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My name is Dr Caleb christianson and our office is located sixty six in Indiana. And our phone number's eight oh, six seven seven one four three. Nine zero. Only this tax. History has in place only this out. Justice rules case, they don't like it. Love it. They say. The subtext halls. Who'll roll along. We do think you're tune in tone, fringe, hang out right here on the other side. Glad to be back with you for another addition of the program. Jay, west Texas, Leeson you on the other side as we roll along your while. We're here. Thank you for tuning in until friends. The hang out here on the other says we roll along. You're welcome to share your thoughts. Be text eight oh, six seven four five fifty eight hundred on a jam packed program. Got Ross Ramsey ahead for you, executive editor of the Texas Tribune. And folks, how long has it been since you heard this music? Had. It's been the wall. Eight years reaching eight apparently coming to conclusion today apparently. This news out just this afternoon. Ginger Kerrick of Webster. Let me start with the headline governor abbot appoints three to Texas Tech university system board of regents Austin, Texas is the dateline. Texas governor Greg Abbott has appointed three to the text university aboard regions with terms set to expire January thirty one twenty twenty five lots of people ask me have text me called me message me had texts here on the show. What's going on? We'll now we all know together. What's going on? Ginger Kerrick of Webster is the flight integration division chief for NASA. Johnson Space Center and has served embarrass roles and capacities in human spaceflight training in operations for twenty seven years. He's a member of the society women of women engineers, volunteer coordinator for Trump and fynt triumphant excuse me, so used to sing a T R U Impe and saying Trump triumphant tales Inc and is annual MC as Galveston polar plunge benefiting Special Olympics charac received bachelor of science in physics and master's science in bachelor science and master assigns in physics from Texas Tech university. Mark Griffin of Lubbock is general counsel of rip Griffin truck service Inc. And serves as president pro petroleum Inc. He is a member of the Texas economic Development Corporation board of directors state bar, Texas and Lubbock county bar association director. Of Lubbock economic development alliance and former director for planes Bank Griffin is a former board member. Of covenant and the Texas guaranteed student loan corporation and former trustee of independent school district, and it should be added Griffin. Also, a former member of the border regions, which is the tale of intrigue here folks and gonna get to dusty wobble here in a second. But. Griffin was essentially forced out by former governor Rick Perry. For a Rick Perry. Not going to run for governor not going to run for governor in then K by Bailey Hutchison jumps in the race. And these are all government governor appointed positions and. Griffin is four south boards. So he makes his reentry to the border agents. Does Mark Griffin. He received a bachelor of arts from the university of Texas at Austin juris doctorate from Texas Tech University School of law, dusty wobble of Lubbock manages multiple private businesses in real estate holdings, and is a board member and former executive vice president of Tyler technologies is a member of the roles business school advisory board and the Texas Tech foundation board and its executive board. Bombo serves on boards of trio Inc and Lubbock Christian schools. So the score. Now is that? You've got some regents who are out in some regions who were in. I think a a bitter bitter sweet deal. About all accounts. Tim, Lancaster, a great regent in as we covered region gate here. I never heard across word about Tim, Lancaster, his from people inside to people outside all around thought. Tim Lancaster was a great regents. John s Baraza the same thing remarkable. In both character and duty and what they cheered for the university during their time on the board of regents which leaves us with Rick Francis. Who has leaving amid a cloud and all the best. Let me say this all the best Rick Francis. But this it whenever we say this is the end while we may not hear the music again is because. With a couple of small exceptions there on the board is seems as though regent gate in many inside the university and institution. OB? Certainly glad to hear this particular force voice say it seems as though region gate has come to a conclusion by the governor's appointments. All of these are dependent upon the Senate and will get in with us with Ross Ramsey what the process looks like ahead. But that's the big news is we lead in to the program that. Region gay seems to have some semblance of a conclusion here. Ross Ramsey ahead and your thoughts via eight oh, six some four five fifty eight hundred as we roll along here on the other side of the missus. Your thumb under my thumb a credit to John Sharp political credit to John Sharp. We'll see how things were long for him for us. We're gonna roll along into the break in be right back with you here on the other side with our friend Ross raves sting, right where you are informative radio made the most of formative right here. Other sudden, Texas AM five eighty Lubbock. What do you nine? Oh, two fifty street when your best friends with a founder of the Lubbock county, militia you get your own radio show. It's the other side of Texas with j Leeson. Bang. Just. Stature candy. Hey, all your real estate needs industrial commercial. That's where I focused but glad to help you with homes as well. However, I can help you Jay west, Texas. Lisa trust, which here on the program. What we bring you day in and day out in. We'll bring the same diligence to what we do for you and your real estate needs in contact me. Eight six five four three one three one seven and get to work for you on your new place. There J dot Leeson at McDougal dot com. So good such good place to throw in there with some folks who really know what they're doing. And nobody knows what they're doing like the master developer for the downtown and get y'all squared away on your financial needs. And it's been a lot of fun. It's been like eating an elephant one by the time. But I can eat in elephant and doing just that from the Texas Tribune. Football fans want to bring back the Aggie Longhorn game. Our UT university, Texas Texas Tribune poll found they're outnumbered by Texans who just don't care this. Ross Ramsey in football as in life, Texas, voters, don't always split into. Yes in no factions. The real divide is between people who care and those who just do not give a hoot hell gray does that. That's a great lead. Forty percent of the state's voters would like to reestablish the annual football game between AM and UT. According to a university of Texas, Texas Tribune poll, even more forty six percent said they don't care that separate from the regular don't know, no opinion group, which totaled. Sorry, that's routes. Yes. Come on in. A great set quite ahead. My phone for that usually would chastise a guess for doing that even more forty six percent said they don't care that separate from the regular. Don't know. No opinion group of only four percent oppose reestablishing the game reestablishing connection with our friend. Ross Ramsey who is there at the capitol. Ross Ramsey how you doing? I'm doing great. So I am light. We're just talking about the difference between no opinion in don't care in your UT AM piece either there's real legs on this can can legislate your make this happen. And what's the likelihood? Well, they could if they really wanted to they could make it happen. You know, if you if you change the law and said they ought to have a game. You're still teams schedule several years in advance. So you're still several years down the line with this. I think it's probably more of a, you know, it's it's it's a public interesting if they let the schools, no, frankly, if they called the schools a bunch of powerful legislators called the schools and said, hey, y'all y'all out of play football. They might start playing football again. But you know, without autumn of this is both both schools. Yeah. And I'm not sure you can I guess you can make a law that you know, requires the game. But you'll you know, you you potentially have a bunch of angry aggies are angry log orange or both you know in that in that situation. I think they're just produce them along printing. And we would just sit up here on the camp rock and just kind of grin. Yeah. Although, you know, I always kind of liked the AM tech games and the UT games, and you know, all of that stuff. But you know, I guess that's just me. You think it's just the then I, you know, it's more theater than it is government. I'll say that. But you know, it is the kind of thing where if they got sufficient ground swell out of this. They'd probably pass a law. Tell me what you've been doing the capital. Well, just been scrounging around. You know, we've had a poll running this week. And you know, just partly seeing how that's going over in the capital partly just walking around, you know, doing my work, which is you know, sort of like walking around and see what's going on. You can't you. Don't learn much standing in the newsroom, you learn more. If you go over there, do they flinch when they see you off some people. I mean, I know that you're like the least prideful guy around. But some people might just find something else. Go do whenever they see you walking down the hall. It kind of depends what they're up to you know, I used to flinch when my mom walked in. Sometimes, you know, like down into the capital basement with with Pete Laney before in everybody turns in like full chest front ready for the speaker to walk by. I imagine whenever you walk in people are, oh, I gotta go. I got an. Actually, not that bad. A lot of people wanna talk about stuff at this time of the session. A lot of people wanna say, hey, you ought to write about my Bill. It's really good thing. You know, it it it really is conditional depends on, you know, are they in the mood to get attention or in the mood to avoid it. Yeah. So talked to we've heard bits and pieces about the open meetings act. Give us some context for people who've not been paying attention Ross about and not because I don't care just because they've not paid attention. There have been some buildings fall now about the open meetings act, but they're in reaction to what. Well, there's been some Bill filed you know, that we're gonna come anyway. But the latest thing here is that the Texas court of criminal appeals in looking at a case said that the state's law that basically prevents what's called a serial Corum. I'll come back to that is unconstitutional, and and is unenforceable, and you know, they basically said, you know, from the court, STAN. Point. They're not there to make law. They're basically saying this law doesn't work. Do you want to write a law that does work you need to rewrite it a serial quorum is if I get a majority of public body together, I have to file public notice and let the public know that they're together in that. They might make a decision got enough city council people here to make a decision you get enough county commissioners to make it assists, and one of the ways to wire around that if you're if you're sneaky is let's say that you and I are on a board of five people. And we know that if we get three people together, we're in trouble. So you go from person to person in check them out and see where they are on some given issue, and then you walk into the meeting, and you know, you've got four votes and that their promised to you or you've got, you know, you've got you put your vote together. But there wasn't a public meeting to watch that deliberation. Because there was never a Corum which you did was in sequence, you assembled serial Corum, and it's like you had an open meeting except that the. The public didn't get to know about it. And there's a provision in the law that prevents you from doing that. And that's the provision that the Texas court of criminal appeals has ruled is unconstitutional doesn't work the way that it's that it's been written and has been and it has been enforced for years and years is so maybe they're trying to fix it, but fix it by saying, the existing standard doesn't work. Well, what the what legislature is done? And what the you know, what some of the bills that you're talking about would do is to write the law in a way where the Texas court of criminal appeals would say, okay, that's a legal way to regulate and prevent cereal quorums where you know, what they're basically trying to get most of the the bills anyway are trying to get this set up. So that your public boards and commissions and councils can't sneak around like that. Yeah. Ross Ramsey were you now I'm back in my office. Oh, you're back. It's just a quick little John down your office. Just a couple of blocks. Yeah. Yeah. Just couple blocks from the capitol. Ross Rainsy executive editor of the texture Byun. Ross big poli hell often do. UT in tex- Tribune, do these polls we have done at least three polls every year since we started in November of two thousand nine so we're we're coming up on our tenth birthday. So over thirty polls at this point. It's about to be your birthday about to me by birthday was just your birthday. Right. New months yesterday. So pretty good week for us anyway. Yeah, I'm not gonna ask how old your. In older older than you. I'm more. I'm more in your your mom and dad's range this different for you was the fortieth birthday for me. It was like the first birthday that came with some. Some somber nece some okay, we're going to celebrate this one. But next year probably won't be as big a deal in following thereafter. Now, this is you know, I've got I've got hangups, but this one my hang up the birthday that was really important to me was sixteen because I got to drive the car, and you know, the big deal. Now, you didn't just sit back and do some introspection say closer to the end than the beginning or anything like that. Now, why would you do that? Ross. Why did I do that? Why in the world? That's right. Somebody else would be Donald Trump in Texas. So the polling says who somebody else anybody else? Well, yeah, this is always interesting when you ask a blind question. You know, would you vote for this person who I'm naming or somebody else, you're basically saying, what are you thinking about this person that I'm naming and in this case, you know, if you count the the votes that lean and the votes that said, they would definitely vote for Trump. He got forty nine percent. So fifty one to forty nine you know in statistical terms that's virtual tie. So, you know, Trump's on the bubble. And what that tells you, you know, when you fill in aim in on the democratic side that the democratic number will either go up or down depending on what people think of that person. But it tells you that Texas might be in contention in the presidential year. And and that in itself would be a bit of news. That some of those could win just Texas even a battleground in presidential race. I mean, the last the last democrat one in Texas was Jimmy Carter in nineteen seventy six so it's it's been a little bit. So what's that begin to look like politically guys, maybe not as pro-trump as they were before they still going to be all in on the GOP side. I think the the GOP is going to be all in with whoever their candidate is. And I assume it's going to be Trump. You know, there's been some other people talking about maybe running against Trump. You know, we'll see how that develops. There's a lot of time for this. But I assume that the president's going to run for re election, and that the Republicans will line up behind him because you know, however, they feel about their own guy. It's it's quite a leap to go from you know, I'm a Republican. And I'm uncomfortable with my incumbent to I'm a Republican, and I'm going to vote for or say out loud that I'm gonna vote for a democrat. That's quite a leap. Yeah. So I think they stick with Trump, you know, until something. Until there's some really really fantastic reason to go with a democrat or or an independent instead. And so what you're looking at is. You know, how is Trump settled in Texas, and how solid is it. And how much do they have to fight for it? And this says that you know, in national politics, Texas has been called an ATM for years, you know, where people from both parties come down here and get money that they spend in other states that are competitive, and it made me, and that some of the money that they raised in Texas, and otherwise actually gets spent in Texas, if you like they can, you know, actually have some races here, you know, one one of the things that's that's kind of interesting is if the presidential race is close enough to be interesting, even if the Republicans are still winning that could that could take some congressional seats or some legislative seats over to the democratic side. President of Joe race may not be the closest race. But just the fact that it's close at all might get some other people. Over the line that polling we've all looked at two thousand eighteen and thought, okay, maybe this is an outlier, but just this polling begin as you begin to read through these numbers. Ross doubt lar- being the Texas purple. Are you beginning to see that more and more? Are you more and more convinced that Texas could be within the next two to four years thrown into battleground state? I think that you know, we're trying to find out with polling and with everything else, and we just like all of us, you know, everybody who's even thinking about this stuff was twenty eighteen a weird year that won't be repeated. Or was it the part was it part of a trend, and if it was part of a trend, then you're talking about a state that might be becoming less red, even purple perhaps even someday blue or it might have just been just a weird year where you know, you're not gonna get another race. Like that a rook crews race, you're not ever gonna get a moment. Like that where you have a Republican president who's got some Republican voters a little bit disquieted. You know, a lot of things happened in twenty eighteen and it's hard to take that one. Data point and say, this is a new trend it it is enough to give hope to Democrats put some worry in the minds of some Republicans. But until you know, you know, are really see some evidence that that was part of a trend line. You can't really answer your question. I think it does raise an interesting question though. Here's another interesting question to me Cornyn is bracing for Beddoe. That's like the best headline ever. But Beddoe Rourke decides he doesn't want to run for president. What do you think? The chances are better. Roar jumping in Cornyn mind this you'll is there's not as much contrast. Is there is unless you make Trump the issue, which I don't know how successfully be with it. But you think you are you somewhat expecting Beddoe ROY to jump in against John Cornyn. Not at this point. I mean, he said he's not interested in running for Senator next time. Now a couple of things can happen. You know, the the filing for the Senate race is open until sometime toward the end of this year. So token, come out and Sam running for president have a really bad summer decide. He's not running for president look around and say that John Cornyn races still there's J rural Ross. No, the LBJ rule is that you can if you wanted to he could say I'm running for Senate, and I'm running for president. And in Texas that's the only two races where you can be in two places on the same. Ballot more narrowly if you're running for, you know, if you're running for the house, you can't run for the Senate if running for the state house, you can't run for congress. But in in the one case of being on federal ticket. There's this thing called the J law that passed before he was on John Kennedy's ticket in nineteen sixty and the only other time that I know of off the top of my head of this being used when Lloyd Bentsen was running for re election. To the US Senate in nineteen eighty eight and was the vice presidential candidate, Michael Dukakis. So, but you could get in front of the race the exception to that resigned run law or one race at a lot at a time law is running for president or vice president of the United States. No, so Beto versus Cornyn. What do you think? I I think, you know, the, the first blush analysis of that would be that, you know, the Beto versus crews race was at least initially about whether people like Ted Cruz, and and you know, sort of starts with the same kind of question as that Trump versus somebody else. Cruise versus somebody else looked like there was an opening for somebody else. And you know, at first, you know, bettas numbers were, you know, he was doing well against cruise at the same time that a huge number of Texas voters said they had no idea who he was. So they're voting for their basically voting for somebody else s he became better known that race. You know, became what it became? Came and turned into a two and a half went race in the Cornyn race us start with the somebody else. Number is, probably better. We didn't pull it corns. Interesting problem is twenty nine percent of Texas voters. Don't have an opinion about the senior Senator and that opens some opportunity for an opponent to describe Cornyn unfavourably to people who don't really have an opinion about Hornets. So you whether you say, this is this guy's associated with this or that or the other thing, you know, could be he's associated with Trump. You wanna have a counter vote against cruise? However, you talk about that that that becomes the point of that race. I think that Cornyn is probably in some ways stronger Republican incumbent than cruise was because he doesn't have as many people that don't like him. But he's also not as strong as cruise was. And that he doesn't have as many people who do like you look at the Republican numbers on crew on. Cornyn. Sixty two percent say they have a favorable impression of him. Eighty three percent say they have favorable impression of cruise. So crews has much much stronger base than corn does he's week. You know, he's got a he's got a stronger opposition. But you know, we had enough to get back into office corn. And the question would be it's a softer races. It is easy for a democrat to describe himself as a as an alternative to Cornyn as it was to cruise Jeff asking make this the final one for you. Jeff ask them what your biggest surprise this far in the legislature? That it took them so long to put out the initial school finance bills. You know, they have they have three issues that they say are the top issues of the gov- Lieutenant governor and speaker school finance property taxes and teacher pay raises. And they only introduce the school finance Bill on Tuesday yesterday eight weeks into twenty week session. It's possible to get that going, but you know, that's a big complicated. Bill, the the opposition lines don't really work on party lines all the time, and that thing and sometimes they work on Rover suburban sometimes it suburban versus urban sometimes it's big districts versus little districts. There's a million ways to slice this. And it takes a long time a long period of debate to sort out something complex as school pants. And I was a little surprised that they didn't have a Bill filed at the beginning of the session and start work right away. Okay. Well, that's where we'll leave it for. No ross. Appreciate you and tell you think every Monday Wednesday and Friday, you can get Ross Ramsey at Texas few dot ORG pre sheets you bud. Happy birthday. Happy birthday to us will when when is your birthday Friday? All right at birthday, buddy. We'll see about tried to send you something. My Ross for sheet. Ross Ramsey is always somebody who I just think is the light full human being and also a journalist, and I can never get them. I've just stopped. I get text about this during the show, I've just stopped trying to get him to go right or left because that guy is God his plough on the ground in the jackasses out front, and he is just the mules I should say, and he's just going to go wherever he thinks we're he thinks his straight so pre sheet. Ross Ramsey on the show, and as a person in all things considered. Hey, is it a breakfast burrito? Or is it a breakfast taco? That's the great issue that I wanna bring up to you give you my thoughts. When I hear your thoughts is well stick right with us here on the other side of Texas Wicky break get. Right back in with him. Betty. Brought you. Welcome back to the other side with Jason. So cool. Please. This appear the Mike. Let your back with us the fine art in history of the breakfast taco this via CVS Austin dateline. San Antonio magin two hands quickly and wrapping the aluminum foil to remove the brick icon from its repor only reveal one of its finest delicacies known to man, they call it the breakfast taco. See? So there's this whole thing guys where north of I twenty seven. The correct nomenclature is I get into some big boss key references is that. It's a breakfast burrito. Nobody goes out for breakfast. I wanna breakfast burrito. South of I twenty it is the breakfast taco Anita breakfast taco Reto sounds like a mill to me taco sounds like an appetizer by the line in the story. But story this story goes on one flour tortilla or corn serving of refried beans, your choice, and some cheddar cheese, a Hinna limes and PICO guy yo salsa Verde in some salsa Rojo, maybe adding in some vacant and some extra cheese. The choices yours the breakfast taco is a work of art that you put together. No skills are necessary wrong. They're still skills necessary. Ask anyone in San Antonio what they had for breakfast non tenure here response to talk os. Will let's not forget one thing that people live in this city in people love in this city in that's tacos. More importantly breakfast. Tacos. But where did it start? And they try to explain the origination. 's of in their own matching nations of the beginning of taco, they say they cite back to the early fifteen hundreds. Just to overwhelm us. But then they get into the meat of the tortilla covered issue at taboo topic. That is constantly being debated is what it's called people from within Texas and also states, including California. Are more. In more have distinct names for the simple edible concept. People in south, Texas. Call them breakfast tacos. While people in the panhandle of Texas and California see what they're doing. They're Lopin this in with California referred to his breakfast burritos to some it is considered an insult to call breakfast taco burrito. Because you don't roll up your breakfast taco you could. But why would you and then you fold your talk? Oh. It's important to note that in San Antonio, here's. I'm always trying to find some middle ground. And maybe it's because they don't call it. They don't make tacos here. I don't know of any place where I can go and just get folded over. It's always folded in them. Folded back over into a burrito. The double fold constitutes burrito. That's what it constitutes. And then will further constitute something later in the morning, then I will not digress into here on live area airwaves, but a double fold now you're into Brita territory. Now, you're trying to carry everything within and I cannot recall the last time in Lubbock or anywhere else in west, Texas when I've had a double folded. Quote, unquote, taco. Been a burrito. And maybe that's just my way is saving you click and saying if it's double folded, it's a burrito. But that's the ground on which I stand if it's double folded, it ain't a radio. I'm sorry. Dating to talk. Oh. It's important to note. Then Santoni oh are called breakfast. Tacos. Not breakfast burritos. This is a very clear distinction to make when looking for breakfast taco in all add or burrito. And yes, it matters. But we're friendly city, and we won't offend you or make you fill out a place because after all breakfast tacos, unify people. And when eaten give you a matter that inner peace of that inner peace and happiness, but what about the great breakfast, taco war? That started back in two thousand sixteen Erica greeter who's regular on the program, and I liked to go back and forth about this. And they say on the morning, February nineteen two thousand sixteen in New York base, Texas native journalists named Matthews. Sedaka published? How awesome became the home of the crucial breakfast taco? They say never opened the can of worms. But boy, he opened an entire case of worms incurred the wrath mini San Antonio San Antonio wins. So they're gonna go to the sing about, you know, this urination war between San Antonio in Austin. But that's not the issue, man. The issue is taco or burrito. And I got my money on the burrito. That's I go. Oh, I've never driven up to a window. It any will any reputable Mexican food restaurant in this great city of Lubbock or leave it and said I'd like some breakfast tacos. That's not the way it works here. Man, you go and you get a breakfast burrito. Double folded any double fold. In Deir I site. Also burrito here, it's not also taco. It's a burrito. And it's double folded in everything like it. That's double folded, not just in half. But anything that has more than two folds? Burrito. Breed OBE rito. Tomorrow program. Got a great show had four you appreciate Ross Ramsey making time, and again appreciate all the well wishes on ternan forty. It's been great excited to see what lies ahead, so many great people give me so many great gifts yesterday, and again migrates gift is killing them as friends because what you have in the in. But your friends who carry out and put you in the ground that was not very paused of what I just said. But you. Prince better. And I've got a lot of them. Appreciate rallying friends who are able to see between blue lenses in Redlands is and look through west Texas lenses in. That's what we try to do right here on the program. I'm gonna get home guide to get home. Great family and above average Jenner waiting for me there at the Ponderosa until next time. You can check out other side of Texas dot com. Subscribe the website any content is sent to you free of charge on a monthly basis. And we do not give up your Email addresses. You can follow us on Twitter at OAS TA show and found the podcast anywhere. You wanna go to download the podcast whether that's on your phone. Just pulling down the top menu. Go into podcasts. And searching other sides of Texas on your iphone, your Android. Whatever it might be. You can find the podcasts anywhere. Great shows ahead. Always good to be with you. Appreciate you. You make it worth the time and effort is certainly the contributors know that you pre go follow Ross Ramsey redes- pieces. That's how I got started in Texas politics. But for now. Going to get home rave on buddies Ravon. We'll see next time right here on the other side of Texas.

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