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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer. Even as some Democrats in Congress are proposing a far reaching overhaul of America's police procedures and policies, President Donald Trump wasted little time in seizing on the effort along with calls to fund urban police departments as a signing his words. The Democrats have quote gone crazy meeting with law enforcement officials at the White House today. The president said that's not going to happen. There will be funding. There won't be a dismantling of our police and. The not going to be any disbanding of our police police have been letting us. Live in peace, trump said ninety nine percent, perhaps ninety nine point, nine percent of police are quote great people. The president did say supports reforms that would eliminate what he calls. Bad Actors within police departments caused rain in Belize come in response to the death of George Floyd, who died while in police custody after an officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes. The, World Health Organization is voicing its support for a wave of protests against police violence and racial injustice that originated in the US more from NPR's Ping Wong. Who director-general Tetris Adam Gabrielle, says people have good reason to protest who fully supports? And the Global Movement Against Racism would inject discrimination of all kinds. The protests started in the US after the world watched as George Floyd gasped, pleaded for his life, his neck under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer and similar protests are now happening in Europe, Africa and other regions. tetris recommends that protesters follow the guidance of local health officials and take precautions to protect themselves from Corona virus, wearing a mask, keeping a distance, and for some simply staying home, Ping Pong NPR news, global oil giant BP says it will cut its worldwide workforce by ten thousand jobs, the company, blaming the ongoing follow out from the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to a severe economic downturn and Reduced Energy, Consumption Company currently employs around seventy thousand people. Worldwide stocks were up sharply today with the Nasdaq. Hey, new all time high NPR's Scott hosts reports. The Dow also moved higher. A. Formal Declaration that the United States is in a recession did nothing to dampen investors confidence. They're betting. The downturn will be a short one. All the major stock indexes continued their upward March. The Dow rose one point seven percent, the S. and P., five hundred one point two percent. The tech heavy Nasdaq set a new record climbing one point one percent, and topping its former high set-back in February before the corona virus pushed the US into lockdown as businesses start to reopen the Federal Reserve is trying to prop up the economy. The Fed is widening eligibility for its emergency loan program for mid sized businesses. That program is not yet up and running Scott horsely NPR news Washington tell you look at some of the numbers. The Dow jump four, hundred sixty one points. The S&P five hundred was up thirty eight points. This is NPR. Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer says she is requesting a federal disaster declaration for the Midland area while the failure of two dams as destroyed one hundred fifty homes. They're causing more than two hundred million dollars in damage under disaster declaration. Whitmer sank today. She hopes to gain Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance as soon as possible to dams gave way including nearly one hundred year old. That failed may nineteenth. The West Coast Guard is cleaning up after a soaking from tropical storm Cristobal which made landfall in Louisiana last evening. NPR's Debbie. Elliott reports the storm now at tropical depression still poses a flood risk as it moves north into the Mississippi River Valley Chris assessing damage in clearing down trees and power lines, even as the remnants of Cristobol continued, dumping heavy rain over the Gulf. South storm surge caused extensive coastal flooding along a wide area, including grand, Isle Louisiana the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Dolphin Island Alabama this morning. Emergency crews rescued people from flooded cabins at. At Louisiana State Park on Lake Pontchartrain as the tropical depression moves inland the national. Weather Service warns there is a flash flood risk stretching from coastal states into the Great Lakes region by Wednesday Debbie Elliott NPR News Orange Beach Alabama the National Transportation Safety Board says it's looking to close a loophole that has allowed some lithium ion batteries to still be transported by air point to a recent incident where a plane food binders from Florida to Toronto, a vehicle later erupted in flames, and when it was picking those batteries up. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.

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