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What's up, everybody welcome back to another episode of Branding Bruce I. Am your host Brian Weeden. Owner of the craft brew creative, which is a branding and design studio focused on the craft beer industry. It's really great to be back again and fun of the microphone. It's been a little while and this episode. was actually recorded just shortly after the lockdown of the whole coronavirus virus situation. And allies change since then. but I'm really excited about this episode. I think you'll be ready, really beneficial. the topic is co, branding. And kind of collaborations, and how those can benefit your brie and benef- benefit. Really both brands that are collaborating together I think a lot of collaborations happened between breeze, but in this particular episode I wanted to look at those collaborations with reaching out to other. other brands of other kind of like celebrities or other kind of you know well known personas impersonal personal brands. and we'll get into that and let you know what's going on that. but I also wanted to bring you know some kind of awareness and some information out. I'm sure everybody was probably by now has heard of the altogether collaboration beer effort that was brought together by other half bring. That was really great initiative think that got spread out pretty far and wide, and it's great to have initiatives like that four industry into. To feel a part of something, but also raise awareness, and also raise some funds to for like nonprofits, and so one of the ones that you, maybe you've probably heard by now is called. Black is beautiful. and this one's of this one's really cool coming out right now. you know in in in effort in in light of everything that's going on with the BLM movement right now. and everything that's going on, so yeah. Black is beautiful is a collaborative effort to raise awareness for the injustices. People of Color face daily and raise funds for police, brutality, reform and legal defenses for those who have been wronged. You can download the recipe you can get the label artwork and the graphics at Black is beautiful dot beer. they I think they also has some other Collaborating partners are offering discounts and special. You know deals and stuff for like ingredients and labels and packaging whatever so yeah again, check at that out at black is beautiful dot beer. next up for you of guts. I'm going to be participating in the craft social media. kind of Workshop Day which is presented by our friends from Rad Craft Emily Hutto has been on the show a while back, and she runs Rad craft, which is a a great kind of marketing and PR agency and yeah. The annual Craft Social Media Workshop is for Craft Brewery Marketing professionals, and it's returning again this year but of course this year's going to be in the virtual format. You can meet bear. centric social influencers can get quick tips for managing your social media on the go and much more. there's GonNa be some more keynote. Speakers being announced But I will be one of those. I'll be presenting during the workshop and I'll be presenting ideas on ways that you can rock your social media, images and profiles with better design and so I'd love for you to join that is going to be on Friday June twenty sixth. And that will be from. Eleven am to one PM mountain time so again. That's GONNA be on Friday. June twenty, six, th from eleven to one mountain time. space is limited. It's truly limited I know some people just say that for marketing reasons to get you to jump in, but spaces actually limited so. I. Do have a special offer. If you use the Code Ryan Friends, that's one word Ryan friends and on the scrap social media website. You could get five dollars off. And to do that. You can to register head on over to Rad craft beer dot com slash craft social media that was read craft beer dot com slash craft social media. yeah. I love to see you. There as I mentioned. I'M GONNA be talking about social media and how to design better profiles how to design better social media images Yeah kind of up your game in that in that sense. So. Let's get back onto the topic today's episode as I mentioned. The idea is going to be kind of around co branding how you can collaborate with other brands and other personalities and. Celebrities to. Raise awareness and increase your marketing. Increase your branding. Increase your reach I. think that's huge You know the craft beer industry. In. A number of ways kind of plateauing, I think people are looking for ways to reach out to. To reach new audiences and I think some of these The people today have great insights on that. They've both done that. so I am joined by Jordan Hof art who is a professional skater and he's also the CO founder of black plague brewing. he did a black plague brig did a collaboration with Tony Hawk Professional Skater. so yeah, the kind of meeting of the bring world and the professional skating and skating world you know kind of tying those two cultures together and reaching out to the different audiences We'll hear from him. And, make sure you stay team for the second half because we're joined by fish scales, fish scales was an original member of the hip hop group nappy roots, and he's also the CO founder of Atlanta key brewing. and so yeah, you know. nappy roots coming from that he's got this kind of hip hop, background, and the AD. They've had great success right, and now he is really reaching into the world of craft beer, getting his name out there getting Allen Hooky out. They're bringing those worlds together. In a great way and helping everybody. Promote their brands and getting more people out to drink more beer, so let's just jump in and yeah, take lessons, interview and hope everyone's well and see you next. Jordan Hoffman is a professional skateboarder who has played a major role in the skateboard industry for over ten years. He has competed in one televised championships all over the world working with major media networks such as Fox sports, one and NBC sports. He's developed many contacts in sourcing manufacturing sales distribution, which has given him the opportunity to bring so many people together to build black plague. Jordan's extensive experience in brand management and vendor engagement with several his major sponsors that includes Stereo skateboards, bones, wheels, and surplus distribution gives them the capability to oversee brand, management and collaborations, marketing, and promotions as well as handling of all brewing ops in supply chain management for black plague brewing so Jordan. Did thank you so much for joining today? Man Really appreciate it. Yeah, no, no worries. I, never I never realized like the play on words how how hard that was to say, but like a rich, but like black plague brewing like everyone. Kinda fobel's on that one. Uh hand, maybe not the best call. April's out pretty good. It's not bad. It's not bad yes. Absolutely, we'll. We're on the middle trying times right now, but appreciate taking a minute to join. Me Yeah totally so this into this right so you have a deep background in professional skating in in what ways has that like? Culture carried over to black plague brewing. was pretty. It's pretty. It's way more like relevant than maybe even we initially like thought Black plague the ethos, and what we stand for is always kind of like standing out from the crowd like having occurs. Follow your true passion like Despite you know the naysayers people that say you can't do, you can't become anything and it's like we're kind of proof in the pudding. Because I don't have like an extensive. Bring background and you know even with skateboarding. It was self taught south learn. It's not something you go to school for and so. Is kind of created that mentality that wilders away. That's kind of what black plague. All it is is like find a way. Find find a way or make one that's like the earth slogan right so we stand by that we live by that I, think most like skateboard culture just because traditionally when back from the eighties nineties like you know. It wasn't always awesome, wasn't it was cool it was like. Like, you're kind of an outcast in, but you people when they saw you doing. It is because they knew you love to do it. You know it was a cool thing to do. Everyone else is doing it and I think the authenticity that kind of brought it to the forefront of of of being cool. It was like anything. Super Authentic I, think plant the seed in kind of transcends to the masses. yacht that was that stem students skateboarding, and it stems true in craft beer as you know it's, it's a battle and craft beer I don't think a lot of people understand like all the dynamics and and facets that go along with producing twelve ounce can of beer and keg of beer. They think like Oh, cool, you just stand around in like drink beer with you and. Wish that is. Like I could tell you honestly I visited more. My friends in visited boroughs before we opened one, and then ever since we open I don't have time I go home. That's all I can do. Take care of my kids so I definitely a grind. It's definitely like you said there's there's so many facets, and if so many regulations and laws and regulating governing bodies that you interact with the consistently and all the different things you have to file on a daily weekly monthly basis so it's a grind. It's a grind for sure, but that's that skateboarding. It's grind you like. Old See people don't see the ninety nine point nine percent of tries where you're eating shit, and you're not landing the trick and getting frustrated banged up. Smack your knee and. God forbid knock yourself out whatever they just see the effortless, seemingly effortless. Know rollaway anders like Oh. That's so cool Get to go skiing with your. Like that it's it's hectic. It's all or nothing so. Of went on a tangent there, but that's kind of the intertwining of the two worlds and. The more dot, the more I dove into the craft beer industry, especially locally, the more that same kind of mentality exists as in skateboarding core skateboarding. It's There's the floor. Is Right. There like They're like your core skateboarding market, and it's like Everything Kinda transcends to the public from there. That's like the nucleus and. You have for the passion they do it for. You know to keep it at such a high level in continuously creating on the new. New Beer styles You know a lot of the traditionalist perfecting those traditional beer styles, and just getting their shit and check, and they all Kinda like stick together to create a better culture a better product, so it's Kinda Kinda the same thing with skating. It's like your course skateboarder. You're just kind of in competition with yourself in everyone else's. Commodities there and you just kind of trying to make the best version of yourself via. The trixie do so. I don't know if that answered anything. Toilet did yeah, the background similarities are great. You know like kind of a yeah. Back in the days like skaters weren't necessarily the cool kids know, or they were seen as like this little offset of this different culture and Berlin kind of started that way, and now it's kind of a cool kid on the block you know so. I mean in in regards to skate culture. are those folks like Dr Those folks coming to hanging out your like. Do you feel like there's a good alignment between craft beer and like the skate culture like has been a good fit like overall. I'd say. I'd say it's the awareness is getting more. is getting out there. More in the appreciation is getting out there more like when we when we first started like for sure I thought like. Yeah, it's just. GonNa be full escape borders, and that's GonNa. Be Our demographic I was like free, much dead wrong, but that's also primarily because of our location, right? It's like you really only going to bring in the five mile radius of your brewery into the taproom that we see so we have were backed in between two really awesome communities that have been super supportive, but is primarily like young families. They come in here in their mid to late thirties early forties. That's that's kind of who we see in here but that trip to that, and are they skateboarders yet? Lot of some groups, keyboarding and stuff so there's that aspect of it, but it transcends I. Think it's more of. The culture, then necessarily big scape orders, but the culture surrounding skateboarding is what everyone can kinda resonate lift. Roving another TC room in North Park, so you know it's different demographic down there. souls hopefully resonate with some more skateboard culture down there, but yeah, we tried to our best with to educate the the guy like Tony and whatnot like on you know, take for them to be able to feel feel more like involved with the day to day in take pride in the product and kind of Shit of speak when people approach them all the time. Now Scott it so. Yeah well, that's a great segue right so for this interview discussing Tony hops birdhouse Ip which was. Boom there it is a god. That's Dope Dan so dumb. Cool so yes, this was a collaboration with Professional Skater Tony Hawk. Them. How did you create? How did you approach creating like co branded beer? Yes, it's. so Tony's obviously a heart of black plague. He's one of our Saith not so silent partners 'cause he waves the played pretty hard, but so he writes for bones wheels. I ride for bones, wheels on of known Tony for probably about fifteen years and so I had I basically made To get him involved. Initially, we had our proposal and our deck and everything so I link did a foliage intimate. Tatton just was really back in. or we are all about any loved. The outer skateboarders were involved and looked at it was local, and then obviously we have the plague doctor mask which he actually had a birdhouse skateboard. That was the plague Doctor On him being the Birdman it just kind of all the pieces Kinda lined up, so we were talking Early around this time last year. And we're thinking the really cool to do like ration- outside of just the direct beer market, and you know, start utilizing some of the guys that are involved the brands and obviously Tony is the biggest name. is as far as the action sports and skateboarding world so We're just kind of playing around with ideas and You know Tony Hawkes. Just Kinda came out of the I. Just learned it out one day and I was like. If it's too good. We gotta do something like we got to see if he'd be down. You know so We didn't just rush to be like this idea Tony when he you know. It was like Kinda thought out in. Jared like yourself is super talented graphic designer. That's my partner. So, he started getting. He does all her can't. His eyes labels every? Kind of Whiz so he on his computer on photo, illustrators mocking up all these cans, and and We kind of put a proposal together, and we just had. We had a pitch dialed in basically like. Hey, here's what we want to do. Tony hops IPA hops. You gotta do an Ip a year how you You know Here's what we want to. Here's what we want to brew We want you to be involved in the brewing process. We want to film you being involved process. Just so it's not like. Hey, let's slap slacker name on it and in just just use you marketing weed related. He involves enough to see on the website. I'm I can send you a link to. We actually filmed out like the whole bring day and him sniffing and picking out all help figure hops for. For, the recipe and yeah, how to how to kind of dive in and brew the batch, the first two initial batches with our head brewer so That was pretty cool, so Yeah, the end of the day. It wasn't that hard to get him onboard. He was pretty down for the idea and I think I mean who Kinda doesn't. Want their name on a beer I guess. Yeah. Let's I. Mean that thing to consider the right is? That person's particular if it wasn't Tony Hawk or you know like it's birdhouse. His brand is well. You know but if you're like approaching. A different brand or a different celebrity of some sort that the idea of putting your name on a beer, that's something to consider right one hundred percent. Yeah, yeah, so you put together like a little pitch tech with a mocked up can seeing yeah, we did like the full can mockup. We did obviously you know we. We cut him a little. Little royalty on the sales I mean. We're using his likeness reusing his hand. Oh, there's gotta be something in it for on that side of the fence as well so we kinda came to an agreement on on a royalty and then and then we brought in. We wanted to use his actual skateboard company. So it's it's. Tony hops birdhouse. Ip. just to. Kinda cements the whole skateboarding connection as well so. yeah, so we basically went and we. We pitched it to him and his team, and just the hardest part, which actually wasn't that hard was just working out the contracts with any conflicting likeness of his name, just because he has a lot of contracts out there that love for his name so I did be careful with will. We could do what we could do. And once we kind of figured that out we set up a launch date for last summer and that's when we. Came in. We filmed all the videos of him. Bruin and and Kinda just launch full force in made like us. small run of skateboards that he get ride, and we did a limited sale on those, and then did a full Clothing capsule as well as like shirts. The boards We did some hoodies. And then obviously can be in on draft as well and It was a big hit. It jumped to number one within the first five weeks of our of releasing it so. I wanted fears awesome, but I think the name had something to do. Yeah. THOSE DUMB! That's dope, though I mean the idea like beyond just the beer, the potential in co branding or cloud like this is like the merchandise you like have like all that stuff and the great thing I love about collaborating like this that you're tapping into both brands like audiences, so you're reached. You know can get to be a lot more. so were there any surprising results because of this collaboration that maybe you weren't expecting. The Canada's like surprised you. I mean I don't know if they were surprising. I mean I. Don't you always hope that something's GonNa hit We've been pretty good about pivoting. If you know, brands, don't hit like our intentions, but this one. We were surprised that it hit as well as we had hoped that was. That was the biggest thing it. It opened up a lot of doors. Doors for us. especially the off premise accounts like The chain Stores Obviously just just pee him being a household name, and like you know seeing a product. The most comparable one is the Stone Cold Steve Austin like I i. need to be like a huge craft beer fan, but you could be a huge stoke. WHO's not as don't call off. To go and see a six pack of beer and pick it up. You're going to try once you know regardless in. Hopefully, it's good I. Actually haven't had yet, but so that that in that sense it definitely opened up of unity for us, because the branding to being able to get the off premise is kind of it in more of the keg sales and people. You know this is the same thing they see. They see the Birdman on the menu board. NASC- Tony Hawkes. They go. Hi, that's that's funny whether you're upon guy or not, but as just like you said it was just it. All kind of just came together and people are willing to try just on the. This association alone so. Yeah! so if a Burrito to were to approach, a collaboration beer like this with like say another celebrity or another well known brand What advice would you have form I wouldn't rush it and I. Get your PS and QS sorted like I'd get your pitch deck. you get your initial contract? You gotTA understand. Is this like a one off or you going to do like a you know a one year deal to your deal. Like how how long is this You know How much resources time are you investing into this thing and then have different scenarios like have all your forecast. Kinda done like You know we use Ekos which is like a production manager software, but it's really good at forecasting based off historic, also, if you think the brand's GonNa hit, you can kind of Shimmy out like X. Percents GonNa. Be on premise. Going to be off premise now, what's the royalty breakdown on now? Offering on premise sale royalties, wells cancels wills your tasting room, because each one of those has a direct effect on your revenue and your dogs and you gotTa. Make sure that you know what you're getting into ahead of time before he. Sounds good and you sign up with your all excited and then you're losing money. because. He just There was no sustainability, so that was a huge thing that we needed to sorted prior to jump in both the. trademarking dream moorings going to be a big one Just you know there's lots sharks out there a of you know. Everything's trademark is crazy. find a name Known touching black plague. Thank God. But. Now was pretty easy to get, but. You've got to protect yourself because at the end of the day business business and when it comes down to people are going to look out for their businesses, so make sure you have all the legal stuff kind of solidified prior to launching the products, and then just kind of come to agreement like half before you do a real pitch Yeah have have concepts of the artwork that you WANNA use have concepts of the name in you want to capsule, and what? What are all the fastest? In merchandise. Are you going to do have that all dial, the more you can have completely dialed in. Before you start the clear paths GonNa be in the trajectory Passo that would be. There's a lot more I'm sure, but that would be off top of my head. Some of the stuff you WANNA. Get dial and I would basically just say the last thing I was gonNA. Say don't get discouraged when people say no. Get forever. Yes, YOU'RE GONNA. Get a thousand knows you know so you just got gotta got a pick up and keep reaching out for sure Nice. We'll Jordan appreciate your time Yeah, you've got to read you. Know got berea brand going on really cool stuff and this one hit home with me as I've discussed with your earlier, because the coming from a background of a lot of skating and stuff and it's cool to see two worlds collide and it's a great collaboration, so I appreciate you coming on and get some insights. Anyone out there. That might be looking to do a similar thing Where can folks find you? They want to find out more about black play or about yourself. Because you've got you've got. History is being professional skaters well. So, where would you point people to find you? I mean right now is social media. Is King specially will? Everyone's quarantined dry so? You can check our. IGGY handles like black plague brewing and then we have black plague oceanside, which is our aside tasting room, and then we're about to launch black plague north part, which down in San Diego, so those are the main handles, and then our facebook under the same handle, and then me personally just ask, Jordan, Hoffer but yeah, and then We're distributed in state of California Karl, Strauss and pyro distribution, and then we just went out to Arizona through quayle can fly, so earns data, Arizona, and then were trickling out to Mexico as well so for physical product. Those are the three three territories. You can find us. WHAT JORDAN! Appreciate it brother. All Right? Some joined by fish scales, who is the original member of nappy roots? What up? He's the only member not from Kentucky and HE'S A. He's a Georgia native. Fish Scales introduced nappy roots to the beer game, and he's also the CO founder of Atlanta key brewing. So what's up, man? For Joining Me Grow absolutely yeah. His right now I know right. Yeah, we're renting the middle of the holy coronavirus situation and you got tour stuff that got canceled rats here just trying to like hustle at home right now right right exactly. Actually. Doing little business each day, but really just trying to enjoy family man, enjoy home and I'll catch up with myself. You know absolutely. Yeah do it. Sweet well, let's jump into this. I think you've got a great perspective because you are kind of you're bringing your own brand into the beer world. So. Someone who is an artist and a performer like what draws you to to beer like what brought you into the whole egg beer culture? Mega long story short like we as nappy roots. We came together. I'll beer beer. We part in free style and that was kind of a big part of. I will group early mid nineties so i. can't say I totally introduce napper's to beer, but I introduced into the big game. The craft beer game and what kind of attracted me to it was. The varieties different different brands, the different styles of beers that you could go out and get short story. There was a stall under the place where I lived. like Tan loved years ago. and. I will go downstairs now. Just grab a beer in a random beer. One day I've seen a new bear. I think it was assessing session beers yet small bottles. and My grant one just to try it, and as I was walking out, the owners said. If you see anything else, you'd like. Let me know how order. In, the hit me like order. Beard into. Miller lite and disseminate as more beer, so I constantly start looking for beer different bids to try and nowadays I rarely drink beer twice. Man and I love that about it, yeah! Right so How are you then bringing like your beer? Collaborations to the culture and audience of say like nappy roots. Is. Because I think the craft beer audience is very similar to the Bruce Audience Unite from the age group to the lifestyle. It office into what we do. You know I was shows full of people. Join Beer, you know. Of course there's a lot of times it's cheaper more traditional beer, but here we are on stage, telling people that were making beer in, and it excites them. People really want to try and experienced Atlanta key experience and people like Santa's growth as artists going from rappers to now invest in a whole different business. there. Cools so say so, say for instance you. You have a collaboration. You came out your own beer. How would you then like promote that and bring that? Bring that culture from the Mary, the culture of nappy roots with like the beer like do you throw like parties like with the breweries to promote this release? Out The release like how would you go about promoting it to your to your audience? It's a couple of ways we do it. We try to make sure we have so in that sound like that's kind of how it happens anyway. nappy roots tour over one hundred days a year. so soon as we get into a town like we talked about earlier. Arriving town, we find the brewery because it kind of gives us the vibe you know the pulse of the city, and it also helps us. Promote I sold at night. So as we do that, not times out of ten we meet. The brew introduces us to the owner. And we have a few drinks. We laugh and joke and him before you know it. We've agreed to do a beer. and. So we do that beer plan that beer yet we come back. Do any debt promote another, so you know, get that very involved in the south, so it's a win. Win For us for the promoter. As well as the brew on Brewery, we bring a lot of attention to it like for example in Whitefish Montana last soda. We did a solo. Bonds Brew Banzai brewing out the White. And during the show, we may sort of promote an order keg of beer like we let them know. We don't want any drinks, but I would drink yeah. That's pretty cool. Because the promoter has to provide a keg of beer and the host, so we all stays, telling people don't drink anything but. People up pretty responsive to and is just a win. Win Is Fun. Everybody you know creates more promotion and makes odd brand even better especially when the beer's really good right, which has been so far. So people. That you've in this journey of your of like. You know coming from the hip hop culture into the beer culture like. Have you found that you've been able to introduce this? Craft styles to audiences and the people that drink craft like have you had people come up to you and be like Oh. Man Has Beers. Like is so dope I. Haven't tried anything like this before kind of a situation. All the time now and I know a lot of people say that facebook we get a lot of good response on our beers, and one of my honest thing to do is to take one of my cousins from from my small town Milledgeville Georgia, and take him to trust and different beers. I ain't people. Tell me not don't like beer, and that to me is like a challenge. Okay, he's got to find a beer. You just hadn't found beer. That's because there's so many different kind, but I love introduced people to different beers and when we make beer. And with other drugs, we we keep in mind that I go is to introduce a lot of new people so. We try to extreme without flavors. We try to make flavors that people that that will be good for introducing people to like this Kentucky. Mark is that we just made less beer as chocolate milk stout. And a lot of people don't even know. On familiar with stoute's appeared in a Lotta people they not familiar with that style of beer, so to give them does because it's sweet got. lactose has got chocolate, so it's hard, not like yeah, would it belongs people? Mind is like. I didn't even know to taste like this own. So that's the part pardon. That's something we keep in mind while we make him beers. That's. A big great like example of the beer industry. kind of like starting to plateau a bit like miniature, still a lot of people that haven't had craft beer so i. think there's a great. Effort to try to diversify audiences and people like you. that's great now. You're out there like bring your crafts. being rap and hip hop also with beer like bring us crafts out to the people. That's Great Oh is. Are Great position like on crab. Vir has kind of plateaued on. The audiences needed thirty white male. Yeah, you know it's time for other other people in and I feel like we've been doing this for like four years now. Just go onto breweries learning more about how to make beer software like we're putting ourselves in the perfect position for this moment when the big companies like okay, we need another customer we need another audience and I feel like nappy roots. We put ourselves in position to be like. Hey, we're here. We can take. We can take you through this new audience to this hill pop audience to his. Black professional audience who want something new they won't. They appreciate flavors. They appreciate the The the bed version of anything you know whether it's beer weather's food. They want the better version of and we try to put ourselves in position to be the people who can to be Brits Yeah from. From Lou them to. New absolutely. Well less. His great wanted to help make. To. Breeze GonNa be listening to this seminar and just like trying to open up new ways that they can collaborate with other folks. I mean the common way to do. burris collaborating with other breweries to make beers between NAPA, but there's been some great examples of like what you're doing. Where Bruce are working with other artists or other brands and reaching out of that to Kinda, bring it to a new audience. So like the bree partners that you've worked with. What was like you youth? What is the biggest benefits to them from your collaborations that you've seen? Our goal is to make sure benefits don't like you know. Oh this won't work. Everybody. Don't benefit but I think they get. National exposure you know from our social media because. A lot of local breweries, their local like they're not able to travel like nappy roots can on, so we take that opportunity to take this bill that we made in Boise Idaho. I, have it in Atlanta. Georgia promoting. It's all friends right now, so it gives them more national exposure. It gives them a fun night. Is Some of the finest parties and and performances we have is when we team would burry and on. It's it's. It's a competitive market, so everybody's looking for a leg up. But I think nappy roots. That's exactly what we do. We give you some. Kind of make your hip it in will before we walked in. We talk about it. We take it around. Do Bear shares which a beer places that to probably get. An and we appreciate the process so on. We become friends with Bruce. It becomes a relationship that we hope to keep. Moving forward! It was just GonNa. Ask You then on the process side of things you know a bit? You know a good bit about big yourself and you bring your own it so. That is also going to be something that's unique in that We'll just maybe tell us a little bit. The process of when you connect with a brewery or with a brewery and you decide to collaborate on a beer like Our. How does that process go for you I? Mean like. How do you? How do you like to kind of create something? That's GONNA fit like the Atlanta Turkey brewing kind of right feel you know. Well for League as skinny approach to ways, but for me. I like to look at where the brewery is. Because certain places do certain beers better than others. And I like this e vibe with the people. Some people don't like US lactose. Some people don't like of this whole hazy. Tran you know so I kind figured out. I like to see what each jury does best. And, so we go in, we catch up in. Basically it's totally fifty fifty on ideas like the brewers totally respect us. They are impressed by knowledge. We ask a lot of questions you know in Bruce, loved it. Loved when you ask questions, we love learning about making beer and we just five it out. We tell actually we tell them what we want to make. and. They tell us how to make it in what will and won't work for example. We did a beer with Scott Labron out of Atlanta and We just wanted to make a really sweet milkshake EA, and it ended up being a strawberry banana milkshake. What's is a lot is alive and thank God it came out. Good came out really good, but they told us the do's and don'ts. Within that you know on because they have more knowledge than we do, so they just tell us the do's and don'ts. What we can and what we shouldn't do, and we follow the lead one hundred percent. Make so up on the day we sell Buddha grind. We sweep the floors mopping floors. We ought. To do anything. They tell us to do just to be a part of the process. and it's educational for us because we get the watch. Them work these big things that we're not able to use it. You know we're not at that level yet, but we are basically in class, watching and learning and on. And last in a couple of Beers, we've done. We do a party for the Brew Day on the Broo- day. We'll do a party so three or four weeks. Everybody's excited to come back because everybody's showed up to the day. Party feels a part of the beer. You know they feel like they was a part of making this whole beer, and so it makes a good event yet. He tell me more about that like you said you mentioned the party. That sounds like an interesting way to kind of bring people into. All this really is about promoting right. You know it's all about beer about building a pipe. Yes, I'd love to hear more about that birthday party you mention. A, dope I think skinny came up with We did it with scofflaw. We by lots of pizza. we actually start brewing about ten. In about three o'clock win by people to come when we're about wrapping up, I might see US firms beard to the firmness and all. Is is dope man with partying? People are saying the beard a saying the process. They seen US dressed like we've been working so they're like okay this. This is the bid we sit around talk. We tell them what's ferment and three weeks later. Today cited they bring more people. Yeah, actually you know because we talked about it for three weeks, but as As a simple day, you know we always want to to be bigger than actual rue, but it's a good time for press the coming as questions and all that stuff, and that's what we also bring to breweries like we. We like to think we have a good press machine that we could push the button and bring a lot of attention to whatever. I love that I think that's such a great idea. That's awesome. We, not team. That's great hustling. Cool, so what advice might you have for like breweries that are looking to connect with artists like yourself or like other well known brands to create these kind of collaborations and kind of CO branded beers. My vice to the artists and brew. Naked genuine man. Like I, get it I. Get it some people doing beers on blonde deep yeezy k. got a beer, and I think somebody overheard him saying he hadn't had a beer in years. You know he's GonNa, be we let him get away with? Like I we we have to be down. Brooding like it has to be genuine. You notice is not just the money grabbed. This is a learning in creating something that we can. That can be around for years like we we want to create beers will be around for. Fallible. Music wanted to be around forever. So for the for the breweries. I definitely I'm sure they already noticed, but you gotTA. Pick an or you still picking artists that fits your Demo fister demographics. Don't you know some people don't eat nappy roots to to do a beer with you know that done? They who they serve beer, too, but Fortunately we have a good brand. People feel safe around we can. We can do go places and do business, but found artists that fits what you're doing and somebody who will take the opportunity series. Some artists is just on the names on dearest, and they probably never tweedle promoted promoted out, but every year we do is a huge deal for us. It's a big deal we do. Whatever's asked of to help. PROMOTE IT and sell it up out of beer sold first day. Upright relationships huge? Yes, I think that's a great point I mean. Relationship both y'all having the same goad trying to sell it like you said we're trying to sell beer and US right now. We're trying to learn how to sell beer. That's what I will collapse is all about learning from the breweries. How extra sale? So. You're in a unique situation. I think to maybe a lot of other. Collaboration beards are a lot of other like co branded beers. Once you go ahead and like give us a little run down by Atlanta. Donkey brewing, and and like what you're where you're coming from the what you're gaining out of these collaborations isn't a unique approach. Grew House right. Yeah, man did. I do my stop around, so it's not neat, but I started to Brew House Yeah we started. This essay up. Calm. And All Do like ten gallon batch on that but all. Of! ATLANTA. Okay, yeah Atlanta Chucky. I like to think of us as Gypsy Bruce Mann all Nanno. Gypsy Bruce Because we take. We take one company nappy roots. and. We put Atlanta on his back and go anywhere. nappy roots go, and wherever nappy roots go Atlanta sucky jumps off and find a brewery and starts doing business and all. Is Basically made this Atlanta sake kind of represents the relationship between Louisville in Atlanta. That was a huge thing for nappy roots. We wouldn't be here without taking those trips on Kentucky. Atlanta to try to make music so that whole area man going through Nashville Chattanooga. KNOXVILLE Brimingham these places. So important to us that we just wanted to. Pay Tribute to that whole that whole trail that we used to make from Louisville Tate Lanta so we named the borough. And I love name. Action S Atlantic. Routes! But home. Is just a a brewery idea right now and I like to think of as Gypsy Bruce Yeah just go around the country making best beer world. Yes, you're making it in a brand. You know it's it's I'd probably want to help. Keep nappy roots at sound brand, and then, but also have to be related to Atlanta Hukou Bruins so. That's cool I. Really dig how yeah you want to kind of keep those separate, but also you together to certain degree so I. think that's a great approach yet, and that's what we're dealing with. Now like we're doing beers with people, and sometimes they WANNA put nappy roots all over, and we have to balance that you know of course Napa rules were known in Atlanta, Chunky. But as a balance where we're trying to ship to give, and we have to tell them. No, WE WON'T ATLANTA. On there and story get out one day events. NAPPY RUSSA's behind Atlanta. Makes it even better to me once? He planned it out on. That's perfect. Yeah, so Where can people find you for more information on that? Be Rude, Sir more information on an Alan Turkey bring. you can go to Atlantic Dot Com. We have all information on. NAPPY RUBES DOT COM. I'm really excited. nappy roots anywhere where we try to make sure will I'll platforms and hit us up me. We all have personal sites a personal page just. and. We love to talk. We're not at the stage where whip flooded with so many DM's that we can't respond a solid. You hit US on instagram Atlanta Sake on instagram. And let's talk. That's the Hashtag I. Use a lot less top beer. What we talk, He dan a beer or a beer. Share whatever you know, we we we one hundred percent focused on beer right now. Parfait Ano- so you hit us up with Daphne lauded, talk their perfect while thanks for joining us for so much fiscal. Appreciate your time and really dig what you're doing. I can't. Thank. You may not want. I'd like. What you're doing to you! Bring the tents into something. That's really going on right now Craft Beers deftly. Trading relationship with hip hop artists I haven't seen it with other genres of music, but I'm sure common. But I think is good thing. It's good for both parties. May Hip hop need to know about cramp? Did he'll popping crap gear? LEASED MERGE IN I hope when.

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