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Green Arrow: Crossroads


This episode of Capes and Lunatic sidekicks brought to you by tweaked audio get awesome headphones tweaked. Audio Dot Com and use the coupon code southgate get thirty percent off reshipping in a lifetime warranty or you can get there through the link on our website. Southgate Media Group dotcom casts. What about? Well we're back for the last episode. Twenty nineteen great comic capers episode episode. Sixty eight so you know what. What's coming in twenty twenty five praising I am fill in Queen of the freezing Zinger sell? That's right because last comic capers of the year. What are we going to discuss? There's there's a crisis coming if you haven't heard living under a rock for the last year there's a crisis the they they did drop some photos yesterday regrow. Yeah you better hide super grow up or nobody's GONNA remember part one too so that's probably the crisis on a Sunday. Everybody knows the first crisis law Monday morning will. They're moving that woman. The Monday for the crossover so I wonder while doing doctor Shell Four. I know that's weird. That's weird I did see that it's like all I'm doing specials after all Liam Lake steel my thunder her shows. He's directed. I don't. I don't know how favouritism. Yeah that's what it seems like. I mean unless he lets he does the ones in January two but yeah it's shown favoritism because he knows those people or what that woman. I don't know her job yard never. That's my missing it but I didn't see suit. Bow Woman mentioned. I was like really Steve Busy that Monday. If nothing unless does he just going to do the flash episode to the last one before before the break and you know he's like oh I've done many super girls over there. They all like me. I Dunno I'd spend a little odd. We'll just leave it alone though because we're talking granier that's that part of the crash until January. That's right although he's in so far front and center in every single that's well since last the last one last hurrah wrapped on era like. I'm so sad I keep the rack. Everybody done it over. Bap Your power could came out in it. Some good came so so it's it's funny that we're talking crossroads today because we talked Mike Grimm the beginning of my girls run and now this is like the arc rate after he finished up his run. Yeah shame they throw out of that out of the window it really was. Yeah well I guess I mean growl at kept him kind of isolated that the I guess this was them like getting Oliver Queen back into the property main. DC Universe. Yeah I think I think that definitely did hurt. Mark Green air that. I think that that that was catching on. And they're just like nope we mean to you for this big crossover working arm raider so back in Iraq in this they give you like two issues before they dislike started throwing stars that you left and right because I mean the first issue opens up. He's still in Seattle only spending shrapnel just thinking of how Dinah left often honestly when you split up Green Arrow and Black Neil. You're GONNA have problems. Yeah I feel lake that Crowley and one of those couples that just I don't know like were you separate them and the male coach. We'll asleep with a teenage girl. All her right. They're not they she doesn't have a right. To Ida said does the fact that he does do that. It was like okay. Yeah maybe we do need agree. This week shadow is in second season of Ero. They didn't have any power he was that Guy Sean. Our Lake that e shower. Whatever chocolate patrol person awesome Outside of two so I thought I was green outside of maybe maybe working towards out of them will he. Basically in the middle of fight between shrapnel in Naina. What's this guy's name new guy nuclear nuclear? He's he's like my grandfather's from the Justice Society. Oh yeah yeah yeah our Pratt. The atom was his O- his Godfather inker healthier and they're fighting over a woman and all I like laughing. I need more more women. Trouble work work so that causes some issues so I guess that inspires him to leave Seattle and take a road trip her not the right kind of road. I like the next day. She eighty two like he he goes a breaks up with Black Canary. Two seconds areas going to see some old friend from high school all in all female friend from year. Might as well just wait to go see her mother of all them the in him and I just love the Goes to see some normal people. And he's still like basically finding uninjured. Master like Whiten into master and Eliza member. Tom Cruise last of mine is this is one thousand ninety four I know earnings are great and then his high school coach is giving him lessons in archery. Yeah well there are actually does graduate helping century your mind. I'll I'M NOT ARGUMENT NAP. And I'm just like GONNA fight this Ninja master with new kind of Bo going to go to my gym teacher for help. He's wildcat. We've Malone. He's still bleeding out on the streets. All there's wildcats courts confirmed for Crisis Bricks Corp can burn her Roselle goals. They got Jenny Jones on Euro. That's a coup in and of itself other overshadows could never I'm the I'm the frigging brick. How eager reported by now? And it's like it's weird. It's like a Christmas issue. Sarah Tim this guy is just like shooting each other. There's like Santa's in the background. Christmas lights in the day after Thanksgiving True Halloween now now. Twenty nineteen Oh yeah true. I'll bet on Cape May Have Turkey. stuffers please thank you. There is no Thanksgiving Grosso to be there. Thank you for the drop drop of that Turkey. Erkki stuff snow Turkey therapy for next to the car to trigger. Scroll Down Anyway at this. Run is not my favorite but at the NFL was necessary for what we're trying to do with the character. They were building too so yeah yeah. Miscreant Green Arrow in Seattle. I was so bummed show. It wasn't actually set in Seattle. I'll never forgive him for. Yeah you know it starts to. These kind of Seattle via Vancouver City was meant to in California though so it's a west coast city. Yeah Tristan technically is is not west coast of America truth but then of course I guess third issue. They're like oh we gotTA revved up. We need guest stars so first hunters uh when I was like okay. Sure she has a bow but not this one. Crossbow heaters both It is just. It's just a weird issue with like models thousand man. We were trying to hit those hud cutting issues of the nineties. Hey one of my favorite actresses one of my seat show they would see show that actually did the have it tracy goals and growing. Oh Yeah so yeah. So all. Rest- is traveling around yet. Him In the Huntress Cer- break up. The Carpool Lane Green. Don't go together much of the hobgoblins above good Green Goblin. The basically forget the criminal ring flood Diet Guru I'll man it was a multi level. Peace Game I concur with pitch game break. Although multi level marketing our colts break them up. This disavow them. Don't let them be a legal entity for businesses basically. Oh how are you involved in interests like has a friend from high school or something back the theme of this wrong. That's right. Oh but the next two issues after that I think they were trying to I catered a little hellfire Las Vegas death stroke. Oh Yeah oh Yar we are but then you have that wacky nineties twists in the beginning of eighty. Four Oliver's is injured wearing an eye patch. Confused protest stroke. Yeah that happened out of the thing that happened. Who's he ben? Reilly it gets the Vegas and like people are just like trying to kill him. They think he's death. Stroke him via Wacky. Keep clack went your candy and Wacky so so he gets death Strokes Hotel Room so of course it's the ninety so we get Green Arrow with machine guns united hurt my soul right the nineties us even wearing pouches and that's the pouches kangaroo but yes again again so so powdery to issues basically Oliver working with Hit He there. Represses people who were batching about the one China actions helicopters and motorcycles. The big guns this map agreement outdoor you should be calling for this isn't Green Arrow literally surely yes although you think they were trying to like sour the pot a little bit stake be like We need a fresh start hair. Look Oliver as a son and are connor. Hawke was coming even further while. We're there trying to dirty up oliver so there you know once you get conard pregnant you get like yeah. You can't like innocent more innocent grier property characters just just the lack of that attended. Don't work in the universe will. They don't work now. 'cause they pretty much de aged Oliver. So it's like we're going to have tenure Corner Hawk. Run any in an giang before they did the things they did. The armor from young. I mean one nine years old story. So you would the Damian on it's like the kids in sweatshops in DC version blackman were black. He wore red but baldwin playing hunter. Green Kinda turns black at night because I was going to say green because green and render bullet attractors. You've got configuring though. Yeah but a chorus nineteen ninety-four SOCOR screener eighty six. Had to have a cat woman. Appearance Age imbalance drawn. Cat will so funny because well I think this was. Actually I think the creative team on cat woman times that are just like you freeman pretty much like none. Out of this stuff is like macy's not memorable Hash Mike the Green Arrow unanimity. I think it was like their quickey version of value. Thrown him back in the DC universe. Yeah but the main issue something with the cat woman yes like sunshine. Don't something or other. They'll reminded say yes so like what kind of fantasy sex novel. We're kind of how the control because I mean basically basically there's a music you know big museum heist than for once cat woman's when she's been hired by Moore was at one of the I'm back now are pitfalls of the Peruvian Department of Antiquities of the like steel actor. Giving her an excuse for prefer showing up in Dallas. Because yes. This isn't happening in Gotham. Okay what do they do it in a real. That's right if I put him back into these universe. Oh my Lord Badghis love you know. They first meet the end up just like choke in each other than they spend the day together in a hotel room for going back out at night after versus laughingstock. Conserving why install your show. Are I mean it's balanced Sean. Count woman for everybody was saying. Thank the such weird lake. I don't know suspecting more devolution. It Shenanigans it's almost like a route sixty nine or anything so but frankly but I mean it just. It's a weird it's like. Did he have a mission or was it. It was almost like I'm bored. Going in the next town at about one hundred Black hat black canary broke up with me. Hunterston community find on the road. Take out my hostile aggression. CH- trying to try to find some place to put my era sad about a new grabber ale here and then issue eighty the seven no guests starbucks is like completely off the rails. And what's with the red eyes. Hiber he even learn from the green yellow green lantern issues. Eighty five and eighty six about the Verte but he makes it and makes it the New Orleans knowledge. Othman's this guy yes. This is actually the most easily. I don't WanNa think out of this whole situation. Well yeah and it's I mean there's no guest stars. It's basically just the most grounded I'd say in reality rally which is horrible. But if for Kevin Dooley is laid the green Arrow writer we don't talk about we basically get the Cajun version of kingpin. They wanted to do again attack eva. The almost guarantee you know now. But he's reared I I like the big bads basically like trying to his knees at downspouts incest stereotypes. How dare I know in the beginning? But I'll say for most of this. Oliver doesn't even like suit up. He's like really honestly after this. No actually really need to suit up now just like around in his Green Silk Pajamas level. How rich guys for guys? In a sick obsession with vigilant taper leasing universe he looked might falls come into gathered old We have to cover nightfall somehow someway or not. That's for before the bed. Oh yeah so. Green Arrow eighty-eight radiate. Yeah thank hero defending Stars King and let's run the wrong green lantern for good measure. What's what's like even like the Justice League part? It's like he really didn't team out. He basically just stood there and watched them live right there. He is right taking jet planes. We'll proceed Martian manhunter taken down in like a jet plane. Quick errands it can hock the Hawk eyebrow. Yes there's like by the way they show the flash on the cover he doesn't actually show business officiant. That's true that's true. I know and like you see. There's like these guys. With high-tech Guns Robbing Bank and wonder woman shows up. I know no flash that is oh maybe he was there. Houston see him Brag about being the fastest man alive. I'm just saying that this. I think this is where they really were like. Oh we probably need to lay Polish of green Arrow zero a little bit more so they make them say you know. I never liked being called a hero. I just do what I think is right. Tried to make a difference man angry research projects I guess they were. You know they're trying to show you where this happens. They caught nude exotic. You said he runs in the Guy Gardner partner the hospital towards gone insane. Destroy the Green Lantern Corps. Good bacne he ever did doc going right now Kyle Rayner's putting ring on for the first time you covered that one the Jessica crews there. I said it always should cover that one day. There was like Moses three issues where like Kyle Rayner went around like the advice from other here era of like Batman and Robin and then there was a shift or a captain marvel issue and then a wonder woman issue army. Harn sure students read some of this stuff. He'd pick them out. All the issue rebelled. Okay and then the I would just get we get what Oliver helping some street. People Tally it's like. Oh look what's the what's the crappiest Deng Deng whole. We can throw Oliver into next issue Gotham city which is why should the tax do you come to face. His you know his you know he's modeled after. Yeah but that's the but that's the thing the last issue eighty nine. It's like you know they say Gotham City last issue. Oh team up with Batman or at least Rob Inter night wing now. Who's WHO's he run with this issue in arche younger a younger forgotten aditorial was just like no no no the middle nightfall and night said No? We can't be doing this this right now. Just give a man ocoee argued. What's IT GONNA do? Try To jump Bruce and Jean Paul Valley. I don't think so platts was he was supposed to get us back broken. And we never his son takes place at the plaques with we forgot out rear frigging Gort. There's like nobody we know except for inner I mean I think. Aw I'm trying to remember what line here which I think it this taking place the same time as nights in that's my Batman showed up because the about the bridge blown up or something and there's something in here that yeah it's taking place as bad jean-paul Valley are fighting. The system is wrong. You can change the I mean sure. He has billions while not at this point. You're wrong and I never got the whole Internet. Art this early anarchy costume which get. He's like a kid trying to dress the look like an adult as a kid but what the long neck up that long Turkey eh kids. That are trained. Colt Wadsworth we've ever talked about with him. Better and our Zama seen seen. I've I've come from the business office to pick up my children. which are them to watch or what about yet? Because because there's there's a guy his name is visit the and it's really just two kids in the movie. The president business takes her. Yeah kind of odd. I mean I I know I it is but will I wonder if they have did they have to end because zero hour was coming. Yeah Yeah exactly. Because that's part time technically hesitate the not from our show. The I know we keep saying we're GONNA have to like like At least one or two episodes on zero hour that's late but flake seven partners say covered the main series. Do some of the tie-ins only the Batman stops for issues itself by itself But yeah fat fat of zero hour for for town. I was so pissed he he who has a tasty tasty. You really should've thought out a crisis a little bit better so you have to keep having crisis crikey storyline whether you go by eighty nine hundred ninety. They do ended weird and then like the next car picks up with him basically just like quitting. It's like wait. Wait what happened. What happened why? Yeah an off the antagonists were streaming really saying there were precedent they did show up and down a few times so Surrey. We're we're in Gotham in. This is where we're going to end it okay. Whatever I just see very anti-climactic so we didn't get any I mean anarchy was it? That's who we got. I mean at least got a little social social `social justice all Queen because they were like blowing up like at gun manufacturer which carried Haggar their hands for long. I mean were they trying to paint oliver like more of an anti hero at this point. Yeah you got me. They really wanted to kill the whole Green Batman they wanted for all. I think MHM. I'll kill how low on that I think struggled to find like after travelling heroes. They really did struggle after that for quite a while to to make him something special. Something Different Julia now. The urban hunter a I mean it's it's an origin story and if you went like a toward worth nineteen ninety-four DC universe. Yeah that is from issue to. It's super obvious we're going on this road trip for ending because it's going to be some kind of sacrifice something that happens in guy. This Ruijin spelled out in the paint for you. Yeah Oliver Queen. This is your life a crisis did did you see they did. I think there is a picture out there. Floating around there somewhere him laying on the ground so it's like okay but that can't be part one supergirl he can't buy that or Sir some time on why me stuff you are. They gonNA open up all the queen's supposed death into like flashback to like here's how we got here. Oh my dad for for five up and especially and then you get the holiday break in the middle there to. I mean I get it but it's like why can't you just do crisis before the Keep those ratings. I guess I mean because the crossover literally does boostup. Everybody's waiting for the year so everyone does that particular episode for legends. When they didn't participate the crossover that really For the rest of the years. Oh poor black lately or other just for him to that was pretty cool but it does not getting episodes. 'cause he's not technically officially a part of the errors did you. Did you see the about. Did you see the teaser. Like he's talking to Berry and he's like he's like my earth is gone or something. Yeah I was going to say unless they bring it back. Oh you out. Secretly is wife when the green lantern. They'll hold con. Use that to clean up whatever they want on that show through for. Put it back daughters daughters. Hey Barry thanks for making us the time. I don't have any more where he goes back. That is why for back together and happy. I mean unless he you know unless he goes back the daughters legends or something just put black lightning on earth supergirl is on. It's fine that maybe I heard. They need a black bag. Is Jimmy left. Yeah I mean technically you agree. I mean maybe after crisis everyone might be on the same earth though her Fokker Burger entering. Earth Amalgam are dark law. DOC that's right we're going to do to that too. Yes gets a professor Charlie ESA. We're at as a huge fan for a long time. This is Kinda disappointing for me. Add to that my girl was just like I would you it again. They wanted they wanted to bring back. The espe- especially is sold sold the essence that make that would make him so great in the mid to mid eighties. The early nineties. It's just like you are that momentum with his character spoiler to they're gonNA they're killing them off so it's like you know let's bring him back into all the DC characters could say goodbye or whatever then aspects still better find and then and then connor and Kyle new heart traveling. Heroes Damn won't even the good kind like live. It puts on your class on the Margarita. Damn straight sours bidders not rasual alcohol. Yeah Yeah Zero Burr. Oh aw I wonder I wonder who I doubt. I wonder who had downloaded that button. Four out of the whole case lunatics. I don't know I'm not the only one that thinks so. So what I what I think was boring. But I'm not the only with it heartbreaking out now let's say I'm not saying you're the only one but I'm just saying who's I'd say who who eats most of the sour grapes on our two podcasts. It's I didn't hear Green. Hey I Everyone then she's solid raves for Christmas off on that note all right. We're getting out of here our sponsors. Oh that's right. We're our listeners. On that note so yes send your thoughts heck on any of the books we cover this year on crisis. 'cause will I also do a show legends of the verse. What phrasing Oh? And it won't be until January twenty twenty but lilith what recovering next on comic capers. Tell the people said they want to send an email at nine. We are covering the death of Archie. Get ready those are g getting real forty. So yes so send your thoughts on any of that. Any and all of that capes a lunatic at jimoh dot com. Call the voicemail. Six six one four three eight two two seven three seven that six one four thirty capes and remember the go check out the link tree for all the Cape Lunatic social social media links links to merch linked to the youtube all of our links at linked tree that's k. t. r. dot ee slash slash capes in lunatics and. Remember again like little fast. Said we have sponsors so pushing pod life to the book. Because I'm in it but also remember go to Amazon Dot Com. Use the Lincoln. The show said I support southgate media grew by check out. Hunter Killer get twenty percent off your first box. The Coupon Code Southgate and remember Southgate Munich group has a Patriot on so so check that out also aerate hellfire what dark evil projects people support you on. Yeah well defined out you can follow me on twitter at rose health and of course. You're listening to this podcast. You can find the on the go that will fire. sixty-nine in our on our low megan we're talking have the IRA so thank you. Everyone and then come back. We'll be doing waves. Were overestimate year but then again like you said twenty twenty. It opened in strong with sixty strong six nine data Marchi. Thank you for joining us for call the capers and again capacity say come back next year but again he coming back every week for waves world the rest of the year specially cut her big Kelly Thompson. Interview coming off the acid. Wade's best. Send your wishlist freedom online. Maybe Santa Way to hear your wishlist and stock your stuffing or stop talking talking free phrasing tongue tied and phrasing. I'm GonNa miss you most of all.

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