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Create By Vibration with Tammy Braswell


Welcome to live love. Engage the podcast where we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how you can live fully love deeply and engage authentically. I am your host. Gloria Grace Ram now. Let your light shine. Mama's stay and welcome to live love engage. I am Gloria Grace. Brand and to day is one of those wonderful days when I actually have a guest on the program which is so awesome and Today I have tammy Brazil and welcome. Tammy for stuff. Thank you for having me appreciate it and actually before I go. This woman is an amazing person as an awesome bio which? I'M GONNA share with you in a minute but I I wanted to just ask you because I think I was trying to remember how. We first connected. Because I've known him for for a while now and I think it was through a wellness. Universe is correct me. If I'm wrong I just book groping facebook and was just through facebook account. Which wasn't sure. Well you know I for all the complaining people do about face but I have met the most wonderful people on facebook so so you know so they are so great thing so let me let me share with you. A little bit about who? Tammy is and what she does so Tammy braswell supports women in healing their past emotional traumas and programming to be able to love themselves as they are and from there designed their life the way they wanted to be. She has been sensitive to energy in the unseen planes of existence and she was a young child. She's highly connected to spirit higher energies in the unlimited consciousness and source itself which she channels as all that is back and she knows the value of having support me to So she assists you along the journey along your journey to navigate through all the unknowns unseen and unfamiliar offer. In this way you can embrace who you really are experiencing an expressing your own unique gifts abilities and higher connection in ways that serve you and the collective whole as your soul intended and her work is a proprietary blend of all. She has studied intuited channel inexperienced firsthand in her own life and they will learn a little bit about as we go on and as an intuitive channel high vibrational healer energetic creation coach guide teacher and creator of new energy methods and she now shares in the work. She offers to help. Women transform their life. So wow you don't do much to you now. And there's even more but I tried to condemn. I know I just try to condense for everybody to understand because there's so much to do. Yeah I yeah I hear Ya. Yeah we are multi dimensional creatures that I think and especially as as we Well I know I'm just going to speak for myself. I don't know how old you are but I know as we get older that we tend to get a lot of different life experiences and that's wrestling with myself as how to incorporate all the different things that I do in into one thing but I a mining service out how did how did narrow that down and give it a title. That's really express it exactly. That's that's my challenge you know it's like Seo copywriting and then spiritual work together but It's Okay F- about me. Let's get back to you so one of the things you Talk about is something called. Create a vibration. So what does that mean exactly while it? We're all vibrational beans and I am. And we're we're like radio station sending out signals that then call back to us. Most people have heard of the law of attraction. So that's in there. We attract like attracts like so. Our vibrations ends out of frequency. And then things that are similar to that come back to us so the law of attraction and lifelock vibration work together because wherever you are by brazenly is what you're going to see in your world and your experiences so you now. It's like a radio station. If you've been on eighty eight point seven you're not picking up the music from one. O Two point three so you WANNA shift your vibration. That's creating your life from that space wherever you're vibrating. Okay so maybe explain that a little bit more for people about migration. Because I knew I know some people understand it but Maybe if you can just expand a little bit more because it is something about well actually having Rousse mean by that when you talk about. Us reciprocate I have an idea of my head but may not be the same. Everything is energy right and everybody talks about that. So Energy vibrates at a frequency A table is a denser lower vibration. That's why it solid and Colors are at a higher vibration or sound is at a higher vibration. That's why you don't see a sound unless it's on a recording but just you know I'm speaking to you. You don't see the frequency of the sound you hear it because it's high vibrational in nature in energy of it So since everything is energy vibrating we vibrate at a certain frequency as well and that's how our life has created outside of us and internally by where where the energy is moving what vibrational level. The energy is moving and the metaphysics our mood described. Because sometimes you can say if you're feeling down you're kind of like a low vibration right whereas when you're more up and energetic or something you're vibrations higher right. What what you're feeling affects your experience. So yeah lower. Vibrational energy is denser and heavier. So anytime you feel. Heavy in space or constricted means that you arrive at a lower racial level and that would be people put negative and bad term on that night. Just look at everything is energy. So it's you know wherever on the scale you're vibrating so if you're not feeling really good or It feels like a heavy space. Then you're vibrating at a lower level when you get to a higher vibrational level like you mentioned. You feel happier refill later. You feel expanded. The energy opens up. And you feel good. So that's how you determine kind where your vibration is at if you're having a day where you're not feeling really good and you're at a low vibration and what you're creating from is that eyebrow Level so things that show up in your world when we say oh that person was not nice to me that day or you know something happened somewhere That's the it has to do with vibration. Vibration comes from days before so today where functioning from how. We were vibrating rating yesterday or last week. Hang on what's being created and so we can change that and our tomorrow a difference. Now I never really thought about visited actually can carry over so much from like from like the past Bennett. Guess that does make sense in. And Yeah actually. That doesn't really make sense. 'cause sometimes we even have we can get stuck with really curing vibrations even than our even our that. We may have been picked up from maybe either people in our immediate vicinity where maybe even from ancestors that energy we carry. I look at things that everything happens through us not to us. So even if you're noticing it someplace cells that is like a message to you that you're in a similar vibration so the only thing you can do is shift yourself and we've been taught since things are supposed to happen outside of us. We try to change our outer world. Change the inner world to get in the outer world to change. Yeah absolutely absolutely so how. How can someone go about changing or shifting thereby brazen especially when they want to Live fully? That's what's this. Podcast is about his tax to able to live fully limp a full rich life into love deeply. How how can someone do that? Especially if maybe they're feeling a little bit of that lower vibration wanted to get back to a higher vibration. Well the first thing is always noticing it and becoming aware of it because most most time we're dysfunctioning from a place we don't really stop and say okay. What am I feeling? Where am I at? And how is it reflected in my world? We just keep functioning from. They're wondering why these things keep happening right. So it's that's the first thing awareness is it. They say what you don't know you know when it's hidden you you don't know what it is. It's like our computer all the programs running in the background. Unless you know a lot about computers you don't know what's going on there three. I'll have this old programming. I like to call it. That came from childhood. It came from Like you said generational our ancestral. That's brought down through our our Aspects of ourselves and we're functioning from that and then we want different things will. You can't get something different from the same vibration that you're on you have to raise to a higher vibration to open the space and allow that thing to come in so we start paying more attention to my life. What do I want to shift? How do I feel about those things? 'cause that's GonNa tell you something. What kind of if you're always angry at somebody. Well that's telling you why that's attracting that into your life. So that's the first step is becoming more aware of what you're feeling what is associated with what you want to create differently. So how do you work with you? Work with them. Like one on one. You work in person 'cause I assume that's part of your work then is to help in really. How are we gonna not only become aware? Then you know taking some sort of action to guest operation so I- everything through I love to it. Works Great and so you can be anywhere in the world anytime. There's no drive time or anything like that And it. Most of it is one on one work because to really go into the deeper parts of a person and it's old stuff that's what we haven't cleared out that's a little more challenging to just bring to our awareness because it was created when we were children around and then our belief system was built upon that we function from that unless we can go back and start to see. Where did our you know relationship? The examples of what our relationship is started and we wonder why we can't have a good relationship or I can I attract money and then we go back and look at all those things that where did it originate and then you start healing that bringing that to the surface and then it comes forward because energy has no timeframe so the things you do in the past actually shift where you are right now. A lot of energy work because it does. It accelerates the changes more than anything else doesn't have to be a real drudgery kind of thing it's let's find it. Let's work on it. Let's resolve it. Let's I have people. Just connect to it enough that they can recognize that part of and then we release in heal it and that shifts so many things in your life starts changing. And you're like Oh my goodness look at showing up. Wow as almost like magic But I love it you the more the more I learn about things like this and an an about energy and about how everything is connected and how we are all connected it. It really is exciting to know that for so long in my cashew maybe felt like stock and like you know this is just the way life has gotta be but now you know we have a choice and we can choose an with help from people like you who you know. Maybe not quite sure how to make those changes to be able to help you to be aware of things like that is so wonderful sale. Appreciate the work you do in the world. It's awesome thank you to well. That's good to you isn't it? Yeah it was a drudgery you know they have to do it myself too. So it's it's how I live my life. So it's easy to help other people to to see especially. It's probably easier to help other people than I'm looking from a different perspective and I find the things that they can't connect e themselves out. And they do that intuitively and energy so if finds it in a different way absolutely yes. It's always maintains earliest. I I've found at my career events always so much easier to help other people than the help myself but I'm getting near to now so with the help of other so there you go Even I you know I have coaches in in spiritual healers night. You know to help me so we all need a little help now and then so it's good seeing the things that we can't because we're in it yes harder to see are more challenging to see our stuff because we are inside of the stuff and we're attached to it and so somebody can come from outer perspective and go. Oh this is it and you know what we resonate. Whether we'll all you know that makes them fleet sense when it rained. We're told that's what it is like. It just moves things along more quickly. Definitely how can Someone if someone is resonating with your frequency today vibration and would like to get a hold of you. What's the best way? Were contact you. You have a website or I have a website and it's as you share. Don't buy vibration though. That's obviously I what I help. People do Create Bhai create their life by their vibration so CREPE VIBRATION DOT COM. I do have free gift on my website. People WANNA stop by. That helps them to become more centered by calling back their energy. So we don't think about our energy being scattered everywhere and we always feel overwhelmed and so the first step is to also help us bring back our energy from all those little places that it's hiding and ill more charged up like we charge our cell phone to to fall so they can find that on on my website as well to help down if they WANNA chat. There's a link at the top chat with Tammy so click on that we can talk. Sounds good awesome? All right well if Those of you who are listening and watching this on Youtube Today. Yontef take advantage of that. I will also have all the information in the show notes as well so You know if you're listening to this new car to worry about computer later and look it up and you'll be able to get it And if you are enjoying this podcast I encourage you also to subscribe to us on Itunes and to leave a review as well be wonderful up so that that helps other people find us and I think that's going to do it for me for today. So thank you so much. Tammy for being here from having meat and then as always I just encouraged all you choose If you need help but you know find help but I want you to find a way so that you can live fully love deeply and engage authentically one more thing before you go as a value. Blister of the live love engaged. Podcast I WANNA help you shine your light in the world. Not only while you're listening to the show but all day every day of the week. That's why I created. The love engage spiritual awakening community on facebook. It's a place for you to gather with other business professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to living the life of their dreams. If you WANNA be a part of this community hand receive free trainings from me. Go to live love. Engaged DOT COM and request to join. That's L. I V. E. L. O. V. E. N. G. H. E. DOT COM.

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