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Episode 36: Why Pamela Anderson's marriage only lasted 12 days


Today on we hear Pamela Anderson's latest attempt at marriage only lasted twelve days and page six. Knows exactly why we'll tell you why New York Fashion Week is full of scrubs and MacAulay Culkin is back and talking about everything from auditioning for once upon a time in Hollywood to his close relationship with with Michael Jackson coming up next on we hear Oh my God force slush it costs six hundred field. Pay Their Maggie Kaga in Armenian more and welcome to we. We hear a page six PODCAST. We hear all celebrity dirt from our exclusive sources. And you hear the story behind the story. Pamela Anderson Emma Anderson. I said this is a crazy story because I remember reading last month. She got married and then about two weeks. Later the story was that she was divorced divorced. You might remember on this. podcast talked about her getting married for the fifth time right. She's married five times to four men if that makes any so the most Mary John. Peters the one time Barbra streisand hairdresser turned Hollywood power producer. Talk about a star is todd has star height stats ones. Would it five times. He's seventy four and he and cheese fifty two but John. Peters there's a dispute between these two mover who broke up with whom at the battle lines are being drawn Maggie. They're not only arguing about who broke up. With whom but who proposed a whom each one is saying that it was the other person's idea get married after this less than two week debacle and now John Peters is exclusively told page sixes Mara Mara. Siegler that that while they were married for twelve days he paid all of Pam Anderson debts to the tune of two hundred thousand dollars he said in an email to Mara. I didn't say anything I just wanted to be that we were going our own separate ways but when I read your article I felt the need to tell the true the story. He also said if she men controlling. I've paid her bills since she was broke. I bought her a completely new wardrobe. Ouch ooh Pamela. Anderson's team by the way said. Despite Mr Peters efforts to elicit a response from his anderson she had has no comment to provide and wishes him. Well she also the Harrap said these claims are not only entirely fabricated. They are ludicrous. And not the rapper. Who so much unpack unpack here? There's really levels to this amazing story. This is a story that could truly only run page six. We have people blaming each other for the idea of marriage which is supposed to be a positive thing. I don't know why we're playing the blame game here. A twelve day marriage. Two hundred thousand dollars in debt a fifth marriage for both parties a former hairdresser for one barbra streisand. Does it going to be better limits. Well John Peters told us in a new report that he dropped everything for Pam. He says she had almost two hundred thousand dollars in bills. And no way to pay it so I paid it and this is that thanks. I get there's no fool like an old fool I mean he's right. There is no fool I can. Just don't make them like that anymore. But what flex this is this idea. That Peters told Morrow and she was working on the story that he was engaged each to another woman although he's not saying who this other person was and this woman was allegedly GonNa move into his home. Where is she? What's happening with her? That's right John. Peters told us there's more to the story and then he sent us some texts that he sent to Pamela Anderson he alleges saying mm-hmm these past nine days have been beautiful. Amazing love fast when he was ending their marriage according to him. But this whole marriage thing with lawyers debt and Jasmine Asman has scared me. It made me realize that it's seventy four. Eight is simple quiet life and not an international love affair just to be clear. Jasmine Esmond is a a website that Pamela Anderson was doing some promotion for which John Peter says that. That's where she's been getting. You know the bulk of her money money lately. Well it sounds like he. He wasn't ready for the huge amount of coverage that their marriage Kat. It sounds like he got a little camera. Shy Well I. I think what happened was something that they seem to both agree on. Is that Jon. Peters thought that the Union would help boost Pamela Anderson's career ear and he had actually cast her in a movie called Private Dancer and according to his texted Pamela Anderson when they broke up he says I thought building an empire together would be fun but I was wrong. I'm a simple guy who loves my kids. I don't want to fly back and forth to Canada as beautiful as that place is I don't like travelling cooling. I'm sorry but he still want you to be in my movie. This will be an amazing breakthrough for you. Our source claims that Pamela Anderson is saying that right after they got married like immediately after like a day or two later she realized that this was a huge mistake and that he was too controlling that she didn't want him I'm to be involved with her career. It was too much and that he wanted to control her and control her finances and She realized that that she made a mistake. Okay but before the story. We had another amazing story where we reported that Pamela says she agreed to marry him because because she had just returned from a spiritual cleanse and India and her heart was to open. Yes it was that it was to open at the time so she so so when you're susceptible to the lot of most susceptible to love. Yeah I'm habits such a loss for words over this. It's like okay. Maybe your heart was really open. But you didn't bring up like do you like traveling. We live in different places. Maybe we should talk about this before we decide. We're going to spend our lives together. I don't know call meals but these are things I like to know about. Two years ago I mean a source in thirty five of years. Well a source had told us that Pamela does not operate on the same wavelength as other people. She has a huge heart and she loves big fast and hard. I would not expect anything less from Pamela Anderson that she came back from her trip and John said to her I love you. Let's get married so she said OK. Okay is the I answer. When someone proposes marriage okay is what I say when they tell me they only have pepsi? And I've requested Kobe. Actually I don't think ever said okay. I actually non on sure that she ever accepted proposal. When I proposed Jashari literally looked scared? And like she's out to run out into the street and run away. It seems to afford it. I don't know but John. Peter says that that Pamela Anderson was the one who that she wanted to she got married and that she asked him to to marry her on a whim. Would you accept a marriage proposal. If it came over a text message yes you would shy. Let me check my tax. I don't get stuff like that. Well what did you the great texts for function. I text funny things. I'm not asking you life altering questions on on text. You're not verizon doesn't need to know that I guess so I mean what are the emojis. They're like diamond ring. Art To people. I don't know I leave face The EMOJI now is just like a calendar a blackheart a sad face for what's going on in their religion there is good news though for all this is that they actually though they got married in a Malibu ceremony it turns out they never really filed the legal paperwork to get married so this thing was pretty easy to eh undo and I don't know if they were actually I mean I know I mean. They weren't there saying they weren't legally so technically legally married at as you mentioned before these Malibu marriages are a little bit you know. Brody Jenner starting a trend. Although he got married overseas I believe he was once on on a show. About living in Malibu so I'll forever associated with Malibu. Yeah well what happened in the Brody Jenner situation. They'd had this big spectacular wedding. I feel like it was in. I don't know I. It was beautiful beautiful place and then when they split it was like. Oh actually we never filed for an actual marriage license which I guess is better than a pre-nup about in modern. Yeah A commitment ceremony. You wonder if this was all in a very Hollywood way. Just away for Pam Anderson to get out of starring in private dancer. Oh that is a very clever of all been like she just wanted to back out of the project and backed out of the marriage. This was writing poems about their love. Something had to have gone down in this nine day love fest. That were unaware of poems of. That's true she could. That was the thing is we and reported on this story and we thought it was so cute when it first happened when I got married and she confirmed the marriage in a poem. That's true but you know what her Hart was still very open at that point because of this cleanse and that's where the poetry can flow from the heart. Let's get back to business. Oh now one thing though that we should also say is that while each of each side story is totally different right. The each say the other one proposed on a whim they each say the other one broke up you know they also are each claiming that the other one is lying. So Jon Peters Basically says everything that Pamela Anderson's Cam told us was ally and pay my innocence. Camp is saying that everything John Peters saying is a fabrication. So but what's what's not up for dispute is that I've had items in my fridge longer than these two were married. I am on the quest for an excellent excellent night of sleep and it sounds easy. I'm tired I work out. 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Just text here to sixty four thousand the only way to get twenty percent off your set of attitude sheets and free shipping. It's too text here to sixty four thousand H. E. A. R. to sixty four thousand. It's new you work. Fashion Week event that used to be a highly sought after ticket. I kinda Dud Maggie. Just go ahead and say it. It's kind kind of a bummer. Major buzzkill this year so New York Fashion Week I was looking back at. WHO's been in New York fashion in week and some of the items we've written and some of the big people are Rudy Giuliani? I want him in the front row of your fashion show and unlike Kathy Hilton was wandering around. I heard an Oscar de la Renta show holding a small stuffed. Sheep is like it's looks like a stuffed stopped and was her purse. But why I can tell you why I think this fashion week is such a dud. Why it's Tom Ford's fault? Oh yeah the fashion designer Tom. Ford so why is it his fault. It's all his fault because Tom Ford has moved his fashion show to la where he lives because he's also like a big Hollywood director And basically what he's ingeniously figured out and he's done for the past Asu years is he. Had He does his big fashion show ray before the Oscars. So it's like when everyone's in town it's sort of like been involoved if I may use the word into all the Oscar week parties so basically has all these huge stars there it's a totally captive audience right and and but by having his fashion show in La he stealing all the thunder from New York Fashion Week. So for example gee-gee Hadeed and Bella Hadid lead and Kendall Jenner all walked in his show. That means that today that they're not going to be in New York. I have to fly back and forth if they're going to do New York fashion week shows and I'm actually there have been some reports in the New York Post that the The CF DA is kind of upset with Tom. Ford Ford for putting a crimp in fashion week style. Well it's funny because you know used to report so much on who was getting that front precede and now I mean. We just ran a story about Melissa Gorgon from the Real Housewives of New Jersey walking the runway. I was looking like these are the people who have been on the runways ways of New York fashion week. Bill Nye the science guy. I don't know nine necessarily a guy. He's not bill nye the fashion guy. Bill Night I modeled Donald Guy. Melissa Gorka You know a lot of housewives a lot I don't know a lot of seedless stars and yet even Jeremy Scott WHO has a lot of celebrity? The Fans Right Katy Perry Remember Katy Perry war his the camera designed and Riana all these celebrity ACOLYTES even cancelled his New York fashion. Week show And sources told told the Post that it was because of the Tom Ford show and That Ford had ruffled the style worlds. This has ruffled the style worlds for these doctor. The copy has ruffled the style world's feathers and also for not very post ruffled. The style. Hope it was fathoms by abandoning New York fashion week for La and that Jeremy Scott Lake cancelled his show less than two weeks before the event and decided to move his show. Go to Paris. Because you get more hundred in Paris Tom. Ford show had stars there including J.. Lo and a Rod Aka j Jay Rod Renee Zellweger. I mean a weasel had stories. Oh said Sanchez. Aka bez `Chez Kate Hudson K.. Hud miley Cyrus Cyrus my Si- and Jason Momoa Jamila Jameh. We're all at Tom. Ford show taking stealing dealing with another from the New York Fashion Week. Meantime we had rudy. Giuliani was in New York fashion week. We caught up with him at Zang. Toi Show oh where he told us. I'm not very good with fashion. I try I was just at my Taylor today. I would maybe wear navy. Blue suits sixty percent of the time that sometimes gray or black so when I wanNA feel like I'm going out. I WANNA feel like Ronald Reagan. So I wear a brown suit. That's who you want the a fashion that God biggest story out of fashion week. Oh my God is the Big New York Fashion Week. That's what's up. We're talking about Ronald Reagan's fashion so people are are are mad at Tom. Fly will say the only front row I was really excited about was Christian Syria. No who showed and he had Leslie Jones. kind of being super vocal about Coq Coco Coco Rocha wearing like a crazy over the top Dress and hat Combo Heidi Klum was there Alexa. Chung basically people who are on television about fashion. Yeah cameras are rolling also reported that there was a near fistfight asked Christians Syria no show. That's the fashion week energy. We need in New York in New York. This is New York it come to. It's about real housewives. Bill Nye Know Giuliani and fistfight. It's about like you go to a show to see who's getting kind of a dust up about seat assignments a source. It also told the post of the models being sort of stolen for Tom. Ford show the overlap was a real challenge challenge in in terms of the top models going out to la And fashion industry insider said a lot of steam went out of New York this season from casting perspective. It was difficult. Our whole industry's in flux. Tom's decamp men only complicated issue. Take Bella Hadid can only be in one place. Your plan can't doesn't bode well for New York Fashion Week and also on on top of Tom. Ford defecting Tommy. Hilfiger Ralph Lauren and other designers have already jumped ship and weren't showing it New York Fashion Shen repair season our IP fashion week. Wow you heard it here. First Dan Maggie. There are some days when you're getting ready for work. You Open your closet. You Open your dresser drawers. You think to yourself is going to be a stylish day or a comfortable day and that sucks. We shouldn't have to choose. Why can't we feel cute? Look stylish and be comfortable. That's Beta brand comes in. They make stylish comfortable professional tire. 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Now I think on the coverage as Max Culkin Mack my culkin Mac. That's like a good detective name all right man and you had an exclusive item about the had on exclusive heads through an exclusive esquire pickup. I guess you would call it but that is true. Macaulay Culkin in this interview. Who hasn't zipping around in a while or he hasn't spoken out publicly and he even says like I've been kind of on the DL for a couple years keeping a low profile? Pretty good revelations in this piece I mean. He does talk about his relationship with Michael Jackson. He does talk about what he's been up for two years talking about Drugs Bus Childhood his childhood but my fee and a run in with James Franco which was what my item was about. This article has everything everything. My favorite detail in this thing was that he auditioned for Quin Tarintino. Once upon a time in Hollywood to be no oh for which role. He doesn't say what the role is but he does reveal. It was a disaster. I wouldn't have hired me. He says I'm terrible at auditions anyway. And this is is my first audition in like eight years. Wow and I mean I have a theory as to what role he might have played. Go ahead I think he probably would have been cast. Obviously in my mind is one of the Manson family. I think so. I'm creepy ASS vibe. But I like to think in a parallel universe it could have been MacAulay Culkin and sweeping all the award shows us his hair. Oh I like MacAulay cokie. My upper lower the tone role. I don't think he was. I definitely see him as a Manson Johnson family affiliate. But I like to fantasize I like Manson family a Wu Tang affiliate Oh. He wasn't in the Manson family. It's okay he was just an affiliate opened for them once. Yeah Yeah exactly so. He said he hasn't auditioned in eight years. Because he's been doing what I think. He has. A podcast Ho. God what. Oh God. He's got it got it. I can't I don't have time for I only I barely have time to be MacAulay. CULKIN's podcast. I had a lot of questions. This is where he says. He says that you know he's been kind of on the down low for a couple years and he says people assume that I'm crazy or a Kook or damage weird cracked and up until the last year or two. I haven't really put myself out there at all so I can understand that it's also like okay. Everybody's stop acting so freaking shock doc. I'm relatively well adjusted. Wow because people thought he was like kind of weird I mean that's because he grew up in the spotlight. We knew about all of his family. Drama the issues with his parents and he talks Scott a little. Yeah he also says you know what I actually am a snowflake beautiful but He also talks out a run in that. He had with James Franco on an airplane. which is what I wrote about Basically after HBO's explosive. Michael Jackson documentary leaving Neverland came out. MacAulay Culkin ran into James Franco on a plane. and They don't they don't really know each other that well but he says they were putting their bags in the overhead compartment. He he gave Franco a little nod and Franko just said to him so that documentary and then the next. Yeah so that I commentary and Culkin just didn't really say much and then Franko apparently said what do you think and Culkin says. Turn to him and I go. Do you WanNa talk about your dead friend. Wow Franko sheepishly went. No I don't so I said cool man. It was nice to see you some Kokin plane shade. Wow Yeah is that a federal crime that level of shade. That's wow ten Maggie. Oh you are really like by the book now. I'm like we notify an air marshal exchange innocent exchanges that happens between people putting their bags in the overhead. Excuse me go clorox borrow. You WanNa talk about your dead friend. I guess so but also author he also says about Michael Jackson that he never did anything to me. He says he never saw Michael Jackson do anything but he also talks about that. You know this might be a good time that if anything happened this would be an opportune time to come out and say something but And he says he would if anything had but but he he asserts that nothing happened meantime he is a very close relationship so with Paris Jackson Michael's daughter and he's the God he's her Godfather And they have a strange friendship tradition. It sounds like what the spoons. Yeah they have a weird thing where they steal spoons. He says from restaurants and then they give the spoons to each other and he says it's innocent in all in good had fun although I don't know if there's like a major spoon shortage of your restaurant maybe that's not so fun. If a lot of people order soup that day you think a waitress is reading US right now. And she's like the next time that guy comes in. I'm asking for the spins back totally. You know what I would do to. It will be cool if they gave each other so they played the spoons. I started a spoon covered by very very as in your home Please the foods that he I remember as a lad when that's what you did now is entertainment before for the Internet man for the Internet. Ah when you when you use yourself by wiggling and playing some spoons with old uncle uncle uncle Almac so they trade. The spoons played this wounds but they did get matching spoon tattoos. Paris Jackson has so many tattoos in one of them is on her forearm. Spoon and Mac Culkin has a A similar one Wait what was was What's the of Arianna grandees? Late boyfriend. The Pinnock Miller Mac Miller I think that Culkin is now trying to Mac on the whole Mac name and be Mac Culkin. Wow rather than Mac Miller. But that's just a theory. He's I know about that. He didn't say that esquire. But that's one of the hard hitting questions that I would have asked had done the feature a another detail which seems like a big deal as at MacAulay holy Kokin and his girlfriend. Brenda Song trying to have a baby right. He says they've been doing a lot of practicing how I imagined I got a baby. I think it's more practicing the parenting branding than the actual procreation show. But I don't know but then that kind of leads into the question. MacAulay Culkin being a child starwood and having a baby with someone else. She's been on television. Will they allow their kids to go into acting entertainment or will they try to keep that kid away at all and yes go. Right into acting culkin dynasty. I think that's what's happening. I think the thing with Macaulay Culkin cover though. It's funny because this is a cover story. So he's on the cover of esquire wearing a bathrobe of which is so cool. Oh I don't know if that's so cool in the METOO era Maggie. Oh God I didn't even think of that income bathrobe our beer and know occur so they've it cannot cut it curb your enthusiasm just did a whole plotline on Larry David innocently wearing a bathrobe and then being assumed to be a sex passed. I I mean if you're on the cover of magazine wearing a silk robe it doesn't always have to mean sex passed. It could just mean life leisure. I guess. Well that's what they're bringing back the bathrobe at esquire but I think the reason for the interest being piqued again in Mac Culkin is because of his brother basically on succession. Who would not that I think that like Kieran? Culkin's star rising is bringing back interest in the whole Culkin Sich. I believe that they both share a love her accessories. Now you've heard me talk on this podcast before for about Kirin's arm party which is what you call a lot of bracelets on someone's arm God is that what you call it. You know you knew. It's so funny on either type of guys who would wear a lot of our would call it an armed part. Yeah like gross. It's it's data term but right flips at So so in the shoot. Macaulay Culkin has like Nail Polish on some interesting jewelry. And I'm just like this. Family is really into statement accessories. I guess I would and see Maggie that it was a calculated risk. Wow well that's it for this episode. We hear our show is produced by Jamila Zirab Williams and Melissa car. Sarah's we'd love to hear your questions and ideas for the show. Is there a celebrity. You're dying for us to dish on email your hot takes to us at PODCAST AT NY post dot com to hear the latest episodes. Be sure to hit subscribe on Apple. PODCASTS spotify any of your preferred podcast platforms. Don't don't forget to leave us a review. We'll be back tomorrow with more page. Six exclusives see them.

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