Mike Mayock comments on Raiders need for WRs, Mock Draft Continued


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That's where we will also be doing live shows so you'll WanNa follow those on your view channel fourteen with Cox and check back every afternoon here wherever you are listening for new shows. It's heightened thing today with Ed Grainy Adam Hill and Vinnie bonsignore and we have to first of all acknowledge what we just heard there in the opening of the show. That was Mike Mayock and seeing the kids. Pretty Interesting That he said yesterday on the conference call that he's like one hundred years old. Ed Kinda echoed a little bit some of the things. You're saying there about how he doesn't know what the screen share or how he's going to do this but he said he's old school guy he's GonNa get things together. He's GonNa figure this out the more reps he puts in the better. So what did we make about Mike mayock and his concerns with the NFL draft? And how is going to go down because I know both the you were on the call yesterday and heard everything. May alcott to say ED. What were your thoughts on this? I hope it's not concerns. I hope we stay on the truth. And we see thirty whiteboards That'd be Kinda cool You know I mean this. It's GonNa be guided guy and you know there's GonNa be some with a better grasp of how to do virtually and I think we're all I'm waiting for the WHITEBOARDS. I wanted to be a little chaotic So we can have some stuff to be amused by but I also want. It guys running into homes trying to hook up a computers. These just eat a guy who probably has a lot of a lot of experience with this Dhabi's Film Guy. They sit rooms and watch film. So now you're asking him to be a little more technical He'll be. I think it'll be fine. I think they'll do dry runs. They'll do they'll do practicing. They're still going to be. I think hiccups in this thing. I don't think it's possible to go through the draft without it but I want to see a shot of his I was living room. I WanNa see all those whiteboards. That'd be great. You know you're not gonNA see it you're not gonNA see because he doesn't want to give away any secrets so whatever find that out but al. It's fascinating that he made some good points about wanting the equipment installed as soon as possible. You know we're only a week out at this point and he wants to practice with these things too so he's ready on draft night. And if you if you think about it he made some some really good points like okay. You're going to be able to zoom with your you. Know it's him and Gruden and some of the scouts and the front office people can all be in zoom call. They could be communicating. And I don't think that's going to be a problem and I definitely don't think it's going to be a problem. You know transmitting your pick to the league. You can email in or texted her however you want to get it over to Goodell So so those things are going to be no problem. I don't think internal communications or communications with league will really be an issue by a couple of hiccups but nothing major the bigger concern and he kind of brought it up was okay. If you're on a trade a lot of times you're in that war room you're talking to one team maybe Gruden or maybe your assistant. Gm or you know one of the other guys is talking to another team. And you might be trying to work out like a tray between three or four teams in your all communicating with each other while your committee go Communicating with the outside world. Will now those things are going to be a real issue? Because you're not together. You're not in the same room. You can't have those communications. It's GonNa take a lot longer. Those are the things that could be an issue and I think he brought up some good points there. When when if GRUDEN's kids on the other line doing like strength conditioning Plans for the team and like this is like there's like four people on the line once. I'll tell you one thing. If Mike may offer has been doing a lot of zooms. He's farther along than I am. In Zoom because I have no clue about that thing. You know no no chance. I downloaded that five times. I know I got. I got completely mad you that they were. Heidi had this facetime on that thing on the tasked with me in the Zoom Mar frustration. And is there. There's way too many of these so like I have one chat with a bunch of friends on zoom. One is on House party which I love. How far is phenomenal APP And then you've got the G. Chat where you can jump in with a video chatting somewhere. Other friends are on that and now I had a family Easter call on something called a webex which I don't even know what that was like. There's way too many of these things that's the problem here. I'll stay with facetime. Okay Fair enough something else. I wanted to comment on here. That Mike Mayock did mention in. The opening of his call was that he is going to do a matching donation thing with all the draft. Picks that the raiders do they're going to donate upwards of seven thousand dollars here to the Clark County delivering with dignity to program. The raiders have really stepped up in their contributions. Here in Las Vegas elegant gold. Josh Jacobs Foster Moreau Hunter Renfro. Who were also going to hear from later in the show. They've all partnered with three square. So everybody's you're donating three squares like a food bank. They give out food and meals and they prep all these boxes for family. So it's really great stuff that the raiders are doing well in advance of the draft with everything that they are doing for donations to Clark County in Las Vegas so One other thing I wanted to get in here with Mike Mayo call from Vinnie on this is about the linebackers he had asked. Mike. Mayock yesterday. about that position how they're planning to fill it in. He had some interesting things to say about quick okay. They're citing from the bears that he will be there. Green Dot Guy Vinnie. What do you have for us on that? Green Dot That that you know Mike Mac is talking about That represents the guy that is going to call your defense Your designated to have that your piece in his helmet so that the coaching staff because coordinator communicate with them You know up until I think it's like fifteen seconds before the place aren't so it's GonNa be. It's GONNA be his role To communicate with the defensive coordinator and then relay all that to the rest of the team is really an important You know Aspect of your defense because you need a Guy. That's going to be able to understand the verbiage but then communicated in a in a clear concise way up to teammates get guys lined up correctly. Get them in the sand formation. Just get everybody on the right page and That was sorely missing last year They had to kind of make do out. They had one guy that they could really truly rely on at a high level Fish of efficiency. But but Nick Rakowski is the guy that they are. They're gonNA designate as defensive leader With with the green dot as far as nineteen A gambling back free agency at the. The raiders really did create flexibility for themselves appreciate apply. We have five or six guys of. They feel comfortable taking with that. Nineteen depending on how the draft unfolds in front of them and if there's multiple guys there at Nineteen Bay like and you might give them confidence to maybe drop back a little bit and maybe pick up a second round. Pick as a result. They don't have a second round. Pick right now. It goes to I in three third round. Pick so If they feel comfortable that because of bringing in starters that we talked about linebacker and safety in defensive tackle another good pass rusher coming off the bench. A you can be a little bit more flexible. More confident dropping. Back picking a guy that he's still feel comfortable with also adding a second round pick but when you start thinking of nineteenth thick wherever it might end up or take them. You're talking about Patrick. Queen linebacker from lsu Can Bari Linebacker from from Oklahoma Xavier. Mckinney safety from Alabama You know Trayvon digs the quarterback from from From from Alabama so mentioning a lot of defensive positions. I do think that's the direction that they're gonNA go Aj Terrell of quarterback from Clemson. They still need. I think to to to add some more pieces defensively and I think with that. Nineteen or if it trade back. I think those guys in those are the positions that they're going to be focused on all right. Thanks Vinnie so what the other position Mike. Mayock had discussed was wide receivers in the twenty twenty draft. And how they're going to approach that. Here's Mike Mayock on the glaring. Need an hold that the raiders have here at wide receiver. A bunch of guys at the top end of the draft that are considered first round. They're going to be guys in the fourth round that typically would go in the third round or early so there's quality the top there that throughout. There's no secret that we need to get better wide out. We understand that We really like adding Nelson N. Goulart But we still need to get better wide out and again. It's kind of like the corner conversation. I think you gotTa let it come a little bit. And whether it's in the first round chat around third down fifth round I'm hoping we can kind of wide out. What the what. The raiders need and their culture. So when you hear Mike. May Talk about that needed. Something obvious. We all know that. That's a position but we've been talking all over the twelve spy. Will IT BE JERRY? Will it be lamb? Will it be rugs? Will who will be there for the raiders? But I think Mike Mayock when he looked at over he he was throwing up a lot of smoke. It kinda say you. He didn't really evaluate just one of the guys there. There's a bill take whoever best available is so that would lead me to believe that even if like we talked about yesterday even if maybe there's a wide receiver there that they weren't anticipating getting because maybe the others are gone. Maybe let's say lamb rugs Jerry. They're all God's maybe he's looking at like you were talking about yesterday. Jefferson do you. Think the Raiders. At twelve spot again would look just to fill that need right away or would they wait off on getting a wide receiver because there are so many that they could wait in the position to get somebody good at nineteen if the guy that they want isn't available at twelve. How do they play that out you? I mean I think if you listen to Mike my first of all everybody knows they have a glare need a wide receiver. But it's it's surprising to hear a co Gm say that because usually they're very close to the vast especially mayock. But I think that tells you exactly. How glaring that need is that he's willing to say. Hey listen. Everybody knows that we need a wide receiver. And I think when you play out the draft and I've done so many mock drafts nowadays participating with Groups that are running them and doing my own and it plays out a couple of different ways. There's there's times when Jerry Judy and CDC dilemma both there and there's times when they're both gone so I think it depends where they fall one of the one of the things that really stood out about what Mike Max had. Yesterday was the biggest thing he learned last year. was the biggest mistake teams make is reaching and then the other thing that he learned was the patient. Because you WanNa you know throw away all these assets to try to move out because you like one guy but it's better to try to wait and find your spot to get three or four really good guys instead of mortgaging a whole lot to get that one. So he's learned those lessons but he he's basically saying he wouldn't for a guy who does take the best available guy at that spot and so if if you get there and all of a sudden the best available guy is CJ Henderson To play corner and that is also a need. Maybe don't take you know a third or fourth wide receiver That's available because you know you think you can get a guy later. That's better in that scenario if you told me the CJ Henderson a corner at twelve and then just in Jefferson in nineteen I would I would take that. If I'm the raiders so I think it all depends how draft plays out but I don't expect him to reach for a guy that he doesn't have high in his board and As I've as I've indicated I don't think Henry Rugs is the third best receiver like a lot of people do and I thought it was kind of telling that you know he was asked yesterday. Mac was you know if one of those top three isn't there and he said well who's to say who the top three are. That is telling because you know everybody knows. There's a consensus top three. I DISAGREE WITH THAT CONSENSUS. And maybe math does too. I think they could also be total. Shade sure is. He knew everyone. He knew everyone was listening to that. He knows everyone will listen to it so I wouldn't be shocked if judy still there. If he traded up a few spots grabbed now again. We don't know because we have no idea who they're in love with. Let's say Cleveland at ten is sitting there and they still think they could get you. Know Alignment or someone they believe is best for them. When I heard that yesterday I you know I. You either believe him or he'd be just throwing that out there saying I don't even know if these guys are the top three We do need receiver help. But I'm not gonNA reach an income Thursday night you know. They swapped with Cleveland. And Take Judy again. That s going to to mean that they're in love with one of those guys but I didn't. I just didn't get anything from yesterday. That you never can believe any Cleveland's very interestingly brought that up because we are looking at nine and eleven right now. If you're if you're trying to analyze. What the raiders are going to do because at nine with Jacksonville. Eleven with the jets both are very very much in need of dynamic. Playmaking wide receivers So does one or both take receiver. We don't know that will tell a lot about. What THE RAIDERS DO BUT CLEVELAND? Now Cleveland is now our card because if they trade Beckham all of a sudden they need one of those guys and they're glaring weakness at tackle His now a two glaring weaknesses on offense needing tackle ETA wide receiver. So that can change the whole complex in that first round as well all right so Vinnie. What is your take on all of this? As far as the wide receivers Might Maxi's what a Lotta when everyone else is seeing. This is a really really deep wide receiver draft pool as he mentioned typical year. Your volume have about twelve or thirteen guys. That teams believe a could be drafted with those first three rounds. That's the wheelhouse of your of your draft. And when you're trying to pick up rather whether they're instant starters are guys that you're going to be able to start And expected contribute pretty soon in their careers But this year Will you know what he said was there could be upwards and maybe even exceed twenty guys at teams are GonNA value at As a top one two three R third round pick which is pretty unusual And was able to ask about the top three guys. Cd LAMB from alcohol. The end jury duty from Alabama Henry Rugs from Alabama of uniqueness of that in that. They're so different from one another. So it's going to be kind of a preference of what? Typical Fed fits best into into John. Gruden's system usually in that situation. You have a guy at you have guys that are similar. You're just deciding. Who's the better of those two similar skill sets but in this case you have three dynamic wires that do three almost completely different thing so but acted mentioned that you know the thing about Gruden? System is at their flexibility in being able to take talent fitted into the system rather than four-speed guys at into into roles maybe their skillset dozen necessarily fit in the perfect example. Is Darren Waller? The raiders. Didn't have that big time wide receiver when Antonio Brown You know Was no longer available to them. All went right to Derrick. Waller the best athlete offensively and they skimmed it up to put him in all kinds of positions to to be really effective downfield. Intermediate routes a short routes screen passes. So what was just a case of of Jon? Gruden saying my system but this is a talent that I have. I'M GONNA make the talent fit. You know what we're what we're doing scheme around that so But I'll tell you this you know magnetic pretty clear that there's going to be really good value in that in that second third of you in fourth round wouldn't be surprising at all kind of in hearing some rumblings about at the raiders by double dip at wide receiver in that first round later on draft. Nitty walk away with to impact players at a time position. Thanks for that Vinnie. So what will do here? We'll go ahead take our quick break here word from our sponsor and we come back. You're going to hear from Isaiah Johnson and Hunter Renfro so stay tuned right here on. The biggest nation podcast. This episode of Vegas Nation will be right back. They say a healthy gut means a healthy. You favor apple cider vinegar shots bottle. This feeling into the convenience of a two ounce shot better digestion stronger immune system and the lowering of blood. Sugar levels are all just some of the benefits to shooting daily favor shot. Their proprietary blends are a raw and organic and mixed with other functional ingredients to create a better tasting experience. First Time shooters can go to drink favored DOT COM. He's probably testing out the phone right now if he was on zoom call but he's got so many people around on that are trying to do a farm and he just. I mean he knows how it works echoes. That's kind of our our. Our video system knows that like like Back his hands so he's flipping through that but outside of that I would. I would presume that there's some Choice or flying would think. He's a lunatic savvy as much as he wanted much football as he what he got to be. A Little Tech Savvy. You gotta give them a little credit. So we'll see how he does this whole zone thing. I'm pretty got somebody to help him navigate Blah but we'll see how that goes. Welcome back to the Vegas Nation podcast. It's Heidi Bang here with any bonds in your Ed Grainy Adam Hill and those voices. You just heard we're respectively hunter. Renfro Isaiah Johnson. They were talking about Jon. Gruden trying to learn technology and advanced this draft and you can check out that content and video their way. Cassie Soto are hosts of this nation is great stuff there on the site of course biggest nation dot com where you can find all of this there with Hunter. Renfro and Isaiah Johnson in full so we were talking before we break away about what the raiders could do the trade talk if there's some shade Mike Mayo. Through their about their nineteen picket. Let's quickly just kinda breakthrough the the seventeen through thirty two picks your in the NFL draft continuing with our mock from yesterday of. I think we had assumed that. The raiders might look at Patrick. Queen was an option we had said in a Henderson could be an option. There's a couple other names that have been floating around like Jordan. Mov you know. Do they go after? Oklahoma's Linebacker Murray. Is it? Trayvon digs. I mean that might be a bit of a reach. But there's different people here at the quarterback position that could be interesting even Christian Bolton. Another Ella you guys. So when you look around the raiders at nineteen and you start to think okay. Maybe the Eagles Vikings going wide receiver. Maybe the jags were GONNA go for. Cornerbacks the cash in there as the raiders. And try to get a cornerback ahead of the jags that they might take you know we and you see above that. You think maybe cowboys are going. Defense may be. Dolphins are trying to drink the nut that offensive line. We were talking about yesterday. So you have cowboys. Dolphins Raiders Jackson Eagles Vikings those the order from seventeen to twenty two atom with that shakes out. What do you think will be in play around those positions? I think all those are possibilities in terms of going corner. Maybe if you don't get a wide receiver at twelve there's plenty of wide receivers in the mix around that nineteen area. I mean you're talking. Possibly can t higgins mij- Justin Jefferson who I think should go earlier than that but he could be available so a lot depends a lot of that nineteen pick depends on the twelfth. Pick in what they do there. I actually am now kind of focusing in on. Oh this is something that Vinnie and I've talked about. Before but Xavier mckinney is very interesting to me as a safety We Heard Mike. My axa yesterday. He believes the Mary Randall. Who came in? Who can't play corner or safety is going to be more of a safety For the rate for the raiders. But he's a guy that can play a couple of different areas they are tried to solidify that secondary as much as they possibly can with a bunch of talented players as they've moved off for Carl Joseph and they need to kind of figure out how to fill in With some talent they've got a bunch of young corners that they hope Compan- out Now if you ask safety leg mckinney who can really change the complexity of defense. He can do a lot of different things for you. Back there just is is to me the best safety in the strap by far. I think he's a top twelve player in the draft and if he's still around nineteen because teams are kind of hesitant to take safety early. That's a guy. Look at. You do have to be aware that the cowboys may grab him too. But they added ha ha Clinton Dix and free agency so that may not happen but I. I like the talent of a guy. Like Xavier mckinney and Mike. Mayock said best player available so To me he'd be probably the best player available right. There actually sticky. Maybe the cowboys do cash in on mckinney. But you make a great point there with Clinton Dix. What are the cowboys doing it seventeen? They taken some defense there and through the raiders have to look out for who? Obviously they're going to take to try to position themselves at that. Nineteen pick for to get somebody that they really want. How do how do you Kinda plan this out when you look at seventeen? And the dolphins probably taking offensive tackle or or somebody that can hold up that line for them. And then the raiders. What do you think happens here? How does this shakeout on? I think I think Dallas Better Take Defense. I mean if he know Dallas and I think I know them they better take. Ethan's hope they take the corner. Obviously Henderson's going beyond Adams missing mentioned a few There's a kid and TCU Jeff Ladny I think they need to Christian Fulton Navy. But the the even if they Reach their for corner. I THINK DALLAS. Better get defense. And like Adam Sediment mckinney Anderson or. GimMe Gone by Nineteen. So you know again. I mentioned Glad me other people a corner. I have a feeling. The raiders stayed true and go wide receiver at Twelve. Or even throw us. You know trade up like we said May with Cleveland. Because they get antsy about judy or someone who is still there they have to go defense in Nineteen. I I don't I don't think I've bought into the Jordan. Love thing even if Gruden loves quarterbacks I think if they pass twelve and they're into the teens. They've made the decision go with their car on Marcus Mariota. And whoever else they can get in that room so You're right I mean at nineteen they even need to be continent of. If there's a defensive guy they really like who can they get in front of who needs defense as well right because down the line here? I think the if you look at the about from twenty four on I feel like the saints are GonNa Go Defense. I think Vikings are going to go defense. The seahawks the ravens packers. Definitely I think would look at a linebacker may be in that position so titans another probably the chiefs. So there's a lot of picture that I think will be defensive towards the end of the draft. So I mean if you're the raiders. I think you know either. You're looking at definitely getting ahead of somebody with somebody but is reaching. Do they try to pick some place around the line? I mean that's been a talk about the raiders. Probably looking to get a second round. Pick Somehow Adam in a perfect world. If you're the raiders and you want to get a second round pick how do you trade around what you do have with your selections to acquire one? Yup I think it might involve trading back out of the nineteen and picking up a couple of picks couple maybe a second and third something like that If they want to make that happen or packaged their later trades or later. Move up but I think you know Max. Max reasoning seems to be He'd rather have You Know He. He loves picking that second third round. He definitely wants to be in that second round But he also doesn't want to give up a whole lot to move up so I think it'd be more likely moving back and trying to drop down and finding multiple players Instead of maybe taken that one guy at nineteen that they want but We will see what he does he you know. His philosophy seems to be just grabbed the best guys you can at that spot and You know if you'RE GONNA IF YOU'RE GONNA IF YOU'RE GONNA move move back and get more picks more than a moving up in mortgage a whole lot to get ahead. One thing it'll be interesting to me is how many picks from Clemson and Lsu they acquire this year based on last year's picks with a lot of guys coming out of the championship game from last year. So we'll see what happens with this coming year of. What's your input here? What do you have on all this? Talk about the linebackers Cory Littleton Nick Wykowski. But also you know what they created on the defensive line picking up another starter in the league. Collins is an interior defensive linemen and some some really good depth of Carl. Nasa who I think is going to have a pretty big role with the raiders. A lot of different Schemes and situational football. Bring bring pressure off the edge and you also have various Randall. The safety that they picked up from the Cleveland browns. So I think it picked up four. Basically starters in free agency and that's pretty impressive Also created depth on the defensive line in defensive secondary so the long and short of that is that create a lot of flexibility for them going into the draft especially defensively Closing some of those holes They don't have to reach at a certain position They can just go with the best player available. Mike Ma'am back said you know who's the best defense flare? Let's go. Let's go get an. I do think there is still a bit of a pressing need at cornerback opposite Trayvon Thought they have their guy. He lied apple that fell through They are they have a lot of hope for Isaiah Johnson who was Jenner in the fourth round last year. Come UP A RANGY. Six foot one six foot. Two quarterback brings a whole bunch of athletic ability to the table. Use a wider suber. Is I two years at Houston? So there's a lot of promise there but I think they're gonNA have to Pick up cornerback Whether it's an draft or trade or or you know in a second wave of free agency but they really do like what they did defensively in your talk about their linebackers and house-key in Littleton. Both of those guys played stay on the field. All three downs can apply against the run. They're effective in pass. Coverage and that was really glaring. Need for the raiders last year. So tell me I was really excited about what they were able to do. On the on the defensive side of the ball so one last thing I want to talk about all these wide receivers. We've been talking about. There's a name out there right. Now that I think is interesting You could probably a good fit for the raiders. But I think there's an issue right now with his health and maybe how they can evaluate that being in the Times that we're in and everything just being completely different than anybody's used to in terms of evaluating prospects and that's Randy Nyack Arizona State Guy Edward you make of him and Where do you think he fits here in the scheme with all these wide receivers that we've been throwing around the names of today? Well you mentioned. You mentioned the injuries He's explosive kid From Arizona State. As you said you know if you're talking about the raiders is may oxygen. Let's say they pass on wide receiver. They trade back or you know something happens where they don't get one in the first round then they'd have to get a second round pick as he won't last pass early in the second round it is probably six or seven on the board ahead of him but with his speed might end up being impactful as most of them. So you know. He's A. He's a option for the raiders but only if they would trade back in her first or get a second and probably be early in the second every mock. I've seen has been at the worst early in the second so I guess he's an option like others are Late in the draft if it may have fought to pick up another one but that would have to mean that they take a reach on the first of the somehow get a second pit. Yeah he's a guy he needs that physicality he's not. I don't think he's strong enough right now to be the guy that people think he can be the league definitely some explosion the good athleticism and would be an interesting note as he is. Arena guy. He's a he's he went to McQueen High School in Reno so Northern Nevada Kid. Coming to play for the raiders would be interesting but I just don't think he falls in toward the writers will be picking. I think they'll be better guys available at nineteen and I think he'll go really late late first early second in. It's not really where the raiders would go so Probably not in the cards but would be a good story all right. Well thank you guys for all of the input. You're on our mock draft in. That'll do it for the first round of the draft here and we will come back with a two point. Oh version of our mock draft on the raiders picks as it gets later in the week here and we're also going to hear from Jonathan Abrams. Tomorrow we'll have some sound lined up from the interview that are Cassie. Soto has with him later in the day. So we'll have that audio replayed here on the podcast tomorrow so. Make sure to tune in for that. We're gonNA hear everything about this safety and his recovery and all of that and justify could really quick. We have a question that just came in on twitter Let's see. Would you take okay three to one? The question comes from Chris at Bourbon. Raider. I like that name urban. So he's as your who would you take at twelve and do you think we should trade back from nineteen again the second round while I think Adam address the second part of that question but their first Who would you take twelve for me? It's definitely CD lamb. I think jour-jour going to be gone and I think. Cd-rom actually fits nicely into the raiders scheme. And I've talked big things about him than past shows year that I think the dynamic type receiver that he is will be something that will contribute to the raiders. Adam twelve is judy right earliest lab. If Judy's there judy is the guy If lamb is still there he's the guy would not settle for Henry rugs at that spot and I would. Actually I would go away from that. And if one of the top you know six or seven players in this draft who are mostly defensive players falls for any reason I jump on one of them but Maybe UNC Jay Henderson who is pretty rapidly rising up the boards fits in twelve. If those guys are got Eddie of anything that there I will stay with what I'll do without him. If if the browns move on from Odell then you probably can't trade up but I have a feeling. Maybe they're in love with Lamour Judy. And if it is Judy They might try to move up and get into the tenth. Bobby is also is Adams. Said there's a lot of teams around there who are GonNa want wide receivers and I just can't believe they are not in love with one of if not the top two guys so if that happens and they see. An Beckham moved I WOULD TRY TO GET CLEVELAND'S PICK and make sure I get judy very heavy. It hope that answers everything for you Chris Bourbon reader and if anybody else out there ever wanted to throw our way or just some comments feel free to hit us up all on twitter at grainy out of no LBJ at Vinnie. Bonsignore and I'm at Heidi Fang. That'll do for us today. And we'll be back tomorrow. Jonathan Abram and later in the week or two point Oh mock drafts so keep listening here on the show. 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