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Great news. There's a quick way you can save money, switch to Geico Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price, and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance go to Geico dot com today and see how much you could save welcome to Spain and fits the podcast. Patrick Mahomes in the Kansas City Chiefs. Pull off the comeback win, and it's not just about that moment. It's not just about that team. It's not just about this season. It's about Andy Reid, and it's the sign that these games did. He chiefs are different than the Andy Reid teams that we're used to seeing Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio, the ESPN app siriusxm channel eighty Jason Fitz hanging out with the coal Briscoe. We're gonna take you all the way up to the nationally wildcard game Rockies versus her cubs coming up tonight at seven, thirty pm eastern on ESPN radio and Nicole. We'll get to that. Let's say, at least that's gonna change for you. At least like Sarah me, you know, it's just the same. I'd like to think that I'm the the sort of the calming effect in the water working. Yeah, yeah. Something like that. Wrigley Ville is a heck of a place. So I've I've played Wrigley field twice, humble brag in my life. There we go. There we go. So I'm watching last night's game, and I'm thinking about sort of conversations that we have every year about the same teams, and we always have the same conversation about Andy Reid. Teams doesn't matter whether he looks like the Kool aid man or whether he's in Philly green. We have the same conversations about Andy Reid, but this year is different and I don't. I'm not saying that just because of the chiefs. I'm saying that because the balance of power in the AFC I'm looking at the chief saying, this is clearly a team that has the best in the AFC and is absolutely capable of going to a Super Bowl. And I don't think that's an unfair or unrealistic expectation at this point. I think it is either the only thing I'm going to say about the AFC is you, you can never sleep on the patriots because the last news because well, the Cup last couple of years, the first handful of games to this point in the season, you're kinda like ho hum. Can the patriots get together? Look at the defense lashed or for the patriots. They. They were awful the first four weeks of the season week, five until the end of the year they were. I think the best defense in the NFL if not number one, they were number two. I'm not saying that's where they were the whole season, but the patriots are just one of those teams that he just he can't sleep on. I'm not doubting the chiefs. Right now. But how many times have we seen this before from an Andy Reid led team? Well, and then last year that's that's a fair point. Last year they start for no five hundred hundred five zero last season. And then they proceeded to what lose six of the next seven and he's a double digit wins in Kansas City all but one year. So he's he's obviously putting up staggering record a staggering record year in and year out. And frankly, you weren't talking about a head coach that when you look is entire legacy as a head coach since nineteen ninety nine, this really was was stunning to me. You can count on one hand the number of losing seasons. He's at. He's at a total ninety nine since nineteen ninety nine seasons. I mean you're talking about five and eleven his first year and then two thousand five, six and ten. And then you have a foreign twelve and twenty twelve and you have. And that's it. That's it. At three. That's three losing seasons. You gotta? Nate. Nate sprinkled in there too for for for good measure. I mean, when you talk about that level of success, it's funny because that's where this this perception comes in handy Rican win, but he can't win at all. Because frankly, you look at the level of play and you think my God. I mean when you look at his season by season, he just, he always seems to go to the playoffs. Don't you look at them though? The chiefs and it I, I find myself trying to talk myself out of the opinion, given the history of them, but I look at the chiefs and it's like once the flood gates are open, they could stay open for a while because you look at that core, the Kareem hunt the Travis. Kelsey is the Patrick Mahomes. They're all young tyreek hill kill. They're all young. How about tyreek hill, but they're all young and like they could just if they stay there and if they buy into what they're doing, if it works, it could work for a while a well, and they're all young enough that they're on cheap deals. I mean, you're talking about. Hilling Kareem hunter are not going to cost you a ton of money right now. Mahomes isn't gonna cost you right now, which is an interesting spot to be in. But what what really stands out to me about all those guys is their ability was speed and with mismatch to pick up chunk yardage and we saw it last night. I mean, realistically for most teams, when you're sitting in second fifteen, you're thinking, oh my God, what are we going to do? What the old joke of? Well, what play do you have in your playbook for third and twenty four? I felt like last night the chiefs at about a dozen place in that and I and I was really impressed with Mahomes maturity and sort of like calm under pressure in those moments because let's not pretend, yes, he's used to playing at Arrowhead, but he's used to being on the receiving end of aero had and that stadium is loud last night. You could feel the noise. You could feel it through your TV and and it was not a friendly environment for him. I was. I was impressed by him, but there are you look at the way Mahomes plays and his his age, his sort of, you know, time in the game, he's. Making those unconventional throws. He's got the lefty throw to escape von Miller that was throwing across his body. It's brilliant, but any one of those goes the wrong way and all of the sudden the conversation changes, right? And then it's like always the shine come off of Mahomes and he is going to eventually make mistakes like he's not a rookie, but he's not started until now. Patrick Mahomes will not always look like this at some point. Somebody's going to get the better of him and that gutsy left-handed toss. It's not gonna go so well and absolutely we praise the gutsy left-handed toss until you see somebody like Mark Sanchez do it. And then you're sitting there saying what, what God's green earth fumble and then it all starts. Hi, and then whatever well, but there's there is the the opposite of the pile of there's the sort of momentum they have Mahomes talked about the entire team being so positive and upbeat. When he was asked about the heart and his team. I love this team and just how we fight. We hadn't necessarily been tested in this situation yet and just it just showed that every phase the ball special teams defense and offense that everybody can step up and everybody can make plays. And I knew we had it, and I'm glad we got the show for everybody else. So we're gonna keep it rolling as the season goes. You can't tell me that wasn't actually coach. Oh, junior. But, but to your point, I understand that the the, the playmaking that we're praising today would be destructively. I mean, he would be thrown right to the wolves if it was if they didn't turn out to be as effective as they were, maybe one can go that way or two can go that way, but as much as we're singing the praises of Mahomes and as much as we're singing the praises of the chiefs, let's not completely poop who the Denver Broncos hear it. It's not like the chiefs walked into mile high and it's not even notice my hiney more. Is it? It's forever mile high in my mind, yes, it's not like the chiefs walked into Denver and blew the Broncos out of the water that was a close game and don't forget about the delay of game call that the the chiefs got away with down the end. Yes, I realized that there were still things that needed to be done in keenum could have connected on that pass on third down, but. They didn't run away with it. It's on the chiefs beat up on the bills here. It was a close game and I agree with that, but I don't. I don't look at Kansas City and see anybody in the AFC that I would rely on ten times if they played ten times, could they stop Kansas City more times than not? I don't think so. And again, it comes back Sean carnage plays because you're gonna have a mismatch, whether it's from hunt hill, Kelsey, walk in, they're all going to give you mismatch opportunities. So the factum homes can sort of find a way to get himself loose from the pocket really stands out to me because when you've got guys with the speed and agility that his weapons have the longer he runs around back there, the more he's going to find somebody open. It's week four, they need to stay healthy. You can't count out the other teams, not figuring it out and making tweaks. You can't count out coaches like ballot check, making changes, Ataman returning that that patriots team could look much different in week, five weeks, six and a half. The first four weeks of this. Right now, I say it's the Rams and the chiefs. I mean, you've got those two teams and they seem to be miles ahead of the competition in in the in the conference. I'm just not ready to be like, Yup, that's who we're gonna see misery for bowl, and that's fair. When you talk about the patriots Pacific specifically in their ability to bounce back from any situation, I will continue to look, I agree with you. I think right now, if the Super Bowl were today, we all would feel like we are clearly headed towards Rams chiefs, and I would be all in for that game because it would be absolutely exciting to watch. Offense would be epic now who needs Stevens defenses, overrated ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance, your thoughts on the shell Pennzoil performance line. But only if you re with us at Spain, him fits at Jason Fitz at Rb, underscore r. s. for Nicole Briscoe and give her a little bit of love because she's here, even though the cubs are playing tonight, don't forget guys to experience relief from muscle cramps in your legs and feet use theraworx relief, fast, acting foam, get theraworx relief today in the pain relief vile. Your local pharmacy or at theraworxrelief dot com. Up next the there's a, there's a show returning to television tonight that the world has to know about and I don't know anything about it. You know nothing about it is the greatest single guilty pleasure TV show of all time. We'll we'll tell you about it. Get your thoughts on other guilty pleasures and power rankings are out and there's some hot garbage in it. I'll tell you about it next pain and Fitz on ESPN radio, Spain, and Fitz. We're gonna take you all the way up to the NFL wildcard game the Rockies and cubs coming up tonight at seven thirty pm eastern on ESPN radio. Sarah is here in a cubs hoodie. I'm still Nicole. You are still Nicole. That is fair. You and Sarah are both cubs fans, though I can only do so much. It's like you wore your raiders Hoda yesterday or you're almost full. I almost had like the hat. I was going to go with it now. This is not the lucky sweatshirt by the way, right? Because the look sweatshirts no longer looking taking a new. I'm trying to create a new one. Okay. Okay. Is there a weird tradition tonight that will go into. I do. I pace, which is weird when I get really nervous. I sort of sit there and raw and I pay, no, I will admit, I'm watching this entire game tonight from my bed because the alarm goes off at three twenty. So it's going to be painful for me. Okay. I'm hoping it's like a hundred to one after the first inning, and then I can just be like, okay, I'm gonna go to sleep now the that's those are all fair and reasonable requests. One also like a reasonable. I think you should just like maybe maybe we call the cubs and say, hey, Nicole's got asleep scheduled tonight to keep. If it's one hundred to one do then call a mercy rule. Well, they call them Nicole, come out in their like Nicole, Briscoe needs to get some sleep to sleep. So we're done. I will say I nine o'clock eastern tonight will not be watching baseball. I'm going to have to record it to watch the the final portion of the gate. The recap, Tamara? Yeah, because ultimately below deck, premieres tonight, and that is a Bravo American treasure below deck. Now, below deck has different seasons that I know nothing about bro below deck below deck Mediterranean, just finished, right? That's one group. Now we're in below deck, and and this is what it is. It's like a reality show shish so far behind, no, it's a reality. It's not just a show. It's a reality treasure and what it is. It's a luxury yacht. This one this is going to heat, right, and it stays on the for the course of their yachting season. So you're following the crew and the captain and all the drama that comes from their working relationships together. The chef is always a little eccentric that chief stewardess is always a little. Relationship, really Uber rich people in the world. They go to Monaco. They have a yacht this, and it's their people. So this is one yacht that you can rent for the weekend is like a quarter of a million dollars. So different people on every so so what you're you're not. I mean, they're they're sort of the side characters, but the main people you're invested in the captain. You're invested in the stewardess, you're invested in the post and all the people that work on the boat and you follow their drama as they all start hooking up and then they all hate each other. And then guys wanna fight each other. There's love on the pope, but no, it is not the love boat and there's often love triangles on the boat and they're not Bermuda because you see them, you know exactly where the love triangles are and true Bravo fashioned you follow through the entire process of the season. And then at the end of the year, you get a reunion show where they all come back out. The men tell all or the women's watch the patch learn. I don't know anything about the bachelor times. You fall into that trap sometimes. Yeah. Well, if the words chiefs to if you hear chief stew and immediately somebody gives you the what's up non, you know, that's a below. Deck family chiefs soon as all, it's all important, Stu, the chief stewardess chiefs, Stu, oh chiefs to not like a food, but like chief stew as a person right chiefs through as a person could Lord. Okay. Hold on this in my defense. I I have two little kids and I work odd hours a true. True. Like vamp arena is a thing for me. I don't know if you've heard of a thing called a DVR, but their magic when you have the time. Well, that's a fair point. And that's a fair point. Jim it we try to figure it out and I like I have like my guilty pleasures which aren't even really guilty pleasures. I watched this is us in Grey's anatomy. Like I've watched Grey's anatomy episode. One of its like beginning of the season ratios shows I've never seen. I have not watched the first episode of this season for either of those shows because I can't find an hour here and an hour there. Well, I typically attend a binge. They'll get through four or five hours at a time when I finally get to it. So I only have a couple of TV shows actually ever watched. This is on that list. This is us. Is one of those shows that mister cry though, right? Yes. Yeah, I don't. I'm I'm a TV Cryer. I don't need any of that. You can tweet us on the one eight hundred flowers dot com. Twitter feed at Jason Fitz at Rb underscore at Spain. I want to know your guilty pleasure and don't hit me with like the bachelor or Kardashian, like if you're guilty pleasure star could get into a nightclub in in Vegas then that is not a guilty pleasure. I want. I want like for for the I'm talking c. and d. level like the Bravo shows that I love and by the way Bravo, anytime you want you wanna have me on like at the end of the year, I'll do all that. And by the way, if you want to sit down like I do and watch below deck all night, you wanna make up for it the best way to do it is to get some flowers. In fact, if your back is up against wall on birthday anniversary, you forgot about it. You were busy. Thinking about captain Lee. You were busy thinking about below deck and you're thinking, oh my God, I forgot to get her anything. Trust that one, eight hundred flowers dot com. Has you covered to order twenty four multicolored roses for twenty nine ninety nine just go to one eight hundred flowers dot com. Slash ESPN flowers would not do it for Hannah though. She is very, very, not nice this. These are all things you would know Nicole way over mad. Well, you know what? He wants. Wants over my head, the people that do these dang power, rankings, thinking I want, let's it ESPN dot com. I'm challenging power, rankings people to a full on mud wrestling match because I'm not a fan at all. Today's power rankings come out. I told you earlier, I think Rams chiefs right now if we were having a Super Bowl today, that would be it and they're fine. They're at one and two respectively. That makes a lot of sense and claw with that. You want to tell me the Jags are really the third best team in the NFL right now. I mean, I was like, are you kidding me? I mean, is that how bad we are that how even the playing field is for everyone not named the chiefs and the Rams the the Jags and Blake Bortles third best team? Well, and I've been big on the Jags going into the season as Super Bowl quality team. They just haven't looked particularly good. The eagles are sitting at six while the titans who beat them or sitting at twelve. They're sitting at seven there behind the eagles and the patriots. I mean, if you're the three in one titans and you're sitting at twelve, you're like. Excuse me. You do know that we wouldn't up on the eagles on Sunday, Robert, if you like, that's like the titans thing though. Like I feel like the titans need to just ride the whole. We do things in secret just as right. I'd be the least sexy good team in the NFL and do your thing and just keep it going to your point, the ravens. Seven, the Bengals it eight, the ravens at seven, the Bengals at eight bolt ahead of the Packers. So you really hackers I didn't get Packers are overrated on this list. I am in Green Bay fan and I'm the first one to tell you, yes, they shut out buffalo on Sunday, but I feel like they kind of did just enough to to just enough right. Like they skated by. It wasn't like the Packers were so good compared to an awful awful bills team. You know that conversation when you're like, could Alabama be whatever. Like, I think Alabama and the bills might be an interesting game. That's that. That is a strong statement from Nicole Briscoe not as strong as the statement of putting my beloved raiders at thirtieth. Oh, trash ranking. They'd be well. They shouldn't. Certainly. I mean, the Browns are twenty-third. So even if you think the Brown's got jobs, even if you don't like the way the end of that game went down, you'd think the Browns are seven teams better than the raiders. I mean, you really, really come on power rankings. People you play for tie. However, they have the colts to ahead of the Houston Texans and the Texans just beat the colts. What is this madness and to your point, you just how terrible the bills are. They got the cardinals as the worst team in the league. Yeah, I would take Zona all day every day on a neutral field, Arizona. Buffalo buffalo is going to get that. But what the only thing that makes me kind of go maybe a game of awful. How did the bills beat the Vikings when I'm still baffled by that one, as my mom always told me as a kid growing up a broke. Clock is right twice a day in the sun shines on a horse's behind blind. Squirrel finds a nut. Well, I, that's a little bit too country for me. Okay. I'm on the city. Boy, blind squirrel finds. I mean, it makes sense, is applied squirrels stumbled on the nut. I think so. Well, I don't know, but I do know. I do know that if the blind squirrels just stumbled on below deck, it'd be very happy, squirrel. ESPN radio presented by progressive home insurance. Getting a quote is easier than ever straight ahead of college players. Speaking wisdom beyond his years while college coaches continue to show us, they haven't learned a thing. Next Spain and fits Nicole Briscoe in for Sarah on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Technology truth brought to you by DIKO. Truth, teenagers can communicate entirely in emojis. How why? Dob birthday party pizza slice kitten, soccer ball, pineapple truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Why are you talking about paperclips shoulder shrug, high, five wizard hat what go fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio, the ESPN app siriusxm channel eighty Jason Fitz hanging out with Nicole Briscoe doing all the dancing. We're going to take you all the way up to the NFL wildcard, Rockies cubs coming up tonight. Seven thirty PM eastern on ESPN radio. Nicole is like an eight right now on a one to ten. So feeling pretty calm. Okay, I can. I can feel it's the energies palpable. It's gonna like as we get closer to seven thirty, remember like game seven with the prides. That's kind of where we're gonna. Go still hurts. It's time for straight. Talk brought to you by straight talk wireless, best phones, best networks, no contracts, and we're getting it from a college kid clemson's hunter, Renfro, which we sort of jokingly every time we seem catch. As we're sitting there prepping as we're sitting there prepping the college football show. We always joke because it feels like hundreds been playing for Clemson for like eighteen years. But I feel that way was like he's been around forever twenty two year old kid. But he he has some strong opinions on the college football transfer rule when he was asked if he liked it, this is what he said. I don't like it. I think that when you start and I don't like having on worry about that, it seems like now week four every year is going to be the trade deadline, you know, and everyone's going to have to make decisions. So I don't like that part of it. When you commit to school, you commit to a team, I think you should. I mean, that's your team, right? And so it's interesting. I mean, it's a new situation. And it's gonna be. It's gonna be interesting how plays out. But I, I personally don't like it, but I also don't make the rules that's straight. Talk brought to you by straight talk wireless nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable, four g. l. t. networks in Nicole. It's interesting because those are strong statements from somebody who right now is facing the reality that one quarterback in that locker room is no longer there. And Kelly Bryant is he's decided to transfer and and Trevor Lawrence's obviously hurt last weekend. So now this directly impacts Clemson directly impacts everybody else. This is the danger of that rule that doing what's best for the one student may put the rest of the team at a loss. You know how we had that conversation about athletes being empowered in doing what's right for them in contract sort of being one-sided, right? The school, the organization, they will honor the contract to you so long as you are the next best thing. Right? Right. And then once you're not, what have you done for me lately, once you sort of fall out a good graces and you have to, you have to be your own ad. Advocate, you have to protect yourself. And that's exactly what Kelly Bryant is is is doing and it's really easy to sit there as a fan and I get we're hunter. Renfrew is coming from because he's played for Clemson for eighteen years Bryant. This guy like I get it, but I also get what Kelly Bryant's doing. I see it from both sides. Well, and again, I support Kelly Bryant in this decision and I support Daboh for the way that he's done it. What surprised me was to your point that Renfro was Bren with Kelly Bryant for so long. I really thought if anything, he would err on the side of Kelly Bryant. We heard my goal junior last week talking about the fact that in the locker room guys guys get it. Well, this is Renfro say, and I don't like the rule. I mean, he's not. He's not calling Kelly Bryant specifically, but he's definitely saying this puts us in a terrible situation year in year out. Do you think though that he would feel that way? If Trevor Lawrence wasn't banged up last week, if always good and Trevor, Lawrence was out there doing his thing and they had a solid backup plan and everything was fine, and everything's in a perfect. World in its kittens and rainbows. I don't know if he necessarily voices that opinion today. I don't think he does at all. I mean this this again, comes back to Davos, took a risk when he handled it this way. Dabbled decided that, hey, I'm going to do what's best for Kelly Bryant. I'm going to do what's best for this individual player, and my teams are going to be just fine. And in fact, didn't he really show that throughout the course of the game. I mean, because he didn't shy away on fourth and sixth of the end of the game, he didn't shy away from saying my team's gonna be just fine. And that's sort of been his approach. Keep in mind. The Trevor Lawrence injury is being labeled as a next right now, and he is expected to play this coming weekend. So there is all of that which, you know, I just. It. There's so many ways that you can look at it and in college, I just feel like you have to look at the kid and I still feel the need to define them as kids when they're in college. Like I hold you to a higher standard with your decision making, you should know right from wrong, but you have to look out for your future. And I just I get why Kellie Brian's doing what is doing. But here's the other thing, how many quarterbacks have left Clemson since forever. Lawrence got there. Oh, what three or four? I think Kelly Bryant is the fourth. That's the other thing that I think maybe hunter is digesting here. Well, it because it weighs the program down. I mean, the fact is the much like we've talked about Georgia's recruiting classes and how they continually just recoup recruit the best quarterback in the country every year, spectacular until these guys find out. They're not gonna play right away and then they go out and they find it from path. I just don't have a hard time without. I mean, ultimately, if a coach is going to decide not to play somebody, I mean if we have contracts here and we come in and we say, okay. We're going to, we're going to host radio and TV, right? And then you come in one day and all of a sudden they say, well, you know what? Not gonna use you anymore. I would love to be in a world where you could turn around and say, okay, well, I'm gonna. I'm gonna go find someplace where I can at least try and make my name and try and try and do best for me. I mean, I, I just I don't have a hard time with empowering college kids, especially because the redshirt rule is it was an for all the conversation about four games and what it means. The red shirt rule is it was created the situation where emergency needed you to play. One single play you lost a year of eligibility from us doesn't seem fair. That doesn't make sense at all for a kit. Now, I understand there's some of the discussion is ended after one year ended after two year make make it a a shorter process, but I'm not going to penalize a kid for for going out and for giving the team, a million different options man. Right? And I feel like that if you make it after a year or two, you penalize a kid like Kelly Bryant who stayed behind Shawn, Watson waited. Played it out and sort of got I. When he said, I felt like a slap in the face, I get it like they could have waited another year and then put Trevor Lawrenson differ. Lawrence is a true freshman his in in some ways to a failed system to the side of the teams. When the the fact is an understand graduation matters to put eighty five scholarships. Clemson gets eighty five scholarships. They can make as many quarterbacks on they can put as many quarterbacks on scholarship as they want. And there's no, when they sign you to your scholarship, when you go to your your series of one year renewals scholarships as they are, it's not like they're suddenly giving you any option to say, well, no, I don't want you to take that guy on scholarship. We want this weird loyalty and I'm surprised to have Renfro of all people say, don't forget the world to the World Series goes through ESPN radio catch all the postseason action presented by auto zone on ESPN radio, ESPN, radio dot com. And the ESPN app speaking of which straight ahead can defending World Series champ fly under the radar. We asked the axe. Stroz Alex bregman next on Spain and Fitz on ESPN, radio, Spain, and Fitz case bits hanging out with the coal Briscoe the NFL wildcard. Rockies cubs is coming up tonight at seven thirty pm eastern on ESPN radio. We'll get you all the way there. ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance, and it's really interesting as we sort of dissect some of what we see in playoff baseball. I know we've been talking a lot of NFL a little bit of college football here, but the we're in full playoff swing here. Nicole laughs. Yeah, it's so interesting to me that the Astros specifically are defending World Series champion, and I just don't feel like they've been a huge part of the conversation. I feel like a lot of people like, oh, yeah, the Astros Astros are going. I kind of think like, where have you been? Well, maybe that's a fair point. We're gonna head straight to the shell Pennzoil performance line. We're gonna fix that. Now by speaking the Astros third baseman, Alex bregman, Alex, thanks for joining us t mobile is bringing back home runs for hurricane recovery, five thousand bucks for every home run hit in the playoffs. Plus one dollar for every post. On Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag HR for HR they pick the right guy to rent this Alex. What makes this 'cause close to you buddy? Well, last year we saw it firsthand here in Houston with the hurricane and everyone that was affected, and we saw how we were able to kinda raise the city up when it was going through some tough times. So since then for about the last year partner with t. mobile and team Rubicon and able to try to help out in any way we can with with hurricane relief and t mobile is done on believable job with home, runs for hurricane relief. And hopefully this year we can hit some home runs and raise some more money to help these families that were affected. Well, obviously you've gone hot and help that. 'cause and Ben helping the cause for the Astros throughout the month of October. What's really been the key for you? Well, I think I think just really being on being on this team with the great teammates. So they have been able to pick out to as brain craze brain. And you know when. When when this offense gets role and you wanna keep up and it's fun and hopefully well, I know for a fact that we're back back to full strength now everyone's healthy and it's going to be a fun run for hopefully eleven more wins to our our back tobacco World Series championships fall. In the AL MVP conversation. A know has actually the first time I've been asked that. On on on on record. So I don't know. Depends on depends on what you look at. Definitely say new bets on believable year. My child's had an unbelievable year. So somewhere in there with those two. Well, I, I think we should just lobby for you. I mean, I, it's, it's humble of you. Alexai three, the humility. I, I want to get back to something. You mentioned though. When you talked about this, 'cause for you and what Houston sort of went through last year. It caught the nation's attention with you guys going through that run when Houston was going through so much for this year. Obviously, you know that the recency bias of that it just it's not as prevalent in everyone's mind. So how do you sort of recapture that level of emotion going into this playoff him? Tell you one thing? We one hundred and three games this year. So we were able to secure home-field home field advantage for the first round. And I promise you when when when the guy's not clubhouse feel the electricity of our fans in the stands on on game one when lender takes on kluber. I think I think more we'll feel right back at home where where we, where we feel very comfortable in the postseason and in that atmosphere and we'll, we'll remember Houston strong for sure. Used to seeing teams that win the World Series. One year sort of have the the World Series hangover the next year. You guys you one hundred and three games, but you still had to sort of got it out and fight it out with Oakland, like there was the point in August where you guys had that ten game stretch. We lost eight including two of three to Oakland during that time. What did you guys learn about yourselves at the team. Well, I'll tell you this team. We we did have a World Series hangover. We we only one hundred three games. I think we're capable of winning one hundred twenty one hundred twenty five to be honest with you. If with that's how that's how confident we are in in in this team when we're repulsed rank that well two they went down. Correa went down, Springer went down and and we we managed to win a hundred and three games. So the Oakland Athletics, they had a, they had a magical run at let division title, but they they gotta they gotta tell one with the ANC is coming up. So I think I think our division is is ours for the fertile for the future. And I think we're gonna. We're gonna own LS for awhile. ESPN radio. Jason's hits Nicole Briscoe in for Sarah, Spain, and you're listening to the Astros third baseman on the shell Pennzoil performance line. It's Alex bregman you in Cleveland, Houston, and Cleveland gave us basically seven game series threw out this season. You guys want it for three. How much does a matchup with another team that you've seen seven times during the season? How much does that change when you get to the postseason. Potatoes a lot. Honestly, they didn't. We. We won four, two, three in that series. And I don't know if I if I remember correctly, I don't think Justin Verlander pitch one game. So I think that for, for example, is going to be a big difference for us. I think I think we did get to face each other, get to see kind of where each other teams were Abba. We played early on in the year and we weren't really clicking yet. And I think right about now is the time that this team starts to start. Click starts to turn it on and plays our best baseball on October realistically, I know it sounds cliche, but last year you guys went through this new master playoff baseball. How much does that help you this year when you go into it. I think it helps a lot. Now we, we do have slightly different team, and I think it's actually a a little bit improved to be honest with you. We made some huge additions down the stretch with Presley on CNN app bullpen. We made we traded for Garrett Cole. So I think I think we have about as complete a pitching staff as you'll see in the game baseball. And then offensively I think, is where we learn the most from our postseason run last year. I think I think the guys that that were in that offense that are still now offense learnt sell much of the difference between regular season abets and postseason bats, and I think we'll be able to apply the that into this year series. Friday. It's going to be kluber the Verlinden the postseason actually starts tonight. How much do you pay attention to what's going on in other series other than your own? I'll pay attention to the American League. I mean, I'll watch the game tonight because we're not playing, but I'm I mostly just pay attention. In the American League, he's you how teams are doing. But I I, if if I had to make a prediction, I would, I would predict that we would be playing. The Milwaukee Brewers World Series this year until this varies. Nicole, Nicole a cubs fan. So now she is very, very mad. Hey, Alex, you're doing great stuff on the field, but more importantly, you're doing amazing things off the field being a part of this. We really appreciate your time. Thanks for all that you do and best of luck throughout the playoffs. Thanks for having me on guys and everybody. Go ahead and tweet out that hashtag HR for HR. That's right. The hashtag is HR for HR on Twitter and Instagram, t mobile donates a dollar for every post plus five thousand bucks for every home run hit in the playoffs. So it's a great cause great way to get involved in great work by Alex bregman of the Astros even if Nicole is now very, that would be a great series. Oh, it would be spectacular, and but you know what for now, I can't even say I'm rooting for the. Well, of course I'm rooting for the cubs because you went Sarah, both just value. Well, that is fair. That is fair, but I love Milwaukee. It's my one of my favorite cities. So I'm sorry. Again, the hashtag is h r. for HR. Thanks for Alex for coming on with us, and we're going to get you all the way up to Rockies cubs. So we'll see how Nicole does is the night. Continues, it is starting to get dicey things are getting a heated in here. Straight ahead. If you hate the NFL you're on the outside of the party looking in, we'll tell you why next Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio and the ESPN app.

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