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Ep. 77: Jamie McMurray (RWP)


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Any balanced Duke sixty four gigs zero down thirty one twenty five per month for twenty four months, pre-credit rice, seven forty nine ninety nine zero percent. APR one offer perk out. Haberman. Welcome back. The racing Arturs podcast. I'm your host, Colonel. This episode is a really cool to Jamie McMurray who, of course is working with NASCAR and FOX this year after retiring from NASCAR Cup series competition. At the end of two thousand eighteen and, you know, the story Jamie's won some big races. He's also had some down moments in his career, and now he is transitioning to television broadcasters. So he's doing some great things with NASCAR and FOX over there race hub and some pre ratios things like that. And we're gonna learn all about how the Transition's going, what has surprised him what's been enjoyable while was overwhelming at first, and so much more. So wonderful conversation. This is one of those conversations where I walked away, feeling, like I got so much more than what I expected going in, and I absolutely loved that. So Jamie was great. Chat great conversation. Thank you to him. And thank you. Of course, to Megan Engelhard, who has helps get a couple of news for me over the years, and certainly on this podcast as well. So thank you her. So let's get right to it again. No one win introduction. We're getting pretty good at this. Let's just get to it. So. Tell me what you think, of course, on social media in ratings and reviews. I hope you've hit that subscribe button, don't miss out on this episode don't miss out on any of the other ones and continue to spread the word for me. Because I greatly appreciate it. So here it is. Here's Jamie McMurray on the racing artist pot. I just the natural. Start is, you know, hey, how's the transition been going now that you've been a couple months into this non race car driver? Now, you're on TV initially overwhelmed. I think. I think. The news is such a different type of TV than than being in the studio new during the studio work. It's a little more of a plan fill, and so, you know, when we're we can do like a little vote pre-tape show to go on to run through it. And, you know, a lot of times when Shannon Moore the hose vote, you know, ask you by shouldn't he kinda got an answered the way that you talked about because the next person talking is playing off of, of what you're saying, so that a little difficult, initially this to make sure, you know that you, you give you know, the answer that you haven't talked about, and that you the next person of that it's been a lot of fun in initially was was overwhelming with the amount of notes that they send you emails with fats. And as I was printing all those often in VIN reading about all that stuff. It was a live. But I've I kind of learned the things that I need studier about two ready for the for the weekend and the other thing. That this happened. Is that race the else since? I don't wanna I guess, in that have I watched some races that I really haven't watched cut bracing. And so to get in there and talk about it. You, you know what's going on when you watch on TV? There's there are different stories that, you know, things that happen. He didn't realize it happened. So the fact now that I've, you know, I've got a half a year of, of watching every single raisin nudges watching, but, you know, intently watching in the studio, it's definitely easier now than what it was initially when you mentioned being overwhelmed and you mentioned now, you know, obviously more in tuned, with racing is that different than, maybe what you expected coming into it. When you signed up for this. Maybe you thought it was going to be one thing. And it sounds like you're learning completely different initially want to FOX. It was about trying to be in the booth at the racetrack. They talked to you about this is a building studio. There was talk about that. They were gonna have this Joe Howard house long for the coverages in thirty minute long for these videos pre ratio maybe got rid of the Hollywood hotel, which was the ratio blacks year or the last fifteen years. So I didn't really know what to expect, but it has been different. I've got to go. Charlotte, actually went did extremely tall vine and practice from the booze. And that's certainly a much more comfortable environment just because, you know, as a someone has driven cars for so long is so easy to just react to what you see in DC something, you just say the first thing that comes to your mind. Right. And, and that is, it's just a different type of TV than than the studio work on the other hand, is there something about this role that has been maybe a little bit easier or much more fun than you. It to be. Biggest thing unexpected is for the drivers, you know, or or you know, as a driver, you, you had a team of crew you have a the road through. You know, you've got all these people that you work with inter than your team. Every we talk about that on TV you know every week. But what I didn't realize that invincibility that you have different team. And it's you know, it's Shannon. It's Larry, Gordon DWI all these people that you work with every weekend, in your view. There's a team to try to put together the best TD program or most of the entertaining, informative TV show that you can I didn't realize that's what it was gonna be. And that's been a lot of fun because there's a lot of laughing that goes on behind the scenes and actually on the shows. Well, but I, I leave their the studios regain with foam of Asia's, because I've had such a good time in and their long days like a you know, I thought. You know, if you didn't show from from twelve the one that you got there at eleven thirty and three close on the show. They reality is, is a hero auto mornings at seven or seven thirty in the morning that you get to the studio. You a run through of the show will be. He didn't go to make up, you then do the kind of mock run of the show, and he gives even six or seven advice that they're the shooting long days, but it goes by fast because you do. Time while you're there. Touch a little bit on that when it comes to like your day your week routine. Can you in addition to you, obviously jump, you know, getting clothes and makeup and all that when it comes to your prep, and you mentioned notes before, and things like that, what are you doing? What is that routine? Or maybe that day like for you. When you know you're doing one of the shows. Every. And everybody in an extended. It also cut call and it's, it's everybody from don't even know it on this on the call because there's a lot of people that don't talk. Just listen. All of his on there, whether you're tiptoed reporter of this guy or producers, like everyone's on this call and us just go over what you think the weekend's going to be a valid know whether it's the driver, that's on a roll. Or, or maybe it's trends of a racetrack. Interesting story lines that are going to happen. And so that happens every Tuesday in those take from around ten thirty two one o'clock the Cup. Call is is really long they extended once fairly short. And then throughout the week, you know, I, I don't like it four or five emails, a day in within the emails is a lot of stats. They've got, you know, I think there's three or four stack guys and they basically all have their own role of the status. They send you information about the racetracks or teams are the drivers are trends that have been going on. The reality is that when you hear all these people sale stats. Stats that oughta she read that in the somebody has sent them. It is interesting to see all that. So I kind of make book each week out of based on whatever rezendes in men. Things that I think are interesting and everyone's fix something different. Somebody will find the same thing. But, you know, when Larry's sits down and reach. Those different things. Interesting, what I do. And it's nice because we get on the show. It's a good blend. Maybe what Christie side what they find interesting versus a driver. You know what they think is interesting. All right. So you mentioned Larry, you mentioned Jeff in Shannon and everybody that you how your teammates have you on is the right word. But I'm sure you've probably picked their brains or just talk to them about maybe how to fit into your old do discuss a lot with them. Maybe kind of how you sit in, and maybe some advice of I don't know that the approach to take a for your role. Absolutely just is healthy a law in the end, just other me kind of dumb things down, because it's pretty easy to because, you know, everything that's going on. It's, it's hard sometimes for the casual fan, as washing the know what you talk about, like there's some lingo awards and owes me come down. Here we call it just for the casual fan can comprehend what you're saying. That's helped a lot and just one of the things that he finds interesting or what maybe seeing Dr Larry has been huge. I mean, Larry turned out of a great friend. I have known him pub since two thousand one when he first started TV, you know, casually would say, hi. Or, or just you know in passing vein. Really know Larry actually was like four miles from me that I've, I've never hung out with him. But since January, you know, we have a law, whether it's doing the hub or being there on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We spend a lotta time together in. I likely loved for, for numerous reasons but he's extremely prepared and he's, he's a notetaker and I'm the same way are OCD is is very similar that we, we tend to make fun of each other. But at the same time, we're almost jealous again, the person thought of, but they came up with so ladies that huge Elvin machine for a long time as well. But again, have been more than three minutes with her doing interviews and a great job. She's, she's a lot of fun to be around to the tiny energy. They wanna in inner city of Shannon is that is, he knows a lot about a lot of different sports. It's always talking about football or basketball, or baseball, like she just knows a lot about a lot of different different sports. Not just budgets racing taking anytime. They need to just go from years of talking about your team, your career, what's going on with you to now being so in tuned, to where you're just overall talking about racing in the sport. Have you gotten comfortable with that being able to really dig into story lines drivers and, and really what's going on in the sport, you actually easier? One thing about f you're around Jeter fishermen years. He interesting questions, and it's really hard to be sincere on your answering the same questions year after year. Because there's, there's always, so. Has driver. I really enjoy getting to talk about a lot of different drivers and get your opinion and balloon doing the. Always feel sedan. I would do that. I wouldn't do. But someone down because I remember the days in a rush, I will call them out there were people on TV. They always seem to find the negative story to talk about, or if someone was having a bad year to bring that to everyone's attention. I didn't really I mean my perspective on that. I, I don't see anything to gain by that. Everybody knows if someone struggling things, aren't going well. And I just, you know, I've tried really hard if we are talking about driver, the struggling to find the highlight of what's went on for them. And did I just feel like that such a better better mindset, better story that are know health fans versus the negative side? Because that leads to another things I was going to say, what is your approach when it comes to being in MS, there's going to be times where you're asked for your opinion? You're asked to break something down or analyze it kind of what Europe wrote in that sense. It sounds like in that regard is, maybe not to hold up on the negative and try and find a positive. Everything that I say believe, but I also just I both sides of I think you I mean slamming my career I had some of the highest highs is some feel blow time swells struggles. So I know both sides of that in what the driver is hearing, which wanted her mind. I, I know you know, the, the Dow's that maybe they're having an so I feel like instead of being above on that. It's better to talk about, you know what they're thinking or what, what you, but you think they should do to turn the corner. And so, yeah, I mean like I just I've really tried hard to focus on just find the brighter side of the story instead of dwell on what, what we all already know. Would be, how does it feel to go from again, for years, you being an interview focus to now you're the interviewer, especially when it comes to maybe other drivers you getting to do that? Asking questions Michael, and it was the first driver that I had to ask a question to. He learned Daytona the decent extended erase belief. But we, you know, we got into the studio rooms of Michael. I don't remember if it was cut driver that we was hard true and out. I'll ask them in and. Which is sort of you want. I'm like, I don't know asking and that was really hard to, to because. Earlier, it's hard answer the same question over and over again. So you want to try to come up with something unique or different or something for me like every of people ask the question on a really good question. In a long time. And so you give gradient where when you give the typical questions you just give the standard answer, and you move on. And it's you know, it's kind of a boring interview to the questions have been have been hard getting to do the rain delay at Dover. We interviewed four or five drivers within like twenty minutes. Pushing in help to tone and then also the sit out of a couple of interviews. I did one with Kyle Larson Tyler Rettig in those of the law. You know you, you get an Aaron aegis questions just kind of happening, but I will tell you that even during our this podcast, we're doing the questions you're asking I thought, as question she's asked. So I look at interviews completely different now I listened to the answer, but I'm more listened to the question and kind of wear the, the person doing the interviews come in from a to try to learn. Thank you. Is it that does again lead to another thing? It sounds like you're getting a little bit more of a different perspective or a new respect when it comes to what it takes to ask questions. And really get a good answer. Because like you said, you've got the experience of. Okay. Don't ask me, the same question. Now you can apply that to this job you you're you're able to look at it from a new perspective. It's easier when you're having a conversation, like we are because, you know, you really have three questions in the us are feeding off of answering your Kuala women bring this up since you've since you said it. So that gets a little bit easier when you can have a conversation back and forth or on the show on. You just get one question in the it's happened. More than once again, the fifteen interviews or your internat- the question and they answer. Your question is someone else's answer. Is your job now? I am benzel English ahead. So I started writing three questions. Doubts this happens like move onto the next. I feel like I wouldn't be doing my job Jamie if I didn't ask the obvious question, and that is do you miss racing at all? No, I missed those socialist of of being the race track in the cars were intended, Charlotte. I was the booze. And so I walk around the extended garage trauma Cup garage. Part of it. The driving part when I watched the reasons breath because lousy lead performed hundred fifty four laps or whatever it was at martinsville. Am I man, I thought would be so much fun to be in that car? But I also you know, the struggles of some other drivers where they they're getting left in the first stage. And I've been there before to my huddle miss that also there's ups and downs ago with that. But I would say, for the most part, I don't miss it as much as they guys that has. I could be wrong. I think you had said late last year that obviously, you're gonna run the Daytona five hundred. You did that and you may look at a couple of other races, even if it wasn't math are is there any desire to do that. Or are you pretty set and happy with what you're doing? I guess it just depends on the opportunities that come all I really enjoy doing TV. I like the. Kinda unique challenges versus being in the car. So I'm it's all really focused on is just kind of puts next in the TV world for me. I haven't you know, like the mov was was this weekend, and you should mentioned to before, but maybe going to run. And maybe I don't know. I guess it's pretty hard to say unless you know, the circumstances what, what I didn't want to do, and you see you see guys do it. You know, or drivers have had success. They come back and they do you through three races a year. And even with a good organization is with, you know, the, the orange team or a group of guys, they kind of put together and you just you have no chance not only are you not sharp begin car weekend. But he you've got the, the worst in crew that the organization has because anyone who's better than desired on a team. So that you just you're kind of deep before you ever get there. And that does not appeal me at all. Going back to the studio being in the studio, Jamie. I am fascinated by obviously, the makeover that they done the studio in this giant green screen, and I get a kick out of asking everybody who works there. What the experiences like what is it been like for you being a room with that giant Greenspan that they can pretty much put anything up on is really interesting because? We were doing two or three shows a week, just not necessarily for the talent, but mainly for the studio just to get acclimated with the graphics and everything that goes along with that, but we would run through whole show. So we were doing racist from last year, and that was great for me, because I got a lot of practice of doing shows wasn't on air C. You gotta get I almost half a year experience before the season started. And we all joked around. We're like mayo Republican have huge headaches for me shows Rover, because you're just you're in this big green room. But the reality is like you just talk to the person next to you. Whether Shanna earlier, bodily, Vanni livers in that room us look at them and you talk to them, and you have a conversation and you forget about everything that's around and your, there's I on the, the desk in front of you, and so you can look at and see what the backdrop is was was in the background. It's weird. It's like to sit as able with a group of friends, you have a conversation. You ever want those back or maybe make notes for yourself along the way of things that okay I don't like how did this. I'd like to be better here, and like, do you do criticize yourself and the analyze yourself and how you'd want to get better at this job? Told me in this, this is a true statement of TV is that is never as good as you think it is. And it's never as bad as you thought it was. And that's the truth thing is I have went back and watch times on my who settled think that that's not what I wanted to say. Or maybe you get choked up or you get your loss for words. But when you go back, and you watch it, it doesn't ever seem as well. Actually wasn't that bad? So I go back and I watch some but not a lot. I you know, I just I feel like the biggest thing is being prepared before you get there and making sure that you have your notes, correct? And if you do any of the like, say any of the, you know, the little machos, we do before the country interest in that, you're, you're ready to, you know, say what you need to say, you know, if you're not prepared anyone is doesn't matter what you're doing, if you don't repairs, you, you don't do. Well, and so for me it's more about just making sure that prepared before get there. Tom, I struggle with how to phrase that. So obviously. Well, so obviously being racecar driver, you've done this for many years, you've been in the sport. You feel like you know, the sport, right? Or how different do you see, like you know, the sport now kind of going back to an earlier question where now you have to talk about it and really dig into it? You feel like you know, the sport or did you realize once you got out of the car, and you started talking about it? I don't know as much as I thought I did. I would say that your perspectives will jump in don't know. Like, I, I don't feel like I know any less earning more now but I you know, as we watched the two thousand nineteen rules package with your law complaining even from the guy that wins. You know, they just seem like they don't like the roof bekker's of, of online, but from fans perspectives. The racism really fun entertaining. I did. I, I know the guys frustrated in the car, and I think that I know that I would have been as well. But from a race fan watching is really entertaining. None of all of them are clearly though, her race was was not a great race. The aren't great raises. They've never been nicer than we met with the rules are those tracks to believe produce amazing races. But when I look back at a Kansas, or the also raise accelerates that we've had recently have been so good. And so I don't know that I wore less, but I think my. My perspective on the race and the entertainment value, that goes into that. It's completely different. You mentioned is right off the top. And I wanted to circle back to it about being in the booth is there a desire at some point in your career Jimmy to ever be in the broadcast booth alongside of Mike joy and Jeff, Gordon and do that on a weekly basis. Honestly, what I keep over initially what I wanted to, to do. And if opportunity comes along, then, yeah, I was I was left to go, you know. In. Nothing. It's easier. It's more natural, especially as a as a driver. I think it would be more difficult for the transition versus the driver. Visit driver, you know, you're, you're watching it. And you just you're already know what everybody's thinking if there's a restart which lane you want to be in those things. You don't have to think about it. You just say exactly what you're thinking, and that's it. So. I really enjoyed it at Charlotte go, but I was up there with Adam, and Michael, getting to be fair in Washington that the, the time goes by really fast, just because you're, you're constantly talking. So, yeah, I would definitely have a desire any that because he thinks for here this may have nothing to do with your new role. But one of the things I've noticed is you've been a lot more engaging a lot more. Posting more on social media. Is there a correlation there? Now, you're maybe more comfortable with how much talking and engaging with people to get it didn't seem like when you're driving, you, obviously, we're on social media. But it seems like you're just more engaging, especially social our socializing and really kind of replying to people on social media. I'm actually still very much coincidence. I, I loved reading Twitter, Instagram pictures. I, I mean I I'm probably like everyone else. I really enjoy that. I just don't ever fuck that much interesting to say. And so, I don't I typically don't those things unless it seems I think I've spent my last marathon, I posted my, my finishing results for someone. That's kind of cool headed. Really? Well, I want to share that with everybody. The thing about social media, bothers me in it doesn't matter. If you are a NASCAR driver or of a sixth grader. Is that I feel like I'm guilty this in that when you posting you oughta medically? Go to these notifications sues Seaview get approval from people. Did they like what I said, do they agree with me? And most of the time, they do, but even have twenty thousand people say Hungary to was and the one person that says the negative that really bothers me in it. I don't even know the person and you can go, and I might have ten followers. Writes doesn't matter it really bothers me. And so that is honestly, what keeps me off of that in those things that I wanna deal with, with the negative side of it. You looks at instant in the instant, gratification. And then when you don't get it. You're like it ruins you. Itching, and, you know, a little boy, I though couple. A couple of months ago, and my dad and some other family members were we go from video camera on it in, and they really bulls citizen me to file the text or emails. We'll see. We'll do something on YouTube, and I'll send you the links even watch it. To watch it on YouTube in terms of her mother little voice founded in in. It's crazy. Coming on people. I don't even know why somebody was like the videos is the is the go kart going around the track. But people started like it on YouTube a second. I'm old now, though, I don't know what that means. But there is. Key was waking up every morning and we have apple. And she would even find the video, and he was saying, almost full and a Mike. A mys- incredible. She doesn't like he's eight years old. He's already worried about that. And I think that's still wrong that, that we depend on strangers to accept us or you know what I mean. And so I don't know that makes me really nervous that I guy. I can't tell my wife, I'm like he doesn't even really know what that means. He's already worried about it. And so I don't know that, that, that part of Lucia media really bothers me. That's why say away from him. Oh my goodness. You know would be worrisome. I get you out of here on this last question, we are going to the weekend. I feel like we're kind of the point now where we consider the half of the year is gone, so I would love for you to put on your broadcast pack here for a second and just kind of maybe you looking at the second half of the year. Maybe the drivers are storylines that you think we're going to keep talking about, as we go into the summer months. It's been all three seen teams. They want all the one race of to this point. You know, I think the Stewart Haas number they're struggling with ever want to raise ya you back into number races. They wanted this last year. I think it was like seven races today Lund. So I I'm sure that Kevin Harvick in Hugli voyeur are going to victory lane. But, but wins that can happen. I think he looked at Shchukin as you're seeing all stories that hurricane close Bristol's the winning ran well this year last week, but they haven't got back to winning a points race. So they are they going to get back to victory lane. You know, there's just there's a long, storylines, the Mark shrimps junior going to gives. And, and I know that, that in the, you know, people are trying to stir up like a rivalry there between Kyle and Martin. So I think there's a lot of, of, of this story storylines there. And then we also got a, you know, we, we, we think we know this last year. We've been. Do you know the were title contenders? Enjoy Gano, you know, gets the troops hartsville and makes it through that route of linen Ashim considered, I don't think anybody takes that. So I don't know. I think there's a lot of stuff I think there could be the feel-good surprise story. Like we have last year. Jili I greatly briefly the time this has been wonderful in, I appreciate you. Be interested in doing it. So thank you for questions questions. Thank you.

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