Dan Girardi, Hathaway Suspended


Hey Emily Greg. So the hockey hall of fame inductions this week and I was in Toronto. I was on the red carpet. Best red carpet moment by how far Mario lemieux showing up an absolute rockstar. I've seen Wayne Gretzky. scrums on the red carpet. Nothing compares it was like seeing a Unicorn and it was like people kind of standing by that we're working on TV crews and holding their phones up to get a picture of Mario's you walk by absolute who he was wearing. no-one said that it's a traditional red carpet. But I gotta say that like from a an entertainment perspective. It was kind of boring There were a few speeches that were rambling. It was whatever it was. I'll put it this way. It made me yearn for forty five minutes of Gary Bettman joining on on which is saying something but healy wickenheiser. Speech was incredible. Not only inspirational talk about her life as a young player talking talking about how wonderful it is that her nieces can play hockey walk into any rink and candidate with a bag and a stick not have to cut their hair short to fit in with the boys like she did had which was an incredible anecdote but also reaching out and rectifying one of the Great Miss Justices injustices hostesses sure of the hockey hall of fame. which was Vaclav Demand Sqi hockey hall of Famer from Czechoslovakia Big Net? As they they call them gave a wonderful English challenge. Speech forgot to thank his wife in a Hayley wickenheiser leader that she is grudgingly. Say that as an American invites big net back on stage to say thank you to his wife and then proudly on for another ten minutes but mostly to say thank you to his wife and I thought that was a beautiful moment at the hockey hall of fame. That is a beautiful moment and no Haley took the show with their speech. And I know it's all about them but I just have a question for you. Are they still doing the red carpet in the basement of that shopping. Mall the Hockey Hall the famous in the basement of the shopping mall. It's one of the more charming aspects of the hockey hall ego to Cooperstown. And it's like a temple on the hill. It's like going going to the Vatican you go to the hockey hall of fame. And you're like oh where's the hockey team. Will you go to the cinnabon. He make a right. And and then you're at the hockey hall of fame. Yeah it's in the basement of like a like a a big public building and they do the ceremony in the middle of a of a giant. Ain't hallway and down. The media sits in the food court. They clear out one of the pizza places in the food court. And that's the media sets which is great pizza and beer take a lot. That's great. Yeah it's it's in the bottom all so you figure by that math. The Hockey Hall of fame should be New Jersey. But no it's in Toronto in a different kind of I'm all these teachers. The kids could only dream indeed coming up on this edition of. ESPN an ice. We're GONNA talk to Dan Girardi of former NHL defensemen TURNED EH podcast here. Boy Between Heaven Don Cherry Emily everybody coming after our our seat on the throne and That plus much much more including maybe the single greatest Phil Kessel of hot dogs of all time on this edition of espn an ice show proper. Shall we only is. It's to your ear buds a podcast about hockey featuring things to do with hockey from your friends at ESPN ESPN on Ice Jason. With what Shitski and Kaplan hey everybody it's ESPN and ice podcast. ESPN talks about hockey convey senior NHL writer. I'm La Catholic National H. L. Reporter End Shopping Mall busiest. We're going to begin by talking about the biggest story in hockey orting to people. It's wrong according to most of the people cover hockey because they live in Toronto. Toronto Maple leafs. We did around table on the leafs. What ails them? The future of Mike Babcock this week on. ESPN gene go back and check it out on the NHL page and dire straits for the mighty buds. Their last win in a they have one win. Regulation Okay since October. Twenty six that was against Stanley the only cup contenders the Los Angeles kings. Every other win that they have has been in overtime or a shootout and everything else has been either either regulation or overtime shootout loss. Five straight losses now for the maple leafs at the Blackhawks at the islanders. No shame and either rather than with the way those teams are playing at the Bruins at home. They can't beat the Bruins the penguins on the road. Whatever and then against the Golden Knights in Vegas After travelling from Pittsburgh and a game in which Mark Andre flurried did flurry things. So it's not exactly been the easiest road for Toronto and they do have a pretty packed schedule on the thirteenth fifteenth sixteenth nineteenth across the country. But these are what they call the business excuses excuses emily. How worried should we be about a team that I went to the Toronto Maple leafs well the one excuse that I think has some legitimacy to it as the injuries right best line last year was Taveras Monir and high men and they barely early gotten together for a consistent Matt Time they missed Taveras in the beginning of the year? Right when he comes back mark comes out now the stats. That really jumped out to me. Are there offensive stats at least have allowed the the first goal in a League high eighteen times. They've only twenty three games and this is a team that is built around a dynamic offense and they should be able to overcome that. But they haven't been able to their right in the middle middle of the pack in League scoring we know they have defensive deficiencies because they spend all those money on the offensive players. They don't have a great defense. We know they have issues with backup goaltending. They waived my Hutchinson Hutchinson. They're going to try to find another guy probably on the trade market but these are fundamental roster issues and now we're starting to hear people call for my walks head and you know. I have a couple of thoughts on that. Because if you know the people of Toronto they've been calling for Mike Babcock's head since like the fifth game of last season like this isn't exactly new. I don't think it's personality ever really elite gelled with that market. I loved what he said the other day because it showed some fights when he was like. I'm betting on myself like we need to see some fight from the team and I really liked that. But there's been some coaching decisions. Visions that guy's fans have gotten on from the usage of Patrick Marlowe last year. Zaitsev two things that you can debate here or there but the question I have is this is a team built to win a Stanley Cup right now. And if your coaches message is getting through whose message well and the obvious logical replacement is sheldon and Keith in the Ahl. I just don't know if that's the right call right now because let's remember Sheldon Keefe is no. NHL Experience yes he's worked with Kyle Dubus GM. Yes he's worked with a lot the players on the team in the marlies but can that message all of a sudden translate on the biggest stage and the last thing. I'll say before I turn it back to you is. We're now at the mark of the season is impasse the arbitrary date where the blues fired. Mike Yeo last year and guess what they won the Stanley Cobb. Like who's GonNa do it now is the time and we're also getting to that magical moment. Ah called American thanksgiving. Where if you're not in a playoff spot then you may be screwed going forward? I do like the theory that if you remove Mike Babcock from the equation Equation and promote Sheldon Keefe and they still suck then. You'll have a real good idea of what's wrong if the team that maybe if it's not the coach and you bring in another coach it's still messed up. And then you know there's some deficiencies under the hood. I am not the world's biggest Mike Babcock Fan and I think his legacy has been forged through three things a all time. Gold performance by J S and the two thousand and three playoff and I in which he won the Conn.. Smythe in losing effort the ability to have Nicholas from Pavel datsyuk trump And Hendrik and Henrik Zetterberg as the backbone of the those red wings teams that were good for him and then had lidstrom there for the majority of the playoff streak. That babcock oversaw. Aw and then obviously doing what you and I could do which is stand behind the bench and watch the single greatest of talent Nasseri hockey team Canada win when a bunch of gold medals against Americans done what they're doing so you know like I don't I don't necessarily buy the Mike Babcock talk super genius thing. I never have so if the idea is that the leaves have tuned them out. And if you take babcock out of the equation maybe they're gonNA listen to a different coach. I'm here for it. I think he's overrated. And the way the if you see this team play it is pretty obvious. They have absolutely no interest in following what he's saying. There are defensive mess there's no structure it's a bunch a bunch of individuals all trying to save the day in their own different ways and defensively. This team is atrocious. At a at a time in this league when you know look the islanders look look at any team. That's that's pushing towards the top of the standings. There needs to be some level of defensive responsibility. And you look down the lineup at the the the scoring chances that they give up and the goalscoring differentials for some of these guys it's obvious that there's assist systemic deficiency there on on this this lineup. You can't discuss the leaves without joining one of two clams you're either clan land babcock or clan dubus and. I'm sorry I'm climbed dubus. I still think the pieces are in place. I still the Tyson buried. Trade looks bad and you know my end up being bad and maybe the the question is then how do you rectify that. We talked about that this week. A little bit too in in the round table but I like this team and I like the pieces that are there and I am. I gotta be honest with you when I take the leafs to win the cup. I did it for a couple of reasons one because the Chicago cubs broke the time line many years ago. And now we're your things happened in sports. All the time and the leafs winning the Cup would be as weird as they come to. I secretly I thought they might fire babcock this season. He thought they would Mike Yeo it. I thought I thought that his time with that team was growing short art. And that when you swap out the assistant coaches and when you don't find playoff success and you start making trades kids and that maybe the team is still not playing up to snuff the coach get snuffed out. Now I will say this though. In defense of Mike Babcock. I don't think you can fire until they get good. Stretch with all three of those guys healthy. I think you're right. You know the idea that he's not had taveras martyr and Matthews on the line. Line up at the same time but for a few games a season as much as I would like to see. Mike Babcock collecting a paycheck in the comfort of his living room. I will say it would be tremendously unfair to the man to fire him without a fully armed and operational battle station known as the Toronto Maple leafs get a good run of games with a full lineup. So that's what I'll say about backwards so the question then becomes. Emily are the leaves Salvageable or are they still playoff. Team should be worried that this giant festering mess is not going to be able to catch fire and earn a playoff. Oh spot and I think they can. There's plenty of time. I think it helps. That teams like the Tampa Bay lightning. Aren't you know totally getting ahead. As we thought they might. In the standings standings I think the Florida Panthers are lurking here. But there's talent here when we get back to Babcock. I don't think now is the time to do it if you were going to do it do it in the offseason. Send these guys off on foot so I feel pretty confident that this team is fully healthy and look martyrs out for another three weeks. But it's not like he's out super long term. We're going to see a different product. I do think though that they need to figure out this. Backup goaltending position because that has been such a liability indeed and boy. Wouldn't it be nice if the penguins could help them out to that end as well all right. So that's the story from leaves. Land the center of the Hockey Universe. It's a black hole right now. The Sun has gone Supernova now collapsed the center of the hockey universes black hole and if things don't turn around there's a chance that may swallow babcock all right. Let's talk to our guests and now joining us on the line is Dan Girardi the NHL L. Defenseman who played for thirteen seasons mostly with the New York rangers and then the Tampa Bay lightning. Dan Thank you so much for joining me and Greg and I have to say I found out about your new venture and I was pretty surprised. Your podcast now. Yeah I know I kinda just fell on my plate and You know had a great time playing the last thirteen years and Like I said the the PR department. Tampa approach me with this idea. And I I kind of took it around with it. Now you're not worried about Competing with Don Cherry. Who is now also podcast? No no I'm not worried about that. I'm just kinda worried about you. Know Making something that people enjoy listening to whether it be in New York where I played a long time or Tampa here or friends family back home in Canada. You know. I'm just kind of ask some little bit. Have some fun with it and go from there awesome. I wanted to start start with Tampa. Last season was what it was in the first round against the blue jackets this season. I think there are people around lead. That are surprised that the point total isn't where they might think it should be at this point. I've been telling people that maybe a little adversity at the start is exactly what John Cooper would want for this team because they didn't experience that's enough of it last season. What's your diagnosis of the The lightning and how things have gone so far this season You know I I am staying busy even though I'm retired. They got some coaching duties with my son and his team. But I am able to watch. I try to watch the games either when they're at home on TV. Here try to make it to a couple of games of emily arena but Watch the game against Saint Louis. You know they actually pray for played pretty well but you know like like you said adversity and and is might not be a bad thing for them but the league is very very hard to win and every night and you know I think last year was just such a special year for the entire group and everything went possibly right that it could during the year. That's much in the postseason but You know the what they're dealing with now. It is a long year. It's you know it's a quarter waterway through and they're and they're they're down the PLA- spot but you know I don't. I don't think anyone in in the room we're in the organization is panic at all because you know what would the group they have. They're in the leaders are leading the way and Hetty back in and McDonough They have the right guys to Kinda get going in the right direction and I think they had a going there for a little bit in Sweden Sweden and The first game back Would they play played Played but I was. I was at the game. I don't remember Oh Winnipeg. In fact they played a really good game. Means Winnipeg's or no sorry. They beat up on the Rangers. The first game back played Play Winnipeg and they've actually a really good game. Hey but hell buckhead a heck of a game and you know I think there were starting to get in right direction. Obviously going in tough place to play like Saint Louis Defending Stanley Cup champs and it wasn't and also a good game but You know I like I mentioned. I'm sorry I'm just rambling on here quite a bit film It's a it's a very like the the fine line between winning and losing this speak this day and age and there's not one easy game or doing every game if you don't don't come with your best and get to you are going to have a hard okay winning you mentioned on your podcast. You'RE GONNA be talking to guys from the lightning. Maybe time of the Rangers other guys. You know growing up in hockey. I'm curious like as journals. We always. Let's have our white whale of an interview. Someone we just WanNa get that interview and share their story. Who Do you know that you know has an incredible story there? Beauty beauty great personality. And you'd love to get them to open up to the media because they haven't done it before. Well I feel like I set the bar kind of high with my podcast with Ryan Callahan where you go back a really really long time to our time in the entire hockey league but You know it's funny you I wanna you WanNa talk about things that you know. People don't really know from day to day that were two guys. Do maybe off the ice here we go with the boys go. Have a good time. You know you. It's a fine line between what you could talk about what you can't talk about because you don't want you don't want to make someone look dumb or you know I have to remember like me and Ryan are kind of work done on now. So we're like we could talk about anything. But you know when you when I grab a guy like stammer or that are down the road. Live down here in Tampa You know I wanNa talk both fun things. But they're still playing and they're still in the game they can't be you know talk about the one time we had you know. Everyone came to my house in Niagara Falls and this happened. But you know it's It's fun to be able to kind of get these guys open up a little bit. There's nothing again what happened in Niagara Falls nothing thing but it was twenty five guys at my house and just having a good time but You know I it's Like I lost my train of thought here but You know you gotta you gotTa find that fine line what to talk about not to talk about. And I'm hoping that. Oh that's sorry I got to say now that you know nothing. The games the you guys in the media and kind of media myself now but you know you might not be able to get something out of a guy that I might be able to get them just because I play with them. They kind of know me and I'm hoping that from talking to these guys a little bit off the normal hockey stuff that you know. Get a few things at the fans. Don't really know about these guys made with you in the summer. What they do with their family around here in Tampa and You know try try to do something a little different. I'm putting at fifteen percent that had been over went over almost almost went over the falls in a barrel that A fair percentage now like we had we had A. We had a really good story. wasn't a player But it was just something. It wasn't even anything crazy. It was just funny to happen. But that's that's what I mean that's GonNa that's with the team and that's GonNa stay there but You know it's just. That's the funny part of the PODCASTS. Are Really Growing Kinda as every day I look in the media in on my apple. ESPN or TSN or something. Like that is always come with a podcast. Because that's Kinda everyone's driving everyone's traveling and that's the easiest thing they listen to. Is You know something that you're interested in and the PODCAST. They're really getting big. Big here sure. Do you listen to any ones that aren't sports. Like in your like consumption of podcasts. Well honestly you're in a lot honestly. I don't really listen to podcasts. I barely listen to mind. I do good thing lifting perfect podcast. Perfect Makassar Museum won't sound like anybody else. I don't like I even when I played. I didn't like watching video clips myself especially like bad clips. I made like a terrible place. I never never liked watching that or you know. Even we recorded the first two and the guy send me and he's like no. I'm just like I'm Mike I'll I'll I'll get through them but I don't like listening to myself like talk and you know but when I did it actually sounded half decent. I didn't like think like. Oh my God this sounds. That's really dumb. It sounded pretty good. And my family. My family's GonNa say they like it so I always have my wife and my parents did a great job and feel like every player who played for. Tortorella has a signature torch story. What's the one that you dislike? Everyone's like what's playing for torch. You got your signature one. You can tell the story Oh Man I can guess probably got some good ones. But I don't know like I feel like he's such a like like a different different style of coach. Like you know you got your hard nose coaches but he was like very very hard on you but at the same time as one thing he always said was. My Door's always open. You know if you have a problem with me not even anyways like you WanNa come talk to me about something you know a play or just WanNa talk about anything saying the door's always open and like five minutes later abuse rematch on the ice here. You're like you can't make play like you know. But then and I want to tell a story but his thing always was when you say you got into a little bit with them on the ice or on the bench. You're like in the room. He kinda you know went back and forth a little bit. He always always always liked that a lot like he felt like now that we got that out. We're closer and we're stronger a stronger bond between the two guys but you know it has a few things and then you're you're you're you're closer and you know that it was kind of weird to think like that but it's true though right you you kind of go with someone or tow. You're Kinda like well this. I think this is right. And he's like no. That's wrong and Blah Blah Blah. I go back and forth. Obviously there were some swear words in there but then with Matt and Matt Nice but I feel like he did. He did a great job of always being easy. Easy to talk to. Even though you're not noticed that by his expressions on the bench and the way he likes to yellow guys or the wrath for you know but he's very easy. I I talked to and I really loved him to coach. Yeah I always I always valued that season of twenty four seven that you guys were on because like I felt that really showed shades of towards that. We didn't get the normally say I thought I thought he the totality of his of his character came out. You know the the guy who who could be a nice I got behind the scenes but also be the foaming dog needed to be. I thought that was a really a really good glimpse at at all the different facets of him as a coach. No yeah definitely that's pretty. Yeah pretty much summed up what I said right. 'cause like you know he could be like that like that. That dog like that ferocious dogs that you you you need something you need to get the team going. He could be that way. But you know if if you needed another direction where maybe pick a guy up or whatever get him going a little bit like Kinda you can cover all facets of the game and off the ice. He was like gets a great guy to talk to you know you. Could I watch his post game interviews every day because they're just you don't know what you're GonNa get what you're GONNA get. I love that about You You were you around as a defensive defenceman during during your days in the League and I wanted to ask you the. Nhl just sent out some some numbers recently about the season so far the quarter pole were setting offensive records again Ronn. Another record pace in some cases Setting offensive marks going on all the way back to like ninety three ninety. Four in your thirteen years did you. Did you witness this league. Changing dramatically as far as the tilt towards offense or was the change a little less dramatic than than it would seem to be statistically well all if you if anyone that watches the highlights. You could clearly tell there is a lot more goals being scored this year and even even last year with lightning team we had we were scoring average average was crazy a game like I think we led the League in goals for and you know it's just it is it has been going that way I really didn't notice it until maybe like maybe my you're actually years in Tampa 'cause all my years in New York very defense first oriented team we obviously tour at the helm and even when La Mini He. Always there You know very very defensive minded but you know obviously if you have the right guys to be offensive you they they let you do your thing but You soon as I came here they do. I sound weird. I don't think they care about defense. But they really there's a lot of offensive guys and they really elite. You know preach that a lot which is which is fine. And that's how when I since I've been here for the last two years have been very successful teams and You know if you do have the right. Mix of defensive guys offensive guys it's a great great fit But like this year alone this the scoring is insane. This like games are like seven and five six four just really high scoring games. When I first came in the League there was maybe once a month? You being a game like that but it seems like every night and you know guys is like mcdavid and dry settled like fifty points or something already like like like thirty something but still like it's insane. How many points these guys get you know? I don't think I got thirty. Points is my first two years combined. So yeah it's pretty pretty impressive. The numbers you guys these days Dan last thing from me your tenure the Rangers. There's ended with you getting bought out and I've never really talked to a player about this. I'm just curious you probably knew it was happening with conversations you had with your agent and management but what was that like that conversation in the days following I can imagine your self esteem thinking like okay. This team doesn't think I'm worth this anymore. I'm not worth my contract. Where do I go next and I know you sign of the lightning two weeks later but keeps walk us through that time in your life? Yeah well you know the last my last call my last couple of years in New York before I got bought out you now the media the media hates you. If you're you know a guy that makes decent amount of money you don't put up huge numbers but you know I always felt like I did every little things right and like played the game the right way and that that's just and I have no hard feelings. The Rangers at all for the buyout. It's probably the best thing what happened to me. Kinda re Juvie and my little bit and brought me to a place with Sun all year round so I can't complain about that but That you know you know you you have. I actually didn't really know it was coming for sure. You know you hear rumblings in the media and you know obviously you hear everything through the grapevine but You know I'm I'm just about to go walk. Pick my kids up from school in June. I got like a five minute. Walk and write New York to our kids school and I got a call all from Jeff Gordon. GM He's like. Oh you know it you know give me a spiel and then say we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA use one of the bio on you and I was like. Is there okay. It was like you know whatever hung up and then like I walk in and I'm like hey what are now. What's the next step? I don't know I don't even know how to process it for the first couple of days as like you don't know okay. Am I gonNA get another job like like or what's what's the what's the next step for me but you know it was like a week later. We have to like you know figure out our house get it on the market You know and then with the win that window is that teams could talk to you about the free agents. You know you know. Tampa came right away. And that's kind of like where I realize like. Okay well now. Here's the next job. I get ready for the next year and I felt like that was one of the best summers. I've had training wise in motivation-wise motivation-wise just because you know one to prove a little prove people wrong. You know knowing that I I still play for a long time. I know it was only two more years but I knew I could keep playing and and contribute and I feel like I did that. My last two years in Tampa and Love so much. I'm living here this year. You know it's a wonderful place to raise a family and and the area or organizations great and it was a little bit of tough time for me but ended up Being a a new chapter chapter that came up coming upon it awesome. Well Dan. We really appreciate your time. Join tell our listeners where they can find your podcast. All the podcast is is called The Block party with Dan Girardi Little Pun on. Where with all the shots I block but You know find spotify you know on itunes pretty much anywhere you can get a podcast You listen to it and you know if you like it. Great if not that I. That's so Canadian theory. Thanks de problem. That subserve inflatable noodle man is constant. Instant unjaded entices people to look at me. Look at me. He's stylist and brainless a literal head. Curiously however the inflatable Moolman when hearing the GEICO as people Monday but also has an award winning hand. That makes it easy to manage. What policy he knows? You should switch because yes switching to gyco. It was a no brainer. Implacable noodle man castle unpredictable creatures. Our thanks to Dan Girardi who gave his blood sweat sweat and tears for thirteen years in the NHL. And you know we've been talking about this week in the NHL. What's up blood and sweat a bit? It's it's it's. It's been a nasty week my friend Greg and just as we started recording this podcast we got news that Garnet Hathaway of the Washington capitals has been suspended for three games aimed for spitting on Erica Branson and before we get into this I have to say I've been triggered all week because in my career high school field hockey player. I was pretty good my team. It was pretty good I had a lot of shoving and physicality in the play but nothing scarred me more than when we were playing leave it was God Bergen County school and a girl gave me a wet willy and I was just disgusted with the biggest violation of my personal space. It was the nastiest thing that ever happened to me. I don't think I've ever gotten over it to this day. And so all I have to say is spit. Is it a disgusting thing now if she had a punched you in the face rather than that would that have scarred you or just the wet Willie. No that's what I'm saying like. I had black eyes from the sport I have you know rashes and Burns of turf on my leg and this is the thing that sticks with me some ten years later. So here's the situation and in this just came down as we were doing the podcast as you know. Washington capitals forward Garnett. Hathaway away was given a match penalty for a spitting incident involving Anaheim Anaheim defenseman. Eric Could Branson he could Branson punched in the face. And hathaway came back by spitting on him and Hathaway Waigel spent a huge water. Spit to Hathaway's as credit hathaway's credit. He came clean with the spit. He said look at me. I did a bad thing thing. I shouldn't have done it. I spit on him. There wasn't any semantics I was just trying to talk to him and a big water spill came out. I wasn't a an intentional does he. He lived up to it. And that's that's great and all the ducks were very upset. My God spitting. Oh Geez at a front of the game. Worst thing I've ever seen. How dare? Oh he spit. This is a game where people skate around for sixty minutes hitting each other in the mouth of the stick. Remember that for a second Garnett hathaway through the NHL's VP. Of Hockey operations. Colin Campbell. Who yesterday yesterday in after the? GM meetings explained that it's a good thing that it wasn't a spit against an official because that would be a real a real punishment still ends up giving guard hathaway a three game suspension for spitting out another player. Three game suspension for spitting on another another flare three regular-season Hockey Games for spitting on another flare. Yeah it's Nasty Greg. Colin Campbell was asked yesterday by Campbell the relation of the hockey news and can kind of you know said it in a in a bit of a serious way and then Colin coli kind of Played it off in a joking way. He asked him how is a bit different the Olympic. And it's kind of ridiculous debate to have but I guess one that's worth having when you think about a guy running around licking people in the play offs not even getting a single game not even getting a fine. I don't believe believe it. He marchant did he. Just gets you warnings you just got to talking to you. Talking to a player spits under the guy he gets three game MHM suspension now. I'm not saying that one guy scores thirty goals and the other guys Garnett Hathaway who many people even it was in the the league. But that's what it is and I I cannot comprehend how somebody gets three games in a league where guys his elbow each other punch each other sticky other trip each other board each other cripple each other and don't get three games for it. I don't WanNa be that guy that compares player your safety to hockey operations but I'll be that guy it makes us league look like a joke an absolute joke. Do this three games for a Spitz pitch. I think the problem is that there's just too much discretion here on this inconsistency and this is going to bring me into the next topic which was just as controversial if not more controversial in my opinion. And that's what happened with Matt Calvert in that game against the Vancouver canucks. Do you mind if I transition to that. I've said I've Said said my piece. You just heard out I understand. I understand I understand you know. I guess you have to suspend someone for fear that there will be other incidents students so spitting but a three three three game suspension and again this is a league where context is king. This is a league where guys is. Don't get suspended because they're like well. He was just reacting to getting punched in the face. Or what have you right. First of all by the way if there's one deficiency agency in player safety and and and player Enforcement in this league it's the Sucker Punch got shoulder. Show me a sucker punch that ever got three games a give him three games for spitting. I'm sorry I hate to be the guy that just like you know compare and contrast suspensions but I did a hit on DC radio this morning. You're like do you think he's getting suspended ended. I'm like well usually when there's a hearing this probably suspension. But it wouldn't surprise me if they just gave him a fine three games. Three Games for a Luyi Larry benchmark. That's the benchmark three games for Louis to get to board a guy first time offender. That game it's fine you know but Lougee Lougee. We'll make sure we get the drain the spit from this league. I'm only what I take umbrage to. Moore's is Matt Calvert Situation Though and if you didn't watch that Game Matt Calvert Block the shot against Lies Patterson and it's pretty much to his face at point blank range and he is on the ground and it is clear he is with her in pain so much so that allies Patterson tries to wave down the official and like get his attention but as the NHL book says if a team if a player goes was down and the other teams in control the Puck at the time of the injury plagued. He'll be stopped immediately told. His team is in scoring position. I totally butchered that. But the point of this if the other guys have the puck and they got possession just play on however if in this case where there's an obvious players as dangerous as serious injury. The referee Linesman may stop play immediately. So there's was opportunity for the reps to stop play immediately and my issue here is that it was on the judgment of the rest like this is all about discretion and the NHL came out and the general managers. Inter's met when you were in Toronto. And they said you know what we don't feel the need to change this rule because it was a judgement thing was an error of judgement. They probably should've stopped the play but they shouldn't didn't. Why wouldn't they want to create a rule that better as the health and safety of the game when they have an opportunity and rather to say? Hey we trust the rep's who clearly clearly had a gross injustice in this situation. That disappointed me more. I was really disturbed to see how this played out to sea that covered on the ice for that period period of time before he was being able to tended to buy his trainers and it kind of just sickened me. Yeah it was a cell phone to watch Steve Welcome the director of officiating for the NHL had a lot to say on this. I think it's clear that GM's and the league no that the REF screwed screwed up here walk them was kind of excusing. His guys by saying that the injury occurred that they may be couldn't see it. They couldn't see the blood it was it was. It happened in a weird position on the ice. I'm not surprised that there. There's no appetite for rewriting. The rule book. I just think they screwed up. Typically the rule of thumb is if you see blood you stop the play and honestly. I think that's a pretty good rule of thumb. I I know that in an era of player safety. We don't want to sit here and say that guy's embellish Sometimes they do and I know an aeroplane safety. We don't want to say that all injuries are equal. But they're not I mean guy gets Pitney angle with the PUCK. It's a lot different than guy bleeding out on the ice devils fans will remember a situation in the Stanley Cup. Final against the Detroit Red Wings. Nineteen Ninety five win the game winning goal. I believe it was engaged to scored by Jim. Dowd was scored after Paul. coffey blocked a shot was unable to leave the ice devils maintain. Possession scored the game winning goal. And that's a situation. We see play out a lot in this league and it's an injurious game and sometimes uh-huh guys get hurt and please continue but that is obviously like light years away from what happened with Calvert and the avalanche should be rightfully we Upset about it. Did you think that because of this because the way the the usually works. Is that when you see an incident. They tend to overreact to things and change as a rule book. For example. I guess making spitting three game suspension. Whoa you think that they were going to rewrite the rulebook on Calvert thing yeah I thought they could reward great that wording for sure we've seen incidents where they've totally changed rules to betterment player safety in the one example I can think of is at this year the new rule? Where if you're helmet comes off? You've got to exit play immediately to go get a new helmet or else. Your team's assessed a penalty like there's easy ways that we can they do this So yeah I think that they were going to have some kind of rewarding I I did and that's why I was sort of surprised that it did nothing came out of it from the GM's meeting eating. But they tend to believe the rule is good. They tend to believe that you know the rest. Discretion is where it should be and I just think we should be putting the refs in the the best position to succeed. Their job is hard enough as it is. There's not going to be an eye in the sky. Something else like. Let's not leave them with these gray areas and say let's leave it as a judgment husband. Call when like you said Stephen Him to admit they weren't in the best position to see it. Yeah and I think there there is a general sense that if they were going to alter the rule book it should be to to a situation. Where if there's a scoring play happening an guys down on the ice you let it happen but it's right but you're not gonna go let them start playing keyboard behind I think there might be some support for that but not enough from the people that actually make these decisions apparently early so there you have it spit blood hockey signed up for Greg. Okay right now. It's time for our favorite segment of castle. Hot Dogs. No he does not love to eat hot dog and strange area. The median gave Phil Kessel of hot dogs. It's the segment each week where we take a look at the hockey media. It's failings in its foibles and this week emily. Do you have your script in front of you I do I do. I came prepared great. We're going to do a little bit of Greg and emily. ESPN and Ice Theatre for you. As you know Phil Kessel loves hotdogs is referenced to the All Time Greats Steve Simmons Anecdote about Phil Kessel Hessel. Going down to the same hotdog vendor outside of his condo in Toronto eating hot dogs every day. This never happened. which which is why we use it? Example for how bad the hockey media could be well the godfather of soul himself. Steve Simmons was back at this week about Jerry York Hockey Hall of Famer. NCWA coach from Boston College. I will be playing the role of Steve Simmons and Emily will be playing the role of Rafer. Ro this is about. Steve Simmons Rant as Jerry. York skipped the first two the days of the four-day Nhl Hockey Hall of fame induction. Weekend to Check my notes here. Oh yes do what. Got Him into the hall of fame coach team. Member Steve Simmons. Emily is sensory Ferraro. What an idiot decision by Jerry York to pass on the day's festivities at the hockey hall of fame so he could just? I don't know coach yet another. US College game. That's my view. You can disagree I do. He will have that moment on Monday. Maybe coaching the players. It's more important to him than standing on a carpet. pregame and the other quieter ceremonies. Who's to say what's more important to someone calling it? Idiotic was wrong. Well I would change the word Eddie. Hottick for disrespectful. I suppose it is hockey hall of fame weekend. Jerry York doesn't WanNa take part in the numerous events prior to the Monday night. He should have declined the honour. Would you have this talent on all of that on Candy Granados big weekend. Nope she's my wife. I was so proud of her and always exam but if she chose to go Monday only because of the commitment she felt strongly about I would have been proud Out and support her to comparing my feelings to my wife as to yours Jerry York. That's a little rich and seen I think that was speaks speaks for itself. Greg boy does it. Now it's time for puck headlines Dateline Long Island as we do the podcast best. The New York Islanders have a fifteen game point streak going on. How is this happening? Very trots being disrespected. goaltending looking good. And Yeah all that but I have to say I'm a Georgia power rankings. Speak and we get to see the voters and what they do and if they're number everyone I'm going to have to make an executive decision to put them at number one. They're the best team in hockey right now. In full disclosure I had I had the capitals that number one I feel pretty the islanders at number two capitals number. One I feel I would if you drop the gavel and make the islanders number one one I would have no problem with it. I think they're like one and one at this point The real interesting thing for me about the islanders beyond the fact that they are doing some amazing bend. But don't break defense. And and do that Mitch. Korn is again working wonders the balanced scoring. I mean right now. They've got a seven guys with ten or more points. They're getting scoring throughout the lineup. Obviously Barzel and brock Nelson with seventeen a piece but the resurgence of Derek charred fifteen points in nineteen games regarded was bouncing around like super happy. Fun Ball in this league for the last couple of years. and Lo and behold he finds a home with the islanders a classic Lula Murillo Reclamation Project and another one of those great stories for a team that really is With the the best stories in the League right now to the point where fans are already seen allardice fans of my twitter feed game planning what trade deadline acquisitions they can possibly go for to bolster their case for a Stanley Cup. So there you go maybe maybe TAVERAS available Dateline Ottawa. Sad news from the senators. Bobby Lobby Ryan. We'll be away from the team while taking part in the NHL NHL PA player. Assistance Program. So Bobby Ryan getting some help from self away from the team. Jim Ryan of course is a is a tragic story on on many fronts at a horrific childhood. You can look that up for yourself the details they're D- at this point on the show but also you know. Life has been a bit different for him since he came to the Ottawa. Senators via trade two thousand thirteen from the ducks signed that seven year. Fifty million dollar contract in two thousand fourteen has been in a steady to statistic decline through many of those years years one point in the last twelve games coach. Dj Smith told reporters. That Ryan wasn't feeling well when he wasn't that practice on Monday and now is in the player assistance program. Now you you've read. This is sad news and it is but when I read this my first thought was good for him and you can see what you want about the NHL and their commitment to player safety but one of the Best S. things I think the NHL NHL have is joint program where players can go anonymously get world class treatment and you know the only reason. We're finding me out about this that it's happening in the middle of the season and reporters are going to notice. That are Bobby Ryan's not around every day but it's anonymous and he really doesn't have to give details to his teammates. He made to his team. It won't affect him financially. At least it shouldn't and you know what I think. That's really progressive living. I think it's amazing. And good for him for taking the courage to take that step and say hey I need to get away for some time. THREE POINT DATELINE SEATTLE. GM Ronnie Franchise. Ron Francis said during the hall of fame weekend that we're we're probably getting a team name in the early part of next year. Smells like the All Star game for break for me around that around that time. Maybe when all of the hockey is one place and you can drop the name there. Why No? It's not as I reported in my column this week. I talked to them. And they said no they're not going to send a contingent there to announce it while everyone's there they just said first. Quarter of twenty twenty. I don't I think it's silly that they wouldn't announce that they're when when all the assembled media's there but they're waiting their time to do it right in on their terms thinking if the logo rate it makes sense. Because you've figured that they would do it in a in their own thing thing like what Vegas did like vegas big unveiling Batman Right there and they they enhance the team name and the color of Sea Magic Seattle. If they're following the same blueprint we we probably do it then and I think for them. It's more important to own it in their market than own in the NHL Community right now. That's where the team spokeswoman told me questions emily really first of all the team name Sakai's sagacity and even more discouraging that team colors. I believe we'll be red and black red and black we. We've we've both reported read a black for a while. Well it seems like that's been that way for a bit I have somebody told me like over a year ago it was going to be red and black now. Are you saying sock is because your spidey sense. This is telling you sock is or because your reporters news is telling you Sokha's a little bit of both honestly the one that I back feel like. I never mentioned this publicly but when Gary Bettman was that the Chicago Field Player Media Story. I had a chance to sit down with him and I was talking about the name. Aim and stuff and asthma metropolitans which obviously has been one of the front runners and he was like very against sixty like. That's one of our vision names. No so it sounds like the League would not want to rename one of their divisions if this team wanted that name and I don't know if they necessarily want the name that's obviously the historical one that pays homage to the Seattle hockey history. But I'm ruled that one out. Well now I wish Lee gets final. Say That's very true. And now I wish that the Seattle Franchise was called the Atlantic Metropolitan Central Pacific. So we can back to the proper division. Names The yes Sakai's I'm a supporter of I think that's an awesome sort of double entendre. Name like punch a guy in the face. You saw 'cause I stock fish the whole thing. I'm fine with Sakai's I'm a little bummed that the more more adventurous color schemes that were bandied about including like light. Blue and pink for example are not going to be in part of the equation at all red and black is so boring too quick to quote the Great. NHL Philosopher of Guinea. That's off there needs to be more light color in the league. There's too much dark. Yeah exactly bite my tongue on the joke. I was GONNA make Dateline Hockey Hall of Fame Next Year Sees Dro- McGinlay and Marian. hosa eligible will early predictions for the class of twenty twenty. Emily I do think Arizona coyotes legend Marian hosts that got San and he he will wear his Katina Jersey as he's worn so proudly for that franchise at following the footsteps of Chris. PRONGER coyote when you go into the hall of Fame First Ballot Hosa. Yeah I mean the only reason I don't think he would be. I'm look I'm not privy to any of those voting is the fact that it's kind of confusing if he's eligible this year or not because he is still an active player decided. Last date played they decided he is eligible. That was around the hall of fame so he's he's eligible next season again. There's a lock use. I Bel- all day athletes. Thin is a guy. Hi that didn't get in the last round like I don't know why he's not in. That's a really interesting one. Like Hosa and Alfredsson both star wingers. The Senators Alfie played. His whole career are there. Host bounced around. It'd be really interesting. I I mean I it's I think it's it would speak volumes about Alfredsson standing with this election committee of hosting golden before he did Yeah but it's it's quite possible happen I having asked around. I'd be shocked if McGill and didn't get in next year. Yeah finally deserves it and you you know the they just put in a guy who was the embodiment of You know defecting from your country and coming to North America. The whole thing and McKinley has the for Soviet to to do it. I think it's a fantastic story to highlight and hall of fame. So hopefully he gets into finally dateline. Grammy's emily t swift Taylor swift only received three nominations for lover including only one and a major category lover. For Song of the year. Also Lizardo is up for best new artist despite truth hurts dropping in two thousand seventeen. But that's besides the point. The best new artist artis categories. Always a joke. Have you listened a lover and are you shocked that it didn't get more love from the ground and I don't think it's a good. Oh I'll take do you think it's possible at the two singles that she put out which were both pretty bad turned people off to the album without actually hearing. You know I had this issue Taylor. All the time I feel like the first single she puts out is not only necessary not her best single but like one of the objectively more mediocre ochre ones typically like. I think she's really someone is giving her bad advice. Of what single to Drop I. It's probably her seems that she's making that call but listen yeah yeah lovers. A great song makes me think of every high school dance and the best song of the album in my opinion is the one she did. Saint Vincent a the cruel summer which should have been should have been the second single instead of that. Whatever the hell anthem thing that she did for the second thing I forget what it was but yeah it's a good album deserve more love but Liz O.'s? been dropping stuff like two thousand sixteen right away ran you know. I gave out the phone number before on twitter and someone said they called it and a man answered is possible that the rent linesmen reassigned Ryan. Well we have gotten rates this year so I don't know why that would be but we got word from from that dude one guy they all did sound like the same voice now expanding. It's like some guy here in the office and Bristle that is lakes mess with US leaving. His own voice mails pertaining to different things in the name wrong number. It's possible but yeah. I had someone on twitter. They say that they thought that the line was going to someone guys desk and like shamed me for overwhelming like this guy said his desk like newsroom. Yeah I WanNa talk about Mike Babcock and like Oh God we'll find out what's going on. What the rant line? But there's no ranch this week so I guess that's the show. Hey the rant line was me talking about spitting there you go all you need to know and you should see this microphone. I honored my spitting rant spinning over. It I'm greg. Gerski follow me on twitter at Gw. Y. S. H. Y. N. S. K.. I if I'm my stuffing. SPN DOT COM. The wishlist is my column that drops on Thursdays. And I have another podcast where I say. Naughty things. Things called puck soup. Issue here a spit take on that one. I'm Mentally Kathleen at. Emily Kaplan on twitter DOT COM. And all I gotta say as by this is. ESPN is with ski and tackling subscribe to the show in the E._S._p._N.. APP OR APPLE PODCASTS

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