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Ah along with preportion ingredients to make delicious home cooked meals choose from a variety of new recipes each week or let Blue Apron's culinary team surprise you recipes are not repeated the presenting sponsor of positive America is Blue Apron guys for less than ten dollars per person per meal Blue Apron delivered seasonal recipes guys today women samplers as he's back crispy salmon roasted potato salad with pickled mustard seeds is a better way to cook get right check out this week's menu get your first three meals free with free shipping by going to blue apron dot com slash crooked that's blue apron dot com slash crooked blue apron mm accountable I think that's obviously the lack of you know fortitude on the part of the Republican leadership means that he's not going to be held and now here we are so last week where we last left off the story our hero basically last week trump told his staff to lie he threatened Komi by suggesting have investigation whether there'll be a push special prosecutor and independent commission we don't know so I think it's a another kind of weakening of trump's they can come at sold out you can't come are already have tickets all right let's talk about Jim Komi tickets they now Krim fresh toss look that's been on the menu for awhile here boring new item I've been told I will never be bored. Cahan is making one of these three cheese and baby Broccoli Stromboli with terrip tomato and Oregano dipping sauce enchiladas in Imola sauce made from surplus Valentine later we'll also be talking to the host of cooking media pod saved the people deray mckesson how's it going guys everyone good forget we should just say that we already recorded the mark Welcome to Pudsey of America I'm Jon Favreau I'm John Lovett Tommy Vitor on the pod today we have the vice chair of the Senate Intel Committee Senator Mark Warner the step-by-step easy to follow recipe card in proportion ingredients it's forty minutes or less so you should probably time her tonight and every ingredient is ready to cook when it arrives or they'll make he's a secret tape of their conversation and he basically admitted to obstruction of justice by telling her that he fired call me because he didn't like that his campaign was under investigation so the first question Los Angeles we're GonNa be doing a live show with America our city and you'll all be able to listen to it because it will be our Thursday pot so just everyone if you can come great if not you'll hear it Thursday corner part and it's a very good interview if if we do say so ourselves behind the curtain we limit ourselves everyone should listen speaking of love it Zander that should be held to but slowly but surely you see that like you know he's not getting backed up by people like Lindsey Graham right there's going to be you know there's going to be a movement to have some kind ability to do this without accountability yeah I think a significant strategic error it showed him to be as petulant shortsighted and unprincipled as we all suspected self promoting love it or leave at this Friday we had an awesome love it or leave it with Kumail Nangiani Gareth Reynolds and learn laugh guests that you guys should listen to you right now I'm a big fan of the he would he would be then going on to tweet a threat at the FBI director that let everyone in the world to believe that he's secretly tape recording conversations in the White House the gym combing because that's the world we're stuck in Yep it's amazing like they were two weeks ago or like guys we have to touch base with talk about call me a little bit more we know we're all kind of sick of the topics the things can we do here to hold him accountable at this stage in the game at this point that we with the power of the Democrats have and it's an either or I don't think it's a hold them accountable or not hold is a week out from this now is trump gonna get away with this is this are we is is this what we're going to deal with now like I mean because how many I've also been told we should try to keep these to a minute and they've been getting a little long fair fight on twitter about oh well excited for this tonight I hope you enjoy your meal each meal credit message I think it's interesting that if you look at polling that actually healthcare that people are far more upset about worried about and that's resonating in states but to the degree that Democrats are effort on behalf of some Republicans a lot of Republicans and especially some you know in the media and the right wing media to say Oh Democrats are hyperventilating the media's trying to stop him from doing anything in Washington it's a great distraction for the press corps because they can't focus on anything else and rightly so we'll say there's an is another huge desire because it gives Democrats something to seize on it's very simple are there tapes yes or no if so release the tapes and I don't think that should be the entire no but I think this was the funniest one where we're going to do we introduce some new segments the show became president this Wednesday at the hotel friendly about this it's just make it sort of a team thing but like we have seen people that are nonpartisan like James Clapper said that the FBI firing amounted to an and quotes were this guy scares me quote there are no guardrails on his presidency and quote this is Richard Nixon on steroids so these are like Republican senators and Congress it from day one has been very clear to me that you cannot possibly underestimate the degree to which is going to distract his entire White House staff and team as they're trying to do other things when he was talking to though none of them speak out very they're very brave corrupt under the cloak of anonymity these Republicans I wonder if one of them is Rubio on a political level that's a good thing for us as Democrats as a country it's a really bad thing because we need these people to do their jobs but instead they wake up every day and read about how because Altan the country's checks and balances David Ignatius talked to a reporter for the Washington Post he talked to various Republicans this week and they all need to lawyer up and you know that is scary as hell if you're sitting in those jobs and you know these people are not gonna be able to do anything else in like the culture of the head of the FBI his job is not just to investigate trump his universe the world doesn't revolve around Donald Trump he's one of the nation's top counterterrorism officials the FBI director applied to them and made them spin one thing one day in the opposite the next day now he's GonNa fire them and they pick up politico in they've tires story written from Clinton aides telling them riding in game of thrones bullshit and leaking is is it seems like it's all consuming yeah I mean well the other thing too is it's obviously consuming for the White House the accountability to this Chituwo trump by the end of the week is supposed to appoint the next or says he's going to appoint the next FBI director quick turnaround by the way for pointing time trump supporter puke party hack just an absolute shell absolute show it it's unfair to Chuck Schumer to say that this would be like Barack Obama pointing Chuck Schumer but have a slow process run a healthcare bill people find out what's in it they don't like it so when you kind of it's sort of like government by Sucker Punch they throw something out there quickly get it through before anyone has the ability to kind of raise the alarm stop it and that's something they could definitely try to do with this I noticed that with obviously John Cornyn 's name has been floated he's the number two Republican in the Senate is similar it's exactly oh just imagine right it's an it's an investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails and Barack Obama tells Lester Holt well when I fired the FBI Director I did think to myself I like the email investigation and my new my new FBI director is going to be Chuck Schumer like reporters right when they floated Koren's name a lot of them are saying well is a real fucking job that you need a good person they're doing well so let's talk about that so talking with some of the ways that Democrats are thinking about trying to hold trump accountable here trying to bring some someone with ten year term that's gonNA run the nation's top line for well one thing that I was just sort of you know you look at what they've learned in the last couple of weeks and the one thing they learned is when you if it's Cornyn that's GonNa he's just going to sail through confirmation the Senate because Senate courtesy in Bubba Blah and like I was at least Lindsey Graham has taken a little bit of a Ernie over the last week because he started by apparently according to sources he was the one on the phone with trump saying like fine if you want to start prejudice I go for it and can we we will need again like we need for everything in the Senate we need three Republicans to say no to a a trump appointee for them to block it now he's saying I don't think Cornyn should be the pick but Senator Graham ghetto drifting in the winds here on the a tough issue I know I guess the question is do you think a partisan politics of the president can fire Komi as we just saw that said I mean you want a technocratic individual you want someone that comes back in law enforcement such a lack of respect regard for like half the country like it's the F. B. I. You actually pre Republicans in the Senate don't gain anything from having a partisan F. b. i. e. floating is Merrick Garland because they wanna get him out of a very important judgeship into a job where donald trump could fire him the next day it is the most cynical ridichio I don't know I don't I mean with Cornyn maybe Graham Graham vote against Cornyn I hope I I think the problem is it's hard for these guys to vote against them but maybe not as quote unquote taped conversations with Komi or admit that he doesn't have them in made the whole thing up this raises a broader question should Democrats grind all Senate for them to signal that they don't want this to be picked so they don't have to vote for him I don't know I mean you saw Rubio say Cornyn and try out so political reported today the Democrats might force procedural votes Tom you're alluding to this that required trump to either give up his business to a halt until you know they get him to admit this on the tapes they get the Special Prosecutor they get an FBI director who's not a politician a non-partisan I mean how maybe trump does personally because he's a criminal but like Republican senators discussing me around for ten years like this is a place where it's easy to care about your country more and Lia weenie about this as do everything possible by any means possible we are in a totally different reality here people people seems like such an obvious abuse of power that if we let this go I don't know how we move on from here like you know I just think there's something I know that people might not care about it a ton right how far should Democrats go or can Democrats go to you know hold them accountable here far I know I I'm I I'm and like even if you're going for a win like don't you you don't care at all about Democrats you don't think they matter at all you don't think these people in your district manner at all and they don't they don't they don't care because the name there it is also a fact that we have an entire right wing apparatus that literally will not report on the fact that Donald Trump's explanation timeline everything about why he fired Komi has changed yeah those would be wonderful picks which is fucking despicable cerebral Marco Rubio man this is supposed to be a position that's viewed is not part I mean it's not it's not a lifetime appointment it's not a judgeship it's not here's deeply but Komi being fired but the country's shrugs now I I hate that kind of reporting because you to people form opinions over time care about more in the country than they care about the education but at the same time he fucking fired the FBI director because he was investigating him like to it is it is I I have no idea an it'd be no way of knowing no confidence in this but like that felt like a classic trump empty threat which is why going to bat to find out that there are no tapes we should be obstructionist just like them I'm about it because what you were just alluding to love it which is the message right like if we go if we grind business to a halt than it is we make the story but I think that sometimes that might not matter see this drives me crazy busy these these these stories you saw like one day two days three days later they'd say Washington end no FBI director until a special prosecutor is named Yeah and until you want do either one of those two things you take care I agree released the tapes it so for the next however many weeks as the Senate's ground to a halt this investigation investigation to the detriment of talking about health care about tax reform talking about all the other things that people much fifty one percent said yes so even back then right before presidents raising nation he had the base with him and he had a bunch of people thinking the media was hyping this too much things change so let me see Wall Street Journal had a poll out about this over the weekend twenty nine percent approve of trump firing Komi thirty eight percent disapprove thirty two percent had no opinion it's also just like look put the put what we should do or shouldn't it's also heartbreaking the idea that you could pick them unlike John Cornyn because it just shows makes me feel like well I don't know maybe we should healthcare but I I don't know but more over the dumbest thing possible you know I mean either you're pathetic liar again check or we should make this central what we're doing you have thirteen guys somewhere in the Senate right in this healthcare bill you know that's an ongoing probably watch Fox News which is barely reported on it or just reported on Democrats hysteria overcome E or you don't pay attention to us at all you don't think it matters so much but like if that's the case the better for worse guys we're playing a long game here okay approval ratings like thirty eight thirty nine he's got eighty percent approval from Republicans but independence in a couple of days before he resigned fifty nine percent of Republicans still said no same another question asked right before he resigned is the media covering this issue of Watergate that shouldn't stop people in Washington from pushing hard as they can on this because some people aren't paying attention to the way so many somebody made this point like only Washington cares about this well that's where they make the loss you're taping people's secretly and it sounds like there's a lot of history and evidence of MC Wrigley taping deal it's an interesting I'm not torn about it because I think oh we can't be obstructionist like them no fucking removing you're still seven percent of Democrats seem to be cool with him so like we have time to slowly erode and chip away people's views on him by just talking about the crazy stuff he's doing I don't think we should community this clearcut I've also thought some we'll Jordan third tweeting out poll numbers from the Watergate era this weekend interesting so should Nixon resign they need we need to make this a big deal and push them in every way possible to to try to get some sort of answers in terms of the tapes at the bare minimum I guess that like will understand what's going on in the bureau on Day One and John Cornyn does not that person trading obvious not that but it seems like a simple message from Democrats should just be a no politicians and list nonsense hey merrick garland do you want to give up your lifetime appointment for job where you know trump's gonna probably by today's that sounds like a great great trade Maryland the more this Russia investigation and the Komi stuff hurts trump politically the the easier it is for Senate Republicans to break with him it feels a little premature but I I do think Democrats can walk and Chew Gum here I think we can the indivisible in all these groups doing great work sending people to town halls should continue to do that and they continue to talk about it arching and getting worse for trump send me well so in love I know you love talking about this but there's been a lot of impeachment talk about this right you mean holding him accountable on things like health care that's true right and so it might actually help these things Yeah The New York Times reported essentially what you just said that Republicans were beginning to break from trial what was Hillary who they call although ninety three percent have heard about the comb us so this contrary to what some issue that really does have a day-to-day impact on people's lives and it will be more central to the midterm elections it's hard it's hard you and you know you could also make the case that approve the firing right then if you had heard just a little bit about Ramey so it is an information thing like if you pay attention to the news patriots in the reporting you think it's awful if here's about how it feels and how it sounds and the further we push the further we push like every it seems impossible that this was the craziest week we've had so far but it is yeah and we're getting and things and you know sixty is the threshold for filibuster and now you're going up to sixty seven it's like the question is what more crazier could happen Senate sixty-seven sixty-seven so you need two thirds of the Senate otherwise he's acquitted so like we're sitting here talking about how to get like fifty three votes for things impeachment right is so now you have trump possibly committing obstruction of justice rate on one hand that is a legal you know there's a legal characterization reported like many people have heard about this thing now what was interesting where you were just saying time is if you had heard a lot about Komi you are way more likely to be I it's so far away to start talking about the Senate but like man if we're at the point where where we're at the high crimes and misdemeanors place we're not talking about we don't need sixty seven whether it obstruction of justice or not but impeachment doesn't rest solely on some legal judgment right it is actually the political judgment of members of the House of Representatives who have to decide on this right and they decided back in nineteen ninety eight that Bill Clinton had committed obstruction of justice and they impeached him some legal scholars either things the dynamic get so bad for trump that house Republicans tell him basically that they would vote for it for dynamic get so bad for trump that we win the house and then we can impeach him and lawyers probably said Bill Clinton had not done that right but the house decides so it it really I don't WanNa say it's beside the point but it does seem like look until you get a house would plausibly vote on impeachment it seems very premature and also we should just let it ruined because a lot of people are like Oh impeachments like even if the how talking about impeachment helps us or hurt us in winning the house back because that's all that matters to me because if you want to fantasize about impeachment that's fine What I think about is the concept votes we need what Thirteen Republicans Roy to change their minds and and that that starts to become a different a different thing I just think that like in a world where Donald Trump is being impeached ah the question is impeachment talk I asked still premature the time is right or who the hell cares it's not going to happen anyway until a long time what do you think so the whole issue complete doesn't exist in their world doesn't exist in their world it's just liberal hysteria well yes the Embassy Wall Street Journal which is our thing way out hoping for like this is back to the whole thing from snl that like one story is going to hit or one answer he's going to give that ends at all and we don't have to worry about working hard even if we won the house back in two thousand eighteen and the House voted to impeach Donald Trump the Senate you need sixty six votes in the Senate right because you need two thirds of the does of winning the House and I think about Donald Trump I think about how do you stymie Donald Trump from continuing to be a menace to this country and I think about two years of Donald Trump being investigated house back we will be able to find a lot of these answers yeah I mean the I guess what I would say is I I don't know about impeachment talk I I think it feels quite fanciful at this moment i WanNa know Enj- very quickly well they changed very slowly and then they change very quickly so we just don't know and I do agree yeah we should I I I it's it's just a hard question because even as in the house whether he's being impeached or not while while fending off some kind of primary challenge throughout two thousand nine hundred and two thousand twenty and that to me is a very exciting possibility and it does all you and it has to roll downhill and you don't know how it's going to get I you know this is a political question and there's only there's only two ways a political question like that can be answered in favor impeachment in the house healthcare is the primary economic challenge we face but we also shouldn't let this go because it's simple and we can you find a couple of crater senators which look I'm not hopeful Holton? SNL did their thing where they're like did I get them is it over right which I think captures the feeling like did he say it did he say it and like because this is a political question and I'll legal question it really aren't but we don't but we just need to hold him there we need to be able to win on the other front which is the policy and political front while while doing everything we can I'll hear about a couple of people there have been centers come out and said if there are tapes they need to be released and simple and also by the way it's not just about hoping that they be courageous it's about it requires wouldn't last week you know we didn't talk about much jeff sessions Sort of rolling back a lot of sensing reforms that Eric holder and the Obama administration less courage to do the right thing and that's about trumping less popular it's about the sort of dynamics around this issue changing Jonah we're talking to this right before we started that like trump said this crazy quote and it gives you more power in this investigation right which Democrats more partners investigation which we have not had up until now there's no like hoping that your Republican counterpart Plays Nice if the Democrats win the so now he's you know he and Friday he ordered federal prosecutors to pursue the toughest penalties possible for those convicted of possessing even the smallest amount we should just double stamp on how within a year so you'll never get bored handshake blue apron tonight WHOA testimonial can you please give us the recipe no fucking clue well I'll tell you what some featured upcoming meals critical that we do so but I don't think there's going to be I mean I hope there is I doubt there's silver bullet that leads trumpet out of office in Handcuffs we shouldn't dream it's like I'm there's a thing called the it's a different world than the one word living in right now the other thing to remember is if the Democrats win the House back before you even get impeachment winning the House gives you subpoena power reset which is basically we have to be able to win one war while holding back another adversary and I feel like we need to keep in our mind like a quadrennial trump review and like we need to be able to fight on the Russian but even in cases where there was clear wrongdoing you're far more likely to get someone who lies about their role in it or cover something up or you know that's how these things unravel really hinge on doing everything we can to win the house agree with that and also I mean a big question to like I think there are we is it is it like an e registering voters and winning back the hasn't stuff like that that like this this is like you know the the mench fever here there's going to be something that just drops and that's going to the at and we're all gonna be able to go home we're not going to find a square cash transfer from Vlad to jared a better way to bribe through this week that would convince sixty seven senators yeah this guy's got to go who knows but I I do think though it's like it's like it's like a little bit like you have like a snowball this is such bad policy the coke brothers think this terrible policy Barack Obama thinks vase because you're locking up for life non violent drug offenders and you you we send these people win on the Russian front and right and we review yeah like and we don't want to ignore a lot of other extremely important issues are also possibly politically they turned up so so we we are hoping I think a lot of progressives are hoping for way too much out of the Russia investigation we should get to the bottom of it period it's absolutely Israel Defense Review where they kind of look at our terminal bear with me Bert Baron and it basically it's about making military's up to the challenge of what all the places like rikers island and they come out destroyed they're not human beings anymore it's also so out far like it's so outside a consensus that extends from works to like the Center for American progress that most Republicans in the Senate are in favor of a criminal justice reform all democrats are intrigued criminal dentures. Actually the only reason we didn't pass wink dot com spelled T. R. Y. W I N C dot Com you take a brief Pallet Profile Quiz and wink will recommend distinct and interesting wines actually customized so they're desperately trying to hit their balance their budget in ten years of course that's not possible without huge huge cuts or tax increases now if you remember that that they're planning massive cuts to programs for the poor food stamps welfare veterans benefits because there's nowhere left to cut in the budget in criminal justice reform was jared Kushner and session just went out and did his own thing because sessions is the worst thing trump has done to this country yet is point jeff sessions passive tax cuts for the rich. y'All ready this is this is a thing that has annoyed me for a long time stop calling trump's rhetoric and policy populist stop calling the republican health care bill cuts a trillion dollars from the budget but there's only one hundred fifty billion left to make budget shortfalls why because it includes Matt back to Senator Mark Warner this pot save America stick around there's more great show coming your way pods America is brought to you by wink sticking it to working people to help people who don't want the estate tax plea leaners plutocrats drunk with power that's what we have here when we come back we will this reform and now the trump administration's overturned that it also there's report over the weekend that trump is sort of pissed at sessions because one person on the White House that was working on Bannon some populist hero this is the opposite of populism when you're cutting Medicaid when you're cutting income assistance for the disabled when you're cutting veterans benefits is your problem is thing which is a fucking nuts talking about bipartisanship you had Chuck Grassley Rand Paul Mike Lee all wanting bipartisan criminal justice was I won't cut Medicare Social Security Medicaid and they decided to reverse on the one that affects a plans of millions of black people and poor people it is so the other thing that's part of the is to this jeff sessions by the way we didn't talk about this who is interviewing the FBI director even though he was really recused himself from the Russian investigation God we jeff sessions getting was this whole talk about how the Republicans WanNa do obamacare I because that's real they'll get the revenue that's new tax reform for their budget but one thing that this article notes is in the digital injustice yeah in addition to the Republicans continuing to try to rip away healthcare for millions of Americans there's also report over the weekend have a great glass of wine it enhances the moment Oh does it wink tell me more whether you're reflecting on the day or with someone you love or just sort of chugging it as you watch the News Jeff sessions out of there would be a big step that's going to be tough because Jeff Cessna smart and he is widely known he and he is careful in those Keebler elves can hide the wing understands this is why they started their company to give you access to exceptional wines from around the world so you can have more of those moments just go to try it's like which which oak tree today which not which where where's he drizzling fudge of a delicious treats today in addition to the pursuing racist in criminal justice policies and you know they need to pay for this tax cut and they're not gonNA touch discretionary they're not going to touch non discretionary programs like Medicare and social security as Donald so donald trump made a promise I guess when we all go out to dinner I don't know anything about wine I just no way Yes Carrie and Tommy know something I know the point at the second cheapest bottle that's college isn't it tastes like diet coke in Miller lite my favorite drinks Tommy should chime in here since he's the real wind con definitely hope he doesn't oh that's they know that now they've caught wise guys they have one hundred percent okay I don't know what that means I don't either but you know what maybe few try wink T. 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Until I said honestly this doesn't your memo doesn't pass the laugh test and you know why did you write it how was it written was the real reason and luckily the center do you think that when when he appoints a new FBI director that Democrats should make a confirmation contingent on some sort of clarity on whether or not there three texture dot com slash crooked a better way to read a there you go poppy image it's really complicated probably only you're listening audience will be interested in kind of actually getting the distinctions there used to be an independent to say whether the tapes exist or they don't exist or whether he was just making stuff up guys you question what what exactly does a special prosecutor give you in this we find we get that special prosecutor point at which he can't appoint the deputy attorney general can appoint that individual which wouldn't slow down the investigation which would still mean that most of the lawyers working America didn't don't accept the fact that Russia massively interfered in our elections have used tools from disinformation and fake news and manipulation of the Internet in ways that are unpaid the genesis of Whitewater and a series of other independent counsel activities the Democrats Ironically Lot that law expire at the end of the ninety also law that was an individual lawyer that kind of set up their own shop there he or she would be appointed by a three judge panel that was taped conversations of of his meeting dinner with Komi or in in pledged to block it unless that happens we'd all we're overtaking right right guys no fake no fake news on the Pod I heard Tommy say state of Virginia on Pod Save the world and I was like come on man were from that a hawk nine months after the fact now we've got a reason to go after Komi and so that lasted I I'd met with the Deputy Attorney General I said this independent commission independent Council short of a whole new law being passed and signed by this president is kind of off the table that's the same any independent commission would ended up having a lot of appointments made by this president and you really believe this presence GonNa appoint truly independent people and that would put the whole investigation attorney general sessions has already had to recuse himself and the deputy attorney general could appoint a special prosecutor that in a sense get some independence from having to get every is follows and then on the Special Prosecutor the special prosecutor is someone that would be appointed by the deputy attorney general since the Shen which would be the idea that somehow the house and the Senate would again pass a law the president would sign it and my fear for folks who are concerned about this president is six to nine months before they could block it'd be stood up and for Democrats you would have the president making appointments the majority get approval from the deputy attorney general but it least gives one more layer of independence now if that was not totally confusing to your audience came to a degree as I know a lot of your listeners really want an independent commission and I'm listen I got no problem with independent commission I only say that an independent commission I apologize but it really are three separate buckets special prosecutor independent counsel an independent commission. Well first of all you don't have to worry about our audience keeping up because they are the best longest statements of any Republican and I tell you we've had some bumps along this has not been a smooth of course I'll be the first to acknowledge but every time there's been a bump because is hopefully a bastion of independence here James Comey has said he wants to testify publicly you said you wanted to testify publicly do you feel as though the Republicans approval along the investigation approved by the normal channels and the Justice Department that special prosecutor if they actually bring bring charges would still have to go in intelligence committee is one the ratio is eight two seven eight Republicans seven Democrats so it's a closer ratio than most committee second it's gotta his us because they know that after the whole Kenneth Starr thing there was a law that lapsed beyond just sort of the norm of this guy being you know trees this was all of course you gotta stay with this story every day because new things happen that was even before the president made this allusion to the potential of tapes and as we've known taking appointments the minority making appointments and I think the ratio would be dramatically less than the Democrats favor on an independent commission. I know we're getting confusing but again your audience on your committee are committed independent investigation are they putting the country I I believe many of them are I mean remember the Senate eight in when there's been some you know jostling that says hey now we're going to follow the Intel wherever it leads and we've got also chairman Verte last week is fired the Attorney General Jeff sessions who to use a technical legal term is terrible you have devin newness in the house having to step aside because keeping up and calling my office every day and texted me every day they are they are focused their their the tip of the spear so bottom and get to the truth have you talked to Berl yet about Komi testifying publicly and do you think he'll agree that Komi testify publicly I think the fact that later than ranking member but I'm not sure I think like most people don't know what ranking member means vice chair centrist and from state when you are the vice chair Commonwealth mm any student of history knows presidents was secret tapes usually don't end up in a good spot so I do think it's going to be important and I think the president will be forced in investigation was compromised by his own sort of going to the White House and being ridiculous Adam Schiff is doing great work you are helping to lead the intelligence committee in the Senate kind of you know I heard back from Director Comey that he wasn't going to make it tomorrow the daily we initially invited him I get that this is kind of a jolt to his life and three of being bipartisan third you know the Chairman Richard Burr I mean he last week when the Komi resigned are coming got fired sorry not resigned fired did one of the the Republicans on some of the Republicans on the committee like Susan Collins from Maine and James Langford from from Oklahoma and Marco Rubio from Florida Roy Blunt from Missouri they have really wet imagine he wanted to get a little bit of time to collect himself and sort through but I know Jim Komi deserves a chance to tell his side of the story and I think the American people are GonNa want well when you see some of the explanation and some of the fact that it appears that for example women and proud of the product so maybe some of the folks you guys are some of the folks in the audience say no that's not the perfect solution but this is the best option we have to get to the expertise would require data from a targeting firmly Cambridge Analytica for example is that true anything about the nature of the Russian hacks that I'm hearing about here I do too senator what thing I've heard about the focus of the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation and said the Russian hacking is that the sophistication and chairman pro wouldn't be supportive of of testifying before our committee or some other committee I think the Intel Committee would be the appropriate venue and Convictions I wonder if they just ask jared like trump does with all these questions we'll find out we'll find out more to come on that also obviously you can't talk a lot with specificity about the investigation itself but back in March your counterpart in the House Adam Schiff said he we don't say well yeah it was interesting that those states seem to be targeted where the bots where they could tell you even after the Comey investigation saying we're going to saying to the staff both of a single staff we're going to follow this no matter where it leads we're going to get this done when I do it in a way that we can be African Americans were targeted in places like Wisconsin and Michigan where the Democrats were to brain dead to realize those states were even implies create a lot of these fake twitter accounts facebook accounts could infect overwhelmed the targeted search engines that would end up saying on your news feed you suddenly got stuff that really raises some questions and I'd I'd be I I think that's a a worthwhile area of inquiry how did they know to go to that level of detail in those kind Hillary Clinton's sick or Hillary Clinton stealing money from the State Department that's a Yoke I get the fact that the Russian Intel services could figure out how to manipulate the bots eight Russian politicians Actes ambassadors and formerly former Intel officials have died since US election general clapper's response to a question about this use the bots whether they could know how to target states and levels of voters that Democrats weren't even aware snus of the targeting is something that's being looked at closely specifically that Russian boots were targeting Clinton voters at the precinct level to suppress their votes with fake news and at that level German Burg was very supportive of bringing in Komi to testify. I think I'll talk with more today but I cannot imagine that I'm not gonNA comment on on Mr Schiff comments I am going to say I've been using more of the smoke analogy that this White House who keeps saying that from Yeah I I believe that the Russians have been successful at both interfering in I am not my first Rodeo boys it is it is ours are while you're collecting your thoughts we're doing a great job spend pennies on the dollar compared to what The United States is spending in more of a traditional sense now again I support aircraft carrier fleet we build them in Virginia but is now seen quote more than circumstantial evidence of collusion between Russia and the trump campaign do you agree with his characterization you know I I really liked that this is a new type of assault and I think you'd have to from an objective standpoint say the Russians at least in terms of their overall view eight of interference if you add up what the Russian spent in the French elections where they dumped all those emails on macron right before the the final weekend and if you presumptious really add up if you add up all the money that the Russian spent in the United States if you add up all the money they spent in the Netherlands where the Dutch hand-counted their ballots rather than machine counted because they were it's no there there you'd think they'd wanNA cooperate if there's no there there and it feels like each week there's more and more smoke house that for analogy we'll tell you we'll take it with a k. one thing clapper also said is not only our institutions under assault from without they're also under assault from within right now so you have Russia doing focus on should it be part of the investigation refresh my memory on what clapper's response was He seemed to think that the you know more broadly that we are under assault overall view of let's try to make American liberal democracy look bad has a has been pretty successful in a pretty good return on the ruble election and sewing chaos and they also obviously got the candidate that they preferred to be president and you know the one of the remarkable things is the money they'll spend trying to interfere in the German elections you add that altogether let alone maybe the loss of life on some of these officials you're talking about what this kind of international campaign against democracies and we'll obviously be threatened again in in future elections and then you have donald trump seeming to try to stymie any kind of investigation so you seem to have and I'm feeling that I'm feeling excellent so so you kind of thrown a little bit of water here on the Independent Commission we've had the head of the F. B. Two to three percent of the cost of a new aircraft carrier so I I worry at times it we're seeing this new type of warfare from the Russians that they can on any turn a at what point do we have to press a different button and and and raise raise a different kind of response you know you're doing good word and because this is kind of a whole new area and doesn't fit neatly into Department of Homeland Security or the Intel community or Dod The response I got was very unsatisfying so we need a whole of government approach on how we're going to prevent this from happening in two thousand eighteen or the Russians are going to say Aha we got a great return on the ruble for doing this all these actions Russians have done what are we doing on a government wide standpoint to prevent this from happening twenty eighteen with congressional elections in twenty twenty work leading an eye in the Senate Intel Committee but Senate businesses continuing to let me make two comments I one of the really disappointing twenty sixteen we can ramp it up even more in two thousand eighteen number one number two in terms of the president I know the that points and I made this both in the particularly in the open hearing when I asked the leadership of the Intel community all right guys you know we've seen this coincidental series of deaths I think rate a lot of eyebrows last weekend do you think this is something that we should aw on criminal justice reform is that Mitch McConnell pulled it because people like Jesse anti cotton another villain in the story where like we don't have an over incarceration problem we have in under in Carson I mean in addition to smoke national security expert in Clint Watts testified that there have been more dead Ryan testified before the Senate Intel Committee He Disney audience that's where I that's where I heard his name and he has five that there have been more dead Russians in the past three months than there are tied to this investigation they're dropping dead even in western countries and he's referring to that Yep I know you can't say anything here here's somebody who is a whole bunch of stuff and Adam Schiff quote and respond Sir you are you guys on speaker like Lester Holt yet what the pace that I'd like to see but to do this right and do this meticulously do this in a bipartisan fashion at the end of the day at the pace from your audience that we're going about is not as fast as they'd like frankly as somebody who's pretty impatient it's not always Works on everything at this point Republicans who are working with US already and many others who I think will will continue to work or will work with us if you continue to see things during the last couple of years of frankly most of the years of the Obama Administration as so in that unit unified the Democrats I'm a fearful that if we simply try to this is much more important actually than even this president this is about whether our democratic existence can be maintained in the twenty first century the Republicans who I I think will work with US WANNA work with this may not be fully there yet that gives them an ability for the rally as a team because if we look like we're simply obstructionists I remember how frustrated we all were with the constant obstruction we saw against Merrick garland and against the crap I mean are we left with either hoping that we get a few sensible Republicans in the Senate to come along to sort of demand some this accountability or that's really important and then in terms of the activities of the Senate I've I've said we should not be appointing an FBI director until we get that special prosecutor. I BELIEVE WE DOC in new FBI director you know we would need Republican votes for that because with fifty one votes they can appoint a new FBI director without any Democrats so at what point did notable areas and then the Senate investigation itself is we've Kinda gone through and and looked at the raw intelligence we've got some more follow up to do their confirming what we already the Democrat Unit Democratic Unity In in defensive what you're talking about 'cause people like Lindsey Graham or Susan Collins or or Rand Paul or any of the other people or Ben Sasse who I think would be in the buck bucket of let's just you know bring everything to a screeching halt my fear on that would be that that gives issues a a whole new area the investigation that May provide some valuable input so we're looking at this and more I need to find out whether these tapes exist number one to make sure that the preserve and three even my republican colleagues this past Sunday Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee said if there are tapes Congress is going to get a look at them so I think we're seeing movements kind of across the whole country from all parts the kind of of the political landscape there saying hey this kind of behavior cannot be countenanced and we've got a follow and get some of this stuff done like you know the special prosecutor is dependent on whether Rosenstein decides to appoint a special prosecutor it's ultimately his decision trying to all the facts out and Komi it'll be part of that I think frankly the the letters we sent to the Treasury Financial Center which called Fincen Department to kind of follow the money tapes and the Dakota firing and other activities you know they'll go back into a hey this is team sports when actually this is much more important than team sports this is just how about Russian interference were now starting to get to some of the people that were affiliated with the trump campaign we've sent out one subpoena if we don't get all the information we've requested after he'd been the assaulted by a country that at least when I grow up was our leading adversary so I don't understand about that is why we'll be sending out more subpoenas to more individuals I hope the the the first subpoena that went to Flynn will will let me say the word convinced the approach and this is this is too important then who's GonNa score short-term political points when we're talking about the fundamental character some Democrats are talked about just halting all Senate business until something happens like what's our choice here well I you know listen there many of my colleagues Oh you guys in parts of the resistance would want us to do we're just going to bring everything to a grinding halt then those against an independent FBI I don't think I don't think they will even turn against our efforts to say hey we're not gonNA confirming the FBI Director in two we get a special prosecutor or until we get existence of the tapes because those are all things that are still there is a nexus connection if we say as I know revenue going to require passing a law and then required this president who'll make appointments to a commission that I'm not sure would be truly independent but we're starting witnesses they ought to go ahead and cooperate with us but we're we've shown we're gonNA use our tools that we got Carter page is lost on MSNBC set somewhere failure relying on the president saying he's had a great dinner with president she so I would put the North Korea incident but the other incident I would put up there element of China Russia actually uniquely enough and South Korea and Japan and that's where we need a full fledged strategy rather than simply I I'm not sure Mr Page will be necessarily the final truth revealed I guess the question is what Levers of power we have what I've said from the beginning if at some point this you know this this avenues not working I'll be the first to sign up for another avenue but recognizing another that show what ability to kind of extract ransom and across the whole uk a public life. I gotTa do it right I gotta look back at the end of the day and so this product is close to possible as being bipartisan and that we got to the truth I think it's going to be reports would would lead to believe we all should be one I'm concerned too I'll get a full brief this week three short of military strikes the only way that we can rain in North Carolina North Korea is with active in the president fired the head of the FBI. I mean this is amazing I mean no FBI head has ever been dismissed and without costs because I would not call or any other people who have shown some sort of semblance of throughout this process why would it why would it why would why would they turn against the idea of an independent FBI would cause them no I don't think that they will turn the fact that he's doing an investigation the president legitimate cause to fire the FBI director. Yeah I don't think we would either so last question senator thank you so much for your time it's easy we're kind of a better chance of getting to the truth if we can do this with some collaboration cooperation with Republicans because frankly the ability to get all the information in healthcare system in a series mostly of European and Russian computer networks the asymmetrical nature of cyber threats is something that I believe ah through all the craziness trump to forget about the real even more dangerous challenges happening out there in the world over the weekend the North Koreans tested a medium range ballistic rocket premium frames not plastic here they have lots of styles to choose from Classic Trendy Round Aviator Mirrored Polarized for him in her was the email about the sunglasses recent view if the audience wants to stay up at night and Frat which I spent a lot of nights doing that was the was a massive cyber attack that took place on on Friday have them because you could use sunglasses they were tired of having to pay for cheaply made throwaway shades or overpriced designer sunglasses so they said fuck it will make our own it says screw in in the a writ large definitely ranks top three in terms of overall threats to our country and and you know we're we rely upon technology that many ways that could be spoken senators who have been working with us or might be inclined to work with are going to say Aha the Democrats are simply overreaching at this point it's much easier for them to go back into a Fox pick up the pace right now now this is an and we're starting to see obviously reactions wouldn't remember we're having this conversation today less than a week after Bruce if we've got a bipartisan approach will will you come back on and tell us when it's time to pull the fire alarm and and you no longer have confidence that this thing is proceeding in a bipartisan com slash crooked movement for how they revolutionized the watch industry now's the time to check out their sunglasses go to movement dot com slash crooked that's envy emt dot com slash crooked success of our democracy. I mean you know I I've I've said this repeatedly and I know it sounds a little hackneyed at this point you know this is the most important thing I've ever taken on him Achilles heel on that other than that let's stay tuned this week stay tune this week before we talk next time we'll we'll be a better way to cash on the Pied in-studio who host of pod save up to fight youtube don't go anywhere this is pod save America and there's more on the way positive America's brought to movement watches you guys know movement they can carry a nuclear warhead which is viewed as a major technological leap forward in their program have you been briefed on this advancement and are are you as concern these join the movement how these look good movement is a better way to see support Jeff and Andy as always used the square cash out watches it's not did it again except this time with sunglasses that surprise to me little surprise me too maybe a chance to look at those tapes us well Senator Warner Vice Chair of the Intel Committee from the Great Commonwealth thank you so much for joining us guys ticker talk about branding and whether you should be taking photos at the growth love it I haven't seen you since since another party that would be bad for branding as long as I don't have to pay your it's about John Bachelor Party Tommy now we're talking about paying something for John's Bash Party you're making this sound longtime ago you're sure to find the perfect fail here it is get fifteen percent off today look at love it's it's about to happen for him on the shipping and free returns by going to end the MT dot loud was the Jeff sessions decision from last week to rollback the Obama administration reforms on sentencing What was your reaction to that it is attacks but I decided to up the ante hair because we have an explicit rating Benedetti we caught that starting at just seventy dollars moving glasses start seventy dollars with the option to upgrade to polarized definitely want to get some voting rights people but this could be really damaging I think we we don't know what the consequences are yet because like it just happened so rosy but it's important that prosecutors even hold their came out the statement that was like polarized lenses those overpriced designer brands will upwards of two hundred dollars it's true movement figured out the by selling online they're able to cut out the middleman and retail markups providing the best possible price he's our high quality got to pay their great I did to get the email I think I think you clearly got the email that said guys let me know which sunglasses you want to send them to you all right right you have the cash out all the Russians bribing the trump officials Carter page everyone else it is the best lease annoying way to pay someone back you don't have to worry about social media door about anything else links directly to your bank account the deposit happens instantly I'm not even

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