Truth & Movies #125 Zom-rom-com gets a belated sequel, plus we speak to the inventor of the iPod.


Today on truth and movies the dead rise again in the related home sequels Zombie land you'll be the first to die enthusiasts director say us is discontent with digital content in the French publishing dramas is me this is me literally and he's so good in the film and he he gets to play such a complex character like plays this guy who who I do we have highlights we can share with the audience I thought in general is very good one this year top staff any standout films which is good it had been the New York Film Festival not had had received these kind if rapturous rave reviews there and I'm still having to let it and here we are welcome movie truth is to another episode is Michael Lee hair sitting across this week from David Jenkins Hey hey help but think I would have loved to Pacino Jimmy Hoffa film with him as this central player rather than I mean Deniro's characteristic of Lynch kind of percolate a little bit longer I think because it's in there and it's a big old film runs at like three and a half hours and it covers sixty years three hours in the absolutely whips by and I say is a little bit more laconic than the usual Scorsese film I mean it wolf of Wall Street was zip of ground of this of this chap who play by Robert Deniro Frank Sheen and he's the kind of mob lieutenant who he's kind of divides his time between seen a mafiose a played by Joe PESCI and Jimmy Hoffa who is like a union boss played by Al Pacino I'm sure we'll cover you know it was very kind of snappy snappy dramatic even though this one is is a little bit more pensive thing intone they'd still rows along when along to the the closing gala which was the Irishman the new might scorsese film and she's I think he's out come on Netflix in NYC beginning of November I loved it like it's actually hard to talk about about spoiling it too much because there's obviously Mr Trump starring Hugh Jackman and everything that unfolds is just like oh I wish ex-director had made this film instead of that film and because you know you go to review was been made was not been made but I couldn't notable when you know it's just it just feels like he keeps making these films waste trying to tell us who he is like this is like yep is to be just a perfect person they just jimmy great person but he's got some seagrass if that's not Hugh Jackman I don't know who that is this is like really latex latex classic Oh about the coming up in truth and movies lies limited but sort of wide release coming in early November and then it's on Netflix end of that month so and it's three and a half hours long you've seen Goodfellas orcas casinos the pod on the rest of the week but the thing I will say is Al Pacino in particular I thought was was extraordinary in the film and I know you never meant to think wait to see it did you see anything the Irishman but I so bad education from the director of Forum breads and Alan lesage Elena welcome back it's been a long time have you been not bad yeah so the elephants the film festival has just finished I found it so emotional and human and because he's about these people like being greedy but you haven't seen many films like this that actually make you care for them pin of the film and he's maybe a little less interesting than than the other two characters but still very good film that's really soon isn't it was coming sort of it's in thick glasses and fish t shirts and eating cookies for breakfast lunch and dinner and is the story of this company who made the first from the program but first we should deal with this week's new releases up first we have Zombie land double tap the Eisenberg Woody Harrelson Emma stone and Abigail Breslin respectively all moves the American heartland as they face off against evolves zombies fellow survivors and the growing pains of this Tom Talk Laptop you know like kind of hand held Kapiti a touchscreen device and in the kind of his in a loving yet highly dysfunctional family for survival in ten years after the first Zombie land comes the sequel that reunites what is now something of an all-star cast Columbus Tallahassee which turned little rock that's just coming different I expected something very like clinical reason like that we have to recommendations from Listener Paul Reeve who is he says I phoned so parlaying all his experience in that we see in the film into making these very kind of revolutionary device it sounds terrific we'll hear more about that three of Silicon Valley general magic like super important but the kind of lay person has probably never heard of them because they're rise was very very quick and therefore Kasana as these very nice man who loves everybody and he's always into Jessica everything and this is so brilliant is funny because it's about like money and corruption and things in both set for this very I believe anyway that's the London Film Festival they've also been busy with other things as well we have interview later in the show yeah yeah there's another film coming I saw these smaller release. FM could general magic is like a documentary about a Silicon Valley Ninety Tech Startup O of Nerdy guys the trailer for Zombie Land Double Tap there do we need this sequel. That's the excitement for it I I don't know if there's because in the second film Vidgis Redo them supposedly I think for the sake of nostalgia but because one I don't find them funny formed an unlikely alliance with Tallahassee on the road they met sisters in Crime Little Rock in Wichita Llamas fell in love with what Utah and Tallahassee became the fodder little rock never wanted all of his resulting rocky makeshift family welcome back to Zombie land. It's been ten years since the outbreak back to let's get you up to speed Columbus elephant is always a highlight of the great chance to see films I know nothing about hopefully with the direct to that's tells more bounce it I've Jiggling Moss gripping and visceral story of teenage soldiers in Columbia in this same sort of jokes accepts removing some offensive ones and I think differently offensive the film park in two thousand nine are there even billing Ruben Fleischer different now but it was still at this time whereas zombies we're having their moments with the walking dead on television and it felt even though it was later excitement for I hadn't seen the original watched it for this podcast and you know it is what it is I went to see the second one is basically obviously it's all for the doing you actually get them and he's so sal kind of blown away by that's terrific I can see thoroughbreds I thought was quite cold too sounds like I live by a strict set of rules like rule number twenty five shoot I I'm so sorry I'm Columbus because I wasn't a fan of the first one but is just so strange because so there are all these jokes obviously in the first movie and apparently Classic Jokes now Columbia movies and things so he knows how to deal with them but about from Lake is just the actual rules on how to kill zombies are kind of basic and random moderately well received and successful I think everybody involved went on to great things in fact a poster and it's billed as from the director of Venom who is the director Zombie Land as well thing movie so I don't know maybe people who understand for the first film that actually came out a whole ten years ago but I wasn't one of them astounding you how can we be nostalgia for something that we've completely forgotten and that just makes me think well maybe there is someone who is nostalgic for and that is directed and also the style and subject to the last black man in San Francisco hopefully becoming these when the guy you care released later this month yeah they're both out really soon those homes in the next two threes and was even quicker so I met one of the the guys you work guy called Tony Fidel he went on to invent the ipod and and create the ipod and Co create the Islami movies ever do social commentary. Obviously we've seen that with the Romero films but also you could just do something that's actually re scary like one of my favorite Zombie films as thirty days of night which is brilliant and underrated but that's scary like you know as awful and they did sake obviously you know we've just heard in Detroit he has all these rules for survival which I guess you know it's sort of interesting like this nerdy guy in has I think and second I just watched from today's ago so the first film so it doesn't feel like nostalgia from you just feels like we had new ideas and salvages retread inflation is strikes me as may be you know you have the seat cool raring to go the original didn't do the numbers that were expected or wasn't as adapt to the hunt going one thing we can do sex right you'll be the first to die enthusiasts let's kick some successful enough to may be worn sequel at the time then he goes off and does venom is this huge box office success and then you know they're like Ruben any kind of cultural need or doesn't have anything even within its own world have anything original to offer it's pure kind of rehash you can kind of you know conspiracy theories already realized but the film is so unnecessary and doesn't serve any audience or any the idea of laypeople you love being transformed which is sort of touched on in in those films is just not he's got everything in Zombie landforms is just kind of ironic I didn't want your previous lives what did you give it it was probably a three star three stuff I still remember it being engine had it come out like the year off Zombie land it would have been kind of Oh yeah you know with this vague memory of that in our mind we can kind of I don't really care about anything which I think is a shame because there's concetta dissolve is already like obviously farfetched so he should adding irony as ironic engagement possibly okay with a few bits and bobs in there and a few of self referential things that May I think it may be felt more unique at the time going back to what you're saying imagine this plot went on a little bit further but with that ten year chasm in the middle you just think what could I have not have done something with the we abe what do you want to do you got a cop blonde hair so he's like well I've got this thing in my love to clear out and this is very you just WanNa like why don't be how hard is it like you can just go and kill Zombie surely an Indian detainees that's as I heart is still Zombie like surely we could have just killed all of them I mean that was my first full but I don't know it's just like all these troops da instead of being treated as like you know because I think the potential with that on top of it it just it just makes like mind-numbingly David we were talking earlier you reviewed this in more of your previous lives does your dad see this year the US will chain you Zombie stronger faster that doesn't really mean anything film isn't they don't cause any of it special threat or anything in nothing happens to anyone actually showed them a few bits and bobs Emma Stone has had how many Oscar nominated and winning since then Jesse Eisenberg has been lex luther in time and been and gone and Woody Harrelson still let me John Whitehead somewhat radical for mainstream Hollywood comedies between us on comedy you've been on this show for talking about horror is at all an interesting spin on the genera no and if since she's been thrown into the limelight this great actress in his goal these Oscar nominations never been that interested or impressed by those big performances in the dorm more fun and less nerdy and Emma Stone's one of the nerdy girls and she's really funny in it and in this film you have like a similar character house bunny have you ever seen the House bunny is really good it's about a playboy bunny who moves into a university dorm and basically makes the fellow women thinking of the ups and downs the rising all of these the stars has become press limping anything in the last ten years I actually had to look up her IMDB she's been dylan to with Friends who told me that fans of the first one was ten years ago when we were kids and we watched it repeatedly so for them it was a big deal so dr the film's how how do they perform even onscreen in the same way now Emma stone is a weird one I think I did about you guys but like I'm not a massive fan of her given I recently with some of her films earlier in her career where she was more of a kind of comic support player like this movie about this is there's no concept there's no idea behind either like an inmate Romero each so iterating zombies is a slight change in by the third one there in Indy Comedy Cast Half Moon House and they were up and come as you had Breslin who's in little Miss Sunshine Jesse Eisenberg just coming off social network and Emma stone ten years on the guys but then Emma stone used to was so great in those kind of roles made so much of them and it's like Zoey Deutch's like taken over from that the film is like no they they kind of haven't really an even even this of you know they mentioned that is kind of this news of super breed. Ta Hundred Huntings on when he seems to be like doing something like trying to build a character trying to act trying to be funny is quite cruel she's she ends up being the butt of all the jokes and by the by Zoe zoey Deutch right who is this kind of Blonde Bimbo kind of who is is being last case investigated yes and there's a vacant at the beginning that is gonna be more like that because they say yet is on be changed but either served by looking yourself in in a in a big freezer in a in a in a mole and I actually think she's the best thing in the film she's actually the the only one Rava let's put some scores on it in anticipation enjoyment in retrospect Elena too because I didn't into if you especially if you just make if you make it like a solve grownup borough there are so many ways this could have gone to be interesting I mean in the space of ten years which the film do things like maybe one of them could have died like they have I don't know like so many things could have been happening just trying to tell us that our veges the same how's that and fans out there I know so I cannot believe that they were fans of the first one but ten years older now on the might be interested in will main body of the film little addendum that's you know they're well let's cuts off the head to finish Jamais Times as kids is the bill Murray Cameo does this one serve any surprises length that that's maybe one thing that can send people into the cinema is that already a spoiler I mean on Ospel ten years like just the same as the last of the intriguing thing one of the things I remember quite liking about the first one was the cast they assembled felt like that brought on this I mean I don't yeah I wasn't expecting this film didn't enjoyment the same because I actually found it more grueling than the first one because the the some drugs I'll just not funny in Dawson really really funny one liners that I think whoever came up with them like these are the medical but most of the time with his wife and soon events force them into confronting that double lives in comedy of Art Affairs and Midlife crises. I must say this is a strain have any goop on you or you're not going to have to fight anyone in she doesn't really do anything in the fields that much in the first one but she does even less than this one film the first scene starts and you have beautiful compelling French actors talking at length about the switch from print to digital is less disoriented Donna Donna himself yeah I guess yeah you know if people stay post credits a little fun thing nothing in the end any searches like Oh God this is embarrassing also all these actors all like pretty big now and so it's Z. them in this film just like thinking in the moment like if Christmas Carol good feel I'd Recommend Ellen here one of the only people remember about the originals on beyond from those people who've board and and I just felt Emma stone in this film she's like they've like okay you can wear your you lead the bomber jacket and your tight jeans and nothing's going to happen to you you know going to have to like thank you reminiscing about Emma Stone's supporting comedy roles reminds me I wonder if you've seen this film David I don't think you have the ghosts of girlfriends past have seen it she's how is it to be on the studio on the set doing this film tenure that for the first one and now we've moved on so much so yeah it was very depressing in that sense I was the offensive jokes as you said Zooey Dutch character is like it's just so you know offensive but even the ones I'm not very offensive churn technology and is interested in in discussing these ideas or at least placing these fictional dramas into the context of indie film. It's also been ten years because I guess I mean we call it like the actors clearly ten years older even then Jesse Eisenberg different no They could have done woody Harrelson has all these little catchphrases when when they're about to go and kill some zombies he'll be like let's ex some wild you know and it was like he does various different types of movies and this is one of his more kind of like literary intellectual after dinner conversation pieces of maybe complaining about the fact that it feels like a slightly older Guy Griping about how his of Nice cozy analog which does alongside these historical almost three hillary dramas I mean he's already made another film called Wasp Network which was in the London Film Festival about Cuban Orlando a successful prison publish struggling to adapt to the digital revolution rejects the latest piece of veiled or spreaker free from author art but little is you know Leonard is having an affair I need to refresh your catchphrases and his light year you read the whole thing like well that's Zombie land double tap up next tangible world if our and literature is kind of fooling away from him and ushering in this new world of of ephemeral digital thing in dissident so it's a very very completely different prospect to this it's very French fell and I've read some reviews of it is and marketing people as of taking over the conversation and the actual medium of how we write books and how people read books g changing enjoyment like I dunno one and in retrospect on to to be nice it's not that bad data Westville I wouldn't watch it again go from double tap to Dubai which is the French title of our next film nonfiction and I live here assias is a direct to who is you know he's really plugged into the kind of shifts currents of of modern and what those books that are in our and it so into weaves oldies of questions into this almost like a kind of bedroom farce where you is this a little cross section of Literary Bourgeois Paris and said Juliette Binoche publish his wife and she was easing credible Pelosi the film reminded me a lot of once upon a time in Hollywood the Tarantino film because because you know all the characters are in a way like mouthpieces for the director of how the world is changing and how at how people's jobs are changing and how ought is changing and how we can Cheema is changing I guess in if you look back over his career I think this is interesting stolen the first scene and then the plot will kick in but no the whole film is right in a good way right to now pass the ghosts of girlfriends panic I recently watched all matthew mcconaughey films right she is the kind of mad girlfriend yes she's incredible in that in that strange Rahm Khan remained have one guy he's friends with another guy and his easily from his wife and he's got a girlfriend and the girlfriend is is working somewhere else and during his ideas about culture and I think that may be science does a little bit more to conceal that in the way that the drama plays out in a more realistic way and offers and her job is she's like a lead Swat team running gag is that everyone thinks she's playing a cop on t. v. elected and then he's he's a there's a culinary event where he's asking these awkward questions about his how he kinda processes the his real life and transfer David to to one it was like actually no one to one so the first one three stores I know I know but I mean there's even but she's caused some measure of fame from that and I think she she uses that to keep herself within his own literary circle I think he's really funny in the film and in a way like this nonfiction and in film club Maggie Chang places self in sas his film within a film drama Irma Vep ethics shows directs them she's not a cop she has a different rank yes yes a different role and it's real kind of like low brow TV Fila and stuff that she said I think he's of tapping into more realistic emotions in in the cliff humiliations that the author Leonard goes through when he's as booker looms into fiction and ethical moral imperatives behind that I think there's a lot going on in the film I think if people find it like intensity smoke I would agree the jokes are just not very funny and there's nothing worse than watching movies action pool so it's called that with them but to me I think mouthpiece is the right word here you interviewed Sas for the for the maxine right and if you read that interview with Regis up on the website now but then the morning after while they're getting dressing and what about that e book the book revelation and and publishing companies going through like massive chain his answers could just be pasted into the screenplay hair and be one of the model is that as you say it's a fast where there's bed swapping and he was saying that even when he was writing it between writing and filming it when he could have been constantly updating it because things would constantly changing and my ideas which sure but I think interesting I mean imagine a director making a film about the actually lays explains the issue of digital actors and very funny as well sexy explaining to you like the challenges of the digital era and it's fascinating it is very we did talk about digital coacher and these questions about technology the questions that people are asking now are probably very different to the questions the ideas of developing and technology was moving on during the process so is a film of you have to just take the moment and just run with it lie and say incredibly everything I've ever seen and it did anything about halfway through that'd be riots in the streets if there was a British version of this made on everyone's mind the sorts of smugness and the this is going to be about this specific time and these specific characters and it reaches a point where he be Kinda makes it knowing that when it seemed like six months ah addressed in this film when you're doing something that's so contemporary and so you know dealing with this very specific moment in time itself becomes instantly nostalgic Hollywood role but that's what he does right is these this puzzle box structure of his films one of the things that came out of the interview with him. I'm not sure how much I included if it but thing rather than like trying to make it more broad but make it more like relatable or like the self reflexive films films before you're casting Maggie Cheung in so many films because he was with her time and say McLeod's is still Maria which it's nothing held but they're talking about like bookshop exactly but it's up living can do he can pull off this because he's been making nick to film to a moment and if it works it works if it doesn't and I think this film he's hoping was like i WanNa make as specific as possible I want to be referencing to festival is GonNa feel a little bit of day I mean you have all these weird things now where people are like Oh you know something you read in so many reviews now oh companies and specific authors and specific books and link it to a moment so it can have a kind of ongoing relevance in that way as almost kind of historical if you have no other reasons you're curious about the State of digital publishing which I guess in this is he's looking so about cinema like each was and imagine if people wash this van the stand the problem and start thinking about it I mean I don't think that's his intention of trying to teach people but I think it's very valuable to have that dated but also you have to keep in mind in France about the book industry but the film industry is fulfill makers just so much healthier because of all these regulations go and film three years ago mark in there's no way they could have like anticipated this so you kind of get these instances where he kind of just have to against digital content FIA trickle windows are way too time a film comes on cinemas you can only see in Netflix upper-middle-class bubble this film is in and if there was just he would even cast it'd be a thompson granting nothing kill without the rebound was it proved or was it Poker full that Sheila Panache took the role in the Godzilla movie as research for Clouds of summary Air in which he plays an interest this is one of the great films of the trump era and like this specific thing that's happening right now in the White House is scandal and then while this film was written for you shing just as a way to pretend I guess that is novel the film industry but if nothing else it's a very interesting way to understand the issues because you just sit that all these beautiful French Progressive Lucien we have to adapt but it's also his literal life and he's livelihood and I think it's brilliant that we he has voice because he was in France is also very very popular popular films you know he makes while is movies but he's also like just an incredible actor and people re alleged I think he's books on smartphones and tablets and not e-readers feels believe five years yes I think also it's yeah it does definitely feel I speak French that I don't need the subtitles are good when when they have these big conversation at the House of the thing all these friends are there and build talking about publishing about the moment so in the into the doesn't see the film as a medium is almost almost cannot be content because content has to be delivered in a stream so Johnson months later is huge so I think to have a director being even in Baltimore able to make a phone about this is like a sign of like a pretty healthy industry didn't feel realistic but I don't I don't mind criticism but he's just absolutely doesn't stick to me but s got off the phone of it I think it's like kind of very official and sort of interest TV series or or music or anything when is this constant flow of information is boys content worst film as a discrete objects in his definition can therefore be turned into context table to make these films like that's the thing when you mentioned that if this film was done here people would be like Oh what a smug dude like yeah definitely but also there's films that's such a like catalyst for those conversations and we'll continue with that conversation in film clip shortly but let's put some scores on this David for nonfiction well I'm just I suppose that's what you're you're getting it back yeah but I think it just makes it all the discourse feel a bit out of date where it's presented almost as revelation that people are reading in directing is I guess a bill of smug thing to do because it's like a very selfish thing to do and I mean it's like it's not a content you not thinking I don't think he's ever about viewers and what they're gonNA think when he makes his movies and that's what's so brilliant I mean we're GonNa talk about this in the next one as well but felt like he makes this films and then he leaves aac fan of of of Assias and Probably say fours across the board on this one I really liked to attach again I often find me Oh you do what you want with them which is which is the opposite of content I think that crystallizes a key difference between British and French filmmaking approach self coming back to his films and he's also a film from two thousand eight summer hours which I think if you like this film definitely worth revisiting that one as well engrossing in its way young and an issue just some of the best doctors you can have in the film of this and it's a gorgeous looking film always read it assistance and makes it even more interesting at the same time is in might feel dated it also is a good way to register the fact that there was another way of me I'm for film industry in France which I think is like it might feel a bit like I'll Dayton and also always complaining about this stuff though ones like we'll up to date you know this is innovators of touchscreen technology and very much as antecedent to some of the technology that millions and millions of people use today let's to cast a so watchable and I do enjoy talking about these films with with ut anyway go and sees I'll be happy nonfiction and link which basically crashed and burned because the the market wasn't quite ready for imagine an iphone a time when nobody was using emails MP threes very interesting time and you know we had great times on the ipod we had great times an iphone NASA but it was a very different thing because and sometimes a bit carried away with absolutely and and how

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