I like your cans, but they are zombies


The. Brought to you all those live from the dude in the basement studios. Why? Because that's where the good stuff. Is it six suds and smokes with your spoken? Post the good old boy. Suds suds. It's time for more so. Welcome everyone to this said segment where good. Beer meets bad radio. I am your host today. Go boy, Mike. And joining me at the table are a set of very questionable casting decisions. You'd like that Edger a love that wasn't even a slow clap, I have to say, I wondered how that would very animated so, well, well, sitting to me at radio left is gonna ten ten do not do your homework. That's a new one. It's a pleasure to be Bax. Do we have to speak in French? So you'll understand us that would be one way. I would. You, you swig suck you Smith. Even order fridge food. The crap mile true thing. Yes. It's like he's backing he was just re he's just returned from. Provence. Yeah, I went to France. Freshly Mary's fresh off the boat and beer, that we bought Alabama so that probably cultural shock trip evolves, probably getting prepared for marriage. You can order food stupid. Joining us today is good. Ole boy. Caperton sexually. Depraved miscreant. Basis and most immediate ships finally finally gotten mile and sound by God. Reverend Mark is well, so. Don't ruin it. Hi everyone. Hello. Everyone also is gal Giuliana. Yes, I am the boss. That is a professional. Yes. And running the soundboard as well as the king of all questionable decision ghetto, boy, Dave who told they can. Well that is what this is about as part of our summer of questionable decisions. We're going to conduct a little experiment. That is understatement. There's no size characteristic around this. How many of you have gone to the beer store and bought something just because at a funny, name or the cool can art? Don't make me me. I have apparently one of about a dozen. Yeah. We were betting that can artists definitely played into your question. We'll decision making process. Is this a sound strategy that is part of our quest for today? But it's so pretty I'm saying, probably not. Anyway, plus today will actually have a report since Caperton's percents here. So we'll get to attack. Before we go. Any further though this segment is brought to you by the law offices of scratchers ace graduates. Are you a kitty or a puppy, who defines his kitty identifies kidding? Do you need an attorney? We'll come on down to the law says the scripture today, scratch, it scratches day scratched, in attorney at law, she fights for her clients, and is it interest is the claw scripture based cartridge, not licensed to practice law in any of the fifty states. In preparation for this show. Good old boy. Dave the king of questionable decisions and questionable commercial spots, and went down to the horrible state of Alabama trae, some beers based, solely on the name and the design of the can I'm thinking that there was definitely some recreational drugs involve was they love us. I have I have. Asked the state Alabama. They asked about you all the time. Wait, does that mean that you go there all the time? Big oh, ginger. I'm like that. So big old daughters, asking me, what do you want to be called as a as a grandpa and, and so big ginger, gender ginger? This has that made the top three day. So, you know, there you go, go to Tim, once you tell us about the lineup. We're gonna go through today. We have a long lineup of she said lovely cans. I we're gonna start off with on fleet imperial stout with thirteen percent style from Stillwater and Custos survey sirri-a. We have asked after the last death sour ales, so ill currants cherries by Orpheus brewing out of Atlanta. We have the foot clan mixed berry Berliner vice by southern prohibition, the space lettuce WPA recreational drug by Monday night, brewing, much discussion about that one. White Stoute's can't jump by bam. Nation brewing white white stout. Don't fear the blender Tropical Smoothie. Clown shoes. Bring the Belloc coffee vanilla stout. The hoof hearted brewing, bombshell, blonde ale by southern star brewing, stranger than fiction, porter by collective arts in the doctor chill New England PA moon raker named after meeting that is a huge lineup. So we're going to get to touch on all these fears beers briefly today. Along the way, most noted is that this is the first time, I think, clown shoes has reappeared since the great band of two thousand five oh my God. And we were there for that. Yes. That's remembers. Yeah. Right. We can never go back dip switch. So maybe we can redeem ourselves and hope for the best. Yep. I, I know my tasting today, help in that never rent. It won't be the worst beer in the flight. I think it will. So. Gogo Giuliana tell us what we're going to be doing with these beers. Today. We're gonna be discussing and Raden these biz Alabama axis Alabama. Definitely this suds ratings. Wow. Anti. L alabi. But people say that people in Pennsylvania. You wanna do in Alabama, exit. You just have to sound like our sister. Reese, Witherspoon I think it's an Alabama robot walk the line. I, I tried. Now you've committed hours. You gotta do the whole thing. We'll be right. Discussing a ratings for this biz. Boston. Be is. I'm from Boston Alabama. Ask for biscuits at the table. All you have to do just that moment. I like biscuits jam number one put a little bit skit my. Come on, biscuit. You're very to should nail this accent like ten times a day. So if it's supposed to be pronounce it. Our ratings these beers. Oh my God. Okay. This is why she never does this why I never do this. Okay. Number one. Sucks. Give me anything but a bud. Number two. A belt or left internet data. That's it. I do declare whatever they when you hit the dateline. Dang number four. About it should not make that sound official state sound of test lucid. When did this become picking the dump on EBay? It's just so easy number five. Listen to that. Hang time. Please. Give me another. Very emotional. In films. A like that Alabama poor Ville. Everybody's relates close, only great high quality, you know, quality high-quality southern uncle daddy. Oh, god. Yes teddy well. Out to play. Thank you for that, riveting, you know, southern plantation, charm, or such ratings, go, gal or good boy. Caperton. The kudzu report. Okay. All right. Oh, from the frontlines, again folks where the battle against kudzu and other invasive, vines continues, the task is daunting, despite the many masters of abatement taking up the fight. But rest assured we are on the job with the determination to win the fight. Today's kudzu report is a little bit different while kudzu is indeed, a slow motion green Sonam e capable of submerging us all and it's leafy doom. It is not the only concern now. They're the vine that eight the south has several country cousins, if you will daddy's plays into the Alabama theme here more than capable of blanketing us all in a sea of green demise. It is all over the state of elevate. It is it is. But today, I would like to speak briefly on one of the, the new species that have popped up that that are definitely. Giving kudzu run for its its money. That is the Japanese Knotweed. That's Kate, not we'd not loud. We definitely not we. But not not we. It's tricky this green payment has the ability to nearly two. Absorbing nearly eighty type of soul. It'll grow in nearly any type of soil is what I'm trying to say here, folks, regardless of the P H in the ability to March across our landscape. Indeed rivals evil kudzu. It could be in your yards now out there tying knots as we speak, but it's not Notting friendship bracelets, folks. No, it's taking a firm. Hold on your green spaces. So, please take the time to familiarize yourself with this terrible. We'd. Bamboo. Right. The kids reported the second. Well, hey, welcome back to you. Sip sets and smokes on today's suds episode. We're talking about canned beers in particular can art. And you know what we think about the can art is self and help you actually in the decision making process for the beer we were in the middle of the Kudsy report for today from good, boy, Caperton, Caperton. You're talking about the not would not, we'd not might are Japanese Knotweed, call neat. You give it the seriousness, it deserves a rough about the big vying. Thank you for the back in the back end zone here. All right. Let's go back to the Knotweed, folks. Green Beaman has the ability to, to form to grow, actually nearly any type of soil. That's what threw me any type of soil, and it's ability to March across our landscapes. Indeed rivals that evil Kudsy. So it's not to be taken lightly to say the least. This is not a joke. Full Japanese got it bad just like us. They look man. It's not. They don't send their best weeds to us Mike. It could be in our yards even now out there, tying knots as we speak, but it's not nodding friendship, bracelets, people know it's taken a firm hold on your properties, and your green spaces like kudzu at crowds out all other plants, and it's particularly difficult to Aratu Kate so please, go online and familiar, self with its appearance. It's early growth. Resembles bamboo, which is another. It is well and don't get me started on the war says red vein green leaves, it's Risa GMs run, particularly deep and is very difficult. So get out to radical. So get out the shovels folks out for those Risa production. That's. With helium. Kids on the. Yeah, we're in helium short. Stand firm in abate people. This has been good old boy, Dave for the sip suds, and smokes. Caperton's. Yep. Thank you go boy, Caperton for it, man. Let's say good old boy, Dave did say good. All right. That's all right. Don't don't give him any credit. Nobody knows. Deserve. None of Dave don't don't blame good old boy. Dave with silliness. Your homework. Want to the topic for today? We have all been there, standing in front of that cold case and the in the beer store has cans overflowing staring at you in the face looking all those Felix. Tags and there, you know, and you're trying to read, you know what type of beard is, and you're going, I don't know what beer about man pack and yeah, that can are, you know, kind of plays into, you know, what, whatever you may think let's listen to this particular episode, and you can at least navigate these ten beers. You know, to get through, I it's going to be appear from Stillwater arts, nails, and Cossiga survey CEA. Ria survey says the right what Russia Rozsa. Spear is called on flick imperial stout on fleet. Right. That's exactly what you wrote down here on fleet. And I said on flick on fleet. Would you guys think the beer Caperton tell what on fleet means it means perfect psycho, Kirk perfectly perfect purpose? I games. So would you guess that beer here? It's from unflagging, periods doubt the thirteen percent imperial stout, which is a bit aggressive. It's huge for being thirteen percent. I actually did like it. It's okay, it's a little boozy, which is slightly, mostly booze should be very sweet little thin on the mouth feel. Do you get roasting this? Chocolate candy, some chocolate. Yeah. Chocolate boozy candy adult chocolate candy chocolate, chocolate, chocolate sweet, sweet sweet the canned. The canned is not the most interesting of all the cans that we have. But it's. The eighties, which was face it. That's what it's designed to do. I guess. Not bad, though. Are these the ourselves rating here for on fleet imperial stout is going to be a two or three? Over to probably a solid to probably two and a half, which rounds up to three. It was. Can art here? Stillwater green thing in this cycle are IRO actually wrote down. Okay psycho, three are trying to like, you know the taste profile itself. So it looks like something, you have to wear those green and red, you know, three to actually read the as it leopard from the eighties. Those magic what was it? You had to squint yet to squint at it, and you see the focus man. Yeah. You gotta dolphins jumping take your eyes out of focus see a really sweet. Marble, then you have cataracts twenty years. Okay. Well, let's move on to talk about the next year from Orpheus brewing called after the last death sour ales, oh and cherry wood. You guys think of this, like an orifice. Really? This other region. Pretty bad. There was actually I su- came to I'm being serious. Grabbing something rotten came to mind. Hearts, Jerry itchy. That's all I. Yeah. Tempt Tim's Tim's barking his barking everybody. Bit. Yeah. Smells like burning Deng. So it looks like I mean I'm not for filtering color is pretty. It's. It is. It is a chunky. In it the flavor own deadly win. The sewage plant. Yeah. That other year in the wall. The smell house walk nickel. I like most beers. Do how about that this reading here for after the last of sour ill from Orpheus brewing is going to be a one, but the Cain was interesting. There's like a two headed thing, one I'm dead. What's a woman and a skull, I wanna read my, my description of the canning eight, you know, this is like a bad paperback are from sixth grader is about to meet at a parent teacher conference night discussion with the teacher. So it definitely not make. It's definitely fourteen year old stone or. A castle in the disk things. So, so MRs woods, do you think Mike is having some problems at home? I mean he's drawing the making these draw and telling was going to come down to, you know. Yep. Women have skull and hit servino, neck. Does your son have a good relationship with his mother because? Feeding paint the name of the artwork on here. It's don't look back by air Maya mccleary, Jeremiah. We held we hope you can get eighth grade. There's a job for you. Jeremiah teaching art somewhere, just not on a set of a beer key. If you wanna paint paint houses bitter, art teacher, next, some pretty treason there. Everyone likes mountains. Heavy trees next beer is gonna be Bob Ross southern prohibition brewing. It's called foot clan mixed berry. Belinda rice, chugging like this beer. Yeah. This I thought tasty, it's males. Good. Sorry. We had some spillage ship in here at the table. All right. It, it reminds me a lot of sweet tarts. Unfortu- as it warmed up by tasted some cuff syrup. Well, it is a Baleno, that's because we wanted you to your maybe it's the sinuses. I don't know drink this one, cold drink it cold. Yeah. But there's a lot of berry. Flavor is liked it still the plan is a reference to the teenage mutant ninja turtles. So, right. I thought it was a good Belinda vice. Yeah. I didn't think it was great are such rating here for the foot clan mixed berry Belinda rice, his other prohibition because the five is going to be three. I would have given it should have been a floor. That's okay mic. Did give it a four. We just didn't say the fours when Mike just did some editorial closer, the north coast. Belinda rice. Yes. In terms of. Oh, I really like that one. I know there this just had too much of that sweet tart kind of drying. You know, powdery shocking. It didn't go through is it wasn't good up forever onto see now you don't get can are. Boy, going over the handlebars is the best way can describe pizza is for the teenagers. Pizza kung FU fight the foot clan there. The master shredders army. Now, I still don't. Turtle. There's some Asian rights hurdle. Before the is there like a nuclear. Okay. I'm culturally inept, and I didn't get that when. To say, oh, Mike. You're way, more inept, culturally, okay? There's a pizza delivery. Boy. He's fallen off of his bike. Landed head down. Avoiding turtle, I think if you know he might have crashed his bike trying to turn. To the turtles, drew the foot, clan guy would have ran over the total. So where does the berry Berlin or come into play? Yeah, that's it. I think that the art works well for the name of the beer, but I don't think that the art itself works for the beer style. So. Berries, mean the share the tomato is very tomatoes in the pizza. I get it. But it's not very good. I was thinking of somebody crossing the street with a, you know, basket berries, getting plowed over by a car that would closer to the taste profile hate to say it. But if it were next to on fleet probably by on fleet. Jeez, what a mistake that would be alright. Turtle power next step is going to be a beer from Monday night brewing called space lettuce. Would you guys saying this beer from Monday night brewing? Well, yeah, it's a double for sure. Really sweet. I think kind of sweet and resume actually wrote down big dank. I thought it is too heavy kind of. There's a there's a ton of flavor in the front. But then it just incredibly watery. You know, it's craps out right, right? The end it, it almost taste a flat, almost like it. It's been opened for q hours, even though I know he can crack the canned fresh so bad bag of something's baseless. Exactly. All right. Turn brown. Yeah. Like that brick space lettuce since. Since. I don't know. Man. It was when it when it has flavor. It's good. But then fades out a little heavy on the bitterness kind on the bag. All right. So we're saying this is this, what we're saying this is what we're such raining here for the Monday night brewing space lettuce double IP is going to be a two. Do better Monday night. Okay. Candover is a psychic tuxedo bow, and it has the, the button covers going down the, the front of the can as well. And I don't get what that mean at all. So I don't know what a bowtie of than the rest. Chris baselessly? Foolish enough to put the artist's name on the can. Yeah. I think we're just going to say, I don't get the point of the kid. I agree. To me, if I saw that can are. So here's a question. If you just if you didn't know what was what, what can which by based on the can, I would have thought, maybe like something that's a champagne. L classy, or. Rose. Essays on something that you would have when you're dressed up informed because it's baseless and I thought it would be out. Dang can kinda weedy dank wasn't really. I think we're saying are definitely doesn't work anything. No, no. You can't just make up a bunch of Barron Hilton here, and then brew fears, you know, you need to beer, then name it, you know what it is moving. Right. Along is stuck in the weed. Did we what we write that one for raided a to go? I must say again, it is. All right. Next up is going to be a, a beer from abomination brewing called Whitestone's can't jump. So did you guys think of this peers veers really good? I liked it. It was a solid beer. It's way too. To commit him contract by another brewery, I was noticing on the can't wasn't this. Visit super familiar with a bomb nation. Great. Yeah. I like to I like yeah. So this is brewed and canned by Dorchester brewing in Boston. They do Worcester. Chesa four chasmin nation and Chow to right as distributed by twelve percent. And we all know provenance twelve percents so Dorchester, they brew beers for a lot of different brewers. They're, they're big contrary up there now. I think this was really good. In the context of all the other beers. We had thought. But otherwise, I thought it was just kind of average. I mean, this is an imperial white stout. It's very blonde. That is brewed with lactose and aged on top of cocoa nibs vanilla beans, and locally roasted coffee from Boston. I'm presuming it has to be his only. Harrelson. Hops on it, who's the guy from blade. Wesley guy for major league. So is for those versions. So those that may be culturally challenged this, actually a movie spoof on white men can't show. I don't think there's some base a thing because that's where the name. There's. Stout. Cam jumps goes hustle. So I didn't actually. You know what the I just got whites doubted and realized that it had those axe. I actually wrote down. Creamy was first thing caught my attention. It is very creamy. That was people are putting Larry and beer these days, said true. Read on the. It was very uncharacteristic of white stout. But I liked it and I thought that it worked was uncharacteristic that it was creamy, I didn't know had like Senate, you know, when I was tasting, well, you look at it, and it's very clear pretty nicely. I think that's one of the things about white Stoute's is they, they do have the mouth feel. That's what through. That's one of the first throws you off when you look at it because you're a head fake, you're thinking, you know, IPA or whatever. And then you get Roasti kind of chocolate he notes to maybe coffee, but you also get that mouth. Well, it's definitely a style that I think that is very difficult for people there to get their head around and every time that I've encountered them I always think they're, too sweet and not roast enough or the two, you know, downplays, and I actually even though this one wasn't too sweet. No. And in the actually the roast youth. Check. So this was actually working pretty well. I love the theme. You know, the Ken art and how it worked with, you know. Let's rate, the beer hero, quick. We'll keep on talking about the can't art. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So a rating here for a waste outs can't jump is going to be three four. Okay. Cool three three point seven five. But I think the can are really works. Yeah, it does. Because it kind of like the artwork for the movie. Very ninety. Yeah. Yeah. Because I know there's been introduced they are pickles. I think I think they're like Frankenstein, monsters. They're like have been sewn together that was dead and came back. Little secret here. Frankenstein was more or less. He's a reanimated corpse. Well, we'll talk about the next year right after this. We're gonna fight Dave. Hey, welcome back to you. Simpson's smokes. On today's suds episode we are talking about canned beers and Ken art can on on Twitter. I like it with Lou personally. So coconut flavored United just off Scotian that were having where you're standing in front of the beer, aisle. And there's just these rows and rows of cans of beer, and all of this really interesting artwork on them. But. Really helping some of your decision making process. We've taken ten beers off the shelf, and we've tasted them today were rating, the beers and discussing some of the play the Ken art with the beer is so up next. It's going to be a beer from clowns us brewing is don't fear the blender tropical fruit. Smoothie IP. I'm so happy that clown shoes as actually returned to subsides smokes from that five year ban hiatus, so band once again. So I'm glad to see that we could come back and take some of the beer what'd you guys think of, don't fear. The blender tropical fruit. Smoothie IP is it included number. It is fruity. It is. Dave, I wrote super fruity wrote reminds attempts. So the, the, the name itself kind of plays into as there's a few fruit puree in this I'm guessing. That's what fear that blenders about is yes, because the reaper is molding reminder in his hand. That's where the name comes from, you know tasting this right now. It's a lot more bitter than I remember having one bit cooler, initially it was very creamy. And the Tropico. Yeah. Actually wrote above average. I thought that the blend of all these things works pretty well. That's why it reminded me a ten because it was above average. I can't take that. I can't say don't like this beer as much as it warmed up. That's for sure. I don't think this is the style of beer though, that should more. I definitely not maybe should be a beer, smoothie or a slush. Yeah. Yeah. I'm fearing the blender. Our suds rating here for don't fear. The blender tropical fruit smoothie IP a is going to be a three or two. I wrote a question. Not going to go with whatever you guys said, well, so what did you think about the can so? Arthaud is kind of cool reaper home by now. Our? Okay folding. Right. Cow, bill. It's not a Cal Cal. Cal. Life is better. Okay. Think about the like if the grim reaper. Was holding a blender win, then be good diet and though, because like, wow, you're you look like well, I was thinking. Try to this is very tropical driven beer. You know, I was thinking some beach theme or something else. So I didn't get the whole grim reaper reference, the blender on the front. I got that piece of the equation. But I you know, if you told me that that's going to tell me that be oh, baby. Tropical IP a I would. Well. That's for sure. But for me being a blue iced or cult fan, I probably would have grabbed this anyways because it's like, oh my God. Halt, and it's got the cow bell with it. It can't be that bad, right? Tim's going to make a blue worst Zola's in point. Yes. He has. Shorts coming out to be oh, is all the way as at beer, g clown shoes. Had a good idea there too afraid to depart from their normal art work to normal happy. Clown shoes for me. Let's move onto the next year, which is from hoof hearted brewing. This is the Belloc coffee vanilla stout. Would you guys think of this beer? I liked the can we're talking about the minute. That's what I think about the beer. Yeah. Head adjunct city was what I wrote down, bad stout coffee question, Mark. That's weird Roasti flavor. Yeah, it does have a strange roast on the aroma. That is like not your traditional. I'm going to a coffee shop to get like a really decent Cup of car. I wonder if they used coffee of extract something. Yeah. Stead of coffee real coffee because I'm I'm thinking they this was there. So this was contract rude as well. So. I don't think on fleet with also twelve percent. We've a couple beers, fleet was thirteen made this so on. Yeah. On fleet was made. Okay. This one says American start with coffee and vanilla, added smooth caramel and chocolate tones, get a massive coffee in Manila during. Electrical. Labor that makes you feel smarter than you look. Voice hair was. And look at world. Yeah. It's making me like the, the more you're rating, the more that Roger with caramel, and personal that university Jude with. Yeah. Who grew to? So Jamie king very hairy. Okay. Mike wants to know what your rating rate, your beer here. Our rating here for Belloc is going to be. It's gonna be too. So the Kantar actually is hand artist kind of cool. Don't go back and forth. So because it's competitively. Competitively. Erotic. Guido. That is so racist. Yeah. You can't say that on this. Yeah. You can't see them on the show. There's like probably a lot of Guido's listening. Yeah. What's the Sasha baron Cohen Bora, Bora? He looks he looks a bit. Like, if gore at war, like a v neck tennis outfit. Yeah. Head on a talion cousin with Lithuania mother. Grow. I know that I just wanted to hit this back over the net. Not having another sip. That's all I know this much references, I could get to say, I think who far date is very tongue in cheek. I did. I've had several beers in some of them are good. I'm sure they're over there. Bit radio in the beer, cooler. I have I would have said. Oh my gosh. What is with the really ugly dude tennis, dude on there? So anyway, Mike everything about it. I just wanna say these aren't zombies. They are a hundred percent on next step is a beer from southern star brewing company called bombshell, blonde ale. What you guys think of southern Sweetwater. Stars bombshell in my mouth. That is a beer that should not no worse kind of way. What it was. You know what I don't make sure how it was when it was cold. But as it comes up, it is all my remember what it was like called night. Sweet I wrote down bad and watery drink you. It's a woman driving, or riding the nuclear bomb. I know. And that's hot. That's mary. A window into the psyche of. Dave is that's a great picture. Yeah. Yeah. Hot blonde chick on a bomb. Lomb shout. Bombshell, blonde is brewed with American. Vienna. Malts Tim binding, give this ale its distinctive smooth. Creamy bottle just enough. Hops are added to this rich. Golden colored Neil perfectly balance. It's bready finish. It is non filtered non-pasteurized. No additives or preservatives are ever added no flavor or take away from delicate taste. It's delicate. No, sir delegated, folks, I wrote one word out she she outs like. I'm like I like big reference there. Whether enjoyed on the golf course on the beach, or simply sitting in home one sip from this bomb show will blow you away. True running up Ciccio. See what did you rate it? Our suds rating here for the bond show. Blonde is gonna be a one. Sorry that wouldn't work force can art. It was kind of retro World War vintage -ness of it. Really simple over there. Tim, didn't like his. The of the blonde, you know, it needed to be a bombshell, blonde. It looked like you know, Mary Poppins rendition of this should have just left this one on paper. Smells like birthday Keiko? Smells like birthday. That's okay. Oh, that's bad. Good night up next is going to be a beer from the collective arts brewing called stranger than fiction porter. She guessing this beer, smells Canadian. Because it might be Canadian might tasting notes where watery porter kind of coal, like. I like overly Roasti. It was very Roasti for the thinness of it being the second sip around. That's can I well. Porter say, rusty water. Rusty coffee water wanders, kind of died down. So that whole cola like thing, you know kinda rolled off. So. It had a bit of like an acid salt kind of thing going when we first tasted it so. Yeah. Warming up thing just gets watery, unfortunately. Okay. It's a five and a half percent. Porter. Percent. Come on give it a break it. Hold up more. Well as a porter I would think that it would correct think, so I personally would ask for my money back with the rest of the six pack. I don't think it's that bad, but disagree. Gonna tell you pretty much that you're old wrong. Okay. It's all right now. I wanna hear me so yeah, there's a little bit watery. There's a little bit of roast. Yeah. But it all kind of comes together. Does this. It's stranger than fiction. Yeah. So that means it's in reality. This beers. Pretty good ipso, facto three. No. Wow. Once again. Right. I'm reading it a five just so that when we do the group Brady it is going to end up with through your definitely fighting. All right. So about the candy so fiction is three thank you. Let's move on. I don't think some are rating for stranger than fiction, porter from collective arts is going to be too. Oh, I'm starting to hit the three. Can we rate good old boy, Dave? Is that possible coming do that? Yeah. We don't have a seven one one, but the cans is a little thin. Okay. I think the Kandeh. The cans are actually have unique art work for it. Looks like they had two different kinds of our work for this particular beer. So one is a psycho journey album, kind of meets retro. Seventies. How would you describe that when thank Laremy project, kind of thing, remember? Yeah. Jim. Journey album. Journey Ouoba m- and finished with the yeah, really absolute what? Exactly. Okay. I see what he's. Too bad eyesight. This is what happens you the invite these people to your house and next thing you know, you're wrong. How would you scrub the other? It's, it's this odd, it's like. It's like a little girls legs in the she's looks like she's been hiking looks like us in. Snakes, there's, there's all day. A artist is on Tim Vaughan from Philadelphia PA is more hair. All sudden, I know who likes there's some serpent. Some hiking boots. There's some slouch socks bandaids and, and a little girl's leg. Yeah. I think the can art is like way above the, the beer. It's interesting. Yeah, you're right. Both of these cans have. Well, that's the that's part of the whole thing about like are, you know. Can you trust? You know, the, the candidate of severe inside is good. What comes first? The bear that is on the. That depends on the Burri you know. Okay. I take that back. It's no it's just drag. Is back. Oh in jersey. Now, more of the Mothman prophecies. That's what I was thinking of, oh. Prophesy. I mean, people think she's right? What is what is even? What is a moth, man? Now it's a man, whose mom was a moth in his dead was a man hit the. It is not never seen a sexy. Last year. We have is from moon raker brewing company. It is called Dr chill. It is a Niba. What you guys think of this beer. No, no, no. Oh, no, no, no, no. Just a leg on the number one. Just a lake just wanted. Fixed the whole time. Well, I don't know. It was because this was the only Nepean the flight or what, but this was my favorite beer in the flight. This was a good Niba. It was pretty good beer. I actually thought that it was. You know, a good average, you know, New England PA. EPA ms. Aic Citra Eldorado. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah. Those are all the right stuff. No. See juicy at beer. It's all the Mark was middle. What did you think of this beer? That's a little. Missile long year. A little high we're going to call it ourselves rating here for stranger than I'm sorry. The doctor till Neva from moon raker is going to be a four. That's what you get Caperton, which is really merely because there is a lizard on the can't great want. Okay. Which would make you think that it was very dry, except that it's very juicy. Camouflaged. Well, that does it for today's episode here on Ken and Ken. You can always find us where you found this episode today as well as on radio satellite online on IT Google podcast. Iheartradio Spotify and nearly any place that you listen to a podcast, the easiest way to find this show is on your phone asked Alexa, Siri or Google play podcast sips, suds and smokes. And we do indeed love all of your feedback. So please reach out to us online at info at CYP, suds and smokes dot com. Our daily tasting notes flow out on Twitter and Instagram, every day at CYP Sud sm- that sips smoke and our Facebook page is always buzzing with the best beer news. Please take the time to rate this if you're listening online, how many stars Juliana fi. I wanna take our coz for being here. Good, boy, Tim, thanks for joining us, thanks. It was really difficult. But they can't use. Canley. Caperton. Thanks for joining us in the Kudsy report today. Thank you. This was a contestant experience. That's pretty good. Go to gal Giuliana. Thank you for being here. Don't judge everything by the can. That was lame. So. Go point. Dave, Tim, you stink Caperton. They are these ban. We're fighting dumb matter. At check out your daily review for go boy, Dave et good. Avoid Dame on Graham. Hey, this is going to boy, Mike asking you comeback. Join us once again for another exciting soda of subsides and smokes. And I will ask you to keep on sipping. This has been a one ten hand production of sip suds and smokes a program devoted to the appreciation of some of the finer slices of life from the dude in the basement studios, your host the good old boys will see all next time.

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