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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Laurie London. The US now has more than twenty thousand corona virus deaths the most of any country worldwide about half of the deaths in the US happened in New York in the New York Metropolitan area but fear is mounting over an eruption of hot spots in the Midwest. Spain is beginning to roll back. Corona virus measures Monday. Non Essential businesses will return to normal activity that includes the construction and industrial sectors. Lucia. Ben Evita's reports. Spain is now seeing a slower increase of cases and deaths. Spain's interior minister said the government will hand out ten million facemasks to public transit users. On Monday. A S- thousands of people had to work again but some health experts say these rollback measures come too early and they should be accompanied by mass testing and a program that would isolate new. Corona virus carriers. Lucy Aben Evita's reporting the Chicago area has been identified as a potential new corona virus. Hotspot Governor Jay. Pritzker took time out Saturday to answer questions from children and teens as NPR's Joanna Broder reports Scher's audience was a welcome change. Pritzker told the facebook live audience that he knows the lives of children and teens have been turned upside down and their questions are really important to him. Many students wanted to know when they will go back to School Illinois. Schools are closed until April thirtieth nineteen states have extended their school closures through the end of the school year and it is unclear if pritzker will too. I will not reopen the schools until I feel confident that you going back to school is a healthy thing for you to do but but I'm hopeful. Students also asked about summer in terms of pools and camps. Pritzker said he would look at all the ways to open things up as much as possible but there will be rules in place to keep people healthy Joanna Broder. Npr news churches across the country of closed their sanctuaries because of Cova nineteen and as Michigan. Radio's Doug Tabu reports some Easter services. Just outside Detroit will have a very different look this year. Many churches have already been offering their services online for weeks now but some are trying other approaches at its location in Southfield Michigan Triumph. Church is offering driving services on a large outdoor screen. Solomon Kinloch junior is the pastor. People could get in their car drive faithfully up to the church parking lot. Turn on their radio. Listen to the worship experience and watch the service Kinloch says he encourages people to make their offerings electronically but ushers will be in the parking lot wearing gloves and holding buckets to accept cash and checks for NPR news. I'm Doug Tabu in Ann Arbor Michigan this is NPR news. Italian tenor and Global Opera Star. Andrea Bocelli is giving a solo performance today at the historic Duomo Cathedral of Milan Italy. Npr's David Green spoke to him about what it means to perform during covert nineteen. It is Easter this Sunday and in Milan the renowned Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. We'll be sending a message of love and hope to the world especially Italy. John Harness and Jelica is one of the songs. Celli will be performing Sunday at the Milan Cathedral. Which is known as the Duomo many times have performed this piece also in front of the vote for example. It's a beautiful page music. On Easter there will be no audience because of the pandemic just Celli and his organised in the Empty Cathedral. He'll livestream this concert on his Youtube Channel for free. That's NPR's David Greene. The Kansas Supreme Court has ruled against a Republican controlled legislative panel. That tried to overturn. The Democratic governor's executive order banning religious and funeral services of more than ten people during the corona virus pandemic. Easter is typically the busiest day in the Christian calendar in terms of church. Attendance judges a hearing via video. Conference said the panel had exceeded its authority this is NPR news.

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