66: Be unapologetically ambitious, confident and lean in into your leadership potential with Sheryl Sandberg


A strong and independent woman is something to behold. She plays his own bills buys her own things and she doesn't let the men affect her stability or self-confidence off. She is a soul rich woman. Are you ready to be rich doing what you love me on purpose and in control of your life again at home women will love the airport Podcast Thursday. We will be openly talking about getting more clients online getting recognition as leader and female entrepreneur and also the f word being fabulous having freedom and financial Independence. It's time to own and love the F-word welcome to the show. Hey beautiful today. We have a really special guest her name is Sheryl Sandberg. She is the CEO of Facebook, which means she oversees Facebook's business operations specifically helping Facebook scale its operations and expand is global footprint. She is also the founder of lean in this is a global movement a global community group where Cheryl found it to support women striving to reach their Ambitions. So I met her in Hanoi Vietnam an opportunity when I was there on a project for sole Richmond. I spoke with her hang out with her and managed to did some recordings. I really hope that you enjoyed some of her life and perspective in this perspective of a call this recording she shared a lot about how she coped with her life balance a life do the world. She's doing now and I really hope that this really inspired you to do more as well for women who love the effort all the world's most companies most countries local government. Everything's wrong. Mostly my net. And that means that women's voices are on people you were and all the tables were decisions are made and I think it would be a better world if you were using the full population and Halloween is your goal into reading That's pretty deep Link in our culture. I I didn't people from outside. The United States are always a little surprised but it's in the United States to my thing is to share. Once that with you off in the United States women have 5% of the top senior jobs and here in Vietnam. You have almost seven Vietnam is actually on that metric one of the two highest in the whole world wage, which is fantastic, but it's also 7% And so culturally there are huge differences between the United States and Vietnam and all their members. But all over the world about eleven other cultural differences are low name is true, which is Thursday and women are encouraged to give toddlers. So men only only men your raise your hand you were called bossy as a little boy. Okay, where do you raise your hand in your golf ball? Z as a little girl. That's the issue. And so the idea is we need to encourage women to make ambitious and the world is not going to do with words. We are going to have to do it ourselves. And so where do not have a few years, of course, there's a lot of data that says next year's people your age can be as good as mentors at anyone else and so far as data off like they called us to Logan. I started my Foundation was to get women into local chapters local circles, so they can explicitly to eat and we Bishops and have a place to say I'm going to dream big crack raid and I'm going to go for whatever I want. We hope for a thousand circles. That was our goal. We now have 34,000 registered you guys weren't even registered, So, you know, there's a lot more out there which is so exciting because this was my dream all along was to have amazing women like you and like all the way over here and all off. And where you're inviting us really working towards the quality programming which is just entirely get to read the news. I'm so what do you think is the most important objective of having off and and we have been having trouble or the last five years and what we've had plenty has been all over the place. So what we know about circles is not they're very empowering some people who are going to two-thirds of the women who joined the circle will take not in the opportunity because of the encouragement of their starting wage, you know, 70% of a waiting to join the circle will go on to the games. They weren't otherwise in a difference notice. It happens because the circles get together every month and support each other and encourage each other and I know everyone has really busy lives, right? You haven't gone hours at work you and your friends some of you have children. The question is, where do you carve out that off as a woman something about when you want to get a very hard to do the math by the circles are working and being having being that for five years and what is going to be the name after the fighting it and groceries e, So the goal of lien was just and Way Beyond the United States Way Beyond me. I mean it out all the women and so I hope next five years ago all of you to take on Long Beach pretty nice status. Yep, the production you want to have children and you want and know that if you choose to you could be a mother and a great great great professional job, you know all over the world. We all know in some ways. We made a lot of progress right but it's always there's a long way to go. So the way it's having Vietnam has 36,000. The United States is 20% There is no country in the world where women are equal to men in the same world. So it's been five years of snow crab shack in circles. And I think is our chance to continue to do more and more and more. It's not enough about how seldom can tell us a Bible and believing Tuesday is you have day where you feel off. 9:00 this is this is the heart of Leaning the heart from being is not at the same level of a performance men often have more confidence than women and here's off because if you have a certain level of performance and you ask anyone around them for the person themselves for an American male accomplishments are number one with high and we're there, humans are a little busy. And so that means that we are systematically underestimated ourselves and everyone around us system as memorable number, purpose. I want to make clear and am doing as much to live in advance. This is not gender-biased. It's a bias that everyone comes and so this is why we know that men get promoted based on their potential to get promoted based on what they've already done. And so the goal of the meeting is to tell people even if you have a hundred percent feel like report apply for the job. Anyway Builder confidence the best trip I ever came off my driver jobs having years after I mean, it's on what kind of fortunately which is which day to write down three moments that you did something well and the dad and I put this in mind your website for a little local fire gun, just a little tiny notebook and write down three things. You did level where you guys located and if you really small, you know, they take off macro meeting. I can be really small but I realized when I started doing that because I never realized that I was spending every single might think about what I did on Thinking about all that wrong rather than what my right and the level of this is what I did. Well really helped build my confidence signing it and it's a great trip everyone doing nothing else here today three things you do. Well at the end of the dive into what advice do you have for us here? I'm online and I will. The biggest source device I have is to offer any Ambitions. I really making sure you can you go for whatever you want. My favorite question ending in there's really a Facebook question, which is what would you do if you were afraid, you know, as long as I'm going to give you a break and Enter tile, there's a lot of data behind what the people were dragged and we're almost kind of people almost always are very bad things they did in to do not regret the big they did even if they don't work out. I mean my goals I like people to get paid but in comparing Facebook and I really want to wait in to drive all over the world and my goal has always been from birth. Win and to reach for leadership roles when I filled with confidence that they tend to stop the messages. We have a men telling women and women's Hollywood and they can't do something. I'm getting off and you know, I agree because they're important enough to leave this very very important. You know, the by-product clarifies. I don't remember negative. I don't do everything well worth the time. I know great team. That's how anyone get anything done. It's just a great team. It's a hard question for anyone if it hit much harder question for me and I'll find lost my husband and I was a single parent. Yeah, the way I do it is one of the home and not happening. I'm home for dinner ideas. And when I was travelling it's harder and I really really fast so much as I used to do one more off my husband, but I think I always when I first had my son was long time. I twelve years ago. I remember working I can go and my always always always wasn't me off the side of the selling those around side of the family and I really didn't think I could do my job and not being you know, and right now my son I went back to work after lie and I realized that off he was a sweet from 7 to 6:30 in the morning so I can I change my hours. I was never able to do whatever it takes me waiting for twelve hours a day off. So I really had to make that change now. I was learning that I was pretty secure but I knew over a possible way. I made that change and I personally thought I would never be able to do a little bit of a job. But no one even worked out. I started leading down to the time when they're younger. They were returning leaving working and after he went to bed at night off work and then when my husband died, you know you travel at all for like six months and I was so hard for me. So we're going to get my dog again and we can't do this but then I had I had a choice but not travel for many many months and it turned out it was okay and I struggled all that you because I don't think it has to be as dramatic as amusing apartment on or off. There's a lot of things that's going to be believe we have to do that. You do not think that taxes you actually think we're not in right under that pressure to make sure everything and everyone and you can't do it and sometimes being able to say no in to a friend's. I'm so sorry. I can't come to your house for dinner. It's pretty as an hour. I believe off. You might have to the things that are absolutely essential family job or whatever it is. It is essential for you. How do you say father in any kind of his stuff later tonight or Thursday morning, and I tried anything official so not perfectly but sometimes you have to like prioritizing your family of choice. So if you have any advise all of you know, these are very individual decisions, and they're culturally culturally resonant residuals. I feel very strongly that women shoes when and able to marry and so in China there have been natural amazing leftover related with you all about them. Yeah, and you know, actually when you were told that there are a lot of your life, you're not married and a lot of other things and that way we are moving out and saying some of the money that they're in them and that's great. But some of them don't think they their families I get to make this choice and so I can't sit here and tell you what I'll get married at twenty eight point five years or twenty six point five years. That's not the point the point. Is that when you marry marry her, lol May need an area. So one thing that's true all over the world, but it's particularly exciting here engaged and obviously an alcoholic route to Asia. Is that off the majority housework and childcare the great majority the graveyard and that is culturally important here in pretty much everywhere in the world. That's something that's hard to change but World oil change and your sense that I'm not good at the time that everyone here to get information quality and America's off, but you can probably get more than individual child and maternal father involved with the children is really really important or your children when they when you're not so often do you say you can date you everyone just don't marry those guys, you know, like they're really cool guys not going to help you that much, There's no good days. Those are not my husband's. The husband he wanted someone to support your career and you can have this conversation and some of them said to me if I have this conversation is maybe he won't bring up the second day and I said, well you might as well find that off for you based on County one also recognized religions in the younger group. Try not to being a girlfriend. That was too much. I don't take a boyfriend. Don't do that be nice and other ways because it's not only the states too is women's get into this pattern movements early relationships of off. I'll take care of you know, what you'll be something out for the rest of your life. Whatever you're from the beginning my father Mike from the very traditional household. My father Works. My mother Works inside the home by 11 a.m. Every night. My father did know a little Journal. So but the one thing he did was he died and that was that was miserable and he had that truck from the very beginning so when I was getting married off, I'm hoping careful what you do in the beginning. So you just come here and everybody we don't go back and start ironing. See what I really want to do. The rest of your life sucks. I want to share for the men you're into the women Jordan socks and I'm here is really important is that it's really good for the resulting. So at any income level at any income level in any country with children is father's I was spending more time with them do better. It's better in school think you better professional learning. They are happier. They are healthier life physically healthier and you're more attached to each other emotionally. So in any metric you care about for men here with a manual one day married. It is important for your kids. Not a favor. It's about being a real partner for your children. I also have a man all over the world. If you want to do something great for your girlfriend or partner or wife. Don't buy flowers do volunteer, you know, do you think about the days is right off of your early whatever. So I said this on a late night TV show in the United States and ahead of activity, which is the largest War flat flour stored in the country song. Then we have a play about this day and age it's helmet to do laundry and send flowers. Why didn't you write a book and what kind of vehicle that meant? So that's my husband very excited me two and a half years ago. And I really didn't know what to do when my younger and as I turned my friend Adam brand is a psychologist and he started teaching me what psychology and teach about getting a graduate and I wrote the book because it was such a bad experience and he helped me survive off and I want to change my vehicle and I was like, my husband was an incredible now, let us know getting instead of just myself if I did something good in his name and kept his memory alive. And and so the question is often we go through something really hard and it can be that if you can answer it could be busy a job. It can be using a parent. Everyone's life is touched by something. No one is living the perfect life life. And we actually get stronger for those for those troubles on those challenges. Now, I really want to get stronger before the challenges if I can trade all the learning and take it off your hands and so recognizing the things that are different and better from what I learned is so important and the major lesson for me making my friend is a gratitude. So actually 48 in August. And before I lost a I would expect my thirtieth birthday. Indiana was sad times the doctor right? I know like, oh my God, it's two years. I'll get me 50. I'm getting a little Wingers right right off. And I will go out in the morning. I turned forty eight of the deepest and most compelling sense of gratitude that I needed I made and I feel awful variety for being alive, which I completely took for granted before and that is mainly like about and so everyone here celebrating a birthday song. Remember to make jokes about growing old. There's only two options. If you already know and growing old and the last name, and I know this is a society where there's a lot of respect for elders. I think Obama running and My acting perspectives now sense of how that works here that we're all here. Today is something new. With me and I try to remember and honor of the movie was awful. So you wanted to completely silence around have something bad happen to you right when you say I can answer for my husband just died or my child was very exciting life happens. Right, it's funny because no one knows what he's dead. And that's true all over the world. And the trim is had has the moment when we need each other because I am moving. My husband is how often find out this wrong, more. So before I was saying if someone was going through something hard, I would mention in one time the first time I saw him announcing so I was saying so sorry about the loss and then I would never say anything again because anyone remind them You can't Remind me daily diet. If you walk up to me three years later and say I'm so sorry for your loss on like oh, I forgot right? I remember that so you can't imagine where she can answer or he's struggling with a job and he will know that it's no it's not everyone wants to talk every man, but it is sad how many people line here for you is so important issue. It's great Grado. We think we are the largest Grassroots Organization of Women anywhere in the world there. Maybe another one. We don't know what that is, but for everything and that means the people in Iraq articles and chapters, from all backgrounds all countries and all my friends have taken AMA cruises. Well, one thing we have seen the maintenance work very well with some of the chapters that are horrible by professional and have more going to help have hooked up with organizations where they able to wild women who have less privileged. So in New York, there's an investment thing where they have waited so long and they partnered with women in a homeless shelter them to help him training for that. So if you want to reach out and do some of those activities their grade and program works really for Thursday and everywhere because we all these different challenges, but some of them are the same. I'm sure not working very well dominated environment. I know I do. I think the thing to do is change. The first thing is over, the Enterprise in yourself and know don't feel like you know belong to see the table. Literally, I mean, table one of the things that got me arriving in was noticing that in all the rooms. I was in the winmalee that with that even when they were singularly like take your seat at the table. Make sure I make sure your building I'm still positive and then the bubble the minimum out with you to see the way that they can get involved in in itself. I love in your connecting with you and then your boss is no here because resilience is something that we normally when I first bought my husband but gossiping I don't you know, how do I know how much resilience I have our college kids now instead of the wrong question because we're not born in Dickson on resilience know it is we build a and we built in ourselves we built in each other. So one of the ways I think we need off. With one of the reasons being in works and throws all the world is because we didn't build resilience into the women is a smart goal because they are there is more each other. And so whatever your contract is for women to express lane help each other and support each other that is how you build resilience and its resilient several take out the rest of their lives. They're our future leaders are they, Mr. Pratt companies Community. I believe that the best money this program is being an idiot and I believe that you are person might person day by day reading my thoughts are going to change the world in a matter of and so it is on you guys are ready for my dreams literally went through so much. Thank you so much for joining me today. I'm so honored dead connected and I hope that I can continue to serve you as you build your dreams and if you loved this episode and I hope that you did rated five stars. Give us the globe. Review because you will help more women around the world finding these little rich women podcast alone. You are strong together. We are unstoppable now share this with everyone who needs it because this is how we are changing the world one woman at a time as always get out of your comfort zone and go towards the dreams. You've always wanted to achieve for women who love the f word being fabulous having freedom and financial Independence. My dear Soul rich woman sending you my love life and I'll speak to you soon. Bye for now. off

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