Best Of: Greg Cote


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This is the best of the Dan lebatardshow with this guy spot casts. It is time to wake unthank- when Greg Cody Greg, Greg Greg Greg Greg seven Cody, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Cody, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg sakes, Cody, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg sakes, code news. Drake's Greg Greg, Greg. Greg Cody, Greg, Greg Greg Greg, Greg by code news. Rick, Greg, Greg, Greg. Greg Cody, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Cody, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg. Greg Cody Rex Greg Greg Greg, Greg Cody, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg seven code news. That's. Thank you can also affects the show at six seven nine seven four Greg Greg, Greg, Greg. Greg Cody six Greg Greg, Greg, Greg. Greg Cody seven, Greg Greg, Greg, Greg. Greg Cody nine Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg. Greg Cody seven Rick, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg cody's four. It is waking take here on ESPN radio. Seven eight six four five six four eight three seven. I have thoughts. I have opinion. I can open up my mic and give them to you. But that's not how we do it here on wakened take on ESPN radio. You have to get the information of me you have to ask the right questions. And if you do perhaps, I will give you the information the opinion. That you covet seven eight six four five six or eight three seven put it on the poll. Does anyone covet my opinion? Another poll. Does anyone covet? My thoughts. But first we interview, Greg, Cody. How about that? Hey. It's. Greg. I'm good, man. How about you? Good. I'm Gary Nike good. I'm good good. Good good. I'm good Alson. You get out in the house. Listen. Belly good? Billy. Actually. Well, no, he's not no, no dilly ill. Oh, man. It's always fun when the teachers out, and we're not on television. Isn't it? Great is really relaxing, though, isn't it? Yeah. Like a spot. Oh my gosh. There's a minor league baseball team. That's having a great Cody debt. Hard to believe, isn't it? Now, it's not now nothing up. And this is Greg Cody debt, I would like days when you're in here. And Dan is not because Lord knows you take an unholy beating. When Dan is here. I wanted to be Greg Cody that so it's Greg Cody day you can live fearlessly today. Thank you give your opinions. Oh. We may or may not try to get you on the hard network out though Sam fair game. But the audience loves that port, and they love you. Greg Cody day, minor league baseball now, listen Sioux, Falls, South Dakota's, but trying to have a stugatz day for three years, and they don't listen. Well, no, they do they do they've given you everything that you've asked for including a private jet, and yet you still bail on them through private jet a private jet, and they set me up for a round of golf on a great course, by the way, essentially with John Daly. No, it was with John Daly, no, potentially. It was confirmed. It was me. John Daly in the pro-am Heke asking for nicer weather. Wow. At it, not be in South Dakota. Love you Sioux Falls anyway. Greg Cody day. So it's the same minor league affiliate that is trying to have a Greg Cody. Yeah, it's the it would be out if it was a major league baseball team. Then that would be strange, right? It's the Minnesota Twins farm team. I believe it's class eighteen minor league. Then you know, I was wasn't official score for the Fort Lauderdale Yankees in the seventies. So I have sort of an affinity for low level, minor league Manatt low level, but very minor league baseball because you know, you never know somewhere on that field as a kid who could make the hall of fame someday. And it sort of neat to watch these guys when they're like nineteen and twenty. Are you excited for this? Yes. You know what? It's a it's so ridiculous that it's fun. You know what? I mean. I mean, the idea that somebody would have Greg Cote. You kidding? He's thrilled about this involves him. He loves it. He's going to downplay it all he's thinking about is this day. Well, frankly won't shut up about it. I love the guy who is a couple of days removed from rallying against being cruises being perfectly fine with a theme. Baseball day named after him. Exactly. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah. It's perfect. It's got too strong. And you know, I got a great delineation between theme cruises. And Greg Cody dates, do you know that Steve Spurrier's having a fem- crews? I heard that that rate the old ball coach. They promoted it. Yes. And that's how they promoted. It talk football on a cruise with the old ball coach. That sounds like a complete disaster. It really does. I'm picturing him up on a stage behind a microphone just feeling questions. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, what coach would you imagine? Which coach would if ADA. Theme cruise which coach would you be most inclined to end least inclined to to attend the cruise like a theme. Like Rex Ryan thing crews seems like it when you first said Steve Spurrier for some reason I thought of Steve Kerr, and I'm like that sounds like a boring on he's not boring at all. Well, he'd mix it up with people if people it'd be great. Hey, it'd be interesting. I'd go Jerry Glanville. Oh, landfills the guy. You would go Glenville also the coach most likely to just bump into you at a normal non themed cruise, right? That's true on the Lido deck, right? Jerry, glanville. Yeah. I'm here got tickets for wearing a big tomboy hat. So the Jerry Glanville theme cruise is one that Mike would go on. I would be tempted to go into Jerry Glanville theme cruise. I think the Ryan brothers would be good. Who would be the guy that you would least like a coach with least if they had seen cruise. You would least wanted to attend that cruise rather think Nick savings cutter Dirk cutter turtle. Cutter cutter when I was on a cruise recently to Mexico, I spotted Ron dougans the Florida state. I think he's the received. Once you pick up any just drought and muggy. But that's an example of a guy who was just a passenger. You know, what I mean, he's like not important enough to actually have a cruise named after love your on Mike that is funny. It's a funny topic. Roy you have a coach off the top of your head you go on a hockey coaches, Spurs, right? Yeah. Would probably bear Millrose man bat. See that's what I'm talking about. That's the kind of cruise I want it needs to be hosted by. I don't want to talk politics with Steve Kerr. If you don't want gyms on your cruise, right, right? Oh, a politics on my grill fun of Mike bonds and the Ryan brothers. I think would they would be Jerry Glanville would be fenced asked. Yeah. I feel like any any coach who's now a talking head could sell out a cruise Jimmy Johnson. Could do a clue you wouldn't want to go on Ken Hitchcock theme. Cruise roy. Oh, yeah. That'd be great shock. Martin's crews sorts different relatives. I agree with you s toward a rela. I oh, yes. It does. It sounds like a battleship should there. Be a boat. Put it on the poll called the US Twitter. Would you call it US, Terrell USS Parrella? I don't know why it is. Are you gotta get the the interview I did without golick and wingo tonight, just get the first sentence from it because I trip over word. I don't know why tried to go to award that I can't say, but I tried to go to awards that against that. Dirk cutter, though, read did would not want to go to theme cruise. But he does look like a guy who would be visit the what do they call that big sailing race every like four or five year because America's got he looks like he could captain the America's Cup shift. Now, they're cutter just based on looks alone the ship. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Ship. Seven eight six four five six four eight three seven. So versus good Roy's. Good mikes. Good. Greg is good Allison's. Good. Billy L is good. I have no time for calls. Bring it back a second segment of wakened, the teachers our not on TV want to run it back, but you actually have to get the calls. Okay. Everyone. Stay right there on matching go crazy. Anthony, j Robert Jimmy Taylor, others on hope thousands on home. No, Levitz ARD. No TV a second segment of wakened take. Donlevatar this shows too hot for sports. It's too hot for America edgy and groundbreaking dangerous with Kevin arnovitz, the show's unpredictable. You don't know what's going to happen. You don't know who's going to show up and be offended. Stugatz. Santander's you a sex addict. Okay. Not my best work, admittedly. Not my best work. Who would you accuse of a drinking problem those Warren Moon? Yeah. That was Warren Moon who is eating children who is doing that. Who's eating? Accused Patrick was it was very serious about denying that he ever eight children VC's donlevatar show with his two guys on ESPN radio aqua. Listen, everyone simmer down. Okay. We put it on the poll at lebatardshow on Twitter do frogs ever. Look you in the eye. I'm in the amount of tax. We got saying that has to be a poll question. It's it's there right now. Go vote on it. Okay. And I'm telling you, a frog never looked in. The I ever you might think it's looking you in the eye. But it never looked in the porn frog. Shoot blood out of there. Is it ad here. It's terrifying proposition. Are you serious? They should blood out of there is well, did you know that I did not know that amazing would rather have gone through life. Not knowing that. Did you guys see the the rockets warriors game last night? Anyone watch that? I saw the final score a little late for you a little late night. Thirty start at ESPN last night. It was a great gain Golden State one. Just so I'm very clear, I don't want to give the same take that I've given on Kevin Durant because I've given it five thousand two hundred seventy two times. But this is all I'm saying, I'm a basketball fan. I don't care what. Kevin Durant goes next season as long as it's not Golden State has I prefer I'm going to the Knicks. Here's the problem with what? Kevin Durant did. And by the way, DeMarcus cousins was outstanding. Yeah. Yeah. Twenty seven points. I saw that. It's seven points by get a bunch of rebounds and assist as well. Here's the problem. I don't care about the box the raptors I don't care about any team at west Oklahoma City. The warriors are waiting to championship. I am a basketball fan and what Kevin Durant is done. He has ruined the competitive balance in the NBA because I think the only team that can beat the Golden State Warriors is a team that has Kevin Durant on it. As you saw it last night that was a Golden State team that went into Houston and it Houston team, by the way that push Golden State to a seventh game last year Western Conference finals, I think most people would say the biggest threat to Golden State. The warriors go into Houston last night with no Kevin Durant. And they still beat the rockets who had everyone they had. No, Kevin Durant at. So. I would ask you this, Greg. If you took Kevin Durant off the warriors everything else stays the same. It's cousins it's Thompson, it's dream on. And it Steph curry you put the rant on the rockets. And now, it's Durant. Harding, and Chris Paul the rockets might win a best of seven, but I'm not certain so even Kevin Durant being on another team doesn't guarantee, but at least it's closer right at least, it's more competitive. Yeah. If you put Durant on the rockets there immediately the best team in the league. And I don't think there's any. I I I don't know why you have so much doubt about it. Because the team before. Kevin durant? Got there had the greatest season in the history of the NBA. That's why and they lost two, man. They lost Cleveland in the finals. Right. That team didn't win the championship. But I wanted to my point is they wanna title just with Steph clay, Draymond green. I know. But you're probably should've won a second Nutting. Now, I'm adding DeMarcus cousins taking Durant off you're having Kevin Durant to a team that I think this year's edition of the rockets arguably is worse than last. Year's addition, even though Horton is totally out of his mind. But many people would make the case that the rockets would won that series. Add Chris Paul knock got hurt. And that's with Kevin Durant on the warriors. Right. So I think it I'm with Gregg, it's easy that the rockets probably beat the words, even though that worse team is still great. I would say though, Kevin Durant with Russell Westbrook. Could not get past the Golden State Warriors. I also want to walk back easy. I don't think anything's easy when you amass at much talent and in lying on a seven game sample. That's all. I'm saying the talent is so overwhelming now that it's impossible. I can't fathom any team beating them in a best of seven series. I just can't. And because you say that and I agree with you. I'm already loving what I think is going to be the NBA finals matchup. First of all it's going to be a breath of fresh air and not having LeBron in it and second the whole country outside of Golden State is going to be rooting for the Milwaukee Bucks to shock the world. Because even though they're going to have the best record in the league by like quite a bit. They're going to be an enormous underdog against Golden State or Houston. I would say in Genesis a well like superstar hers until you die. He always says the right thing in public. Always take some sort of direct and indirect shots. At other superstars at hold their small market franchises hostage. You saying all the right thing. He is. And Milwaukee hasn't been relevant in the NBA since cream Abdul Jabbar was Lou L sender. I mean, this is going back decades. I well Ray Allen team. They did go to seventy conference finals fair. And I don't even know if the box of the biggest challenge in the east, I think it's I still think it might be Boston really or Philadelphia. If they're healthy ignoring Toronto iambic door in Toronto. I don't know what I'm doing. Then he says the I have scarred from years of the Rosen and lower. What's happening? I know but derozen gone and we've replaced him with Kawhi Leonard. I'm excited actually watch Eastern Conference playoff games. Yes this season. So am I I'm excited? But no one's beating Golden State. And that's why that's why. Kevin durant? I don't care where he goes. I prefer he go to the Knicks. I think it'd be a great move for him. I have no idea if he's going to go there, obviously, no one does. I think it'd be great for basketball, certainly NBA is Rudy for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to go to go to New York. I'm certain I understand your point on competitive balance. But this year appears to be the most competitive season in recent NBA history. There's so many good teams that took that next step up in the Eastern Conference. So good that even if LeBron stayed out east. I don't think he makes it to the NBA finals. I think that's three comes to an end regardless of bronze on even making the NBA playoffs or fishery eliminated. Give so many good teams. Now compared to what this was a couple of seasons ago where you knew it's just LeBron versus the warriors LeBron versus the warriors who is just a two-horse race. And it wasn't even that in certain moments. So this is I'm excited about this postseason fall for it again because yes, there are a lot of teams there are more competitors than ever. But Golden State's winning an NBA chance. You think you're going to resign yourself to that fact because my daughter cells I care about you. Okay. Wehr enough. It's enough. But they look like they're getting sick and tired of each other. Hell not he didn't put his voice to it. But he put his lips to it Seve Kerr did. So do you think the bucks are Mirage? You think fifty one and seventeen is is just although I think the bucks a really good basketball team. I just think if they get to the NBA finals, and they take on the Golden State Warriors. They're going to lose that series and five or six games. I do. I mean, listen, you're talking about a starting five of Durant. Thompson curry Draymond green and DeMarcus cousins, and by the way cousins last night, not only the twenty seven points. It was it was eight rebounds, seven assists, two steals. He was fantastic. I need a three he took over the. I mean, he essentially was Kevin Durant output. Right. Why you did the bucks whatever chance against the warriors? I mean because Greg Greg, but we were when I was growing up. Okay. You were growing up many generations before that when I was growing up. It was Michael Jordan and the bulls, and they were always the next team. You know, it was Malone and Stockton. They're gonna they're gonna get. Jordan. It was Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton, they're gonna get Jordan. It was the New York Knicks. They're going to get Jordan. It was the heat a couple of years to get him that you no one ever got him. Why? Because they have the best team. They had the best player and Golden State has the two best players it Steph curry and Kevin Durant. So no, I just can't I can't see it happening. I don't know if Milwaukee's ready to declare itself, the next Golden State their record suggests that I don't know whether it's going to happen. But it's going to be damn interesting to find out. There's going to be sort of a fresh air quality for me here to these playoffs that haven't been around in a while. Mike, do you think he's good enough genus? Yes. No to attract to attract free agents to Milwaukee. Yes. Really? Yeah. I didn't Kevin Durant Saint himself. Maybe I'll go to Milwaukee you're acting like Anthony Davis. There wasn't the reports that Milwaukee was on this list before he walked everything back and said everybody's on my lesson. He had a very short list, and Milwaukee was on it people act like Milwaukee is this barren wasteland y- you can live equal distance from Chicago. Ago and Milwaukee smack dab in the middle of two cities walk as a nice town. You're right next to one of the biggest cities in America in Chicago. I don't think it's this small market that everybody makes it out to be. I think they are sick and tired of each other for the most part. I think there is some friction in that locker room Draymond Kerr. Kevin durant? I don't know what's going on. With clay rip the fans at apologize to the fans, and he was great last as the best player on the floor last night. Klay thompson. I don't care if they're sick and tired of each other. They don't have to get along with a championship. That's the most talented team in the NBA. That's the best starting five of ever seen. And I have zero doubt that they are going to win the championship this year cash. More of the donlevatar show with stugatz. Ten to one eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN news. Let me tell you without Pete who loved hockey and always wanted to play in the NHL Pete played since he was three and begged his mom to let them stay on the ice by some nights. He even slept in its hockey skates. Pete practiced and practiced until one day when he was forty seven peak realized he just wasn't that good. So he threw his skates in the trash. But then he heard how Geico proud partner of NHL good save money on car insurance. So we switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out donlevatar. I think when I was young I actually called Chris Berman at ESPN and left him a message. Dave winfield. Viral still stugatz. You want into we've wanted Nick day. Dave Winfield was playing then. And I left him. I left him a message. You really did that. Because if I did that all I know well got you would do that. Now, I did it when I was twelve these libertas show with his two guys on ESPN radio. Here we go. Come on, Greg. Caroline. Scour the Georgia arm, Martin photos everywhere of him wearing a jet had got a bit your of in with Mike McKenna that. That. Cents a prize that you were lying. That's all means. The magic rated content. We have to open it. We have to stop over doing pictures everywhere. And that's the jet had. He was wearing on the beach with me Mexico, by the way that I mean, Google George are Martin giants cap. There's also result. He claims that he's been a giants fan since nineteen fifty eight. Okay. Listen, I am not going to call him a phony not gonna do it because I just made a request to get him on the show that. Yeah. And he seems pretty distraught. Over the Odell Beckham junior trade again the entry is called kill me now. Okay. Here's the quote. I'm having a big blue nightmare. Okay. But I mean, he's a jets fan. He's put himself out there publicly in a blog entry as a giants fan. I'm going to see if there's a blog entry about the jets. Maybe he's randomly a fan of both which that shouldn't exist. Right. You can't be fan of both be bad about them. Put it on the poll. Can you be a fan of both the jets and the giant? You can't do that. I mean, you just can't I mean, a York's kind of divided along these lines. It's jets Mets islanders and it is giants Rangers Yankees. And we're all saddled with the next. That's just kinda how it works. Unfortunately, here's the question from our creative content. Greg. We'll go to you. I who's your best friend. You know, I have several. I have a few. You got to respect the question to be no one has more friends than you do says about me itself to pick one person. Isn't it pick one big what I guess my buddy? Kris Benson known him longest. Dan's going to be upset. We hasn't there. Stands up there. Okay. Todd. Then probably. Likely depends on. It's a constantly changing Britain lately, who's your best friend. Let's go to Chris my wife. That's not fair. Oh, you did that take your wife out of the equation, your best take the wife out of the equation? Who's your best friend? We all understand the significant others are best friend breath. Okay. Okay. Yep. Yep. Yep. So pretty in my friend, Alex Benson. Kris Benson, son like my dad's? Yeah. The Benson's of the Golden's though, this friend ROY have several and I will not choose. Just one person. Not. Everyone's that honored the game. You gotta pick one time. We already Salish lovely wife in the or your baby Claire or you don't have to say me you can pick. Come on, Tom. Tom is great. Thanks. You have to respect right pick. Pick one one. We've been through a thick and thin. You know what I'm saying? So I can't really pick pick one. Sorry. All right. Name the best man at your wedding. There are three best minimal. That can make a decision was decision. So if you only if you could only asked one of them to be your best man who would would that person. But I can't do that. Are they all this right now? Hurting anybody listening. Him or her? People's names were sorry. He's doing that. To you, Tom. It's Tom I'll answer the question. It's Tom Tom is Royce best promissory his best friend believe a a graduation. Mike your best. My best friend is cowboy coral. Coral. Yeah. Cowboy Carl do we know him? No. But in cowboy Carl is my best friend. Okay. Kane is second second. Yeah. Well, cowboy Cain. He's made a a rapid climb up. You're listening friends there man went over for like a month. I went over to his house is wife made Cornelius. I need. Mine is George are Martin. About that. You want to become best friends with someone stand on a beach three feet from the ocean? With Lord knows what in your system and watch the deadandcompany for three nights. I'm not saying George Arjun any they have no idea. Okay. And I'm not saying I did anything. I'm just saying you never know. What's in your system? Can't wait to find out of Georgia and Martin hates the Grateful Dead. Then he wasn't actually air. Just visualize them. They're insanely jealous of the seats that I get great seats. I eat you're on the beach. Oh, no. They take me side stage. I'm gonna VIP area that walked right up to the side stage. I am I mean, I'm talking ten feet away from from mayor, Bob, we're Bill. Mickey it's amazing at Georgia sitting on the stage on a chair on me. I can only imagine the stuff you went through to get that up. Oh, man. Well, Allison donlevatar, I've a friend. He was very early as great as a great awful story. It's early in the dating process she has to go to the bathroom bathroom overflows with debris who stugatz cheese quietly trying to clean it up. He walks up the stairs. And sees her on her hands and knees, they meet is and she immediately begin sobbing Gore's. He's going to begin sobbing. I would've been I would've looked up and been like what? Libertas show with his two guys on ESPN radio the request for George or our Martin has been made. Are there forced to potty or for this radio show? I'll take them whenever I can get. And if I can't get them then back to playing in the sand that Mexico next year. I will bring some microphones and record conversations there with with my friend alleged fan private jets fan public giants fan. George are Martin. He's a big sports fan. Yeah. According to his blog entry, he's really passionate about the New York football giants. I still wanna get to this lorry. Laughlin story impact. I do want to discuss the baseball rules. I'm reading a text here. Tweet here. Excuse me from Shams that dukes I on Williamson the potential number. One MBA pig has been cleared to return from a spray knee tonight against Syracuse. Would you return if you were have, no? You know, that's sorta shut it down. I mean, come on. I can't believe he's liking this take. No, no. I just I just I just can't believe that. He's probably you wouldn't play Mike. You would not let I wanna play. Yeah. I play for you guys. I play her all the time. I've had a sinus headache from hell Magas entire week on playing her right now. The only one is playing hurt. He's not here today because there's a feel good as Billy ill man these competitive. There's nothing that can happen on that court outside of something historically tragic that we've only seen a handful at times they could really affect his draft stock. Joel embiid. He was a number three overall pick after sustaining an injury as he was training for the draft. If you're that kind of talent you're going to be taken high several people have been drafted high with the presumption that they're not going to be available that year. It's not uncommon. So go out there with your boys and try to win a championship. But that's the problem. Okay. Because he feels some sort of obligation to his boys. That's what the NCWA does does. Right. So because he's ever. But he's not that sports. It's what we all believe in like, he's not there for any sort of education. He's only gonna come back to play for his boys. Okay. And let me tell you something he tears end of the play in the NBA see how quickly those boys aren't as boys in the NBA even saying all season that this all ever said is if his name was I chef ski coach K would not allow them to come back and play last night in my softball championship game that nobody gets paid for I slid and I got a cut on my knee. You can look at it right here. Right here, the cut and right here, I stopped because I wasn't going to get paid. Or I was worried about next week. No, I stayed in the game. Because my boys were there. And I was like we're winning this thing. I don't care if I go home bleeding, so so so help me out here if you had a fifty million dollar lottery ticket and the requirements where you can't leave on the play softball, and you can cash it in two months. Would you play softball boys? I would go play because I knew even if I had that catastrophic injury my insurance policies still gives me eight million dollars a worst case scenario, if the most catastrophic thing in the world happens, I still get eight million. Okay. That any fifty and then. This happened at three max deals after that. I mean I've been in similar situations when I play soccer mid week. And I know man, I gotta music festival coming up this weekend injury would really hamper things. I still go out there. You know, why for the love of the game? And my boys boys boys, put it on the pole. You slide and softball. I am media regretted it it was honestly, it was one of those things I made a bad decision ago. I was like, oh, this guy is never good arm and heading the second, and he had a shoot. And I'm like, wow, this has to be a perfect throw own. It was and I had to slide. Luckily, the second baseman dropped it. So. You've spent all season long saying that this guy's in athletic freak. You've never seen. Anybody put together at this age quite legs. I on Williamson them stepping on the court. I mean, even look what it took for him to get hurt something that we've never seen before really in college athletics shoe exploding. You have them out there being like Mr. glass, it's not gonna happen. And if it does he still gonna be taken within the first three picks? I mean, I don't think you could say that with one hundred percent certainty. I understand what you're saying. Even if he got hurt because people were saying that right after he actually did get hurt in the Carolina game at Cameron indoor that, hey, even if it was a bad injury. He'd still be the number one. I I know that there's some good players in the strap maybe RJ Barrett is taken ahead of injured Zayn willing cams better than both. How about that? That's one of the hotter takes I think that maybe there are some GM's in the NBA that look at Zion. Williamson that's going to be out for his first season in the NBA. But knowing that gets I on Williamson, and they get all. Those bird rights, and they have them on that rookie deal. I still think they take Zion. Williamson over ready to go Cam reddish. I think Zion. Williamson should make a statement. And when he comes back on the court and begins playing again, he should do so barefoot with that violate any rules is he allowed to play barefoot. Right. I mean, what what what way to make a great statement? Right. And you're here saying all he's risking is that NBA contract and potentially shoe deal. He's also standing to gain so many millions in his shoe deal say's ion Williamson. Yeah. Well, or a I think there's a there's another Adidas there's an Dita's relationship. I believe there is an his dad coach Rene UT. No sponsored by Dita's. If he has a Carmelo Anthony type March madness tournament he is going to be the hottest free agent. What areas shoe deal air? It is just, but it could go, but might be only could always go more. Forget about the the decision the player. Not play the frustrating part about this is this is the AA trick, right? The only one right? He feels some sort of obligation to come back for his boys to come back for Duke because he chose to go to college. Choose to go to college at to go to college to be had to go to college for a year to get himself to the NBA fixed. The only ones who who's gonna profit off this of him coming back and playing against Syracuse is coach K is Duke, and the NC double light, not Zion zions already getting into shoe deal. He's already going to be the number one overall pick, regardless of what he does the rest of the way here. I think it's I think that he doesn't stand to gain millions and endorsements by showing out in a in a tournament. We knows I on and but we're in this industry, right? We see college basketball games on television. Every most casual sports fans, they're not paying attention weakened. Weak out to college basketball. They're going to be paying attention to the tournament. That's when you shine everyone stops for March madness work production goes like, we lose billions of dollars billions of dollars lawsuit of lack of work productivity because everyone's wow. Ching made upset. No, no shrewd, Dan. It's like one of the in terms of work productivity. It's the worst day on the year outside of like days right up against holidays. You know, what makes them sense? And I'm serious here. Sit Zion Williamson until you reach a point in the NCWA tournament where you think you could lose without him that could be the the quarter PHI that could be elite there in the elite eight in the league with with four minutes to go. Then he makes his dramatic. I'll tell you what that would be more entertaining way to Greg is onto something. You don't you don't pull out design on court until you absolutely need on. And maybe you never need them. Maybe you don't right. Maybe you need them in the championship game, literally. But Mike you saying, I guess you got to be there for your boys. And if you're gonna championship you wanna be a big part as a big reason as to why that team wins the championship. But he's doing it for no one else other than you're making this about the NBA cares making this about the NBA Zion thirty years when I was going to one his four months at Duke. I mean, serious national chain. But what I'm saying is March madness six next level. If you have an iconic tournament, you're making this about an MBA and shoe deal. I understand that. But I'm telling you this could be yo play. This could be LaCroix water to be Gatorade. There's so many more millions at stake by showing out on this, by the way, CNBC had an article of March of last year say in six point three billion dollars was lost. By corporations due to productivity loss during the men's tournament. He could also come back play as well as he was before the injury. I mean, maybe that affects not hurting his Stockman. I if he gets hurt maybe goes number two, okay? Such a straw, man. I don't think it's a straw, man. I really don't it's more. It's not about Zion. And that decisions we're about the NC double A and what a scam. It is the fact that they they're forcing kids to go there for a year. Understood. But that's getting college and go to three year making education, you want the NBA to fix it immediately. It's already been addressed done is gone yet. Fix it. I'm sorry that that Israel to fix it. No. That injuries. Put it on the poll. Did it takes ions injury to fix one and done? I'm telling you it was fixed before then, but it picked up steam afterwards telling you. Cent five cent then sent though. They've been debating for a half hour on I take whether or not you would rather have a Tokyo, Brad or more Cooper a half hour. Thirty minutes. Really? Would you rather? Have we got we got to play this question that somebody asked Sean Gruden at the press, right? He was technically question, but it was just a direct shot. Jon gruden. Oh, man. And he was like, I don't really get your question Cooper around the Antonio Brown. Donlevatar? What would you say to feel like you misrepresent me all the time? You've been doing this show with me for a long time. What is my viewpoint about coaches because I feel like even don't matter at all. Misrepresentation. Stugatz. I don't even know why bothered asking you what if these live at our show with this to God's on ESPN radio wanna get to these new baseball rules. Still wanna get the Laurie Laughlin greenie gonna join us at twelve thirty. I got a text from greenie, Chris you'll love this. I ask them about the jets. Offseason. If you liked it. He wrote back absolutely onto levels. Not one. To level. I asked him to expand. He said I will tomorrow. This was yesterday. Of course. Levels with that appetite to find out that he touts giants fan. Georgia or Martin you fraud. This is one of the greater lies you've ever told. Because I actually believe this one. I mean, listen, we're jet had three nights on the beach. I mean. What can I tell you should be clear George are? You are not the fraud, sir. And it was odd. When I woke up and rolled over, and he was still wearing the jet. I mean. Stugatz is indeed the fraud for telling this lie. Once again, if you're just catching up to the show guys it's been carrying on this alive that he spoke jets football with your Dr Martin at a dead show. Two years running now for several shows. And now turns out that Georgia or Morton is a public passionate New York Giants fan with a blog entry saying kill me now and claiming that he's been a fan of big blue since nineteen fifty eight we'll all be forgiven when when he comes on this show or stupidity because it appears that's about to happen, it you could come look at Email yourself, if you'd like I mean, it appears it's about to have that's big suit. I would say I don't want to say in the next couple of days. I would say the next couple of weeks. Yeah. I've been hearing this tale for I haven't I haven't listened. Now. I'm gonna tell the truth. I know you guys have asked me to ask them. I don't wanna ruin this rosy relationship that have George because it is nice. I'm telling you, it's nice. We talk about the dad. I don't believe a word that you say I haven't asked them until just now just go ahead released liked you. Why did you lie? Reliable. Now, I Greg I'm good. How are you? Good and get raiders. So my so this is this is this is disguised as a question yet direct shot at Jon Gruden. It makes me wanna play that. Michigan sports beat reporter who really like change the game when it came to insulting questions. This is at the Tonio brand Prescott is at the end Tonio Brown introductory press conference. A member of the press has a question for Jon Gruden and it's a bit of an insult. I think in kinda takes it that way. Right. Chris I like the way when you hear Jon Gruden respond to the first question. He's going to ask him. A question return is he really unsure or is. He just really angry John when the raiders drafted Amari Cooper, you on television and said he was vertical threat team needed. When you traded him, Mark Davidson, he didn't fit your system. My question is how do you plan to address your system to accommodate in Tonio skill? And getting the ball downfield is frequently steal your what? The point of your question is regarding. Mario cooper. You are television. And you said he was the vertical threat that raiders needed. And then when you traded him Mark Davis said he didn't fit your system. And my question is do you need to adjust your system to accommodate Antonio Brown? Skill in getting the ball down. The field is frequently. We we'll have to just anything with this guy, and we didn't have to adjust much with Amari. But this is not about comparing receivers today we want to continue to improve this football game. We don't wanna have a good receiving core. I wanna have the best receiving core in football. And I think they have the best. You got have the best. And in my opinion, we acquire the best wide receiver in football and get to work. My God sound today's brought to you by my computer career dot EDU training for a better life. That was so good. I might want wanna hear the second time. That is amazing. The best part is the Gruden is. He in that video you see him staring at quarter. I'm he gives that that look, man. I didn't not like that question, man. Yep. Yep. The death stare. The stair he gave when when we took him seriously as the bucks coach. That's still not top the mountain terms of insulting questions from the press leaf blight. Coach Crowley Sola Spartans water became Indian Arbor with perhaps the most hype of any coach in the history of the big ten maybe an all college football few years later. You're got a third place. Third place and fourth place, finish your one in five against Michigan state and Ohio State. What do you have to do this year to demonstrate to the Michigan community that you are on the path to achieving what they hired you to achieve? Well, the improvement will lead to successful eat to championships. Is that the best non-answer to question of all? Of all the greatest question of all time. No doubt. It really is. I wish you just kept going with no question. Did you cut it off where he actually asked the question? Can we do that? Because he was on a roll just kept going. So we just cut that off where just listing what he hasn't done. And there is no question, it would've it would've been better. Coach Crowley Sullivan. Spartans wonder became Indian Arbor with perhaps the most type of any coach in the history of the big ten maybe an all college football few years later got a third place. Third place and fourth place finish eating your one in five against Michigan state and Ohio State. Perfect. That's my time just passes the Mike. I think horrible to give the same answer though. Yeah. I love how perplexed Greg, Greg. Greg is having an all-time coughing. Federally is the waters, helping you Greg. Greg focus on something focus on something on the wall. I feel they're almost always helps it coughing to the point that I fear. You might blackout. I'm I'm to list right now of the top twenty best selling. Where'd you get this less from just somewhere on the what is it or web and Cleveland, Dan that Greg Cody on the ESPN radio donlevatar? Are you not alarmed by how much to God's eight last night. Stugatz. Had no idea he ate a lot. He was pretty gross when I left I had no idea that he went on this grazing. Here's the weird thing about to God's too though wants to guts eats here. He never finishes anything. I know because I'm always cleaning it up after his legs one wing. No wants it. I mean, just eat the wing. I thought ROY always ate leftover wing. Roy always throws it away items. Slob these live with our show with his two guys on ESPN radio. New episode of stupidity coming out today should be out might not be at which it on it right now. But it will be out at some point. If it's not. Greg giants expected they are getting mocked relentlessly. They traded Odell Beckham junior Gettleman said we'll here I'll read from Twitter. This giant tweets not too long ago from the New York Giants official Twitter handle Gettleman. We didn't sign Odell to trade him Noah Syndergaard reach weeded that with comments saying well that didn't age will. And again a lot of that. And I also find it interesting that Levy on bell became the biggest star in that town the second Odell left and he decided to go to the jets, and I I don't know if the factored into Levy on. But well, it probably did it on the money. But he is now the biggest store in that town right now, it's okay. Iran comes there in July. But do you think the giants the notion of the giants don't have a plan to me seems ludicrous? They have to have a plan, Greg. So do you. I don't know what it is. But you would agree with that. Right. It's ludicrous that think to suggest that Gettleman and the giants who have been very successful organization. Don't have some sort of plan in mind. They were tired of Odell Beckham junior. Yeah. Yeah. It's weird though. They got rid of Beckham and kept ally. Manning, you would have thought it might have been the opposite. It's weird to see a team peppers and a I in a second for for you. Value. Certainly a lot of people thought he had more value than what he Fettes, right? They weren't waiting with it with him. Right. So I mean, and this still got a great running back and in a number six traffic. I mean, I think their position pretty well. But it's obvious. They're taking and a lot of teams like Miami down here. The the question is are they thinking or are they not you really not sure with the giants you pretty sure man. I don't think. So in reading quotes from Gettleman. He's like a run I guy he wants to build this Rosser through the draft in the shape of the image of football as he sees it. He's already got his running back with saquon Barkley. He builds it from the inside out. That's what he does. I mean, he said that the first time he took over the team. He said I Bill the offense defensive line. And we'll go from there. There's a lot of quotes that if you're if you're fan of the modern game, you're just sort of putting your hand to your forehead, right and time will tell what David get them. And maybe he'll prove to be a genius. But this is obviously something that's worthy of initial criticism. Right. Well, when they draft Wayne Haskins sixth overall, I suspect that maybe they're offensive allows. Maybe they thought they had to move up. I don't know if they want Haskins. I don't know if they weren't Mary. There's reports I was listening to me and as podcast, Diana receive, a mention that the talk out of there is that they're not really in on Haskins, or at least that's what it could be a smokescreen. But that they're not exactly in on the Haskins conversation, which is really surprising centering the glaring need of the cardinals at the side of they wanted to call the Murray, then this is a moot point. But if they're not a hundred percent certain you did the six pick overall combined with what what was the Browns pick seventeen seventeen six and seventeen to the cardinals. You think that'd be for number one overall the Garriga potentially if they're committed Josh Rosen, then I would say so right or maybe the seventeenth pick four. Josh rosen. Something like that. Yeah. Perhaps it has to be a plan here. You don't just trade that kind of talent in his prime after giving him twenty plus million dollars guaranteed money, right? Without some sort of plan like to me. It's just hey where the giants, and we don't know. We don't know any of these guys the internal workings. So we don't know. Maybe he's a great player. But we don't know what he's like off the field round of us. Do they do? Yeah. They didn't want them around there anymore. They do for their set culture. It seems like a very straight laced sort of perhaps antiquated old school way. Let's say old school way of doing things and Oto Beckham junior is a hard worker when he's at practice. He's very competitive. No one questions the winds. Great. But as I n receive he said on me Kansas podcast came out yesterday. There's a bit of a circus. That's around L beckons union didn't mesh I think it's actually a great fit in Cleveland, especially with Freddie kitchens. Now a lot not a lot of people don't know much about pretty kitchens, but the locker room really rallied around him. And he's got one of these Bruce area type of attitudes. That's where he comes from. He's from that tree where he lets guys be themselves in the really gravitate towards him. You think, Freddie? Likes the the expectations ratcheted up this quickly because they have been ratcheted up Mike you I mean people are talking about them in the Super Bowl. And this is a first year head coach like I I think the expectations prop there, obviously a lot higher now with the acquisition of Odell Beckham junior. But there would have been expectations for next season to improve upon seven eight and one record especially considering the drastic improvements say made under Greg Williams as a head coach. But pretty kitchens really designing the offense catered towards the talent that they finally had. And now we are here. We are talking about eight and a half wins as being a low over under something to jump on. Because it's going to go up right crazy when we talk about coaches being under coaches like a coaching tree like the Bill Parcells tree the bell. Check tree. How do you guys? Imagine that isn't an actual just regular Trie, and the coaches are sitting on the branches or is like a tree house, and they're all living in a great question. I think I picture a tree and the tree bears fruit and the fruit is like a face of a coach, right? But there's. Like a little bit of green imagined. The hair. But it's like, right. I imagine like a trunk right? And it goes up, and then the it's hired of the tree. I'm with Mike. It's it's it's like Bill Parcells face, right? And then from that drops little pieces of of fruit. You know? Yeah. That's the way. I imagine. It's a living tree like they hit in. It wasn't at the Keebler cookie commercial that had a living tree. That's the way I picked into a ticket tree or something. Like that. Like Winnie, the Pooh style with a little door at the mar I think so. Yeah. Pleasant pleasant visual. Yeah. I am from the Mike Greenberg. School broadcasting his trick. I part of the greenie tree. No, I'm not. I'm not even close. I may own tree. It's for people who who can't pronounce words and have little opinions or thoughts. Anything? Anyway, Mike Greenberg get to join us why because Dan's out, and I wanna talk jets with greeny. And he said he likes what the jets did not on one level, but two levels. We'll find out those levels together next donlevatar book, go stugatz. I do like that idea. Go the Goldie, greedy. I like the idea of a friend named the Gajah Goldie libertas show with this Stu gods on ESPN radio. Greg Cody infra labrador today. Mike Greenberg to join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Right now, check him out every morning. Get up on ESPN. Does a great job. And everyone knows I love greening. I know if gritty loves me, but I love greenie it might I would say the greenie open for stupidity. I don't know if you could pull that or not new episode jobs today, I would maintain that. That's the best part of my podcast. It's all downhill after the greenie open. Do you agree? I was so pleasantly surprised that helped us out with that. Yeah. It still hasn't gotten old the overly dramatic open. And he was kind enough to help us out that make sure to check out potty one at hits. We'll let you know. It's dropping today. Greenie gotten comments on that open because you absolutely nailed it. I mean. Many comments. I can't tell you how many people loved it. So I'm thrilled. I was delighted to do it. I'm always happy to be any part of the idiocy that you bring American public on a weekly basis. I love you you. Greedy. Put me put. He put me where you were. Okay. When you found out the news. I'll put you where I was. Okay. Okay. Was around four fifteen in the morning. I got an alert on my phone several. But this one I actually woke up to add realized the jets at side Levy on bell. So what did I do? I started walking around my house. No joke. My wife gave on the show yesterday to verify this, greedy. I have a tiny little liberty bell that I just started ringing around the house. Waking up my kids, waking up my wife. Everyone was furious with me what was the reaction in. The greenie household. Mine was much quieter. I to woke to the news. Well, I went to sleep as we all did the night before to the news. The giants had become the jets, and then I woke up the following morning to the news. The jets became good. So I was delighted and I think it is an abso. That's where I was I woke up and and check by phone as I do as everyone. I guess does. Now first thing every morning, and it was the first thing that I saw. And I I wasn't you know, it's funny because it was something that we expected it was it certainly didn't come as a shock and get was still stunned. I mean, maybe that's the way to put it. I wasn't surprised, but I was stunned. I'm gonna I'm gonna put some numbers to this guy. I know, you know, them already Levy on bell averages. More rushing yards per game than Emmett Smith or J Simpson he ever does more catches per game than Chris Carter, Terrel Owens or Michael Irvin. He is both a hall of fame runner and hall of fame receiver, and he's on the jets around the country who are not fans of the jets. There's really no way to describe how how. Unimaginable. That is because levian Beller guys who play on other teams, they don't play on the jets. The jets have guys like Clark gains. The jets have guys like Bruce Harper. The jets have guys like Emerson boozer. Now, the jets guys it only we know and love our little community of jet fans. Love these people, and no one outside of us has ever even heard their name, the notice that we now have the idea that we have levian belts is unfathomable to me. It really is. And that was so well put by you. And listen, I think we all knew or thought we knew that it was going to happen. But I will tell you that I had you know, pause for second. When the jets went back to being the jets because Anthony Barr who signed with the jets became physically ill upon signing with jets and then decided to go back to Minnesota. Yes. I mean that was disappointing. Because obviously, he's someone that the jets wanted to have. And I think that no building a dominant defense is not a bad idea. But I think the jets have a lot of good defensive players. And I think the jets need there's really only one thing that they need. Now. Jamison Crowder, by the way, they sneaky great signing the most important thing. The jets can do over the next two years is develop a quarterback. Anyway, the most important thing they now need to do is build that offensive line you, and I will remember a year that they had two first round picks used one of them under British Ferguson and the other Nick Mangold, and they had a good offensive line for a decade. That's what I would like to see the jets. Do. I'd like to see them turn the third pick in the draft into some way somehow turn that into two really good offensive lineman. They already got the guard from Oakland if they remake the offensive line. Then I think they have they give themselves the best chance to turn darnold into a genuinely great quarterback. And if they do then the jets are going to be good for ten to twelve years. Who who should be more dumbfounded with unexpected joy right now jets fans or Browns fans while no Brown. Look what the Browns have done, Greg. I I enjoy your your historical perspective on things. I if the even regardless of what they do this year if they win the Super Bowl, then this becomes extraordinarily relevant. But even so what is the greatest turnaround from being the worst team in sport and not only in a giving year. But the worst team in the history of the sport. They went Owen sixteen. They went one in thirty one over a two year period. There were the worst team in the history of the sport to this quickly being a legitimate Super Bowl contender. I think if you look in the history of American sports, I'm not sure how many turnarounds would be comparable to this. Now at all to come together on paper. It looks great. And they do seem to have some combustible personalities and they have a first year head coach. So I suppose it could all go sideways on them. But I don't expect it to. I think they're going to be really good. And I think it is one of the greatest turnarounds that we have ever seen in the history of sports, see, Greg. Here's the difference. Like, Mike Ryan's not old enough to remember Bernie Kosar. He knows of those teams. He wasn't watching them lose to Denver in the AFC championship game. Every so they had some success greeting. The jets have had recent success. They've been the back to back as each each against the Browns have been a disaster. Greenie forever forever, right? Always said about the jets. The jets aren't the worst franchise. They're far there were franchises that have been far worse. But what the jets specialize in that particular way of losing that particular thing that happens to you that they have they have it unique ability to reach into your chest. Pull out your heart it on the ground step on fire to it. And then step on it again until the fire goes out, very unique thing that the jets have. That's it's worse than its own way than just being bad. Like, you could become numb bad. The Browns have been you could never become numb to the jets. Meanwhile, what do you make this? Because while every team the Browns are doing what they're doing. And the giants are becoming the jets and the jets have become the giants. Bill Belichick is in the bar beta, swimming, and having a couple of Dockery's, I wouldn't you do it. Bill ballot. Check. He can go. Do anything you on anywhere. You want? Listen. Here's someone asked me yesterday. What what I think the jet ceiling is. And I think the ceiling for for the jets the bills and the dolphins. They are all sort of vying to be the team that is ready to step into the void that will at some point be left behind by Tom Brady. And I don't know when that is I expected it to be about two or three years ago. So whenever it is that he gets done with whatever it is. He's doing I mean at this point. There's no I don't know when the hell it's gonna happen. But whatever point it is that the patriots stop just completely owning that division someone steps in. And I think right now the jets are nicely positioned to be that someone I don't expect him to be a Super Bowl team this year. But except in I think there's a chance they could be pretty good. And I don't think it's inconceivable that if the quarterback develops at the rate that he might that they could be a top level SuperBowl caliber team year from now I love it. You said about the defense because for the first time in a long time the jet. Have when you look at the d line. It's Williams when you look at linebacker Moseley when you'll get safety Jamal Adams. So at each level of that defense greenie they have a great player. Yeah. The one thing that should be pointed out, and it wouldn't it wouldn't be a conversation about the jets. Have you didn't find something negative to say the the acquisition of Moseley and the attempted acquisition of bar only? Go to underline that the jets in two thousand sixteen may have had the worst after NFL history. The person who is in charge of it is still there. But their first round pick was Darren Lee, whom they clearly have now spent a fortune of money to overcome and the second round they traded up to draft Christian hackenberg who can't play in the developmental league. Whatever it is. That is now I don't even remember the name of the league. But whatever the name of the league that isn't the NFL is he's not good enough for that. That's the name of the league league that isn't the NFL in the second round that should be the name of that league the league that isn't the NFL. Right. And but it's too good for Christian. That. I mean, it's just unbelievable. It's listened to me. There are there's there's one St. on this show. Like, Stephen a Smith is on a rant on I eight we will stop whatever it is. Will do we're doing air that read the other thing was as a close second. But I'm telling you, Chris and Billy when you are doing top fives on get up. They will stop the show sometimes that we could pay attention. So with that in mind at check Rini every morning get up on ESPN. We thought it'd be fun to ask you. We were talking about the dead and company today, me-meeting, Georgia or Martin and his budding friendship. He and I have we were wondering the top five concerts. Mike Greenberg would want to attend to be living axe now Grigny, okay? They have to be a lot. So top-five will start might you have some sand or anything. Well, my machine just broke ROY. We'll have the fanfare Roy's Roy's gonna he's going to have the the crappy fanfare you've come accustomed to on the one hundred show. All right. So let's go let's go with number five number five. Try to be creative for you as I possibly could. Whoa. An act that I never got a chance to see. Then I would give anything to see I would love to see the police or one of my favorite bands of my youth reunite and play. I know they did tour together a couple of years ago. They didn't I didn't see it. I've seen sting. He plays a couple of police on's, and then a bunch of other really boring stuff. I would like to see the police get together and tour as the police circa like Atlantis more nineteen Eighty-three that would be number five. Number four number four. I saw this band play. But no one has seen them play all together outside of I think they got together for one one of the like the philanthropic concerts a few years ago, but I would like to see the original members of Pink Floyd play together. Again, I saw Pink Floyd in at the Nassau Coliseum. God's to to be near and dear to your heart in about nineteen eighty six or seven, but that was after Roger waters would gone I would like to see the original members of Pink Floyd together playing all their old stuff. Great. What I would like to say. All right, number three might number three. I wanna see Simon and Garfunkel one more time, I've never seen them together. I've seen Paul Simon many times when he did his what he described as his last tour in his last show, which he did in his hometown of queens. I was positive that Garfunkel would come out, and he didn't the two of them have a bad relationship at one more time before we lose one of them. I'd like to see them play together again. And I would like to be there when they do. Number two, the single greatest Super Bowl acts without question or Bruno Mars and beyond Fe. I think if the two of them played together, it would set the internet and everything else on fire. I'd like to see the two of them play a concert together. We took my family went to see Bruno Mars last year at Barclays he was phenomenal beyond say, obviously is a performance. I think she's almost universally considered to be the greatest performer of the current time. I'd like to see the two of them together. The number one. I got to tell you the one that shocked everyone in the studio is Simon and Garfunkel. Okay. Number one might go ahead. All right, number one. For me would be I I've seen Paul McCartney and I've seen Elvis Costello. And I would describe the two of them as as probably my two favorite individual musical artists who are still alive. They did an album together and sometime I wanna say in the mid nineteen eighties. And it's great. They have to my knowledge never played a concert together. If Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello played a show together where they played a bunch of Beatles stuff. And then if you have ever discussed low, I think that would be the for me personally in my musical taste the single best show. I could go see. So I will take Paul McCartney Elvis Costello live in concert together. Fantastic. We appreciate the time. No, you're busy. And I can't wait for you. And I to go to the Super Bowl together. I mean, we are there. It'll be phenomenal. I'm not sure who will see. But at some point in our lifetime. Maybe it'll be the jet. We apprec every morning get up ESPN check about Mike. Thank you. Thanks, guys.

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