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Because it's supposed to be a pop culture reference. I feel like that dates. The episodes Harambee. Everybody's GonNa love her MB jokes. All Lean Mary. Only. Talk I forgot. This. Is the clock. Yeah? The stonework is a nice touch Tom Eli. I'll bite. What are you doing? And why is he's tied to a plinth in the center of the room? What's Yes, thank you see so I quit this so many times. Okay? All right I very obviously. That's an alter. That's that's not that doesn't. Word? Second. What does it look like we're doing okay? We're obviously starting at Satanic call. You could see though. Have you read this week's SAC. Slow girls money all the heath week and eat guys. Guys Know Anton Levy the entire essay was about how full of fucking shit he was. Wait. Why did he was I? Told you guys that I said that the whole time isn't listen. Why would I listen to you? Yes. He did almost none of the things he said he did. He was just a fucking con man. That's it okay, but he was a conman with. Millions of dollars right. Wait. Really millions like millions millions. I'm pretty sure millions. I mean are we allowed to Su Vida? Looks a little tough. We weren't gonNA. I don't see why not I mean I. got a really big vacuum bag. Okay, Nice Nice, okay, are you guys GonNa Finish me though gross heath I meant eating me. Did you. Now I didn't think so. The Pan low-end welcome, the citation needed the podcast where we choose a subject read a single article about it on Wikipedia and pretend we're experts, because this is the Internet and that's how it works now I'm Eli Bosnich and I'll be leading these lambs to the slaughter but I. I'll need some wolves in sheep's clothing. I up to men who saw Satan play with twenty other people in someone's garage? No. Yeah. No, he was going by the artist formerly known as the Prince of darkness. Even in his early days, you could tell he was gonna be a morning. Star And also joining US tonight, two men who soul Satan had at the rest of this snickers bar. It's fun size. Off. I'm tired of people snickering when they see me how I don't blame him. I'm just I'm tired. So tell us see so, what person place thing concept phenomenon or event will we be talking about today? What is going to skip over the Patriots? Okay Yeah No. We're going to be talking about half cat fester Antonova. Delved deep into the dark secrets of. NERD are you ready to tell us how? He waved his hands and did nothing. Ready. Alright so. Who Was Anton Levay? Anton. levay was an author musician and professional occultist who founded the Church of Satan and the religion of LE`veon's Satanism, and he's also evil universe me in like every way. Hated religion, but he he did that wrong. He looks like Superman Villain, but in a bad way in an awesome way, and his entire life is based on line, but again in a bad not like. The only difference is that unlike me Lavelli leaned all the way into it and became a millionaire, and he got to have a sex call, so I guess he's Smart University touches. They'll know. He had a sense call. We have ten thousand people who email to inform us that. We meant to say Non Avian Dinosaurs Potato I. Can Go fuck themselves. Guys, a sex cult sounds good, but. Given the Hygiene Standards Post Pandemic I'M GONNA soft. Pass on yeah, right. All right, so tell us he was Levinas first big lie. Well according to his interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he was born in Nineteen, thirty as Anton Zander Levay and his parents were Joseph and Augusta Lavar. So lying starts at moment zero with his birth actually. Howard Stanton Levy. Gertrude Levy. People Argon join a cult. Leader guy is some dude named fuck and how we. For Yourself, I'll join any I want thank you. Also is grandma is not a magical Romani person from Transylvania taught him ancient witchcraft, also just for the record that rolling stone article is amazing and a Houston a lot. It's written by Lawrence Right and right could obviously tell that levine was lying about almost every single thing he ever says. A whole bunch of debunking happened in the final copy of article. V was furious when it came out. Pretty much. The entire article goes back and forth between a paragraph about. Telling a ridiculous lie, and then a paragraph explaining exactly how easy it was to check that lie. I Two, biggest sources were that article and a nine page fact sheet released by Levinas daughter Zina right after he died that listed twenty-six giant lies along with twenty six. What actually happens segments? Not a great sign when your kid works harder on your slopes page than they do on your eulogy. What happened, so Levy family moved to San, Francisco when how he was a baby, and that's where he grew up his biggest interest as a kid was music, and he focused especially on nightmare, themed instruments like the pipe organ and the client. Also learned the oboe, and according to his authorized biography written binz girlfriend. At, age, fifteen, he was the second. For the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra. which is an orchestra that never existed and. Second Oh he was Michigan Man of the year. I'm sorry who lies to make themselves second oboe. Girlfriend lives in Canada. You never met her, but she has feet for hands it's. Lies about brags about oboe at all it's. Club his I would oppose a mad I the added. To the campus of Oberlin and I, always getting so much and mouth, and Pussy and whatever. During that interview. Rolling stone that he had a subjective childhood, one of the exact words pretentious asshole according to. During his. non-objective childhood. Fuck. That means much like many Satanists. If he was bullied when asked about the details, you just mentioned that his face was kind of weird looking like a gap to. It's weird face and that's when Lawrence Right. The journalists started flipping through vase biography and said Okay I. Just thought you might mention something about this part right here. Does. He had a tail. The what's. Up. Yeah I. Did I had it removed when I was either thirteen or fourteen. Very painful circumstance. So let me just say there are some things you chase that you're not meant. I had the tail removed right after my kids went into remission. Before the oboe. Propagated actually remove it. They just docked it so that he had to go through the rest of his life with those little cocker Spaniel wagging penis. Horrible it's like trying to wag it, but there's nothing. Button the action. According to. Attended High School until he was sixteen, and then dropped out to join the Clyde, beatty circus and also flee from the law. He started as a roused about at the circus, which is just the guy who does whatever the Carnival Guy in charge tells you to do, and that means at some point. You're going to tell you to be a cage boy for the meth head. Tiger guy that's inevitable. So pretty soon. Levay was handling eight Nubian lions, and or Bengal Tigers in a cage all at once, and this is when he really learned about magic. If he got knocked down, was was about to get mauled by twelve giant cats. You'd send out gamma rays to penetrate their brains This was his only use of gamma rays that he ever. Overuse. I'm sure I'm not the first person point the south. There's a tiger slash crazy liar. Criminal Correlation here that science needs to. Yes, right also speaking of science to explore things further. It's entirely possible that the world was was home to a satanic tiger. Hulk and we need his story. Remember just going to gloss over the fled the law for reasons just like a minute ago, he was second. Like. How did he fall so far from gratis? was a magical lion wrangler for awhile, but then he realized that his Murray Creepy fucking childhood collide the interest. Paid off perfectly and he became the circus. Calliope. That's real word. and. That's when he first became cynical about religion. You notice that the same men who were going to the X. rated shows on Saturday night would also attend the religious tent revival meetings on Sunday morning, when he eventually wrote the Satanic Bible, he mentioned this moral double standard origin of his quest to defy Christianity. And just one of their detail on that. There's absolutely no evidence that ever worked at a circus or carnival in any. But what he did have a Joe Joe in Japan. Is Very confused about how making up. Stories works like like I. Get the Lion, Taming. Bad Ass, but like the detail of later getting promoted to call lion player that seems like a step of the wrong. Well here's how you can tell nobody who actually worked for a circus brags about. So? I hope we get to end of this story and he's and he's a one man band. Elbow, so he's playing. The gohi-bi the drums. Oboe like Bob Dylan Harmonic. It's so. Career in the circus collided business and probably being serial killer. Because that's what fucking collide P players. After Lewis started working as an organist in bars and nightclubs, and this included a regular gig as part of a burlesque show in Los Angeles at the Mayan Theater while he was working there, he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe don't come when she was dancer Mayan before getting famous. Don't do. Somebody should've pointed out into Levin. Biography going to intersect with someone. Maybe don't choose one of the most famous and well documented women and all of modern. Man also just one other little detail on that. There's absolutely no chance. He had an affair with Marilyn Monroe. You know manager of the Mayans said she was never a dancer there and also pointed out that they never used the theater as a burlesque house also just fucking. To I took the trouble to like, look up his picture at this point, and he looks like fucking Danny trae oh, after seven months in chemotherapy. And also has there ever been more shadow side? The cameras portraits taken of one person we get. Sluki dude down. What Allen more have a contest. Go Kit Easy Howie. Right so long time in the music business and his time having an affair with the biggest sex symbol in American history. So probably just more serial killing clown music. To San Francisco and met his future wife, Carol Lansing got married in Nineteen fifty one when she was. Fifteen years old, wow! That's good. And Carol gave birth to their daughter Carla a year later. This is win. Anton got a job with the SAN. Francisco Police Department as a photographer and also psychic investigator. Means he would use magic powers his speak with murder victims and helped the homicide detectives. or Eat. Spoke directly with the murder victims that he murdered while playing the client. Or, maybe he was claiming he was an investigator of psychics. It's not clear. I'm sure all of those interpretations are equally. Wrecked speaking of which just one other little detail on that there are absolutely no records at the San Francisco Police. Department of hiring a psychic investigator named Anton Levay or how he levy. Also know investigators of psychics. To be there for that interview though. So anyway I can talk to the dead people or for the dead people also I can read the minds of bad guys if you like I'm I'm not picky. UK Great Well Mr Levy. Lavallee. No, no, it is not We've got your resume. Of you know that's real parchment. Great. We'll let you know if we need your help. Anton are Yarmuth Dan. You all set honey. Oh, this is be your daughter. No, that's my wife Yikes. Right. Seasons Christ. So segue out of that during. Nineteen sixties. levay became a local celebrity in San Francisco as a musician, paranormal, expert and professional. Proto hipster, obnoxious guy especially noticeable was when he walked around town with his pet, lack leopard named Zoltan. Eventually, Zoltan got run over by a car. Because you know, it's a leopard walking around a major city sure. avai replaced Zoltan with a lion named Garay okay. What city quickly made a law? Pretty sure just for him, that said okay, no having lions and tigers, or up no also not leopards as a house pet, regardless of gamma, rays, or anything else like that and just you can't have them, so who Garay got sent to. I, Experience when I say, there's nothing better than a city ordinance that is very clearly just directed at you. I, think all of black. America would beg to differ. Can't. Yeah, this is when avai started using his local fame to build the early stages of a cult. It started with his Friday night lectures on dark rituals and the occult. It became pretty popular, and he opened them up to the public, charging two dollars a person to hear him teach about stuff like love, potions and monkey glands or magical cannibalism on Cannibal night, actually got a human thigh from a doctor friend unserved it to the guests magical cannibalism. All cannibalism is magical if you share it with the right person. saw. WHIZ can we wanted this back a little bit heat? This is every doctor have a human thigh just laying around to share. This is I have more questions than I have answers. Most of them have at least. Right. That's a great question. Number they boneless skinless dies or. A lot of questions. It wasn't clear. He served some human. Though so he's lecture. Events went really well, and of course taxation is theft, so lavar decided to start a religion. And it all became official on April thirtieth nineteen, sixty six. Also, known as Saint while purchase night oh. What's his celebration of the German? Of Protection against witchcraft, rabies and on. The twenty first anniversary of Hitler. That day okay. Apparently, those are both very important to Anton levay. So that night he ritualistically shaved his head, explaining how this was the tradition of ancient executioners from the devil worshipping Yazidi tribe, and he declared the Church of Satan to be open for business. You also proclaimed that nineteen, sixty six was now called year one in the age of Satan, or no Satana one. Oh I see. That makes everything you did before that day. BE S right. This good. I will go ahead and say it. Though of all the ways that religions of us to try to hide male pattern baldness, his might be the least. I wonder how the Fuck you shave your head ritualistically like we. Use A. Razor and like sage sentence so. You. Very secular way to do that also Tom that some people do. And one other detail on all that. Pretty much that whole thing was made up after the fact. In the summer of sixty six, well after the first night of Ano- say Thomas a newspaper wrote an article about Levy that called Him High Priest of the devils church, and that's when he clearly made up a story using the things in his head at that very moment, which were rabies, cough and Hitler. Family that he actually shaved his head after losing a bet. Just made up the ancient executioner thing as a cover. there's actually a bit more to the story of as very intentional physical appearance overhaul at this point, and this is one of my favorite details. It's very likely that he stole his entire Demon look from a TV show called the wild wild west. All. On March twenty fifth of Nineteen, sixty six, they had an episode featuring a satanic cult leader played by Don rickles. The character Anton. For himself on month later. I mean Jeff Sessions Graduated College, and started his career and created look a year after the Keebler Elf was created, so there are no coincidences. Coincidences all right well, I, think it's pretty obvious that Anton Levay is about to win his way into Frank Sinatra's heart. I believe we're doing this. Don't worry. Don't worry. You'll be an adventure. Greetings, mortals well Gordon to the Church of Satan new school. Right right cool, so you must be Mr Levy. It's it's. Not No. It's not no, it's not anyway. This is the fountain of Blood South from it and live forever move. Hey, Howie What should I do with all these cool eight bottles? Recycling I'm kind of in the middle of the thing these. Right. Come to the charge should say on really sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry super. Beta delivery Sorry boss wouldn't let me quote. Mash it up, so it looks like blood and stuff. He's a Doug June. Oh, okay, well, then you just put it in the back, then cool. Hey Mister I gotta say is Church seems to be. Well, if I'm being honest kind of phony, yeah, can you give us any reason to stay? Away less rape e than all the other churches so. Something you guys want some czar. Don't cords are? And we're back when we left off Anton. levay, new several women who didn't care about labels what happens? All right so with the Church of Satan in full swing levay started writing books about his belief system starting with the Satanic Bible. And the belief system is called. Atheism end of system. That doesn't make called happn very well, so he added a bunch of magic and a bunch of thinly-veiled eugenics to really make it pop. His major influences according to him included p.t Barnum Rasputin. I N- ran. Lemay unabashedly described his version of Satanism as quote I in Rand's philosophy with ceremony and ritual. Austin. Religion great that makes sense I mean. The Republicans ritually gut every social program. The marketing for this thing must have been fucking amazing right like. You're on your own now. Fifty percent more incense. and. Let me get a little more incensed. That's about right, and not surprisingly levies target demographic was over privileged whiny white men. Oh No, where will he find some? Found him. And, of course, the call also had the women that those over privilege whiny white men would pressure into being topless during the rituals because female nipples are magical and. According to the FBI, the average satanist is a white male in his twenty s found satanism in his late teens just like the average on Tuesday. Actually Oh, Keith. I just feel like it's unfair to compare the two groups. One is a literal vampiric cult that worships the cause of all evil, and the others are just satanists. Ask. Equally rooted in fact so. High. So basic tenets of Levin Satanism are found at the beginning of the Satanic Bible. One major part is called the nine satanic statements, and another is called eleven satanic rules of the Earth. and. Some of them are actually pretty good ideas, and and a bunch of stupid ideas are still delightfully entertaining, because Anton a clearly wrote a mall being mad at a very specific annoying friend. Here's your. Some of the highlights starting with statement one. Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence, and that's where lots people stopped reading and joined regnier. Number two and three. They basically just say science is better than being stupid, so that's good. He's a naturalist satanist. Cool and here's statement number four Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates. fucking Dave. Dave number four read it Dave. Better next up statement number five Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek, and I just wanted to. Spite is part of the religion. Number six was yawn at Dave some more for talking too much seriously number seven eight, basically a plug for Social Darwinism. You know do whatever you want. And the market solution is perfect for rich white people, so rate and finally statement number nine. Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had. He's kept it in business all these years, which is pretty solid Yeah, Steve. MNUCHIN is common for that spot, right? At this point. And that brings us to the eleven satanic rules of the Earth. And again, it's a lot of Dave stuff the first to rule czar, don't give opinions unless you're asked and stop whining. Little number three is. Seriously stopped showing my house. Is a follow up to that. It says if a guest in your home and noise you treat him cruelly and without mercy. You can only do that if he goes asleep I when you're all drinking? Next up. We have rule number five, which may or may not involve Dave, but it's super important either way. Don't make sexual advances unless you get the mating signal. Honestly I think. Switching to a spotlight Batman system might be for the best that this administration can just. Make that official. It was just no. He's still going to be looking at a giant h clouds going. So put eager sign up sideways. well either way solid rule I would have liked to see the word consent in there, but this is like nineteen sixty six closest. You're going to get to that so something good in there anyway moving onto rule number six don't steal rule number. Seven magic is real. If it works so, don't question your cult leader number eight shut up. Warm little children yeah, unless she's fifteen and you want to impregnate her. Yeah, yeah! Yeah sure. Number and don't kill animals unless they attack you or for food. Okay, that's most of the animal killing. Dressing what? Doing, YEEZUS! And Rule number eleven when walking in open territory. Bother no one if someone bothers you. Ask Him to stop if he does not stop. Destroy them. Quickly now we call that standing your ground. Christian. Yeah so that's LE`veon's Satan is. Those the tenants. She's I'm surprised that one of the rules wasn't I was in the circus? Dave so. In the late sixties and early seventies, the church got a pretty big following. Levin put together some publicity stunts, including a satanic baptism of his daughter and got plenty of news coverage is that? Do you just drier out I, don't. Into A ballpit of those. Things Wrinkled do not eat honey honey. Do not eat it, says it. Just told her first. So they got a bunch of attention, and they set up grotto's all over the country, even got Surata his followers including Sammy Davis Junior and Jayne Mansfield. May Actually had an affair with Mansfield. No, he didn't. Right after she died in a car crash, coincidentally, which he said was the result of a curse that he put on her boyfriend. Well they did a lot of marketing. They also had a two for one curse night and a flippy Air Satan outside the headquarters. People in. Horns that are flap and that'd be great. One other big event for the Church of Satan during its early years was the big success of Roman Polanski, horror film Rosemary's baby in nine, hundred and sixty eight, which was about a satanic cult, and Louvain made a big deal about being the technical advisor and playing the credited role of the devil in that movie, but You. Know he's. He's obviously lying snug. Verifiable an obvious also. Just a heads up. You probably don't want me as a celebrity. And maybe I just don't. Are Fighting like this. They have so much in common. Honestly all the Polanski's experiences with satanic cult leaders. This was going to be among the most. Mass one best one. yeah, so the church kept growing and by Nineteen seventy-two. They had hundreds of thousands of members. Or possibly a mailing list of about three hundred people, and we have many of those being as personal friends who were getting pamphlets. Somewhere in that range that. Either way this is when they started having a schism. Bunch of the followers thought atheism. Was Kinda fucking boring? And they wanted to actually worship, the real demon name, Satan and by nineteen seventy five several groups had split off to start their own brand, and just by coincidence levay happened to change the rules that year and announced okay. You can't learn about the high. Level Atheist Satan magic unless you donate real estate or expensive. And Hold on, let me just check the spells real quick. Yet money works to if it's a lot, that's. The also disbanded all the grotto's. Spite, because everyone was doing the atheists Satan worship songs off fast rated, and that's when levesque. Michael, Aquino started a theistic splinter group called the Temple of set, which was it was the same thing as the Church of Satan, but you weren't allowed to be ironic about. Nails theses televised Dora says, but for Real Z's though. So. The end of Nineteen Seventy Five Churches Satan pretty much only existed on paper, but the idea of satanism kept going strong and during the eighties. Entire country got whipped up into a moral panic about satanic ritual abuse known as the Satanic Panic. What was actually happening was a bunch of nerdy white guys combining gothic. Down? At all the Christian people decided that everyone they didn't like was secretly fucking little kids eating I'm under a Chucky Jones and this actually brought levay back into the spotlight. He started doing big interviews again got more celebrities on board and reinstated the grotto system. Presumably with people who heard on like Phil Donahue and Maury Povich. That pedophile Cannibal Magic was back in style and they got excited about. Used to be a Catholic, but what I like about satanism is the honesty. He's just to be clear. They successfully rebranded after being conflicted with imaginary ritualistic. Religion is awesome. That's good. So the whole satanic panic thing, it sounds like stupid, but it was actually super, horrible and tragic. It was stupid to. Silly, stupid, horrible and Geriatric as well. It wasn't just crazy Christian people throwing around ridiculous gossip in a panic they were going to the police and accusing people of sexually abusing kids with nothing, but magical evidence to back it up, and it turns out. The police are mostly crazy, Christian people in a panic, so a bunch of innocent people went to jail for bunch of years. Even the FBI was taken it seriously at one point. Yes, the I heard about a satanic murder plot against Ted Kennedy, so they interviewed Levay Open. He could like teach him dark magic counter spell. Murder. which I really fucking Hopi she's. IRA when I used to think adults were in charge of important stuff. When they told us we didn't need masks. Adults were never in charge of that though. Yeah they were though so Levin kept going with group of thousands. Dozens or whatever it was, but most of the national attention eventually dried up again, and despite the millions or dozens of dollars he made. On money from his parents and public assistance on the end of his life. died on Halloween of nineteen ninety-seven. Except, that's actually allied to. What all is. He just wanted to be spooky somehow. Date now away in got illegally snuck onto his death certificate. We actually I'd. That's an awkward deathbed request though right. Vanden Tanta my closest confidante. Do me this favor in my final hours. Leash. Change, my death certificate shows it. It says I tied. On Halloween. Absolute. Why? Oh It'd be Shoe I. I'm sorry, Super Spooky. Everybody'll be like. You Hear Anti. died on Halloween. How Satan E and other people like? That's so spooky. Will they? Though you think? We. Hurry Mr Levy he got it. Yeah, it's it's Lemay. No, it's not it's not. A, Four, we wrap it up. I just have a couple more details about Anton. levay from that rolling stone article they did some of the interview at La's house known as the Black House. because. He painted black. House was actually owned by Mary Ellen pleasant. The nineteenth century, real estate, mogul, land, therapist, abolitionist, and owner of famous mansion brothel. Except none of that were they got my parents. It's not even close to a mansion. Mary unpleasant did not have. That it checks out. Was the house even painted. I. Don't want you night. Hold on a second. Shaded like all his face shots. To facts. and. Here's the description of Anton live as living room from the article quote beside. The couch was an antique examination table with Stirrup side. Next to the exam table was chair stacked full with La's various black hats God just. It did wartime above that was a framed sign. It said my worst enemies are those who presumed me to be harmless. It cannot imagine how much I resent end disdain them or just how great a threat would face if I could get at them some day with the help of time space and circumstance I will be able to humiliate them properly, not in a manner they would enjoy playing a style calculated up to make them wish they had never been. Definitely someone's twitter bio. Guaranteed I just WANNA say. It's nice that Noah decided to podcast. Good Olympic cult. One last thing Anton L- Avai. Pretty fucking cool. He is a pioneer of Fuck Rodney eyles. We leave. That's right, but he was a big fan of mannequins, and he had them all over the house. In terrifying little scenes, he had like a drunk at a bar with like a pool of urine under. Weird stuff and he spent years tinkering with android prototypes, and predicting that the science of robotics would be advanced enough to create an AI fuck doll. He called this forbidden industry, and described it as quote, polite, sophisticated and technologically feasible slavery poon nuts like. In a good way, it's nice that he decided to podcast. I wouldn't said last thing and. Most of his mannequins had the heads sawed off and replaced with latex impressions of his friends face. So, so at some point. Journalists Rolling Stone was like. All right man I gotta ask. You fucking those dolls? Which Point Lavar. Started to Yell Action Figures Man. Long claws and responded. I tried to. My Greatest Heston, but just as I was entering her, the damn room started shaking. Earthquake hit I figured it was God's way of trying to tell me something. So I ceased my activities, and then he added. Okay when I said God just now just figure. You, and if you had to summarize what you learned in one, sentence, he, what would it be? And on the Vei was born. And died. Alright! Are you ready for the quiz? Quiz all right. When fifteen year old aspiring Satanists Noah. Got His hands on a copy of the Satanic Bible by the Antonova hard to do, and you live in a small town, and all the bookstores are Christian bookstores, and he read the trait bullshit that Levine was passing office. Tannock statements. It would remain the most disappointing moment in his life until a. The Star Wars prequels be. He realized that paying the pizza delivery guy was sex with just a vehicle to move porn along. He saw how quickly the majority of Americans got behind the idea of a preemptive war or d. he read the eleven satanic rules that came immediately after. Wow, that's I. Mean I feel like they? All kind of tied until e twenty twenty there. You go hack correct. A long series of disappointment since alright heath of all of Anton Levinas lies, which was the least impressive? All of his lies. Be Seriously, even if everything he said was true. Not even the mannequins well fuck them see. He got rejected by a mannequin. Jesus Movies Manneken that guy gets to fuck the. True. Well he was an act of God not really God. It wasn't he didn't get. Reject I wouldn't say reject. But a all of his lies I believe. That's that's pretty true. It's inherently true. It's weird when it's a all of the below, but yeah. I think. What we learned from the combination of levay end allaster cruelly stories. Hey, someone says they can do magic. They're trying to fuck you. The Bible sucks so hard. Crazy pedophile constantly make better moral codes than it she's. got. No matter how funky and goats bloody your cult starts out at always ends with infighting over parking spaces. All of the above. Wow, well, I mean A. Yots, try to do a lot of magic for ceases to that tracks. But, so did the other ones. It's gotta be d all the above right. Yes Oh. All right I know you're a fan of music heat. So what's the most famously starts in club, music? Seriously even. Collide inspired musical. Hell Dali. Abyss, Saigon See. Abba Don Giovanni. Oh Hem. Be Big. Daddy Don Modine's truck de though Lobato Weymouth. Is, incorrect I'm sorry was Abba Don Giovanni. Very close considering that all right you stumped in that means this week's winner is see Sel some well. Let's get a Noah Essay next week. When you say all right if you insist all right well for Tom Noah and he I'm alive Bosnian. Thank you for hanging out with us today. We'll be back next week and by then no one will be an expert on something else to now then I'll be in a never ending cycle of changing my son's diaper normal stock up on a cheerful a hats secial. Really Cook a leg if you ask him, Tom will eat C. sales lagging. One hundred percent finish that. To help, keep the show going. You can make a purpose. Oh, donation at Patriotair, dot, com, slash, citation pot, or leave us a five star review everywhere you can, if you'd like to get in touch with us, check out episodes connected essential media or check the show notes, be sure to check out citation pod DOT COM and remember every earthquake is God telling you not to fuck a mannequin. Outlet. Then, next, Thursday were doing a bake sale. A Bake Sale! Yeah, yeah, you know Brownies Blonde. These cookies yeah, okay, but. But a bake sale. An Evil Bake Sale. The current. Okay. Neighboring Cups Oh. Fuck you.

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