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It's Atlanta Dallas the chargers and the Tennessee titans and Evan. It should also be known that while we were recording part one, which we just finished the jets put Blau Powell on. I r so any thoughts for you as to how ownership pick up what it means for Nigeria Crowell owner like me or anything else. Yeah. I mean, I think that it definitely raises the ceiling for Zia crow ELS workload potential. Cruel is still relatively limited player though. And I think they clearly want to keep him in nature bitty of some kind. We saw that last week trick Keaton stepping of mentioned on the first one I'm trying to get Trent Kane and off the waiver wire deep dynasty leagues already Elisha McGuire in that league. So I have the jets backup running back assing game specialists. Foreigner. And those are the two guys to think about behind is Ahah curl. Sure that they will add someone in the meantime, not sure what illegible wires. Status right now broke his foot before the season. So never want to see a running back with a broken foot. Yeah. Will be interesting to to keep an eye on that. Let's get into the games now. And we'll start with the colts and the raiders. Raiders are taking team, you know, taking is it thing. Now. NFL? So welcome to the new NFL. This is an actual teams are doing the raiders are trading away. Young Pro Bowl players. We saw early the season with Khalil Mack. We just saw with Mark Cooper, not that Amari Cooper has been great by any means, you know, he's been on a downward trajectory as opposed to upward trajectory, but trading Khalil Mack was the first sign of it. And they've been shopping coral Joseph, and we may see some more moves when when all is said done, but I think this team that the colts can really really beat up on Marlin back has been on fire recently seven yards per carry over the last two games. One thing that stood out to be about Marla MAC is how decisive has been between the tackles that was not a facet of his game at USS, and I was really high on coming out of college. But I always knew that he had these these. These aspects of his game that might not appeal to coaches and one of them was his tendency to bounce runs outside. He's just kind of an inconsistent player. But over the last two weeks, she has been decisive not dancing runs outside even last year. You know, he got buried behind at or behind the line of scrimmage at the second highest rate in the NFL the colts offensive line. This is awesome. Zero sacks allowed on one hundred twenty five straight pass attempts for you to luck the longest stretch of his career the colts offensive line in football, outsiders run blocking. Metrics are number five in the NFL. They hit Fiqh Chris Ballard as fix this offense of line. I mean, you got brame Smith, right? Tackle you got Martin Lewinsky who they got bricks with was the second round pick this year. Mark glue Inskeep. Who Chris Ballard claimed off waivers last December starting at right tat right right guard. Ryan Kelly healthy at center he was Ryan Grigson final first round pick left guard. Of course, this year's first round. Pick Quinn Nelson and the Costanzo back healthy pretty good offensive line, man. I mean, and they're getting it done. I think they're going to beat up on this terrible slow raiders team Marlin MAC should shred. Andrew luck has fifteen touchdowns over the last four games quietly. Making a run at Patrick Mahomes for the league lead touchdown passes. Love to see it. Andrew look back ball and to Hilton back. Bulling back from the hamstring injury last week actually plays. Fifty three percent of the snaps and was not really a big factor for the entire game other than catching a couple of short TD's of that bodes well against this just being out there and make it through the game healthy bodes well. Heading into this game against the raiders. Should not rush the passer hemorrhage big plays down the football field. All that is t y Hilton's game. Very very excited to see him racing past. Dominique Rodgers Cromartie. Darryl wurley for long touchdown bombs on Sunday. Do not expect Jack Doyle back this week at Eric soup suffered the injury last week. Don't think he's gonna play. So again, Eric Iran all-systems-go had a slower week last week looks past attempts were way down, but he still led the team in targets is a lucked in every week. Fantasy starter. You look at the splits within without TY L and don't really want any part of Chester Rogers, unless his t- wise going to miss time in the future. Hime Hines has been rendered obsolete by Marlin MAC playing so much on the other side. I actually don't think that Mark Cuban removing him from the offense changes a whole lot other than just frees up marshawn Lynch has been removed from offense to and together they were combining for nine targets game. But other than that. I don't think it really changes a whole lot losing marshawn extra. I think is a bigger blow to the offense that Mark Cooper Mark per had two. Good games at a six and the other ones under under twenty ours is out there occupying the quarterback. I think the Jordy Nelson becomes a much more interesting wide receiver three slash flex play. At Jared, cook, even though he had to slow weeks before their week seven bye. He is he's going to be good to go. Either way. He still ran the east most routes and NFL over the over that five and six span. Seth Roberts is gonna play more at Slough receiver. But that's not very interesting. Martavis Bryant was second on the team area arts behind Amari Cooper, who is leading the team areas. So I think Martavis Bryant as someone that the raiders kind of embarrassingly gave up a third round pick middle third round pick for. They're going to want to get something out of him just to you know, for for ego sake. Probably he's going to get big play chances. So he's he's in the mix like a DFS sort of play. And I think that he's in Mexico. Hi, variants wide receiver force lash flex, Doug. Martin is going to be the early down feature back in. Jalen Rashard is going to be the passing down back for the raiders. Which means that the guy that you want is Jalen Rashard. You know, because he's going to be playing a game where they fall behind and the raiders are going to be falling behind a lot as we move forward. Jalen Rashard immediate starter in PR Li ext Doug Martin stand dependent guy. Just really is not a fact it years as rusher to move onto the next one. The next game. It's the Niners who disappointing against the Rams against the cardinals. Who are just as appointing. Yeah. Just to pretty bad teams. I have not written this one up yet. Because there are a lot of injury concerned things especially like, Matt Brita. N even Josh Rosen. Although it looks like he's going to play by left which is going to take over as the cardinals offensive coordinator and replacing Mike McCoy, and he was hired by Bruce Arians. He was with Bruce Arians in Pittsburgh during Ben's big bend suspension. And was it was a backup there with Charlie batch. And Bruce Arians loved him. And of course, Brazilians was the coach of the cardinals. When David Johnson had is monster season in two thousand sixteen. So hopefully, you know, they're on the horn together. Bruce Arians is giving him ideas of better ways to use David Johnson. But the forty Niners have really struggled to they've been good in run defenses straightaway run defense, but they have struggled against running backs in the passing game. Like, they give free catches kinda like that. The the Dan Quinn scheme in Atlanta, but they defend them more poorly. So I think that you know, we we need to see David Johnson getting six to ten targets every game. And hopefully Byron left which agrees with that. Larry showed finally got in the end zone last week. That was good to see, you know, I think that his upside is clearly clearly is is floor in a ceiling are clearly not comfortable at all. But he's in the mix as a wide receiver three play. Forty Niners has been really weak against outside corner against outside receivers. And that's where Christian Kirk mainly plays. George Kittle one of the best three tight ends in football. I mean, I feel confident saying that right now, or at least one of the top four because we have not seen gronk at full speed this year, but I mean right there with with irt Saint Kelsey. George KENDALL is frigging. Awesome. Vols in the run in the past games. On the other side. So Rahima stare if not breed it is not play in that Brita seemingly overcomes the odds. Every single week ROY Hema stared. I think would be the forty Niners Lee back. I think it's pretty clear that he is a head of Alfred Morris at this point in time in Kyle Shanahan's mind he should be owned in all leagues. I mean. This is a great match up for any running backs. Not like the the cardinals are necessarily terrible and run defense. But because they cannot sustain drives offensively teams are just piling up rushing attempts against them every game running a ton of plays them. So that always bodes well for a rushing attack. Because what you want in rushing attack is vol you are the cardinals gonna trade Patrick Peterson. Just there are a lot of question marks in this game. That are difficult to answer. We can move onto the next one. Okay. The next one is the Packers at the Rams interesting to see what the line is for this game. The Rams is heavy favorites. Thinking for this one. Evan Rams are heavy favorites. And the total is pretty monstrous it was it opened at fifty six and immediately bets came in on though over and it's up to fifty seven and a half. Now. So love to see that Todd Gurley Amine. What what is there left to say? He is on pace to break ladainian Tomlinson's single season record for most all purpose touchdowns by running back. Packers not been good in run defense and his massive home favorite. Jared Goff has been more of a floor than feeling play in fantasy of the high scoring projection in this game. I think really, you know, bodes well for him. I don't my guess is that Cooper Cup won't be back. I'm not sure we're gonna have to figure that out as the week moves forward. Josh Reynolds was not a not a factor with. With Cooper Cup out last week one target titan. You know, we're not really factors either. And then. Rainy, cooks, and Barada woods really did the heavy lifting. In addition to Todd Gurley on the other side Aaron Rodgers I think that first of all he before the by week he had a thirty or more rushing yards in two of his final three starts before the week seven by then he was a top five fantasy quarterback in each of the two games leading into the by. Now, the Packers actually were chasing in both of those games. But it's entirely possible that they could be chasing here that, you know, would would make it a very fun bucks gore day for Aaron Rodgers. And I think that in terms of just sheer upside at the quarterback position it's Patrick Mahomes. And it's Aaron Rodgers in week eight. Although interlocked also deserves mention there if the the raiders can can do anything offensively. The receiver core is going to be interesting to see how shakes out. Markaz vowed scheduling the big slot receiver with four three seven speed is really giving them a new dimension on offense, which is size in his lengthy is jets and Randall Cobb and drama, Alison, we're just dropping passes and fumbling and making all kinds of mistakes before they got hurt. So. Are they going to go away from the impressive young rookie? I'm not, you know, that'd be very interesting to see. But it makes all those guys very risky investments. I think that of the three Toronto Allison is the safest back to come back with a big role because he's been playing outside whereas Cobb and volt out a scheduling been playing insight vantera Demonte, Adam should rip this open ten touchdowns overs last ten games. You know, and you want to attack Marcus Peters and Troy hill on outside for the Rams. They had been playing Sam shields on outside. But they want a benching him. For Troy hill. Former undrafted free agent. The Rams have given up the eighth most yards to opposing tight ends. George kiddle had a big game against them last week. Jimmy Graham comes off the bye in a pretty good spot here. I mean, he was he was doing well in weeks one through six top-five among tight ends in charge and area arts. Running back situations. Very frustrating. You know, we all know their Jones can can ball, but they don't use them in the passing game. They don't trust them to be a full-time player. And they continue us this three way running back rotation. I mean in week six before the by Jones had the few snaps out of all of them. Played nineteen snaps. Ten Montgomery played twenty three Jamal Williams by twenty seven. So until we see in actual change in that backfield distribution, we, you know, all we can say is that you know, we hope and we think that this should happen. And we just, you know, move forward with what the coaches are telling us we can move onto the next one. Next game. Did you do the Rams? Yes, sir. That was quick. Only I was focusing on the Packers involved as scantly. I know you love that dude. How about how about Sunday night? How about the rematch man saints? Vikings. Yep. The rematch these teams actually played twice last year. So this is gonna be their third game since week one. Remember that Sam Bradford game read just lit them up. I think it was on a Monday night. But in this will be the third quarterback for the Vikings during that span, but the know this game will be played indoors. It's got a pretty big total Kirk cousins balling. This will be there really their best opportunity to dial up a deeper passing game. They'd been a quick out offense as they should be their offense of line problems. Johnny Filipa your this coaching tree of Doug. Peterson is really starting to develop quickly def- Lippo in Frank right? Doing great jobs as former eagles assistance. But they have gotten the ball out of Kirk cousins hands quickly. Look like the average up target for Adam see you in and Stefan digs really really short on both under ten yards. So. These guys are not like being targeted on deep downfield passes of this. This will give them an opportunity to get the, you know, get those chances because the saints have been giving up a lot of big plays football field. Can't really rush the passer. On their quarterback situation is such that, you know, they went out and made the trade for you lie. Apple they know that they are in bad shape side for Marshon Lattimore, go back and watch the January divisional round game between these teams and Marshon Lattimore actually shadowed Adams, dealing not Stefan Dicks in that game. But any any held him to seventy four yards on nine targets? But I feel that game was playing through trains verse process fractures in his back. And he also was playing more outside receiver at that time. Then he is this year that she was a sixty two percent slot receiver. Marshon Lattimore has gone into the slot. Three percent of the time. So I think that of who's gonna have another big game. And you know, I think the Vikings are going to be trying to proactively trying to get him another big game. Because if it goes over one hundred yards again, he breaks the NFL record for most consecutive hundred plus yard games. I I still think that you know, we'll digs is gonna be inside twenty five percent of the time. So he's not going to be on. Marshon Lattimore the entire game. And you know, the the saints the high scoring nature of the game. I think bodes well for Stefan Dick's, so he's not like a wide receiver one this week. But I do think that he is a confident wide receiver to Stefan digs, of course, had a monster week one game against the same. Saints defense last week one in of course, scored that walk off sixty one yard touchdown in the divisional round. Kyle rudolph. You know, it's not a whole lot upside here that he is demonstrated. Just getting you know, but somewhere between four and six tar gets each week not really getting into the end zone. So you kind of know what you're dealing with lake on Treadwell has a bunch of targets outback Robinson's Keach keeps on catching touchdowns late while Lakewood treadwell's does nothing so. No interest in those complimentary receivers on the other side. Drew Brees started off that that game. Last January really slow through a couple of picks early saints gotten a whole they rallied back and drew Brees wound up having a monster game. As did Michael Thomas biking's have played better defense recently. But really have not been tested, and they are going to be tested here. I don't think Xavier roads is going to play. Everson Griffen likely to remain out. Do the personal matter. Indra Syndey ho their free safety has been banged up on the internet bar left. The game last week with a hamstring injury. Did not return in the fourth quarter. So they could be really oh ah Lindvall Joseph didn't play last week. I mean, they are really really banged up defensively. I think the drew Brees is fire the cannons in this indoor potential shootout. Michael Thomas, fire the cannons. Tree. Quant Smith has three and six targets in two games without Ted Ginn. I think that's what we should sit expect for him high variants deep threat just basically playing the same role that Ted game in did previously. Cameron. Meredith was a no-show in the last game. And I think that he's rule is just less consistent than trick on Smith camera marathon Rin tin routes in week seven or eleven routes in week seven zero targets. The backfield distribution between Alvin Kamara Mark Ingram. I think last week was more in line with what we should expect Alvin Kamara nineteen touches Mark Ingram. Fourteen. Touches Vikings have been very good in run defense. But again, they could be without a bunch of key players in this one Ben Watson, his his like routes run and his snaps and all that were about the same that they had been last week. But he caught a touchdown all six of his targets against the ravens of things are kind of similar to the ravens in that the best way to go after them is in the middle of the field with tight ends at least when when everybody's at full strength. Suben watson. I think makes some sense as a streamer in a potential high scoring game in weekend or no likings are need to talk about their running back. So I just don't know about the running back. Some fortunately dalvin cook. Hamstring injury. You know, he's gonna try to come back. This we guide. No, let's have you Mary his played really, really. Well. And even if Delvin comes back. I mean, let's say Murray has earned a role we can move onto the next one. The next one is the last one Evan. It's the patriots and the bills I will be there on the sideline Monday night. Trying not to freeze my butt off. It's still a pct threat shouldn't be that bed. And I'm not expecting the Bill to really score any points. Right, right. One thing that might clay of ESPN noted this week is that the bills have played seven games and in five of them. The defence facing them finish as top three defense in fantasy on the week, which is just absurd because these are very very high variance in fantasy. I mean, you defense in the best possible spots, and they won't come through. You know in some terrible defense would just go off in terms of fantasy points happens all the time. But you know, this this signals. Hey, let's you know, let's let's check out the patriots fantasy defense here against this this bills team because guess what? Derek Anderson at four turnovers three picks last week and. He should have had another pick. But Margus hunt dropped it. So. Near he Anderson. You know, this is like an expansion level team the Buffalo Bills with McCoy suffers a concussion don't know if he's gonna play Chris Chris ivory could end up with a bunch of carries in this game. He should be owned in all leagues and always not a sexy player by by any means. But any dude who is imposition? Maybe get a bunch of usage should be on fantasy rosters. One good thing. The Derek Anderson did do last week was get Kelvin Benjamin going little bit seventy one yards. That's big for Kelvin Benjamin these days now you look at the the stat lines. When Derek Anderson has started with Kelvin Benjamin going back to Carolina since a four-game sample at this point of quarter of a season Kella measurement is going over seventy yards in all four of them. With a couple of big games now is gonna have to face all Stefan Gilmore who has been legit lights out this season. You our Robinson last week? So Kelvin Benjamin. Shakey wide receiver three. But at least he's not a shaky wide receiver five like he was for the first six games, you know, dome really want any part of Charles clay, the Bella check has always had like his fear of Charles clay, double teamed him stuck a keep Toledo on them. One game back in the day. So no-one mess around with him on the other side. I think gronk is going to be back in historically ES smashed the bills. This is where he's from. So. You know, he just think he is not looked same this this year in a definitely wouldn't be surprised if it's because of the back that has been hindering him and obviously last week missed the game because of the back like a late edition to injury report. So certainly something to monitor, but it seems like the signs point to him returning this week. Josh Gordon is going to have to deal with Tadeusz white, Josh Gordon's but ball. Mate's the bunch of big plays last week. But this is going to be a little bit tougher of a matchup. I do think that based on how much he is playing based on how many how many targets he seeing based on his level of play that he we should consider him to be a matchup proof wide receiver to. But I think that this is a game where he might not reach ceiling. Chris HOGAN has started to come on a little bit. But you know, with gronk there that'll be Gordon James white going nuts. You know, just a bunch of mouths to feed in the passing Chris HOGAN, not a reliable play. This is revenge game for Chris HOGAN who famously or or not so famously earned the nickname seven eleven for always being open on the bills practice squad. Julian I don't you know, where we're rolling him every week. He's been excellent. And then you know, you know, the deal was Brady Sony. Michelle do not think we're gonna see this week. And so that actually positions Kenyan Barner to get some carries against buffalo. He could end up with a lot of carries. This is not a game where it's likely that to to be a back and forth affair, you know, it's it's likely to be a game where the patriots try to stop there. The bills throat early in the game. And then you know, play their backups late in the game. And that would be that would be Kenyon Barnard James white. Of course, unbelievable season really has made the leap in two thousand eighteen fantasy started regardless of PR or non PR that takes care of that one. That takes care of all of them have been that'll do it for episode number two of week eight we've wrapped up everything for you guys. Which means the only last thing to wrap up his bed, online dot AG. I told you about earlier I'll tell you about it again because they're giving you guys a fifty percent sign up bonus. When you use the code podcast one, which is amazing. So please, do it bet online dot AG. I know a lot of you like to place little something something on the games. There's a lot of other stuff going on baseball. Make baseball more tolerable make it so you can actually watch NBA NHL stuff. Other than football at bed online dot AG using that code podcast one for the fifty percent. Welcome bonus. We will be back next week. Of course gash next week. It'll be. Week number nine already in the NFL. Happy to have you guys aboard. Make sure you're checking out everything Evan does via his Twitter account. That's where you can see all his write ups and everything at Evan Silva at Ross Tucker NFL, Twitter and Instagram if you like to place wagers, I told you about but online dot AG, make sure you listen to the even money podcast as well. Other than that. I am stuffed. And we are finished listening to the fantasy fee spun cast won't subscribe to the rust Duggar football podcast, even money in the college draft podcast all available on tunes and Russ Tucker dot com. Podcast can be found.

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