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118 - Sam Hamm's Watchmen, Part 2


Liberal written that is so bad. No one will fill me. These brave podcasters will bring it to life just so they can market. This is table reads so the movies which means your script Hayworth. The Buffalo Nickel with Sean Mc be Jeff Lewis and Joshua Baker. Hey guys welcome to table. Reads Quarantine Edition Shawn Jefferson? Josh over. There we are in various undisclosed locations hiding from the corona virus. But we are still here for you because providing you with entertainment is the only thing that gives our lives meaning yes. I agree to that. I'd be a lot more into this corona thing if it was an actual beer. Yeah I mean you in Corona virus would at least have the decency to get you drunk right but not so much drunken death. This makes you sad you treat it with a little salt and a lime. Ou gives the Downer part. There's none of the party. Yeah Party Bro. It's all hangover and not even corona hangover but like real fucked up Tequila Bourbon in one night hangover still corona. Hang over the phrase it. Start Smoking Weed. That's when he drank it like that Skunk Rona Guy. So we're back with part. Two of watchmen this week and John Smith is not joining us for this episode. And I'll tell you why because I didn't WANNA have to try to deal with technologic tech tech knowing a third person into this whole setup. Just these two was hard enough. It spent a lot of work. Just furloughed from the PODCAST. It was John. Smith did. You'll be back. I want him back but back when we make when we get a few more patrons guys John Smith Back Patriots premium subscribers get John Smith directly in their inbox John. Smith's don't come cheap. I mean Yeah. There are a lot of them. But they're still in high demand you to make it a separate audio track and file. That only is uploaded in the country on versus it. All podcast. All Right. Who's ready to find out where we've been me. Oh good previously long table. So in part Ron of watchmen we were treated to a look at a past mission of the Superhero team. Vote Watchmen team never given that actual name in the comics and emission that apart from not making a lot of sense we absolutely did not need to see a fascinating bunch of years from that we got to live through the basic beginnings of the comics. There's a bloody crime. Scene Rohrschack investigates he discovers that the victim was the vigilante known as the comedian and then he eats beans and tells Andrea Berg formerly night owl that someone is probably after the old costumed heroes when we left off. Dan was reaching for the phone to make a call feed in. And if you're following along at home we are on scene fifty-one Interior office suite. Downtown Manhattan night. A great shadowy jungle cat pads across acres of carpet. The cat is far from its natural habitat in back of. It is a glass and chrome desk outfitted with a computer terminal at at the terminal. Is Adrian vite the brains behind the watchman? Although he's drivers age his face is serene and unlined by worry blonde and Pale. He looks thirty when he's sixty he'll look forty vite. Millionaire industrialist and holdover forty basic patents is also something of an Egyptologist and the day core of his office reflexive ancient vases are Kafka Guy Busts of newbies and the like Kiki's a string of figures into the computer the phone rings. And my vit. Yes you are you're doing your best Jeremy Irons Impersonation Vidalia intercut driver Vit Adrian. Listen it's I just had a visit from raw shak edit call you before he daniel slowdown. What's this about raw? Check THE COMEDIAN. He's dead murdered. That's all I know my God murdered. What's this have to do with Russia? It's he's got some kind of conspiracy theory he thinks. Someone's I don't know stocking us us. You mean the watchman. Every time they say the name of the team as the watchman I get real mad but Weissmann busters would have been better. Yeah Oh. The big cat purrs its links genetically tailored with red further and long tufted antenna like ears. The tosses the links chunk of raw meat from platter on his desk while he ponders drive on drivers words. Daniel Rochon is insane. I know I know it's just. He's back on the street. He smells blood. You know how he is. He goes on these binges. Kills a couple of thugs. Then he satisfied it blows over. He's bound to get caught at a one. My name coming out not at this late date if he comes here. I'll handle him remember. I've always protected. You have an I. Do you need money? Dick thing to say we're listen. Sun Veggie Richard Gere talking to Julia. Roberts the later years like in pretty woman would would. Would you like to go play catch? Know I just wanted you to you. Did the right thing Daniel but stay in touch okay. Good night good. Night Vit Leans back in his chair reaches for a gold case and extracts a cigarette. It's matchless you ignited by striking. Okay says you would light it Guy. Striking the tip of the cigarette against the edge of the case. I think he's explaining it he's winning. What's in the book right well? Well he's explain it like he would talk it. He's like yeah. He lights up a cigarette. It's matchless y-you ignited guy like striking lady said a cigarette. He should've said a cigarette like device. Yeah also it kind of looks like a crack pipe. Yeah it looks like it. Looks like about a free base of meth rocks. Dude Talk About. This is like a long stick with a bulb toward the end all the way at the end just the end all all of them smoked the same thing in the book did money ask Molly Molly. You look a model guy. The drug dealer a veto industries knows he lights up and takes a long slow drag cut to exterior military installation night. Barbed-wire armed guards everywhere a vehicle waits at the checkpoint. The guards wave it through and a huge cast iron gate rolls into place behind it on the gate is a small tasteful sign which reads Rockefeller Military Research Center Interior military installation night. Adrian veep walks down. A Long Greenish corridor. Flanked by armed escort troops at the end of the hallway is a foot thick metal door with a key hat off to one side. One of the troops punches in a six digit access code and the door slides back to reveal another door. This ask with a seven. This is the real door three digit code. It's seven feet thick another door. This one outfitted with a simple doorbell. I'd Iranian ran out of cool ideas. I know where they're going. The troops ring the bell stand rigidly at attention and wait to great amusement. The inner door slides open. Peering out is an attractive. Big Boned woman in her mid thirties. So what does that mean bone? What is a big boned woman? She was? I'm looking it up. I'm big boned woman. Laurie JAPEC AKA the Silk Spectre is that how you say her name no man. I would like to buy a vowel. Is what I would like to do. Ju Specic I was I didn't even really pronounce it when I was reading the comic by Laurie. Jupiter Mike that she didn't like Jupiter. But maybe next play thing schick just like somebody lost in scrabble fault to make sure it was a real word. Oh Yeah I'm challenging net. Shit triple net my ass. Not a real word. That was my GRANDPA's name. So big big boned women. If you google that it's it's kind of a disappointment is that what bb W. stands for no that means big beautiful woman and that occurs on a spectrum to dog. I'm GonNa Mike and I'M GONNA look at BBC. W who wants to be Laurie. I'll be loyal yeller ADRIA upstairs. I'm a big. Oh Shit I better find my script. Says he's down. That rabbit hole did you. Did you say Adrian Already Adrian? Laurie good to see you. She gives him a warm hug or she. S Gordon Troops March. Back Down the hall in perfect lockstep as the giant metal doors eased. Shut behind them. Laurie escorts into a huge laboratory. Space Great oversize machines blinking computer terminals. Blue Dick advanced scientists. Oh wait sorry. Advance scientific paraphernalia of every description. Nice who's your decorator a. what's wrong. Dog LABRAL WOW. This is my contract. You're fired check out nice. Who's your decorator Edward Teller? Don't rub it in. I live here in house. Life with the walking h-bomb he's Zim by the super accelerator. Let me take your coat. She takes his coat and vanishes into the living quarters. Veep wanders through the lab with an envious. Suddenly he stops. A smile crosses his face as he gazes up at the ceiling. All Right John. Okay so I think I don't remember who Dr Manhattan was before. But here's the thing. Oesterreich cannot give guys echoes right. So you'd be you'd be Manhattan you'd be just for this episode or while we're in quarantine however many episodes that his dude. They cancelled April. Bro Adrian Cool Doctor Manhattan. John Ostrom into his friends is a big guy. Under any circumstances but at the moment he's downright Gargantuan forty feet tall bright blue and buck naked. He's calmly adjusts. Can you imagine that view? Oh my God gooch and screwed. At least he doesn't have any hair. Sounds Great Laureus Blue Adrian? Is Lloyd drop down a house? Being forty feet. Tall worked for him like the screws. Art Forty feet tall. Like the screws are normal little beady screwed so like his hands or don't think he doesn't have to touch them. Yeah he just looks at him he. He's just tall because he wants to look at the stuff that's up without having to use a ladder. So who lines to force people to look at his blue taint like he before Adrian got their dude was like five Ted fully so we have guests on. It's that guy. Oh Watch this shit. Jeremy Irons is here. Jeremy Irons is here to see my tape. Such hot shit. I'll make him look at my taint while he talks to me fait cutting year old girls. It's a funny bit knowing that he's basically guide and he's still jealous big Dick around literally by Dick Huger than every person on the planet. He's got these like Frat boy mentality even do anything it's like. Is it like Ted Different timelines. And he's like I'm begging ten women right now I bet you never banked ten women in your life eight years her mom and daughter and your grandmother all right now all when they were sixteen years. Old you're in a crib in the next room into me. I'm your Stepdad. Now go get me a beer bitch I am. I am finger puffing your mother at this moment while we speak wow. I love the idea that the Lord for table read is another Manhattan's Chad powerful creature. The Universe Ted. His powers to fuck your mom would up. I'm bryce Manhattan named a watchman watchman because that's what he likes to do is watch me and watch me watch me. Forty feet tall bright blue and buck naked. He's calmly adjusting a calibration atop his particle accelerator. I think I'm about to detect glean. Oh in case you were wondering this blue skin. Superman can do just about anything. He can manipulate matter effortlessly. The physical universe this play thing when it comes to the laws of time and Space Dr Manhattan is a chronic offender. Any government would be glad to have him super symmetrical theory. Say I understand. Old Schwartzman caught a decaying proton in that jomon mineshaft. Laurie who's just reappeared shakes her head and groans. Please you guys know Talk John? You're being rude. Why don't you shrivel down and join us Dr Manhattan shrugs and shrinks down to a somewhat more manageable six-foot-five appear just got to have that extra little bit. This chill still more than he normally was like John. You you've heard at least six a sword shorter and you know if if pendulum was in that room motherfucker would be six seven. Doctrine hadn't shrugs shrinks down to a somewhat more manageable six-foot-five. A pair of black trunks materializes around his waist preserving his modesty. Because if it's not man-sized why bother? Why bother having it out right? You can just not have it. It's true. Just making stuff a kindle. He could also just be made of Dick's he can do anything. Why would you even be like better put on some black underwear? Yeah like put on all your clothes like okay. We're in we're in quarantine. I'm not going out in public so I'm wearing sweat pants today but I'm not here podcasting with you guys in my fucking underwear though I couldn't that'd be weird. It would well. What I'm saying is the Guy Decides to be modest and he puts on underwear like a speedo. That's just weird. It's a weird shaped it's weird in the in the book. It's a very funny shape speedo to be above his hips like Thong. Yeah it's it's very eighty s and then and then RIA senator Keane Junior. Has It in the watchman TV show? It's like the same ones right. Yeah that's right. Boiler those nice touch you know. It's not a spoiler. Unless you know why. He hasn't that truly is a mystery he's like why would a grown man where the age difference later we pay? Us has a fetish raise. Racism is Spanish. Hurt my feelings again. Six-foot-five preserving modesty satisfied. Laurie turns to fight Laurie. Oh Oh sorry good to see you Adrienne. What's the what's the occasion? He tosses a casual glance around the lab. A number of video surveillance cameras are mounted on the walls. We being monitored Doctor Manhattan. Looks you know the government. Lets the human h-bomb do what he wants without watching him at all everything before the first door but not after the bill doctor? Manhattan looks at each of the cameras in turn one by one. The Little Red on light winks out the bearer of bad news. We've lost a colleague. The comedian is dead. Play Ke- dad. Yes I heard this morning. Washington's asked me to attend the funeral as a matter of protocol. Laurie shooting irritated. Look at Dr Manhattan. This is the first she's heard about it rush eggs on the case. He's got dry. Burg and a ladder seems to think that someone is stalking the watchman. Oh The C. T. You suspects Libyan hit squad. What's your theory? Life and death or unquantifiable abstracts. They don't concern me Vp I was raised. That mine is the one button. I can't see. I accidentally turned on Mike. Twos ECHO. Not Helpful at all. Vp that Lori cocks an eyebrow. Same Old John but Lori is considerably less amused. Laurie I could use a drink. Adrian Vit Nods yes Dr Manhattan. Meanwhile has moved off to another part of the lab. He stands before a vast bank of machinery and as we watch a panel detaches itself from the front of the console and floats off to one side. I want to say I'm sorry for being delete on reading This not formatted correctly so a lot of the Times. I don't know when you're talking. And like what's describing something and what style. It is hard to react. I haven't blown up humongous the dialogue is supposed to be censored and for those of you on our youtube feed. You can see exactly what it is. We're reading and how badly formatted it is and also how parts of it are being cut off by our frame. Sorry deal with it too late now. I I set it up using a different script is my test piece. And that was module of circuit boards chips and pin connectors slides out of the whole individual components. Detached themselves in hang in mid Air Doctor. Manhattan hasn't lifted a finger. He's dismantling and reassembling his equipment through sheer force of mind. See Jeff Yeah. But he's supposed to be fucking right now like we're any of this is supposed to be looking at fingers and say it. It tastes like batteries. I don't like any sit. Where's the kink? He was wearing weird underwear. Whatever vitas seen these parlor tricks before he ambles up and resumes the conversation without missing a beat? I guess you'll be dismantling Russian tanks soon. Do you mean Afghanistan. It won't require my attention. What I'm doing here is far more interesting. The module now fully reconstructed slides back into place. The cover panel rises off the floor. Settles over the Hatch and screws itself. Shut well I wanted to bring you the news about Blake but as usual. I can't tell you anything you don't already know. But by John Doctor Manhattan nods just barely via heads for the door finds his coat. Were Laurie put it. He's just about to leave when she arrives with two stiff drinks in hand. Adrian don't leave so soon I I'll take a rain check maury please. There's a note of desperation in her voice veto glances over his shoulder. Doctor Manhattan. Who's forty feet tall again playing with his super accelerator? He's a little farther gone every time. Stay Adrian I just every once in a while. I need to talk to someone him and he doesn't think like we did. He doesn't even feel what we feel. I mean he scares the research team. Sorry my My computer's acting weird while Johns is waiting for that I am. I'm ready right. Shut up Lori is the most powerful man who's ever lived his changed the world. I and who I shouldn't be saying this. He's happy content. He's doing his work. What about you? I suppose I'm serving my purpose Arnav. I'll ring for the guards. She goes to the steel door. Hits a Buzzer veep. Watches her concerned. She coughs violently and he reaches into his vest pocket for a cigarette case. Nasty cough. Try would've mind darling need to get out of the house. Why don't you give Daniela call? I'm sure they'd be glad to hear from you. That's the opposite of what she needs to do right now. Maybe I'll do that. I'm sorry about Blake. He pats on the shoulder. The door slides open and the troops appear to escort. Veep back down the hallway. Laurie takes a long pull on her drinking gazes up at the superhuman lover at her superhuman lover he tinkers with his equipment then satisfied he turns and walks through a solid brick wall. As if it weren't there cut to exterior happy. Harry's establishing night a decrepit waterfront bar and a particularly rough neighborhood popular with the denizens of the underworld accessible by a narrow stairway which dips well below street level interior. Happy Harry's night. The usual crowd living it up hookers line. The bar drug dealers hover at the entrance to the do they have assigned seating. What's bad Tony sits there? Little Little Jeff. He's got to go over there. You know he doesn't like it when you call them little store instead. But instead of like housewares and clothing you have hookers and drug dealers third-floor assorted goons and thugs. Sorta goons and thugs stand clustered. At the pool table watching a topless dancer bump and grind wait a second. Was this movie actually going to be rated R. Nineteen Ninety Superhero movie because that would be fucking bold. I think it's the old Hollywood of two tickets to one ratio. Oh though okay. But what does the ratio how is the ratio affected if the Dick is eight feet long? That's why you'll be seeing a lot more top within on demand size. Dick Amazed I have become a dick. You're already Dick so I lost it topless dancer bumper grind topless dancer good thing. They capitalized that so I could find it easily. At least she should get A. She'll get a credit freight freight frank. Miller got a credit for right and what he started. Interior Happy Aries hookers hookers hookers. At least when Alan Moore has a bunch of rights a bunch of naked women usually has a woman illustrate the book? This effect like lost girls. He's like I'm going to write a bunch of girls like doing sexy stuff masturbating and things. But I'M GONNA get a woman to try sort of be. Okay that makes which is not at all because he is British but whatever now now draw one of those Dan on Bush. I went to look through. This head should watch you draw nipples now prick your finger in color it with your blood. I'll just make a bit more sad. She is English after all Zada Sadder. He's out of eating beans old bean straight from the con- Oh evolved our WOK. Food is better watch just Allen. More writing watchmen see that's see. That's that's actually the movie that we WANNA watch allen more descending into madness writing this fucking story right now on those. The Technical Frank Miller jerk off in a Bush to draw a new masturbate. Mcgrath Eve A to log. Now you're talking about Alan Moore's descent into madness but after we recorded the last episode. I sent you guys page one. Oh you did. His watchman scripts from this big brick of Jesus. Christ it was like a fucking end. User agreement will ever morale and more. It's really fucking insane right. I didn't like it at all. I think it was the first panel. Was it the first panel? Yeah I don't remember. I sold it to the lady at the Wendy's drafter like it either. It was a solid page of all caps like non formatted. No no blind breaks just stream of consciousness insanity to describe Jr us that one panel of blood flowing into a sewage drain. Guys fucking nuts guys. This is the place that table reads. Take there's just just one paragraph about topless dancers the sort of drug dealers and boy we took it and we took it to the Pete and then we brought it back to not appreciate about that about we have a nice dynamic I think anyway topless dancer bumper grind suddenly. There's a terrible racket and everyone turns over by the entrance. Rohrschack is hard at work ripping payphone off the wall quarterback he he's GonNa be being guy up. He just came in and attacked payphone. I L- I guess I guess a dime but he's hard at work which means he's been doing it for minute sweating he's got he's got like a second rohrschack pattern of sweat in the future will be mobile that starts today once he has it on the floor he gives it a couple of vicious licks with a crowbar then he strides casually over to the bar where the proprietor happy. Harry is nervously polishing glasses airy rohrschack. Both modify doer. He reaches under the counter sets a phone on the bar. Rohrschack picks it up and flings at a nearby table scattering the patrons and Yanking the cord cleanly out of the wall done another would he turns and faces the assembled multitude the Dow Yep every play Brindaban belt there a window help dot maybe built in enormous tough sit riveted to their chairs staring up in horror as Rohrschack strolls past you idiot or monger. Nothing wait John. I'm getting I'm guessing these pointing at people so you doesn't know that guy's name Gideon that's the next guy whore monger. That's the next guy what his name is. Poor or longer. Johnny Gobs New School Yard Behind Roy. Shaq's back a shadowy figure is slinging furtively toward the exit rohrschack pivots suddenly grabs him by the Collar. Yanks him office feet and slams him into a wall making the jabs in hurry. You keeping secrets. Nikki Nikki sits slumped against the wall. Quaking WITH FEAR. Rohrschack extends a hand. Help HIM UP. He reaches out hesitantly and worship grabs him by the wrist pulling them off balance. He closes a gloved fist around. Nikki's pinkie finger twists it back and snaps. Who killed a no answer forthcoming Nikki? Lets out a horrible Moan. Rohrschack grabs his index finger and repeats process who killed were Blake. Nikki passes out rohrschack releases his grip. Let's Nikki sink to the floor and reaches for his crowbar. He's standing poised to let fly at Nikki's ribs when a voice in the crowd shouts out. Jesus he's in shock. Comedian Group Hilda by now. Harry's pulled a sawed off shotgun from underneath the bar without looking up rohrschack spins and heaves the crowbar it catches Harry in the jaw. Pitching him back into Iraq of glassware the shotgun discharges to harmless blasts into the ceiling silence in the bars. The onlookers await Rohrschack next move. He looks at the bleeding hairy shakes his head and discussed so many vermin. So little time he benz pulls a top wait what he bends. Pose a top coat off Nikki's quivering frame and tosses it contemptuously. At the new dancer then he turns to go causing long enough to his at the crowd. Go back to your hair when your child pornography? I'll be around. Tim Reeves returned after this brief word from our sponsors. What's up Docs Dockets Trevor Thompson? The self-appointed critic here and if you like old cartoons and watching online reviewers dissect them then you probably said the same thing I did about two years ago. What the fun every Saturday morning. Do a brand new commentary warner brothers short all throughout the month. I do video. Essays examining the history of these cartoons. Catch my videos on YouTube dot com slash ferris wheel house too or just use the Hashtag looney tunes critic. Now here's Eric Thousands. The New Voice of Bugs Bunny looney tunes critic verbal report. Which means your script. Ain't worth the Buffalo. She had on a nickel detailed leads us. We're back in me. We hope you enjoyed those commercials. We sure did there are me. Britt there are bay in brick. So of course is more than the show. I thought episode. One was a little boring because at least half of it covered just the basic stuff in the beginnings of the graphic novel. But I'm liking that we're getting some good rohrschack action here and some good taint action like this is getting pretty good. I think okay but I know I made the sex joke earlier. But what do you think? The advantage was of heaven. Vite have talked about Edward Blake. Had Roy said Russia coming in begging for help? It was just being that. Hey just so you know how this happened amount. Like why would what's the necessity of changing? Was it not Roy? Was it not fight in the comics? So you don't you don't you don't you. Don't know his vite until near the end. No I mean that went to know. Russia I don't know why they change. I guess that'll be left to be seen. Maybe he was just like we gotta have do something right because more screen time even the happy hair. He's made sense if he if Ross would have went to Manhattan for help Manhattan. Yeah above all this yet. He's like fine fuck and beat. It added people. Yeah just goes on a rampage literally random people. What if they were terrified? Because that's none of their nicknames. Out names like super races death near your waist. Rohrschack vision and we find out. It's just a denny's grand slam this tired of all these goons and thugs. This old ladies truck Shit Fade in a leaves. The Denny's with go back here heroin and your child pornography. I'll be around. That part was true. Interior military installation living quarters pre dawn. The bedroom which Laurie shares with Dr Man had the Rockefeller Research Complex. It's not quite six. Am still dark. Outside and Laurie is asleep. She tosses around under the covers reaches over to Dr Manhattan should be but his side of the bed is empty John. A luminous blue hand enters. Frank strokes her cheek gently Lori closes her eyes insides. I'm here Laurie. Is it time? Do you have to leave for the funeral? Not yet. There's plenty of time. A second blue hand strokes her hair. Laurie stretches luxuriously doctor Manhattan kisses her softly on the throat. Bill so good you have to go. The blue hand runs down the length of lorries shoulder and arm toward her hip. She sighs dreamily. Would you like? Would you doesn't work. Would you like me to stay? I could stay and go and just how would you manage that? She leans up to kiss him. The second blue hand continues its downward progress almost colliding with a third blue hand which is massaging Maurice. Thi- third blue hand. Wait a minute. That's in the direction that is lawry's is go suddenly wide. She Sits Bolt Upright in bed. Doctor Manhattan is stretched out beside her is also sitting at the foot of the bed. There seems to be to him. Laurie are you. Don't be upset semper piece. Because it's the two different Dr Manhattan's Oh says documents Doctor Manhattan to. Oh No it was some form added. I thought it was like you. Here's the one thing. I never thought that I would be able to say about table reads. I had a threesome with Jeff. That's me eight foot cock my favorite part which she didn't scream like a normal person. It's just a budget litter. As a unique Menasheh twat proves a bit much for lorries. Fragile nerves fragile nerves. She's fucking vigilante. She climbs angrily out of bed and reaches for a dressing gown John. Please don't enjoy tricks. Just be one person again please. The big blue twins stand up spreading their hands in identical gestures of apology as Laurie. Stocks Past Laurie. I did it to please you. I thought you would find it erotic all right all right. It's just funner. I'm Goin' stir-crazy in this place. I what STIR CRAZY. Tell us about it. Oh Coroda while fumbling in her purse for a cigarette. Laurie happens to glance through a doorway into the lab. Outside to her utter astonishment she sees third Doctor Manhattan calmly running an experiment on one of his oversized toys. She marches angrily through the door. Interior lab a moment later confront Doctor Manhattan number three. You've been out here all along. Have it you run in one of your stupid experiment? Yes I thought I could finish up before I leave for Washington so you state your your proxies in there to John Really. How could you do this? You seem to feel I've been neglecting. Isn't that the case? I thought I'd solved the problem quite elegantly this all these. It was just the another problem gets. She doesn't see the other two Dr Manhattan's who have just entered the room behind her. They speak in perfect unison. How do I do this Laurie? Please Laurie Laurie. Pivots lets out. A little. Squeal of shock turns back slowly. Steadies herself on a lab table? John just go to Washington all right and take them with you. I could really use some alone. I wonder if he fox himself when she's not around. Laurie good like the human centipede. Just ask Mel's he comes home early one day. And there's just like eight Dick to ass Dr Manhattan's in a circle and they're all tall. The huge eight foot Cox jamming blue everywhere. It's not cheating if it's just me? I wonder I wonder if his JR is blue GONNA go with the. Yes also radio in Peru. I was going to go into Tashi station. Oh Blue Milk now you can't unseeded But yes we do know that his his semen is radioactive because I believe there is Woman on TV and watchmen who he used today. That's like I have cancer now. I'm dying because of that nude is it's apparent that quasi CGI superhero doctor Manhattan to blue appendage serves no purpose other than to underscore also masculinity it will pass no year in orgies and it will never rise to attend it. It's just their ammo of Dr Manhattan Earthly Mighty. Are you reading something? Yes he's reading the WIKKI that is dedicated to Dr Manhattan's Blue Sh- long. It's a blog in two thousand nine called Dr Watchman's glowing Blue Pena's but they're also wrong because lorries entire job with the governor government is fucking Doctor Manhattan. Yeah her job is literally fuck that guy to keep him happy and we will pay you a salary for that Lori. Schneck is a prostitute essentially this. This is my favorite one. Volts Dot com Dr Manhattan's giant blue. Weiner gets glowing reviews. I'm out I'm out all right edges. She storms back into the living quarters. Pass Dr Manhattan's One and two who pop out of existence. As soon as she passes the original Doctor Manhattan Cox in eyebrow size and returns to his equipment fade through to interior rooftop restaurant night. A pricey join in midtown Dr Lori. Well Fed or hard at work on their second bottle of wine. She looks amazingly beautiful in full makeup and low cut evening gown but it's largely wasted on her preoccupy date at the moment. She's filling him in on life with Dr Manhattan. This is like the lowest rent version of the script. It is none of that. None of that transition made any sense at least in the movie and book he was like till till you tell them. I said Hi. And she's like what tell Daniel I know. You don't get it when he cocks eyebrow that's supposed to convey that like the putting all the weight on the actor to get that across understood. Sorry I'm Laurie. The government's really worried he gets so flaky sometime. I guess it's no picnic being the world's only super human off after keep him and laugh. She flexes her biceps and holds the pose waiting for Dreamer to laugh. He doesn't in fact he barely even notices. His gaze has wandered off into a far corner of the room. Excuse me exactly are you tonight? I'm dry bird. Yeah no I either driver whitest you are the Whitest I duNNo. I look pretty white video. Sorry it's this thing with Blake. I mean you don't really think anyone's out to get us do you. Then are you really that paranoid? Let's face it Eddie. Blake was no mother Theresa psychotic pig. He had a coming. Mr C t you wait. We all had the same to this. Blake. It was worked for the government or do Tom. Fine but the civil terrorism unit fucking Gestapo dirty tricks political assassinations now. He's got Lori nervous. She Scans the restaurant quickly then leans forward and speaks in hushed tones. Okay Okay you major choice. You went underground. Some of US made other twists. Yeah at pig blake gets buried at Arlington full military honors. And I'm still in the psycho file with Rohrschack. Laurie looks at him a moment. She starts to chuckle. What's so funny and I got food nineteenth. I'm just wondering what you would have said ten years ago if you could see yourself right now. Well here's to the comedian because the fact is is dead and we're not. Freberg makes a face and smiles despite himself exterior rooftop outside restaurant night. Driebergen Laurie have repaired to the romantic rooftop. Terrorists which overlooks the Manhattan skyline. They're holding big snifters of Brandy and they're both pretty well drunk. The PISAR is nobody remembers all the Good Shit we did. I mean we were heroes. Damn straight stray. We were heroes. Of course we look like idiots in those bonds attack bids now is Adrian's idea. I know he's the smartest man in the world and all that but talk about publicity hounds. Hey you remember that. Not In the hockey mask with the asthma. What's what was his name. Batman brought back the one they used to confess everything Hogan we'd be him up. That's the one whatever happened to him. He pulled it on Roy Shack Rohrschack dropped him down an elevator shaft. Lagasse for a second and a half than her hand goes through mouth and light driver. She's giggling helplessly camera pulls up and away isolating them on the rooftop and we hear us and Torian voiceover seen in the midst of life. We are in death. Cut to exterior Arlington National Cemetery. Day In American flag lies in the coffin of Edward Blink and so we condemn our brother. Edward Blake unto. God we shall change our vile body that it may be like unto his glorious body. Tight on Doctor Manhattan. Standing in a graveside amid tight. No of mourners. There's no weeping no GNASHING OF TEETH. Most of the attendees are bureaucrats military. Men obviously here for reasons of protocol nearby. Qadri of rifleman ready to send Blake off the traditional twenty one gun salute according to the mighty working whereby he is able to do all things unto himself. A light rain begins to fall umbrellas. Open all around Dr Manhattan. Of course doesn't need one the raindrops vanish. Miraculously before they striked him. Car Horn sounded the distance and he glances off at exterior another part of the cemetery that moment century stand at attention. They've blocked off part of the cemetery where the funeral is taking place. But the good doctor has been spotted. Nonetheless and word of his presence is spreading like wildfire mourners in tourists are rushing in from every corner of the cemetery to get a look at the bright blue superman with all due respect for the dead Arlington nationals. Turning into a zoo gawkers are lined up three or four deep. The centuries have their hands full managing the crowd. A kid breaks free from his parents and sprints across the grave to join the excited throng as he does our attention. Settles on the Vietnam War Memorial. It's not the familiar stark black wall. It is bizarrely a chiseled marble representation of Dr Manhattan. His eyes are turned skyward. And he's cradling a wounded American in his massive arms Pieta style on the pedestal beneath it. A bronze plaque bears the inscription in memory of the brave Americans who gave their lives to achieve victory in Vietnam below. It are the names of American dead. There are almost four hundred of them exterior military installation night. The Rockefeller Military Research Center lorries. Home Sweet home or car pulls up to the guards booth and he waves her through as soon as the chain link. Gate rolls back into place behind her. The guard picks up a phone and punches. In a number exterior research center night Lori strides up a concrete walkway at the entrance to the complex fumbling in her purse for a MAG striped. She inserts the card into a slot at the door. Nothing happens she tries again. Still No luck just then a long black car pulls up. Hyder at a uniformed officer Major Adamson steps out Major Adamson. I can't seem to get in the door. Laurie I'll have to ask you to come with me. Why what's the problem? I love that Jeffs reading her as still drunk but she's not a she is. I just love that you remembered. The she was drunk. Oh probably still drunk all right cool. I. I can't tell you that it is quite rigid. Would like to use the bathroom as she speaks to armed guards come marching up the walkway. The access codes been changed. Your car won't work anymore. What please the major puts a firm hand on her elbow and leads her off. The guards stand at attention then fall in behind them as they pass. What a weird way to find out someone's broken up with you right send a General Electric Adamson holds the car door open lorries climbing inside when she sees something which turns confusion into outright panic. The entrance to the research center has just opened an emerging from it onto the walkway or a half dozen men in full radiation suits interior medical APP nights Lori enters with full military escort the troops hand off to a team of doctors and technicians. Then dropped back to stand guard at the door. A Brusque nerd presents Brusque Moore brother nurse presents her with a short white gown baiter way. Better mischievous nick. Put this on if you would. What drink this the Dr Hans Loria full of iridescent green fluid she stares at it still somewhat nonplussed. Yeah fluctuating drink it. Interior medical lab anteroom night technicians monitor a series of computer screens on the screens. Are are shifting. Multicolored graphics patterns representing the Interior of Human Body as seen from a variety of angles. Alleged window opens on Interior medical. At night. We're watching it. Looks like an electronic sarcophagus a donut shaped housing traverses. Its length repeatedly head to FOOT FOOT TO HEAD. Sending a three dimensional readout tele metrically to the answer room through glass panel in this arc off again. We see Lori. He head wedged into a fixed. Metal brace is starting fitfully left and right as she wonders just what. The Hell is going on. Interior doctor's office night. A man's hand slides a photograph across the table. That's Colonel Brent dogs. John's military liaison. Laurie still dressed in white. Gown is seated at a table surrounded by government agents in three piece suits chief agent. Schmidt looks at his cronies and replaces the photo with another taken from a thick sheaf. Dr Candelaria de he works on John's research teams the quantum whatever Schmidt. Liz Third Photo before her. It's a group shot if the watchman the same picture that hung in Blake's closet Laurie hesitates. That's John Obviously and me Badri invite Rohrschack. Their real names please. I don't know their real names. You're lying Miss Juice Beck Knicks Nick. I don't know their real name. You're not protecting anyone. These people's lives may depend on the enters. You give pulling up the schieffer photos. These are all forms associates of Dr Manhattan. Then why don't you ask him serious? She pushes herself away from the table and move to nearby window. The agents exchange cool glances like all experienced torturers. Then understand the value of patience. I WANNA get dressed and a cigarette. One of the agents pulls a pack from his coat shaking a cigarette for Laurie as he's lighting it a perfect gentleman. The door opens on a lab technician enters with a clipboard. He passes the Clipboard Schmidt who examines its contents until tonight eyebrow. Laurie looking on is about to burst curiosity. Someone had better tell me what's going on here. Sit Down Miss Specic. As I mentioned the people in this file are all close. Associate Doctor Manhattan. They have something else in common as well. They've all developed a fairly exotic form of lymphatic cancer. But he's saying that Don radioactive all at once the obvious hits home. And Laurie's face. Goes Bone White? Schmidt nudges the clipboard toward her trembling. She takes it then sets it down staggered by what she's read. I'm terribly sorry. What does this mean. What does it six to eight months? That's with treatment. Perhaps now you can see why it's so important so vital that we locate your friends. That's it this is all trick. Isn't it some kind of horrible joke to make me? She scans the room. No one's laughing. Schmidt gets up signals to his comrades and heads for the door. Take a day or two. If you remember any names new give us a call. The agents leave and Laurie's Salone in the office. She reaches for the clipboard and takes another long hard look then quaking. She buries her face in her hands. Interior observation room that moment a darkened room just off. The office Lori is visible through a two way mirror. The door opens and Major Adamson. Who's been watching all along is joined by Schmidt my both of them. I'll be Adam's okay or kid. We'll keep her in isolation awhile she'll give us some names to hell with those costumed idiots. I'm worried about Doc Manhattan. What do you mean cheeses last link to humanity? Once she's Go God knows which way he'll jump dissolve to interior. I hope I don't need to be him again. Because I'm never remember that Voice Intel Interior Hotel Room Washington. Dc Day. Dr Manhattan stands in front of a full length mirror. He's wearing a navy blue double-breasted suit a white shirt and Maroon necktie with an irregular moth pattern. The tide doesn't quite suit him his brow wrinkles and the ties magically and the time magically transmuted into a more sedate white red job with diagonal gold strikes to state doctor. Manhattan frowns and the Thai transforms itself into a handsome royal blue number with tiny hydrogen atoms for decoration does nice things for his complexion satisfied. He turns from the Mirror starts for the door and dematerialize. See the better way to do that. Would be to have a second doctor Manhattan looking at him like doing Tai for him like tie in it. Right right yeah that would be read and instead of a mere. There's a third one. This is like looking him up and down. Yeah dolls cool. I mean if you can turn yourself in a multiple people fucking take advantage of it especially when you know. He can see through the eyes of all of them at the same time. So wouldn't that be like a like a funny bit right like you know? If he's looking at himself is basically looking at it like he's looking at himself in a mirror. Yeah exactly so he would be able to like projected onto itself. He's like a little left here the same he would hire. That'd be cool. That would be cool bit. But you know movies suck if there's anything known for its the funny bits not even a funny bit. It's a thoughtful. Bit Yeah Interior television studios day technicians running to and fro. A Harry director checks the Green Room where the staff is beginning to panic. We're on the air and five minutes. Where the hills that big blue son of he stops wisely in mid sentence doctor Manhattan. His just materialized inside the studio chew feet from the directors face. I thought I might have some sort of materialisation sound effect but I. That's the Santa Turns up on Snare Drum. I'm sorry am I late problem. We will have to head straight for the set marquette. Turner the director. Oh I'm can't turn sir. I heard her Turner Third Kit Turner. The director the Director Shakes Dr Manhattan's hand and marches down a hallway within seconds. They're joined by government liaison. Dr Austin I've got a list of taboo areas here we'd like you to steer clear of obviously Afghanistan will come up but if you okay. Here's another great way. They could fuck in. Take Advantage of Dr Manhattan. Have him go? I'll read it after and I'll know it now. Just give it to me after the interview and I'll know now not to say any of that stuff during the interview understand. Yes because he he coexists in all time simultaneously. This movie is not smart man. We've been going but we got to see it. What it is. It's true it's true but it is part of our job to call it out when it's dropping the ball right. I believe so. That's what it said on the wall. Yeah I should put that on the wall fix it finish in statement the screenwriter. Nonni sucks. It's you Jeff. Oh the director you played at Cooler docked there Blue Lotte yours to wash out on camera. Could you give us something a little darker? Doctor Manhattan pauses briefly. His skin darkens two shades. Will this do perfect now? Doc Please on this Afghanistan thing but the good doctor is already at the edge of the set surrounded by a cluster of soundmen production assistance et CETERA. Who were hurriedly prepping him. For the telecast. The frustrated liaison hangs back and glances up in an overhead monitor the ABC News Special Report. Graphic is already on screen with theme Music Underneath Insert TV. I don't recognize this music. That's weird on Mars already. Yes Mars music straight up insert. Tv Monitor stock footage. We opened on a shot of terrified. Viet Cong racing for their lives through dense jungle. The camera whip pans to the right intakes. In an extraordinary site. A towering ninety foot tall doctor Manhattan strides blithely through the jungle occasionally directing a blast from his fingertips at the greenery below. American hueys hovered behind him. Spitting out bursts of automatic. Fire performing mop up duty. As this one man defoliation crew does his apocalyptic thing a superimposed title reads Van Damme Nineteen Sixty five Dr Manhattan the Nuclear Titan spawned and a freak scientific mishap for more than twenty years. The man had an option has been the lynch pin of America's conventional strategy. We cut the. It wasn't Manhattan project. Get It da Joe Manhattan Hot Shit we cut to Prague where Russian tanks rolling through a broad thoroughfare doctor Manhattan only forty feet tall this time rounds a corner emerges from behind a municipal building. His Eyes Gleam eerily and the lead tank begins to heat up lead tank. The tank is not made of lead. So I'm guessing that is lead begins to heat up the gray gunmetal turning red before is the hatch springs open steam hisses and terrified Russian soldiers. Clamber out only to be met with a barrage of rocks thrown by local citizenry. Title Reads Czechoslovakia Nineteen Sixty Eight in trouble spots from Vietnam Czechoslovakia to Nicaragua. A one man cavalry coming to the aid of our democratic allies holding the communist medicine. Czech Daniel Ortega in San Sandinista drabs. I'm looking that word up. That doesn't look like a word. Yes do persist like shitty clothes. I Dunno where Sandinista is this just robes a member of a left-wing Nicaraguan political organization the Sandinista National Liberation Front which came to power in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine after overthrowing the dictator Anastasio Somoza opposed during most of the period by the us-backed contras. The Sandinistas were voted out of office. In one thousand nine hundred. Oh He's a fucking. What's his face? The Cuban Dude Chigovera. Yeah Yup Daniel Ortega in Sandinista drab sits at a table across from American Secretary of State. G Gordon Liddy the two men shake hands old up signed treaty for the camera Doctor Manhattan in a three piece suit stands behind them presiding over this historic accord title Nicaragua. Nineteen seventy-nine in the famous words of general. William Westmoreland yes Virginia there is a superman thank God. He's American Interior Sound Stage. Moma later day. A sparse business like talk. Show set to chairs table a backdrop of the Washington Monument and a gallery full of media people Jaded News Vet David. Brinkley is manning the hosts chair. I'll you can you do a David Brinkley? Impersonation furthest live question and answer is that they've been sure I got hired. This live question and answer session. We'll be joined by correspondence from all three network. But since I'm moderating I'll ask you to keep your questions. Short and snappy now let's welcome our guest Jonathan Ostermann better known to the world as Dr Manhattan applause from the crowd. That's a sound effect. Should Angle widens include. Dr M seated at Brinkley's right. He nods in acknowledgement. I suppose the topic on everyone's mind this week is Afghanistan where Russian tanks appear to be poised for massive invade dow. Since you've dealt successfully with similar tweets as I'll ask you point Blay has the administration requested that you intervene. I will not intervene in Afghanistan. Hubbub goes up along among the crowd. Angle on military liaison looking on from offstage. He rolls his eyes in frustration. Angle onset frankly Dr Manhattan hands are already shooting up along the newsroom in the audience. Brinkley ignores them. You're saying you would refuse a direct request. There will be no request. I will not intervene. Well doctor nurse widely understood that you can actually see the future. Does your air. Does your answer indicate that the hostilities Aghanistan will blow over angle on military liaison. He steamed but like everyone else in the studio. He's hanging on Dr Manhattan's every word. He turns apprehensively to a colleague in the shadows behind him and snaps his fingers once. I want a phone line at the booth now angle on Brinkley. Doctor Manhattan. I see the future only as it relates to me. I have no control over it. I can only repeat that there will be no request and I will not intervene. He sits there like a big blue Buddha Brinkley shrugs and presses on well then We can take that as an optimistic side. I'll open the floor for questions now on Doug Dr Osman. I'm Doug Roth of Nova Express. I'd like to read you. Some names. Karnal Brent dabs Dr J. M. Calendar Wallace M weaver. These names have any meaning to you. All friends yes associates of mine. What let me go on Stephanie? Boris William Charles. Bats Susan White. Are you aware that these friends and associates of yours have all been diagnosed with terminal cancer? The crowd noise begins to build even Brinkley's taken aback. He gives the doctor Manhattan who sits there. Silently his inhuman face and unreadable mask angle and military liaison is wide hand cupped over the in house. Telephone don't Jesus. I want this broadcast killed. I'll run out of that. Goddamn said if I have to angle onset Brinkley Roth Doctor Manhattan. I have here an official list of sixteen names all similarly diagnosed for the record doctor. Is there a connection by now? The crowd is about to erupt. Roth is shouting to make himself heard over the Din Brinkley. Who's just gotten a message from the booth touches? His head set announces told his time for a break. We'll be back. After this brief met with insects seconds the military liaison has rushed out onto the set flanked by two colleagues in mirror shades. That does it. No more questions shows over the three of them all but yanked doctor Manhattan out of his seat. Then pandemonium breaks loose as eager newsmen bolts the gallery and mob the set back now. These allegations dancer. I don't wish to answer any questions you see the future did you. Doctor Will Not answer any of your questions now. Step aside the liaison his boys former wedge in front of Document. Hatton but the mass of bodies and microphones is all but impenetrable. How long have you know why Mrs Please Get out of my way? Liaison throws in elbow knocking reporter to the floor. Oh breaks out? Just as it's getting vicious doctor Manhattan. Let's out a thunderous shout. I said leave me. Alot in the wink of an eye. The sound stages empty. No newsmen no microphones no cameras nothing but the lone figure of Dr Manhattan and still sitting in the chair behind him Brinkley. Brinkley swallows hard and fidgets with his neck. Tie a moment later. There's an angry flash of white light and Dr Manhattan Vanishes Leaving Brinkley. Alone on the deserted sets feed out. Pretty Fun. I liked it. I'm really happy with the latency of the audio like it's fast snappy like I feel like we're missing anything really. Yeah it's it's not that at all really. Yeah I don't know about you guys but I have chiller Internet. I guarantee you have peaked a COUPLA that I'm used to your studio setup it gives me a lot of room for error and I felt by like ten. Hit them like Buddha like. Oh No that's just what you get you know. I think that we're going above and beyond for people to actually record this during this corona virus crisis. And there's GonNa be some growing pains. It's there's GonNa be some difficulties with adjusting to all of this Intel. Life gets back to normal if that happens so what I'm saying is people have worse things to worry about hitting the Mike. Don't worry about it. Do they know why I mean. Yeah especially if they're over seventy the don't have a job graphic. Look Jeff Our. Our job here is to make people forget that they don't have a job they're stuck in the house. The loved ones are at risk of dying from a horrible disease. The whole governments falling apart. And everything's terrible. We don't want people to remember that while they're listening to this right you're right. We are reading the watch even though yeah you can listen. We need to get somebody that story they're forgetting and there's woman just wants to leave the house and there's another guy giving everybody cancer and Richard Nixon is President Manhattan virus in Manhattan by route man. So Josh. You can't see it this time but your info was up on the screen right now for our youtube emporium. You both actually kind of right across your eyes. It's like right here is the bottom of IT L. You could find me at Joshua J. Baker Dot Com. I actually started doing some real estate. Video work in All the other stuff that I was doing all the other productions they were all fucking cancelled so I went and did some real estate work and if you guys are interested in some real estate video yeah Holler. You can reach me at J. O. S. H. Josh Joshua J. Break Your Dot com. Isn't it me Joshua Baker Dot Com? So I go change because what happens is in some people's emails when I send them from me. It looks like you get the email from me and you're like I didn't send myself an email. Saved me the graphic on the screen. You should let me know buddy. Yeah well yeah. I'm sorry out a white graphic right. It's got a drop shadow. Jeff and now and now it's on our link tree which is linked tree slash table reads You can go there to find links to table reads everywhere on the Internet that you can possibly find it or just go to your favorite platform and search for table rates. And while you're there drop us a review five stars preferably Let us know what you think. We really want to hear about what your genuine opinion of the show is. And we want people to know what you think of it. Especially if you like it. This comes out right after Batman. Yes Oh my God. Please let us know. Try to find something wrong with that Batman Red Portrayal Loni. I dare you to find a reason to give anything less than five bucks. Just really proud of that. I'm super valuable also good. That's just a fucking laugh a minute. Yeah I I. I had more fun on that scripts than any one that we've done in fact as we record this part five of Batman has just dropped and that was my favorite of the whole script so like right now. I'm really riding high on like this bat insanity as far as if you want to find. Jeff's work on the Internet. You can't so once again. My people suck it did take. You can only find me at table. Reads Table PODCAST DOT COM? That's what he said. All right guys. We'll see you next week. For Part. Three of watchmen. We will still be in coronal lockdown because for US. It will be five minutes from now for you. It'll be a week but we like Dr Manhattan traverse all time and space so we'll talk to you then and until then we will miss you. Podcast was created by. Sean Mc bean for more visit table reads PODCASTS DOT COM. Cut to black.

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