Phinsider Radio: Dolphins travel west to take on red-hot Cardinals


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Send it to other jay on twitter and you will be eligible to win a solomon kinley jersey. So with all of that said. Let's dive into our preview episode of the arizona cardinals. You heard from josh. Let's hear from jake jake. How're you doing today man. i'm good. I'm goodness friday. The workweeks just about over except for us a lucky guys who are lucky people. I should say who get to work on saturdays. And josh look like we're going to kind of get through while i mean we're only six weeks but start weave through the season without having to deal with the miami dolphins trying to fight off the pandemic but it seems like that is going to be the case. It was reported earlier today of course today being friday morning. That miami dolphins assistant coach tested positive for covid nineteen who immediately quarantined himself and is in the nfl protocol. The the dolphins have said they're continue to follow guidelines which includes contact tracing work with nfl The team doctors and the staff Forest said i think was even just a few minutes ago to twenty. Yeah on friday that the team still did plan to file tears zone today and that for is also added. We wouldn't fly if we thought there'd be any situation where we thought there would be an outbreak if we do fly because we feel we have contained it. That's pretty much. How feeling right now josh. In a year in in what's going to was my second year of uncertainty regarding the covid nineteen pandemic. It seems like the dolphins. I would say their locker out but but they're now involved in that uncertainty especially in some for sunday's game they are and i think it's telling him we're gonna find out a little bit here. If the dolphins do travel west than you would think all systems are go. It sounds like they're doing everything by the book Devante parker mentioned the players weren't even in the facilities today so they're taking this one hundred percent taken full caution a quote from omar killer that came from From from six. I think we all knew something eventually going to happen at some point. We knew it wasn't going to be a perfect season. I think the league has done a good job with their protocols and keeping the health of everyone at the top of their list again. Those from my jesse so You know it does suck. But i think we all kinda solace in this you know a bumpy twenty twenty season and again like you said with the weather changing. No flu season coming back. We didn't know how this was going to happen ahead. Dolphins assistant coach. We will see if they fly but as of now all systems are go for the four twenty five pm eastern start against arizona cardinals and i mean this is a very good football team. I mean we may as well just dive right into it. I mean there's a lot to talk about. We have injury news here Biggest thing is my house gas and we know he's gonna be out a few weeks he was placed on. I r with injury. A lot of us you know. We've been talking about map to for the entire podcast year. You know we want to see him. Get more touches. Unfortunately i don't think he you know i don't know if he was part of that walks through our against an injury portal Later today but We thought he was going to be the guy that takes over. It sounds like it might finally be jordan howard season and now i wanna get your thoughts on that because he joked about. We joked about it. A couple of podcasts. Go and i mean. I think we've pretty damn good all season long. I mean again. I don't want to. We've been pretty awesome and this goes back to that book club that we started a man. Tell me how you're feeling because it is. George eight could very well be jordan howard season. And you've been calling for that for for quite some time. It's it's been kind of a strange situation for the miami dolphins at running back. I think every other position at least for the most part has played out pretty much how we expected it whether it's Byron jones exhibit howard. Being the one or two a quarterback shaq lawson emmanuel ogbah solidified himself on the defensive end. But they're running back situation display. How everybody in the preseason or lack thereof and even before then jordan howard napb brita where the one a and one b until that game against new england. When we're all kind of stick our heads out the window wondering what what is happening here. You know it was myles. Gaskin getting all the carries but now for just the way the tables have turned out. I mean i kind of joked about it. And i didn't think this was going to be the way it would happen but i mean you hear all the time that in the national football league injuries provide opportunities and i know that's really how you don't wanna look at things. I mean just to kind of keep things in perspective. The brita injuries considered minor. I don't see this lasting more than just the week myles gaskin shirley be out a few weeks. But i mean. There's a good chance that jordan howard. If he plays like the way you know he is certainly capable of the guy who was certainly been a consistent threat for both philadelphia. And i'm blanking the bears. yes the bay chicago bears. I mean if you plays like that. All of a sudden the consistency of the miami dolphins offense especially with a rookie quarterback under center or you know three feet behind center in today's nfl up. I mean that is such a great tool to have. And you know it's easier said than done matt brita Jordan how it has not looked good but you know it seems like that To two year ten million dollar contracts going to get another opportunity to look like it might be worth something and you know. It's funny that. I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. But but you posted that picture of jordan howard saying next the two and it seemed like especially in a running back room. I mean everybody's gonna get touches at some point. I'm not going to sit here. And say that everyone as someone who picked up jordan howard in every league and i'm up before supply them with you know The bi weeks for philadelphia and cincinnati. Things like that. But i mean i'm not coming out of your state is going gonna be great. I think patrick laird could be involved. I could see patrick laird. Being the guy who gets two catches for eight yards and two maybe the receiver version of what jordan howard stats have looked like on the season. Where he's what nine for fourteen yards and three touchdowns or something ridiculous like that. But there's an opportunity here. And just because jordan howard your third rhinebeck and just because the dolphins down to running backs. It doesn't necessarily mean he's going to be a bad player Side i'm not gonna say he's going to be a good player but i very interested in seeing opportunity and seeing letting him get the opportunity. I'm mean he's opportunity squared. I guess to get some carries to. Hey you got something one plate. We're going to give it to you. Four more times in the next eight or eight plays seven. Plays something like that and lets you do. Can you break one. Because that's been the biggest weakness on this miami dolphins Offense specifically in the running back unit is they don't have any big plays. I mean myles. Gaskin is struggled. He is a very consistent player. We know what he is capable of a man. I think he might have one of the few long places the season for the miami dolphins at twenty two yards on a screen pass. Obviously i think that's changing the last of weeks but that certainly six at my head but there is an opportunity here. I mean this is a chance jordan howard to prove like. Hey i'm a veteran. I deserve this contract. I'm ready to show that. I'm not going to come off the field again. I think one thing that we've seen with the miami dolphins. What every position is they allow those players to go out there and if they make the most of their opportunities they give them more of those and that's why we've seen so much myles gaskin. I mean they brought jordan howard here you know. They passed on a melvin gordon. They pass on a toddler. They they went after jordan. Howard for a reason so you you know. I been hard on jordan howard. I may joke so you know. I posted a scooby doo medium. That you know he's reveal and who's underneath the hood and there it is it's jordan it's actually kalem balaj hard on but how many opportunities did you get other than week. One to be completely honest with the goal line opportunities and at that point. Sorry excuse me once. Join houge checks into the game you pretty much know. It's run in the defense as preparing like that. So we'll we'll see what he can do. He's going to get those opportunities. A myles gaskin teammate. In college salvant. Amata guy that the dolphins brought in it looks like he's always i. I pronounce right. He's looks like he's going to get some carries. And you also mentioned. Patrick laird and you know. The dolphins and a young quarterback like to a lot of that offense is going to rely on that success of that run game. And you know we'll talk about how they're going to match up their zone here but a lot of that run games gonna come down to how that offense. It's a lime plays and it does sound like the dolphins are going to get you know austin jackson back this week I have the perry jackson. Tweet up here He said barry jackson yet. You posted barry boehm a person who has been a dolphins practice at austin. Jackson looks physically ready to return sunday and get at least some plain time. We'll see if the team goes ahead with that. Move if they do likely Would cause lots of owen shuffling. So we'll see how it shapes up. I mean ultimately dolphins plans. Obviously austin jackson robert hunt salman kindling out there. I mean those those young guys. There's a reason they drafted him. But can you really move. Jesse davis out of the lineup. With the way he's playing. I don't know you can We do god remember early on. You know big. Bob hunt him out there and some brought in extra offensive linemen brought in a lot more that meet up front. Is that not the perfect. Way to kind of trickle austin jackson into the lineup. See if he's really ready to go and again contain some of that Arizona pass rush But but yeah. I think the dolphins out there they're going to have to success in l. Takes like you said. Is that one play jordan howard until you know that. Rpo and two of you know makes defender kinda look up. Or you know buckle his foot and you know next thing breaking off a big game like we've seen in due time and time again. I mean this guy has had a successful career just because he hasn't with the dolphins doesn't mean he can't he's going to get the opportunity you know it's time for him to show why he did that contract from the dolphins made you just read my tweet today you because i was Something i was going to kinda lean on where When when they said some capacity that screams the big bob front row from earlier in the season. Where the dolphins did you six offensive linemen quite a bit. And hey if you want to the offensive linemen i think jordan howard the guy you want to have behind that unit and that just kinda makes a lot of sense to me and you know just something i do want to bring up and i meant to talk about it earlier in the week on our previous show is i mean i'm not doubting any of the picks not gonna come out here and say pick was good at pickups bad. I mean. i know people have already done that. And that's a little bill bananas to me. And i'm a big big by both fan. But i mean when we're talking about this running back room and i don't even have to tell you this. I'm preaching to the choir but i mean. Jj dom looked awesome last week with those fifteen touches for one hundred thirteen yards against the very good steelers defense in the elements. I mean wild watching that game. All i could think about is man you know you had howard kinda struggled at the beginning. You still give him more chances because he's an older guy but then you have. Jk dobbins come in with tour and just the on fire. I thought that would have been the coolest thing ever. But obviously there's a trickle down effect of while robert would it be playing right. Tackle would have been there yada yada yada. But what did you see. Jk dobbins and we're on this because it's the nfl ends. But i mean he will so cool aqua and orange. yeah he would've been. It's something that. I kind of think about almost daily basis. Because i mean you know you can sit here and you can say You know okay. What whatever it's not that big of a deal. This rookie class is going to be great with travis Honestly believe is better than dobbins. But did you see on chances. Dolphins truly had getting dobbins. If they liked him you know. They rushed him in blida team facilities right before the deadline You know and. I don't know the Brian floors would ultimately got re kwan. Davies you know. At what point would they take in. Jk dobbins i mean. There's a ton of question marks around. But yeah i mean if you came in here they would all absolutely be awesome but the dolphins are setting themselves up to get that young. You know explosive playmaking running back next year. Or that's not a harris with it's whether that trouble hubbard. I mean journey brown. There's some good running back next year. But i would love to see. Jk dobbins people especially Front brian burns. He's going to hate me. Continue to harp on that but yeah he would absolutely add a different dynamic to the dolphins offense and it's weird. I mean the trade deadline was this week in. The dolphins made some moves. But i think it's safe to say and we'll talk about him now. I don't think any of them are going to have any impact on this week. And that's why we didn't really lead with the stop. But i mean the dolphins have been very very busy this week. We're talking about doing a show wednesday. Maybe thursday just to kind of get our preview out there. Uh seeing that both of us have had kind of a busy week but i mean we hit the nail on the head of your josh. Because you know. I it seems like antonio calloway the the thirty or wide receiver who's been suspended is looking to be acted this year He's played twenty games in his career. Forty-three receptions on sunday. Nine targets offer five touchdowns now. He hasn't been able to practice with the team. He hasn't able to develop chemistry. I mean i think it's safe to say we don't even know if he's ever going to see author on his way. But you know they activated him. Which is again you. Think about these diamonds in the rough. You're looking for players. Who can just play. And then after they're better than just capable of playing capable of catching passes and doing their job even better but the dolphins traded is afford for seventh round pick. He really wasn't getting a lot of volume in this offense. We've seen the struggles that press. The williams has had a devante. Parker had one catch last week and the dolphins just don't seem to have that volume guy that no matter what in every down the jarvis landry you know he's going to catch the ball and he's just gonna straight up to his job. I mean i guess we could argue. that landry. didn't always do that with the penalties and issues he had but i mean i think that's kind of what the dolphins are looking for and so they traded away is they afford to give other guys. Some opportunities on twenty. Calloway might become one of them and then the other they made Sent probably it's going to be even the same pick that they got from the patriots to the kansas city chiefs for deondraye washington. Who really are running back. He spent time. he's he was in kansas city. This year He was oakland in the past. It's his fifth year in the nfl. He can run the football but he's really more of a guy who you want on passing downs whether it's pass blocker or out at excuse me out on the open. Space are catching the ball. But i mean these are two moves at the dolphins have made Isaiah ford had a really heartfelt message. The miami dolphins fan any did have moments especially last season for the team. You've been a big fan of them all time. I kind of been wobbling with them. Hoping he'd grasp a chance to really prove himself. But i mean he really didn't have that one treat that really made out newscast his he's the myles gaskin of wide receivers and that shouldn't be a bad thing. These guys who are playing professional football. They're incredibly talented. But they just don't have that game changing ability or talent that can really make defenses. Have to focus on you. Yeah i was a big fan of as if ford again. I wrote an article with our good pal sutton early on in the draft process. You know about what we thought of it skill said i wish him all look. It sucks that he went to the patriots move that they saw because not only did. He not fit their long-term plan. But they wanna get antonio involved you know it makes perfect sense and i'm looking at callaway. you know. This is a guy who kind of to me reminds you that josh gordon's situation. Where every year you know you just kind of thing okay. The sky gets the right opportunity. Gets its mindset. You know. he's go out there and make plays calloway. Hasn't been in the same type of trouble for the same amount of time. But he he's definitely had those off the field issues but to me still twenty three years old. You know he had a stint in the xfl he was an explosives. Playmaker there for a little bit with baker mayfield. The browns i believe he had five touchdowns in his career. You know so. This is a player that could add a jolt to this offense here. Forty three five hundred. Eighty six yards and five touchdowns and two thousand eighteen but again he's twenty three years old hometown. Miami no and you just look at. The dolphins have done over the years. And you mentioned air rose. You mentioned this axiom. We mentioned in previous podcast. They get these players opportunities to make the most of them and then they reward them. You know adam shaheen new contract. And i joked about i think at five receptions all year mean there is a chance of calvi can come in here. You definitely got temporary expectations because you know a lot of dolphin fans were saying. This is why ford's gone and maybe it is but that same day for press conference. Saint is not even seen. Calloway cleats yet. So let's pump the brakes on that washington again. This is a player. Like you said it's probably better suited for the passing game. But he has some of those similar skills like myles gaskin so we'll see what type role he has been again. I don't think see much of him this week. I think as far as running backs are concerned You know we kind of touched on. Who those are gonna be howard. We'll see a little bit on modern then patrick laird. I do have to throw this out there because you mentioned the afford. I think one of the coolest things malcolm perry said. And that's a guy who we may see him a bigger role for this week He said he was asked which. Nfl receivers have you studied in idolize and he said i'm too focused on what the dolphins have asked me to do. But i think for was a great role model. I try to model my preparation and practice habits after him. He someone i look up to in this league so Know i think they afford meant more to some of the fans and maybe the his teammates than he did others. And we've heard time and time again. This might be the smartest receiver in the room. You saw ryan fitzpatrick hurt. He trimmed his beard and he was wearing those shorts to kind of pay homage to ties. Ahah ford so it's going to suck to see him go again. Especially 'cause his new england but the dolphins have speed. It's time for them to adapt. And you know. That's what this offense is all about. It's about two quick timing routes. It's about you know getting juki grant to get that separation at some of these other guys aren't getting allow compared to use his quick quayle to get some of those opportunities limp out in again until calloway so you can see the way. This dolphins offense is slowly starting to form. You know kind of change now that we're midway through the year now. That too is involved. We'll see if it all comes together but you know there's a lot of uncertainties and again it's come together because you're not gonna be able to go out there and go twelve twenty twelve twenty three for ninety three yards and a touchdown against cuyler murray. No she's not going to work out that way so I'm excited for this match up. And i guess that's the perfect almost segue kind of bring up here. Is i mean you mentioned no yet and i firmly believe he's going to get more involved. It's no surprise. we saw him Start to get some snaps whether it's wildcat whether it's the perception to win to got involved in and lynn bowden's another guy after trading a draft pick forum really hope he continues to develop but i mean one just watching the games. I don't really have a bunch of film or anything to Bring up so like. I said this could be a dart at the wall. Some sort of. I wanna see. Maybe mac hons get an opportunity at wide receiver. A we mentioned before the season that he kind of fit that allen burns and albert wilson rolled sock receiver guy. The dolphins didn't really need. And then you see guys elber wilson. Parents choose to sit out the season which is certainly understandable. But i mean that opened up opportunities for different guys in size airport. Get chances we. We're gonna see malcolm. Perry get more chances. But in that meantime as he's rookies develop especially a rookie seven current pick of rookie. Four-grand pick look for here because he is someone who kind of fits that brian for his mantra of you're gonna work you're going to work and then you're going to get rewarded for it. He is someone who i always see flying down the field and special teams someone. I always see celebrating on the sidelines. I think matt collins could get an opportunity. This is another thing You know. I like to joke. Two-mile join howard things whatnot. I could certainly see this. Being something. that's recorded. Sent back to me with his stat. Line of across the board but i think he is starting to fit that mantra that brian flores was looking for and before we start to dive into our cardinals dolphin preview. I didn't want to bring up. I think he will get legitimate opportunity. I think that's worth watching Especially someone who has probably been practicing with the second and third strings blakely said about welcome perry. Who's been dealing with two of vegetables. 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There's a little something for everyone on the sp nation nfl. Show be sure to subscribe on apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast app to be sure. You don't miss a single episode. We mentioned at the top of the show Dolphins dealing with a little copay nineteenth scare right now. Everything seems to be on track to happen. This weekend. Between the miami dolphins at the arizona cardinals. The dolphins enter with the record of foreign three are and are given four point. Five points by vegas against the cardinals who are currently five two in coming off the bye week josh. We've had these danes over the last few years. I mean where the dolphins could really show that they belong. There was a game in new england last year a couple years ago they were there three and our must have been what two thousand seventeen three going into stopped like thirty seven in new england. Things like that. And i'm not saying this will certainly derail the season or anything like this but last week was a paternity for the dolphins approve. Hey we kind of belong. And they showed that they showed that against san francisco. And this. I mean we just kind of raising the bar on them. But that's the way it should be. If you want to be a playoff team you have to meet all these challenges and men. This seems like such an exciting game. And i'm throwing a fit because it's only been given to six percent of the country But i one thing. I want to add before we get into our three keys. Not one person on. Nfl dot com. Pick the dolphins to win. Which is really a shocker. I like kind of an underdog. Mantra i mean. A lot of people. Spend that to say all but just nobody likes the dolphins. The media hates the dolphins. I refuse to go that far. I strongly disagree with that. I mean the cardinals are five into their home. Coming off the bye and more importantly they just knocked undefeated seahawks something. The dolphins failed to do at home. Yeah absolutely. I think it's going to be exciting to see. Just kinda all takes fold here because this is a very good dolphins team. You mentioned it. You want to see consistency out of them. What they did last week was kind of you know i mean. They went out there at nine to snaps on defense and they still ended up coming out of that game with a pretty big lead. I mean you're not gonna be able to do that every week. This dolphins teams playing awesome. And you know we're just go diving or three keys because to me the biggest thing about this game and it just dates back. You know years and it's not the same dolphins team that let thad lewis alleged. Gino smith ej manual. You know run rapid on them but at the end of the day you know column Jit mvp candidate. And the dolphins absolutely have to figure out a way to stop that arizona cardinals rushing tack. And it's funny because i had the stats here. Collar murray has carried the football sixty five times this year. For four hundred. Thirty seven thousand seven touchdowns. Myles gaskin is the dolphins leading rusher. And he's three hundred. Eighty seven yards and three touchdowns. And i know. You can't compare quarterback running the football to a running back but do four hundred and thirty seven yards and seven touchdowns and they played. What seven games i mean. They struggled with josh allen. You know this guy is a better. You know josh allen has at rocket armed but would you not agree column more accurate you know. He's more dangerous with the ball in his hand. This is going to be a true test to what this defense is capable of. Because last week was awesome. You love to see him do it. But they rattled. Jared goff i mean you can rattle a murder. You've seen it before he he's not prone to making errors. But i mean this guy is as i as dynamic players. We've seen you know you can sit there and you can compare him to lamar jackson. I mean i think he's a better passer than the more and you know. I almost think you might be better running the football. I mean this guy is probably the most explosive player that i can remember watching. Play football since you know like michael vick and i. It's just truly exciting and again you can't look at what the dolphins in the past how they struggled with insert you know insert quarterback's name here. Who played in buffalo. Who play the jets. No whatever running quarterback might have finished the dolphins. I struggled against him. I think that this is going to be a true test. And i just don't know who they're going to have that's going to be able to sit there and own in and you know kind of spy and and make sure that collar can't get out there. 'cause i have some names listed here and i'll let you jump in and give your thoughts. But can they let cobb in do it can let van ginkel. You know jerome. Baker len roberts to me. I think the biggest guy that you gotta consider your is brandon jones. He's that player that you've seen flying all over the field you know he can cover running backs out of the backfield and he's kind of that. Chesapeake that you use any situations you know. He gets down on the box and dozens gritty. Things that make fitzpatrick wouldn't do so. I think we might see a little bit more brand jones this week but now that i sat here and i focused mostly on color. Murray one eight one you tell me what you think about. The kernels rushing attack. Yeah i mean you're certainly right. I think the biggest the biggest. I and we haven't as our laskey here but it certainly just stopping that big play. I mean the dolphins have done an incredibly jot incredible job of that the season you just do not see guys running wild on the scene and i love you. Bring up the possibility of brandon jones There's a reason why however was the first overall pick in the draft. There's a reason why the cardinals after drafting a quarterback in the first round did it again the following year. he's awesome he is a treat to watch I saw post by the car on twitter and other day. And if you didn't see it you should certainly check it out. It's it's calorie. Murray and to Basically Mashed up with rocket power characters. And that just kind. What is these guys. Are riding around on skateboards just with their quickness. And you know i would idea brenton jones. I think that's really what's going to go down to. I'm not sure if the dolphins are gonna quote unquote use a spy as much as they're going to be focused on containing and that is why i think we should slide into second key here and that is containing the cardinals rushing attack cardinals. Everything five point two yards per carry. That's the second best in the league. Our good friend. Kenyan drake Who told grog you don't have. The angle is questionable. But it looks like chase as been going to be the guy The thing about Despite the fact that he's averaging four point yard four point nine yards per carry which is twenty league is the fact that he hasn't had twenty opportunities game right. The second he does that. I feel those numbers will slowly start to crawl back down right. Now is averaging over sixty yards per game on the ground this season. But i want to bring up with the dolphins coaching staff Senate and that's you. Don't get three yards and you looking someone like landon. Roberts has been awesome. You see the impact of someone. Like calvin who is always setting the edge. He is reading plays so incredibly well. And i haven't seen that from dolphins linebacker and so so why it is so cool to see a free agent signing especially at linebacker pan out in the way of edna has at least as early knock on wood. I don't want to jinx it but koehler murray has five runs of twenty plus years. Chase edmonds has three. We cannot let the league's second-best running attack get gain big gains over and over and don't hear what i'm not saying there. The cardinals are an explosive offense under cliff. Kingsbury they're going to have big plates. The difference though is can you shorten the field on them. You see what the dolphins defense being the allowing the fewest points per game. How well they can control those last twenty yards before entering the end zone. We can't have a guy breaking loose. For that eighty yard touchdown like we saw last season. The dolphins have done such a great job of doing that this year. Where they're gonna force you to have seven or eight plays that each gained ten yards without making a mistake without having false without doing any of these things and that's why i'm kind of feeling pretty good about the dolphins opportunities in this. Yes it's homer heche. But i don't think any of us here are wanting to say that the dolphins are gonna lose the dolphins zero point going to be and this is kind of the path to take. I love to see a landon roberts. The way brian floor is scheming. These blitzes if you haven't seen the Inside the inside the nfl. Or what is it josh posted yesterday. I retweeted it saying that it was cool. It was just basically a detailed look at the game. And they were highlight the game last week against the rams and were highlighting the cover zero that brian four issues. But i mean if you're telling me that the dolphins are planning to find a way to get into the backfield And landed roberts laya clean hit on collar. Murray to make him second. Guess himself even for half a second for the rest of the game. I mean i think that could go so far for being the difference maker. Because murray's son i mean you're everything works until you get punched the mouth and the one guy i don't want to be punching someone in the mouth end and roberts. Yeah we i mean. We saw him punch two guys in mouth. Yeah this anytime. He was like a wrecking ball. I mean it was like some juggernauts jeffrey. Just like running through walls. You know repeatedly you put You know it's going to be a true test for the dolphins. It'll be fun to see you know how they match up Mention chase edmonds. It's unfortunately probably are not going to see a kenyan drake. I guess you know. There's still chance he might play. But it seems like it's gonna be chase edmonds time again. You mentioned in being explosive. Playmaker him colin murray. I think you saw the recipe last week. And we know. Jared goff doesn't have some of those same intangibles some of those same traits as a column murray especially in the row as impacts are run game but the dolphins got to continue to do that. They've got to use that zero scheme up at that line. And they got to confuse the crap out of these young quarterbacks. Because you know. I good as marie is like you said when you get punched in the mouth you know everything changes so the dolphins gotta go out there they got. They got a punch carla. Marie in the mouth. And you know we mentioned only half of that offense you mentioned you. Stop the big play by starting with the wrong. But then we got to look at their wide receivers and this goes into just how explosive esteem is deandre hopkins in my opinion and i've said it on previous shows i've said on twitter upset it wherever i've had a chance to say deandre hopkins in my opinion is probably the best wide receiver in football this year. Already as fifty seven receptions for seven hundred and four yards and three touchdowns obviously expecting on touchdowns but meant seven hundred and four yards and again we are. We are seven games into the season. Then christian kirk eighteen receptions two hundred and seventy seven yards an explosive player. They move all over the offense. He has five touchdowns and then the ageless. Wonder i mean larry fitzgerald's gonna go down as one of the greatest receivers of all time. So i mean we know. The dolphins secondary is their strong suit. But how do you match this thing up here and i. I kinda sat here. And i tried to break it down. And we mentioned brandon jones. You know being used a little bit more to kind of take away. Collar murray's legs. But how do you see these. These matchup shaping up. I think exhibiting howard for as much as i like byron jones now mitt. I've said time and time again. I think byron jones is probably the best player on this entire football team From a skill standpoint but from exit absolutely incredible you know except for that one game where i think he got beat up and you know they are playing mostly just known coverage and you know. There's there's little variables here. And they're examining. How playing out of his mind and andre hopkins. I mean you could sit there and you could probably debate both on whether you want to put byron jones over there or they're not you wanna put exuding howard hopkins but You know how. How are you going to match these. These corners in these receivers. Because that's the true testament. Here that's gonna be the true test. Is you know you can figure out ways to stop column or you can figure out ways to stop this run game. But if you let column or go out there and you loud. The andre hopkins tino work these defensive backs and just do with the andrea hopkins does because like you said they're going to get those big plays gender gonna make those big plays but it's containing those at spending breaking. How're the dolphins gonna match-up against that dynamic trio of arizona karnal wide receivers. I think the key of it and our third key is limited mistakes. I think when you look at what the dolphins are putting together here and you look at the game plan different things. You want an attack. I mean deandre hopkins is awesome. And nobody's gonna say that. But i will argue that. I think davante adams is the best receiver in the nfl But i mean. That's i mean we're arguing when a and one b. There's really no point and really going tom. Thomas private laws in there too. But you need to play to be able to be you know. It's true but something that really stood out to. Me is mind boggling to me and i think this is something. The dolphins can certainly take advantage of is put the cardinals offense in awkward situations. Make them uncomfortable and yes you can do that by you. Know having a landon. Roberts fly up the middle and smash calgary another way you can do. That is the fact that the cardinals are averaging e penalties per game the worst. Total in the league. If you want to have this miami dolphins defense get off the field. Get them in. A i in twenty. They're going to try to dissipate little yards. And then you're going to get to that third and eight where you can really execute. You can just make that one. Stop and get off the field. I think that it's going to be the biggest thing here. Is this trend of arizona. And i kinda look into a little more in the sense of this isn't just there's an outlier game where they had you know twenty five penalties or something insane like that one game consistently. They're averaging seven to eight penalties a game and that's kind of you know we talk about you know. Brian four is being in the discussion. For as one of the best coaches in the league this year. A big reason that is because his team doesn't commit penalties. Despite how young. They are just kind of kind of my inbox to really think about how the dolphins have had these penalties. They're doing they're getting called for about four point. Four pounds a game. New england first at two point nine up and the dolphins are kind of starting to bump up little bit averaging five per game. But that's kind of the difference. I see between these two games. The team excuse me. They're both very young. They're both trending in the right direction. But it's the dolphins really wanna make a difference is limiting those mistakes. you cannot get those preset penalties. You can't get called for defensive holding on third down because the cardinals based on what we've seen through them for seven games. I don't know if this is something you fix in the by leak is certain work in laremy. Tunsil stand by me is limiting those mental errors. The holds and things like that that seems like it is a very clear advantage for the miami dolphins in terms of. Hey those ten to fifteen yard plays that happened inbetween play in between saps. I guess i should say can really be the difference between these two games because between these two teams. Excuse me because. I just think they match up so well doing i mean we're sitting here and we're we're praising how this is going to be a match up here there. We mentioned you know that miami dolphins offensive line and you're mentioning not needing to make mistakes. You know again. This is to a second game you know. This is some of these younger players. you know. They've been around the league that long you know. They're going up against a pretty good defensive unit. We got jordan phillips. He's common for revenge. I mean this guy's coming for blood. And then you gotta sign riddick drafted isaiah simmons. I mean a lot of dolphin fans loved him corey. Peters jordan hicks at linebacker man looking over this list. And then we we talk about the dolphins receivers. You know who's going to step up and who's going to make those plays you. Got patrick peterson on the other side. You know you got fucking you got dre kirkpatrick and then at safety got buddha baker. I mean it's going to be a match up a little way. These teams matchup because if both teams guy those skill players are both teams does defense to counter that. It's going to be a matchup between you. Know one of the young and then bright upcoming offense at mines against one of what we've already seen as being one of the best defensive coaches football. So how are these two teams going to play. You know it's going to be awesome to watch and i'm excited. I hope everything works out. I hope this game moves on as as we expect because this is going to be. You know you sit here joke but Are they gonna be posted this rocket power. You know that rocket power picture comes superbowl time when these two teams play again. I'm going to say this year. Nobody's allowed to steal it. Josh i need you to get that rocket power picture. We'll send it to you and we just need a thorough crime jordan on komo Murray so our listeners know the second the dolphins win this game. We're posting that picture. Because i think that's gonna be larry. I just thought of that one on the spot. Yup you said from your mouth. To god's ears i'll do it. I think kind kinda key here too. In terms of limiting mistakes you met the dolphins offensive line and were half an hour to this podcast and we have barely mentioned to a tug of law. I think we all need to just chill in terms of what he is doing. What the process is is this attending try out. Are the dolphins. Good draft a quarterback. Just kinda go week by week here and really just let things play out for a bit if you ever paid attention. Rookie quarterback struggle. It is no surprise there. And i think he's only going to get more comfortable with those balls. We saw flutter aren't going to happen throughout the year. I it's just kind of one of those you've got to trust the process. I read some statistics based on the cardinals secondary where i don't think they're necessarily as good as the names really come out to be. I think patrick. Peterson is having a comeback year in the sense but i don't think he's the player that was dominant for seven eight years throughout the nfl of drake. Your patrick i think is a week number two and preston williams who really needs to make a case of i belong on the team. I belong on this roster. Hey please after wide receiver in the first round. This is a great opportunity for him to kind of put him on ice and really control a football game and that's what we saw early last year before he suffered an injury is principally m's ability to kind of move the sticks kinda lik devante. Parker can do at times where you know. The ball's gonna come to him. That doesn't matter you don't we espy devante parker. Despite the one catch you knew it was going to be a say over the middle to him he got popped right in the head and he's still popped up with the football those type of things we can see We saw it. I believe it was against jacksonville. Where the dolphins strength power at wide receiver just was too much for that secondary of jacksonville. I think this needs to be an opportunity. Where those guys. The height the strength. All those things that we love about this. You didn't needs to come into fruition this week. Yeah and i think it really doesn't matter preston. One who wants to that author of draft and wires round regardless but as we saw earlier in the year you know remember when he added that drop in the end zone that next week i mean he came and i think he had a touchdown on that same place. So i mean we've seen preston one who's make mistakes against young player. It's going to happen but you wanna see more consistency there but when we have seen those mistakes he's worked on it and that same week you know you've seen it pay dividends so he's going to drop. Footballs you know. That's just part of it but I do think you might have a bounceback game here. You mentioned brian floor. You mentioned this whole ton of thing a have to just throw this out there and again. It's this report continues to come out from. Espn the dolphins are giving to attend game Audition to eventually after a quarterback in two thousand and twenty one and again. There's a lot of games to be played. You can sit here and say that you know with one hundred percents certain that the dolphins want do something if an unforeseen thing came up but he made it a point to come out and just the middle of his press conscious. Say now you mentioned that the quarterback there was a couple of things out there. Let's call it a source close to dolphins thinking they've been saying that we are additioning too and i'm going to tell you about my thinking. We brought to a here because we believe in him the same as all the other draft. We believe in developing players. I think you guys have heard me talk about improvement. Players on a daily basis that would be the opposite and gives somebody ten game audition so You know the report. I think came out of kim day. I forget who re tweeted Tweeted it but Afterwards oh yeah yeah road. Yeah it was. Dolphin fans bullied them to delete it. So you know it's gonna continue to happen and you know to went out there and through thrown yards. No one would say anything but again you know so. We got our three keys of the game. I think we've kind of been getting into a situation where we're kind of repeating the keys but that's what winning football is all about. I mean it isn't having these all star level players. I mean yes. It certainly helps. I mean pro bowl. Sorry but it certainly helps have those guys but what. The brian forest system is proving. Is hey if you come in your job. Somebody's gonna do something that's going to put us in a position to win football games and that is what kind of been clear about this team and both sides of the ball is. Hey you don't make penalties you don't blow your coverage we're going to be just fine and that's just such a relief when we're kind of used to bagging. Can someone please make a play. Everyone is making a play now. Because everybody's simply doing their job and it's cliche corny. But i mean that's just kinda the philosophy the development. It's all been there and let's roll into our key players. I'm gonna go byron jones. I think there's no way. For as those put byron. Jones on the andre hopkins. The way he's played the you know what. If you wanna get really saucy you can put both exhibiting howard and byron jones on the andrea hopkins. Because there's nobody else that receiving unit that scares me christian kirk. No larry fitzgerald now. I think it is going to be byron. Jones's performance i think what we've seen through the first seven games from him and i said about the no i'm going to say about don't do. It is so so exciting to see free. Agent signings big ones just playing the way. They should playing at a level consistent level of excellence. And that's what it's been by jones. Edward been for this defense. And if you don't think he's looking for this opportunity to go against one of the best wide receivers in the league. This is this is going to be about him. I think byron jones if he locks down deondraye hopkins. That's the difference in this game. I mean this is what i'm saying. Now could go if they try to mix things up and having saved howard platinum which would be great too. I mean he's got five interceptions in the last six games. Four interceptions last five. Excuse me and he could've you know had one last week. Data yada yada. But i mean. I think brian jones. This is the week we start talking. We could certainly start talking about the miami defense as this unit that is on another level that hey just because an offense is good. That doesn't mean anything you're coming in. You're coming in and you're trying to throw the team it ain't going to happen. I think that's what buying jones point is going to go out to do this week. And i think he has a good chance of doing it and again. I absolutely love barn jones. And i mean i've no prominent him match up with deandre hopkins. I think a lot of dolphin fans Once the signing went through. I think we all saw the video going around them to matched up against each other. And you know. It was a fight for the ages. I think byron. Joe held his own. So we've seen it before. But i think you know it's going to be a true testament to test to see how the dolphins come out here and schematically work these things. Defensively my key player. And i'm going to take the biggest cop out in the entire world. It's going to be too low. I mean you're not going to go up there and you're not gonna play the or you're not gonna travel west. You're not going to beat the arizona carnivals and i mean we can say you know what players we like which players we don't like this is an explosive offense this is a defense as plenty of pieces to wreak havoc on a young offensive line. And you know it could potentially happen. So i wanna see to go out there and you know. He's going to toe for toe. And you mentioned iraq power picture. We continue to do so. I will make sure to have that crying jordan on there but You know i. It's going to be a heavyweight battle and quarterbacks don't go against one another that's stupid even say but these two guys are going to be. No i do believe this is gonna be midwest shootout. You know it's going to be like those old westerns at my dad used to watch where kyla maria to his lawyer. Walk in. you know. They're taking steps opposite each other and they're getting ready to turn around and it's going to be a battle and i think it goes throughout this entire game. You know you can see they just like we this entire time. These two teams matched to great. And it's gonna be exciting. It is going to be a shootout. But again i think to us do more than ninety three yards and a touchdown is go out there. And he's a show those strides at the coaches the fans and you know his peers are expecting from because this is his team in. I'm not going to sit here and put too much stock in how he plays in the second game against arizona team but again you're going to have to do more than two last week and i think personally i mean i've said it before i think murray i put in june or july. I put the ban on column to be league. Mvp i think he's at damn good He he's going to have to go out there and be the to a ton of a low we all know he can be. And i think that is what we're going to see. We're gonna see much more what we've expected to see know as fans and having too high of expectations last week in his debut he's gonna settle down. I think this game plan is going to open up. And you know they're gonna they're gonna go out there and they're going to look at the skies opened up in rain hell out in the zone. And i can't wait to see it happen judge. I got a quick question for you. I think we can agree if the difference between these two teams and this is why. I'm feeling a little confident about the dolphins and you can. Certainly i want you to jump in and correct wrong here. But i think if to a tug of Outperforms the dolphins win the game but if our murray outperforms which you know based on everything we know his administration gave murray in his second year. Obviously one of the better players in the nfl. I think the dolphins silva opportunity to win the game. And that's such a situation. I haven't seen for years because If you've been on dolphins twitter for a very long time quarterback wins and quarterback versus quarterback has always been such a big discussion the ryan tannehill years because for such a long time. We argued that he needs to be the best quarterback on the field but what the dolphins are proving now. They don't need to have the best quarterback view. They need to have the best team. So i liked the to a pick because if he does outperform canterbury. I think there is a zero percent chance that the cardinals win the same man and it really is. It's been since early two thousand since we've seen this dominant defense at the dolphins didn't have to rely on the saints. Yeah yeah you're right special teams it. It truly is a team that and they talk about it. you know. They're going out there and they're playing for one another and it's really what you're seeing But we mentioned data back even before to his debut. We said you know this defense. When they're healthy. This defense is freaking awesome and you get a jet so you were kind of tempering expectations. You wanna see against a real opponent. But now they're going out there and we saw against the rams and were still like okay but let's see what they do this week against carl's you know. I think this defense is awesome. I think like you said if to goes out there and now performs kalamaria. It's a rat. But if for some reason you know to goes out there. And he throws for one. Fifty two hundred zero two touchdown interception or two touchdowns and two interceptions and colin murray. Noah's four touchdowns the dolphins defense from what we've seen it for takeaways last week. You know we we see the music's it could have been six. We opportunities creating on a weekly basis. I mean who knows what can happen. I think you're absolutely right and again You know the more we talk about the work. I get and i just hope it all comes together because again. This is going to be a matchup that we're seeing in a super bowl couple years from now all that would be something. Wasn't it all right. Let's predictions. I think it's pretty obvious what i'm gonna say. But i'd like to add some context to it. Because i think the dolphins a big strain threw them is going to be making the cardinals. One dimensional hopkins awesome awesome. Awesome awesome adding hundred yards per game. He seventy three times a season. The next closest is thirty seven. Their offense doesn't really have another threat. Who can really help. Murray put the team In go Last week i mentioned with the rams how sweet the nfc east and and that's a big reason they have you know four wins or five wins. It was them in the bears. And i'm not going to sit here and save it to discredit the cardinals there. I'm going to say these winslow matter because obviously you can only play. Who's in front of you. Just because the dolphins beat the jets twenty four to nothing. It doesn't discredit him. I mean you win and there you wish it was actually a little higher scoring game but it is what it is at cardinals at five in two. They have two wins against the nfc east and a win against the jets. They lost or are they lost the panthers and in the first three games of the season caliber had four touchdowns to five interceptions against the forty niners The washington football team and the detroit. Lions i mean this. They're an explosive team. But if you're disciplined if you make the cardinals very one dimensional if you take advantage of the penalties which they certainly are capable of doing the kenyan drake not being. They're hurting their depth. That running back their biggest strength. I think is another thing that can certainly help this team. I like the dolphins. Chances i really do. Everyone's kind of you know. I don't think they'll be wrong because there are dolphin fans and this is the kind of stuff wanna here but i mean there just seems like. There's a lot of matches that the dolphins to take of and murray is going to get hit. Don't get me wrong. But it's there's a difference between getting his berry getting four touchdowns. I like the dolphins here. I think it's going to be a little awkward. A little weird look in game. But i like dolphins to come away with this with like. Let's say let's say twenty seven to seventeen type win and arizona. Come back five. And three and brian. Flores is on the math for coach of the year. See you're always going to the dolphins and that's gonna make nuclear. He'll if i ever go against them but again listening to you talk in you know you do this weekend and week out you kinda start to sway me one way or the other so as a fan you know. I feel pretty optimistic about this. I really do like column. I think he's one of the best. Quarterback prospects have come out in years But oftens defense was awesome last year. I don't think that's gonna carry for this week. I think this is going to be again. Shootout between these two I seem to be a little bit closer. And i'm going to say thirty three thirty one sitting here just typing it out trying to figure out how the hell we're gonna get to that. I don't know if the math field goals. And i want to jason. I want to jason sanders Last fuel said he just about every week so this is a week. He's going to finally make that. Tim last To remain perfect and you know to push the dolphins further on their way toward that. Afc division champion that we've seen for so we've lacked for so many years. So we'll we'll see. I think it's gonna be again and two overs. Calorie can't do the quarterback i quarterback thing but it's gonna be those two guys to go out there and offense to a lot of points because i think it's going to be a shootout in the mid west one after meeting relate you guys go and can lead jersey. If you're interested wedding it to smash the subscribe button review let us know about it on twitter. However if you've already posted something and you put your twitter account in the review. We have tallied those as well. So don't you worry about that. But if you would rather just say something and send it to us on twitter you can find josh at haus h. o. U. t. z. And i met jay mental ninety four reading the comments reading the feedback. I know a lot of you guys are doing it from the kinley jersey but i mean it does mean a lot. We'd like to hear that you guys are enjoying the show. We also do like to hear what we aren't doing. Well we want to keep having the show get better and better as the season as the the life span of the show goes on and we wanna make sure it's great content for you guys. It's enjoyable content. it's it's passionate fantastic but it is informative at the same time and we hope to keep it that way rowing for your guys so please let us know how you feel about the show because without you guys. This really doesn't exist but thank you for listening. We're hoping that everything goes well. this weekend. For the dolphins in terms of getting tarazona no more kobe nineteen tests and we have an exciting game. Sunday win or lose. I think this is a great match up the dolphins. Who am i kidding. I want the dolphins to win. If they lose. I'm gonna be miserable for a week. It is what it is you understand you. Dolphin fans fins up have a good weekend up baby. Thirty three thirty one dolphins winning two time radio part of the insider comments at the sp should miami had. Just take the ball from goal to goal. I know where we're on the we're in coastal miami. You're talking is i don't. Miami has greatest from boulder goal november on the ground. Because where the bye. Bye number every wednesday on fish drive. Join me. Eric goes for a full report on the miami. Marlins single a affiliate the clinton lumber kings on april with eric owes we sit down each week with the different prospect. That is part of the violence rebuild and discussed the development of players trends and performances of miami's midwest league affiliate. Listen to a ball with eric. Goes every wednesday on strikes.

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