Episode 38: The 2017 Auction of Ben Snobar's Mopar Collection


Welcome to episode number thirty eight of Talking Mo- pars on today's show. We have project car of the week. high-performance parts listener stories, and I wanted to talk about an event that I attended three years ago and that event was the Ben Snowball. Collection Auction I often think about that auction and I realized that I'm probably never gonNA get a chance to attend another one quite like it and I've. I've never actually spoke in depth about it, and what my experience was like not only attending the auction, but taking part in it so without further ado. If you are a moped theseus than you are in the right place, don't go anywhere. You're tuned into the best moped theses driven podcast on planet Earth and I'm your host Chris Albrecht better known as the Mo- partner, and this is talking mopeds. You're listening to talking Mo- parts with the multi hunter. Your direct mention all things. Mo- Park. Hello again my friends, we are back for another exciting episode talking Mo- Pars, and it's been a long week. I. Let! A car slipped through my fingers and I'm kind of kicking myself in the Butt To be honest with you I ran across a sixty nine dodge dark for five hundred bucks now. I already have a sixty nine dodge dart. It's in the garage, but here's the thing. It needs a lot of parts and. You know I have alert setup on. Certain APPS that alert me when cars that I'm interested in pop up on him. That's MOPE. are hunting trick for you? If you don't know about this on certain apps on your phone, you can have alert setup when certain cars or Certain makes of cars pop up, so it kind of gives you a quick head start on other potential buyers so I have a lot of alert setup for different things. I won't give away all my secrets, but. Recently nineteen sixty-nine Dodge Dart swinger popped up on offer up four five hundred dollars now. This car had been wrecked in the driver's side quarter panel, but It had a lot of parts that I could. He used on a lot of hardware. And you know little things that I really needed. As five hundred bucks now in my on breaking it all down like I, spend way more than that. If I were to buy all these parts individually at swap meets or on Ebay and here's where trying to get the better deal got the best of me. I offer the Guy Two hundred bucks. And you know he said Oh. The Best I'll take is four hundred, which was willing to pay. Well here's the thing. I wasn't just going to let them get away with that. The stupid me I. Know I know you're thinking you'd like. Why don't you take the car? I know, but I really wanted to get that thing. I really wanted to pay three hundred dollars for it. Okay, so I offered him a couple hundred bucks. He said no, he said four hundred and I sat on that for a while. I wanted to see how this thing played out. I wanted to see if maybe I waited a week and see if anybody else. Else it and someone else bit I. Don't know what they paid for it, but I should've taken the four hundred dollar offer, and or at least just said hey three hundred bucks right now you can get rid of the car. Make your wallet a little fatter and I can make my driveway a little fuller, but instead I waited I hesitated I gambled I lost. That's what happens in this game and you know sometimes. It's not all about getting the best deal. You know four hundred bucks wasn't bad deal. Five hundred bucks wasn't a bad deal and had a lot of us parts on it. That's another problem. I should've went and looked at it. I would have been able to get a better idea of what I was getting myself into, but I didn't so now. I'm a little depressed. You know. Part of the problem is I live in a neighborhood with Hoa. If you don't know what an HBO is, it's a homeowners association which means all these jokers get together, and they see something they don't like. They're gonNA. Complain about it. Thankfully, they never complained when I had my blue truck out in the driveway. And you know they don't complain when I'm working on my cars or anything like that, but. The thought still crept in my mind because the guy was willing to deliver this. Because he lives in my city, so I was like okay well. My problem is always trying to figure out where I'm going to put these cars. And then as of late I finally realized that I don't care what my Hoa thinks. because. I'm a responsible guy, you know if I were to bring home a car I know it's not. The most pleasant thing to look at I'll keep it covered and I won't throw a blue tarp over it I'll. I'll make sure that that tarp is Brown site up. or I'll just throw a car around it, but I hesitated I lost and. I was GONNA. have him bring the car here. And I was just going to buy an eighteen pack and bring somebody's over, and we're going to break this car down. I was GONNA take every single part that I could either us or sell. Now in my mind I know I'm going to have to explain to. My wife brought home this piece of junk. You know because in her eyes, I I mean think about it. You bring home his old car and it's wrecked. What is he going to do with that? She probably think you know I. I had a plan. And you know now that plan will never be because I. Hesitated so folks. Here's the thing if you're looking at a car. and. You have the money, but you're trying to get the best deal. Sometimes, that's not always the best way to go about things especially. If they counteroffer your I offer. You're like okay. Yeah I'd pay. That will then pay it, you know if you want the car bad enough, you'll pay it. Apparently. I didn't want this one bad enough, and now it's gone. So whoever got it I? Hope you hope. You're using it to bring another one back to life or maybe even bring that one back to life It had some. Some potential, but like I said I never went and looked at the car so I. Don't know what it looks like underneath, but I can assume that it was in pretty decent shape other than the damage on the quarter panel, but you know you can't win them. All and now I'm just going to have to go hunt for another one. So that's all right. I probably won't find. One is cheap, but that's okay. I'll learn to live with my decisions. What are you GonNa? Do so? That's my depressing week, I hope. Hope some of you out. There managed to save a Mo- par to or managed to work on your own Mo-, par speaking of which I need to get out in the garage I really have been procrastinating on my projects. I sit here and I. Preach on my soapbox all the time about. Get out there. Working on your projects, you know Blah Blah. Blah and I haven't been doing I've been working on this podcast I've been working on this new podcast studio, which is ninety percent complete and I'm really happy with it. You know it's not a million dollar studio or anything like that, but it's my studio through it together for a few hundred bucks and. You Know I. Think it's going to get the job done, and I think this is going to work for me for the next few years while I continue to build this podcast, and hopefully you know, keep growing this thing so if you're listening to this right now, and you haven't told anybody that you know about this podcast. That is a MO- parked. Commodity for listening to a podcast about Mo- pars. Let's just go ahead and? Call a spade a spade. You're an addict I am, too. It's okay we can be Mo- par addicts together, and that's why you're listening to me. Talk about. Right do me a favor. Tell your mopey addicted friends about the show and then do me another favor. Tell me Your Mo- par story. Here, on talking Mope Ours, we love to share stories Mo-. Par Stories are what fuels this hobby. You can't go to a car show without hearing, you know. One hundred different people telling stories. That's just the way this works. That's will. Car Culture is. Cars it stories. It's good times. and. That's what we have here on talking. Mope are so send me your par story if you haven't yet and if you have sent me a story in the past, send me an update. You know it's been a while now. We've been doing this podcast for nearly nine months. So you know I imagine if you've been working on cars, you would make progress on your projects, you know. Send me an update. I love that kind of stuff and I want to hear news stories, too. So if you're out there listening and maybe you've been listening for a while and you're like I dunno, Chris I really can't right I'm not really good at typing out stories and I don't want to write you a book. That's okay. You can call me on my voicemail. Which is two zero, nine twenty eight Mo par? Leave me voice message I'll play it on the show, and we'll chat about it or if you're old school and you want to send me an email. You can do that at Chris at talking mopeds Dot Com. Gosh been chatting for a while I've been talking euro, so you know what? Let's get into the meat and potatoes. Let's get this show on the road. This week's project car of the week is actually a truck and it was posted. Saturday June twenty-seventh, two thousand, twenty at nine am. Here is the at nine hundred seventy seven Dodge D., one hundred step side fifty five hundred dollars, Arnold Missouri, Nice survivor from the seventies, solid truck rebuilt three Eighteen v, eight four speed. POWER STEERING POWER BRAKES AC. Adventure Trim Thousands of dollars in mechanical receipts, suspension brakes, etc, good tread on Michelin, tyres runs good shifts. Good title status is listed as clean condition is listed as good. All right folks, let's talk about the elephant in the room I, and that's that the seller called this a step side, but in the world of Mo- par we call our step side trucks utilize. There's no such thing as a step side dodge. If you say the word step side, and you're referring to dodge truck. Technically, that's incorrect. They are referred to as utilize, so don't be surprised if you run across A. Mo- purist who says we'll? Only. Chevy's are step side. Those are utilize. There's utilize and swept lines. There's nothing else that would be technically correct, so this utilize dodge is a nineteen seventy seven, and if you've been listening to this podcast for any amount of time, you know that this truck falls into the category of Ten Grill, Dodge trucks now ten grills are the affectionate name given to these trucks by my friend Paul from ten grill. Dodge trucks on. On facebook, it's a very large facebook group dedicated to seventy two to nineteen eighty. Dodge Plymouth and Fargo trucks, and Ram chargers and trail dusters, and all that fun stuff so as long as it's a seventy two to eighty. We call those ten grills now. There is a huge controversy over the name, but you know what screw thirteen grills. Okay, so ten grill dodge trucks are very cool and. You know in today's market. You know everybody wants to see ten now at one, hundred, zero, getting crazy, but these dodges. I hope they don't get crazy. Because I really like these trucks and I'm starting to see the prices. Come up on him so I. Won't preach to hard of these trucks, but I will say that if you're Mo-, par guy and you're also a truck guy. They make great hot rods You know you can lower them. You know big block swabs Hemi swabs, but I just don't see these trucks getting the amount of love. They deserve in the aftermarket, but that's slowly changing recently. Hawley released a full modern Hemi swap kit for this thing and I'm really excited to see the kit, but the kit in my hands. You Know Hey, holly put the kitten. My hands I want to see this thing. 'cause I've been wanting to put a Hemi in my seventy six Dodge D. one hundred so I have the Hemi I have the truck I'd like to make it happen. I WanNa see this kit from holly, because that's a big step in the right direction for us, ten grill guys because. You know like I said there's really not that much aftermarket support for these trucks so hopefully that changes. Hopefully they start re pop in these grills, because these girls are like gold out there. If you find a dent free ten grill, be prepared to spend some money. It's not uncommon Issey. These grills go for a thousand dollars or more. If there s perfect condition, ones you can get a used hammered one for like thirty bucks, but. You know unless you're really good with ten work. Then you know you're left with a dented grill. I have three dented girls right now. The best one that I have is on my truck and to be honest I, really just need to pull it off and do a little bodywork to it just kind of hammer out a couple of the big big dance, but these trucks are really cool. They make great projects and. They're still reasonably cheap. This one's fifty five hundred, so it's not the cheapest truck out there, but it's pretty solid. The cool thing I like about this truck is that it has the buddy bucket seats now. If you've ever seen a little red, express or warlock, you'll see that inside those trucks and adventure trucks. They have an option for these cool seats. Seats basically there too low back buckets, and in the middle is a little buddy seat that you can lift up and have someone right in the middle, or you can set it down and it works as an arm rest I think they're really cool. It's my favorite seat in all these trucks, and may be even my favorite seat in Alamo par, but. This one just happens to be a lighter color like a white or cream now. That is pretty rare I. don't see that very often and I see. Every single one of these trucks that comes on craigslist I see, check out you know unless it gets sold before I get to it but. You, know it's not too often. Run across the seat, and this one has the white, so it's a yellow truck with the white interior and you know it needs a little cleaning up the door. Panels are white and it's just. It's just a cool color combination, and it's a utilizing so that makes it cool in my book. It is a V8 four speed truck. So that's awesome in a runs drives you know. What more could you want? It would make a great starter Mo- project especially if you're a guy or girl, if you like trucks, this might be something you'd like to get into and the ten grill community is growing. It's getting bigger and people are really starting to. To take notice of these trucks, so get one now before they get to unattainable. Now there are some companies that make sheet metal replacement parts, so rust damage isn't too big a factor, but these trucks did have rest problems, and they did have some minor electrical problems, but nothing that can't be fixed, so you know. Maybe you're looking at muscle cars and you're just like I'll never have a mo- part because I can't afford them well. Here's a fifty five hundred dollars par that is not only cool, but I will guarantee you. This thing will raise in value so long as it doesn't get into any worse shape than an ordinance I think. These trucks make great projects and. I'm predicting that they're just going to get more popular. As time goes on, so we'll see how that goes, but you know. I decided that it was time to get another d one hundred or another ten grill on project car of the week so Dow's project car the week. Someone needs to get this truck and save it. No par left behind. Now typically. This is the segment of the show where I talk about high performance parts, which is my creative little nickname for Bo parts that have played parts in movies or on television. Anywhere, but on the street in real life so music videos cartoons movies anything like that. If a MO- parts been in it, I'm probably GONNA eventually. Talk about it as long as I know about it, so maybe there's one you haven't heard me talk about yet. Feel free to reach out to me and let me know Hey Chris. Don't forget about the Blah Blah Blah car, or have you ever heard of the bla-bla-bla car in the bla-bla-bla movie? You know what I mean, so if you know something hit me up. I I love taking your suggestions, and it helps guide the show you know if you want to hear me, talk about some just. Reach out to me. Let me know that that's what you want me to talk about and I will either get to it soon or get to later but I. WanNa make sure that people understand that this podcast is your direct connection to all things Mo- par, and when I say that I'm not just saying that to be cool. I will talk about anymo- par. You want me to talk about PT. Is there a guy out there? WHO COLLECTS PT cruisers? And he's just a diehard PT Cruiser Guy. I'll talk to him. I'll talk to anybody that's part theseus, your enthusiastic about mopeds reach out so this week's high-performance part is actually going to coincide with the listeners story this week because the listener brought it up. This is grant from Iowa calling back. Take it away grant. A grizzly everybody granted. Well again, really enjoy the. First couple dozen episodes of the PODCAST Yeah, just really enjoyed the DIY, any guys and Constant you've been providing. really inspired me to work on my w one fifty again I. Miller fixation that I rolled it into the shop a year ago and I haven't touched it since. Give my buddy here. see I tracked it down the issue somewhere in the wiring. I think it might be by Nisshin switch I don't know, but I'll keep working on that. one thing. I wanted mentioned. You brought up in a couple of podcast ago. that you were looking for a die, cast model of one of the wing car of the wing car from the cars movie for like one of your kids or something, so I guess my question was like. Have you ever collected like die? CAST cars, or ever had any interest in? It I know I've been doing it for over a year now. I mean little weird. You know be in twenty five years old hanging out in the toy at. At Walmart sometimes, but you know it's Kinda cheap in front and just enjoy doing one question I have for you about it whether you've done it or not. I don't want WanNa it out too much, but they make a car. It's called a Roger Dodger making since the seventies and it's. It says that it's a bar you look on hot wheels by have site. Don't tell you what the car is based on. If you get a chance I wanted to take a couple of looks at this car and tell me what you what. You think it's based off of I and my theories. The website says one thing and. I don't know I think it's. I I would argue if I invite a chance to talk with somebody about it, but anyways Yeah, just really enjoy the PODCAST. Keep doing what you're doing. And one car you talk about the Blues Mobile from the Blues Brothers One of my favorite movie cars. Times just love to hear. There's any other info about that. You can dig up so anyways. keep doing what you're doing. I'll keep listening in then. Yeah, we'll talk to you later. Thanks for calling in grant. You saved me a lot of trouble because you gave me a couple of things to talk about one. Is Your W one fifty I? AM So happy to hear that I may have had a little part in inspiring you to get back to work on it. That's awesome. I! Love hearing those stories. I know there's a lot of people out there like me that have projects in the garage and you know you let life get in the way, sometimes, sometimes, you just have to force yourself to. To take some time to get out in the garage, get out in the yard wherever your cars act. Go work on your car. Even if it's for an hour, you know, get that motivation back, but very cool that you got re motivated and you know you're getting back to work on that thing, so keep me posted on that project. As far as die, cast cars I actually do collect them I'm not a crazy collector or anything like that, but there was a good year where? I really went crazy. I tend to lean towards the MTA machines, I. Really like those I like the Johnny. Lightnings I like auto world stuff I like the more realistic stuff now. Wheels are cool. If I see a cool moe par wheel, I'll buy it, but. For the most part I like the more realistic looking stuff I really like one eighteen scale die-cast. Expensive, but there's a couple out there that I have my eye on that. They're a little pricey, but they are so cool and hopefully I'll I'll get. I'll get a nice little collection of those going. I have a few right now, but the problem is I need to display case because I've been putting him on bookshelves and stuff and. I want to show these things off I think they're really cool and I totally understand what you mean by. You know I'm thirty five I'm sitting in the toy aisle. Aware I am and I'm like okay. Well feel like a Dork, but that's okay. Embrace the nerdiness buddy But Yeah I collect. and. Last summer I learned a really cool trick to finding cheap die-cast, and that's to avoid the Internet and go to local antique malls because. People tend to put these die cast cars in antique malls I. Don't know what it is, but I've seen some really cool ones for reasonable prices, not the hundred or hundred and fifty dollar ones that you see on Ebay, but I also see them local lean on craigslist, facebook, marketplace, or offer up, and sometimes they're a little expensive, but. If you go to like thrift stores or like? I, said Antique Malls. That's a pretty fun resource to go hunt for die cast cars, or even you know hot wheels and stuff like that, but. I love antiquing. I love going to the antique malls and stuff like that and antique shops, and just browsing around because you never know what you're GonNa, find and sometimes you run into some really cool automobile, so keep your eyes peeled, and it's just another fun way to hunt for car stuff. As far as the wing cargoes for my daughter, yes, I did get a few of them and shout out to Paul Paul I know you're listening. Thank you very much. She loves him and I love him, too. Paul is a listener to the show, and he's become a friend of mine, and he actually heard me talking about that and sent me a little care package for my daughter, so she's got plenty of number forty three wing cars now, and that makes us both very happy so yeah. I collect die-cast not as much I went on a binge there for a little bit, and then I realized. I've got nowhere to put these things I've got. You know and I'm not, too. Crazy guy who you know is a super collector. I'll pull him out of package I. Don't care it to me. It's not about how much they're going to be worth or anything like that I. Like to pull them out and put 'em on display so when I get A. Display case I'd like to have it lit up and all that fun stuff and I wish I could afford one of those Mo- par like dealership display cases. Those are really cool, but they are really expensive, so if anyone out there wants to donate one talking mope ours. PM. I'll send you my address, but. So I'm going to get a display case here pretty soon and then hopefully get on my cars. On display because they're pretty cool I, tend to lean towards Wing cars. It's hard for me to resist a cool wing car. If I see one, but you know any Kool, moe part and I'll probably snatch it up if I it. I actually had to stop going to like hobby lobby and. These craft stores my wife is pretty crafty, and we go to these craft stores, and then I realized that Oh, they have you know die casts, and the Nice wants to lick the two machines in like the model areas where the toys are in the model cars, and it was like a little honeypot of cool cars that were defined, and you know that that will dried up pretty quick so I decided that I was spending way too much money on those things, because I'd walk out of their five bars and be like all right cool, and then they're so. They're pretty expensive for little cars. You know they're not ninety nine cent hot wheels. But yeah, so I I guess I am a little bit of a collector, Al die-cast cars, but I'm leaning more towards the one eighteen stuff now because I like the details and they're a little bit more expensive, but you know they take up more room, so I don't have to buys many. Ask for Roger Dodger. You did mention Roger. Dodger, and I did want to talk about that because. Just looking at the car, it reminded me of the funny car era and Like the original funny cars and I took one look at it and the opera windows. Gave it away for me. It's a mid-seventies dodge charger. Hands down. That's the only thing that could be and. Looking at the shape of the body I'm like yeah, seventy three dodge charger, and as it turns out. I wanted to do some digging and see you know. Was it inspired by something real Blah Blah? Blah and it was actually inspired by seventy three. Dodge charger, so you know. The styling cues on the car. Kinda, give it away. You know especially what gave it away from me? Like I said, was the opera window the three little slots they They stick out like a thumb and then just looking at the shape of the car. So that's what I think. It is I'm curious to see what you think. It is great. Do you think it's seventy three charger, or do you think at some different because you know? I guess it could be interpreted a couple different ways, but you know. The seventies were interesting time. So I see a seventy-three charger. I'm pretty confident. That's what it's based on, but you never know now getting into the blues brother's car. That's actually a fun one and it's on my list to talk about I. Don't know very many secrets about the car, but what I can tell you is that it is a police package. One, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, four, four, forty powered dodge Monaco. They used thirteen different cars for the Blues Mobile and all of them were former CHP California highway patrol cars. They all were dressed to look like former Mount Prospect Illinois patrol cars. And the movie actually set a world record in. It's time for the most cars completely. Destroyed in one movie, they destroyed a lot of cars now. Thank God they didn't choose. A Charter to be the Blues Mobile because that would be a problem. You know we can't. The dukes already messed enough of those things out. We didn't need the blues. Brothers to mess more up, so thank God. They used Monaco's, but they actually set a record for most cars destroyed in a film until what ninety eight and that's only because the sequel came out it even more cars in the sequel, so it was a record-beater. You know it beat the record, and then it got beat again, but. Definitely, a police equipped. X California Highway Patrol Dodge. Monaco, so hopefully. That satisfies the agreement. cool car. And definitely a legend when it comes to mow movie cars, so that was high-performance parts that was listener stories, and that was a little conversation about die cast cars. I know a lot of listening. Probably collect die cast, and you know it's cool. It's relatively inexpensive, and you know if you have kids. It's something you can bond over, so I am one hundred percent for die cast cars. I, think you should start buying die cast cars for your kids as soon as they come out of the womb. and. That's what I did I had a A Satin Pink Road Runner a twelve replica car ready for my daughter when she came home. Who's right on her shelf? And she still has it to this day so hopefully. That car inspires her. Hopefully. The strip weather's from cars inspires her. And you know there's only so much you can do as a dad, but I hope that she has the Mo- part bug like old man. That's GonNa be a lot of fun, but very cool. I'll stop talking about toys now. Let's get into the auction that I attended three years ago the snowball collection. All right folks, here's the story. Three years ago around the end of June I got wind of an article on. The website and it was about a local auction happening in Washington. State and it was a private collection, and the guy's name was Ben. Snow Bar now. I had heard this name before, but I had never personally interacted with. Ben and I was really intrigued because this guy. Is a local legend and anybody in the local Mall Park Community. That's ever had a car that needed parts. You Knew Ben's No bar was he was just one of those guys who just you know everybody? who was I didn't. I had heard his name, but I never met the guy I'd never bought parts from them. I've never sold him anything but everything I had ever heard about him was good I just heard he had a lot of stuff. And that you know like it, says in the article, the roadkill article it says you know he was always willing to sell something and everybody that I know that has met him bought something off of them. So that's has a lot, so a lot of people saw the pictures from the auction and a lot of people. Were you know saying what you know? What I probably would be saying Gosh? Why would you hoard all that stuff? Only to pass away and not get to do anything with it and I. Don't think it was about that at all. I think it was at just. Ben Really liked mo par stuff. He liked cars. You know he had more than Mo- parse there, but I mean. Let me, tell you this I read. The article and I was like I'm going to this thing. I, don't care what it takes, so I took the time off work and I went down there for the preview and. To attend the auction and I made the commitment that I was buying something from this auction, because in my mind I didn't believe that I was going to get another opportunity like this to attend a crazy private collection auction, and you know especially one of this caliber, because it was so much Mo- par stuff and You know I didn't quite grasp. How much are stuff ben? Hat Because like I said I didn't know Ben on a personal level. Other people did, but from what I had always heard. He was the guy to see at least in the northwest. Now. I started doing a little digging and learning. What could about what was at this auction and I previewed the Catalog Online. From the auction company and I was just amazed at how much stuff there was. It's hard to put into words. How much stuff ben actually hat hand you know. I look through the catalog online and I knew I had to go, and I knew I had to come home with something. A Souvenir I wasn't going down there to buy. Anything huge. I just wanted a souvenir. I didn't care what it was, but I wanted to pick something cool that I. Think was in my Ballpark, because in my head, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I wanted to treat it as such. You know, am I. Ever GonNa run into another. Private collection auction like this. Maybe, but there's no guarantees so I wanted to make sure that I made the best of this trip, and you know I went down there with a couple of hundred bucks in my pocket, a few hundred bucks in my pocket and I get to this place, okay? And It's crazy. It's a madhouse. Thinking private collection. You know how many people really know about this. That was the dumbest thing I've ever thought. Everybody knew about it and there was a lot of people with some deep pockets there so. I don't know if I can even put into words just how many cars Ben Hat. Okay. So the best thing that I could do to kind of give you guys an idea. is to list them out for you. and. The list is crazy in. It sounds it sounds nuts. Okay, and this is just a Mo parts that he had. He had some Chevy stuff. He had some Ford stuff, but he had a lot of Mo- par stuff in parts. I mean the guy could have started a business and he did have a business. He had Shaker Hood Dot Com. which is now run by Tom Rocket. Restorations and Ben could have ran a whole nother business. Just in Mohawk parts in you know. The place was insane. Now some people that have attended probably you know didn't think it was that big of a deal, but. But it was the craziest thing I've ever seen as far as an auction because it was the only one I've ever attended so i. have nothing else to compare it to, but let's just run down the list of cars that were on Ben's property. Okay, let's start with Chrysler's he to Chrysler cruisers. One of them was a convertible, three Chrysler lebarons and one convertible. He had ninety six. Chrysler Concorde okay now. Let's get into the Plymouth's. He had a fifty nine. Plymouth Savoy. A sixty three fury. A sixty four fury. A sixty four savoy, a sixty four fury, a sixty four fury, a sixty five Belvedere, a sixty five satellite, sixty six satellite, sixty six Belvedere, a sixty seven satellite is sixty eight satellite at sixty eight Plymouth Barracuda convertible. A just a random sixty four plymouth. A sixty-nine Plymouth Barracuda seventy duster seventy. One Plymouth Satellite Seventy Two Plymouth road runner. Okay, those are the Plymouth. Now get into the dodges Kay. He had a thirty to dodge a sixty two polaris, five, hundred, sixty, two, Pereira, a sixty to dodge dart for forty, a sixty, seven, eight, six hundred truck, sixty eight player, convertible, sixty eight. DODGE DART GT. Sixty nine cornet, five, hundred sixty nine cornet for forty seventy dodge charger R, t four, twenty, six Hemi non-original sunroof car, three, nineteen, seventy dodge challenges and nineteen seventy-one. Dodge Demon a seventy two dodge charger seventy three dodge charger, three, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty Dodge Maradas four eighty nine Dodge Dakota convertibles four of them. A ninety, two dodge stealth four, ninety, six to one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine dodge vipers, a ninety seven, Dodge Dakota a ninety eight dodge neon rt to ninety eight dodge stratos. A two thousand nine dodge challenger Rt with fourteen or fourteen thousand with fourteen original miles on it. This thing was brand new. He must have drove it home, or had it delivered to his house. And never drove it again to dodge vans. Three Dodge rampages. One of them was a race car. You know just needed an engine transmission, but all tub career was bad. I love that thing. Three Dodge Ram's was fifteen hundred one was alarm ESL slt one of them's a single cab. dually which I thought was awesome. I think those things are awesome. There was a dodge. Grand, Caravan Dodge, Dakota and like hot Rod, Dodge Coupe like a race car type thing but. That's just an idea. Of the cars that he had? He had more cars of various makes and models, but he had a lot of Mo- par stuff now the parts you go to this property and everything. When Tom from rocker restorations took over the auction and organized it. The amount of work. That man had to go through to get everything I mean he had help of course but. I couldn't imagine doing it there. Who so much stuff I mean you're talking thousands of parts. So many parts that. There were lots where it was just a bunch of parts in a box. You know what I mean so. It's like grab bag. You know surprise. But I get there and I'm just going through all these buildings, and there's just parts lined up and those guys did a great job of organizing it, but I've never seen anything like that in my life, you going to one building in it's all engines on the ground wheels up above intakes on one wall carbs. Just and on the ground there's nothing but center sections I called it the Pumpkin patch there was a little pumpkin patch just center sections that he had hem easy at four forty, three eighteen three forties I mean three sixties. You could probably just name something any probably had it somewhere in there. You know what I mean. It was insane. Now. I posted some pictures of this thing before, but I'm going to have to post the pictures again because. I do somebody's like where is this? When is this and I'm like? It happened three years ago, but that's how crazy this auction was. It was nuts. I don't think I'm ever going to see anything quite of that magnitude again. It was definitely an experience one that I will never forget. You're probably wondering well. You went down there with a few hundred bucks. Did you get anything? Yeah, a matter of fact. I did as I was walking around. I'm looking at stuff that. You. Know catches my eye that I might be in the Ballpark to buy and one thing stood out to me. And I knew as soon as I. saw that you know it spoke to me in a weird way, it was like. That was the part that I needed to buy because I couldn't afford any of the cars, but what I saw was a coyote after air cleaner lid for Hammy now. I'm looking at that thing and there was two of them. One was kind of burnt up or Thinking about I don't know if it was burnt up. or just rusty? You're just out of shape, but whatever the case the one that I was looking at was lot number three and it was in. A lot better shape than the other one then lot number four K.. I saw this thing posted up on one of the pillars in one of the buildings and I was like. I'm bidding on this thing. If nothing else, it would be awesome wall art and a souvenir from the craziest auction on probably ever going to attend in my life. Will it ever go on a car? I don't know. But. To make a long story short I participated in my first auction and got into a little miniature bidding war I one. But it cost me three hundred dollars I paid three hundred dollars for a coyote. Does Air Cleaner Lid off of a Hemi? Which is fine, I'm cool with that because. Like I said it's a memory that I'll never forget. I'll never forget that auction on just. You have to see the pictures. If you go onto, Google you just type in Ben Snow Bar Collection. You'll see all sorts of media about it. Read up on it. See how crazy it was up until that point, I had never seen anything like that in my life, and has as walking around I was just like. I don't have enough money. Because there's so much stuff I wanted, you know there was a couple cool race cars, and I really liked the seventy-one Demon non street legal car. It was basically it was. It was a straight race car. That's what it was, but. There was a few cars there that was there were cool Every viper I thought was cool. One of them went for sixty five hundred, but it had some title issues The seventy charger, not for twenty six, Hemi non-real, non legit sunroof car went for like almost sixty grand went like mid fifties or mid to high fifties. And I thought that was crazy, because everybody was losing their mind over this car because it was a Hemi sunroof car, but it turns out. It wasn't a real original sunroof car. That cars kind of controversial, but cool Karn, unless it is a Hemi charger a real hemi charger so that's cool, but. The auction was just insane, guys. The amount of parts and you don't really. When? People criticize the big auctions when you see these cars and a lot of people like all these people. Are you know paying way too much? Blah Blah Blah. I understand how they can do it. You know the drinks start flowing now. There was no drinks at this auction that I knew of anyway, but I know at the other options. I see a lot of beers in people's hands, but you know they get a little sauced up and they got some money, and they want you know spend some money. But I can see how people get carried away in these things because you get in this little bidding war and you don't WanNa lose. And you get a little sauced up and you really don't want to lose, so I can see how these cars at these bigger auctions you know. How they hammer for higher prices than they probably should, which you know, nature of the beast, but I could see how because as soon as I started bidding on that thing, you know because it's like they start really low, and then, of course you're like what I can have that for ten bucks. Here and. You know the prices. It's like real. Quick that it starts climbing really fast, and before I knew it three hundred and I was like Gosh I'm I'm tapped out three hundred. I'm not trying to spend more than that on thing, so I just prayed that the guy didn't want it more than I did. So I won that one, and then I got greedy. Because I did bring a little extra money. Just in case there was something I had to have. And I got greedy, and I was like I'm getting the other one two. And then I backed off. I was like no. No I'm not even GONNA try. So I'm trying to remember if I actually saw the air cleaner lid on the Catalog Online, and said Oh I'm going to go get that, and then when I went there and saw it and personnel like I'm definitely bidding on this I. think that's how it went but I was so in shock and awe of this entire collection that because you have to understand Ben collected this throughout his life. But there is so much stuff I'm just like you had to have gone to swap meets with you. Know a truck or a van or box van, and just you know. Dumped a bunch of money at all, the swap meets to collect that amount of stuff. You know because I'm. He had eight and three quarters I mean. He had more eight and three quarter. reruns then probably all of craigslist if you took every Chrysler eight and three quarter rear end on craigslist. You still wouldn't have the same amount as Ben's novas collection. Know So. I don't know if that's true I'm just. pontificating but. Doctrine was awesome. I've posted some pictures before some more pictures again and. You know like I said Google. It Google Ben, Snow Bar S. N. O., B., A. R. Collection and look at the pictures. It's crazy. It's nuts at least I think. It was the only other auction that I can think of that was quite as cool and you know cooler in many ways, but we won't go there in different. Different levels of stuff was the Steve Juliano collection that was. If I could have went to that auction man. I would have had to brought something home from that place because that was just. You know how many collections still exist out there like that and I've actually made a point to. Set some money aside for situations like that so I ever get a chance to go to another auction like that. Like the bench, no bar auction. I'd like to leave with the car next time. Because there was a couple of good deals that were had at that auction. On. James G Murphy. The auctioneer website you can sign up and then you can look at past auctions, and you can go see what every single one of those cars went for at the Snow Bar Auction and some of them surprise you. But I just thought I'd share a little bit of that story and share. My experience could probably go on for another two hours on it, but let me just say this. There was so many parts I didn't even know where to begin. So many of the same parts had a wall of headers. Air Cleaners hanging from the rafters. He had fenders on a wall. He had hoods bumpers. Gauge clusters grills I every you wonder how many cards you could build with all the parts he had. Another I. Think about it I mean. You know with all the. Cars that he had. A lot of needing parts. You could build probably several cars or get several cars, you know. In better, shape? But it was just remarkable and I'm glad I got to take part in it. You know it's always sad. When somebody in the Mo- Park community. That is you know. Spoken well of passes away and. I looked at the auction more of a celebration of life. People were in good moods out just. Loving loving the atmosphere of things. We all love car stuff. You know what I mean it was like. This is what I acquit the Ben Snowball Auction, too. If you're Mo-, part guy like I am, and you go to just a general swap meet. Okay, just an swap me. You know you have to wade through the BS. Before you get to the good stuff. At least you know I like looking. Don't get me wrong. But I'm there for one reason and that's Mo- part parts. Okay so when I'm going through these. Swap meets, you know not everybody marks all their stuff, so you gotTa sit there for twenty minutes in. You know if you're like me. You're a little OCD, so if you step into somebody's booth, you WANNA. Make sure you go through everything they have, and you've got to look and make sure you're not missing anything that maybe is a par part. Part or MOPE related. So that's what gets me at the swap meets, but this was like taking all the good swap meets taking all the Mo parts throwing them in one place. That's what it was like because everything was. You know you'd have to really hard to find something? Not Mow par- unless you were looking at some of the cars, but. I just. I. Think about it a lot. You know maybe I'm crazy, but I keep thinking back and I'm like God. That was nuts I think about at least a couple times a week. How crazy that auction was I guess I just can't let the past go or something. Maybe I have some. deep-seated regrets about not bringing enough money to buy a car, but You know a couple of those cars went cheap enough I could have bought one of the DAKOTAS. They were cheap man. I think one of them went for like four or five hundred bucks. Don't quote me on that. Sign up at the auctioneer website to look at the actual catalog on what these hammer prices went forward, but Yeah, you could have gotten if yet two thousand. You could've walked out of there with Nice Muscle car. Okay I take that back, maybe not nice. Restore -able. You know a good carcass. You could've walked out of there with a good carcass. and. You know if you're addicted to project cars like I am. Thank God I don't have more money. And a lot of property. Do you know what I mean? Project cars I'd have I'd be drowning. Project cars I'm that, guy? So you know the powers that be. Put me in the position to not have that stuff right now, and it's good because it gives me time to think about what I should do with what I have, and that's a good thing, but like I said Checkout Ben snowboard collection and Keep in mind that it's over every time. I post pictures of this place everybody's. When is it when it's over? It's over folks. You missed out, but you can still enjoy the pictures, and like I said if you on James Murphy's website the auctioneer. You can sign up and you can see the catalog, and you could see all the hammer prices on all the parts and all the cars. Some of it's pretty crazy. I think it'll blow your mind, but that's all I have to really say about the Ben Snow. Bar Collection. If you know of any crazy Mo- park elections out there. You know private or public. It be cool to hear about them. So you can leave the property owners anonymous and the locations anonymous, but I would love to hear stories about awesome collections that you've run across. You Remember Blake from DIY Hemi his story. About that collection that he ran into you know wing, car and all. That's. A butterscotch twelve. Like collections like that. They're still out there, folks. They are still out there. How crazy is that? That's crazy to me, but. You Know I. Want to hear about these you know I don't have to go. I don't have the money to play around in those things yet. But I love hearing. Kool, Moe par stories I. Love hearing those crazy. You know fines and things like that, so feel free to reach out to me. You can reach me. Chris at Talking Mopus, DOT COM or call in the story that would be fun to you can call my voicemail and leave a message at two zero, nine twenty eight Mo, par, but. That's it for the Ben's No bar auction. Guys go take a look. Take a look at some of the pictures posted in the past I'll post them again. Take a gander. Guys it's nuts, but I'm thankful that I got to be a part of it and hopefully I get to be a part of another cool auction like that in the future and hopefully next time I'll be ready. That's it the Ben Snow Bark election. I attended and I actually bought something. That's all folks. Another episode of talking Mo-. 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Thank you for to talking Mo- parts your direct connection to all things. Until next time, remember no more par left behind.

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