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what is going on Pokemon trading card game fans. Welcome to episode thirty three of the Special Conditions PODCAST FOR LOW FOR POK. Mon and collecting collide. Social conditions is part of the POKEMON professor network. Today is May Fifth Two thousand twenty. I'm one of your host Adam. Tuttle joined by my co host. Josh Brown was going on. What's up? Adam how you doing today. I'm doing awesome just so much talk about today. Is a lot weather was yeah. It's release week. The weather has been decent It was really hot yesterday where talk of the A. C. was going in But it didn't turn out that way because today actually was a bit cool and we definitely did not need the ACN getting close though getting close which is kind of scary. Yes but it just means summer is on. Its way not that we can do much but summer is on its way little sunshine. Vitamin D does a does wonders for person. Does the body good or is that or is that moon milk? It's hard to say all right so on. Today's show like we said we have lots to talk about The new set rebelled. Clash just came out this week. So we're going to dive into that We're talking about our pickups of the week which happened to include rebel clash Josh skinner question as always Our card of the week is Sonya from rebel clash and then we've got listener emails to wrap everything up. Sounds like a cool show. Yeah I'm ready. You're ready okay before we get. I do want to congratulate mix Mac sleazy for winning. Are Building battle box regrets. That was the contest we just did for having people who write in reviews appreciate everyone for doing that phenomenal response. We're GONNA try to do more of these so be on the lookout for those. Yes all right. So rebel clash Duh Duh. It's here data. Kinda it's here so it came out as of May first became out everywhere. Stores had it. Well maybe some stores some stores were at stocked. I will find out in just a second. I'll I'll tell you my story Here are some of the other products that were released side by side So I up. We have a poltergeist. V box which includes one foil POK mon featuring a Poltergeist v. One oversize poltergeist fee And then four booster packs. You GET A to rebel clash a sword shield and a steam seat and then you get a code cart which is awesome. You know. Put that put that car to use it Then we have a new figure collection box which is awesome. It comes with a beautiful figure of rookie score. Bunny hobble Kennel hanging out together. It's very detailed. It looks beautiful cool. It's got a foil full art of peachy but it's featuring Szabo groupie and score bunny. Yeah that's the one I did say come to the fore Booster packs as well I don't remember the actual packs. I'm pretty sure it's just as disappointing but as a there's a generations in there as well okay. And then a rebel clash yes yup at least coma card. Yep and then there's a code cart and then of course you've got your elite trainer. Box booster boxes. The building battle boxes sure and single packs and then there was one elite trainer. Box Time Right. Yes Yup and you've got to triple packs of the blisters. And then the PROMOS are a guerilla. Dan and a quasi oh cool so amazing release. Potty guys fee probably isn't the best but it's a when they revealed that pokemon back before sort of shield released like the. Internet was a explosive out. That yeah it was a coup pokemon to reveal is. It's a cool new POK mon. It's fun people enjoy it so sure capitalize on it go for it definitely and so you said you've had some luck finding this No Adam Abi no luck at all. Get a win out Friday night so went and worked all day Friday. That was may first day of release Trying to limit the amount of times go into stores at this point you know trying to be cautious and safe as much as possible. Yeah and I was like what Friday night. We're going to go late to a target. That isn't There's not a lot of traffic in and out of you know I felt good about being later in the evening and Figured it's at of all the targets that I like to go to. It's usually the best stocked when it comes to pokemon cards They actually have like the big full section by the registers then like they usually have like an entire half of a Nile in the toy section dedicated cards also have any target of seen in in the area. So I I always feel pretty good about their stock for things and Disappointingly had no rebel clash. They had not received any stock. They weren't putting anything new out. They didn't have anything ready to go. Nothing and I figured you know every other release. They usually put it out the night before. Sometimes you can even get it a little bit early because they don't care about street dates too much when it comes to that stuff but yet at the various target or Walmart fashion. Yeah by noon. The all stories usually had him out there Ready to go so not having all by the evening time of Release Day was was super disappointing. And could I have gone to other stores? Probably would I have seen any new cars at other stores? I don't know because if that's stored in get them. Would another store have gotten them? I hard to say and again. I'm really trying to limit. I'm working all day in the field. Anyway I'm in enough contact with people as it is. I don't need to be taking unnecessary. Risks just hunt down new POKEMON cards. Trust me I wanted to but I just didn't feel like it was the right thing to do this weekend to go hunting for pokemon cards so Instead I did Saturday after being disappointed the night before. goes over to TC G. PLAYER DOT COM and ordered myself a an elite trainer. Box of the rebel clash and it should be here a couple of days so by next episode. Okay we'll have rubber clash in hand to open and talk about enjoy with everybody. I'm excited it. Maybe it'll be alright then into so well I. I'm sorry that you weren't able to like find any but I do have some real quick and I'm okay. Let let me just. Let's go to the pickup of the I've got A. I got like rapid fire this so this week. I received two boxes of rebel clash. Danny Phantom thank you as always the first box. I opened on instagram live. These are just some of the notable polls when you say partially elite trae boxes thirty six booster boxes boxes so my notable polls were a full art and tally on the Mac. Mala Mar bosses order for full. Are I gotTa Bolton v a Santa Kanda the nine tails V. Toxicity and an elder gossipy? Well from one dollars box. Yeah solid box. Nice and so the second second box. I was like That's GONNA be for like content purposes Instable stor Saturday when we do GotTa Watch mall a pack on the podcast and I was like then we can use them here so in my head. I'm just like all right and then can messages me. And he's like Hey I'm going to do a pack battle on his scream live so we do it. Pack Battle Instagram Live poll a gold froth on the pack battle on the pack. But I mean that's the instant win right. That's on this. He pulled the same card. Then it's a but that's happened so it was just. It was just like okay. All right well actually. I had opened up a for I pack and I just lost and then I was like well. We're on life like I'm is open the second shirt. So that's when I got it so I didn't technically win the battle. Ken I mean just WanNa make sure that he knows that. I know that he won. He won the battle. You won the war him. Yes exactly and so two packs out of the the second box done gone. I opened up an instant bucer. So this is this is pack number three and I get junk okay. My Son sees me opening the instable. Booster he goes. Can I open a pack and I was like okay definitely like I opened up one of the packs a hand at tone and he pulls out and I see it as a white coat car and I'm like Oh man what's he got and he's just like he's slowly goes through them he's like. Oh this one's cute. This one's cool all look. I got an energy and I'm like door. I can see the black border like I know. It's something good is to that so I can see it and it's a full are Elza gossipy Nice. I'm like all right. Okay are this box is is already fire so I just like. I can't wait to dig into it more. So are you familiar with show called supermarket? Sweep all yeah or shop to you. Drop something like that. I mean two different shows. I'm familiar with both different shows. Yeah Yeah Yeah. They are two different shutdown. Sorry I'm like my old. Tv shows are coming back. So I'm just basically going to open up packs light pole something. Let's go so like pack till you poll you pull or something ripped win ripped pack delay poll. And I'm just I'm just kind of going through and it's only fitting that the first pack that I pull that I didn't get anything. Good okay. I'm just going through these fast. I pulled reverse hollow full. He'll nice and I love the it's in the set won't jacked up all right all right. All Right I gotTa Bolton v Okay Okay and you guys will get the code here. It's going to be why K. W. W J P G. v six eight W. K. W. Good luck good luck. Everybody that's cool. Yeah that's my second Bolton. So why does it feel like the set has incredibly good polls? I have no idea. I think it's just that there's so many like I don't know I feel. Like for chilled. There weren't as many hits right like per box and like this feels like there's like an additional hit or two in each box it says when she got a lot of these in the first box like yeah probably leaked twice as much as sort of boxes order shield would have. I don't remember getting that many visas that often. Yeah 'cause I got eight hits. Yes I got Bolton. V toxicity nine tails Santa Khanda V. Max Moammar in on L. Gos- bosses order right. Yeah that's that's a lot. He's one every almost four packs. All I know is that the set is amazing. And you guys should get some. What's your favorite part of this? So far my favorite so far I'll stop like like looks wise or play ability want to classify it. That's tough. There's so many cool cards. I WanNa say Bolton v Okay I mean like as far as like playability. I think that it's a really cool card right. Okay I'm trying to be the cool cat. poces order Yeah there we go. That's looking for Adam. That's the answer. You're looking for the Coleman. I'm excited to open up in checking out. Have you got an elite trader bucks yet? I have not okay. That's the one thing that Usually I wait. I wait too long. And then they're gone But I I definitely need to pick one up. That's next on my list right. I did pick up the politics politics fee okay but my polls were literally garbage. That's what happens when you get haunted. T- way fermented and just everything around is gross right right. The packs were moldy. Come on Somebody said something about Kombucha gagging. Tom Got so I have no cars open because obviously it's the life. I'm living right now but I did. Fire Up on my pad. Pok Mon Trading Card Game Online. You are now friends Adam. We did this before the show. We are officially friends. We could play against each other. I lose really badly to you. I'm excited we will not do it tonight on the show but it's going to happen If anybody else wants to friend me on their My username is the underscored noise in Hawaii S. Simmie further west. Maybe maybe we'll play. Some matches can trade cards. I don't I don't know how this works but be afraid. Yeah we'll definitely have to like get together and figure out what cards you need. Yes and try to figure out a deck you WANNA bill. Yeah that's tough but I do have okay so I have roughly eighteen thousand six hundred and forty two code cards to scan in at some point. still offering And probably going to bribe a kit or two in this household to do it for me to sit there and scan cards while they watch youtube or something will ten at a time and then you have to claim might. I need him to focus but you know if I offer them Electric cash on the side or something for doing it though they'll get it done Anyway my whole point is I already have some scandal that I have not Opened I have lots of packs on here Adam. I am going to let you decide. How many open and what I open okay. Okay I have eight packs of cosmic eclipse. I have twelve packs of shining legends and I have eleven packs of it invades open three hidden. Fates three hidden that we hear. You're back down to eight okay. I like it all right. Click on hint fates hit the little open button here. Rip that pack open the Ebony. You'll care about all the common cards. It's all Yeah we've heard we've heard them way too many times on this podcast. Okay So cards to click on first click on is going to be Kansas and bu second one is Oh Buddy Buddy. Adam it I we got. We got just a hollow. Reverse Holocaust gone the goal. Secret rare taboo cocoa men's. That's it God. That's a beautiful gorgeous K. We're open another Got The cards shuffling out in front of me with Mrs Termination. Ooh I got a holographic direct energy. Guard fancy Click on the card and we got a Jesse James Opener Open. Another come on was doing yes. See like whenever I get Hollow Energies. I have like three or four in the game of that certain type. Yeah and it's like I just want just give me infinite amount as soon as I pull it. Just give me an infinite number right. I just got another hollow dark energy guard. So there's that aunt the card I'm going to flip over is going to be stormy ethics. All right all right to hit bad. Not Bad Anything else you want me open here I do. Cosmic COSMIC LIPS. Okay let's do cosmic glimpse. I don't even remember what these cars look like. It's been a while back. I ripped his pack open. See the good. Let's see the goods here. Folks who got caught smog. I have not opened many of these facts because when two three four five six seven eight. Nine of the cars are new for me. You're like the basic energy wasn't new knows. Fire Are Flipping over the card. We got a On Non Holographic I do one more one more. Open another one. This is fun man. I can do this all day. I mean once we get on twitch start streaming I gotTa have reverse Hollow Gullit. Aunt God wise They threw in a non pokemon into my cards. That's upsetting got some stupid bodinger. Okay flipping over card. Got a hair all right. You open up to shiny legend packs. Okay Yeah Yeah. We're keep this train room. I mean look. I got real cards open. This is easy this is free. I mean it wasn't free. But it's free in my eyes I love that pikkety with the Rainbow in the background. He's looking chea all behind his head. okay spirit to reverse hollow and last card is going to be a Kelly. Oh Okay One more last one folks last one all right fingers crossed. This is toes. Is Everything got purloin reverse hollow Venus card man. That guy looks sweet anyway okay. Last card is going to be a Reich who holographic okay not bad not bad. I should stopped at the first back. That was clue. Yes that was fun. I I look forward like I said I have so many credit cards start scanning in Yeah I should look into trading some stuff you know. I have some jars on here and whatnot so Lots OF POTENTIAL ADAM. Lots of potential. But those yes I mean I'll definitely trade you trade four one. I'll give you whatever I can work it out. It's digital. It's not worth anything exactly but yeah thanks Jim Either Adam. You're very welcome did you. Do you happen to bring a question. We talked about this a little bit before the show. I think basic gameplay like we haven't really hammered home quite enough. I don't think Basic Strategy type thing. I'm getting getting to the point where I'm Raina things to learn and I just need start playing so I kind of want like some hot tips and tricks to like get started with basic gameplay stuff. I should be thinking about ready for that kind of stuff okay. So essentially like you know. We're we're probably just GONNA be playing with like structured exit. I because again. We're learning the basic gameplay right rules and stuff and so knowing that I don't have all these crazy cards I don't have g XS in my in my starter deck That that allows you a little bit of freedom to make like clutch moves in what I'm talking about. Is You have your active pokemon. You know you basically you're tied down to your basic energies. You're tied down to one. Turn usually no extra stuff that you can do right. And so knowing. I'm going to knock your pokemon out next turn instead of attaching the energy to the active doing just like an extra ten or twenty damaged type thing. You could set up something on the bench or if you have something on the bench that can attack for one energy. You know that you should probably use that switch card in your hand and save your heavier hitter for like the following. Turn right just small little place like that. That's going to help you grow in. Get your strategy up for you know in certain cards work together. Like I've been playing the Italian deck and I know that you know my Kramer it does. Twenty damage with Water Ero I think it does twenty two anything and so I can hit one of your bench pokemon the you're trying to set up and then I can try and power my kingdom on the bench that has a. I think Clarendon and it does ninety but if you have any damage counters on it does ninety plus sixty so it does one hundred fifty damage okay. So it's one of those like if I see what you're doing and can strategize around that like the deck has synergy. It's just you gotta find it right. Okay so just small little gameplay things and I mean you'll see when we play. I mean you obviously like your score. Bunny has to evolve into a row reboot and then has to evolve into US injury. So it's like you don't watch your score. Bunny active not attaching energies to it. You know what I mean like you. Try to protect it until you can get it out to make those big plays right. What's the toughest biggest hurdle when it comes to structured acts consistency? Okay I'd say there's a it. It's just difficult because it's like if you're not getting 'cause they have like lines you know you'll see you'll have like you know three score bunnies you'll have to boots and then like two secondary so it's like you gotta get those out and sometimes it's hard the give you like two lines of other pokemon or three two lines and it's like you'll have the evolution for one of those pokemon but the basics down for the other you're like. I can't evolve this one and they don't have cards like pokemon communication all the time like they don't have stuff that works you know with it's just kind of like basic supporters like hop where you can just draw three or professors research just discard your hand. Sometimes that's not what you WANNA do. Because you don't know how many cards have left in your deck. You Discard your only Italian. And then you have no major play. So it's structured basic and it's just about strategy in thinking at that point. 'cause Ken gets trapped where he'll have you know. So he's trying to power up his active OAKMONT and it's like but he has nothing on the bench. I know if I knock out that active pokemon that he's putting so much effort into good chance of winning and it's like all you do is Kinda like put put his energy here there and Kinda offset sometimes and then if you have switch and you can just kind of leave something that has a high hit point and I can't knock it out in a couple of hits it's going to give you time to attach more energies and have like a better play in all my moves that makes sense. Yeah totally but we'll definitely get some games. We'll probably just do a show about it and like have have you play with me live so I did my first structure deck. So I'm excited for that. Then you have weakness to apply. Have Resistance if you do. It's like there's so many different factors and it's like that's where structured. Kinda like are weird because one weakness doesn't work against the other and it's just tough 'cause if you face your weakness then it's like man all they have to just get to smaller things with a couple energies and then they're rolling through your deck now. I'm excited though. I'm getting close Adam. I feel it I feel it in my jellies. I feel it my my chanel. Just she just said that to me earlier today she's like. Could you feel it? You jellies Yes yes could you feel it okay? That was my question is just you know I will have more once? I get a structured deck and they start looking at it because I still have yet to actually hold on my hand like a full playable deck. You know yeah so maybe once I get that maybe our next show question If we don't have anything else planned will go through the structured I'll ask questions about the deck itself and what to do with it. What not to do with it. That kind of thing definitely. Yeah and it's like you and like they're built so you can add stuff taken away. I mean honestly the first thing you want to take away a couple of energy and put in more like supporters or consistency cards or just like gets which set Bal holographic energies right. Yes Yep gotta do it make a structure Deca Flextech. You only do that too. Don't put it past me. Adam Josh you ready to take a quick break. I am ready all right. We're GONNA take a quick break. Hang with us all right. Thank you guys so much for that break little housekeeping real quick before we keep going out. This podcast is powered by Patriot. You can check us out at Patriot. Dot Com slash pokemon professor. We can support the chauffeur's little as a dollar a month that dollar's GonNa get you access to our patron exclusive discord which is a fantastic place filled with fantastic people and if patriotic isn't your thing there are a few other ways he can help us out. If you listen to on Youtube you can subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. And if you're listening. The podcast service like apple podcasts. Or stitcher you can. You can take a moment to leave us a review. We like those we gave him coming helps a lot josh. So this week's card of the week is going to be Sonya. Okay tell me about some other than it's a great looking car. Well she's the daughter or granddaughter of Magnolia from certain. Oh you want to know what the Cardoso the cart so the card says search your deck for up to two basic pok or up to two basic energy cards reveal them and put them in your shuffle your deck so this is a huge card because it's great for consistency okay decks that thrive on grabbing energies like water. Dex are going to fall in love with this card because getting basics out is huge slum getting water energies into your hand is a big deal. So it's like this card works as two different cards at two different times now. There was a card way back when called Roseanne's research which allowed you to go search for two basic pokemon or two basic energies but in any combination which was huge said. You could have looked for a basic pokemon in an energy or two energies pokemon. So I wish this card was a little bit more like that making it a little bit more versatile and 'cause everybody played for Roseanne's research like that was just a staple but I feel like Roseanne's is kind of like a professor set up. It's it's a very niche card because like watered X. are gonna find this good fired. Extra GonNa find this like playable because they can search for their basic pokemon they can grab fire energies and use welder. Next turn like there's there's ways to make this work but yet it's just a great consistency card that the game brought and I'm so happy that it's because I can't wait to put my water. Dick sure is on the first card. Yes how do they decide trainer cards? Which trainers from the games or the ANIME GET TO DO? What in the card game. Give any idea how that works. I have no idea how that works because like lie. Sander was bosses order way back when they changed. The name changed like who's on it. I'm to be relevant to what's going on now it's like Giovanni Pokemon go again. Giovanni in let's go you know. There's a lot more. I don't know callback. Sue A lot of older pokemon staff right and like there's Ben many Pokemon pokemon Professor Sycamore. Professor Juniper. So it's like there's been multiple professors and select professors research. They wanted that card back in format but they wanted to bring an element of sorting shield. Yeah and then. Sometimes they reprint great ball. They reprint Polka Ball. This this set and I'm like who needs a needs Polka Ball. That's a coin flip like I'm surprised. My structured acted come with four. Well maybe it's in the the Zazi Annan's to one but Yeah I don't know how they how they decide which ones are which I think they look at everything in the format. And they're like what is overpowered right now and a lot of like. Are we balance the spell? The spell tag is overpowered right now so we need something to get rid of that so tool scrappers tool scrapper came back to the format until scrapper allows you to discard tool cards whether they be on your opponents. Spoke Monitor Yours So the last time that car was around was when we had team flair grunt tools and those were tool cards. You could place on your ponant. Pok Mon just GNARLY and I'M NOT GONNA get into it right now but you needed to play scrapper to be able to get rid of that so interesting so you think song is Going back to the car is going to be super important going forward for a lot of trainers. I think so. It's definitely going to be something. You see a lot more because I think once the rotation happens. You're going to have a little bit more setup esque decks In like right now. I keep going back to SNOB. I mean anything that you can attach more energies from your hand. This is going to be a staple in because you can go get your pokemon to setup and then you can use your tax to get them onto the field or use the abilities to get them on the field like we're in the format where dark right prism actually can benefit from this. Like you hold onto that like you play a quick ball. Grab that you Sonya you go grab energies boom. You've got to energies now on board. And then you still have valley g XS disc reloaded. Draw five cards. I mean there's there's plays right now that you can use this with Yeah it's it's just an all around great card cool. Is it only available in the full art or not? I just the full are it. Looks much safely the what you want? But there's a hyper rare. There's a fuller in the day. A normal trainer card okay. I believe it's hollow. I could be wrong in the full arch on the regular cars. They do the same thing right. Yep exactly I don't think I've ever asked you that. So let's good declared. Yeah so it doesn't have to be full art. That's just the one we're looking at right now because it looks nice. Yeah Cool. Saudi from rebel clash. Get it now. So we did have an e. mail comment from a listener Will says hello. I'm having trouble finding an answer to a question about the professor program and I'm wondering if you can help I will. I am not a professor yet. I have been in the past So I'll try to answer. The question is best. I can but I can't promise anything He says I are any of you. Guys registered judges. I am not in Josh. How do you know Adam well? I definitely because we're still trying to figure out the rules to shake And then he said second. What is the regulations of altering judge shirts? I'm looking to get my name embroidered onto it. Thanks for your time will. I don't know the answer to that but I will do everything in my power to find out as of this recording. I don't have an answer for you but normally I don't like any of the judges that I've seen when going to events. I have not seen anybody have anything with their name embroidered on there. So it doesn't mean actually official judge shirts. Yes Yep yeah. It's it's through the the the professor program. Okay the higher level that you get like you earn points and then use those points to purchase like adjudged staff t shirt. So what is the Professor Program? I don't think I even know quite with that is what we're going to save that for another episode because Adams GonNa Actually get on that That's like my goal. This week is to get myself through that. And it'll be a very sad thing if I don't pass so I'm going to definitely like study up and Try My hand at this because I would love to have an inside perspective. Let you guys know how how this whole thing works and if I can make it okay. 'cause I mean I can't go to any tournament so might as well try to become a professor well just sitting at home. He would make sense to have you as a professor on the show right. Because I'm part of the POKEMON professor network right exactly and you're weight. Does your professor Status rely on me passing. Sorry test as well as your student. We'll get there. We'll get there because his already well. Yeah 'cause I mean remember. We did that episode where I like tested. You think it'll take you you you you pretty much passed. I don't remember how many you got wrong but I think I guided you and you got them right so I look forward to learning more about. This item definitely are right. So thank you all for so much for listening You support the show like I said by shopping at TCU player dot com using the Lincoln. The description you can send us an email like welded. We have a new email info at special conditions. Tc G. DOT COM. You can leave us a voicemail. You can text us. You can picture at seven three two eight three five eight six three nine and remember if you're affected by special condition. Don't forget to use a full. He'll by trainers.

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