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Hello and welcome. My name is Greg Martinelli. And this is the egg sales professional podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to make you the best salesperson or sales manager possible in agribusiness do what others won't part two of the greatest quotes from one of the greatest leaders will last time we went over one of the great quotes that had stuck with me and that was when in doubt Prospect and if you haven't heard it or you haven't read it, please go back to the website and click on the link you that the podcast or the blog the second key learning that I received from this leader wage was based on a discussion about success. He had was successfully managed and led several big turnarounds in the company as well as several difficult projects. We discussed why he took on such challenges were so many had failed previously. He gave us this career advice do what others are not willing to do it was almost a throwaway type, He didn't Focus On an in our discussion, but it stuck with me and later on. I had several more discussions with him on this concept. He started his career by taking on one of the largest mergers and Acquisitions the company home made in decades the success would certainly reflect greatly upon the president of the company obviously, so would the failure so success was extremely important in this project and for this mayonnaise or failure would be career-ending. So why did you do it? I asked he said first of all, I wasn't really asked but secondly, there were some more senior manager who didn't want the job the risk to their career could be devastating. I had confidence in my abilities to manage and Lead it and I looked upon it as an opportunity versus a curse. Well later on he would end up taking a lead on one of the poorest performing business units in the company, not only poor-performing but it had a history of grinding up managers and spitting them out so they could in quotes seek other opportunities. Outside the company if you know what I mean within a few years he had this business unit on stage at the annual meeting winning business unit of the Year again the conversation that day went back to the question. Why would you take that job? And again, he mentioned it really was an optional but it was also afforded him the opportunity to be part of a successful team. The people in that business unit is a great people. He explained. They just needed some management and Leadership to get to that success point the message for you is to look at your Market your customers your industry and your company. What are those jobs roles are projects are products that no one wants maybe they are difficult. Maybe they're not fun boring mundane or full of conflict maybe several people have taken on those unwanted areas and failed maybe taking on these roles will be embarrassing or at a minimum make people question your judgment. When you feel these doubts creeping up on you keep this concept in mind do what other wage Won't another popular version of this quote is to have what others don't you have to do? What others won't well, here are some examples that I can think of kafi din, the dairy nutrition were in the world of balancing technical lactation reactions. Most nutritious will not spend much time or effort chasing bag caffeine sales and enterprising salesperson can turn this unwanted Niche off to a goldmine of opportunity. Well, how about the retail animal feed within your product lines? There was a time when the retail animal feed was in this category as well sales were a small fraction of the business down volume Dairy Beef & Swine markets where everyone wanted to be because of the sheer volume in sales. I mean it you think about it takes a lot of rabbits to eat the same amount that a cow leads. So no one would not go down that path. I followed a series of mm. Oh, maybe eight sales people who made it about one year each at selling into this Market customers were a bit numb at keeping up with who the new sales rep was. The product line. Well, what about silage and hate treatments and Agronomy sales? These products are highly effective and customers don't necessarily shop too hard for them. Again. This is a great Niche for a self-starting sales person as with most of these niches. It doesn't take a PhD in an Oculus to be successful. You just need to spend some time routinely learning more than you're taught to be considered an expert. What about the compact utility tractors in the equipment sales world. I mean everyone wants to focus on the 200 and 300 horsepower tractors. Can you carve out a niche in the compact sylheti market or use it to get on farm for the bigger sales down the road in your search. Look at your industry. What is the most difficult aspect for your customers? Where do they struggle with regards to your product? Is it in delivery and accounting in Waiting or maybe not in not knowing I mean a great example of this can be found right in your local pizza parlor. Remember when Pizza took over birth? Our to cook at a restaurant or at least it felt that long. Well Along Came Domino's and they were able to make it cook it and deliver it in 30 minutes. They took one of the biggest distraction about pizza and solved it. The rest could have done it and since have but they didn't Domino's took one aspect delivery time. It wasn't a high-tech aspect. They didn't come up with a better sauce or better tasting crust. Obviously. They simply were available faster in agribusiness. We often want to differentiate ourselves on our technical superiority of our products or maybe in our own personal skills a sales person. That's great except keep one thought in mind if your product can't be delivered on time invoice correctly kept in inventory and perform consistently, you're no better than the low-tech product or sales person. I saw this many times in selling to retailers. They need a supplier who maintains inventory ships on time has good accounting practices meaning if they have an easy to read em. The greatest product in the world that isn't in inventory can't be sold look for those areas in your industry that are underserved because no one wants to focus on them then use your expertise to solve for them were at a minimum become an expert in them. And here's one last quote or concept to help you on your search for success in the Consulting world. There's a frequent quote. There's riches in niches. Let me tell you that again cuz it's really cool to say there's riches in niches. No one knows who said it but it's very powerful as a new salesperson. We set out in our market and we tried a head-to-head against competition. Now, we do this by emulating all the other sales people in our company, we chased the same types of customers and we act all like all the other sales people. We know the problem with this plan is that it makes you look just like all the rest of the sales people in the world. We don't stand out which in sales is not a good thing our customer then uses price juice. Operators by narrowing your Niche into a specific category a specific product or geography you differentiate yourself in this differentiation answers to of the most important functions. Every customer has when you drive onto their Farm question number one is why should I buy from you and question number two is why should I buy from your company? The answer is I have done the exact vehicle. I have done what others don't and won't do I specialize my focus for this type of customer. That's why you should buy for me. I hope today's podcast helped you on your journey to bring the best egg sales professional. You can be you can always access more blog articles podcasts and other training opportunities on my website at ww.w. Greg Martin. That's ww.w. M a r t i n e l l. I. Thank you and have a great day.

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