this great like five dollar drink and popcorn deal so oh yeah nice it's totally awesome so yeah we we we had a great experience loved the movie to be you know i was not super looking forward to this movie and i loved it in fact i think i loved it more then you i it sounds like you did and i'm very curious why you like this so much more than the first one because you know you mentioned in your sixty second and review that some us on facebook and youtube i think now end you mentioned that you didn't think toll on i'm sorry tobey maguire on the brain today you didn't think tom holland was as juvenile all the time that's correct i just felt like in the first one an intimate ventures movies he was very much a oh shucks gene mr stark kind of kid and he he just felt like he i felt like he reflected they experienced that he's had he's grown up do you think they plan to that cedra i i don't know i do i do i think they did plan that i think they really wanted wanted him to appear you know golly gee and very immature and i loved that about the first oh i hate it i know you hate it and we've talked about this i just loved i mean i thought that was really representative of how any dorking working dirty teenager would deal with something like that so i loved it i love tom holland totally loved the first one this one i just had to high expectations and i think this was something that we've talked about and marvel movies before that you just get really psyched up for it and i was just over the top excited but i didn't i didn't dislike it i did like the movie and i think if i didn't love the first one so much i would probably like this one a little bit better to do that makes sense yeah yeah because i i left and i was like wow that's really good but i just left with this feeling like man i wish it was a little bit better well i love jake jilin hall yeah he was great as both a good guy enda well i i don't wanna spoil it for anybody but i think you kind of know he's a good guy in a bad guy and a the the director i mentioned this in my video review what i really picked up on where the camera angles like when he's swinging you feel like you're swinging with him and he's fighting the drones you're it just because i felt i almost felt like as on spiderman ride and not random makes you nauseous at universal so yeah the the drone scenes were amazing as far as they were shot but that part of the movie i was just like okay i get the peter tangle and all that okay but but he would have been shot like fifty thousand times so i'm getting a little yeah a little bit annoyed at the length of that scene if nothing else if it yeah order seen i might have been like all right i mean that's every marvel i know i'm like oh i know you're like which i really sustain that much but yet i and i do have a question about something that i didn't quite understand sbn but i'm not gonna ask out i'll ask you later because i don't wanna spoil it for you okay yeah definitely if anybody goes to see it stay all the way to the very very end because that last stinger that end credit scene is a doozy clearly set up for the next spiderman movie clearly set up for feud all i think all future avenger i wanna talk about it and we can't we can't okay is we don't wanna give it away all right let's move on okay all right so let me shannon never asked me what i've been watching so i'm just gonna interjected here but you have the transition to say what you've been watching okay joe what so besides far from home we actually watched again spiderman into the spider verse when juicy animated feature from sony tony that is now streaming on netflix love that movie just as much the second time as they did the first time my husband even watch he's not into stuff like this so he really liked it we watched netflix original movie called rhythm of the world have you heard of yeah it's a it's a bunch of it's kind of like a an end of the world alien invasion young kids have to save the world and kind of movie ends so i thought my son and i would like it so we watch one night and it's directed by i think his name is nick ge mckay mickey mickey yeah he he's done the charlie's angels movies and stuff like that okay and so i thought maybe this might be pretty decent was pretty decent but you it's like it's kind of like a kids movie and they used they drop a lot of f bombs which whatever but then they start talking about cock block and i was like oh what like i looked at my son going do explain that i just i left it alone anyway and then the other thing i can't remember if i mentioned this but for total fun and the style jetta end just if i want a reason to snark they now have all these digitally remastered mastered seasons of baywatch streaming on hulu and you know what shannon i almost think we need to do a whole podcast episode that that could be interesting 'cause i've actually embarrassingly never seen an episode so today watch well i've watched it here and there and when you sit to watch it you release form a lot of a lot of opinion so remember way back when we we go deep into the golden girls yes i think it might be fun to do something similar with baywatch okay all right let's put that on me a put a pin in it as they were gonna put a pin in it so if we have hooked you guys yet stay tuned because we're getting ready to start are deep dark discussion of dark season two but before we do that i wanna see me possibly you're kind of digging this podcast well we would love for you to join us every other week when we release new episode of stinger tv movie podcast and you can do that by subscribing on favorite podcast app and if you feel so inclined we'd love for you to leave us a review is well that helps other people find us and if you don't love the podcast don't worry there's lots more that we offer we 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wanna hear their own voice in their own name on a podcast you could call three one five sting tv that is three one five seven eight four six four eight eight and just leave us a voicemail like we don't answer the phone it's just a voicemail male line and leave us a message about what you think about something we said a an idea for a future podcast and maybe we will play it on are next podcast end if you forget all of that please go stinger universe dot com that's where you're gonna find all this information of links to all of our content end with that it is time to get dark as we mentioned at the top of be podcast we are talking about season two of the netflix original dark this is h german based original show starring german actors it's written by germans and and it has a very distinctly german feel to it but if you are into twisted time traveling cy fi shows you need to put all of those prejudices aside and tune into the dark why don't you give us a quick overview of what dark is all about in just in case anybody doesn't have any clue what it's about okay so in this small germantown of a window in the mysterious disappearance of mickle nielsen is linked to a time travel portal in the caves underneath a nuclear power plant an explosion at a plant in nineteen eighty six somehow resulted in the opening of a wormhole through two time now every thirty three years the cosmo's apparently lineup in exactly the same place at the end it allows this wormhole to open so traveler can access thirty three years in the future or thirty three years in the past okay now this is what happened in season one season one's been out for a while season to just dropped on netflix an in season one there was the the time line in two thousand nineteen so they were able to either go back to nineteen 'em eighty six eighty six or fifty three because be explosion happened in eighty six so they could go forward to twenty nineteen or backward the fifty three those were the kind of the key years that season once what's what's on dealing with so there is this teenager named jonas and he starts unravel this mystery after discovering his father who committed suicide in twenty nineteen teen his father turned out to actually be mickle who disappeared and traveled back in time to nineteen eighty six okay so you gotta stay with us you gotta really focus if you're listening to this podcast okay and hopefully you've already seen the show because spoiler warning we didn't say that but were discussing all season one into so mickle disappears in twenty nineteen goes back to nineteen eighty six and get stuck there and grows up to become michael who's jonas this is father all right michael commit suicide in twenty nineteen but he leaves clues jonas defined his way to the wormhole an and hopefully maybe right all of this craziness okay so at the end of season one we find jonas a making his way through this wormhole but instead of going to one of the key years of eighty six or fifty three he finds himself thirty three years in the future to what was it twenty i had already very 'em twenty fifty three something like that twenty fifty to fifty two yeah fifty two so he finds himself in the future and that would see big guy cliffhanger at the end of season one jonah's right is in this apocalyptic future and you can tell it's kind of like a 'em you know radioactive waste land or some kind of nuclear event or something and that's where season ends all right so my predictions first season to at the end of season one i thought we were gonna see a lot more of the apocalyptic future and i thought the pivot point would then be twenty nineteen and we would either be in twentyfifty to or we would be back in nineteen eighty six six i thought we'd seen the last of nineteen fifty three yeah because they did show that little m i don't know what the symbol is called but it kind of looks like a three prong yes that answer yeah you know what what keeps coming in mind is like a florida leaves that you see in new orleans it's that sort of thing but not really but it clearly has like three points to it so i thought that that was very important you know like this and we talked about this last year when we discussed dark so yeah i kinda thought the same thing as well as we sound dark doesn't really seem to have to follow any rules in particular i i will say one of the things that i read is we are going to have a season three in fact there are ready filming season three call an the good thing is that when the creators came up with this okay let me stop for one second i just wanna say overall i felt like season two i almost like did better in season one and i loved it remembered every single thread did it left hanging yuppies in one yep and tried to address every single one and i thought this is brilliant could they have possibly written season one knowing that they would have the answer all these questions and the answer is yes so this it was always planned to be a trilogy series so they do have eighty third and final season coming that apparently will feature several characters in different time periods okay no big deal lots of time travel an so it's shooting now and will consist of eight episodes so we at least know we will get closure yes we will get closure and i think i can't say i was one hundred percent satisfied at the end of season two there's still still a lot of like wait a minute 'em which is why it's good to find people that are fans of the show this is the kind of show that you have to talk about yeah end shannon and i kind of just lightly toyed around with the idea of having like a binge weekend and wouldn't this be an awesome show for a binge weekend where you get a bunch of people together because i feel like you could after each episode you could be like okay wait a minute and rice somebody in the room would inevitably be like no that's because he said this and he did this and somebody would pick up on something that you didn't pick up exactly and this is what makes this such a brilliant shows so if you guys were down for a stinger retreat just you know tweet after leave us a message and you know who knows we'll make it happen in germany we go for a long water in the forest well i wanna add onto you're synopsis because i read this great article decal on a site called the ringer dot com and the the writer of this article just has a way with words and this is what he said i think it's a hey this is what he said he said the show revolves around well the show one of the most florid lee complicated plots of any series on tv but be ultra ultra elevator pitch version is that it is an intimate domestic drama about four interconnected families in a small german forests town and how their life change when a temporal rift in a nearby cavern caused several of them to either disappear or become warring time lower it looks exactly like this sounds most of the humans are sad sacks most any environment looked like they were rendered as part of a proof of concept video to make christopher nolan invest in a drone it's a show about despairing broken people living in a retina display with shitty whether it's so good and then he says the yellow rain slicker worn in season one by the teen protagonist jonas conwell looks so incredible against the deep forest social democracy backdrop but i neither rain slicker officiant auto nor if i'm honest a teen found myself wishing that i could also be under twenty and damp in the vicinity of mysterious nuclear power plant is like yes yes that is it right there and i found myself several times 'cause i actually got my family to watch it with me because i i actually watched all of season one before i watched season two so i got them invested in the story and about myself being each episode going like wow this show so dark on ironically and then i oh yeah okay all right and that is in addition to be incredible storytelling end left turns an unexpected in fact the things the show does these visual is just tremendous i mean it's just absolutely perfection it's perfection yeah an 'em let's just talk about v comparison first second a stranger things we we've actually compared at the stranger things before and we said it's stranger things smart people but i found it from the same article it's like my favorite article about dark now worthy author compared stranger things too dark so i think it just sums it up perfectly he says i just can't shake the feeling whenever i watch stranger things that i am shopping at nordstrom rack of imagination narrative garments designed mind in crafted by someone else piled indiscriminately into begins to be sold at a discount here's a three pack of ralph lauren underwear here's a fifty pack of easy eighties references nordstrom rack it'd be a great place to shop but you're there defined familiar you're brands on the cheap and you know it dark to who loves a well worn narrative trope but darks approach is more like welcome to our underground boutique of deconstructed work wherever assigned to be obsessive standards of and exacting acting subculture please feel free to look around although you cannot afford to buy anything like yes that is it that is so german like stranger things is what you see is what you get i mean we we talk a little about stranger things but i feel like there's nothing there's nothing to deconstruct there is nothing right you analyze about stranger things you know it's it's purely pleasure sure it it it's fun you know it's it's definitely a very cool show at scott the lo fi fi element but it's just fun today and this i think it's a whole different ballgame and i've listened to a i've been on the podcast listening binge lately trying to listen to other entertainment podcast and two of them in fact that talked about dark said oh yeah it's like stranger things and this kid disappears and then they you know and i'm like okay if you're watching dark on that level and maybe you got your phone in your hand you're not paying attention you're this is not the chauffeur you right grace's a show where you need to really look deep and understand the bigger messages and how every little threat as you mentioned before is picked up and connected and unwound in this tight circle but just make sure had spent it's a very surrey berle show absolutely and we that why don't we go ahead and jump into season two yeah so season two i wanna mention they premier date which is very interesting and i didn't realize this until i read it on the interwebs netflix premiered season to on june twentyfirst two thousand nineteen which was the day that michael committed suicide on the show kickstarted me events of the whole series that's pretty amazing i they're not going up on that but aerial awesome yeah so let's start out by talking about just kind of overall what we learned in season two so we gave you the basic synopsis of season one end as patronize said we thought season two is gonna be kinda like what happens in the future maybe jonas going back to twenty nineteen or in eighty six and try and figure things out well scrap that all right season to gonna get a little scientific here introduces the higgs boson particle which they referred to as the god particle this gives everything mass and it's what makes time travel possible in the show so during the nineteen eighty six explosion the nuclear power plant in windows in the god particle was apparently created or observed or unleashed or something i'm not quite clear remember there being an explosion in nineteen eighty six well that was that was what happened i don't know if they showed that but they referred to it several times because there was an explosion and they put the nuclear way sparrows in the cave then they move them tuesday back to the plan covered him and conference right but i didn't think that was a result of an explosion no what'd you think i i just i don't know i don't know where the the barrels i thought there was some sort of accident i i feel like they they mentioned several times if there is some sort of accident they'll kind of car up well let's will go with that all right well anyway that that's apparently where the god particle was created because after worthy accidents on you remember the scene where regina was being in nineteen eighty six regina she's being presented what this some confidential file that the guy from the power plant gets to her and he's you know we're trying to hide this claudia right now you're right claudia gotta mix them all the time i know so claudia is breathing through these and she's like do you know what this means this is the god particle right and that was in nineteen eighty six to nineteen eighty seven 'cause there's like year play in the right way unin on all the dates all right well let's let's go back i try to beat up on this pigs bose in the end it's it's it's a real thing okay and i am not a science person so i just got a really big headache but a bose in as a particle carey's energy and the hague's boson was i guess discovered by somebody named hicks i dunno it's in i'm just gonna read the scientific description here for anyone out there that may understand this kind of speak up and it did alimentary particle in the standard model of particle physics produced by the quantum expectation of the higgs field which is one of the fields in particle physics siri so i have no idea and i couldn't really find out if this is this higgs bose in particle what's scientifically related to any serious time travel i i don't know if that's a real thing or not but the particle itself is a thing so i know we we actually read astrophysics where people in a hurry by neil degrasse tyson and they end and i thought oh four people in a hurry and so much of that win over my head they do talk a lot about be about particle physics and quantum physics and i'm not gonna pretend to know either but i would say it's complicated i say generally speaking a lot of the things that they covered in this show like black holes potentially being wormholes is something that's a real siri 'em also the idea of time travel is a theory but typically it's time travel to the future not necessarily to the past so k a what i loved it they didn't stick by the rules of time travel that have been created in both you know theoretically in science or in entertainment like where you say you know like like the the same matter can't occupy the same space at the same time i love the you can talk to your future titled yes i loved that yes that was one of the biggest things is harsh meter wrap my brain around you know we've seen you know the the bill and ted in the back to the future and all of these time travel type of things and time travel is like you said it's typically presented in a certain way and entertainment and the show just kind of throws all that away which is very cool yeah so they other things we kind of learned in season to his son adam is actually future jonas okay now adam is the big bad kind of in this in this and at first you're not sure like i was like okay maybe adams the good guy i don't know can i just say this yeah adam adam says he's future jonas okay good point so we're gonna talk about that 'cause there's a lot of buzz around who adam really is okay but but if we take it at face value he says he's future jonas correct so he is created a device device that uses the god particle but his device unlike the previous like the portal during the previous time travel devices that have been created this allows him to travel to any point in time not just thirty three years old and her back i didn't realize that yeah he specifically said that okay so he could put anybody anywhere yeah okay on but he's kind of living adam and his cronies there were kind of living in nineteen twenty one which is where jonas ends up yes after de apocalypse yellowstone us yeah all right these other key points is claudia tightening is what they call the white devil the referring to her as the white devil a she's bopping around all the different time periods she kind of seems to be v antithesis of adam okay they're kind of presenting her as the light and adam as the dark but they call her the white dabble which is contradictory like like the devil you know so like you said who's who's who who's good who's the bad there is i still think a lot of room there for yes 'em you know interpretation but she's bopping around trying to save humanity and apparently at one point she takes like a full year and teachers jonas like that twenty twenty nineteen jonas what he needs to know and do is save the world against his future self at k adam so he's kind of working against himself and we still don't really know i'm really clear on what adams ultimate goal is but no were gonna talk more about that later yeah get a key mind blowing point is that charlotte who's thirty police officer is elizabeth smother but she's also her daughter so yeah that was like that was one of the points the show rose like what the actual fox right it's happening in this show i think that's yeah i think that's really significant for a lot of reasons yeah and i think my final key take away is that like i said the show is ultimately about the struggle between light and dark good and evil which i didn't get so much that in season one i didn't feel like i feel like they've made a beautiful transitioned into expanding the story in the season i don't think it's good and evil light and dark i think it's i think it's eight or be that's what i really think i just i think they they kind of have the good and evil because that's what we typically relate to when it comes to a good story okay and you know he basically said that adam wants to create a new world while jonas and claudio want to preserve the world but they have and we don't really know what that means when they say the last loop we don't exactly understand what a loop is it yeah right yeah the implication is that everything's gonna reset and they're gonna do the lift the same thing all over again a lot of questions about that they're using that i wanna talk about that i thought was a really significant scientific point that we discussed in season two and that was this idea of this bootstrap paradox winge charlotte's grandfather talks about he so the watchmaker the gadget maker occur at some point i think you know he was he was the one that raised her he was her father she knew no he was her grandfather okay he i he was actually not related to her but she called him her grandfather oh but he's the one that raised her the he's the one that rate okay i catch catch the she referred to his grandfather okay yes her grandfather but but she wasn't actually related to an i think it's claudia's it comes back and hands him this book on time travel and she said you wrote this and he said i didn't write it it exists because somebody from the future brought it to me so that i could created in the past but i created it based on what you presented to me so there is no origin for his book on time travel end so bootstrapped paradox is actually a real thing and it it's basically that it's a theoretical paradox of time travel which says that when an object or piece of information sent back in time because it becomes trapped within an incident cause and effect loop in which be item no longer had some discernible point of origin and is said to be unclogged or self created an i think that will talk about this with young jonah's trying to go back to prevent his father michael from killing himself and what did that really mean an up to that point i very much was like well yes he could change things he could change it whether it's for the the better the worst or different or whatever he could change things but with the introduction of charlotte end lisbeth to me they themselves were the definition of bootstrap paradox paradox right you cannot have one without the other they are caught in an infinite loop which tells me that you can never change what's going on there you just you can't yes so this is my kind made some notes about this at were gonna talk about later and they ended about the big questions like adam actually has this little la a monologue soliloquy he goes through at the beginning of one of these episodes where he says when is the beginning where is the the beginning is there a beginning at all well it's the beginning and the end the same moment and i i think i think season to actually opens in nineteen twenty one or whatever year it was where young noah is talking to another guy and they talk about the beginning is that that is right referred to quite a bit how beginning in de'andre yet are more or less the same so i think you're you're point about the bootstrap paradox andy any infinite loop is just a key point of this show right when i think right now so what we thought we would do for this instead of trying to go episode by episode or covering all the plot points because it jumps around so much we thought we would go through the characters in each family andrew kind of talk about how they were woven into season two an what we think about it so yeah yeah so let's start outwith mcconnell oats so this is see mickle michael hannah jonas family analysts the way i kind of organized this is working and you're the parents and then the kids so we've got michael kohn walls who is actually mickle nielsen okay mickle got swept from twenty nineteen back to nineteen eighty six when he was with his brother and their friends and the cave one night and got trapped there he got adopted by a nurse named i knows you know in in this okay an she grew up as michael michael kohn world he married hannah they had jonas and then he killed south in twenty nineteen be traveler version of jonas and you're gonna stick with us to get all the characters down but traveler jonas tried to stop them from killing himself but claudia the white devil intervened and said hey wait this really hasta happen but i didn't really understand why it had happened well i think it's part of that infinite loop i mean i can't pretend to understand it yet either but i think it really is just part of that incident loop that everything has to happen in a certain way and my question is well what if it doesn't like what if he didn't kill himself just i don't know what it how could you break the cycle yeah awesome molar is everything predetermined i dunno end the the thing that bothered me about this is that jonas came back to prevent michael from killing himself because adam told him to but we don't really know if michael was going to kill himself what we know is that after jonas talk to him he realized oh this is what i should do oh venture s it's almost like jonah's introduced the idea claudia bloody came in there to back it up and he said maybe you're here to tell me that this is what i do oh hey so now we're looking at jonas actually causing his father that aside maybe that would adams point his purpose to begin with is because adam sent him back and said you need you can you can break the cycle and then it was like it then it all kind of flipped on its head so it's okay that makes a lotta sense yeah yeah yeah all right let's talk about be evil villainous hannah everybody loves to hate hannah because i every time i think okay maybe she's okay then she goes and does something like travel back to nineteen fifty fifty three and i'm like you bitch so hannah jones his mom's as we know and she's always sort of been infatuated with old rick ever since nineteen eighty six we saw her i mean back then she caused him to be thrown into jail accused him of raping a cat arena yep and blamed it on someone else yes blamed it on someone else she hasn't affair with him which we now know started the night of his twenty fifth anniversary party yeah which was the day before jonas his father killed himself yes yes or no it's a night of i think that was the nightmare that he killed him okay okay yeah which bothered me by the way just because i'm like he seemed like he was having such a good time and was happily married and then all of a sudden he's making out with another woman yeah i don't know she she was happily married but i mean he was giving her the side on the whole night at that party i was trying to break that down to to like was he really kind of like mildly attracted to her for a long time or i dunno then she goes back to nineteen fifty three and says i think that might be my husband and she there well that was really bizarre that was very very interesting that whole thing because first of all she gets the time device and this was something that initially bothered me about season two is in all of a sudden everybody's got a time device they're all over the place and they're all jumping back and forth because all from different time periods yeah and i'm like what the hell this needs to stop but she gets a hold of the time device because future jonas who is the stranger in season one future jonas comes back to and he says hey it's me and he's like forty then you know and he says hey it's mandy tells her i've you know this is the deal got this time by well she likes deals at wiley sleeping and it goes to the cave and uses it and goes back to nineteen fifty three so apparently this woman's soul motivation her whole life is to get with orrick so she goes to the psychiatric ward where he's being held an she like you said she says i think this is my husband and she talks to him and i think that she realizes in that point he doesn't love her he wants to get home the cat arena and his family even though he says he loves her because he thinks that that'll get him out yes but she sees it she realizes if he doesn't an she says i'm sorry i thought this is my husband but it's not and she leads in there and she tells it was egan right yes yes yes she tells him you know i just i just want fresh start and show totally giving him dui so us be implication was you'll do right so i think that somebody in this show is gonna end up being their kid to have in the next season it wouldn't surprise me mhm it wouldn't surprise me yeah i was trying to break down which of the characters that could possibly be but i haven't been able to puzzling well i know that they're going to be new characters in season three okay why did breed that all right all right all right let's talk about jonas jonas who is i think really at a lot of things i've i've read meant mentioned him as c m protagonist is the hero's journey he is the hero which i think is why it is so hard for many of us to accept him as adam because i don't think we've found anything good about adam so what we know is that jonas he dated martha nielsen 'em then find out martha's his aunt port kid andy we already mentioned he ends up in twenty fifty two in an apocalyptic future and there he discovers the secret at the power plant behind the wall almost dies because he goes and he sees it as a god particle turns out turns figures out how to stabilize it and is able to travel back in time but you know this is what i don't get it seems like sometimes you can go into this bubble an like hannah and you could be like oh let me go back to nineteen fifty three mhm and jonah center said and he ends up in nineteen twenty one at doesn't know where he is right well my thought on that was that there is first of all there's this whole idea of pre determination that everything needs to happen and this god particle somehow knows that okay that's one theory i have on these other series that adam is somehow controlling where people are going as my other theory if i don't know if either of those will pan out but that's where my crazy ideas so he's back in nineteen twenty one end he meets the man behind it all adam who we think wants to destroy everything and create eight a new world and he discovers that he is actually adam so the question is why does he go by adam and not jonas anymore mhm well i think that's a clear biblical reference right wants to create a new world where there is no time and he sees himself as v first being of that world there other references to that to like noah well right right there's noah on and they're they're also there's also a painting in that church or wherever it is that he is that i believe is the same painting that's known as the hand of god okay right with all the bodies right yes yes it's or it's called it's called sorry called the creation of adam okay and it's michelangelo painting and it basically is showing the scene from the book of genesis in which god gives like adam the first man and what you see is is the near touching hand of god and adam and it's become kind of iconic of humanity so maybe he thinks not necessarily that there is a god but there is a god particle and that he is touching it as adam and you see that same kind of seen over and over again when that portal opens up like when you see charlotte and elisabeth reaching out to touch each other yeah i'm not sure if they ever actually do touch yeah no i don't think they actually show up so yeah they other thing i wanna mention real quick a little loving points that i thought was interesting was the necklace that marsa made for jonah's they they had found this kind of metal on the beach i think an martha made it into a necklace gifted jonas and it was eight picture engraved on it of saint christopher who is the patron saint of travelers and that is you know what we haven't talked about sick mundus yet but that is the group said adam leads and there they call themselves travelers right yeah yeah and then we have in this who's the nurse who adopted mickle and eventually became michael and a when he showed up in nineteen eighty six and we know that she gave him sleeping pills regularly yeah had questions you think that he was remembering things because he mentions in the future remember when he's talking to join us at the table when jonas goes to two thousand nineteen and trust the stop him from committing suicide he's talking to him at the table and he's saying that you know when he was young kid he he remembered all this but it's slowly faded away right somebody that extent which is normal that yeah i think that would happen for anybody but 'em yeah i think she wanted to keep him i think she wanted help him sleep but i think she wanted to make sure that that he was hers and any other thing too is in the future in twenty nineteen rather i should say in the family home with hannah in michael in jonas this is folded out of the family picture mhm and they've never explained explained that right so yeah maybe maybe michael grew up to hate in us i don't know yeah that's another big question i agree yeah that is weird and they it's the same house stay living which i didn't realize until the cs yet it it's just you know is and mickle michael lift in the house that michael grows up to living with jonasson have so andy in san factor that comes to town i just wanna mention him i don't even remember laws and it costs and guas yeah who i gosh i something about his face i did not like him at all but i think that was sort of being a poster yeah yeah spoke to not like him he he kind of said that that one thing that i think i was thinking without really thinking and that is why is nobody ever leave wenden right nobody ever leaves and it's true they all stay there all right let's switch families in let's go to the nielsen's yeah let's start widow wreck okay so he's a detective are a police officer i'm not i don't know if they clearly defined his his position any worked with charlotte she says partner at be windy and police station now in season one he was having an affair with hannah but then his son mickle disappears and we also find out that his brother mad had disappeared in nineteen eighty six in a similar fashion so you know o'rourke is really kind of shook with this and it's he's driven defined mickle he's he's investigating what happened the medical and he realizes that mads is a boy is it turned up dead and what's so in twenty nineteen shortly after mickle disappears they're suddenly this dead body they find in the woods and they think it's mickle but it's actually mads ads over x brother right from years ago but he hasn't aged so over it's like an he traveled back in time to nineteen fifty three that which i don't remember how do you remember how he actually was able to go through the tunnel he went into the caves and i think he has been opened the door all right i can't remember how i got out i felt like there i feel like they're inconsistent about like you sometimes you could go through the tunnel or sometimes if you have the machine yeah well let's see the thing i got from that is that it wasn't evolution like first of all they had the two men know any other guy in the very beginning nineteen twentyone hammering out that tunnel right in these next progression was thee 'em the time machine that they build and then there was the the device that they had helga in the little like torture share yeah like that yeah like actually that was before the time machine was built before tenant tana bombers on his name before h g what's his name created be you know goals device in the box right the device with the chair and then and then there was a device and then there was 'em the ultimate device that adam used that could send anybody anywhere and then in the season two finale we see these alternate version of martha with the little globe oh right in even further evolution so i re that's just all an evolution okay so yeah it was a little inconsistent i i agree but i think it was meant to be like in evolution of de time travel technology i guess yeah yeah so oh rick does travel back in time an he's arrested for the deaths of two other young boys that were also somehow you know caught up in this whole time travel thing and what we found out in season two is that he had been stuck there in this prison prison and then a psychiatric ward from nineteen fifty three the nineteen eighty six and we already talked about how hannah had gone to possibly rescue him but ultimately left him there right but can i just say the de actor that they cast to play his older herself in nineteen eighty six and so spot on oh very interesting i k y okay 'cause i i did not agree that was one of the actors when i looked at him when they first went to him like who's this like it took me a little bit to figure that out oh no i saw other casting has been so amazing okay i thought the casting great i'm like oh my god that looks exactly like what i thought he would look like as an older man and overall overall a fantastic job of casting yeah yeah and i've actually seen some people say that has been one of their most favorite scenes when he actually escapes from the psychiatric hospital andrew reunites with nickel and it was good i know it was really good and then at the end of the police car and he sees his other to kid i know he he got the worst deal out of all of them let's not forget he did try and kill hill gay he did yeah he and another thing about this shows like every again we talk about this everybody's got a little bit of good little bit of bad maybe not everybody i dunno fan of gotten any good but anyway she does i think alright alright cat arena which indie english speaking version they called her catharina i dunno which is the right way to say it but check cattery now that's how they that's how right around it in the show yeah cat arena so she's the principal the local high school married to over they were high school sweethearts in it obviously have been married for over twenty five years they have three children martha magnus an mickle what we see in season two is that a cat arenas kind of driven mad by understandably the disappearance of her husband end her son at two different times an she's determined to find them kind of at the expense of her own show her other two children she's she's kind of and you know i do get to mention in season one and this one to sort of a bad ass she takes no shit she's like i don't like you i'm gonna punch you would have not typically the behavior you would see for principal high school but i'm down with it i'm down at the end she actually an i thought she had the most realistic reaction to a win charlotte picks her up and tries to explain all right here's here's what's happening to nichols it's like a choice like any like really a a okay all right he was great yeah yeah so i got you is really good end affected the i loved that that she didn't take everything at face value and she had her own discovery when she went back to the school files and she raw mickle and michael and was like oh my god and realize that so then she goes and gets the machine an she goes into the cave an she's last seen opening the passage in the caves right when we think everything happens yeah she didn't have the machine but she found older jonas is backpedal mounting she has a machine so member she found that she was following the map and the red string yeah but she also had the machine she had the one that was in like a leather karaj she didn't know how to use it she didn't know how to use it but right she didn't use it to get to the future she followed the map that that we know we don't know we don't know okay okay gotcha so it's either using the machine or going through the secret door at the right time i don't yeah okay i think so okay i think so yeah she just happened to be going through the door when that explosion went off when they a they uncovered be nuclear waste from the concrete pet i would say that he's a weirdo lean okay 'em then we have martha so he said we've already seen martha is deed daughter of oregon cat arena and she was jonas his girlfriend before his dad committed suicide then they jonas ended up and they post traumatic stress unit for awhile and she ended up going out with his best friend bar tosh 'em but you know what which is okay she's also genesis aunt right so some people said like what kind of girlfriend she did she couldn't even wait for him well but but if you think about it we saw them at the lake they work boyfriend and girlfriend she liked him and he liked her but the way they left it was he was gonna go help his grandma with her i pad and then they were gonna see each other that night at the anniversary party but that was the same night that michael killed himself right and then jonas went off to get psychiatric help end so i don't think they ever really had a relationship that's okay i'm just i'm just saying that i it was over excited love yes right yes but but i think it's understood the bar taj knew that jonas liked her so it's kind of a deck thing for him to do to move in on his girlfriend by oh yeah i i'm not that upset about that 'cause you know they're teenagers that's what they do fine right ever 'em so apparently also we find out i mean she she didn't she didn't actually do a lot in the season but you know we get a little more of the background between her and jonas end apparently she's a really bad ass time traveler from what will discover in season three isn't alternate world right end jonas tried to get to go into the bunker and say per from they apocalypse and she escaped and didn't listen to him right who is stupid but apparently that's how is all meant to be and listen can i just say this as long as they don't have kids i'm fine with him being a couple i i got i mean everybody is so connected in this town that hardly matters and right you know i mean right if you and it when you're when you're when you're daughters mother that kind of just right when you can get or other but yeah so yeah so she didn't stay in the bunker i felt like that was one scene that i felt like she's trapped in the bunker and then people she notes from the town come into the bunker you would think she would have stayed for a minute and said what is going on exactly instead she just ran out yeah so yeah okay all right then we've got magnus who i think it's so cute i like him my own magnus my son watch this and he's like oh who's hair his hair so dating francisco 'em kind of the older broke character but he feels responsible for nichols disappearance and he he sort of aside side character here but i think he had a more significant role by be end when we find out the older jonas went to to get magnus francisco bar taj and basically saved them from their apocalypse end we now know that magnus is living in nineteen twenty one with adam mhm at said i and i did not catch that when they show that older couple i didn't at first i thought it was i well actually i thought it was magnusson martha i didn't think that was francisco but on i've got something big i wanna say but i don't i think i'm gonna say yet okay okay all right well it's move onto the titans okay so we've got egan tied him in his tv a patriarch of the family i guess he was a police officer father of claudia he investigated in the disappearance of helga in nineteen fifty three and then we haven't talked about how he you know he was a little boy 'em he disappeared and then he came back like i dunno what a year to later something like that's not very long but he came back and he gone ultimately arrested over it but future all red who would come back to nineteen fifty three direct mhm okay so arrested him for the disappearance now in nineteen eighty six he also eat on also believes the over those responsible for his brother man's disappearance his own brother any arrests raping cat arena so you've got this whole weird thing and i get how okay here here's my question if he had arrested wreck in nineteen fifty three and seeing that man and spent a good amount of time talking to him you know interrogating him and whatnot then thirty years later he knows this man oh rick as in adult doesn't he put it all together a little bit of they say wow this guy really well he he he didn't know him as an adult he knew him as a teenager he died in nineteen eighty i think it was nineteen eighty seven he died in eighty seven oh okay okay okay okay okay okay okay that's right and we did he never gave his name in the past in nineteen fifty three so he wouldn't have okay all right i have that wrong yeah all right so yes so he got in iraq have this you know kind of like relationship where he's kind of always hated him 'em in nineteen eighty sweat something well i was gonna say that i thought it was really kinda cool the way they twisted things because in season one i didn't like egan i'm like this guy's a dick right end this season he was totally a likable guy a lot of people liked him this season yeah yeah he well he was starting to figure things out he yeah he must i mean at as an older man you mean as an older man right as right i did like his older character but i still didn't like him in nineteen fifty three so i think i think he was kind of a clueless they painted him this season in nineteen fifty three it's kind of a clueless kind hearted on insecure sort of police police officer you know he was talking about like 'em do you in you're wife still 'em you know when he was a he was asking what you wanna do other officers there 'cause right apparently he and his wife warrant you know getting it on yeah so he was just like he's like i can't i can't believe you're asking me this of course or whatever it was you know and you remember twice 'em claudia which is his daughter is daughter said said to him in two different time periods two versions of herself said him you're you're too kind yes you know you're you're too much of a nice guy right yeah so in nineteen eighty seventies and older man an she has cancer which you know is prevalent in the town and where their new writer pyrite that has accidents 'em so he starts to discover the time travel is possible starts put things together he knows about this god particle an he tries to go to a wreck in the psychiatric know about the god particles that well he he started the figure it out because that's what that's what claudia was trying to stop him she tried to stop him from talking about it and that was when they accident how oh right because she said this is something that would change the course of humanity right you can't shoot his trying to hide it and i have to say i knew when claudia with kind of obsessed with this you know the date of her father's death mhm i knew that somehow she is going to end up causing it oh i did not get that i was shocked by that same i was so shocked yeah 'em so he tries to talk to a wreck in the psychiatric ward end he let it slip that mickle is there in that time and that was when over tied tried to escape he did escape actually in and all of that and and what happens is quality of fines eight news article because she's also starting to put things together about time travel she finds the news news article saying they eat i'm gonna die in june something nineteen eighty seven and she is suddenly very interesting it is welfare because apparently she's a very emotionally disturbed person she's not very 'em available for her daughter regina and her father he he got his surprised that like you know she's like oh can i come with each year chemo appointment around should come let me read you know and he's like wow this is weird 'em so she's trying to rush this move in with me movie makers she thinks she's gonna prevent him from dying and they ended getting into this altercation where he's telling her about time travel and she's like she's like stop it you know this doesn't exist and then finally she says to him we you can't let this get out it would change everything and they are struggling over something they're above what was that they were he was trying to make a phone call oh right right he just trying to call me up and she kinda jerks the phone away from him and he hits his head and you know he's like bleeding out on the floor and she just kind of leaves in their mhm which i dunno she's kind of a psycho 'em but i think her future self which is the white devil that we've we've talked about the older woman with the long gray hair there's nothing that makes me think she's a white devil see well they keep referring her to her right you know as that but i i'm still not convinced that she's all good like you know i think that they're trying to imply to us now that her older self is trying to make up for what happened in the past like member she goes out her older so for the long gray hair to eat gone in nineteen fifty three and she so right now i'm really sorry i'm really sorry and he's like oh now completely confused it's about talking about an you know like how many people in the world have that haemochromatosis thing where they write one different color i like i dunno he got his pretty clueless honestly and i will say i love the scene were claudia visits regina at at the end regina who's now who has undergoing chemo and just seeing that it was just such a touching seen yeah it was yeah so we can go onto claudia i guess we've kind of in the process of talking about the characters were were kind of talking about it but yeah well we've done but we did say that it did you mentioned claudia's death so yes she does end up being killed by noah in nineteen fifty four and it's her older so so so you know again the long gray hair she's back in nineteen fifty four because she's just been bumping all over and she does end up being shot by him an eat on actually goes and looks at her body and reddish i know he's gonna die she does and it is oh yeah she knows i know the that's how did she not just kind of really she's she's gotta be a key player obviously we know she is but we're just not clear what her whole role is in whether it's good or bad or if there is good or bad or right now i dunno so regina her daughter the neglecting the daughter of claudia we never we never found out anything about her father did we a horse father is yeah but regina's the mother bar tosh wife of alexander slash boris mhm she randy only hotel in windows and we know that we learned last season that she had breast cancer obviously at this point it progressed she's undergoing going chemotherapy she lost her hair and she is much smaller role the season yeah yeah her rose pretty small yeah not really much going on there on him but yes she is married to alexander who was really born as boris new old aunt he arrived we saw in season one he came in nineteen eighty six and he stole their identity of and alexander kohler who is apparently in some kind of double murder in another city well we didn't know about we didn't really we know anything about an right that we knew he had two passports he looked at some both in picked one so i don't even know if he is boris that's true might just be a different name might just be a different those could be if he killed two people then the passport to those two individuals do i don't know yeah could be yep so he comes in the town in nineteen eighty six he gets a job at the nuclear power plant this is run by claudia again at that age nineteen eighty six time point end regina's the little girl a teenager in heber friends her and they end up you know growing up together and getting married and now since regina had subsequently disappeared which i'm sure we're gonna find out more about he is in charge of the plant an end in twenty twenty and investi investigator clawson that we mentioned before comes to town to kind of help out with this missing person deal and we find out he's actually got an ulterior motive he's not just their because of the missing persons issue he has been trying to track down who killed his brother named named alexander kohler apparently a very common name and germany he's gone through seven hundred i think he said he's been trying to track down so this confused me because he was confronting him india tara geisha room this is crossing and alexander and he says you know i i know what you did i know that you stole someone's identity but i can you know you're not my brother he says so i'm trying to figure out like why is he still have him in jail and something i read online said that he actually was his brother mm that person might have been wrong but do you remember that scene where kaufman says to him you know i know you're not you're not my brother right but does he think he is this brother i'm really confused about that i don't know i i mean again and it's one of those things where i'm really glad they circled back to all of that from season one because that was a big unanswered question and the other thing too that i always wondered was why did he take the named tied tumen end so i loved that they are like inner heads knowing that these little things that they've done to help with the story but they need answers to unlike yes yeah though clawson comes in even though he's a really unlikable guy and he's got asking the questions that you're like yeah why why is that so so when it ends alexander still in jail yeah so we don't know where that's gonna feed yeah but now let's talk about bar tosh so he had a really interesting role in season two so son of regina alexander we know he was kind of 'em looking arrogant prick and season one yeah i think yes he dated martha he thought he was hot shit and and he 'em with jonas his best friend but they get into a fight at some point and then we know that he is recruited by noah at some point right and we after haugen dies no needs a new henchman so we don't see much interaction between the two of them but he's rarely told him things are gonna happen to bar tosh kind of knows what's happening on in some of these shannon snow she said it's not exactly clear what he does spur no of an his friends vitamin k for some show the time machine by the way i thought their treatment of him was just a bowl but you're gonna tie up and leaving many beat him up you're gonna time up beat him up leave him in a cave all night i mean i like real he all he did was have a time machine or he had a meeting the this is a case where i wonder if there's some cultural 'em i dunno at the tournament's here but is that may be okay here's what i'm trying to say in many countries there are other places in the world better not america like you know people can survive out in the woods overnight you know like i just feel like they're a little bit tougher than we are still not fire still nice feel like maybe that's not such a big deal like just let him sleep in a cave fern i he's safe you won't die well it's kind of it's kind of like you know cat arena going around punching people and it's not like they run off to the police charged with the salt kind of like a strange me i just wonder if it's just a little bit i just didn't like different i thought it would mean okay but anyway so shannon wrote where does he end at the end of season two i can't even remember okay there is a reason that andy current raining theory is that adam is not really jonas adam is actually bar tosh and if you think about it think about it he came in and he shot martha oh my head's gonna explode wow doesn't that make so much more sense it does it does make a lot of sense and it's funny because i thought through all of these into the bar taj who's gonna end up being noah and i wasn't i saw similarity be in their faces so i thought that at some point to but think about it bar tosh his mom had lung cancer his dad in jail i like it yes i like it all right we figured it out and figure it out i saw it in a safe group a dark talking about dark and i'm like ooh totally so they're right now they're a lot of theories about who adam really is because we can't really see his face and he can really say whoever he wants to remember that jonas older jonas brought marsa sorry brought francesca magnus bar tosh with the time machine a ha ha ha and yeah so so just saying okay yeah let's let's talk about the doppler effect interesting all right this is are final family the dopplers a we have charlotte who was raised by h g ten house as her grandfather but actually not her grandfather items clockmaker he created the time travel device and wrote the book a little turns out as we've already said a she is her our daughters daughter read all right so i i did not see it coming with no being her father that scene and who did you think what's her mother i you know what i didn't even that was not even on my radar the fact that charlotte didn't know who are parents were like i don't even know if that was mentioned much in season one it wasn't like a question to me until they started kind of like you know drilling it was mentioned and i knew it was gonna be significant and so i kept trying to guess who her parents were and i kept thinking is old reckon hannah is it i thought maybe it was jonas and 'em what's surname martha like i kept thinking like who is who is it so then we find out a notice her father and you know who i thought her mother was held his mother member rate wait creepy yes yes yes yes you had that weird in season what i had this weird conversation with noah yeah about an and i felt like there was maybe something going on between the two of them so i thought the weird thing was going to be that she married feed her husband's grandmother mhm no gotcha sorry not she married she was the daughter of her husband's grandmother okay that would have been cool to yeah yeah but anyway no it's elisabeth which i i'm like i don't in my mind i actually because i have a biology background i tried to actually imagine the genetics of that naturally figured it out but oh my gosh yeah well then we have peter who is news charlotte husband he's the son of how gay end he likes to mix it up a little bit a little keeps visiting benny who is a trans man but he regularly fools around web so peter's gay but he just can't really admitted it yet and oh many several people notice that have seen him entering a denny's little love shack right so he actually witnessed the body of mads nielsen member this is all rex brother from long ago yeah he witnessed the body fall through a hole in the bunker inefficient twenty nineteenth he's down there forget why don't know what reason he was down there in season one and he sees the body fall through so he calls tronto k and they say okay just put the body in the woods and that is the body the wreck fines and they think that's meco but it's actually mad and that kind of almost kicks off the whole you know at least part of the frenzy of all wrecked trying to figure out and i don't know how how they could never figure out is that was met i mean they've dental record's and stuff they could hear it out yeah also it's it's important to note that peter end elisabeth both survive be apocalypse in the bunker that they get down to the bunker along the way as noah younger version of noah and who else was there with someone else in the bunker to what am i forget who 'em not sure anyway will go on m so peter in charlotte have two daughters that we've talked about repeatedly elisabeth who is death and francisco who is be girlfriend magnus none elizabeth was actually kind of key in identifying noah because one day while she was walking home and the rain she finds she she came across noah in this field and they had this kind of interaction i don't remember exactly what happened in season one but she identifies him in a picture later and that's one of be a one one of the points that helped i think her mother figure some things out so she survives see apocalypse as we said and she becomes a leader of sorts in the future and you know in the very beginning of season two we see jonas in the future and there is this you know woman with a machine gun and she's death and did you know they're out right away that that was elisabeth well i was i was a bit confused for a minute because of their eyes because one of her eyes were kind of messed up right and i don't know if something happened to her i i assume something must have happened over the thirty years but i was thinking you know of claudia that had the two different color us so it's like wait a minute might end with the with the death thing i knew it had to be my son was watching and he's like oh that must be the death girl and i'm like oh does yeah i i didn't figure so we actually speaking of the future i don't know the name of her side kick in the future but i don't either but we're thinking she has to tight because everything's connected and the fact that she's even add a role means that she's gotta be she's got a factor in somehow somebody daughters either again yeah i think we're gonna see her again definitely 'em so then we have held guy he's he only sign of the rich and powerful grata and burn just doppler who ran the power plant so gret as creepy as fuck i hated her she was the weirdest mother ever mhm 'em helga went missing briefly in nineteen fifty three or he traveled to nineteen eighty six andy he it was a i guess i dunno not really abducted but you know in nineteen eighty six they know a found him and kind of recruited him to help where's this whole experimentation of time travel and he wanted him kidnap young children and bring them through this portal in the bunker a in what happened just before that though just before he went missing was alrich who had remember come back from two thousand nineteen nineteen fifty three to kill the young boy how he because he thought mickle would never go missing at how good was dead in the past but over at the clearly does not understand the dark series of time time travel so simplistic oh man come on so that's that's the whole a circle their circle of life happening there so healthy doesn't die but he gets discovered by noah and taking it at the bunker and taking the future and experimented on any recruits alligator kidnapped kids as i said and a hug it becomes kind of brain damage is faces disfigured firmware over beat him he's got this very i dunno kind of troubled anand difficult life he travels i dunno i think he traveled back in time and had in time lots of times and eventually in nineteen eighty six he tries to go back to nineteen i'm sorry 'em in two thousand nineteen he tries to go back in time nineteen eighty six to stop his younger self he actually crashes into himself in a car but his younger self actually survives then crashed and he dies yes yes so very complicated held his life yes then we have sort of this off shoot of that sort of damocles right yes we have noah right no one's a priest but we actually see him in the very beginning of season two he's basically a worker with somebody and we see that he's it's almost like he's part of a cult it's like he's following a religious leader and he's doing what he's told and part of what he's doing is 'em digging out this cave cave of winton end his co worker doesn't really understand why they're doing it and we seem kind of have a moment where he kills co worker in a in a rather vicious way yeah because he lost face right so we know he's working with adam end he wants to create a new world order we now know he's the father of of charlotte andy he's also the sister of agnes yeah and i my daughter how this fits in no shape she's gonna have a bigger role next season's so agnes i'm gonna bundle these two together because yeah this kind of an interesting thing so agnes is the sister of noah agnes as you remember is trust his mother tried to use the father of old rick so agnes goes in rent a room in egan house egan tied hi tumen in his wife i don't remember her name chorus doris okay oh yes rented a room from from doris and they end up having a little love affair the two of them but she talks about how she got out of a bad marriage and i thought she she said that her husband was a man of the cloth yeah we we talked about this last season were not quite sure a so i don't know if she's just do you think no it used to be her husband and now they're just calling themselves brother and sister or she's just saying that was her husband or maybe they were brother and sister and and they had tronto it's possible yeah in this show are you kidding me oh it's totally possible yes 'em but either way she's playing both sides of the fence she's she's playing claudia she's playing adam but i think ultimately she her allegiance is to adam because she felt remember correctly claudia it gives her the missing pages and he said i want you to take this to noah and i think at that point i think it's some sort of set up like she's gonna pretend like she has the pages and not really give them to win or she's gonna kill him or but his first week until those were the real page's that she really gave to noah right yeah and all this is not not clear on any of the right yet and then in the end we see agnes show back up an atom basically asks agnes to kill him and from what i recall she takes she simply takes the gun from noah and turns it on him right oh what kind of lets her take the gun so maybe he knows it's supposed to happen that way i i i don't i don't know yeah i hope we get a i mean and and you know it's at this point i don't even need to say i hope because this show is so good at tying everything up by yeah it's gonna be yes were definitely gonna get answers yeah so those most of the major characters in i think all of our questions were answered ha ha so let's talk about the big questions we have at at the end i mean i'll start the first one what's why did agnes shoot her brother i don't know i've already said that that was one another one that i already mentioned is who is the girl in the future basically elicits right hand person mhm we don't know who that is i think will find out where he talked about this one what happens if hannah hooks up with ebon yep i don't know and then we're maybe maybe this'll be their kid oh god i dunno i i don't think the timing would be right and then the other question really is now that we know about this bootstrap paradox an can they ever really break the loop now because of charlotte and elizabeth unless shooting adam but adam already had fathered elicits so shooting him wouldn't break that cycle so those were kind of my big question yeah i think my biggest question with this whole series is like when somebody actually dies you know if there is this whole loop and everything like when when martha dies when noah dies like how does that affect anything you know if it isn't infinite loop that that's really just the kind of the part that's really hard you know that for me to wrap my brain around is the you know all these events have happened and they will happen in their own ways existing in this never ending cycle and his are fate inescapable all of these big big ideas in the show i don't know there was another question i had i dunno them to go ahead okay maybe this maybe it's a i missed it but there was an accident at the plant in nineteen eighty six and they said the radioactive waste with barreled often it was hidden in the caves and we saw it in the cave but then it was moved and it was covered in this concrete in the plant right then in twenty nineteen investigator kaufman says you know break it open and i let me just stop you okay that kind of irritated me like why he's he must know something he's gotta be more then he appears because why would he go and they basically said the power plant is huge i don't know what you're looking for and he's like what's behind that door like he immediately knows where he goes okay i point i wanna go in there he's like would what do you mean what again that's under concrete it's it goes i wanna dig it up right now yeah so there was something it couldn't have i couldn't have just been a hunch right and maybe he is trying to maybe he's the traveler and he's also trying to figure out what happened to his brother or write some wrong in his own way i don't know but the question i had wasn't exactly that is you know you're right that is something i definitely missed that you know you're in a freaking power plant plant with radioactive material field and a concrete and you're like hey you're gonna break it open i mean that is dumb well well he didn't know the radioactive waste what's their it would just go right no matter what you just break i drinks at are clearly being hidden okay so anyway that black material comes out and the wormhole opens and everything but what that that was the point where we see charlotte an older elizabeth from the apocalypse like seeing each other and they reach out to touch and then everything explodes did de action of uncovering the waste cosby apocalypse like how did they set their apocalypse in motion what's that what made the explosion i mean it's hard to say ever really okay so i don't know if i was wondering if i miss something well i so i have some series they they never really said it but here's here's my big question is all of this limited just to win because it looks like that whole when you see that whole big black bubble it's like it in circles the town and the power plant just that so when talking about world i'm not sure what talking about earth's where we were talking about the existence of this little pocket it's like this this little bubble and so i wonder if what cause pause to be apocalypse is elisabeth in charlotte actually touching each other because they are the ultimate infinite loop wow interesting i know i know i don't know all right i have a few comments as you have another question you know no i have some comments to so go ahead all right so just a couple of random thoughts but i feel i have to put out their first of all mickle has fucking rubella la oh yeah yeah yeah yeah the highly contagious don't vaccinate their like touching his face and rubbing cuddling in bed with him and she's like sure go into his house in touch everything and use her bathroom i know oh i know i know i thought that was really funny then there's a scene where michael is at that same exact moment where michael sees mickle in the house mike nickel goes into the bathroom and his oh covered in his rubella rash and michael like really kinda freaked out and lost it and i'm like in this small town surely michael would have been countered mickle before the kid was like twelve years old well not only that but it's very clear that that's the that's really the first time that hannah has the realization of wait a minute i have seen him before did you notice how you do yes they talked a lot about deja vu in this in this season yes they do have several times so that was kind of a clue to right yeah can you imagine being a grown woman going i think i'm married to that little boy so weird so anyway i am in eight a group on facebook for the tv show dark it's called dark net flicks tv series which is good if you wanna go really deep we talk about this kind of stuff in our group but if not everybody watches the show than so if you wanna go deep it's good to join a group like the so hoover fan yeah so i went in there and i just put a couple of questions out there end 'em i'll i'll ask the questions i'll share some fan responses and maybe you could answer to shannon sure so the first question was did you which season did you like better one or two to i don't think you know you mentioned earlier that you liked season to almost better but i i'm not sure i could choose like i thought i feel like it's one big continuation of awesome epic story i liked the equally so maria said she loved both seasons jacob said i liked season one the most but that just because it was the first one at nyu and i completely loved it second season with a blast i loved it very much but you can't replicate the feeling of being surprised at and that's how i found the show to be so outstanding on and then the tally said she liked the second season more and i have to say i like them both but i'm probably leaning more towards season to because there were just so many like oh yeah yeah yeah so i also asked who you're least favorite character in most favorite character okay my least favorite see this man this is kinda tough a i i would initially i'm gonna go my first got fought and my least favorite will be bar taught she really annoys me i think he's a jerk 'em i'm very very very fascinated by the concept by the theory that he might be adam i would love to see it and i i wouldn't let us yes i would love it that would make me super happy up my favorite character you wanna say jonas 'cause he's a protagonist but i really had arena oh really i mean i like her i think if i had just say one favorite i'd have to say jonas though okay all right on maria said that she loves old rick thinks he michelob once more affected by the time loop she's really interesting boris definitely backstory and she hates healthy mom my god i hate her but she's such a small character i couldn't picker is my least favorite but 'em jacob said his least favorite he said he said i love them all so i would say it's and it's the nurse which they took care of nickel because i couldn't stand that she gave him the sleeping pills and his favorite yet in his favorite with noah because he was this mysterious character in season one in his face is just so dark and he fits perfectly into a character of an evil priest i love it i will say that the guy that played noah just looks so classically german to me yes and he said and he also likes alrich i'm not sure why he's not crystal clear at all he's cheating on his wife but with that in his emotions on his face he feels so imperfect realistically leave britain character with his shadow secrets flaws despite despite the flaws i still managed understand him care about him and wishing getting out of this mess and he's a very dedicated father and i also like eat on in nineteen eighty six and from young actors he said i guess it must be jonas because it's actually his story and then the talian said that a she likes hand at the least end her favorite character is there either jonas or eat on as fielder policemen so you can't really pulled it out i would say my favorite is old rick and i don't know why but i just love him and i just disappointed that we didn't get more of him in this season and of course my least favorite is hannah because she's just when you think she is redeeming qualities you're like oh my god right love to hate you love to hate you a what what's your biggest surprise in season two oh that was easy definitely philly these charlotte elisabeth mother daughter writing is just that i had with exclaiming in my bed you know sitting in my bedroom watching it like are you kidding right right out right out and i had maria say her biggest surprises martha from another world yeah yeah we don't even talk about the very end yeah no no end jacob said the biggest surprise ending with martha to he said totally unpredictable because nobody could know it although i knew the older jonas identity before it was revealed in season one i couldn't predict this time who adam was it was kind of shocking and then finally natalia said that these charlotte and lisbeth plot twist about lisbeth being charlotte's mother were out of being jonas blooded killing her dad or so many surprises i just say for me it's gotta be charlotte charlotte and elisabeth plot twist 'cause i'm still like wait what yeah yeah that's how i am about that's a tough one yes of so we already talked about are burning unanswered questions answered a let's see if anybody i had de somebody said is noah gretchen i don't know okay hold on the dog okay that's that's really yes usually yes i want to know a what those drones are flying overhead in the future who are all the people in the nineteen twenty one photo because we only know a few of them and i want all there's some actually really funny names in this group where people show photos of who they think each person is and it's just hilarious should share some facebook group i will i will an italian said i don't even know where to start so on a prediction for season three oh i can't make predictions in the show i mean i it was very surprised let's just talk about the ending for a minute okay kind of alluded to it found us you know at the very end adam comes and shoots martha in front of younger jonasson tells him that this is you know the pain he's gonna have to deal with it's gonna make who he is and who he needs become forever thing fallen deplace blah blah blah an then after adam leaves this other martha shows up with a different erica looking all bad ass with this little like globe and her hand and she's like alright come on we gotta go and he's like what timer you from and she's like it's not what it's not what time it's what world right so boom they've introduced a multi verse they've been reduced the concept of alternate world's andrew we've already talked about all of our questions surrounding that like how is not gonna work so that was definitely a big surprise for me and as far as predictions first season three i am i have high face the show that they're not gonna do anything stupid because the show is way too brilliant for that it's not gonna be some weird ass like multiple alternate like the flash no offense i know you love the flash but you know how dare you would the multiple or it's got a little crazy anyway i know they're gonna do it right i can't make any predictions because this show is just to brilliant i'm not smart enough i'm not worthy though i i have to say that i saw some some photos from the filming of season three andrew magnus has dark hair okay and so her madness a yes and so i think some people are speculating that maybe hannah is his mother yeah okay so i think it's gonna be the same people in different twisted relationships yeah it's gotta be the same people it's gonna be it's gonna be like a mix and match i think what they're gonna find out is the players will change but the game remains the same mhm boom there it is there you go so i did ask people what they thought end maria says i think that next season they're going to create a new world where everything goes as it should and mickle never gets lost and i say of course not because that would be boring and yeah that's not gonna happen jacob said i have no idea what's going to happen in season three and i can't wait to see it how will they merge alternative turn it of reality into this complex story it seems super hard but i believe they will manage end is this alternative reality world without jonah's which claudia told him about in the last conversation oh i didn't catch that well 'cause i think you know so many times they alluded to the fact that jonas is the one that doesn't belong oh yeah but you could argue charlotte doesn't belong and 'em italian said i wanna be totally expect the unexpected so i'm not even thinking about it and then the last thing is just kind of hammer home that this is a show that resonates with fans everywhere i ask people how they watch the show so it's a it's a native german show andy murray said she actually watched it the first time in german with spanish subtitles and then okay then she continued watch it dubbed in spanish jacob watches it in german with polish subtitles an he said i took a few years of classes of german in my school so i understood a little bit but i always watch the original version to show respect the reactor and feel the stories more realistic unbelievable and then italian said she watched it in german with subtitles in english even though she speaks spanish so i mean it's people all over from yeah this time i actually watched it dubbed in english with english subtitles and it's interesting because the subtitles did not always match right the speech i want to watch it in the native language me too but there's so much it happens that i feel like if i'm watching the subtitles i'm gonna miss what's on the screen yeah yeah if i do a rewatch i really wanna do that because people i mean we've talked about this before that in comparison to some of these other shows like we there's a few other shows similar to this that were done in a different language a three percent and the rain rain the rain was like i think the pitta me when you're talking about dumping because he actors all had that danish access yet and you you know it was it was done really well done they've won three not what's horrible papers that was the worst i think this one's gonna be like in the middle yeah it wasn't great and i really would love to hear it in the native german i everyone says it it really makes a difference what like you i just don't think my watch i could do it i watched it the same as you english dubbed an subtitle end i've actually seen some clips of the actors talking about the show not from the show and when i hear them talking in german i'm like that's i want to talk like they do with the eagles dubbing but funny anyway okay guys that was a long conversation but we needed it it needed to happen yeah it made it happen and i know there things that you're like oh my god you guys didn't even touch on this or you didn't catch this please tell us leave us a voicemail three one five stink tv that's a u s number 'em or email us stinger podcast at g mail dot com or leave us a comment anywhere else in social we wanna hear about it and we will definitely bring it up but if you want to talk about it with this online tv and movie discussion with stinger on facebook we would love to have you join us in shannon's picked closing line so this week the closing line comes from adam and he says god is time and time is not compassionate whoa yeah so definitely looking forward the season

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