Shaquille O'Neal and Rick Fox talk basketball, life and podcasting - plus Shaq likes LeBron's decision to give his number 23 to Anthony Davis, and plays NBA Free Agency Price is Right on The Big Podcast with Shaq!


thank you for listening to this podcast one sports net production available on apple podcast and podcast one oh this is an exclusive presentation of podcast one sports look folks in case you haven't noticed it is summertime summertime summertime it's not very humid and land i gotta say which means you need unplug you need to find a way on wind and the jitters just learn this a couple of weeks back there's no better place to escape then you're favorite place on earth and that's walt disney world we got classic attractions they loved as a child like space mountain and magic kingdom or test track at epcot you could indulgent experiences egan appreciate even more now the year in adult like foodie dining and unique shopping and other magical experiences when you hang out disney springs explore new immersive worlds like ten door the world of avatar do things animal kingdom when you could ride on the backup and or check out new toy story land at disney's hollywood studios where you can experienced exciting toy filled world of andy's backyard now the genders give it a full thumbs up right the toy story land amazing absolutely amazing dog roller coaster you get a fast pass in a okay we're gonna do that savor a celebration of global elites treats drinks live music and more when you join me epcot international food and wine festival don't miss out on spectacular fun to add mickey's not so scary halloween party you anyone could dress up checker trade and have frightfully good time at the magic kingdom park relive the surge of disney or create some new memories now's the time to find your happy place to walt disney world resort why such a cash business jackass the big podcast with shack we welcome in an old friend he was a guest on the show number one and he's now a guest on show number two hundred and twelve rick fox is on the show of course we're gonna get borderline thanking cade brings us around of shack prices right now i promise you that game in atlanta georgia jonky kate big hall of famer and sure enough i'm glad red sox it's gotta be on the show today because it's always been one of those romances it gets a little uncomfortable which pretty rich shack really likes in some of the time i guess but my wife really likes herself motion are why see by the rails on say steadily mess there were glad have on the show it's big podcast with shack it is shaquille o'neal's platform with john kincaid and rob jenner's end brand and harper you know almost beat off hanging out with you on fourth of july week yeah and the fireworks we're gonna be flying on today's show or into andy eight free agency and more an m i guess break a breaking story right at the beginning of the show today yeah fan shack breaking story and be dog as a laker fans ensure shack and then we wanna get a reaction so big and not only will lebron having new teammate of anthony davis lebron will also be rocking new number saying that he is handing over twentythree the anthony davis how about that would be when we don't know you know but shocking to me that is they lack of ego move by lebron james and i really admire end marketing okay that's fine is gonna sell more donovan everything i get you a true but to me though i admire the fact that lebron james they're saying i'm gonna do everything i can to make sure the anthony davis feels like he's the man that feels like he's on he's on he's is on par with me i i see him as appear i admire that lebron james to that's a that's a that's a shack like psychological men who 'cause it's hard to little bro anthony davis you could do that kyrie i can't be doing that no but but shack that's a moon 'em i i just don't think eighty is going for that and then about what you're going for his about order order order still have severe but i know that you all sooner demean like the knights templar and say i'm doing this i'm doing i'm doing that you agree to order still has i got you so hey do you still second in charge on the team so it's either either he accepts that or he does a cool a slush takeover you do admire you do admire this move though by like do i really do i think it's easy to middle class it's an and i i swear to you the more i've got the no shaquille o'neal over the years this sounds like a move you would pull detritus say i'm going to do something that's gonna i don't think so really thirty four home runs and i'm like i don't know where you're going anywhere viewing jersey in his own logically shack shack likes to find ways to psychologically tweak people positively and negatively sometimes negatively for the better positively for the better and we heard kobe bryant on this podcast tell us how many times he miss read shacks motivational tactics for something negative when it was really ended up being a positive and coby told us set himself did anyone another finals and he said they wouldn't be just a team would what about individually for you got one more shot that's very that was after shaq had said to him he koby tell me how nasty ass yeah that's right i mean there was a little by play going on in my blood it's marketing but it was it wasn't youtuber marketing that well yeah got one more shot for more and barkley if you were there at bringing about learning you or anybody we had the check and see if you're a healthy charles who you stop it if charles it come to the lakers two years you super tino stop it like karl malone karl malone in china glommed onto the laker brand no first of all he's been drug rob i called i called him a gps one hedge less money hey charlie mcevoy common gps system at the shack yeah come on a plane of the minimum targeted i may take their minimum you'd rather have been what a rainbow told him i said listen i wanna see your garden people so you're only gonna ring someone who may miscue the crowd and then he did he did a what do you do it for july fourth this year because usually it's the big fireworks do it in orlando here that no i don't care where i'm at a bb bb ws what's bb ws bahama beach or the studios you know they hated us down that much time wow how they're not at least not dominican republic 'cause i gotta pay cash it out she emerged from growing again you're on each song i think is something else going on i mean all are like there's no there's no way you're going on the d r oh look like he roads i left and right and that's not good i think there's a serial killer that is finding creative ways to murder people i think you watch too much general hospital guess what it works man ryan chamberlain by the way he survived the fall of lafayette offi a a b niagara falls at each of his own hand off of course he ducked ryan chamberlain why one of these adding a nineteen year john roger ospital oh look so i know these they know there's somebody there died in the dominican republican a lot of the people are tied to their minibar yeah annual so i wonder detective shack would probably be wondering what what what's going on in many books i mean first of all who uses the mini bar at a resort or whether you're talking about you've got you've got open bar at the resort why you're drinking a little the little bottles in your roof metal similar closes the bar closes it to some of us go five so all right i'm charlie pellett you're doing hanging out in the laundry service rumors listen now you matthew just in the room lewis and this is where the to do this myself will start investigation goes overseas is legally i am going to solve this low and he's a muslim redskins dollars while also maternal deserves a widow at least you got the speedy gonzales reference debtor gonzalez is this is this a detective gonzales joining me on a weekend handicapping on the way home auto zone remember great young guy you so you gotta you gotta you gotta he's gotta okay so gonzaga's you you usually i work these cases by myself but since i'm indeedy are we need someone who speak spanish i want you to locate k d league distillery they were older oklahoma's coming from a call somebody told the spanish i won't do that guy in certain areas right okay all right michael ramsey says i'm going in dominican republican a lender so so what i'm trying to say is consolidate since people in the streets as we understand what i'm saying so no really i wanna start with the liquor that they're all down from and see if there's any connection is everybody down from the drone there by the outright and then i'm going to the hotel right and then the second thing i'm gonna do i'm gonna do across represents any cousins working together at this hotel 'cause we can be one guy working five different mini bar so that's because it's gotta be an inside job and if you had you gotta beings are jobs that surrounded many names zalis then you take away that everybody's fallout bobby everybody that's a you know only a mini bar would list i'm talking everybody let me out is when we talk we're not going by american loss oh you're gonna you're gonna run into people up that waterboarding those who do detective shack solves problems of the i love the public i love it i to i like it a lot but i i did all inclusive now in the dominican republic include the funeral now maybe some tech where you go you pick the casket that you want just in case you know come home i guess we now know speaking of they they they dominican republican yeah charlotte the big property and oh yeah yeah he's doing well i hope okay have you when you were in boston oh you i see a lot of speculation and why what happened doesn't matter nuclear deal and mistaken identity is what they detective say well that's why i don't i don't believe it was in the streets something else and when people shoot so we're just gonna be good but i'm just grown as a dog when they say the street means something a in the vernacular that means that people are talking about this i should be explaining that they will make sure the streets this thing okay a i do wanna mention something here real quick before we move on up paul pierce this wondering the finals and i and i didn't catch visit was brought to my attention last week i remember when the two thousand eight finals in either leave the floor in a wheelchair yeah yeah no it already went we're here eleven years ago today we'll turn off the floor she will keep compared to about about why did you did it will turn get the second one now you can get in and beto got that out of them got the say that in here i never had heard that story either he had racing stripes i'm andy rose i'm gonna get it in one time i lose a brochure i'll do real value did hold on john you're calling the lightning strikes it's right well skidmarks in the toilet yeah skidmarks they're only in the toilet i've never learned that never heard of the election out wait on a stretcher in your underwear job have you ever taken a door of the number eleven nothing i've had that does muller what's the number eleven a number of new england boudreaux's were there so there you go once more when you pull your child john kennedy we always look at it in roman numerals so my daughter that is the two giants yes i figure something out what'd you figure out we need to play a game called black people do serve the way people don't do and then john mccain career bottle blonde same way again at the workshop just you know the jokes on holding back right now i'm holding back jokes john looked at me and said work and i'll say hey i just like for example for example i got uncle the us the question and answers at the same time every time with dokes oh you don't just walk we both been working out my question do you have anything they transfer you after you course not i love that yeah i wanna meet him i like very much you're blogger overdrawn and also what did you ever have evidence you said you had one watch where he ran off the court i just laid it up and and it was sort of a turtle head and others around i'll be a gym came back out there now and i gotta go feels like what do you do have to go shoot she she 'em and then the last thing here before you do anything at all like oh god shack you're gonna be in vegas right before i get there 'cause we get out there the fifteenth you're gonna be out there you are rock in we get it on the monday the fifteenth you call me and i'll make sure either one of my favorites bette midler piece service said he would have loved to have hit one year clubs united for her ninetieth birthday with lovers of gone quite literally the betty comfortable me i'll stop certain activities for you this afternoon i promise you this betty betty would hang would be able to hang shack a lot better than i do promenade tomorrow move she goes oh that would absolutely how whether she'll be nine introduced to dj great grandma she'll be it will be in the g league now she's not old lay that out i don't care at ninety she'll be ninety in a labor weekend ninety celebrator ninetieth birthday out there in vegas and as i told her don't don't screw me over mom you gotta you gotta make sure you get the ninety 'cause i'm celebrating her or joy some selling regularly i'm paying for that until your job you call you call cynthia in calling and i will search for you i love having you know they're awesome they're only gonna take care of you in a new era of food austin's mayor that downright job looking at all shack make sure you stick around after this podcast get the latest headlines from the eighteen news minute this summer there's only one trusted plays that lets you get in on all your favorite sports betting action bet online dot agee sign up today for a free account at bet online dot h g and use promo code podcast one fifty percent off welcome bonus or text now to three eight six six nine that's b e t n o w two three eight six six nine to receive your fifty percent welcome bonus don't sit on the sidelines this summer from major league baseball to the women's women's world cup in all things you fc bet online dot h g has you covered visit bet online dot agee and don't forget to use the promo code podcast one bed online dot agee your online sportsbook experts charlie mom so he felt it from urban while sharing jerry solo spin out the cherry lining the cherry on charlie day knicks the polar pop or foster that works for you just seventy nine cents each at circle k limited time only at participating locations yeah we're gonna be joined by rick fox here minute as well all around wreck will be calling the show now shack you i mean i teased at the beginning of the show you have a sort of strange attachment direct new structure john you you think he's been very hot guy so that's it by the ruse my love route because of owen four it kobe or i would not have three and then koby can say all go warm water shack and the guys like rick leash a big shot bob they always get the certain respect for me because i realize that hey i'm shocked when i did or not you're i'm the bridge a big beautiful bruiser all the lights but you guys have always been my legs that's my only finished before it cut it out no hassle make sure shut you down machete white stop and say oh asking about you wanna they wanna eat everything if he'd ever taking a peek a you wanna dance never taken a never ask ask any question you remember what about two weeks you don't take a peek i won't do transition moving blankets however oh man i mean you know very studio brooks oxford shaquille o'neal oh wow freely richard man lesson i know every time i see a two you're thinking every time i see till they don't have a boss i gotta tell you thank you brother a level that you know i'm a little talk about mean kobe will be day but i'm gonna be the ones from outside couldn't have done it without you being a big shot bob and all the guys yeah so i appreciate you very much less i miss everyday i'm not doing it with these still young and i my condolences go out to how you found me budget agreement room for another man we love do and and he appreciated how much you did for me which impacts my whole family so just noted on a ladder right now and i thought i might see here but it's good they were look old and catch up rick every day i mean every time shack talks about teams and were talking about modern day teams talk about how chemistry works on teams you're name invariably is come up on this podcast were doing like a two hundred and thirteenth today an you're you're name comes up all the time any talks about that there have to be guys who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the team and you're name always comes up in conversation with that's a huge compliment we had a lot of guys that are team and i know shack points to guys like brian shaw derek fisher in robert ory everyone that really pulled the wait a really really support greatness i mean we don't get any of that done without shacks presence in his dominance it so easy for me personally i can speak speak for myself it was easy for meta to leave a situation where i wasn't winning and look at the landscape and see and understand the check what's going to create championship success wherever you are so i just want it to be a part of that then defined a group of veterans that understood understood that the common goal of winning was the most important thing for all of us into ashley just do everything we could to to to to put ourselves in a position to succeed by making you know life is easy for shaq and kobe as possible so look it all worked out we had a lot of fun along the way i miss those fun times out but it was great like was there the data see shack a at oracle a catch up on those always are bright spots in every city in genitive shows before we see now throughout all the stuff that went on his only two guys that komi now with phil wasn't jerry wasn't jerry buss when rick and bubba show is called mercedes will stop it stopped out of the respect you had for that yes i'll just be like man come on my we got a game forget all that let it go but again a lot of the stuff that went on the only outside once we all stepped on the court and rick you know tell you this none of that happened inside the dow now outside of his crazy it was i glad we hate each but once we got inside the court and you know inside the nine feet we've never had a problem and i always say look at the first championship and i want and i got my hand in the air who's the first kind of jumps on like a little baby yeah fertile dow's right next you guys i gotta show i mean people don't understand man that fire and passionate you you you lizard life with shack bad it's what fuel which twist field us you know everyone at points to kobe you know a passion for winning and they forget that you know equal passion from the other side and it may have been communicated differently in different ways both but at the end of the day man you push them he he pushed you and you both post all of us at i don't like i don't i don't have a problem with an environment where internally in that locker room among ourselves were holding each other accountable challenging each other because that's how you get excellence and the dominant we got a but when you put another team in front of us we got between those lines on the floor but you couldn't stand between any of us that we were titus could be an john ricco at my side of the hitman so like you know it's kind of like you know john loans all these people with the barber shop will golden state warriors will do this with the i wanna tell ric let 'em drive baseline oh yeah i bet it's i i wanna touch bar or on a set rick he's getting too hot you know what you gotta do yeah because you know rick it'd be the guy the gone we don't care about no finds nobody jumping on the move in a real long and you always have my back she ended the day if we couldn't have you in foul trouble we couldn't have you taken a in our society all time member i walk universities amount i really appreciate you 'cause i don't know how you go at night in night out carrying three guys when you're my sometimes is my guy coming down a jump on your back and i i apologize by missing shots but i was you know how you're not punching people out every day i just don't understand it and that's that's the understanding and the strength comes would characterize the understanding of responsibility begat and he knew that he if he went down we didn't go anywhere so i i mean i i really truly appreciate the the burden for all of us rick you're getting into the podcast game premiering there you're gonna have your own podcast a podcast one yeah well you guys are talking thirteenth man mazing that's a couple of years four years in four years if that's that's that's great man i i we brought up just the podcast on podcast one i happened to be in the same building is a the podcast what officers side run into nor occasionally and we were in these sports spaces well now to shack is in the space but the team in and i happened to be a part of it as well and we just talking sports he talked daming we talked about the culture of e sports and it worked out this professional a generation is celebrating these you know these these sports athletes so we just we hope i love games i love competing and that's kind of what we talk about they're going to college for that now shack and i'm sure you know this and this time i made it said it's incredible but they're now recruiting kids at certain colleges per east sports leagues that's crazy muslims argues education i'm good have you gotten a second second doctor yet not yet maybe maybe work it out it i got about a two man oh man sack i'm doing some in late late pomona it's called the horses with you came out on stage me andy electrified bob a little bit further down the wreck wreck a weekend degree smell issue though i just wanna know i do carry out man we are where kenny okay just about every i have a bone i have a bone to pick a generic okay remember a little kid from texas again from san antonio became one recruited mall you just thought i wasn't aware of that time in but no girl central ohio's robert i wasn't just go to a you already know you may you may not feel that you couldn't even wanna rick fox is leftover i mean listen richard went to ucla oh the names you walk in and it was like eddie murphy walker nothing at all with some level glows review those i have my name's there whenever i had a i will be as we check your money more money shack but in the sexy department i think just regular guys you this wreck fox beto here a big laker fan by the way in check thank you i wanna thank you again for everything you do for layer for the franchise 'em you know people talk about the whole this team in this generation versus team in this generation how the two teams would fare against each other what are your thoughts on you know your laker team you pikine championship team versus the golden state warriors today how do you mind dumb as could be one of those people people i just wanna fox not why i love this question because everytime it starts up i just start with the metal style but so at the end they really ended the conversation it just as a conversation has also announced that the thing like i said earlier in the podcast here it wasn't just one or two people you had to send him three people and i got video proof of that and there's a reason for that and so to somebody's gonna show me what three players are any of those teams would've they would've sat the stop him you have to understand it with less everyone else open and that's that's where i that's where i made a living and we weren't breeze to be you know kinda and i had i mean we still have ended we're so there's no era he wouldn't have been living in athletically space speeds side spring slow he had he it all man i haven't seen anybody like exactly what the game since so unless you plan on coming back i don't know where they go find another point good job rick i'm renting regulations on the podcast mia love it too bad there are talks on directtv box of the g g podcast by the way neighbor rick show the icy jeep pie a good game goes yeah big john gorgeous gorgeous god's available api gets a little uncomfortable with this summer is heating up which means that football season is just around the corner i think that ridiculous join ross tucker gears up for another exciting season and speculate on what you should expect they know that part of their job is to be a mentor to a young quarterback they know that download new episodes of the podcast in more presented by bet online every week on apple podcasts and podcast one sports net this summer there's only one trusted plays that lets you get in on all your favorite sports betting action bet online dot agee sign up today for a free account at bet online dot agee and use promo code podcast one fifty percent off welcome bonus or text now two two two three eight six six nine that's b e t n o w two three eight six six nine to receive your fifty percent welcome bonus don't sit on the sidelines this summer from major league baseball to the women's world cup in all things you fc bet online line got agee has you covered visit bet online dot agee and don't forget to use the promo code podcast one bed online dot agee your online sportsbook experts front of bird watching nurse to online dancing firefighter nobody's just one thing that's why polar pop and foster either choose from all kinds of flavors and make your next polar pop and proctor just seventy nine cents each at circle k limited time only at participating locations a lover i this week's edition of or like we didn't have one last week as we kind of had an abbreviated show show got one year since you're heart attack that's it's right absolutely right now it is congratulating i'm up 'cause it's one year end were thrilled because rob's doing great now through labor day of a condom untold and if you don't get the peanut butter and all of them cook you other thing i'm gonna be this doing great ever sent you really just takes idle threat certainly the threat of shack leading you're as is always a good motivator good motive there really is it's an old fashioned motive but the threat of being reporters a human resources should be something that that motivates lavar ball moving for a high he starts borderline this week he was on first take during nia following the lonzo trade a n he made molly feel a little uncomfortable with this sort of him and scares the difficult 'cause i have a question here is there a man is a whole let's say well they're solid hr today it's make shots seriously we haven't heard your thoughts on that of to folks the woman told us he's he's a character yes he understands marketing i don't think you should be sexual i agree with you we agree they are saying i don't think he'd been sexual however however like if you say certain things and certain certain way it may appear that you are trying to be sexual but again with him being a marketing guy being a character molly hit him with the one two and he returned would want to but he just add a little flavor to it saying so i i made my day one that called attention to it but then on the second side if you think he would be sexual when he not where's your mind but ho ho now i'm molly these are some some some will say he's being disrespectful someone saying he's being sexually because if you look at his face he had the little playing on say level he wants to get out smith gauging top but you have to add in the fact that this is how we talk doesn't mean we thinking this is how we talk because when i was at this she said saying the men all i did was just turn around she's the outlets which gives a second i looked at it i just turned around like hey you're not gonna give me caught up in this mess i mean i listen i could understand how people and i also am so were you know people are own tomorrow so but i i can't believe it i defended lavar ball and this because i never do i think that was the worst stupid overreaction i've ever heard there is nothing offensive about that my wife and my daughter both watched it made me laugh neither one of the most they both giggled bill photos my wife and daughter to different generations of women going there is nothing offensive they're made me laugh lighten up every but that's obviously lighten up on a flurry of fall and then again you know all the diseases that are going to jail no no that's why he's not injured and then then he was moving said e s p in band he said only up here i got my own show show a curve ball ball negga balls or a lead thanks lou your g mail this is from the the w n b which is back and we've already got a borderline from seattle phoenix game from the wb eight yeah there is no reason it's so cold out why are you why did you don't want to blow wsb again i've always had a crush on candace parker what what's the question about a crush on how you've always had a crush on she is just beautiful woman she is but bit of a one one the new one okay who's at all i can while you're you're you're crushes though are very diverge to you love a love ellen degeneres unless you love her house or aaron ospital love journalist who by the way is there there's something about chair of the house board she says she's adorable a yo you have a lot of conscious shack c h a n d was three to one she's a chief roger has been indiana's not real china can pronounce know something up on amazon and then when the show but she's beautiful really know what i'm saying i do bureau shrunk down it'd be dogs doing the homework right now south will will enable compare notes in a second she's no sage steele that wow oh marlow city high logically scale to beautiful and she is a beautiful person should go to do under winning a playoff game wild card games and everybody's gonna crush and we're gonna see who wins okay now now you over okay 'em if i start now michelle stafford okra shell she had actress she really she always on the young and the restless she is phyllis on the young and the restless brewers he's being full oh god i mean are you going like car they didn't it could be anything murders job when i hope he comes kelly capacity when i was a kid around fifteen amber these you now as she just she holders occur the she a mac in the day with like trump the cards that just driving a little dog come beat out a crushing now all i know this you know this harry chant she not if you wanna know i like i like taylor rules okay see your drugs and be as cars i'm true one of my big dog bury their dead were not a day that thomas going now right away lately shack shack high school kid has one thomas thomas we giving it never ends and she lives in hold on a minute don't you canada anistan don't you dare no jennifer aniston's mother she's the most beautiful woman in the morning when i wake you thomas and outer drive one yeah but he hasn't seen her gopher agency pre nose job jennifer ashton says one okay i see those guns hey siri or us to win the reader or okay now i wanna doug i'm a drug is the first one robin givens oh okay givens by the way on the new a a oprah network show ambitions you have to check her out real and it's being done here in atlanta a middle school and they end she out of the car she's a bit all right i'll i'll drop the cards for you right here i will go kelly monaco and so when you don't know where and i don't think you're winning kelly monaco's winning kelly monaco is wednesday hunger rubber gutu mo yes she is she is kelly kelly monaco is spectacular you run a yeah shawn's on his instagram flying around dealer right now she is kelly is quite quite adorable in person at everything she her yeah she's home we we are in the middle of borderline social going occurred right that's okay i wanna just knockout these last couple of clips here thanks thomas at r g mail sent this one over from jimmy kimmel live it was gear mo with dnb eight finals media day before the warriors got bounced anna he asked steve kerr a question i think he just raised at the wrong wins great a threesome i'm sure a surfer was attorney general call three oh three but i i'd be excited for either one credit for you here late alarm rose funniest so dear most gray is really funny so when you a shack when you guest host the jimmy show did you guys get do anything with gear molly tibbets or anything like that were heroes mogo any fun audi cellphone rose loaning money did all right one last question borderline this week a working well that's my paper i were heavy nb i obviously were gonna end with skip a he's talking about fred vanfleet guarding steph during game six bnb eight vinyls andrea yeah wow thanks to mike at r g mail breads about six feet tall maybe i don't know if he's taller rally by maybe it's a little stockier this stock but he was just all up in the whole series he's in just hounding hounding him just taking him out of what he did keep pounding him okay happy dog doesn't like nah claimed on waivers by the firm skip i'm gonna do everything from skip yes he he definitely get that opportunity and that is this week's edition of borderline now you're ready are you ready all right hold on you wanna you don't you don't you be able to do this game show plus heart attack slowly walked down the aisle that i beat you strata now wait a minute there we go you're the first three contestants on shocks price nicely done you're ready ready guys welcome here's the host of shacks prices right john king and welcome to this week's game is in nb eight agency free agency edition of price prices right okay i check you know how this is played prices right you're on contestants row against rob at against dog shack a first item that you have to do is closest without going over is and you have to answer this quick so you can't be on your google home with google okay closest without going over the steph currys highest single season base salary that carries highest single season base salary okay you going okay what you're what you're number you gotta give the number he says thirty eight million now i want robbers that out i went twentythree i don't think he's been published their own agendas goes twenty three shack says thirty eight he says twentythree where you're going be dog a thirty split the actual value thirty seven point oh wow steph curry's been dog wins the first round to play the game yes tom closer when i only went over you you can't go oh yeah you shack has bore you were half a million by the way i don't know how that's how we pull in this stuff out of his brain like that that's a really amazing number gets the play the first first pricing games i didn't even know he went over thirty this year that was his value home going on okay are you gonna play the first pricing game be dog and the boys can help you out behind the scenes before you give you a final answer stack these nb eight free agent contracts from lowest the highest that they signed total contract value lowest the highest i gave you chris bosh of the miami heat in twenty fourteen gilbert arenas the washington wizards in two thousand and eight and alan houston of the new york knicks in two thousand and one boasts the highest lowest highest you're china get it and win the mall and you're gonna win that thing with the base scanner rams over there when one of those cars ran over surgeons from you could you could help if you want some help you address i love assistance from what we think is lower and lower style variances gilbert yeah i'm gonna say didn't he signed that contract almost dumb yeah so am i okay were selling a cia popped up i had my head to and houston at three i a okay so that's where he's going be dog you've heard the input from you're a partners here no you're gonna go gilbert arenas well lowest the high side so i'm gonna go chris bosh okay allen houston gilbert arenas bum bum by doing a alan houston at one hundred million dollar total contract value in free agency okay gilbert arenas say one hundred and eleven million dollar free agent contract and chris bosh the biggest one hundred in eighteen million dollars with the heat sorry didn't win that game we have another pricing game for you so you could play along their car right now it's all three of you were back in play here all right rob you get to go first jackets go lessons here go first last time shacks highest single season base salary shack single season highest they go after her 'em okay never jumped the shark one point five twenty point five be dog i'm gonna say twentyfive he goes twentyfive shaquille o'neal i'm asking your own single season base salary highest we've got a twenty point five and we've got a twenty five point four point one one one actual single season base salary highest per shaquille o'neal twenty seven point seven million dollars shaquille o'neal wins on a question about himself and shack gets the shot gets very difficult pricing game though here we call it pick to shack to okay you're i'm gonna give you six nb free agents and i'm gonna ask you to spend total contract value between a hundred and seventy five and two hundred million dollars lanny bankroll two guys and you can't go over two hundred million dollars you gotta spend between one seventy five two hundred i'm telling you these names scribbling down the brandon roy with the trailblazers in twenty ten derrick rose with the bowls in twenty eleven the where shard lewis with the magic in two thousand seven the chris bosh with the heat and fourteen allen houston with the knicks in two thousand and then one girl and chandler parsons with the grizzlies in twenty sixteen and you gotta spend between you gotta say between one on lewis the term abortions i didn't even hesitate on the she didn't have any help either now you gotta spend between one seventy five sean syndrome before some were shot louis well let's go chandler chandler parsons first ninety four million dollar lane ninety four right now wait a minute that only leaves shack eighty one million dollars at the low end anything and he took her show lewis a hundred and eighteen million dollars but on a hundred eighteen million rich sharply lower your in the wrong business you could have one with derrick rose and chandler parsons could've won with alan houston and chandler parsons allen's houston derrick rose down he's been in anybody roy brennan brian derrick rose could have major there too so so we have to losing games ever guys you got one last game the play along with us here on contestants rope again you know you get to go first shack will go second rob you get last option to go one dollar over whatever all right the question is kobe bryant's rookie base salary kobe bryant's rookie raised a first round pick thirteenth overall then end up i'm gonna say for meal you ride a shack you're second ninety six we talking about and yet he says for yeah i said for more go of you're google we will stop and go with a one he goes with one yeah i'm gonna go kind of split the difference with a one point one just to go a little bit higher the shack but i think it was over a million kobe bryant's herkie base salary one point one five dot wow you gotta be ran into our show you can be made a million is rookie that's a million fifty million dollars one loss i check you get the player last game lucky seventy million okay okay here's the deal you have to be within seventy million dollars on predicting the contract value of these free these three nb eight free agents okay and andrew wiggins weighing in total contract value gotta get within seventy million total the three people i'm gonna give you okay so wiggins is walter wiggins just one gilbert arenas says another and john wall is another so shack let's start with john wall jarring well yeah get john wall or so it was on joe john the new governor governor in georgia is okay job you mean like getting john wall first total contract value okay what is created one twenty four oh okay one twentyfour he said the actual retail retail price one seventy one holy cow oh my gosh that is it says on that one seventy that's four seven so you're at forty seven million already shack you gotta get a little better hair 'cause you gotta be within seventy million total andrew brunson is going well okay well though you know matt tracting john makes every game way more complicated than it needs to really andrew wiggins this is like lucky seventy a big dora andrew wiggins total contract value free agency one forty five okay one forty five actual signing value us one forty eight oh he's finished three shots it fifty shack you must become the night you come within twenty million dollars there's a total contract but i never gilbert arenas and she she turned to drugs to anyone zone for no total contract that he signed for afraid they're going to give it to sixty one boom boom boom a hundred and eleven million doesn't say just set it shack kid just missed out on them and we had no winners on any of orange but can't go to j will host joe gallagher grocery to go if you subtract the square root critical all made and tony are now her with one i've seen his math scores you might not a lab i'm not sure that's all you're a man of the new norm gotta love it we are we are the big podcast shack female dot com the big podcast with shack on instagram at certain times onto what drives you yeah there you go you wanna get in touch with us a reach out questions borderline we love hearing from you have a great fourth of july week in don't play with fireworks well yeah in light of bunch i will talk to you doing buddy not okay so that's it great follow the guys on twitter at shack at john kincaid an ap rob jenner's or get more clips and nonsense it's on instagram and facebook at the big podcast with shack this it's been an exclusive presentation of podcast one sports with new episodes every week at podcast one dot com this summer there's only one trusted place they let you get in on all your 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