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It. The news. It's more portent now trending with Riggins on the ace and TJ show. We'll get into one of the worst, weddings. Maybe in history that you would never want to go to. I did anybody. See, no, no one in this room south. But Aaron Rodgers quarterback for the Green Bay Packers was in the latest episode of game of thrones. I saw a picture of it on Twitter yesterday when he was at the Kentucky Derby not too long ago. What was that two weeks ago? A reporter asked him when we gotta get you in a TV show or a movie or something and Aaron Rodgers goes episode five game of thrones. And everybody just thought he was joking. But it turns out he was actually in the show. What do they need somebody to play the part of jerk perfectly? Rajasa jerky. Really is. From what I understand never met him. But I'm sure I would thinks t I'm telling. Wow. I mean, I know his brother he's got kind of a rocky relationship with his brought one of them didn't talk to them right now. I don't think he talks the you'd have to ask my wife. She's all into the knowledge of this family tree in the situation because the brother was on the bachelor. That's one of those. And so she knows about but. Anybody on the family? I don't think so but in his brother's commentator for SEC football on ESPN weird. Yeah. His brother better than I like him. Today is national buttermilk biscuit day. Turning things this morning. I didn't know that we could've played, sir. Mix a lot. But a mil- biz good. Grab them in the crowd of grab them in the biscuits different song. Is it digital underground? Okay. Look at me. No. I'm just grabbing the biscuit grabbing biscuits fun doing that moisture. Stop what you're doing because I'm about the Rowen into style juice to. That was good. There's a woman in you n do. No, no, no. He can't stop won't stop on window. There's a woman in Santa Maria, California that was taken care of her aunt who recently passed away. The problem was that she was all this girl was also planning on getting married. So she decided to double up and have her wedding on the same day as the funeral in the same church at the same time to save costs. So they had the funeral. I they had the funeral. I come pay a visit to the open casket pay your respects, and then just kind of hang out for a little bit. They'll do a quick funeral service. And then the people who were invited to the wedding were also invited to the funeral. So you could just stay in your seats, and we'll have the wedding immediately following good. I had a friend when I was growing up. I would have loved to have taken care of here. That she was fine. Was that mean, you said she's been taking care of her aunt? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Take his name. Have you? Wow. Well, so what did you say? After that also missed. The people are just freaking out now saying it's tacky even if you're trying to save money who wants to go to a wedding. That's also a funeral. And she goes well, my aunt loved, weddings. So. Oh my gosh. She would've loved this idea. But yeah, people are just saying, it's gross. And I wonder how many people go to the funeral and then leave not stay for the wedding. That's what I would rather go to a funeral than a wedding. I think did that terrible. That's absolutely terrible. I would 'cause you after the service of funeral. The wedding through weddings are fun. I'm thinking about it being a funeral of a person. I don't really know. Oh, but I do I mean rather than a relative diet or something go to a relative's funeral that strangers wedding. I'll say. Because at least when everybody leaves go to the graveside you can walk out getting your car. Just went the wrong way. Nobody's looking for you at the burial plot. You know, they're in their chairs under the tent. They're not looking around like this person. Come. At a wedding you're committed to the at the reception. Yet. Again, I'm sorry, though. Some one day on the show we gotta do who just goes to weddings and funerals signs of the book out front and then leave. Here. Yeah. Eat out. Dress the go to the church sign the little book outside of the sanctuary and then just kind of Mosey on out the door getting your car leap. Pay my respect. Respect your. Yeah. And Steve Bullock is the Montana governor who's who has now joined the presidential race in twenty twenty. He is the twenty second democrat to join the race. And he's one of the top trending topics morning twenty two twenty two Steve Bullock. So I mean getting line buddy had. No, that's that's tough a tough ration- of. All the things are now trending. There are certain things that have become the stuff of legend internet legend that every time you hear it. It always makes you laugh because it never gets old nex- will not Jay is the funniest person. We know. And now he's going to act as the filter. We've all needed from social media, posts and entertainment. They are funny. It's a new Facebook group called share funny, and you can access it at ace TJ dot com. Hey, it's TJ. And I wanna tell you about my recent stay at the Ballantyne. You know, the second you walk in, you know, you're in a fancy hotel is not only beautiful, but the staff goes out of their way to make sure you have the most luxurious experience of your life to go to the Ballantyne dot com and see all the great things you can enjoy everything from their spa to golf, they're beautiful pool. Fine restaurant and everything else a true luxury hotel provides so book, your stay now at the Ballantyne dot com. I really think you're gonna love it. Are you ready for everything and nothing all of the same time? Hey, it's Joe me from my podcast ace at large new each Thursday at twelve noon through itunes and Google play. Looking for spectacular deals with spring break in summer travel? Emailer travel agent Michelle at travel at ace, T dot com and follow as large on Twitter, hashtag as at large. Is the TJ can't drink a Bloody Mary Mosa before work. And you I not know for a fact. Therapy has been pushed one segment today's TJ show. Because today we have data to of our week long series called it never gets old. If you missed it yesterday, we were talking about how. A lot of it depends on your age. There are things only that everybody else knows that you have never heard before. But things that are classics just never get old yesterday. Sas brought us Charlie bit me. So today, we spend the wheel and then whoever's name comes up has brought in a piece of classic internet audio that they love that makes them laugh every single time. They hear it to this day. So Reagan spin the wheel with who comes up today. And we don't know what everybody else has brought I do know robs I'm excited here. Rob's ace. Okay. I. Don't remember a lot of money. Details about this. But here's what I know. It was the I think around two thousand six or seven maybe eight. And there was a morning television program in Georgia. I think was just outside Atlanta. And there was a big festival a wine festival. And one of the reporters had gone to do a story on the big wine festival coming up for the weekend. And while she was there on live television. She was asked to while standing on this huge platform about four feet above the ground step into a bucket and smash them grapes with her feet. And this great lady makes me laugh every single time. I've heard it probably ten thousand times I have watched this video. Wine tastings, vineyard tours seminars arts and crafts. It's a lot of fun a whole day. Stop. How? No actually heard now, I think she is a car fall off their gosh. I hope she's ok okay. We're gonna make sure she has right. As soon as we can. Gabri how? Bucket. Over the. Bio bucket falls down on top of that do the studios. You know, they're not. They're not good without words. Most of the time the the people at the anchor desk like what oh out. Oh, how hope she's? Okay. Oh, no. No. No. I think she did. Oh, breathe. Hope. Tenure tours from. It's a lot of fun a whole day. How? No, actually, I think she is. Took a hard fall off their gosh. I hope she's okay. She's okay. We're gonna make sure she has Ryan checkout. Get by sues weekend. We'll be back right after this. That's one of those. I warned I wanna follow up. Where are they? Now, kind of things that they done that with our they've done that. And she did not think it was. She did not see the humor in it. Like all the world. She didn't. I think she she might have broken rib or bruiser river something. But she did not think it was funny. Well, she's wrong. Areas. Broken sternum? And then it was all over it still be laughing about it. That noise is crazy. And she was trying to cheat at the end there in the little in those smashing content, and she was like kicking a little bit more after the clock it stopped. She went to step out of the giant bucket. And then her foot got caught and that's what caused her trip and then tumble off the platform. She she broke a cover ribs had to spend a couple of weeks in the hospital weeks. Yeah. For obser- under observation oh said I suffered quite a bit. For an honest mistake. I'm trying to move on like she. You'll funny. Oh, come on. You think that could have been thing where they just like she couldn't she had to go through. I can't face people. I can't go back on the I gotta gotta have a brakeman. So they they say she was in hospital two weeks. Don't I'm not saying she's lying. How? Never gets old to me never gets. Today group therapy, a lady is in a wedding. She's not the problem. But should she stand up for and support the person who is the problem or does? She support the bride you have to pay a tough next. Funny with as TJ in thirty thirty. It's the best of today's show in thirty minutes and available through right tunes. And now on Alexa, and Pandora more of the TJ show. 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Which crew you get all your people to get you divide aside right now, both pieces just twelve bucks for plus editorial, Pepsi bettering, greedy. It's better pizza Papa John's at participating US stores, Texas delivery fee extra. Tuesday morning. The doctors Dr. This is group therapy on the TV show. This is where every Tuesday. Members of the radio family turned to us and you for sisters. This is a rather unique were. She said I need your help right away. I am part of a group of friends who have been friends since college. We were sorority sisters together. And until now I thought we were pretty tight knit group. But one of our friends is getting married in a few weeks. And for those of us who are bridesmaids. It's just getting worse and worse as the wedding approaches. The bride has been very very specific about how we are to dress and conduct ourselves, and our hair and makeup everything. One of the bridesmaid was trying to lose weight for the wedding. And she hasn't lost as much as she said. She would. Just TJ don't do that. Reagan. She writes now, the bride is disappointed in her and that has confided in a few of us that she is thinking about asking her to step down as a bridesmaid because the rest of us are fit, and she will mess up the photos. I was appalled. But I didn't say anything since she hasn't decided what to do if she does ask her to step down. I feel like I should withdraws the bridesmaid. Also, just to show my support for my friend. But they are both my friends. I'm not sure who would be hurt. Most my friend who didn't lose the weight or the bride to be because I don't want to be responsible for ruining her entire wedding. Keep me anonymous, but I do need vice and it's not really as funny as it seems the first time you hear it. Good point. Sass your girl of wedding party h. Yeah. What would you do if you're this girl? If I was the bride the bridesmaid the Bri the one that wrote in oh, man. I would. This is tough because I would want to support my friends getting married. Yes. But also wanna have my other friends back getting kicked out of the wedding. This. Yes. So, but who do you go, let's the girl for my friend. The other bridesmaid did not lose as much way too. She said she was going to. Didn't you say twenty pounds? You've lost four. Yeah. I don't think it's a huge huge deal in a wedding. She's your best friend since college. You're in a sorority together is a big deal at the. Okay. Yeah. You can think costs thirty bucks. Chuckle. No, I think that it's terrible to begin. With the reason you. You agree to be in someone's wedding. If you wanna go traditionally is because you want to stand up there for that person and show. How proud you are to be part of the biggest decision they've ever made in their live. Yeah. You know, you wanna be there and say, yes, I support this one hundred percent, and I am proud to be her friend one of her closest friends in the world. I'm proud and honored to be here. And if you're not feeling that. Then you know, you gotta you gotta step aside. I think and you know. I think it's an honestly I don't know if I would want to be friends with someone who would ask one of her closest friends to not be in her wedding. Because fat saying I think she should leave the way to wouldn't wanna be wouldn't wanna be that person's friend anymore. Because what are you going to do that's going to upset her some little trivial thing? And she's gonna turn on you. If she'll turn on on a friend in yells group like that just because she's overweight who's she gonna turn on next. And for what reason? I'm just asking a question. Just ask a question. Yep. Does it matter at all that she didn't follow through with what she said? She was going to do. It doesn't to me. I think you don't care. What you look like, they're your friends. Those who you want up there you're closest people to because he's probably already embarrassed by that she's going to be self conscious as it is. You know, since she said, I need I'm gonna lose twenty pounds or whatever. So you know, I won't stand out. She's already self conscious about it. So if you point out, hey, you didn't hold up your end of the deal. Megan. This is going to be cruel. What is? Give them a second. Give him a second. He's crying. Oh. Oh, but can't you picture say, I don't think she try to spare any feelings. One triple eight. This is kind of person she is four one to twenty three eighty five triple eight forty one eight t or Facebook Twitter, your reaction to today's group therapy mex-. Connected funny with the TJ show on subscribe on tunes or simply search with Alexa. It's the ACT show on demand. More of the TJ show. Neck wanna save up to seventy five percent, domestic or international airline tickets, then call low cost airlines for prices, so low we can't publish them. Call eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen. Now, the TJ show presents a group therapy update. Group therapy this morning from lady who said she is part of a group. And they are close knit group. She thought they were until now sorority sisters one is getting married in a few weeks. It just seems to be getting worse and worse and worse. Dictating everybody's clothing apparel hair action. So for than Sony they lead up to the wedding now. One of the bridesmaids is a little heavier than the rest, and she was trying to lose weight said she was going to lose weight. She's apparently not lost the amount of weight. She said she would lose. So the bride has now confided in some of the other bridesmaids that she may remove her from being a bridesmaid because it's going to mess up the aesthetic of the pictures, all the other brides, major very fit and the lady who. The MD for group therapy today said she's not sure what she should do. Does. She stand up for her friend who might be kicked out of the wedding. Or does she stay with the bribe because if she leaves at two bridesmaids gone it ruins the entire wit. What do you do? And some people have said that the bride should remove the girl from her wedding because who wants to be friends with a liar. Interests. She says she was going to lose the weight, and she lied. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think I would go that way of thinking I'm on the I'm on the side of this. This isn't a true friend. Well, it's every single person has said the same thing. One saying all the bridesmaids should tell the bride. If you kick her out, we all walk. If that's the reason you get rid of her. She didn't she did not do anything her actions warrant as the fact that she hasn't lost the amount of weight that she said she would lose. If you kick her out, we all walk. I think even it's ruined now. Anyway, because even considering doing that and telling somebody that you might do that I think has has tainted the whole friendship the whole group of friends. I wouldn't look at that person the same really? Yeah. Even if she didn't go through with it. If I knew that she was seriously considering doing that to one of our really good friends. I wouldn't want anything to do with her. I agree. So it means eager. It's almost almost one hundred percent of everybody who's just buying a lot of people respond in. This is terrible. Just wants good fetters. She doesn't want support beside her on her day. She just wants a nice fed outright. And he's putting the the the wedding. I head of the marriage and the friendships this point. Yeah. Absolutely. It is terrible. How much notice did she have to lose the weight? I don't it doesn't say because I mean, really are you going to change that significantly in if she told her a month out, so no usually probably got six months to year. But now one lady said the only way it is semi okay. For the bride to do. This is if the girl ordered her bridesmaid dress in a smaller size, and it doesn't fit her because according to win the wedding is they may not have time to order new one of the correct size. That's one of the only ones that's not calling the broader dirty name. Going off the brat about how terrible. She is. And somebody, you know, also made a good point. She was big when you ask her to be in the way. Was it on that condition to say? All right. I know you're overweight now. But if if I ask you to be in my wedding, and you agree will you promise to lose twenty pounds, not necessarily lose weight, but step on the scale. And then whatever it says want you to be twenty pounds less than that. However, you decide to do yet is that part of the deal. I wouldn't think so. So why spring it on her now? I don't get it. It's crazy people are mean. Several people made a great point. If this is if the groom finds out he needs to realize that this is the woman, he's marrying an out of that. You'll never be able to eat what he won't ever you gonna eat that. We have Reagan's make a list of things that all of us on the show would have to change in order to be his. I love that. It would be for tomorrow. What you would have to change. Rob ace in Sasse, and we're going to be your groomsmen. That's really hurt. I don't wanna do that. Would we have to change? Anyway, I don't wanna do that. Coming up on now trending with Riggins. I'll just say it like this. The Weiner is out. That's right. The Weiner is out details now trending in less than ten minutes. You're connected funny with your friends. Next. And then there's the important stuff. The stuff that's trending today is national buttermilk biscuit day. Delicious, you pick a biscuit over a role dinner. Roll every time not every time. It depends on what I'm eating never breakfast. Yes. Always biscuit dinner roll dinner. Roll you know. Yeah. But I don't ever get offered dinner rolls breath. Yeah. No, toaster. Biscuit. Do you get the biscuit, toast, or biscuit? Again, it depends on what I'm eating if I'm not eating gravy on the biscuit. I get toast. Wow. 'cause I like to take a bite of the toast with eggs and whatever breakfast meat. I have chosen. Yeah. You're having fried eggs, you won't toast, because then you could stop what's left the biscuit doesn't stop as well. If you turn it upside down. Yeah. And just cut it like an open face Sangu. Yeah. But it doesn't get out at yoke hard getting around for me. But yeah, otherwise, it depends on what I'm eating. Yeah. I wished I made to go kegs AJ got to ios twentieth. I love that yoke. Yeah. It's the best the yolks on me. And it's also national speaker yokes, it's national dance like chicken day. So which is just dumb is kinda stupid stupid. They can still do that at the wedding that you can. No. Well. I was at a wedding Ri wedding reception. Saturday night didn't happen chicken. Oh, good chicken day is this. Yeah. Will you chicken head project, Pat? Yeah. Okay. Straight up to him. Yeah. Oh, Mr Pat hope he's doing that was before he went to Peru out approve is he out. Thank god. Yes. Some new stuff I played it for ya. The new project project pet feet on some really. Yeah. Look at TJ layers was that then I gave you the name neymar party favours party favors album called layers. All right. It's amazing. They they were able to lockdown project Pat for that. Quite a quite a get. And finally, the Weiner is out Anthony Weiner, of course, we know Anthony Weiner, he was serving twenty one months, and it's four sexting with a minor. He was released from the Federal Bureau of prisons today. I always wonder how they get service in there in the caves. In the caves me of your sex thing with a minor. I mean, oh. See coal miner. He'd knew it was a minor, right? Yeah. He knew it was somebody underage. Yeah. And he's a cockroach he he's back to begin. Grows lean yellow Carlos danger. Yeah, that's his name Carlos danger. And what I don't know what a manipulator liked to. 'cause no young girl looks at him. And it's like, wow, what a dreamy, you know, teen dream like Justin Bieber. He's disgusting. You gotta give them pretty ripped. He was he was sitting shirtless photos of him. He's he's an excellent shape credit where credit is due. He's in great shape. Our was I don't know. It's so gross. What's something that your job asks you to hide from the customers, we call it insider secrets in less than ten minutes on the and TJ show. The TJ show podcast are your way to stay connected funny after the show's over more show, total recall as TJ and thirty and cast shows are all available through I tunes and most other podcasts or. Voices or? Coming up. The TJ show has everything you need to stay connected. Funny dot com and the TJ app. Links to all of our podcasts social media platforms radio affiliates and charities now. Eysenck TJ. You gotta turn your mic on its first ruler radio. Help gotta turn it on you start here today. Reagan's get so. So I've worked a couple of different jobs. I've worked in a grocery store, and I've worked in retail space like a clothing store in high school and college and stuff like that. But my favorite job was working in a grocery store. I loved it is best first job. I think you could have like pushing the carts. I didn't even work on the cash. I was like bagging people's groceries. And you know, I would put the cookies out out in the front for the kids to come and grab and stuff like that. But cookies come get your cookies for kids of all ages. And there were a lot of little things that you would be told by the upper management to kind of not conceal but to conveniently avoid telling people or you know, if you walked by the produce, let's say, and you saw a bruise on an apple you turn it around. So it wouldn't face out. Not get rid of it can still sell that. But turn it around make it more appealing and stuff like that. So what is something? Your job has asked you to hide from the customers. And they might do it in a way that doesn't seem this is radio worked for exactly. I worked for Johnson Ville one. They asked me. Yeah. I'm not even clever for third grader anymore. Means. Well, so. The first thing that comes to my mom when we talk about raise. You're not supposed to help you when you're on vacation like people care. I don't think people there as long as the content is good. But that's one of the things. I don't tell them. You're on vacation that way, you know. I just think it's silly. Well in a lot of times, if you're a syndicated radio show, the local affiliates won't shoot to not say that you're syndicated or where you're broadcasting from because they try to make it sound like you're in in that town. Yeah. Live and local in that town, which when we started our syndication, we said, there's no way we can do that. Because we screw it out way. We're going to be able to to keep that going. So that's why we we will always talk about whatever goes on in Charlotte where we live or whatever's going on in Birmingham where we're on. We'll we'll talk about anything as long as it's interesting and give whatever town shout out that needs like, you're lying. He did doesn't work. So I gotta feel a lot of these will come from the restaurant industry and stuff like that is I don't know why I just get the vibe that that's going to happen. But what is your job ask you to not tell the customers in retail in restaurants or worked for Jimmy dean to where you also got always hun. We're going to something could come out of this that that we don't wanna know. Yeah. Somebody could share something with us that you know. I don't know. There's somebody says I worked for Amazon we aren't allowed to tell the customers if their account is labelled as concession abuser. Concession of us. Don't know what that means. I don't wanna concession abuser. Is we're trying to find out before the break for after the break. Sounds like it would be somebody who who didn't pay for their snow cones at the ballpark. Yeah. Concessions. Do you want him back? Too many napkins. I paid for frito pie and two year. Yeah. So either reach out to us on social media at the or give us a call. What is your job ask you to not tell the customers keep it hidden to hide from? It's going to be bad. Yeah. I wanna hear the TJ show and stay connected. Funny later today ace and TJ twenty four seven is the show replayed all day through the as TJ app. Sponsored by Papa John's downloaded on I tunes Google play. And Amazon more ace and TJ next. Alexa, play a TJ connected funny. And it's easier than ever to tell your devices you want the ACT to show now as and TJ. Okay. So we asked what your job asks you to hide from its customers. Some of these are shocking. And again, we don't have any proof of these things just allegedly, but we're not going to say the name of the businesses. Okay. Can I give you or one of the one of the most shocking ones is from someone who says, I'm a nurse? I'm an operating room nurse. And there are some surgeons that I wouldn't let touch dead rat that my cat drug in. If I would tell the patients that I would definitely be fired. Just do your research and ask around before having surgery. Oh, well, what are you supposed to ask? I have for surgeons. Yeah. I dunno. Sure. That's scary though. Terrifying. Yeah. Well. There's one place says he's a naughty nurse for telling them. Please keep me in autumn ass-, but we aren't allowed to tell people how often the oil in the deep Fryers are changed should be changed once a month. But it's only changed about every six months or right before the health inspectors coming what at what kind of like a fast food restaurant. It doesn't say just as the only said, please. Keep me anonymous says months lungs, it tastes good. I don't care. Yeah. A little much though, six months a little I like the anonymous, please I work on computers. I can't tell the customer the de computers just a piece of crap in wasted their money. Now is there difference in a computer tech and somebody who quote unquote, works on on computer? Please don't say who I am. I work with water systems, and we charge an outrageous price over one hundred for a yearly service the customer could easily be themselves. Changing out the filter. Maybe it's time for your yearly. Some places we can't tell you what they've because it would give away. Exactly where where it is one lady said I worked for a company based out of Texas, but I work from home here in South Carolina. We're not allowed to let anyone know that we work from home or that we're not in Texas. Be a selling point for the company that we're a Texas based company. Now, I wonder if that means they have to hire people to work the phones that have southern accents. Because if anybody knows what they're doing. They can they can tell the difference between a South Carolina exit in Texas exit. That's fun. My job doesn't want me to tell people that they that they can't a job coach. So we address barriers or things that individuals are having difficulty with but are not allowed to use negative words doughnut show. My job tells me avoid all negative words. They can't tell somebody. You can't do that. They have to find a way to work around it. It's like Disney. Yeah. You get to wear a whistle. The job toke. Life coaches, do do they really I know lady who's a life coach. She said, no, we don't we don't use whistles SAB a whole lot cooler. We did. Yeah. That's so ridiculous. You know, like the career of a life coach is a traditional thing. Like, oh, it's ridiculous for me to think you wear whistle. But it's not ridiculous for you to call yourself alive code. Please. Come on. There's another one that's a restaurant that just says meet that used for one thing. One day is used for something totally different up to a few days later. Nice. Okay. It in water chop it up and put it into something else. And yeah. Yummy. She said not J as a as a job coach. She doesn't wear whistles. That you should coaches shorts. I used to be a nine one one dispatcher, and if someone called an asking to speak with officer or detectives, we would have to say that the officer are detected they ask for was not on duty. It was weird hiding officers from the public, really. Because they're calling. I don't understand that. Because they're calling them when one to speak to a specific officer, and it's supposed to be for emergencies spaghetti tell I don't know. I'm not a year. Yeah. Tell him. I'm not here. Keep me anonymous put some teachers not even certified or licensed in the high school subject teaching. Yes. That's. We ended on a high note down that one didn't. Connected funny with the ACT J show or. Dryer or the iheartradio app on Android auto and apple carplay. It's never been easier to get connected funny in the car and listen to the TJ show now eight hundred TJ. Here's a guy that told us your insider secrets he doesn't exactly what he does for a living. But he said, hey, we charge people ten dollars extra month. To get an English. Speaking tech on the phone every time. I'm no how that works. Yeah. How do you sell that like a premium package where you get that works? I would love to more would love them to the business, but he would want to share too much information at all you need to know. Right there. Well, no, thank you very much. And the lady says she works for company based out of Texas but worked from South Carolina, and they sell the Texas aspect of it. So she can't let people know she's working from home or not in Texas. She said tant your question people just assume I'm from Texas because I have a heavy southern accent? Yeah. They just go with it. And it never crosses their mind that she's not actually in Texas way. That a lot of figure. Well, we are Texas company which is not a lie. Yeah. Aware matt. Lorraine day today. I happen to be in South Carolina. But I'm still today. I'm working out of our office in Tucker. Lana. These people down here is freaks cool. Like, we are in Texas. I. What if she has to learn stuff about Texas? Geographic questions or whatever. Any of your people get hurt by the wildfire? Or I have some friends in that area of Texas. Oh, you know, like when you're going to the F FW in the assured favorite way to go. I'm in San Antonio. You start spinning a web of lies. That's not. That's not the area where I am. That's you gotta keep account of that. No. I don't know much about that. I'm not in that area. The panhandle. I'm in the man if you don't have our app you can out for free. Thanks to Papa John's, it's free and your apps for more show after show is on our app next. We'll see you tomorrow didn't get enough for more get the ACT TJ app in your app. Store is connected funny. Material copyright two thousand nineteen eighteen Inc.

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