Kyle Richards, Jena Frumes & the #DeborahCoxChallenge?


They WANNA know. Pain. They. Welcome to the weekly podcast wheeler and everything you need about the celebrities. You don't I'm Bobby Finger. I'm Lindsey Weber and we're two days late for international podcast day. We should shut up podcast we like did you know that National Coffee Day international POPs back to back day back to back. Yeah. So we get to celebrate Duncan and we celebrate our favorite podcasts for me. Let me I'm just long list Yummy to and I have to say one that I've been doing lately are the read I have enjoyed podcast lately from the New York Times loving it's been a minute with Sam Sanders who gave us a nice shout loving Las Culturas does per use obviously that Gemma. Collins podcast scroll down. Dan Pellegrino like it's like I shift around, I like to listen to lots of different stuff. But those are the ones that I would say I'm listening to the mall's right. Now, a lot of overlap although I have reluctantly gotten into pods save America like a problem I know. I'm sorry you're out here. pod Saving America told me this yet no I know I told Josh. I laughed at something John Love it said and he was like, yeah, I heard you and it was an ad who? Are In no no. Yeah. I've got I've got it's been a minute I. Know We got call your girlfriend down there which has been good. Obviously podcast obviously the read obvious Oh home cooking. That's one that you that you didn't say the SA- mean podcast, which has been really good. Oh Yeah. I recommend that to you. It's been great and I thought it was only going to last for like a little bit and then like now it's just like a full-on regular podcasts. Yeah it's not weekly. But it's great and it's on, it's filled the void ever since you know bon petite fucked up every possible way. Right and you know it was also good that you must remember this season that just came out from our friend Corinna. That was a greatest great season I kind of like it and binged at all. What else have I been of Oh Joshua's podcast experienced share. Little Goldman. And then I've got weird creepy shit like unresolved. Scary podcast to go to sleep do scary that's scary. Unexplained. That's too scary. I know but it helps you fall asleep it helps you fall. No, it doesn't just gets me scared and then I'm scared at something about the atmosphere in the talking. I'm not really scared. It's just like it's good atmosphere for Falling Asleep uh-huh. uh-huh. Anyway. That's we just wanted to recognize that because it's international, it's our day but because this is not a podcast recommendation podcast is who liberty podcast. You're listening to WHO's there are weekly call in show where we take your questions comments concerns at six, one nine, who them will start with some comments. Some comments highlands e by the the reason that that Bush kid was celebrating celebrating poor vision day is 'cause that is like an officially celebrated saying within the Anheuser Busch. Corporation it used to be a vendor for them and I had a meeting at their. New York, ones like right around that time and somebody like wish me happy prohibition, day and I was like. What? Does. So who we? Holiday of all time they're really trying to make such a thing with that It's super fucking who and it makes no sense and they it's so dumb. Yeah Credit Crunch me inside. We'll try to make like Prohibition Day like drinking holiday is really something like it's not that far of a stretch, but it's but it's you know we have fourth of July. We have other things you know like it's a stretch it's very much like we get it but chill you know like, yeah, we get it in iser Bush but please lay low it's December fifth by the way what are your plans I was gonna say gotTa make plans I can't think a worse time of year to celebrate drinking. Then December fifth like Christmas is coming up you know like that's weird right now for people who do drink socially That is the time of year when I guess you're doing the most social drinking, which almost makes it an interesting. Oh, the holidays the hot, but it's not quite the holidays yet. You've had your Thanksgiving such friendsgiving and then you're sort of having all of your holiday parties for your friends and at work and Blah Blah Blah Blah. But next call, we got a few calls about bud evil. Astro. We had a lot of calls a lot of calls like three calls about Nicholas Cage and moonstruck because he's a one-handed. Baker. which is true is true. I found this called more interesting though. very long time occasional line. I had to Pasta podcast and I needed to talk to you about this buddy. Vlasto born ball thing because you mentioned Goldman in the same context and I, think they have like a conscious together which much less anyway tough after as it takes a look like a saying. He got in a motorcycle. And lost like nine ten of his house. So there is they these two are just like there's some sort of. Terrible Evil Tether Times together. Maybe I don't know I just thought it was funny that were these two like kate size or any respective freak accidents about their random leader hobbies Okay. Yet. Again, another arranged call for me probably won't even play this, but I just had to the podcast in call you and tell you that desktop. His. and you can look at okay thanks guys informed ball for by from two thousand fourteen we have on us weekly ace of cakes. Star Duff. Goldman. I love riding motorcycles even after losing toes in crash and then it starts making in bikes. The Ace of cakes duff. Goldman spoke to US weekly on Wednesday October twenty second about his adoration for motorcycles. Even after enduring serious accident that resulted in the loss of several toes quote I love motorcycles Goldman thirty nine told us at the Hollywood premiere of on any Sunday. The next chapter quote they're part of my soul even though I got into a wreck awhile going lost some toes I had to promise my parents and everybody I'd stop writing but I can't. I mean so so were saying the ace of cakes guys, his toes and the cake boss he didn't lose his hand he just his hand. We don't know whether to be de on what ebd on the handy our and I would say it's much more traumatic for a cake man to lose hand because you got to you make stuff and it's you know like. Got Mixed up. You gotTa make stuff. What's so funny to me about all of this and it is funny because they are okay. They are okay and duff does sort of make little wisecracks about it but being in a kitchen and I know baking is sort of a more leisurely, less intense sort of kitchen experience than just you know working at a restaurant but every shaft like if you know a chef. Covered in scars like Oh, and then this happened to me here in this year because you have to be fast you're using knives at the time it just funny to me that like if I met a chef and they said, I, fucked up my hand I'd say like Oh did it happen in the restaurant? No, it happened in the bowling alley. Well, that's right. Happened in my home bowling alley and be. Like home bowling alley that's a choice you know like that would be my that would be my first thought honestly like having nothing to do with hands being crush or just be like you have a home bowling alley like what kind of richer you you know cakes must be selling? Well, who has a home bowling? Those cakes are so expensive God just GonNa shut it down I kept thinking like just like This now, no, one can go and use the home bowling alley just becomes like this. Just we don't don't go there. They'll turn it into something else I. Mean Look at Duff Duff is like my family to stop writing motorcycles, but I, can't but he's not going to give up his bowling alley. So you think he's going to be like my family wanted to stop using my home bowling alley but I can't. have. You watched. Bake off yet. I. Know I was. Last night I watched it before you did I. Love. It was even better than I do see the bust of Tom Delong I mean just. When when that guy said literally Tom Delong to the. To the judges top Paul Hollywood and that you could tell they didn't know Tom Delong was they'd never heard of him in their entire life blink wanted to was barely something that they knew and they were just like Sherman. Sure Man Sherman imagine telling prue about blinkered Ivy to now you're familiar with the all the small things video Peru to catch you up and it's not a spoiler. But was there was a challenge where the bakers on the bake off had to make cakes were the busts of people and people chose their heroes, recognizable people, people who know who they are, who else David Bowie when Antoinette Figurative Mercury figures that would be in a wax museum that have had. Likened their likenesses created before, and then we have this idiot who chooses Tom Delong from blink way too, and then didn't zone else choose Lipton Yongle and the end like really did not do her any favours she to to neon go and then was like Oh God this is bad and then change the plaque on the front of the Kate to say guess who and they were like, did you say did you put us on the plan because it doesn't look like the pizza and she's like The fact that you've put guess who on this makes me think the looks like that's right. I mean. I as somebody not in the competition would be like I'm choosing Elvis like choose somebody who has like a recognizable thing you could make out of formed. I mean, all you have is just like different pieces of fondants. Okay. Sorry. That show is so good. Fonda pisses me off but I love it I love when it's used well, look if I'm eating a cake I'm like annoyed when the fondants there but I like watching people get creative with font but I'm also like when I look at cakes that are very fond heavy I'm like your hands where like all over this thing like it. This is like been touched so much touch everything they touch. The fond you're like touching, it's like Plato. Bobby sisters in, law is. Already TV show some. Sorry about that. I'm from Houston and apparently it was a show about high powered attorney and Houston. Anyway. One of the leading characters or Lawyers on the show was also a contestant on survivor. And I believe was the first person voted off season. So a Houston who maybe? But. You know got survivor on your resume. And Sisters. Think she's also city council was the woman. Crunch crunch. Anyway Anyway we TV sisters-in-law, it's four or five black women in Houston. Who are all lawyers? So I tried to find full. The full episodes are not on. We just have this like extended trailer Houston Texas is fourth largest city in the country. When you look at the lawyers in this country, sixty, six percent are men eighty two percent are white. And we're the rest we are in a male dominated white veal. As black women lawyers, we came together to form this group we call ourselves sisters-in-law. So it premiered a few years ago and never got a second season. It's just one season on we TV. I do like in the comments of the trailer. My favorite comment is can't wait to see my cousin Rhonda. Rhonda is in the show can't wait to see my cousin Rhonda I also love something that we would also steal for our show, which is the cyst in the sisters-in-law logo. The T has the scales of justice hanging from the t low fat. I mean love that well, let someone used that name because it needed to be used somewhere. There was also a book we got a tweet from someone taking a photo of a book on their shelf that's called sisters-in-law McLean original we just claim to be dumb. And the idea is that they're sisters but also sisters-in-law we got another call that was saying that. You don't get what you mean by that. I still don't because you seem to don't underst-. You'd seem to not know that there's a difference between sisters in line actual sisters and I'm still trying to figure out whether they're sisters sister-in-law's no they're not blood sisters they're only sisters-in-law. Okay. So they're sisters in law and they're sisters in law. Yes. Got It but they're not sisters. Well the thing is no what no got a call saying what you see in my thought process, they marry brothers and their sisters in London Apple Sisters Right. We got a call that was like bobby. You can go one degree further and make them actual blood sisters who also marry blood brothers and they become Bo sisters, ancestors and Long sisters-in-law. But that doesn't happen any that doesn't happen. Sisters don't marry brothers as in some we TV reality show may one thing on TV that happens. The whole reason ABC is successful is because it's senate around shows about people who don't happen. Grey's anatomy I WANNA show to be have a little bit of realism and I just think they should be sisters in law because it's also like sisters in law like they don't always get along you know shoes your sister in law, and so then they're become, they inherit some law firm or some something happens and they get to be sisters in law and the healing can happen the healing begins and so can the justice? Next call. I who weekly I'm a few weeks behind and listening to your episodes but you just mentioned victor, Garber and Jen walking with Bradley Cooper. That's gone anywhere because I only get my pop culture news new guys. So maybe crossover in the present now, two months that put a blown up anyway back to Victor Garber, you you gotTa and it made me say Oh that's Victor Garber. Once he was ordering egg salad at the Deli Counter Mrs Green Grocery Store for hot minute and The West village which has you know close down pre-coded Yeah. So Victor Garber also loved Egg Salad. schedule. Victor Garber. Loves Egg Salad. That's all I need to know about that. What can I say about this call other than great? High who weekly longtime medium time I've never stopped the podcast in the middle of an episode to call in. But I have to do it this time because I can't believe you disgusting name without mentioning his most iconic moment when he gave his Golden Globe Award to Jack Lemmon he like called us he won and he called a Jack Lemmon who would like very old and she said he wanted to give it to him and he was like tying Jack. Lemmon was like what's happening and everyone laughed and I remember this being like. Very heartwarming and also exciting genetic but also I was eleven. So maybe this is not. Like because I remember. But anyway, I can't believe you guys out. obviously Jack Lemmon is van. So I don't have any question to add a question to ask about that but crunch crunch same side. Stanislavsky said Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art. And I love the ought in all of you here and. As Mr Jack. Lemmon here. Does here. Would you please come up here Sir Feel that being an artist is about giving an I'd like to give this to you. Mr Jacqueline. Being one for Don. King miniseries. And he gave his award to Jack Lemmon who was nominated for ten twelve angry men. How many men were there dwelt? There were twelve twelve angry men. So he gave it to he gave it to Jacqueline. Honestly. That's kind of makes me a little weepy even just watching it briefly. So I can't even imagine how it made. You feel watching it live at eleven years ago. No. That's really really, very sweet. Very sweet. One more thing to know about being rams. One more just one more thing high who weekly had the Pie because I realized you missed one famous who from the real world and that is Kurama Brown from Queer is so he might actually be the most successful real were long would say a ten maybe tied with Mike, the Miz, and then Jamie try and then that congressman. Anyway, means I guess I forgot I still think Jamie Chung more famous than Kerama. Oh, I'm just sort of td on how famous Chroma will remain and Jamie Child has shown her staying power and I don't know that I. Am Convinced Karama has the staying power of Jamie Chung okay. He is very famous. He's very famous stats at total misread. First of all, it doesn't I don't know how famous hill stay, but he's very famous right now. Is a big who, and even if Cromwell Brown is like kind of a WHO More famous than her for sure for sure. As long as queer eye is on the air, he is more famous and I forgot that he was on real World Philadelphia because I think knowledge only I, not watch that season I like he's like almost so famous that I have now removed him from that category completely in my mind you know he was the first out black man on reality television. That's amazing. That's crazy and I'm trying to think of I. Know I definitely didn't watch this season I definitely now actually, I, stopped probably two years before I stopped. Like the Las Vegas season, which was what ninety or back to New York. There was maybe two thousand and two. There was a season was like I'm done with this. This show is stupid. Now, this show us to be smart and good an interesting, and now it's just tra- shell getting wasted on the top of the Paul that was like my favorite season was. Stats when I was like, Oh, I'm digging. In Sweetie. Honestly why like watch Love Island every single episode of Love Island, this season in almost every season. But yes, that was like finally real world has caught up with might taste. Rash. We did forget him and yeah I personally think he's more famous than Jamie Chung who let someone tweeted as a Barrett was she was on the real world. I guess she's definitely not more famous than Kerama. Oh, maybe same famous Jamie Chung though say famous famous fair. Saint Bassus Fair. All right I who weekly. Time I might have a chance of being the first person to call in and let you know the. Thomas Tension is still alive, but I have a feeling I'm not going to be the last I. Love You guys crunch crunch that you so much Thomas Pension for calling into the podcast. We're so glad you listen and. Next call. Hi, Lizzie Bobby I just finished the sitting Tuesday's episode and First off. I called before about Megan's like Irwin she is I. Know You mentioned she's now cozying up to Demi Levato ex but. Technically she's also a relationship with my friend. Who is twenty two and is I mean, I, love him but he's really the low but is dating. Meghan. But apparently, her name is not making her name is Megan. And she got really offended if you call her Meghan because you're supposed to pronounce it Megan. And I. Thought you guys were saying that was Really funny. the yeah. Living the laptop. To buy its Megan. Sorry. We've been calling your Meghan when it's Megan the whole time. Honestly it makes it better because now, I can tell the difference between Meghan. Blaker and then Meghan the other one Megan Blake Irwin and Megan. Barth Martin Sanson Yeah. Martin. Hansen Megan Blaker. When how are we going? Is there some sort of MNEMONIC device? We can use I mean I guess there's really no way of doing that other great up memorization but sure. Sorry Megan sorry. Megan Oh. My God. That even sounds like me saying, sorry, Megan sound sarcastic just. It sounds like sorry Megan one day Megan, assign this like actually it's Megan the stallion. Like we had no idea. Was it. It's Kinda. Like Riyan arena it's like it's like Megan Megan? Usually you're like if we're playing clip of someone most people in saying Riyan and we know it's Ana. Right, it's me. It's Megan. So if even maxine to exist liar, they called avatars like shouldn't be a petar. Also, it definitely should be Nicer Usta just like Megan Blake Irwin is pronounced Megan. The Max fans are pronounced avatars. I don't know why does it make sense? That's what Abe decided. That's what they're called. They're called avatars this person saying they should be maxine stas alone. This person does not exist in a bubble listen to the skull that came later. Hey Lindsay Bobby on. Medium time medium time. I was just listening to the pod and I am so disappointed. That, you have revealed the name. avatars. As even Max. Stands. my. Tonight. Also claim to be even ack fans and we were so proud to call ourselves next. Easter was. So just kind of bonded this news but. And broad that I know the truth. Crunch. Crunch. Be Supportive amax stands can know themselves maxine East just saying calling yourself a maximum sta is like revealing your millennial self because only people who know of Tj Maxx are like out here remember. Like we all remember the ads we called ourselves Max. sinise does because we got low-cost prices for high quality items at our favorite TJ maxx with two X is with two exercises I. do think though that she should use maxine Easter because while TJ Max is kind of irrelevant avatars coming back. So she's going to have to fight with James Cameron's Avatar one and two, and God knows three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, whatever for that title. Especially, if he's calling it avatars, not avatars he starts. A tars. My mom was such a maxine. Easter TJ NOT EVA oh. Yes. Same same same. My mom loved telling someone that's that her whatever was from TJ Maxx TJ not Eva Tj not eva I love your top I t. j. Max. My Mom's favorite response to anything teaching Cj Max, oh, marshals also Ross dress Ross dress for less. Did you have Ross Ross? We didn't have as. Much. As you did, you have more of a Ross dress for less situation down there. The tagline was you could pay more but why? So if my mom happened to be wearing a piece of clothing from raw, she'd go oh restaurants or less you could pay more but wife, she'd say the whole thing literally repeated catchphrase she would go or Australia let's could more but y Always. Lunatic family. You could pay more but Y, you could remember what but with our Twang. Okay Frustrates him boy. I question first question. There are lots of ways you can reach out friends, family neighbors, people you meet on twitter or whatever, and port them whether that's sending them food like a piece of cake on their birthday or just like a gift when you're thinking of them or just literally sending somebody some cash when they need it, we're all finding new ways to connect and support one another, and we're doing more to support and advocate for underrepresented communities. So what we need more than ever is an easy way to support each other from afar with paypal, APP sending and. Receiving money is faster or easier connected with people you love quickly and securely send money to friends or family just about anywhere in the world start money pulled US put the bill going on a gift or fundraise for a good cause support the places or causes you care about the most make tough free Qr code payments at your local restaurants or farmers market donate to a local nonprofit or support a cause from across the country. Pay Pal is making it easy to pay safely quickly and easily download the pay pal APP today terms and conditions apply. Lindsey longtime long time I. Just spent my forty five minutes. This morning in bed watching the Deborah, Cox nobody's supposed to be challenged So you guys watching that if not a fun real hash I think follow my favorite. Who have done it It would be very interesting great, and also feel who was a singer and now I believe she's like youtuber blogger she's a great anyway I checked days page 'cause it's just seems like a challenge that she was born poor but unfortunately It's not that I'm frankly I'm a little disappointed in her didn't know where else. Okay crunchy crunch inside. The Deborah Cox, Challenge I it sort of bubbling but I didn't know the extent to which it was sort of like happening in that. Deborah. Cox. Herself has given it her seal of approval before you do did the car describe what it was describe what it was. Oh No. So it's The Deborah Cox Challenge is you have to sing the bridge of the iconic Deborah Cox Song from one, thousand, nine, hundred, which is. Ably. The most difficult bridge ever Sung. I can't think of a more difficult bridge not it's a really good bridge, but it's like it's half runs exactly yes. Right. There's a k. change and then there's a scream note at the end it's beautiful. It's fantastic but it's like it's it's singular like it's not a it's not for beginners. I wish I could search my videos better because I know that we have done Karaoke when our friends have tried to do. Nobody's supposed to be here because there's just a category of character songs where when you see it show up on the Q. You're like Oh boy and this is one of them now because it's not good but because it's like you have to be a good singer to sing and this one of them I. Actually you made a little list of other ones that I disagree with. One of these on here, very much I. Disagree that Kate Bush, weathering heights is a bad character song I. Think it's a great character because there's a difference in what she doesn't that and mimicking it. Then what Celine Dion does and because you love me because you're not trying to sing and hit high notes, you're just doing like a funny falsetto which like, yes, you're not hitting those Kate Bush notes but you're really not trying I would say like, yes, like songs that are like two good like almost the. Singers are too good. You shouldn't are usually bad in Karaoke honestly even when and not to be this person but even when the singer is good, they're still bad because I don't want to hear some random good singer sing a song slightly less good than the main song like a you either at that to me is not interesting your name mean yes. So on the Deborah Cox Challenge, which is doing on instagram and singing the bridge, and if you are a good singer, that's great but in the context. Of Kariuki we don't need you to be as good as Deborah. Cox. Like we don't want you to be as good as stepper calm and I also don't really want you to be good at all like I just want you to be good at Karaoke which kind of implies that you're not good at singing. If you were good at singing I'd come to your show or whatever. If you had a show or whatever you know I didn't come to see an open mic night I came to sink see Karaoke. Hot Take. This song. Deborah Cox is our biggest that there's no way she's speaker than their number one head or this is it. It's only her biggest hit but the remix of this song is a bigger hit than the original. If I recall correctly, you know like the the Remix they did that turn it to like dance real dance song is huge. She's one of those artists from like the nineties wide the Koran on the brain but it's the sort of person who like Ken tour for the rest of their lives based solely on this one song and they will continue releasing new music and they will say I'm GonNa play some songs to my new album and you're like, okay whatever. But then they play nobody's supposed to be here and you're like Oh my God. This is the most thrilling moment of my life that's Deborah Cox, and she's thrilled the people who are doing the Deborah Cox Challenge. What did we talk about when we're talking about like dance like Dan Stephen Singer Robin s Robin S.'s like in the Deborah Cox World where they still do tour on their heads even come together and sing stuff together like they kind of have like dance divas tours. Yeah. Sorry go. We had Melanie Fiona total who takes me back to my vh one day she she was a you Oughta know artist Queen has done. WanNa play clip here also a WHO burgeoning them perhaps, but I still call her let's singer play clip. and. Then of course who but Kiki Palmer has also participated in the Deborah Cox Channel. and. Can you do it? I was like she'll be try it kind of a joke but now thinking about it and it's like it's not even funny joke to try it. It's like ninety Joe because just terrible me doing this because if you hear Palmer do it you're like, Oh fuck. If you'RE DEBORAH COX it, you're like buck there was a recap on kiss ninety, five, one dot com and it's just like written by journalist writing about these other contemporary artists we Niger and Melanie Fiona doing the Deborah. Cox, Challenge. And the way that they quoted it is so funny it says. Quote but I turn around and you're standing here standing here. Oh No, no nobody no no nobody nobody night. That's the branch. Home, also, the bridge lasts four ever what I wanNA hear I wanna hear Melanie Fiona do it I really like Melanie Fiona hold on That's so good with her little kid in the background singing along with her with vol. He's brushing his teeth. We love it. That is so amazing I love a bridge but also I love challenging bridge you're not heading this bridge. This bridge is impossible for challenging bridge. Do you remember the Melanie Fiona Song we left in two thousand twelve. Can you name it? No but like I it what was it that album the life which was M., F. Life. One of my favorite albums of that year was the song, the Melanie Fiona Song that we were obsessed with. It. Even just looking at this outmuscle triggering, I'm lying God. Love GotTa uselessness, own all the time. That whole album was right up. Ara. debock Deborah Cox is Democrats who are them. It is an iconic song. She is Canadian I don't know I. Don't know. I know you said. That makes her I'm just adding I'm just adding onto the thing and she has had so many number one dance hits on the dance charts right like nobody's supposed to be here. Yes. Was Number one on the US pop charts that like crossed over but on the dance charts let's like So many of them. You know she even had a song Whitney Houston called same script different cast, which I literally have never even heard Oh. It's on her greatest hits album. Yeah and it incorporates a backing track of for Elise how by never heard me. Play Play it. I feel like an idiot on. Okay, I can't even get further than the interim which they talk to each other over for release. That's enough for me. It's my favorite Song I. Love It. Thank you so much for that Deborah Cox is. The ever challenged however is a WHO and all of you try it. Don't try it. That's the thing like her son. This is. Truly I love this challenge but is the worst challenge because you can't really try not only like ten people can try it. Normal people can't dry. I. Don't WanNa hear you dry it. Hi Yes I just saw something about. Kyle Richards. Like Rotted for a rainy or something that burglar stole. On a photo shirt Diane Keaton. And like. I don't like years ago for Diane shared it, and then Richard was like. And like there's this whole thing and like. I can if I didn't like. Yeah I just think really be interested to know about. HOW OUR White wine with ice clean keeping Gotten wrong. Thank you so much Kearns crimes her crunch crunch pandemic as a sign off. No. Yeah. We don't like that. I don't like that. Keep our crunch crunch out of. Out of that out of that, we're trying to keep it light here. y'All speaking of lighthearted. This is weird as hell. Hell. Held, this is dumb stupid stupid, right? Yeah. You're right. This is just stupid and don't really understand what's going on with the housewives were they're always do why are we talking about them so much? It's like almost frustrating to me like we didn't have to talk about them for so long and now it's like keep on doing stuff like this. This is great because it sort of when it overflows into just like normal press coverage a little more inclined to talk about it. That's the only way we would. It doesn't really matter that this happened on the show and like you said, this isn't even happening on the real show. It happened unlike the leftovers show the secrets revealed show. Yes. They did a secret revealed episode of House, which is like you you get to milk an extra episode of the season which already has maybe been shortened because of covid nineteen they're all onsumer whatever and Kyle Richards, who is Paris Hilton's aunt and Kim Richards sister, and she's also a child star in her own and she's been on housewives for a while she's in real. Not really a fan favourite as much anymore she used to be the point is, is that she? Must Graves? Casey must graves she revealed during this reveal secrets reveal that. So I guess she had been robbed and all of her jewelry was stolen. Years Ago Right, which is sad. You know all this jewelry that was in her family was stolen, and then she revealed that she was like scrolling through instagram and came across a Diane. Keaton photo that a photo Diane Keaton had taken on Instagram of this woman's hands and the hands are like of an older woman she's got long black fingernails and a ring on almost every finger and Diane Keaton posted this photo and writes like in all caps shows resin in. All caps like the hands of psychic guy came a class on the third street promenade you know like something like that right I mean you could find the real text, but that's basically it. She sees a ring on that hand and she says that looks like the ring that was stolen from one of the rings that was stolen from me. So she's like a half defined leg talk to Diane Keaton like find this ring and it's like Oh okay I mean just. Fine and so like she has like her people revolted Diane People in Diane's like I don't know this woman is a psychic that Iran that I came across on the third street promenade as I wrote in the caption or whatever and Beasley. They kind of gave up the case. But of course, once this thing goes on TV. It's now open to the public to be like all whose hands are these they're gonNA find you know they're they're very distinctive hands. This woman has long black acrylics like if you knew this person, if you knew this woman, you would know who this woman is. So the best part is that this Gen Z. Tick talker posts on her account. Hey. These hands belonged to my grandmother who is not a psychic, but these are hands and that is her ring. She's had it for a hundred years here her hands at my fifth grade graduation hey kyle. Richards. I see this post on Diane Keaton, story about your mother stolen rings I just WanNa clear things up. This rang right there. That's my grandma's ring. She has been working in a pharmacy for over fifty years has had those rings for decades. Here are a couple of pictures to prove it. These are my grandma's hands at my fifth. Grade Graduation. There's the ring that you've been talking about. So let me know if you want any more information. The most iconic thing about this Tiktok have to say is that the grandma has had this manicure with these long black acrylics. Definitely thirty years. For Holding, Tiktok her as a baby and then she's like got long nails. She's got long black across. It's like it is her signature look like you can tell and then it turns out the funniest part about this because obviously. Inside edition finds the woman. Her name is Diane French they interview her she's like these are my this was my grandma's I. Don't care who the rings belongs to I truly don't like I really couldn't. The funniest thing about this story is that Diane Keaton thought that this pharmacist by the way she's a pharmacies, Diane Keaton Old Pharmacists, or works at a pharmacy but still okay. But like how did Diane Keaton call this woman who works at a pharmacy who she encountered a psychic where did that even come from? That's absolutely the strangest thing about. It she says all caps. It's like I took this photo of Fortuneteller in Santa Monica and then even on this inside edition story because the woman obviously the the pharmacy worker who with the long nails went on inside edition 'cause they found her and she was like this is fucked up my name's being dragged through the mud and inside edition person goes are you a psychic and she goes no, my twin sister called me last Thursday and she said Diana. Your hands are on Google just to clarify a couple of things are you a fortune teller? Why did I say that she was? Why did Diane Keaton? This at this photo now, I'm like wait the backdrop is not like the fortune tellers table this counter at a pharmacy rite, it just the counter at the walgreens or something. I. Like I ain't trying to protect. The woman the woman is like I want an apology from Kyle Richards and I also wanted to. Diane Keaton because like she called me. She called me a fortune teller and I work at a pharmacy what is going on on? Diogenes instagram okay. I've come like four times today but you. Please, tell me you heard. How Wendy Williams pronounced versus what she was talking to brandy on your show. There's I'm done by visit episode about mispronouncing things. So how can we not play call about Wendy Williams calling verses? The web show versus let's play a clip. I also really enjoy you on verse Zeus versus this let's set the scene. She had brandy on her show by which we mean they rolled out a TV with Brady said on. Onto the Wendy Williams one of the funniest and this is a visual joke. But one of the funniest tweets have the presidential debate with somebody tweeting that they like please welcome brandy to the presidential debate and it just clip of them rolling a TV out with brandies face on it onto the stage of do. Unreal. To. Stop. At the. We need a source that person who was a how do I finally sunny it's so old. Enough Chats to twelve different people. It's Nat I have it here. Bimbo vacation at Bimbo vacation net. Bank patched brandy has been brought onto the presidential debate stage HASHTAG presidential debate. Just. Clip is. Okay imagine that music but it's a giant TV being wheeled by a person with brandy on it and she's waving and bobbing to the music. It's like number those grocery store robots, kind of everywhere for a little bit. Remember them. There's still everywhere you go into a stop and shop. There are still everywhere. We need them just to be replaced brandies head. It is weird to call it versus. What he doesn't know what's house reading but like what he doesn't know what's happening now I just. I also really enjoyed you on verse Zeus Laura Proton preplan. Got Things. That isn't who news. I don't know what is. Chris. It's certainly WHO News Laura Pond Pre pon she got bangs. She got bangs she got banks Laura rebound has bangs now and it made the news. The funniest thing was that I search slower pre pond banks will it's on her instagram and says have to remind myself that Hashtag self-care is important. So I'm starting that fall off with little change she got banks that self care is getting banks self care is not getting bangs everything self care to these people. Like banks are but the funniest thing is when you search Laura Pre pon gets bangs you go. You get directed to a very old established gossip sites seriously. Oh my God dot Com. I mean I feel like I still around. They're kind of vintage she alongside Pres-, Hilton. Did lead bitchy that type of site and you have the the the slug is Laura. Pre pond gets banged to and I was like one you take off the to it directs you to oppose from May Seventeenth two thousand eleven Laura Pre pon gets bangs, and it's from when a while ago she also got bang. So it's not the first time that she's gotten bangs I'm just saying just saying it's not gets bangs. It's gets banged because that's the seriously Dan. Convention if you search the site seriously orangey dot com for gets banged it's just endless Ellen pompeo get spanked sophie ever guard gets bank Jennifer love. Hewitt. Gets banged lower. prebon gets Banglore pre-punk gets banged spot at least Miester gets banged Kim Kardashian gets bank Bella Thorne gets banged. snooky gets banged their over ten pages of this. What is funny is that this blogger had to write about about women getting banks because it's not just posting a picture you have to write something. They write. for for Ellen peyot Ellen pompeo attended the grand opening of Marquee nightclub and she debuted her new hairstyle on a problem with bangs but that but on top of her head with them doesn't work and be nice and NOCCO off on grey's anatomy Golden mini-dress. Oh, wait I just did. Okay. So it's like, yeah, that's very like this is from two thousand and ten. That's a very. The feels very much like two, thousand, ten blogging. But every time we have a headline somebody gets banged. This person has to write about banks, which is you know honestly impressive in itself. So I was looking at like. Prepaid still doing her terrible bunker youtube channel sheet. Yes. A week ago she did not she was not banged and she taught us how to prep baked eggs. A day ago she is banged and she taught us how to you guessed it PREPA quick chicken dinner for fall. Hey guys just got the kid down to bed, and now it's time to get dinner on the table. So I have some Broccoli Pratt's I have some broad rice I, always the preps might fridge and I'm GonNa. Bake some quick chicken and dinner on the table in about fifteen minutes. So let's get to it quick chicken. That are here we go. We I'm sorry she made a whole video about making like quick chicken where like all the other ingredients are premade and in her fridge did you watch like fucking Cameron Diaz, teach you how to make some handroll recently no I didn't watch Cameron Diaz make a handroll. These people are just pivoting into life style cooking content as though it's anything original. It's like if I need to learn how to bake chicken breast and I'm talking more pre-poll chicken breasts, which means there's not can be much more than salt and pepper on this thing why would I have to go to allure prebon video and not just Google, bake a chicken breast this is deranged the that anyone would go to this woman for cooking content I. Know I always brown rice in the fridge always keep Chop Broccoli in frizzes show funny to be like pivoting from like whatever she was doing before I guess like orange is the new black to being like now I cook it's like from what leg wide. Okay. Shore you really have to like work hard to like earned that pivot and it's not easy to do and I don't think that she's earned it even with the banks and if you're GONNA do it put a little effort into it and like get a ring light get a better camera. This is awful. It's awful. Yeah. Two days ago Alex Miller said still trying to get used to those bangs. As a comment. Tiffany says me too. She still looks good but it's so different Adrian Adrian says I think it looks good. Well. That's all there is to say Moose gone. Mehar says, Hey, you're banks are amazing love from Spain. Love your new bangs gravity videos. Always you look beautiful bangs cindy he loved from Belgium God Tiger Weekly. So my question here is. season. Rule them his girlfriend Jennifer or. Remain. definitely a WHO I've known you she is. I just know that she's possibly with the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my entire life. And everytime she's GonNa Jason Derulo Tiktok, or instagram or video or anything. I'm always like who? Won. Why is she still beautiful? So, can we talk about? I. Am in, scranton she lives life for living even as a model or actress or So. Yeah. I WANNA. Know we listed girl genesis or remain. God. Only knows his name. Thank you Frenchman. You are being play. You are like we are all being played I. Mean there is no one truly more fake not like just more inauthentic right now than Jason. Derulo. If you think that he met this gorgeous Instagram, famous fitness model at the gym, you are playing are being played, your your being played like. Because she has five million followers on on tech talk. He has thirty million dollars on tiktok made for being the most inauthentic person. He's ever been is this tiktok journey he's been on let's be real. It's fun and funny. But like what you know and she who he quotes, we met at Equinox We both have a similar desire to work out all the time and I'd seen her once there before and then the second time I'm like I'm going to go talk to her if you think these were not set up by mutual agreements between managers whether or not the relationship is whatever or not it's like these did not need. Organically at the gym? No, no, no, no no no. He does not do anything casually and they did meet at the gym not to like get overly speculative but he saw her was like Oh that's gorgeous model person who'd be great for my Tiktok? Hey, manager at her to the list of potential headshots of women who may soon become girlfriend. You know like this is all transactional for Jason Derulo. He's just trying to make more money and get famous, and it's like if you have seen a single Jason Derulo Tiktok, you know that like. Informal and people have called about Jason Derulo being on Tiktok. What's the deal who were then he has become such a big deal but I think it's like I saw he spending so much money in such a huge team helping him make these talks bigger and better. But what he's doing really is ripping off other Tiktok people who are doing this stuff. I and he's kind of bouncing off of that to make something bigger and he's using the kind of like immediate shock you get when You're like Jason Derulo is like big on Tiktok because it's like he's kind of flop. You know even though he has hit, he's kind of flop like he was in cats the biggest new them all you know I think he's them. He acts more like a who then like any anyone he just happens to be an extremely rich and successful who I just don't want him I. Don't think he's them are I don't want him to be in them but I don't think he's at them. anyways. He and Jenna have the same birthday. September twenty. First they have the same birthday but yeah Jenner. From Age rooms I'm pretty sure. It's just freedoms based on what I could see. It's just Jennifer. She's a fitness model. She is an Instagram influencer that is it. There's not like some like interesting nugget that we could find anywhere else about her no, and they're giving the worst press like page six headline during Jason Derulo opens up about model girlfriend Jennifer rooms, baby fever you he's got a full video setup in his house you know in. This new girlfriend, and they're just whatever. But like she's a beautiful fitness model slash influence or you know like doing fine also making tech talks and getting Britain about in the blast and all that stuff and he was like this is a perfect person for me to team up with to add dimension to my fake ass tick Tock. But the thing is we're we dump on Jason Derulo all the time for his like very clearly artificial like. TIKTOK presents, but it's working for him. You know it's he's doing something of course doing something we're only dumping on it because that's working and we're like, how is this working but it's like he is he has like inserted himself to be part of that ecosystem despite being much older and really not in the world of Tiktok but he is like you know he's on the thing we're he'll reach out to other creators held the he'll do this. He'll work with someone else will collaborate it up you know but it feels very much like. In the verses that guy hired a whole Karoo for his like instagram live setup and everybody was like what you know. It just feels very like overwrought. You know home the whole thing is definitely an aspiring actor and the reason I know that it's because back in August of last year, she posted a video of her at the premiere of the Jacob Tremblay picture good boys, and it says. This movie was fire. Good Movie Popcorn flame emoji laughed the whole time I'm the most awkward on carpets like after I walked this, you can take a video with my purse wide open of me pretend to be important can't wait to be at a premiere of movie. I'm in one day at universal pictures like she's Los. Angeles this woman this woman is a loss angeles. I know it's True I. Do love on Tiktok when kids will like do the thing where they like re blog condit's tumbler tumbler talk. But like re blog Jason Derulo stick talks watch them like what the fuck is this like this is so extra like this is so extra what you're doing right now like that to me is my favorite genres of Tiktok. Channel kindness is a new book from Lady Gaga and born this way foundation reporters lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia Oughta co-founded born this way foundation with the mission to support the mental wellness of young people and work with them to build kinder communities online and offline their work with the foundation at storytelling platform channel kindness the collected stories of inspiration from young change. You could read these stories now in Lady Gaga and. Born this way foundation first book channel kindness within these pages you'll meet people who found their inner strength prevailed in the face of bullies started their own social movements and decided to break through the mental health stigma. The message of being kind is important now more than ever and jailed kindness is the perfect way to show that kindness truly is a universal language read share inspire and get your copy of channel kindness today. I my husband. Patrick Mahomes is them I don't think he is is here to her them Okay. I French Patrick? Mahomes. who were them one, two, three, them I guess watched them like even I've seen should about this guy like in tableau which means he's like a them like tablets are talking about his relationships or whatever sack lately I. The only reason I'm willing to give sports guy them is because I see him all over the place. What I look at him, not only do I. Know that sport man that's football that's football that. Plays means he's actually I was like honest with myself to me he's a WHO, but I will admit the fact that I know that he is FA- famous famous enough to be at them I just like the fact that I know that they've covered relationships, I'm like Aren. Them your name mean because they're that's like there's so many SP- relevant popular sports players that they don't cover their relationship for they don't care who they're dating but then you have like Tim Tibo and like those types of guys were like, why do I care who you're getting married to? I. Don't care but you know people do care. It's classic movies of two or. Scratch I like kanter movies who are them one can three then. I. Guess. We know we know what Turner Classic Movies is. We're familiar the lake around for. Twenty thirty years but lake who watches movies like this reminds me of. This with. US Andy Head Wendy Not Bring Wendy backup but Andy had Wendy Williams on watch what happens live and she was like on one and she said you guys play too many movies and in. What and he's like, she's like you play too many movies. I. Just I I can't skipped skipper them turn the channel and he's like he's like you bet yeah. It's. You gotTa play the Clinton. So funny. And by the way it frustrates me that you guys run too many movies. On Bravo. Over really. Yeah. They're not even interesting. Yeah, and I don't I don't stop for the movies. Andy I'm sorry hounds bobby. Allison Krause who were them? Crunch crunch. Alison Krauss who were them, one, two, three, who folk music them? Yes, she likes. country. Music. People. Love Alison. Krauss even people who don't like folk music or like what a voice what a song writer. She's a grammy's artist. That's perfect. She's Grammy's artist. She's a grammys artist Tori Kelly says he's supposedly on the mass singer. I'm going to do a little bit amassing our breakdown next week. I gotTa Watch. Wanted in read some clues but I I think Tori Kelly might be in the mess singer speaking of grammys artists. Highlands even bobby you guys were talking about Pixie cats or well Savannah Christly Pixie car. And if you think Pixie who are them, I feel like they can make or break a career. argue by. Is that. Katy. Perry's career never recovered after she got her cheek that. So does that make it a damn haircut because it's such a big deal when people get it or is it a WHO because it's such a WHO behavior get a Pixie cut And see what happens and see how people are asked. I don't know interested in your thoughts. Crunch, crunch me in quarantine because he goes. Well, let's be clear about the Katy Perry Pixie Cup was a result of her imminent fall from grace. It's correlation non-cooperation that Katy Perry Pixie could came around the same time that things weren't working for but it's also kind of like a pinch of misogyny meaning like we like our popstars we our women to have long hair. It signifies you've signifies something release says something. So whatever but Pixie cuts are they who's them's one, two, three them I think you know what a Pixie cut we look if you say oh so and so got a member when I didn't know a beach you wave was yeah. Everyone was making fun of me. I feel like everyone knows what a Pixie cut. So the pact of a Pixie cut is huge. It's huge impact but I will say the argument against Pixie cut is that if you get a Pixie cut, you get written up by tabloids sometimes. So it's kind of a who he tool you can get you get. Unlike bangs which you also apparently can get written up for us. So I guess that makes me a Pixie cut banks could be who we because they get you tabloid press. Unless you're in the British tabloids in which case you get written up for having fringe. Sorry you get file, but you still get redknapp fringe is just as crucial as banks same thing. Yeah. Hi, Bobby Lindsey. Izza is performing Drew Barrymore. On Drew Barrymore. Barrymore's Talk Show I. Guess We could have known this moment was coming. I thought you might WanNa talk about it also is is a WHO or as them? Okay good form Bella. Thorne Jubeir Bay show has in pulling out all the stops and do I mean all the stops it's like the Tom Green reunion threw me for a loop they pulled out so many stops that I'm saying stop when I'm watching you know I know it's hard to watch I love her and it's hard to watch for me. It's like I don't know what's going on over there but. I only want the best for Juburi morning only one. So. Funny. Yeah. It would be depressed. Yes. Funny Says who were them one, two, three, them I feel like but like Yeah. Reaction to her new song sort of along. I feel like if you if you had asked me this question a month ago I would've said who the wears the album of it all for her has made it very demi like that people really like want and anticipate her I, like her too I. Just I didn't really get the general sense of like the everyone else or whatever control was like the song of that summer I mean the album of that summer that was a huge album even though she didn't want to come out. She's Also her heke she's thinking that was going to say her behavior. She's very picky. She's very particular. Yes, and that is that's a them behavior. Yeah she's a little bit secretive. She's a little bit meticulous. She's not just out here doing whatever I think that she is of them and behaves like Obama and she is. When when what was it song hit different I didn't love it. You liked it a lot. I'm. Not, a huge fan of it, but I was so excited whenever it came out like when she was like new song coming at midnight everyone was like oh my on as much as I thought, it would stick with me but. It's extremely lead single. Where's the album. Extremely lead single it's not it wasn't. It's not meant to be the the sticky saw. I don't think I. think that will come out I rank high reprieve long-term longtime call is two full. Number one is that I was going over my long distance bill which I usually don't have. And I had an eight dollars worth of long distance charges I live in Canada I live on different. If they no sense. So can I bill phone number I didn't recognize. And I was like. Someone's taking my entity, but I realized it's your phone number but I say to my phone, which is why I don't know the phone number by heart. So you only eight dollars because I call so much and. You never play my call. So that'll be eight dollars Canadian, which is probably like thirty cents. American. Second Fold Friend Dresser in my city filming a lifetime movie again lifetime movie intact. And she sang in my friends apartment. Or CONDO and hotel. and. Every my way to the gym. On Fan Watch twenty twenty. So here's the question Fran Drescher, who are them? My friend thinks us. I say she she's kind of eternal. Then settled the argument please. contract. Eight dollars I want it before we handle your friend Drescher problem. I'm going to convert that eight dollars candidate to America which would be six dollars and then I'm GonNa take off a dollar because we did play your call right now we're playing it. So I'm GonNa say if you want to van Moas for five dollars American we'd be happy to reimburse. You does this does not stand for anyone else's the one and only time we'll pay for your long distance bill will approve this request on Van Mo what are we? Counting but we approve. Okay. So Fran Drescher, who were them one two three? Oh you think who I just feel like the nanny is is so near and dear to my heart. Well, it's a nostalgic. She's a nostalgic them. I think like aside from the nanny that's like her main thing like she really didn't do anything else I know the the beautician and the beast. Yes, we stand. But like that wasn't a huge hit. You know that my Bachelor Party Walk All I. Did we It was good though I think maybe I don't know I was wrong. Weird. What a weird. We watched God we watch. We watch the. Bachelor party amazing. Have you an insight into my bachelor party there one of the activities Beautician of the. It was fun and and the other thing I think with her is that she had that comeback show that Sitcom that flopped like wasn't canceled after leg. Minute, and so I just kind of feel like that kind of speaks to what I'm trying to say here. But I'm nostalgic to her. She's got a classic voice. We never forget the Fran drescher voice, but I just do think like I. Don't know. The nanny isn't streaming anywhere. Right? Isn't that a big thing? Well you know our friend Patrick was like I need to rewatch the Ninian by the DVD's because he can't stream it anywhere We just give up good for him, I. Dealing all right. And we were actually talking about this recently, if the nanny started streaming again, it would be huge. It's just like whenever they bring in with shows that people have been demand like girlfriends and Moesha like at the top of fucking right now because these shows have been unavailable for so long and they're like ninety s and. Their huge. Now, you don't remember, but you don't realize it's like the power of something going on streaming is like crazy for someone like I feel who is being interviewed and they were the star of an old show and they were like begging for it to go on streaming just for the just for that not even if they get residuals just for the like impact of a show that you were on somehow getting revitalized like you could get more work from that the sitcoms especially, they're just so easy to watch an there's and whenever their famous successful sitcoms even if you never watched the nanny. Watched girlfriends there are hundreds of fucking episodes. So it's like we're looking for things to do now is the time to drop these shows whenever you find us an old succumbing old ninety Sitcom that you've never watched before and it's on Netflix and you like it guess what you get to watch a hundred and twenty more episodes of the show guess what you know what the show was that I was thinking of that I read. It was once again remember that. Rachel Evan. Sorry that Evan Rachel Whoa once and again. But that's music rights issue will that book. But what I'm saying is it's not streaming it was made by the guy who made thirty something us another show that people are desperate to watch kind of and one on streaming but I think who was saying somebody in once and again was saying like I wish that would stream like I wished that would be something that people watched. Yeah. But I think usually it runs down to music rights issues that's like I know. Plenty of shows have solved that problem I. Guess it just takes a lot of work because were place all the music felicity did it. You know they've? Dawson's Creek at it. Yeah. And it's the same thing with the real world. I would give anything to watch my favorite seasons of the real world again, but they're impossible but anyway. He were done for the day. Thank you listening Thank you for calling. Always we love your calls. The calls are so good I know we say this time, but just like it gives Lindsey and I so much joy to not that you care about our joy our experiences but three fun for us to listen to the calls and texts them to each other. Even if they're all done, you should care about our joy you should care about our joy. But it's so fun. We got a lot of good don't play this. A lot of kind of dark don't play this calls as well this week but they're fun for us to listen to regardless I. At least enlightening insightful for listen to. Thank you for calling. Thank you for listening. Thank you for voting. What else do we say like? Is it just like pandering to you at this point? Well, check out our Patriot fan checkout for more stuff to support the pod. Even if you don't want more stuff and you just want to support the potty already listened to hey, that's great. Will will thank you for that and thank you for listening to this pot right here that you already listen to if you made it this far you listen. I. Guess We'll some people want to listen to the doing. Amazing. Sweet we. Like three or four today one of them I'm sorry one of them is the reason it's a call you're doing amazing Sweden's because it's completely. Joe Get. I have a great weekend. Can. I lead. This is. Dakota Dipoto, Johnson, pregnancy and haven't had any updates in awhile. That babies probably getting pretty big now in fact, they think it's like a toddler now. also follow up. Out Dakota on Sunday legal action against you might not think lately she's pregnant for the last. Four years three years. Total. Along. Chris Martin has been off. Yeah I'm happy for her. Personally. I. Think when she has a fully bronze child, it's GONNA be a lot easier than having to deal with the new boys aged. Okay. Sorry. I. Can't talk when I try and ask these questions. credit card. Lizzy Akobo at her like suck I get really canceled. Her comeback like manoir. Could detailed. Mea. Culpa. T Olympia Cooper Story. I I, maybe he just thought that. Lucky. Puppy just to say Happy Brady contracts. I don't. Yeah.

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