#267-The Talk is About Jericho


Yellow Russell with championship wrestling with a big week. Join US right now. Hey welcome to the double dropkick show. I'm Heath Mulligan and it is September twelfth. Two Thousand Nineteen and today on this episode gun talk a little wrestlemania. Did you cause we are the wrestling podcasts talk about the wrestling. You grew up with resonated. Watch now and stuff lately. We've been talking about lawn stuff because when you watch a lot of risk wrestling really all that good. I'm really excited for a W on TNT. I'm really excited to see what they do that. Because for twenty years we've been we've been begging for an alternative and we're like impacts not really cutting it for us. A ring of honor's not kind of course we really WANNA alternative and here comes this company company. We're going to be an alternative. We're going to be different. We're going to be on TNT. We've got Jim Ross Tony. Giovanni signed me up but I'm I'm very curious to see how they parted. Watch yeah so I have not watched all out yeah I've had time. I've just not had time to watch and I'll be honest honest with you. Based on the sorry state of the pre shows that they put out. I won't be yeah you watch the pre show and you're like what in the world not as I'm not into the Orange Cassidy's yeah. I don't like this and that and make you a bad person that make you bad vanishes. What you know lying I want to I would rather somebody come along and do some old school school staff and I'll be honest with you. The more like I always I don't like Kenny Omegas. thought build a Bill Katya bagels. It was good right. I never liked to hear him tall. Look at him his body language I just the way he carries himself just yeah. I don't like any of that stuff. I never have but I always knew that he was a good wrestler. Yes but I'll be honest with the morale of the more I realized that he's the best wrestler in the world as long as he's in the ring with Okada right and not that he's not a good wrestler. Yes probably a better than you know better than good but I don't think he's as good as I Saudi was seen him in the ring with other people yeah you know. Okada and him have a chemistry together. That's right and he just doesn't to me I. I don't know that he's the guy you're building a company. I don't think they are building a company around. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they're planning that is to I'm sure it is to figure him into the upper card but he just you know. Cody is the same way man like as I don't know I cody might have been. I think he's gotten better. I mean we've talked about it. He has gotten a lot better but I still don't know that he's ever. We're going to be a guy that I would pay a lot of money to see in a main event right. Yes so the again either. One of us were able to watch all out I do think we love your thoughts on Jericho. Being the I champion we do I wanNA talk about Jericho because as soon as all outside over stuff starts going viral with him and so I really WanNa talk about just Jericho in his ability to adapt adapt work yeah and and yeah so where your thoughts on putting the championship on him. I think it's good I mean I think sometimes you have to use the tidal elevated guy and sometimes the guy elevate a title and and I think putting it'll him to start with is a good move because I think the money's always in the chase. Yes especially starting off with a company if you put it on like nobody really knows much about hangman page yes but I'd like to know more about him. I'd like to learn who I'd like to see what his motivations are and I'd like to learn those types of things about fight him and and I'd like to follow his to be yeah that's to me. That's a good opening store. That's a good first chapter. In Yeah is building like if you want to build it right hangman page building that reputation off the back of Chris Jericho and Y- great and now you're going to have a weekly TV to tell the story of hangman page introduce him to a broader audience and to me again. I didn't see it but Chris Jericho. He says this throwaway line a little bit of the bubbly. I did see that it's it's a it's not just from dumb and dumber right. He's see stole. The dusty Rhodes idea yeah take something people have heard before that they may not even unrealized. They've heard Oh my and he probably wasn't even thinking about it. You know it just came out I mean he clearly wasn't he was just at living yeah and they said that in dumb and dumber. You're telling me that that was not scripted. Believe it or not I don't thank you but it goes viral the next day he loses the KP chair and he loses the Dang Bell but that's like one of the coolest things that could happen right. They got it back. You know that's kind of a cool thing. Fell this bag on the side of the highway opened it. Uh Up and we'll hear it is. Is that what the guy saying. Oh let me just he oh he put it on craigslist and they're like hey you know they're looking for that and he's like Oh. I thought this was just a replica. I don't know anything about wrestling. They're like no need to turn that into the authorities who who told him that he posted on craigslist or facebook marketplace so he's like hey. I found this on the side road anybody with this is worth in there like that's because that hasn't been out long enough to for them to have replicas of it. Let me tell either when they get those three to four hundred dollar replicas of that belt. He's going to be about five thousand people wearing them at the dying show. Oh yeah that is their audience their audience yeah they're. They're the replicable crowd right. There's no doubt and that's a that's a good looking bell. Pretty Nice is bill. I'm just GONNA say it. Finders keepers possession is not intense little low I sure wouldn't I mean I I would show it to you. I would display. How awesome would that would a bid. They'll drop kicks. You note even say nothing about it but just behind this L. Michelle the Awa World Championship. That would have been cool. We are not going to be buying the replica so but the takeaway really from from me and I didn't see the match but I'm guessing the Lucci brothers and the young bucks Dang near killed themselves a ladder matt. Yes and Chris Jericho got over because was he said listen a little bit of the bubbly look at these cheap olives because he's actually a bright eyed so crazy and he's not crazy. It's been what wrestling this very day one about about personalities and that's and and now oh you said on behind the scenes earlier. You got all these guys. They're all cookie cutter. Yeah no personality. I do think the same L. Dress say they all the same. They all brother brother brother to me like that's one thing I do like about out. The the W youtube videos they are trying to introduce you to the personalities of the one this week was saying Avera era and here's a guy. Why is he wearing a pain to head. I like it. That's different is he a biggest guy but he and he's like man cody said I was a good worker got potential. I hate that I want it now. I'm like I like this kid. I didn't like him before the mugs word of paying hey into head. I I know who you're talking about. Don't know about depend a yeah. He wore to the ring. That was his like ring year. Instead of like wearing like the the lionhead like somebody would wear it was like a panda. It wasn't a Peter. It wasn't a real pain Peter Peter. I'm getting some pepperoni pizza today. They lost. I'm not well now. Come on now can't I can't. It's not I can't say okay. We'll talk about thank you but it just goes to show not only the personality of Chris Jericho but that he is he is a performer yeah he and he adapts and he changes and if you go back over his whole career he has always reinventing himself more so I would say then probably any other wrestlers be right. He's like like flea. Flavors pretty much been flyer. Hogan's always kind of been Hogan right even when he turned Steve Austin Steve Austin but you're right Jericho. It's always a little something different man he tweaked. He keeps reinventing himself. That's pretty pretty cool man. Did you see the video of him in the hot tub when he announced that the belt was missing. He's in this hot tub. Who wearing the scarf of course you he. He has a champagne pours. It in the glass sets sets. The glass down drinks bottle. It's just these little yeah that most guys would be like because stupid well what we're scarf and hot too does Golo character and it was just kind of like all these little little things that the guy did and he's like whether a couple had to be a couple of things if if the guy I really found this bill on the side of a highway that sounds like they give him the no questions asked the deal and he was like I better take advantage of that yeah but the story was may cause. Some people say man Chris Jericho needs to to get help he got drunk and he lost this belt and data but no matter what happened is bad. He lost is is bad and he turned it into some sort of angle and he made it about him. It's not like he fell over in a ditch with with the backseat of allegedly at Longhorns that the whole story like for me like I was reading it all the details that went he's not eating it ruins and I'll let you know cody tweets out. I prefer outside Applebee's. Have you heard the thing now. MJ F made some on being the he was making fun of people ate at Applebee's. They were poor. Holy Crap Yeah in arm. Oh sure up in arms. I saw a thing the other day that some some dipstick tweet it out it was like these guys like him and I think he was Kinda. Specifically talk about him. they say these mean things and they don't understand it's not real he it makes me actually not like them and I was like you morons like that is it is real hilly definition of really. Did you hear about where the kid in the wheelchair. What the hey look what I can do no he didn't that's great. Oh Oh oh so we talked about a twitter account on behind the scenes. Why did you become a patron for dollar. A month. That add episode today is worth twelve dollars which would be a year worth of subscription. We're talking about this creepy twitter account and that same person said I said I was watching TV the fast forward through an applebees commercial. I BET MGM AF would be proud and I was like what is wrong. What is wrong with people. Oh I might go eat it up these today just to make you mad now. I don't want anything but applebee's and that's why Jay it's great great. He's got me wanting to go. I think I'm sure you know so not to change subjects so there was y claw shortage in the United States. Did you hear about it. I don't even probably clips started back. Oh Gosh but but joe is this all started. If you'd follow wrestling twitter Joey Janetta show had a white claw and and so all the people on twitter like what's the white call and then everybody the all the wrestling twitter people I went to the thing in Tennessee. The white claw was all everybody's talking about. Oh it's gross and honestly like I think wrestling fans calls today white call shortage too because I don't know I honest with you. I don't think Joey knows over enough have to cause a white cloth shortage. I here's what I think I think somehow went viral like the Popeye's chicken now get that people hear about it and start talking about because I think Joey and so I think think George Knell has started it but then person B no Joel Annella but I think it just I think it may have started as wrestling thing but grew beyond that where people were just talking about white. kloss people have been talking about white clothes for a while. Oh I'm not in that. You're not running in the alcoholic grab. trust me. White cloth has been a main for like a year now. I didn't know that because there's it's the most basic it's it's. It's alcohol for stupid kids that WANNA get drunk but can't handle the flavor of real alcohol. Yeah I mean. There's nothing like anybody who's a real season drinker. They ain't drinking white club. I can tell me why white call is for fresh delivers livers. I think is what it is. It is it is for sorority girls and Frat guys to if I'm being honest I mean I've seen Frat Frat guys buying it but they're just buying it to give the sorority girl yeah it is. It's the most basic drink you know. It's the chicken mcnugget of food. are this chicken mcnugget alcohol. It's like the most basic the copyright we copy that that you can hear the chicken mcnugget of wrestling whatever you know and that's all wrestling is now a bunch of chicken mcnuggets but that's what it is is you don't getaway go ahead one. I like where you could put the things together. I was like I gotta travel and because everybody's 'cause I like. I like tonic water as most post season alcoholics. Do I enjoy the taste of club soda tonic water so I was like okay well. I'll try one 'cause I like Seltzer. You know I enjoy the taste of it. Speaking of mixing drinks together we didn't. I didn't talk about this. Sonar these episode. We went to the coke place. Sorry boomer we went to the coke place at Disney Springs and you can buy the tray. We bought the trae where you can try all the different Coke Syrup Sir. Let me tell you they were all heart. Hot Garbage Yeah Yeah. They're not. They were not good. It was cut know how to pay instead of the fifteen dollars beverly having beverly. I don't know I'm I've tried it. Forget it. I've tried to block that out of my some of it was such an unpleasant experience. different flavors right from around the world all created for the pallets of other countries in the stuff that they it was not created for the milliken pal and no I've never done now you can go to the chill zone it epcot and they got little bitty cups and they got all these fountains up and you can just kind of get. Lou Little Cups full taste but I think he'd get more at the world coke but the best thing to do at world a coat that we always try to do is like at some point during the day we wanna chill out and relax. We go upstairs. You went up on the the the the deck right. Yes we always just go up there and get a Mexican coke in the bottle. they still use sugar yeah they don't use corn syrup and they're spectacular when they're for the good just icy cold and we'll sit back and I think we've got some pictures with the polar bear. Maybe how to check that was I mean we got to make the code. Polar bear the only the only one in exists and you know you know where he was from. He was not the polar but the guy who was in charge. The polar bears handler South Carolina gamecocks fan than I had on a clemson hat and so we did is we do. We've both the JAL Jack agreed on our hate for Alabam yeah so Anyway Chris Jericho man he's great so they say you remember ever went to when he said he was the man of a thousand and one year remember that you remember when it would be mad at somebody and then he would he would kind of Paul and then tell them they just made the list member he married when he started that band end when he came out over all that time when the rock was talkin and they've made a big deal in building him up like somebody was coming to w. w. from WCW remember when he had Ralph he's been around long he really has he's been around a long time and he's at a I mean he's been on top for a long yeah. He was like you think about he was the first I unified champion and didn't win that match against Very Horowitz and Dean Malingco Big Stone Cold Steve Austin the Rock in the same night and honestly I haven't done that. That's right He. It was the first because that was in an era when everybody will all the old guys were going to. WCW and they were getting the the big checks text to not do a whole lot of work and he was like one if not the was one of these the most notable that I can remember guy from who was kinda underneath me foul of those old guys it wouldn't get out of the way who made the jump to wwe to to become a star he writes that he was like the first one on and that era to make that Joan and and kind of spearhead guys saying all right. I want to go up there. That's where the the understand you could probably make a little more money down here and do a little bit less but I would rather go up there and be a star yeah yeah he he's done well. He's done all right from bestselling author and I read. I read one of his books really. I can't remember which one but everyone of yeah he's multi-talented multifaceted. I do think the talk of VM being the goat. I don't think that's true. that's him the right. That's the thing about wrestling fans man a and he says it and then they take it and run with it and start believing yeah. Let me let me ask ask you this. If we're if and I'm I'm not talking about back to says and funks and brisk but if we're just talking about modern era air eighties to to now we're we're starting off really starting off a new era. What could you what could be at the upper levels of wrestling a boom. I do not think I do not think it's going to trickle down to the lower independence. It's going to be a boom. There are going to be a few companies that get bigger would not be surprised to see ring of honor an impact of course now impact owns access TV which is crazy so but my question is Chris. Jericho's Awa world champion champion is would it be possible for him to have a run in the next two or three years in a way that elevates that company and gets them to level that we may not even think they can get to does that put him on the Modern Day Mount Rushmore with guys like takers and yeah I mean I think he's got a you know I think he would have a claim if he if that company takes off and becomes as popular in a real man I think he's got a legitimate claim to at least be in that conversation. I don't know that ever will be. I thanks for the kind of go back to what happened Monday night and Tuesday night if anybody anybody wants to to really have a real wrestling boom they've got to stop bringing back. Steve Austin too stunned the stars of today yeah and they've got to stop bringing bringing back to choke slam into stolen the stars of today yeah they have to stop doing that and I love both of those yeah but I mean lean imagine if you know there's this picture man. What if every you know every other year? Bruno San Martino come back the WWF in the eighties and put randy savage in a bear hood Rhino R. R. Come. Out and talk to anybody and you know what I'm saying what if every what if every year and a half Harley race came back and beat up all the four horsemen right right so I just think if they WANNA if they really wanna get a a and get some guys of today over you have to stop bringing back people and reminded him of how much better excellent used to be how much bigger and larger than life the stars I used to be and her that ratings for that raw were not very good the effort to same thing I mean it's because yeah you know. I don't want to spend a lot. We don't spend a lot of time talking about it because I don't know I don't watch it. I want if I watch the wash the Steve off and stuff I mean I watched it on Youtube and the way you could with when it comes to wrestling you can just go on facebook and see everything everything. You need to see without sitting there for three hours. If IF Steve Austin had come out and the glass shattered Blah Blah Blah Blah and then the you know the fame comes out and destroy Steve Austin yeah we we database and Bray Wyatt made that character made for a decade predicatively because nobody does it. Maybe they're GONNA do that. I don't know maybe you and I may be wrong. I think Steve Austin feels like he owes them one for that brock listener thing he can tell when he talks about it all the time yeah that he regrets yeah not that he regrets. I don't think he regrets not not putting him over. I think like Nice regrets like wall and stuff. He you know he beats himself up about it. I think and I really it's almost like sometimes you feel like. He thinks he owes them. One and I wish he would pay it. I think he's waiting to pay it off with the right guy yeah. You know I think yeah. I'm I'm. I'm very excited for you. Get back jerk for a w to do and that's that's you got inex- t the next. We're according to some towards next week. INEX- T goes the USA or Wednesday night. We're just a couple of weeks from this eighty he w debut on TNT and then the same week. I guess I guess. Aws debuts October second and then smackdown moves the Fox. I mean this. This Fox. Deal was announced over a year ago. We're here to add it like that's pretty exciting to see and then you wonder how things are we're. GonNa use wonder how things are going to change but this boom period is gonna be. There's GONNA be two companies. You're calling it a boom period and boomed right right right. What what you know for a while right right? You and you won't know till Yeah Ed this. You won't know for a year. I'm not quite ready to go declared a boom period yet. I'm I'm sorry I'm sorry. Use Your opinion. You have your opinion. I'm just it's. It's not really my opinion on repeating what other people I mean. Several people toby. Hey we're getting ready to go into a boom period and I don't don't believe that I believe it might be it might be a boom period for Tony Kahn Vincent Man Right. Here's my issue my concern with a e W is that they are going to cater to the ironic crowd and that is not that will make it a fad in that will not lie. Yes I would hate to see Awa wrestling be the pet rock rock. You know what I mean are the fidget spinner. I think we talked we may have already taught us but where it gets hot for a few months but there's you know but then the novelty of the Orange Cassidy's of the world where all they have. There's going to be when you realize that's all. That's a one dimensional. Here's the here's this is going to be the harsh reality for a debut to our wrestling. Show you get seven seven or eight segments. They've already signed probably twice as many people as I thought they would. I thought they were going to sign about thirty thirty people men and women. I thought they were GONNA. Keep it pretty tight roster. They've already expanded baby double that some some of those people are GonNa find out really quick. There's space for all y'all own a two hour our TV show every week and I think that is going to be I think for some of these young guys is going to be a wakeup lake up. Call of Oh wow here I came here to have creative freedom and here's another thing too they've been letting y'all have creative freedom freedom on these pay per views and you eight to ten minute match has been going on fifteen to twenty minutes when you get to TV. You cannot not do that in the Jericho's of the world are going to be pissed off when they get to the end of the show. That's gone over and now Jericho didn't have time to do his staff. Steph because he is the man you think of all the matches it all out. Do you know the Max that got cut for time also Omega and Park right one of the voted the the mayor I remember I was we ran. A seminar was Cedric Alexander and this before said it went this is when he was kind of in that waiting eating period between ring of honor and Debbie and he he and guys who he had guys pair off in. They're gonNA work. She said you got I think he said four five minutes yet four or five minutes and there was one match and was featuring local guy. He's Ace Armstrong Acer. Ace Armstrong was put in this throw together match with a guy that physically couldn't do any of the drills they'd been doing because he had a bad knee. He was a big guy he and as had the best match of any. I've that's not my words at century. ZANDER's works so you said that was the best match an when y'all came in under time etcetera said guys somebody all went one minute two minutes over you do that on TV you ain't on TV next week and that stuck with nick me and I think but I think are the young bucks and cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega going to be able to be jerks like that saying if you can't stay on time we'll get somebody in here. That will because time is valuable. You know what I'm saying. TV's a different beast and none of these people people have been on TV. No and you can tell a lot of them. Do the things in front of you know seventy five people right. This does not translate to bigger rain right now. I mean little things and you know Harley race if you ever watch his matches we've talked about it before like you can see. Harley was a guy that could work for the guy up in the cheap seats. Yeah I mean you could tell by doing so. The guy in the cheap seats knew what was going on and a lot of those guys. The subtleties are not there. You're win win. Jim Ross says things like people need to slow down what he means is and I heard this as seminar it takes three seconds for something to register with the crowd so few super kick a GA it takes three seconds for red shoot me Omar. He just got super peaked and by the time on that Super Keith is register with me. The Guy has no sold it and done a Canadian story back to the other guy it is too much for the human brain to comprehend comprehend. It is and then gala Chris Jericho walks in and says how about a little bit of the problem and it gets over bigger than any any moved ooh that anybody did on that show and now it's a t shirt and matter. They may made money off of made made money off of it. That's the name of the Yada make money without putting someone else's name and likeness on a t-shirt don't do that don't they don't do that. Don't do it Jim corn. If you want to hear more about that again. Go behind the scenes for dollar month. It Patriot dot com slash double drop kick. Hey we want to hear here. We want to hear your thoughts. It's good to get back to some wrestling talk again the next probably the next time we record detailed failed out of town the next time we're supposed to or because. I'm out of town the time I'm the time after that so by listen. We'll be in another boom period of radically by the time we get together. You'll be got a conference in Tennessee. That won't be at where are you going to be. Oh you don't be. I know where you're going to be. Maybe no you'll be better where you're going to be. I've got a guide you can borrow to that. Although you don't need a guy who could write the I go to your guides but Hampshire say. This is a smuggler's run in your future. Yes okay probably so so it was a lot of things a lot of things in my future my future so bright. I gotta wear shades me too and I got a pair out there. That cost more. I I WANNA put them own. These shoes goes more your house. Put those sunglasses. Aung so much shoes in my hat. I WanNa go get some pizza your car and my car. You're GONNA need for you to pay. That is what we do folks if you if this your first time listened to the double drop kick show this is it it is it is not to wrestling expert it is two guys who've been finding their way here in the podcast world old for five years but most of all recapturing that style and panache and that chemistry that made them the tears at Riverside school junior high and pendleton high school yeah so anyway we're on twitter whooping open tail and taken initials because I got town to rotten down names yeah sure and if I wrote down the names you would be able to read it it. Ain't that the truth hey. We're on twitter you. Maybe your own twitter. Maybe you're not some of the kids I'm at Heath Malkin EH. DB Keisha and we're entertaining and you should follow us shown there or not or not doesn't dist- became a patron ought to I've been thinking about turning my twitter into the everyday conversations that I have with the millennials at work. Yes usually create a new account for that. It's funny stuff. I'll say the other day. One of them come up something was going on and he goes. Are you and your feelings and I said I ain't gonNA use the the exact words that I ain't never been in my by failures. We settled pretty angry right now and I said is that would be in your feelings means and he he goes yeah. I said that I probably feeling with you asking me these stupid quick. What does that even mean. Are you in. You're feeling yeah. I don't have any feelings things are in me. I don't know kit. They say so much stupid stuff and they don't get any of my jokes. I Made I call call one of I had. I was working with the kid the other day and said man. It's like seeing you over. Here's ears like cutting off the three stooges and finding out it's an episode was shipping picking. We pick at each other and he looked at me. The blank stare how it had just trust me is disappointed so Komo with a joke I tweeted. This out is one. It was such a funny moment. We walk into Walmart and I'm going. I think I'm I'm going to get Alka Seltzer. 'cause I really WanNa sleep good tonight and this will help me sleep and they have the citrus flavor and alka-seltzer hills you sleep. I think it does does that have to have a virgin liver lily. Oh Oh He's got my it's been drinking go right to bed sometimes but we're walking through the pharmacy and the medicine in my daughter cares remain. She says just out of the blue no prompting 'cause I'm. I was like man. What would this be on and she's like no? I was so disappointed with PEPCO Bismuth. I thought it tastes like bubblegum. Steady tasted like Bud and Allah wow all allstate. I mean you know how I laughed and I laughed and they heard me in automotive department and I just thought that was funny and I applaud Cloudera slap on the back I did I did and I'm like did you and she wouldn't make an a jump ball filter. We've all had that pep abysmal experience because it does yes it is not thought that's just a that's a free public service announcement. Hebdo Biz Mall not not delicious. Hey thanks released into this episode of the double drop. Kick show all our episode spotify. I tunes is in everywhere else as always I'm. He's Malachy mark with yellow yet. I've ever gone this elaine with championship championship wrestling with a big week joyless right now.

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