Wild Rose (Featuring JD Duran)


<music> all right welcome to piecing it together the podcast where we take a look at a new movie and try to figure out what movies inspired it. I'm your host David Rosen something I do on the show. Do I say I'm your host David Rosen. I don't know I don't think I normally do but hey I am your host David Rosen so nice to meet everybody today on the show. We are looking at a a really great movie. I it's in limited release right now. It's called Wild Rose Stars Jessie Buckley as a up and coming country singer who is from Glasgow and is trying to launch a country music career while also balancing that with actually trying to be a mother to her two young children is a fantastic film with a wonderful central performance by Jessie Buckley. Who is somebody who has been on a lot of people's radars lately as disgrace up and coming actress <hes> she was in beast and she was in the T._v.? Show Chernobyl which I actually haven't seen yet <hes> and she's going to be on season four or Fargo so a lot of Jessie Buckley upcoming but <hes> join me for this one is Jaydee durant from in session film podcast which is a great film podcast that I actually got to guest on recently <hes> but we will jump into this conversation and I do want to tell you if you haven't seen seen it make sure to go see it while it's still in theaters. It's in limited release. You may have to hunt for it but it is worth watching Garcia alright so today on the show and it'd be talking about wild wild rose and with US J._d.. Duran from in session film podcast in session is a show that I got to be on a couple of months back. We talked about a long shot which we never did get around to doing an episode on but it was a lot of fun getting on their show talking and I'm really glad to have J._d.. Here J._D.. How's it going? Hey thanks for having me glad to be here like you said my first time. It's been a busy week as we are rounding out. The summer are getting close to it. Funny Enough August for us is a really busy month despite the fact that there's not a ton of interesting at least mainstream films that come out in August but sure any circuit did did the indy circuit is where August I think really searched the ramp up plus. There's a retrospective that we do every August on our show as well some visiting prepping for that and the lion king is coming out this weekend so that offers I own stresses as well so it's been very busy but I am glad to be here particularly for this specific episode. I'm I'm pumped yeah. I know we were talking about wild rose when I was on your show it briefly and <hes> yeah is a great movie. I just get that out of the way right away. I was looking forward to it for a long time and it actually did not disappoint before we get into talking about. Why don't you tell people a little bit about your <hes> podcast? Yes so like you said we are in session. Film be have two primary shows on Monday is our main show or myself and my co host burning cassidy. We typically review some sort of new release. Yes we tried to aim for some of your more bigger releases more mainstream releases <hes> with a couple of indies thrown an from time to time or in the case of this last week. We did easy rider because there was nothing great right coming out seldom <hes> we mix it up a little bit but we usually have some sort of main review. We have a top three segments. We have some other news. Discussions are other films that we've caught up with <hes>. It's a pretty jampacked show and on Friday we have a show called extra film where <hes> there are two other hosts that kind of handle the four over there and that show is mostly dedicated to <hes> indie films chiefs <hes> in of the New Year or sometimes we'll throw in some classic films the guys that Casa Blanca Elastic for example so <hes> it's it's a little little mixture of everything we try to cover the gamut mant <hes> when when it comes to film so <hes> that that's mostly what we do you can find us at <hes> in session film Dot Com there you can find links this show you can find <hes> features we have written reviews over there and of course you can find <hes> the all of the podcasts and all the links to show and everything there so again. That's in session film Dot Com right on so yeah. I guess let's jump into talking about wild rose. I've got a bunch of puzzle pieces here. I'm sure are you do to you got to see this a while back. Though right yeah it was right before it went on vacation which was in the mortgage toward the end of June so it's been a good month since I've Seen uh-huh Yeah I've I've been waiting and waiting finally opened here in Vegas this past week <hes> and yeah I mean definitely lived up. I mean we've been it seems like we've been getting music film. After music film after Music Film and you know you Kinda go into the next one like well you know. I know there's a lot of good buzz for it but you know I hope it. Does something a little different something. You know interesting yeah. It's certainly lived up to it. Though yeah I think so as well I I mean for listeners of our. I shall know that I love this or even. If you follow me on social media I have been ring the bell for for a month since I've seen it. It is currently my favourite film of the year. I absolutely love it. <hes> in in particular there for two main reasons one Jessie Buckley Star or performance is stunning. Oh He's so so good and the other major reason is that it's a film that is about music but it's about a single mother essentially who has these aspirations and dreams and she pursues those ambitions to a fault right she <hes> essentially abandoned her two young kids. We'll leave them a strangers or with her mom to go and do what she needs to. In order to pursue this dream and it's this constant dichotomy throughout the film of her having to battle the this ambition addition. She has to be a country singer but she also does love her kids. I think we do see that you know the the the conflict of that and the Roseland character in that film is <hes>. It's something that I'm sure a lot of us can relate with I talked about on our show that you know even doing this podcast and session film or guesting on other shows such as yours right now. That's something that I have to balance in my personal life with my own son so even right now as we are doing this. I had to try to get him to bed before coming on the show and I was trying to get everything settled with my wife so that way the rest of tonight can go smooth so I could go back out of the show with you that is exactly the Jill the dilemma for Roseland in this film and it's handled so beautifully adding and for me. It's my dogs but it's basically the same thing. So why don't we jump into some puzzle pieces. What do you got for your first puzzle will first of all for a little bit of context as I was doing this exercise? I came to the realization that I might not be great at this Game Abe because as I typically write out my notes and think about certain films and wrestle with them I try to be deeply involved in the film itself. It's not often that I try to think about maybe what has inspired another film unless it's obvious to me when it comes to me as I'm writing my notes so I was thinking through wild rose and I was like what what could have inspired this film. What is it connected to and I struggled a little bit with this so jeff but I do have a couple of connections here and the first film that came to mind for me was actually the Jonathan Demme film from just a few years ago rookie in the flash starring mill streep not sure if you saw that one or not but it's about a musician in that film played by Meryl Streep who gave up her dream of rock and roll stardom <hes> because she wants to make things right with her family and and in a similar way that film ends up going in a very different route and ricky the street character is much older than Rosalyn in wild rose but there is similar notions as far as being a musician and for Ricky having? Having to give that up because she is wanting to you know remedy some gaps within the relationship she has in her family and that's essentially what Roseland is doing in some ways or at least she's having to battle that as far as you know does she give up her dream speaking of Roseland does she give up her dream of going to Nashville for the sake of her family for the sake of her children so I do think there are some parallels to be made with ricky and the flash and <hes> and enriching the flash has music like wild rose. That's that's very good so sure are some great similarities between the two yeah absolutely at and you know obviously Meryl Streep Amazing Actress and Jessie Buckley at the beginning of their career but already already turning enroll great performance after performance. I mean only a few things so far but just fantastic young actress but yeah absolutely I mean as I start going through some of my puzzle pieces. Definitely there's GonNa be some some music. Movies involved at least got three that I wanted to point to specifically but I definitely think that that's a great one to kick it off with. <hes> ricky in the flash has a definite you know parallel there. I think so for sure <hes> and I'm trying to remember if I did see that I certainly remember it as from. What was that about like seventy years ago so I think it was I think it was twenty? Fourteen or two thousand fifteen saw so not that long that so yeah about four or five years ago I think <hes> but definitely one that came to mind for me given again got two female protagonists that are you know having to battle shore very similar dichotomy so absolutely right on well. I'm going to go ahead with my first puzzle piece and before I get into a few music ones. I did want to mention this one I I it was kind of the first one that came to mind. It's the two thousand six film Sherry baby with Maggie Jilin one hall as a woman who's just finished a stint in prison and she's coming out and she's trying to put her life together but she really isn't necessarily doing a great job of it <hes> to begin with and just the struggles that she goes through and of course she is not a <hes>. You know rockin roller anything like that. She's not a country star <hes>. She's not making music and performing but she is. You know you know risking her rehabilitation in ways. It just makes you just oh just very almost on edge in a way of just like like. is she going to be able to pull this together. Am I not going to hate this person by the movie Geno and you know look luckily rose you know her arch takes her in a really really great direction <hes> by the end by the end of wild rose at which by the way I know worry about spoilers on this show we always are famous spoilers but yeah so Sherry baby was the first movie that kind of popped in my head as a starting to think of this the first non music one I should say yeah. That's an interesting. That's an interesting pig. I will admit I haven't seen it but A._M.. Familiar with the film and it does seem like when you read about that film or even just reading the premise of it that it will have a lot in common with or a wild rose so yeah. That's a very interesting pig right on <hes>. So what do you got for your next one and so the next one for me is it's not so much a film boat more so a filmmaker. I thought a lot about Ken loach <hes> the British filmmaker with films such as I Daniel Blake and the angel's share his films tend to wrestle with <hes> not just the characters ambitions or whatever it is that is driving them but he also delves into places and politics and how that affects the characters in his films as well so <hes> that is something we also see in wild rose that glass cow and Scotland <hes> it's it's almost a character in the film sure and it becomes more important to Rosalyn as we get to the climax of the film and after she goes to Nashville and she experiences that a little bit and has an epiphany of love what Glasgow means to her and I love the that social dynamic of how place becomes a big component for Roseland and while rose and Ken loach's films are that to a t- <hes> <hes> dealing with a lot of you know the the social economics or politics of certain places and how it affects the characters in his films so I do think there is big inspiration <hes> in in wild rose from Ken Loach's filmography sure yeah I I actually haven't seen those movies but I am so very much aware of his like like his reputation as a film maker you know and and and definitely that like <hes> that that very just kind of gritty portrayal of that very specific kind of a place and setting and every and really bringing that out yeah absolutely and and I haven't seen all of his films but of those that I have seen I absolutely love how he's able to to kind of tap into that. which is you know like I said a big component of while rose that that I loved so yeah I I very much recommend Ken Loach? He may not be for everybody because he's quite methodical and <hes> maybe his humor isn't going to work for everybody. There's there's certainly more humor in loach's films than I would say that is in wild rose but <hes> I think fundamentally though there's a lot out of similarities between the two though all right well speaking of China capture a very specific place to a very specific like <hes> environment and in the kind of people in that environment. I'm the first music movie I wanted to bring up because it was the I tried to think what is the one like. This is like kind of the I felt the biggest parallel to and this might seem a little silly but to me it was it was it just makes a lot of sense is actually the eminem him pseudo biopic eight mile and the rea the reason why is because I feel like they're you know obviously every music bio pic you know their struggles and there's all the struggles they have to go through and it kind of becomes a little bit of a cliche but I think that for both rose in this movie as well as be habit in an eight mile there already in the struggles from the beginning of their career and it's not it's not struggles that are hitting them all as their rising and through the career and they're not dealing with people you know like New People coming into the picture and ruining things. It's the constant struggle. That's been a part of their life life forever you know and it's just this these people are. They're struggling people and so I just I felt a real connection there to to that kind of story even though and I guess it's not that far removed the world of hip hop in the world sort of like down and dirty country yeah absolutely and eight mile is another film where place is significant characters where they find themselves so yeah I do agree with you that the struggles that they find themselves and were immediately the N. there right away and they're having to learn to overcome that and yeah where they live the economics of it the politics of it absolutely affects both Roseland and <hes> <hes> Jimmy B Rabbit Smith Yeah that's a great pick right and I and also before we move to the next one I was just thinking as I was writing my notes. I haven't watched eight mile in a while. I gotTa Wash that again that movie I mean I don't know how old you are but like I was. I think twenty four when it came out twenty three twenty four I made it was so awesome at the time I was. I was in highschool so I was maybe a junior sophomore or something like that on buds. I'm from Michigan. Oh you are very familiar with eight mile the actual place of eight mile on ice and you know what that's like and and obviously eminem story is very familiar unknown there and so yeah that that film had a little bit of of a connection at that time and I would say in high school I was probably more into hip hop than any other show of music <hes> so now it's a film that very much connected with me. I will say though I don't know if I expected that film or Hip hop in general to this cat after you started talking about it. Just clicked was like absolutely this film has an influence on Melrose for awesome awesome. What do you got for your next and it is funny because the next one I wanted to bring up? Here is a very very different than something like. Eight Mile I actually have here the <hes> nineteen eighty three film tender mercies starring Robert Duvall and this is somewhat like ricky in the flash but a little bit different in the sense that the default character is a struggling musician such as ricky and ricky in the flash and so you do have the parallels they are as far as Roseland also struggling as we just got done talking about so despite the age gap between <hes> devolves Mac character and Rosalyn Redo initially see that they're they're still trying to do music and where I think Mac has some similarities to Rosalyn is that eventually a child becomes involved in his story. He meets this <hes> owner of a motel <hes> Rosa Lee played by Tesla Harper and she has a son inch and MAC MAC begins to bond with a Rowsley and her son and that becomes a huge component to the film as far as him battling between do. I want to continue to struggle as musician do I is that something I still WanNa do or do I you know kind of shift gears and you know maybe move my life in a different direction and become this surrogate father to this little boy whose father had been killed in Vietnam if I remember correctly so it's been awhile since I've seen the film button <hes> there is again a similar dichotomy there for Mac and film is far as musicianship and children and in how Mac is caught between those two ends of the spectrum so tender mercies is definitely one that I think fits the bill hare and emotionally speaking. I think it's it's also very complementary to wild rose right on yeah. I actually funny enough. I had never heard of tender mercies and I see here that <hes> he won best actor for it <hes> Yeah Yeah Yeah and this is a film that I wouldn't of watched <hes> if it wasn't for my father who he grow up in Mississippi so he's much more of a country music fan than I was like I said I was more of the hip hop guy in high school but this was something that drew his eye and so I decided to to watch it with him and like so like I said it's been awhile since I've seen the film but when doing research in <hes> in trying to come up with some connections here that foam kind of popped into the brain and <hes> yeah I definitely found some parallels there sure absolutely <hes> right on will I'm going to go with my next puzzle piece and to the next one I wanted to bring up is actually the movie that Jeff Bridges won an Oscar for a crazy heart and that's on my list here too. You're right on and you know obviously there's a lot of differences when it comes to the actual story being told you know with rose being at the beginning of her you know would be careered Jeff Bridges being at the end and you know the the real reason that I was going to get connected and then we'll see what you have to say but <hes> it was mainly mainly because the the music specifically are very much inspired by the exact same country artists those those same like you know real just down and dirty rock and country artists of old school country and both have incredible soundtracks. If you're into that yeah absolutely that's part of why I had it written down here too. I love the soundtrack to crazy art and Jeff Bridges performances is absolutely wonderful but I also think and you can make a connection in the sense that the bridges character in that film his life takes a turn once he starts <hes> connecting and having a relationship with someone that is not in that same world. I guess I'll say <hes> so this might be stretching or it might be a little bit vague but you I guess you could connect that to Roseland in the sense of that. Her life starts to also turn around once she <unk> starts spending more time with her children when she starts <hes> making that a priority such as bridges and the relationship he has what the journalist <hes> that's when you can see both characters kind of making that turn toward a positive I I guess I guess you could say and maybe that affects their music. <hes> and away not necessarily Bali. It just takes it. Maybe in a little bit of a different direction than maybe what they would have. I saw previously to establishing shing those relationships so do you think there's also parallels there but yeah the soundtrack piece of this. Oh my gosh yeah yeah great music. I've actually been listening to it on spotify all young the first one fantastic and I love I love that they opened with the cover of primal screams country girl to which I was so good yeah yeah right on well. What do you got for your next one so the next one that I have here and again this might be a little bit of a stretch because the film about to bring up is ultimately very very different than wild rose but did you see the Florida Florida project from a few years ago? Yes I love the Florida project so I thought about the Florida project a lot when watching wild rose particularly that first half of wild rose when Rosalyn is very selfish rush and her needs come first regardless of the ramifications no matter what kind of awkward situation she puts her kids in as we've said or her mom or even her neighbors having to watch our kids and similarly <hes> brief innate taste character of Halle in the Florida project. <hes> is very much into herself and is quite selfish and <hes> doesn't necessarily have an eye on her daughter all of the time <hes> I. I do think that we see that Halley has a love for her daughter earlier than than what we see with Roseland in wild rose <hes> I I don't know if there was ever a moment throughout the Florida project where I question her love for her daughter but there is a selfishness. There is <hes> a now. I'm going to take care of myself. You know even if that means I'm going to be oblivious to some of my responsibility but I do think some of the things that Halley does even in that selfishness is is as actually to in a weird way take care of our daughter yeah and so though the route the arts of both of those characters I would say is as vastly different but there is some similarities in as far as them being a single mom and how they are sometimes lost as far as motherhood and responsibility goes <hes> for the sake of whatever's driving both of them regarding their ambitions yeah if that makes sense no absolutely. I think that's a great puzzle piece. I hadn't even thought of that now. That's Kinda got me thinking about when I think of the Florida project it just it feels like such a you know two thousand ten's America movie and this being set in a different country. It's interesting that they would have their own kind of you know moment that is similar to that and that you know there's this sir you know. There's this sub section of the population is living you know through such struggle and everything and you know and you know certainly her her decisions. Earn you know you know always the best decisions but <hes> you you know she's kind of have a hard deal of of life you know so yeah not surprising that something's going that direction absolutely and another film where places significant speaking of the Florida and that being in Orlando there's so an interesting juxtaposition though and that Orlando doesn't necessarily become a safe haven like Glasgow does for Rosalyn but at the same time you could argue that you know Halley's alleys Nashville if you will is literally in the same town where she's she's actually living because Disney and all of that is just down the road so I mean it's like they want to be there but they can't ever be there. That's never a reality for them. So it's interesting. How the Florida project does you know? Parallel wild rose in that and also is you know like I said juxtaposes it but yeah I I love the Florida project so much. You're probably have to stop me or I'm just GONNA keep. I do not blame you. It is absolutely fantastic right on. I'm going to go with my next one the last music movie on my list here and it's a kind of even though it's very very surface level it's Kinda hard to escape it and that is a star is born on just in the entire format of the music movie is just I think we talked. Earlier about how there's just been music movie after music movie after music movie lately I think a lot of that is because a star is born is on the brain within the world of Hollywood and outside the indie communities yeah and I mean this. Is You know very much. I almost the opposite you know story wise. I mean it's it's completely different but I do think that especially I mean we've talked about a star is born on our vox Lux episode. We talked about it on her smell episode. I mean it's hard to look at a music movie especially one with a woman as the as the you know the main protagonist and not think about the stars born formula from the the old versions as well as the newest one yeah yeah that was one that came to mind for me as well so i. I almost feel like it's somewhat mandatory because there there is a lot between the two films that you can you can see as far as puzzle pieces go. I will say though it's interesting that you brought up her smell and I wasn't sure if I should write this down as a connection because they came out just months apart for each other so I don't think we can say that ads. They were inspired by each other in any sort of way but I will say like if we're just connecting the films <hes>. I don't think there's any other film at least in the research that I could find. I don't think there's any other film that has more in common with wild rose than her smell. Shore APSOS to films are almost the same movie in a lot of ways as far as you know the the rise and fall of the ambition and how you know the the children of those two characters ultimately become their saving grace. I mean there's a lot about those two stories that are very similar. They the two films approach it very very differently so ultimately each film does stand out on its own but that dichotomy of mute musicianship ambition and how children save I mean that's very very much the same and it's centered around to stunning performances because both moss and her smell <hes> man those those two <hes> speaking of Jessie Buckley and Elizabeth Moss those are my one a and one B of the my favorite moments as hands down yeah it is it's crazy. I I again the the whole music film after music film I mean I I don't know how you feel about vox locks and a star is born but I I love both of those for different reasons but to get to incredible music films last year and then to incredible music films this year. It's pretty pretty wild. It is and there's a whole second half of the year for this year anyway where who knows what we'll see. I loved his stars born. <hes> that's that's a film. I do quite a door. Unfortunately I'm on the other side of the UH of the VOX lox debate. You have to be on one side of the other. There's no there's no middle ground now. I will say though I'm actually in the middle on the film. I I love the first half of the film absolutely door it. I think it's it's as close to being impeccable as it could be but I did not like at all the second half of of that film it I think it's very misguided and as much as I love Natalie Portman and she gives a very committed performance but I don't feel like there's any connective tissue between what she's doing with what we saw with what is essentially the same character that we saw in the first half of the film and because there is a huge time jump between the first half and the second half we there's. There's nothing to explain those differences. It's Johnny affiliates very jody. It is jarring it is and not that the film has to explain everything there is no connective tissue so it felt like two very different films right right and and that was my issue with the film <hes> because it was one that I was loving and then ultimately become mm something else entirely that I just feel like that second half has almost nothing to do with the first half of the film yeah yeah so that that's that's my issue with it but I get it. I Yeah I can see why people love it though as well right odd well. What do you got for your next puzzle well for my next puzzle piece this is I feel like a little bit of a Cheetahs well because I I did talk about this on my show a little bit and it it could be a little bit of a stretch? Maybe this is redundant with some of the other pigs that had here but <hes> when watching wild rose <hes> the the the first time that I saw the film oh a month ago the first film that came to mind for me actually was inside Lewin Davis and that Roseland is a character that while pursuing music like Lewin in that film he just isn't conscience all the ramifications nations of his choices which is exactly what Rosalyn is doing as well now ultimately those two characters go to very different territories but <hes> like Roseanne wanting to get to Nashville to pursue her career Lewin. Davis is on the road constantly trying to do the same thing in fact we see in the film he takes a road trip to Chicago sure because he has an opportunity there which is exactly what Roseland is wanting to to do in Nashville. She thinks they'll be opportunities. There and like Roseland in Nashville Chicago does not work out for Lewin. Honestly I think the only difference between the two characters and I find this juxtaposition and fascinating as that Lewin doesn't have any children any responsibilities to save him from his oblivious nece <hes> right he just wants to pursue music but he doesn't have any sort of grounded centralization to to kind of make sense of the world around him he just kind of drifting and and but he thinks of himself as the next great musician would you might be because has the music of the film is incredible yeah so he he might be the next big thing but he kind of stops himself where Rosalyn she does have that saving grace with our children so she's able to kind of realize that maybe maybe she can only go so far or at least she's. She's willing to put a ceiling on herself because of her children so it evokes this question that I find endlessly fascinating what if Lewin did have a child would would his story end up the same as Roslyn. Maybe it's hard to say because you know that doesn't happen but Roseland was just as lost and just as confused as Lewis Film but she had something that was able to push her off the edge and into reality and Lewin just never really has that he has a scare at the beginning. When there's a confrontation about maybe he got someone pregnant but you know we never really see what the result of any of that is? There's nothing really to to rain enloe and <hes> but I do find the two characters kind of heading in similar directions only only to come to that that fork in the middle of the road you know where on the right is Rosalyn Heading Toward Parenthood and Chore Low and heading to The left just not having that for him so <hes> so that came to mind from a lot when watching while rose absolutely I and I'm always happy to even be thinking about inside Lynn Davis so perfectly happy with you bringing that up as a puzzle piece and I think those are some those those are some really interesting points of view on on those kind of connections and and you know I think they're you know absolutely you know really good insight there. I think it's really good <hes> so I've got one last puzzle. A._P.'s here and this is a movie. I haven't seen in a while so hopefully I'm remembering things properly here in okay in the way I remember it ending but <hes> the Diablo cody film I'm Young Adult <hes> and which you know this this person's just kind of <hes> just kind of messy. Life doesn't really seem to be <hes> you know Oh showing any sign of possibly turning around and the thing is is that I feel like that kind of a trajectory is exactly what rose is not doing here and I feel like it's almost like an anti puzzle piece in a way that it's like inspired to actually have an ending where there is more hope in more <hes> you know more heading in the right direction and you know certainly much more. <hes> an upbeat finale and a more clear sign that this person's actually going to be okay and maybe start making some right choices yeah. That's a really interesting pig. That didn't come to mind mind to me but now that you say that I think that films speaking of young adult and tully actually I think work sure and similar in a similar fashion there as far as how it is the Anti Weld rose but at the same time they they are very similar. It's like those films are working backwards but then heading in the same direction sure sure so yeah that does that didn't even come to mind but yeah I love that right on right on and you you know those are also a totally as well. <hes> you know really great interesting movies with like you know very different from anything else. I think they take on your point of view in a very unique way. She's got got a very interesting way to her with her her right and yeah yeah yeah absolutely I agree now. So what do you got next. You got another puzzle piece. That was my last one <hes> the last one that I have here and I don't know if I have much to say about it because I haven't seen it in a long long time and like tender mercies. This is one of those that I watched with my dad way back when but the nineteen eighty film urban cowboy came to mind for me because that film at least much of it centers around a local country music club and that's something that we see with Roseland <hes> at the very beginning of the film she's like I guess like the main singer of the local country entry bar in Glasgow and at the end of the film after going to Nashville again like she has that epiphany where she realizes that the the local makeup of you know where she's at like like that Kinda defines who she is and it allows for her to to kind of be the local country music artists and also she's able to Kinda take care of her kids so the fact that glass cow again has a a significant impact on Roseland and we see that through the catalyst of that local country bar short by I think parallels what we see in urban cowboy that much of it takes place at that you know local music as a club and also that film has volatile relationships all over it what we see with Roseland as well in wild rose so that one came to mind for me as well right on yeah. I haven't seen that in a long long time either but I Komo from my recollection of it. I absolutely see what you're saying there with those parallels and yeah it's funny I was when I was thinking about puzzle pieces for this. I was trying to think of a movie with a house band. You know that wants to wants to break break then become more of a major thing I guess in a Little Way Lady Gaga House Act in early on yeah yeah absolutely. I guess that AH works too but yeah I love that setting. I love that bar I mean it feels like a bar that we've all been to at some point you know just how energy and vibrancy of it it's great on well. I'M GONNA go ahead and do the finished puzzle now Alan then we'll get into any of our closing thoughts on loud rose <hes> so that includes ricky in the Flash Sherry baby the films of Ken Loach including I Daniel Blake and angels share eight mile tender mercies crazy crazy heart the Florida project stars born inside Lynn Davis Young Adult and urban cowboy so we got a great list there. I mean a lot of music movies. Of course I mean it's bound to happen but then a bunch of other movies as well well as a pretty wide ranging list here <hes> yeah. What do you have any any closing thoughts about it? I know you've talked about it a whole bunch on your podcast but yeah I mean I love the film I will say though if any of your listeners <hes> want to point this out to me I I would love to hear what they have to say because when doing research for this I was also trying to think about movies about single mothers or maybe even just motherhood in general and how they are specifically balancing that with their ambitions and dreams and honestly there or tons of great movies about mothers and single mothers but I couldn't find a ton of films that was about that Specifically Chore So Either There Are Tons of blind spots for me when it comes to this or I just didn't research enough off. I don't know I'd be curious to hear what you or your listeners have to say about that or maybe that's just something that makes wild rose unique is that it's about that that I think a lot of parents are having to bounce ever Dan their lives I I mean not just with us in podcasting but every parent has their own individual and in specific desires whether it's to be a singer or to be a filmmaker or to be a painter or whatever the case may be but they have to balance out those things with being with the responsibilities of being a parent and that's a very difficult thing and <hes> I love how wild rose is about that specifically <music> as I said I think it <hes> the the way it explores that is absolutely beautiful and poignant <hes> it's it's. It's really great so any other films especially Non Music Films <hes> MHM I we've. We've already mentioned a few that that kind of do that. With <hes> the characters we talked about but non music films that are about that same theme and idea <hes>. I was a little hard for me to come by so but you know again. I've been very busy lately and I'm really tired and maybe I'm just an idiot. Mr Lots things so but I'd be curious to hear from your listeners or even from you if you have some sure yeah. I'm sure as soon as we hear everybody Oh yeah of course that was like right at the edge of money. Yeah read the edge of my mind there yeah <hes> but yeah no I I would love to hear some more <hes> some more picks for other movies that deal with that kind of a story and you know I think <hes> you know the the redemption that this character feels that actually like earns you know. I think it's funny how the music helps her. You know get there even though the music is kind of what's holding her back the whole time. I think that's part of what's so great about this story. Are you know interesting irony. What did you think about that last song glass? Cow Is the name of that song. I think she sings at the end right yeah yeah. I thought it was fantastic and I I actually found this out today while I was doing a little last minute research that Mary Esteem Bergen Code Oh wow that's I I didn't know that but that song slayed me Oh yeah it just it killed me and and perhaps part of it is because like I said I'm I can relate with Roseland so much lodged regarding that that you know struggle of ambition and responsibility and when she starts seeing about being at home and how much that means to her and how she had to struggle to get there I even when I listened to it on spotify outside the context of the film in moves me to tears like I I love it. I think it's one of the most beautifully written original songs I've heard in in some time and Jessie Buckley things the hell out of it. Oh hell there's one moment as we get to the climax of the song where she really belts out and it just absolutely rose me to shreds. I love it and <hes> I just I. I can't recommend commend this film enough and yes if you have seen the film or even if you just want to listen to the soundtrack it's up on spotify in its glorious. It is so it's awesome is absolutely awesome one last thing I just wanted to mention and then we'll we'll finish it but while I was doing a little my last minute research today I had totally forgotten. She is starring in the new Charlie Kaufman Film. I'm here ending things <hes> Jessie Buckley. I am so looking forward to that. Oh my I know I cannot outweighed either and if any of your listeners haven't seen Chernobyl yet she does have a supporting role in that mercy's terrific as well site heard yeah. I haven't watched it yet but I've heard great thing and it was it was shocking to me because I had no idea I just started watching it because I heard great things about it and there was a scene you know kind of early on I think in that first episode and I was like Oh my goodness. I'm just like that's Jessie Buckley. I had no idea so it was like this huge delightful surprise before I even got a chance to see a Waldo so she's awesome nice awesome well. This was gray one last thing we always do is I always ask my. My guest if there's something else they've seen recently that they'd like to recommend Oh boy. That is a really challenging question. You've seen a lot I have will in. It's the timing of it is really interesting. As well. I mentioned earlier that I recently went on vacation and when I came back from vacation man live things got really interesting in our hurry because I saw the last Blackman in San Francisco I saw area astor's mid so mar and then I got a chance to see Lulu Wong's the farewell which is I believe going wider on August second so a lot of markets markets have not seen the film but I got lucky that there was an early press screening here because Lulu Wong is from the Miami area and so she was doing a bunch of press here so I got a chance to see the film. Those three films are in my top six of the year so far nice and so like I basically almost got to see those back to back to back so the <hes> and I could not wreck act cannot recommend them enough so just this these last few weeks for me have have have been delightful so <hes> I in particular the farewell in the last black man in San Francisco. I can easily recommend those mid. Somare is a much tougher recommend. It's hard to say because that's a horror film. That's not really a horror film. It's an anti horror film. It's it's growing. It's disturbing but it's not a film that relies on jump scares or typical horror tactics <hes> and it's it's very artful. It's it's methodical. It's you know if you like to go and see easy. Get easily scared with jump scares and in mid so Mars not that at all so it's hard for me to fully recommend but I love it like I said it's in my top ten so those three films big thumbs up for me absolutely yeah we're actually planning on doing an episode on the last Black Man in San Francisco next week and that's going to be challenging but I think yeah yeah I I I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it and and the connections that you guys make to it because you know I guess I don't I definitely don't want to reveal anything there. There are a few that come to mind so I'll be curious to hear what you guys have to say right on well. <hes> this was gray. <hes> I wanNA thank you so much for being here. Where can people find your podcast again like I said earlier in session film Dot Com you can find links to everything? Social media were on facebook twitter instagram. The Graham just searched and session filming. You'll find us decide on the site. We have links to the podcast we also have written reviews and other refund content. We have bonus content. We have patriotic content. If you want to <hes> support us there so again the central hub you can find links to everything that to everything that's in session film Dot Com beautiful well. Thank you so much for being here. Have you ever want me back on your show. I would be happy to do it again. I'm not for sure. Thanks for having me. I this was a lot of fun. Okay everybody. My name is Michael. E Colin the second and with me is Matthew Haas we are the CO hosts of the all too real to podcast on all too real to me <hes> tackle pop culture topics such as re watching and reviewing a direct to d._v._d.. Sequels we review any and every all direct to video movies sometimes that we review so you don't have to we also cover <hes> pop culture topics you know like the history of Halloween misconceptions and things of that nature very educational and entertaining entertain and we've just started doing interviews with people from Hollywood and people from pop culture such as Larry Hank in which we just interviewed recently you know from Seinfeld and friends and Billy Madison among other things so <hes> where can they find our podcast Matt they can find Eh iheartradio apple podcasts stitcher and any other place that you can find podcast on just tune in and enjoy already hope. You enjoyed that conversation conversation with J._D.. About wild rose and I really hope you went out and watched wild rose because it is a movie worth seeing definitely go check this movie out and then check out the soundtrack because it's a fantastic soundtrack to so that does it for for today's conversation as always want to remind you all the please make sure you're subscribed piecing it together on your podcast App of choice and if you enjoy the show you can rate and review us on Apple podcasts five stars would be amazing amazing. We are of course on all the social media's at piecing pod and we have a facebook group popcorn and puzzle pieces where we continue the conversation about all these movies that we talk about here on the show and you know if it's your first time listening to piecing it together which are a lot of new listeners lately <hes> this month has been the biggest month in the history of the show by a margin of multiple multiple times over <hes> so if you're one all of these new people who have been listening. I'd love to hear anything of this. Show so please do rate and review us or just <hes> you know getting touched on social media or whatever we would really love to hear what you're thinking of this show and we WANNA keep making it better better for you. Guys are planning on all all kinds of new episodes and new bonus features and we've got a patriarch in which exists over at Patriotair dot com slash piecing pod but there's not much there yet but there's going to be a lot there so we've got plenty plenty. He planned for this show so let's finish this thing up with a piece of music like I always do and you know I don't really have any country songs <hes> to play you guys but here is a track called hero from my my most recent album a different kind of dream and it's got a little bit of Twang to it so maybe this'll fit the bill and joy hero from my most recent album different kind of dream and we will be back with more piecing it together come in real soon <music> uh-huh both and breath and uh and uh-huh mm-hmm <music>.

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