LCB Ep. 124 - Bottom 10 Worst Movies of 2018, Serenity Review (Worst of 2019 Already?) and Rush Hour 4


Finnerty? And beyond. Can get me out of this message that he's gonna show up. Fish might you pay. You can't handle the truth. Maybe not maybe fuck yourself. Shoot your kid. What? One day. We thought here. Yes. Kate. Going. We don't need roads. He thought happy. All eight welcome to lights camera episode one twenty four Jeff low alongside Ken Jack tro ball, just our normal habitats week. No, no, Atlanta. We're back home all in the greater New York City area. We have a big show. Actually, this is a big show. This is bottom ten movies of the year. This is our last gas with two thousand eighteen but we are of you at twenty nine hundred move your second twenty nine hundred movie of the year. We reviewed glass I will be reviewing serenity with Matthew, mcconaughey. A and and Hathaway going to get it out right now, it will be a spoiler of you. Because you cannot this more than any movie we've seen since we started this podcast. This movie is the most cannot be talked about without spoiling movie that we physically impossible. Yeah. It is. If you watched one third of this movie, you might wanna give this movie a six, but it then you was the. The west of the two-thirds you're cooking with gas on a thirty score. I mean, this movie the twist in this movie little tease for getting the news it. The twist takes you off a cliff in terms of ratings just like plummets you into the depths of hell it is. It's unbelievable. I actually I actually don't totally get it either. I don't totally get like I've actually had to read the the plot summary a couple times because I am still not quite sure I got it. Or of you serenity? Also, breaking news going to update you with what will be reviewing through the beginning of April next. It'll be the LEGO movie to followed by happy death day to you believe large from borstal beyond for big movie guy alita battling Jill after that. That'll be a two weeks after that and happy birthday to come out the same week. How to train your jagged three on March seventh March fourteenth day before I turned twenty eight captain marvel very signed for that way to make it all that you. Yeah. Actually, I turn. No Kendrick turns whatever twenty five not twenty two twenty. Twenty two actually for venture set you vendors endgame. That's a much cooler birthday movie. Yes. Same time as last year too. Yeah. Then March twenty first triple frontier, which is Netflix movie with Ben Affleck Oscar. March twenty eighth us and beach bum. And then Dumbo the beginning of April. And then she's am after that. And we'll update when the time comes anybody anything else. My God, they're three frontiers. Benach yours. You're right three fucking frontiers guard, dammit, what about those banal killers? What what's going on that before we get into some news? Pretty uneventful flight back to Hoboken from Atlanta. Enjoyed the week. We had some good experiences. I enjoyed you know being in the Verizon fund sweet fantasy football experience in the misogyny balls in the creativity lounge presented by. Chase. School. Got some lot of free stuff. Chase give out free money variety gave out free phones that was cool. Going on sauce serenity end. They will not grow old in the same day, which is a pretty pretty big mind. Fuck. As far as changing tonal in- tone by anything. What's what's the consumerism update? I know you've been trying dude. Yeah. You even trying ordered. I finally broke anymore. So ordered air pods and Thapa store said they are ready for pickup. Go to the apple store. They say it's not ready for pick up, and they won't be until the fifteenth which like this was three days ago in they're like, yeah, we know for a fact whenever for fucking basically two weeks, which is ridiculous. And I go to a call best buy added time go to best buy they say they have air pods go there. They say they don't have them, and they're not gonna have him for a week. So twice the fucking store person on the phone told me that they would be good. And then they didn't have. So not a great day is a consumer for me got the apple watch though. Right. I did get the apple watch. I like it a lot so far don't quite know. Exactly. How to use it? What's what's going on what you Tra bones? Here's here's my consumer update. I'd bought bought some leather sneakers that don't don't look like dead shoes. These ones. I want to call them the broke boy common projects. Because I love common projects, but I'm not about to spend four hundred dollars on a pair of sneakers. These are great. They're called Brooklyn greats and they're made in Italy. Yeah. In talionis, make nice stuff. Those call my mom by my by her first name Levin's this with are commonly referred to us. They're the miss Hoover. I peed in my pants. Maybe excused from class sevens. Right. Choose today. Right. That got some all birds. I did the I did the Marie condo clean out. My closet thing this weekend. So I decided to replace the plethora of like stuff, I don't like what the stuff I do actually like, the Marie condo clean stowed giant pile of closed behind you. Closet. Not. Auxiliary bedroom. That is a makeshift office. It was a localized attack. Man. Gotta go to my office to play fucking tomb raider. Now that I can turn my camera. I actually cleaned organize. My closet. Please admire the amount of crew neck sweatshirts Ione. Public. Holy shit. Expect it you have a uniform. You know, you have a uniform when I think Jeff I think of a guy with a nice haircut. Fucking maybe too. Nice of a haircut like kind of serial killer precise type of haircut accrue neck sweatshirt in eighty five degree weather and properly cut shorts like nine inch in seeing type shorts thing about your shorts is is you pull up the crew neck with the shorts because your shorts on too long any longer and you'd start to look like a school uniform. That's correct. Yes. Good point point, well med. I think I don't have any extracurriculars. I can't pair my Bose to my PC having driver issues. That's my only actual issue. New PC? Some actually I'm actually leaning very close to my PC tower, and they're plugged in. You said a group text the other night you wanted to know how to do something and MAC, and you're like excel on MAC is way easier than excel for PC. And I just offended me. That's a very -fensive statement for what I do for copying and pasting in this one sheet that I have it's easier to paste match destination settings, but I figured it out because you helped me and now it's it's actually easier as easier God put me on this earth to do two things. Microsoft excel podcast. NBA? Good father. That wasn't one of the two things. Let's let's get into news. We are supposed to have two trailers in here. But for some reason they were supposed to have shaft the trailer for shaft. And it didn't come out. So we won't be talking about shaft. And fortunately, also there were rumors that they would have the Star Wars title release history during Bob Eiger, earnings call with Disney that didn't happen. There is also there is a rumor that the Star Wars title was gonna release yesterday. And it's because people thought it leaked and it turned out the league title is just for a pinball game. So the next call comes from Steve Clark at Goldman Sachs. Mr Clarke, you have the line actually, this is Jeff Lowe with lights camera. So I'm just wondering what the title dot cut me off. And they actually it was like, I'm not gonna say the wrong ones. But it'd be like heart our next call is from Rick from Merrill, Lynch, like whatever just he kept sitting these businesses and Robbie FOX, and I were listening, and then it'd be like, yeah. This is Jane from standard and Poor's and it's like God knew every time. They said something financial aid. They're not gonna ask about episode nine. But some people did ask about Disney movies because we did get an answer that Disney will still this is our first news item. They will still be making R rated marvel movies, which obviously includes deadpool and potentially other products. So somebody did Asfaw R rated movies. And they did they did say that. Yeah. We're expecting a three x discounted cash. Flow on Dumbo. Basically. Most nonsensical finance thing. Don't they did also say that the deal has not gone through and it still waiting approve other countries. So that further proves despite trills theory that wolverine we'll show up in vendors endgame in a post credit scene that that will not be happening. The FOX you'll still not gone through. It'll just be Jack Sparrow and other countries whatever country, they get the right Ford. They'll put the kingdom hearts three Jack Sparrow and that one so it's not problematic. L? This is this is Mr. Trump bones from BFA, oh Botha. Yes. This is true. Bo from all this industries. Yeah. All this dick in your mouth bitch. So what else did say was is that they're going to do something that differentiates between the RA to Nana rated to nut. Confused, the consumer which sounds like a really complex way of saying Teddy's, we we don't want people bringing their kids to go see a marvel movie, and then is just someone's head getting chopped off deadpool. Sing fuck. I that's basically what it boils down to for me. So. It's going to be the propaganda version, Donald Duck. Like oh God. I I I fifty seconds of the changing. Now, it's supposed to be watching this one. But that's good though. I think we knew they were going to do it. There was doubt that they were not going to do it. But I think just people like Disney would never do that. You know, what they like doing like making money and dead police made a shitload of money. I don't think they're gonna deviate from what's working. Bobby? I your has was CAD those dollar signs in his eyes. Did they talk about once upon a deadpool in differentiating, the are rated PG thirteen movies. No, they not really their property yet. But they didn't. But I do wanna know that movie did become the highest grossing X men movie. But only because of the PG thirteen version that released in China is that cheating. Do we think that's cheating say that's the highest rated X or highest grossing X men. Yeah. If it now the two different versions, that's like other goods cheating, though. A little cheating. I don't know what's the threshold for changing a movie, so it's not the same movie. Well, a lot. I would assume for the PG version, I know, but what's the threshold? I mean, one could argue that if it's not the exact same movie. So this is this is like the Snyder code or something I mean, you cut out a very significant chunk of on me that movie funny. It's still the succeeded a lot. So you have an inside out. They changed the broccoli to bell peppers in Japan. Is that a different movie now? Yes. Yep. I agree owned. Huma strap me. Another Disney FOX related thing. Kevin Feige, you will have control of the X men, and he will be searching for Newell. Yes. Control of the X men. He's actually playing magneto in this movie. Yeah. Yeah. He's just so he will he's gonna play freshdirect because he's he's bowled, obviously. You don't know though, magneto maybe magnesium helmet is just a hat to ball cap. Make magneto like messes with the follicles in his head and makes him bald. No, Eric Oko. Ju just imagine him listening to our podcast one the ad reads for one of our sponsors in seeing the code for a free hat. Another one another one for the gobulin is closet looks like Jeff's closet, but. It folded up sweatshirts. It's a spinning rotating dry cleaners rack of hats lazy. Susan, just but hats spinning out. So that's that on the marvel front. We'll get more into wolverine when the time comes. I don't want to start speculating on that we did that many episodes ago back when Hugh Jackman said he was done, but you Jackman is done. They're gonna look for a younger guy, and they're going to have to reboot and recast the X men, you gotta think Kevin Feige. This is like sitting in front of a fuck and buffet, and he has endless options. He gets the recast so many characters so excited about that. Do you think is boring at that point though for him? Now, he did he is raking in the cash he is making massively game changing culturally impactful movies, whether people like movies or not, and that is a fact they're just they're game changers in the movie industry. I feel like to recast maybe after recasting all that he could get bored. Well, I just like maybe not him. But okay, take Vince McMahon, for example, when when he. He was battling with the WCW for supremacy of Monday night. And he finally crushed WCW. Don't you think he was kind of sad that he had nothing? He had no mountain left decline. It's like when you're playing RPG or something like skyro- in like, you reach the max level, and you have to do like board and look searching for a purpose. But I think at the same time in this. There's so many more mountains to conquer in for him. Right. He he basically has his pick of the litter. There's no actor that's going to say no to a marvel movie. Unless maybe you're Zach Levi him you have basically unlimited options. I know don't you part of the fun is being in charge of these marvel movies and watching how shitty. Most of these other studio comic book movies are like that's part of it. But we now like DC starting to get a little bit better. Like who knows even how she's going to be like now there's going to be competition. It's going to be like you watched one punch man, right? I nobody he always had fantastic four and the universal type movies too. All back. I still think he's gonna he's gotta have some excitement going, especially now that it's not monopoly on comic book movies DC's, getting better, the only podcast psychoanalyze whole Feigen. He tall find. What you just come by Paul? John, John, John barren, Paul. Okay, doll, baby. I mean, Charlotte. Bursting listens every episode. But he said he turned up the podcast because we know that was a different one. I gave him crap on the message board. But he had a point like some things are really grading. And when you pronounce something wrong, it can be pretty grating. So from now on I'm gonna I'm burnt dog. I. Will throw burnt oil. What did I say? I said tertiary where to like Thacheray or something Lennon or John Leno. That's still fucks me up. So I'm not even gonna I'm not gonna play around. That's another mispronunciation. That's just straight up getting something wrong. Mispronunciations almost worse. We mispronounce a lot. So, you know, I feel like people mis pronounce a lot because of the internet, and they see words, and they know what the words mean. And they don't have spell that. You don't know how to say the word. Yeah. That was me with non sequitur for a long time. I never had said on sequitur out loud. But I always assumed it was pronounced like non sequitur or something. And then I heard someone say knows like what the fuck does that me? And it was ago. That's a word. I've typed up before we had other day in one of the celebrity questions for good friend, Mr. withers. Tyler was spell, sir. Sha. Ronin and the guy on the phone. He was like S A. Oh, we're like oh shit. He's going to do it. And he's like r I see ES off just completely fill right down a cliff. So this is where we're supposed to talk about shaft, and I gave shaft the plenty of time. There was a poster that came out for the new shaft movie, obviously, featuring Samuel Jackson is kind of the lead. But they did release some posters did release some cool poster generations of shaft here semi Jackson. Jesse t usher, Regina hall, and Richard Roundtree? So pretty cool if they're doing that. Young middle old. I guess, but they have it's the tagline is more shaft than you can handle the have these are don't get bazaar like they will look like Valentine's Day cards, but they're just slogans to keys shaft and Samuel Jackson. And I'll read you all of them. I one is out of Accoding toast your punk ass. I don't know if the millennials in my right? Yeah. I don't know if they're actual quotes from the movie. I hope not what time is it time for you to shut your mouth. Here's another a million rock your world. That was a no fear shirt. Yeah. I'm gonna read the the best one last yell too. Busy, sip and T when bourbon is the joint. The last one the only I like is I'm a put yo ass through a windshield. Jesus would be compete, y but took some liberties with that acronym. But okay, it's marketing. Yeah. So they didn't release the trailer. So that's what we I didn't wanna read those. But you didn't give any video contents that that's what I had to read. Yes. She apt is the thing that has the good song. And that's all that's all. I really know about shaft until we got on that one. Speaking of X men, I guess we could have had this be the second piece of news new mutants, kind of ein Hulu, and the producer doesn't want. It. There wanted to be released in theaters. But I think this is one of those where there's smoke. There's fire. I think new mutants is just cruising for Hulu dizzy and have a sixty percent stake in it or sixty six point six percent stake. Once they get FOX they're going to have FOX time. They get is movie. I just don't see this thing. Going theaters being Hulu, and I'm ruined for to be on blue. It's gonna stink. Right. Like, I think it's going to be terrible the re-shoots research they need. Essentially reshot over half the movie, right? And I know that while the cast members had some issues with the director phone assay. Anna Taylor joy was basically stormed off set or something like that. Like, she was very upset with the way the movie was made. So I don't have a lot of high hopes for this. I don't know if I'd want to release on Hulu, would you? I'd rather not go to the feeders to see if it stinks much. I think it being on Hulu buys some buys a little room for me to not think it's such a bad movie when it inevitably is a bad movie. That's typically what happens for us. Yes. That's why we did our twenty eighteen lists. And I almost wanted to put the Cloverfield paradox in there. But I restrained myself because I was like that's a put that on Netflix. You can't do that. That's fair did take. Yeah. Very very good. Take take. And then one more piece of news is for a first Andrey of three hundred today wants to live and read at flicks lands. Extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile. It's going to get probably theatrical run in the fall for award season. Which sounds like they're gonna push pretty hard for Zach gift from that is the Ted Bundy movie, and then the Irishman which is going to be a huge score says he probably the biggest movie Netflixing ever released in terms of hype and Oscar buzz now Roma obviously might win best picture, but the buzz is different especially in the United States with Martin Scorsese him releasing movie like that Robert deniro Alpa chino bunch other people very big movie that's coming in the fall as well. This is big news for for Netflix planning to movies like this. They've had Irishman for Weil, but with Roma coming up probably the favorite for best picture could be huge year for Netflix tied Turner for streaming movie platforms. Did we put the Irishman on our twenty eighteen most anticipated listed one of us do that by excellent anyone did did either for? But again, the only thing we've seen is the picture of Robert deniro in those stolen. No, Honey, I said twenty eighteen like I felt like last year. I accidentally thought as a twenty nights on my list. So I'm prepared for this movie to come out because in my mind, it's been coming out for two years one year. Honestly. Yeah. Don't think it should be good enough is definitely on the tickets far as their original content goes like they're still shooting out. I would say like maybe like a thirty percent. Clint like most the stuff they make is not that great. But the stuff that they make. That is good is very good. Like all the boys have before. I liked the lot Romo was great. They make some other quality stuff like apostle and few horror stuff, whatever. But the serious moves have been. Okay. So I have some decently high hopes for this love, Robert deniro. I want Alpa chino, right? Don't get China's in this one. Yeah. Donkey. Yeah. And New Jersey. So it should be good. But there's another sodomy the kinda says I'm sick of Italian mob movies. And we're gonna talk about another one. I'm sure pretty soon. So I'm conflicted probably going to be a couple this tonight with an Italian mob on it reminder. We are doing bottom ten movies of two thousand and eighteen tonight. I remember when Netflix I announced they're doing original content with house of cards, and I was like no way that's going to work and they've done pretty well. But is some of this stuff is like net flicks. I wish it had an indicator for the stuff that Netflix actually bought in, you know, intended to air all the way through its production in the stuff that like some studio just dropped off at their front doorstep rang, the bell and ran away at two AM in the morning. I did you watch the last season house of cards. Watches, very, I think I watched the last episode. I don't really care about anything else. That happens. I watch episode and immediately I thought they shouldn't have made this didn't watch any of that last season. But it was it wasn't anything to do with Robin Wright as much as to the stain of Spacey just kind of lead me away from it. Yeah. I don't know. I was curious because I watched every episode to that point. I felt I needed some closure. The ending was so shitty. I'm not sure I think the best closure for that show. Just realizing it sucked after season one. Yeah. That's kind of true. I like the Arthur the author subplot. Horgan that guy could be in read-end movie over that actress. I'm going to become president kinda just sound like Underwood with that. All right. Add retire. Gotta get to an added read. We have three today as I mentioned some sort of live, Ed Reed. So my put some music in here. Do this impost. Put this together post that I think we should just do it live. I live. Let me get some music, then really quick. Okay. All right. He's the just furiously typing fathers, okay? Right stalling. Again. Semi we print the news to couple to tutti capi. I don't know. But you lied. Hey, Mr. gatty gets news forces advanced and square. Yacht with going on guys. Pledge of abridging list. It. We've finally cleared out. Why? Those guys I'm gonna have to kill them before they even grow hair on the pricks. Yeah. Cancelled they'll duty over more, Tim, boss. They're all using seek because seeks as you money by searching multiple ticket sites to compare prices. Find amazing deals and to get you. The most bang for your book Seekie grades every ticket based on value to help you immediately identify the best seats that fits your budget, plus every purchase fully guaranteed. So you can shop for tickets on seek with confidence. Oh, my bone. This knows making sick. I think I'm coming down with Saturday Night Fever. Bang bang. That be all Stu not yet done Godley, according to this. He read my listeners get ten dollars off their for seek purchase. After just download the seacat Panetta promo code lights today. The promo code lights for ten dollars off your first seatgeek purchase. I have the app I've used it. The tickets to every bit bulls tour. Oh, boy, maybe I could get some tickets for under face off value. Boss, man, that doesn't even make any sense bang. And of course, the foot tune that up. Time that perfectly too. You're still listening next piece of news. Thanks seeks. The haunting of Sharon Tate. An actual movie that's coming out that there's another movie we're gonna talk about later that I find offensive even made it and based on this trailer. This one might be in that territory as well Hillary Duff play Sharon Tate, Jonathan Bennett, who you would know mostly for mean girls, or the food network is a lot of cake competitions. Yeah. It's about Sharon Tate, and the Tate murders from the Manson murders of Sharon Tate, and her friends, the home invasion too brutal fucking story, and this is going to be like a horror movie of sorts. I don't like this one. This did not sit comfortably with me. When I watched it. I mean, call me soft. But I thought this was a bit much for her story. I actually I mentioned the Ted Bundy movie when I was doing an Instagram story thing other day, I just said that I don't think that they should glorify real life serial killers. And there's a lot of people that got mad about that people that were haunting for dead Ted Bundy, and I think that there might still be people like that for Sharon Tate, even though she was the victim. So I there's definitely gonna disagree. But I don't think that they should make any sort of movie where it glorifies like a real life killing in that type of scenario words homicide because then you get copycats like people who are inspired by that and shit. And like what what can you tell us in this like the actual? Version of that that night that we don't already know. Like, I just don't know why again rebranding it as some sort of like horror movie weird slender man all over again. Yeah. I agree with you guys. But let me play devil's advocate what differentiates this one between once a time of once upon a time in Hollywood that's not about the Tate murders. That's just it takes place during that period. And it also doesn't over-dramatize like some in. I mean, there's a home invasion that is horrifying. But use it the hor- used the horror of it as a trope to sell it as a horror movie, it's hard to explain but trying to get at it. I know what you're saying. But I think you can make the argument that Quinter Tinos gonna make stylish movie in even though it takes takes place around the time. Margot Robie does play Sharon Tate. You can make the cases like this overly stylized movie. But at the same time, I think we have a little more faith in Tarantino to do something more tasteful than. A horror movie. So I'm on your side. I'm on your flight. I don't love it. There's this weird statute of limitations that seems to pass to where it's okay to make movies or trailers making a serial killer seem pretty neat which is just weird to me. But you know, it's not the first time. It's happened. It makes them seem like the boogeyman. It's fucking purge. The boogeyman it just I don't know the way it's presented is weird to me. I it just something feels wrong about it and off a little bit in. So I don't know I still still with the Zach Efren movie. I really wanna see that. Because I wanna see how much that that review that said it was wildly different from the trailer really comes into play. I don't know. I it makes sense because true crime has really taken off in the last couple years ever since podcast were invented in twenty seventeen bunch of true. Crime hog casts. Have come hit. So make sense that movies about killing Zimmer. Orders are gonna pop up in from from audience standpoint, it arouses a certain sense of curiosity. I'm gonna admit that like there's a perverse sense of looking out your car while driving by a wreck that listen to these true crime podcast watching these movies about zero killers bring on who's to say where the line is John fellas you've been listening to too much less podcasts in the left. A listen to like one episode. L listen to the Casey, Anthony episodes. Yeah. So we'll see this is this is one of the he gotta see same with extremely wicked shockingly evil, and vile and the same obviously with once upon a time in Hollywood, though, as you central probably two very different things even seen this trailer. It's just watching it. Disturbing to say, the least much that can be for a real life movie that doesn't have goals witches which talking a lot about ghouls witches ghosts later on because our bottom tens or typically horror fests, two more pieces of news will want them together. Let's get into this rush hour forthcoming Cording to Chris Tucker. Yes. Or no user, I'm actually out on this. We don't need more rush hour movies. I liked rush hour, but they're too old. Now, I like them too. Don't even though I think they're just too old. And I don't know that as the same level of appeal for me. And I love the I I think pretty much all the rush hour's first ones, obviously the best. But I don't know if I it's necessary for another chance sixty four years old. Can you see the foreigner? He still got it. Do what makes you happy? Jackie now. I know I'm just saying I just cannot believe Jackie Chan sixty four because it just seems like yesterday he was young forty four funny. How time works those? And then last, but not least Tommy Wiso releasing a new movie I wanted to Claire. I don't give shit. I Tommy zone. A funny character. I thought disaster stuff was cool. Mccain tell me what is going away. Now, we call big short. There's there's no appeal for me to see any movie involving him. Yeah. When when he became self aware when it stopped being as funny spot on if he was like furious about people like making fun of the room. It would be hilarious. But it's like you said because he's self-aware loses its appeal. I think he also made another movie with Gregg, whatever was best friend. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And just like I'm not interested in it in. I fought him on Twitter. When we watch the disaster artist Noda's, re tweet pictures that people send him of them wearing his underwear which is just like, it's Calvin Klein underwear Tommy Wiso instead. I don't know just done with them. It's it's like when the actual celebrity who's SNL parodying shows up on SNL in the once funny impression is now not funny because that person has their like blessing bestowed upon it, you sub tweeting Dan Crenshaw. Now, I'm more talking about Sarah Palin tainted their Palin, and then the actual Sarah Palin came on. And they've done that before too. It did with Hillary showed up, you know, interacted with the Kate. Mckinnon impersonation, it's not like, it's all that cool. But like there are some real funny impersonations on Nelson times came out his fold in have Trump on with Baldwin Donald fucking talk about so much. We played you. Back to Jack me out of the seep. All right. That's news. We've got an ad read. It's prerecorded Ken. Jack, queue it up de gas. Remember on when they'd had fake ads. Void second. All right, queue it up there. It's the Android. We were going to do kind of fell apart did work out. You know, things happen like the new mutants of rates, you know, would just punt to another time. But this episode is brought to you in part by one eight hundred flowers, specifically one eight hundred flowers dot com. I know everyone right now is been wracking their brains to figure out what to get their loved ones. For Valentine's Day Ord admire roses from one eight hundred flowers dot com. 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Click the little radio icon, enter promo code L, C B L as in Larry C as in Cheryl and B as in. I can't think of some of the first name be in curbing anyway, promo code Elsie. Click the radio icon one hundred flowers dot com. Thank you. Boy serenity with Anne Hathaway Mackey McConnell. Jason clark. That's another tease for future. Bottom. Ten movie on this podcast here. Serenity came out recently. I did not expect us to review it what it stirred up a lot of controversy. I don't say well controversy. Yes. Around the nakedness of Matthew mcconaughey there. Rumors he had full frontal nudity in this movie minute was disputed, and then the movie came out and everyone talked about the twist. So here's a synopsis Baker dill awful name, by the way, awful name is a fishing group. Name it is is a fishing boat. Captain who leads tours off of the trickle in on enclave of Plymouth island, his peaceful life who soon shattered his ex wife, Karen, which is incredible. Okay. I realized that he didn't have a peaceful life at all. He was fucking miserable. He will ris shit life. He was. Yeah. He couldn't couldn't pay for gas. He was miserable. And sad. So yes. So the fact that it's ex wife named Karen that's incredible. Tracks him down desperate for help. Karen begs Baker to save her and their young, son. From her abusive husband, she wants to take the brute out for a fishing excursion them throw him overboard to the sharks thrust back into a life that he wanted forget Baker now finds himself struggling to choose between, right and wrong and that shit, right? There tells you nothing about what you're going to embark on with this movie against the spoiler review. All right. I'll splice the time code in here. I'll be fair though. I just think you gotta listen to this to avoid spoilers for serenity skip to fifty six forty seven. Also, watching guys grocery games per usual on editing, the podcast, and I just want to note the this episode. The winner has to go up against iron Schiff, Alex Gorna Shelley which respect to her. She's an iron chef. But nothing goat. I wanna see the winner. Go up against the goat iron chef. And the greatest of all time is Michael Simon. Thirty four seven one. The best earn chef his down. Even more remote, though is not that good. And he is incredible. He's twenty six seventeen Bobby flay forty three and sixteen. Very good. Michael Simon thirty four seven one almost unbeatable. This guy is so damned good. He's the best iron. Chef. If you disagree with me. Do not tweet me don't posted anywhere because you're wrong. Okay. Back to the pod you wanna skip serenity. Go ahead. Here we go. We're about to spoil the shit out of this movie. So. I I don't even know where to begin. Can we start? Let's walk through the plot bit by like, let's try to reconstruct. It ourselves as we go along. Okay. So I'll start off. So like you said Matthew, mcconaughey as on this island? He's miserable. He he has Duke with them who is assistant or co captain of this boat. Second maitre, whatever it's called any can't pay can't pay him. So he goes to have sex with this lady gives them money. He's basically prostitute. And he's he's drinking. He's adding a miserable life until one day is wife played by Anne Hathaway shows up at the bar gentleman. And would you know, the whole thing just seems a little surreal when you say fellas the acting a little over the top. You're kind of at this point. You're kind of thinking is this a is this a straight board murder mystery movie, or is this a little Sifi type of element move anything to add you're doing your job? No, I'm gonna continue. I want us to piece this together. Because from this. I want to keep. Note that they can make an appointment note. How he Baker had like a cerebral weird. Like psyche connection with his son that kept saying that over and over again. Well, so that comes in, and you get a little scene where he's talking to his son, by the way cuss to son. After an Hathaway gets there. Mostly Anne Hathaway shows up. Very charming them breaks, the news to him that he was right shouldn't married. This this abusive asshole of a man that she did in that. She's she's being tormented by him. And and her son and his son is being tormented by him guys. Here's where I thought the movie was gonna take us. She proposes to give him ten million dollars to get Baker dill ten million dollars ten million dollars to take this man out fish, fishing, expedition, murder his ass. Now, some important points. They broke up got divorced because he went to Iraq in combat came back and said he wasn't the same person. Okay. So just store that one away. So takes out on this fishing, expedition one day, this guy and guys I don't know if you thought this. But this was the most over the top asshole character I've ever seen. They made it a point to get the big baseball bat of obviousness out and just beat us over the head. He was basically Cole Cole Hauser's character from need for speed. You know, the one that was like with even Mendez's undercover for that was basically him. He was he was like an an R rated version of will our nets character from hot rod. Yes. Exactly. Perfect. Hey, babe, grabs. Dose anyway. So it takes about the fishing trip. Get sauced up talks about some some gross shit comes back. Matthew, gone. Hey now starting to click in his brain. Maybe I gotta take this guy out goes back to Anne Hathaway talks to her says, I'm gonna take this guy out. Meanwhile, we've had interspersing segments of Matthew mcconaughey telepathically communicating with his kid programming at a computer terminal programming. What we don't know yet. He's talking to his kid telepathically at one point Matthew mcconnahey jumps off a cliff, by the way, the cameras rotating around them like a video game at this point. Like, he goes to the cliff, and it's doing these swishes to side to side it jumps off the cliff and has its complete underwater type psychic conversation with the sun. And that's the moment, we know that this isn't a straightforward murder mystery movie, what has been maybe fifty or sixty of a movie is now at twenty five thirty. Yeah. That fucking weird camera technique that three sixty zoom feel like they probably did it like ten times like throughout the movie just random in the ad like a swish sound effect. And like that point. I was right with you around like this something weird that's going to happen. A new twist coming but I can tell you didn't see the twists that was coming yet. But you might have drew. No, I didn't see it. So what forgot to mention? This is the weirdest part of the whole movie. We follow this weirdest. Nerd from the star of the movie around these random scenes in this guy reminds me of a nerdy G man from the half life video games. Okay. And he's he's on this this island with the suit with the briefcase, and he's desperately trying to talk to to good friend Baker dill. Nah, this conversation at his house, which turns the entire movie upside down when you said note, the time on this because this is maybe two thirds to the movie more around the halfway point. Absolutely. If that, and this is huge because when you put a twist to a movie when you place it that is so important and this was again at maximum two-thirds through. All right, Jeff now, this is where I need Jeff to take over the move before. Because I cannot do it. I don't know. I know what happened. But I cannot explain it. That's part of my problem to Kentucky. My take us over as well. I'll give it my best. It's basically turns out that you're not looking at humanity. Become. His character isn't a human being he is a video game. Have you McConnell? Hey is individual game. It's a video game. And when you see the kid coding, he is programming this in to his computer game or whatever he's playing it on. And you're seeing everything through the computer. So he's using the game to basically kill his stepfather digitally. And so Matthew Khanna. Hey, you're seeing his character. But he's like self-aware within the game. Yes. Matthew, mcconaughey, actually died in Iraq? Yes. Didn't didn't make it Beck. So we find out he's actually dead. He program this video game. So everything we seem to this point has been within the video game. We are essentially inside of fortnight right now, or whatever whatever video game the default skin inside the video game. We find this out and they go ahead and murder push overboard. This piece of shit, man. And. Apparently, his son just stabbed him real life. Yeah. Okay. So then you find out that the stepfathers abusing his mother in what like in the house or like next door or something? Yeah. And then he goes, and he does kill with his dad's cable or knife. No less. I know he's referencing. He deputy killed. So it seems he program the video game to give himself enough courage to to to kill his his abusive s stepfather. In at this point. There's pretty much through the movie and there's a reunion scene. I don't know if he pulled a Tron and just coated himself into the game. Or what what happened? I I don't really know they reunite he upped out consciousness into like via Alah black mirror something like that. It's it was really just deranged. I think the worst part about the twist would you guys brought up is that it's essentially stateless like it doesn't change the stakes in the movie whatsoever. Like mcconnell? Hey, still has to kill Jason Clark that element didn't change at all. The only thing that add into it is now that the kid is just gonna kill a stepdad in real life. Like nothing. It didn't really change anything about the movie, we have not there's been no character building for the kid other than we know. He's in a horrible situation, and it can talk telepathically through his dad in nitro playing the role playing video game. And now the main care now. Now, the news not the main character kind of is the main character. Because the action of the movie now revolves around him, and it's just dropped on his head in. And now, we don't know what's going on. And we just do not give shit about it anymore. That's how I felt. It is. I mean, I guess in a sense pointless. Very pointless movie. Jeff. So some people do and what's look out scores. I this is going to be on the bottom of the list, and it's made get lower. It's tough to great granary movies remain the beginning of the year. But I'm going to go with abou-. I'm gonna go seventeen. That's what I'm getting seventeen out of a hundred the audience gave it a nineteen out of a hundred there. There are some people who actually like this movie and call it daring, and it takes a risk. It does take a risk it. It does a bold move with that story. But man, I don't think it works at all. It is so out of left field. It just doesn't feel it just doesn't make sense. Like, I get what they're doing is. Like, you get the framework of what's happening. He wants out the fantasy of killing this guy. I guess it gives them the courage to kill him. But like gaining from just it's fucking bizarre. There's no payoff, really. Man. It's a fucking weird movie and not in a way of like like her. I love the movie her. That's a weird fuck in movie. I'll be the first to admit that. But like you get what's going on it works, despite the fact, it's weird. This is weird. Like, I man it just doesn't Aisling this works on any level. And it's something I think to note too that the director and writer in the movie Stephen night. He's like pretty talented heated eastern promises. He did taboo, he did peaky blinders. Like he knows how to write. I just I don't think that he directed this space that worked like it. There is no chance for this succeed in. I ended up giving it to twenty two because the to the first two thirds of it like the weird war element to it. Right. I think it was well acted like McConnell. Hey, Hatheway Clark. They're all good at their roles. It just like the setting around did make sense. And then that last third the third act of that movie were just all falls apart ready, just fucked. It like it propped it'd probably like thirty forty points for me. So so man sets up an event at the Grand Canyon. He's gonna jump the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle. Eagle. It goes down the ramp and he jumps off. And he doesn't make it in. He crashes in dis. What he did was daring? But it was not good. Yeah. That's what this movie is it's daring. But it's not good in. What it reminds me of is the story reminds me of the Simpsons when Seymour Skinner in mystery bobble were making out in the closet all the students found them. And then they retailed their story. And it got to Ralph Wiggham who just like completely like messed it up. They're making babies and the babies popped out. It's like listening to kid tell the story you get the points like, and then he found a grenade. And then there are tons of grenades. He dropped grenades off a cliff, and then it blew up and then an elephant popped out and all this shit like that like it was going along. And then it just hit right out of left field. And it was it didn't didn't make any sense at all and it took away from and not a great movie, but it could have been a pretty mediocre murder mystery movie with some sexy elements added in which we need to get to the sexy elements because we find out that hit made them all up. I think like one thing to to take away from this, right? Is that it's not a terrible idea. But I think maybe the should have been separate movies like the idea of a kid using that escapism that video games and other things offer to try to kind of get away from we like. Yeah. Well, that sort of thing, right? So that is that is a good concept using that escapism to try and get away from shady situation that itself good. Oh Noir thriller with somebody getting their husband killed on like, basically, a simple favor in on the Caribbean. Like you put that on its own good. You combine them in this weird shit show? It just doesn't work at all. And they're just again. There's just no stakes to the twist, and I was hoping that there was going to be a double twist like at the end of it. They're going to reveal like, yeah. It's actually not a video game Baker diligent in Saint like that would have been cool to me than what they did. If they did that in the last ten minutes, I would have bumped this up twenty points. I think the premise of a child escaping from a harsh situation in creating a world is one that's been done before. And not one that I hate. But when you add that onto a movie of to that point was about a man trying to catch a big fish, and that big fish now becomes something of a XBox achievement in a video game. It's just really weird named Justice to the fish was named Justice. They hammer it down that much with Joe up, bro. Yeah. Money's justice. A tuna. I work at gold's gym. I cure is my favorite drink. Appear to because it's the worst protein. Anyway, let's talk about the main course, though. So there are there two sex scenes in this movie. So Jeff unmentioned is three eight three. Okay. Yeah. To Diane lane one within Hatheway. Oh, yeah. That's right. So Madge McConnell has sex in this movie and. Come to find out video game. So everything that happened been created by this kid. So essentially this kid created a video game, where's dad has sex in a lot of detail and not only has sex sex with his mom. Yeah. And he really is role playing as his debt. So he's a sensually controlling his dead. Fucking his mom and also looking old lady. That's like a mini game coop. Yeah. Exactly. That's that's that's what I imagine. That's not cool. That part is very bad. It's shitty movie. I give it a thirty. I don't know if I get my scored, I I was watching the first part of it. And I'm like, I don't know why you guys hated this so much. It's not that bad. Then it hits. You did you say anything out loud to yourself or like what was when the twist hits? What did you think the first time? I think I noticed. Maybe there was some telepathic thoughts. And that wasn't the worst. Because I'm like, okay. There's a little twist little scifi movie. The first thing I really noticed was did you is it just me or did when Anne Hathaway walked into the bar ropes in the movie is called by the way, which is funny because many Mkhize having sex, and he goes to a bar called rope. So let you put that one together and Hathaway's ring glows, I did not notice that. No, something happens. It looks a little surreal. And so my mindset. Says this this is some Trond shit. They're in wreck it Ralph world. I think one of the other things that I noticed that was weird was when stay mentioned how Anne Hathaway in. Matthew, mcconaughey went to high school together? In like, they make an allusion to the fact that he he waited tab sex until she was of age. But like they still mentioned they grew up to with each other. And like there is a pretty significant like eighteen nineteen year age gap between the two the two of them. And like it's pretty apparent out say so that part was weird another thing, and I could be totally wrong on this. But when the at the end of the movie when they're talking about the actual maker to forget, it was names something Marcus just made up yet three different names in this movie. Baker dill the one that they gave him that was like his fake news actual name in the video game within his actual actual real name, which was something else. And they're talking about him on the news. And they're like, yeah. He was killed in Iraq. And he was awarded the purple heart for bravery. Which I don't think that's the purple heart works pretty sure just for getting winded. But I could be wrong on that. But that was another part, right? Groaned audibly one thing we have to admit is that it's highly respectable that Matthew mcconnahey seemingly has no shame. When it comes to choosing his roles. No, none which I respect it. And the fact they tried something different. We'll respect the I will say don't like it. I think it's not a good movie. I respect trying something different Richard Roeper gave it pretty high. Mark back. Really? He said it was like dick Roper to dick ropes. They had a bar code ropes. He said Moore is it one of the most ambitious one of the most challenging one of the most entertaining thrillers in recent years. I don't agree but hunt. Annihilation was ambitious in chess. Okay. Like if we're going for February March releases like that or shoved right there annihilation was surreal movie. It was a very confusing movie. But it was a very good one. And I respect this movie for going for it. The twist didn't work in my mind. I thought I thought the acting was was okay, I can watch McConnell on screen all day. All right. I'll just say that I don't care plan. I think like something seventy percent of its his time on screen has been on a boat that just like his natural environment net. That's really cool. It's fun. And I love the fact that this dude one and Oskar in everybody's like, oh, it's the McConnell since you know, he's going to be doing great roles now. And then now you thought. I I think I should note the more cigarettes that math McConnell. Hey smokes in a movie, usually the more characters, increasing increasing. Grefe give me better. Math term tro. The correlation is strong correlations. What you're looking for my friend. You're looking at me like I have a degree in mathematics, by the way. I don't know. Deep for that one smarter than me really have the same degree. Then you get a business undergrad. Yeah. But that's not I didn't know shit about excel. And I feel like you'd be like screw her excellence. The math for you. I can you win the Nobel prize in excel. That's good mix. I don't know. Maybe I don't know get into deep now. Yeah. Serenity I gave it a seventeen audience in nineteen Ken twenty two tro balls of thirty. I don't know what to say this. This was fucking while. The craziest twisted any movie, we've watched as we started fought cast actually now, you know, what no not the dumbest the dumbest is still the clone girl in drastic world. Wipe your mind that spoiler Gosper nominee for worse twister revelation, but differ, serenity our one more address Ken Jak queued up. Yes. So in honor of us talking about this wonderful RPG game, we decided to give an exclusive first look to dead boat to our good friend engine who gave us an exclusive look to his stream. So take it away ninja. Hey, what's up everybody? It's mean engine. I'm back in our eight of my nonstop stream of Plymouth island, aka dad boat. Sponsored by energy pig. The one in only energy drink the comes in vacuum sealed. Trough? We just got past seventy four where you put in the code to make duke's wife die in her onto the part where you program your dead to ghost. Fuck your mom. Chievements made it your mom's back walls on locked doggy style. Oh, hell, yeah. Baby. That's how we do it. 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So I'm gonna I was gonna add in the sa- that or some other donuts. Whatever. Let's let's do it. Well, actually, there's a bit of news. I forgot to mention World War Z sequel dead. But apparently the Mad Max fury road. Sequel is starting to tire starting to turn a little bit. That's pretty exciting. Right. I'm disappointed about World War Z sequel. I like rewards Z a lot. So it's a bit of a bummer. The movie will doors e yeah. Yeah. I didn't like that very much. David Brad Pitt. They now have an opening to do something else. So they I think we've mentioned this before. But I liked the book World War z because it was an interesting format that I don't know if that would have worked it was actually adapted to screen, and but the movie just didn't really do it for me. I don't like fast not a fan of fast Samis outside of twenty eight days later. Interesting take fair. I love fast, these no there's scarier. That's like a slow death. Like, the slow creeping that suspense to me is more scarier, no like fast, whatever I'm just fucked. Just kill me. Like, I'm gonna die. Anyway, fat bastard. I'm going down the opening days like Lowe's ambi- like, I know I can live, but I'm gonna live bet. And that to me is worse than just a quick death. What about the zombies from? I don't know if there's. But from I am legend, those are Samis. They're kind of empires ambi-, though. Yeah. They can go in the Sunday, get burned, but they're zombie. But you least had the advantage of them. Not being able to go in the light. Yeah. I guess that's a good offense. But then again, I guess that's not really zombies. Right. I don't know. I feel like I could have been somewhat successful in the IM legend world. Put you in some sort of simulator. Put you on serenity type simulator f on that one Lert. Okay. Top ten worst movies so bottom ten movies at twenty eighteen we do the top ten last week great up. So go back, and listen, if you haven't yet to be kind of weird if you're listening now that one all right? We'll start off trill. We'll have you do. We'll do you Ken Jack myself audience, so trill number ten ten th worst movie of twenty eighteen slender man was my tenth worst movie this movie sucked. Jeff, I believe you were alluding to earlier where they took a real life event that was somewhat of a fucked up not somewhat a very fucked everything they made it into a war movie, and it was just a bad movie. And it was tasteless might have more on that later, y'all. I'll leave it at that. Elite that Ken Jack number ten tenth worth movie of twenty a teen. My number ten is the hurricane heist. Tony Kebble love you man, loved rock and roller. You've been on some real. Movies. Lately includes the this movie just stunk. It was just Britain gig Yetlis concept of poor execution re bad special effects. It may one of the most absurd endings that of any like heist movie of receipt. Just fucking what a cluster fuck that movie was dreariest movie of the year. So drab. Yeah. All takes place in Alabama or something to it. Initially a forty five for me up down to fifteen by the end of the year. Buyer's remorse on that one? Non my top ten pretty close with the audience pretty close to the bottom. Ted Nikki saying top. If I say top ten you know what I mean? My number ten insidious the last key. I did not like this insidious franchise started off decent James won- had his hand in it. It was enjoyable for. What it was in cities. The last key is not. It's not scary. I don't find the monster scary. I think this is an example of a sequel we talked what sequels that don't need to be made. This is one kill this franchise off kill it off. If you want to give the director's work in the new writers for horror. Let them make something original do something else. Kill this shit. Get rid of it. And last banal least about this movie the villain, the villain's name of this movie was kief ace. I mean that should have been it right there. Like if you're about the make this moving the villains key face. Got nothing. This is just it's done. So it was a pretty convincing villain, dick, Tracy. That's a new Bill news out to get you. As name is Keith face is the tough one key face sounds like a startup company. Yeah. Does does sound like a star company something something mold? Billy McFarland would have had a fourteen out of one hundred on this one number ten for the audience. We've actually Mench. We did not review as we mentioned this though. Patrick Patterson, the Oklahoma City thunder said he watched this on a plane that would be breaking in with Gabrielle union. That's number ten of the audiences. Lists sixty nine of hundred breaking in with Gabrielle union. Number nine, tro bones. The none. Oh, too low, my friend, really. None. Kind of like the none Kenji. I I didn't like it. I thought it was scary. If that makes sense too low or too. No, I I thought it succeeded in being scary. I still don't think it was good movie. But I think it succeeded in being scary you fail. You gave a fifty seven. I even a twenty three on give it a nineteen. So it wasn't on your worst of lists. Put it that way. You don't think it belongs in the worst of list? I think it does. I think it was a shitty jump scare movie. And like it dumped it when it come out, and it's been a whole year since that piece of shit came out a. Those homing roughly came out. Oh my God. Barstool? Yeah. A horror movie come time. But they released. Slender, man. I don't I don't know. When my time is any mental suck. I've lost near the cycle. I've lost time with twenty team at this point. Twenty teams the worst wishes end. Not what I was saying don't vote me into that. Okay. The non good pick. You not on my list, but very close came in at twenty four for me. I don't like to none at all fucked scared thought of a joke for insidious, okay? In shittiest, a the conjuring universe. That's another one. Just stick to the good James wants, you know, many stars. I gave that joke tro. No, I don't know. They sit. No, none. I get it get it because the nuns related to the all right? Let's move on Ken Jack number nine. My number nine is homes in Watson. I didn't joy W E cameos. What? Why are we acting still have them? Just come out says set last week. That's my number one. Got to keep in mind. You've actually seen a ton of bad movies. There are a couple more that we have seen. Yeah. Do remember that? Okay. Kim Jake has a leg up. Okay. I'm sorry kitchen. Here's thing you gotta remember these movies if I can find like if movie is so bad that it's actually good like this where it's fun to make fun of it. I give it a little bit extra points, and for this the WWE cameos kinda work and other than that very much forgettable movie by two really good comedy actors. So just night number nine for me. Not good shot up are still Nate Nate loves it kind of kind of on ironic. Definitely ironic really mad that he very mad. He wasn't allowed on this podcast review. But we'd too many fights in the office. And I couldn't couldn't do it. Love my number nine terrible franchise unfriendly dark web. Unfriendly dark web was but thirteen out of one hundred. Unwatchable incredibly mean-spirited uninteresting story. I'm sick of anything about the dark web. Oh, speaking, a house of cards tired of dark web story lines. It's what it just a general misunderstanding about how awful the shit on the dark web actually is. Yes, these movies and. The stuff up on the dark web. And it's like what is it three D instructions to print a gun? Motorway were stuff than that on the dark web, Albert breer the NFL network. Reporter sl now I've ever he kept tweeting one point. I don't know what it was during the election or something. I don't know. He's like man, I'm starting to think that the dark web from house to cards real twenty. It's like, well, it is you fucking moron real album prayers. Fucking Twitter passengers on there. And that's how he got hacked and start tweeting out dick pics in whatever. He's he's watching. Good fills is Dan this mafia shit could be. This nuts, bro. It's like torture porn, basically, somebody gets a computer. And there's like the circle or something. It's a group of people. I forget the complete premise, and that's another movie in bottom. Ten listens. Oracle bad last year, though. Right. Yeah. Last year. Okay. Yeah. What a bad movie that was. Torture porn. It's like people have to vote between or he gives people choices between who they like if the kill or keep someone alive. One of them. It's like game adventure life support on your mom or save your friend, and she doesn't pick in time. And so the Frank gets pushed in front of a subway train and the mom dies and the person who didn't pick. It's kill the mmediately. It's like, it's torture porn. It's it's fucking gross and wrong. And I don't like it's all done through a computer, which makes it look even worse because searching the same thing and searching nailed it nailed the technique. Great movie. We didn't talk about a lot last week this one stinks terrible thirteen hundred one hundred audience number nine. This was the biggest difference between the audience and us all year long. And it was kind of a B movie. I don't want to say. Can you can you guess it? It's kind of it's kind of a B movie. We rated in the middle like forties fifties. And there's an animal involved with it. A dog's way home. Was it on Netflix, come out on the theaters came out theaters? It's a big it's a big budget heavily marketed. Like monster animal movie. Oh rampage. I guess there's only two options that's one of them. No, dammit. Meg. Fad? It was not dumb ten they gave it a fourteen out of a hundred. That's a number nine on the audiences list. We gave it in the forties and fifties. Yeah. Probably the bunch of fucking great white sharks voting in our polls. I don't they did not like to make they didn't like the make number eight trouble number eight. Fifty shades. Freed was. I forgot that less horny or more horny than the previous installments. I think less. They went wrong that they made it less horny, and they should have just got married, and then you get married. It's all it's just less horny this woman horny it just based off the books. It's not much. They can do in the books essentially twilight fan fiction with names changed. But this just Indus ended the whole franchise it released Jamie Doran into coda Johnson from their ice prisons, the shackles of the sex movie, fifty shades based off the novel push by sapphire also shadow fifty shades for doing our previous making the concept for our previous ad for was a song called. I don't remember something by Elliot. You know, what's your name who signed folk? Stein touch myself Ellie Goulding. No, there's hey Steinfeld song from that. Soundtrack from one of the weird. Scape? Shots that are used for one of our ads. Okay. Ken jak? Speaking of you, talking give out your number eight. I'm gonna throw out the possession of Hannah grace movie stoke don't wanna see anything more about it. It was just awful like I would say a solid eighty percent of a horror movies just got awful godawful trash Retz. Take a look at Wikipedia page, the one we edited. Very producer. I wonder if the shit still there now, it doesn't look like it finally. Yes. E Fred removed, it we did have we Kapiti at its for a long time. Yeah. We reviewed that Wilma PF t I'm sure that'll be up here again in the list. Good pick Hannah grace, my number eight Jim Carey movie, it'd be dark crimes gave it a twelve out of a hundred dark crimes let me explain a little bit. It's here's a synopsis a hardboiled detective become suspicious of an author when the incident described in his hit novel, resemble, the inter workings of an unsolved murder dark crimes boring ass movie, man, it it was a really quick movie to very fast moving like an hour and a half. And it was the most boring fast-moving movie. I think I've seen in a while. I was bored to tears, and then you're just like what this over like what that that felt like a movie beyond for ten hours. Jim Carey serious role. I think he has the chops to do it. You know, we've kind of seen it before. But not this movie via. Violent negative story. Like nothing on it. He can pull anything redeeming out of this again of like the same vein like serenity like nothing comes out of this for like, a great like it just negative boring movie that just felt like the longest thing in the world. But really wasn't because the pacing fastest very strange terribly put together movie twelve hundred hundred for me number eight may greet with the audience as they agree with Trebol ins thirteen out of a hundred fifty shades freed from the audience Canada trombones, again, number seven number seven life of the party Melissa McCarthy made one of the best movies of the year. She made one of the worst movies of the year, a mom goes to college with me, she googled it. All video game, actually. By the daughter. Bad. That's number twenty six in my list. Give it a twenty four out of a hundred Ken, Jack. I know it's pretty close to your bottom to probably your bottom thirties. Well, what's your number seven though? I number seven is billionaire boys club, go Ansel Elgort, Anna Tareyton, just putting together a real piece of shit with Kevin Spacey attached to it don't know why they released it Emma Roberts was in his two. I almost forgot about that. It was just a rip off wolf Wall Street. I know it's a real story in everything. But like just a board that starred a sexual predator that didn't need to be released at a giant stain on it already and was just aside from that in its own bubble a bad film. Came out. You're like is it because the Kevin Spacey, and you're like, oh, just fucking stinks. Herbal God awful. And it was really just uncomfortable to watch. I'll say I'll say I'll leave it at that. I pulled up the synopsis for some of these movies because I know some people haven't heard of heard or seen them young handsome and conning based on the incredible true story of a group of wealthy boys from the from L A in the eighties who established a get rich quick scam. Turns deadly yet, not good. My number seven re-ready talked about it, fifty shades freed, very bad, very, very bad movie. We had a lot of fun seeing it though. I did enjoy seeing in that. It was awkward Kentucky were mask on. Yeah. Right around Valentine's Day. There was twenty people. The feeder mostly I'm sorry. That's right. I'm actually we did see at nine max absurd. Very absurd. That's coming up on about a year. Actually, we saw that that eleven out of one hundred for me on number seven for the audience. I just talked about a mile dark crimes thirteen out of. One hundred trombone number six truth or dare remember that one. That's the first movie reviewed all barstool. And there was a shitty movie. Started off we review PMT. Right. We did. Yeah. We started our first ever emoji movie than our first ever pod under our official company with truth or dare. So we know how to pick them yet. Another one those weird movies where you either die or kill someone. Then you kill someone. And you gotta kill more people. There's really no way out of it, you might as well just die. Some of the death scenes were kind of neat though, you like death scenes the pen. Nick, the pool table one. That's in the trailers, dude. And then that kid got interviewed by failing upwards. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The one who gets his neck broken by the pool table. Hell. Yeah. The CGI smiles like the smiles on my God Tyler Posey and his weird smile. Oh, terrible. Ken, Jack, number six truth. Dare good picture that is. That is. My number six fifty shades, freed just the bad sex movie that finally just liked tro said release them from their dark pact with Satan to get make it big on the in Hollywood by doing these movies. So good for. That's the only good thing that came out of it. Okay, free. Also ahead. So that clear over lists. No. It has the first one to peer on four lists. Trying to think of what actually happened in that movie was that where she had the baby show baby. In that one. I know is bad a definitely sought. No, Jack comes back. Right. Wasn't that the murder a guy comes back? Yeah. Got hedos name is Jack. I don't want any movie that has my name that uses like my name is bad guy. Hate it. Instant hate, no matter what her Email signature, she doesn't change her last name or something like that. And he gets. Yeah. Great. It's really Christian grey, Christians Crispin, gray. No Christian Christian. Crispin glover. Yeah. He gets shot at the end. She's kidnapped read Auras kid. No, she's kidnapped. My favorite part about these movies. Is this guy is billionaire, and he buys her a car and its entry level Audi say, he's still mad of dating him. And he'll money you can even get me and six what about what about Q five gets her Kia soul? Isn't there? A sexiness. Chased by the stalker. Oh, yeah. To get back. And then they just they just. They gave him the bone Malone. Getting hold of alone movie. Number six last movie for me rated with a double digit score higher that would be wind, Chester. Winchester with this movie. I stay with Jason Clark. Also, unfortunately Dame, Helen Mirren man Dame, Ellen Mirren. What are you doing there? There are twenty documented jump scares this movie. According to where's the jump scare dot com, which I didn't know is it website till today. I think that's the name of it. It's just jump scares from start to finish too weird story about Winchester rifles and Jason cart. Character was dead. And then he's alive and there's ghosts and shit. It's the story. Just nothing. It's just there to service. The jump scares, basically. It's a vessel of scares or vessel for scares as I wrote my notes Winchester is not very good. Lots of ghosts. Lots of jump scares came out a while ago. Just a lot of ghost in this old house, and that's basically boils down to and it stinks. It's not a good movie should've named it the Lichfield revolver instead of retro. Absolutely that was relentless Chester repeater. Sorry. The Lancaster repeater, Lancaster repeater think. The. Yeah. I don't know we hate over USA jump scares in this pot in this movie. Did it is movie killed audience number six twelve hundred homes and watts alms? In watts tro ball on top five five worth movies of twenty eighteen. I feel pretty is my fifth. What can you say about this one this? This was a bad movie. That ahead a had a spin class as it's a plot device. You know, I was going to pick a winner for product placement of the year. But this one might not even eat other nominees was based off of soul cycle. I think the one thing I can't say about trolls that ripped s during it. Fart. Fairly loudly in the head. And the only thing I liked about. It was Michelle Williams as the oh, yes, the CEO or the daughter CO. I this is this movie can farted in it. Double feature of this movie. I forgot what else we saw Faulk. Yeah. What was the second one? But I did stand up walk out and go to the bathroom venture my way back to the feeder and then saw Infinity wars playing next door walked into Infinity war for about ten minutes. And then figured I should probably get back to I feel pretty in watch the rest of that movie. Personally. I think the message is movie sends is a good one sustaining. A head injury is always the best way to gain self confidence. What did we see with this movie? Oh, super troopers two. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. We saw super troopers two and I feel pretty well. Wanna today that was hell of a day, Ken, Jack, number five minute number five the capo to tutti capi himself Godley? Oh, okay. Got he didn't make them a tire because this had so much value to me as something to make fun of that bumped up the valley for me, it would have been like a flat zero because it is just fucking horrible movie aside from anything else, but it was so bad like so laughably bad that gave us so much material to make fun of and for that I'm thankful to it. And that bumps it little higher than some of these other movies, which are truly truly horrific. So God is up there. I love the fact that they used to different pit bull songs in the movie. I liked that they jump through time indiscriminately in change the narrative from John Gotti senior junior. I love the terrible acting. I loved everything about it. Died died before even grew hair on his prick fucking love. It is epic. Anytime Travolta's looking at the camera in narrating to the audience is one of the better scenes in the movies. Yes. Investing is always narrated how he's the boss of all bosses, and he's so cool and good and great it crime. But meanwhile, anytime he did any crime whatsoever immediately. He would get arrested. He got arrested like one hundred times in the movie us, objectively like the worst person at crime ever. Just no respect anymore. Nope. None. My number five this movie. Actually, if you go read my rankings on barstool sports dot com, or I broke down everything to five the number one. This actually dropped down because I actually rewatch via screener. I also watch the other guys, and it made me hate this movie more and that is hall Watson eight out of one hundred. I hate this movie. More and more every time, I think. About it. It is that fucking this movie stinks stinks. And not a fun way. I didn't have any fun with this movie. Actually, I did it wrong. I did I did laugh in the theater, but not in a way like, oh, so bad. It's good. Just like I was laughing out of how angry it was this movie existed. And because I couldn't put wrap my head around. The fact that this movie was made seriously 'em still skeptical, and I'll let I know chilled coming up a let you get more into it. But I did lower this movie from seventeen to an eight. It's number five on my list. All even at that. We'll get into it again audience. Number five, Ken, Jack, you had this one on your top ten eleven out of one hundred billionaire boys club Terry near boys clubs something. I forgot to note about homes in Watson is the fact that the audio just wasn't lined up with active and multiple points throughout the movie. So just incompletely made. Trail. I was I was too busy busy just in the half conscious state where I was just transcending outside the movie theater down to the depths of thing about how much this is better than than being in this piece of shit. What's up four? Yeah. Four Robin Hood. Aka the Lulu lemon prince of Dev's. No spoke seems for Robin Hood in this one. He's all draped out in the best moisture whipping witching fabric fabric. Wearing fabric just invented a new product shit. Just. Have you? At a mess on your tummy you needed to clean up. No moisture waking fabric in this movie. No good movie to be found. The wardrobe was pretty cool pretty shitty. Movie pretty universally on the top worst movies lists obscene, aided and despise movie. At tyranny Edgerton, not good twenty eighteen. Twenty eight on my list twenty six out of a hundred twenty eighth. The ranking I I again, hammer home one of the worst concepts of the year having this like old fashioned. But new age, not sure when it set type thing, I just distracting just just didn't work for me. Ken, Jack, number four for you never force truth or dare we talked about this a little bit. Just a terrible movie. It's it's again, it's one of those real hit or miss. I guess I never mist type things with horror, and it just they miss a lot. Actually, they miss quite a bit. This is one of those misses. My number four terrible friend, Betty never kids Ma. It's great. Fucking love how terrible. That's that soundbite is. But yes, truth are very bad. If you have a chance to watch it don't six hundred for me things decides to kill everyone at the end. Yeah. Right. Who said again, Lucy HALE Lucy HALE. Shades. The gray. She's had a bad year, the pretty little liars actress has had a bad year because there's another one coming up soon for me. The truth airs terrible six one hundred and actually didn't even realize the audience number four nine out of one hundred truth. Dare. Bad movie, you can go back into our view that movie. We did not like it at all. Ridiculous kills the smiles the smiles of the worst part. That's what I always think about the fucking smiles. Cheshire cat smiles. I'm just remembering how they interviewed that guy that died from the pool hall, and they just kept the failing upwards guys just kept saying he has a baby dick over and over again. Gives me righteous phase like yeah. You've got a real baby dick, right? And he's like for. Trill number three, epi time murders yet more like crappy time murders because this movie stone another Melissa McCarthy joint how she was in two of the worst movies of the year said one of the worst movies of the year. Forget she was in this. It's too busy focusing on the puppet sex that I thought it was funny, but was funnier and team America world police fifteen years ago, anyway, crappy movie could use of silly string though in the nut Melissa McCarthy's, finance, our no, you know, what I did like was when Joe McConnell's FBI agent character has the my cornered or whatever the strip club. And he's put down your weapons and they have their hands in the air. And he's put down your weapons and guns are dawn. What are you young it? And I'm not doing it Justice. But that's did Nikki laugh outlet verbally yet. Will now that you retell it. It's very funny. Yeah. It was much funnier. Now that I said it. Time murders. Yeah. I actually not nearly as low as as you, but knit was not good. I don't know. Why thought I might like that movie? A shame on it. I thought what did it previous amount new the Super Bowl last year? It was deadpool two. It wasn't released online. It was released with dead to Nikki. Nikki medoro. Valentine's Day, right? Yeah. I know the trailer did the movie came out during the summer because Kendrick and are viewed it online to strike somebody at the member some theater like they didn't have a deadpool poster. So the edited a happy time murders poster to look like deadpool poster. We Instagram, and I think. Ken, Jack, number three, my number three gnomes that shit. Okay. Movie was terrible. That was so bad. It was so weird. And like just can't even explain it like everything about it was terrible and having Johnny Depp. Again, at the lead of a movie in twenty teen which is terrible. Look, no matter what your franchise is. That includes you, Harry Potter, angry, diaper pants, man. Like, just terrible. It was that movie. Never entertaining any point never clever if they thought that just adding British accented person into it like a real like snooty role would make it a lot funnier wasn't was James corden in this. I'm just assuming just about the acid. I forget if he was or not that's the trailer with the farts, the farting gnome. Yeah. It'll John I'm still standing. Great actors in grain in my fucking head James corden like times. Not in the fucking the villain was what Moriarty, but he was a pie thing. He's a pie mascot, right? Yes. No. He's not in the movie, however auto fill on Google does have that. So some people must think he's in it off no surprise pick. But good thick my number three. We were talked about another pretty little liars actress this would be Shay Mitchell. The possession of Hannah greats just. Not good it just kind of ends, right? Ends. Terrible ending. No wrap-up. Go. Kind of goes off a cliff bland hell every cliche in the book for horror movie, pretty fucking gross to disgusting movie. Yeah. I did not like this movie whatsoever. Terrible. Four out of one hundred for me Trebol top to number two number two Gotti Gotti, just bad movie thinking I have it. I think I have it a little too low though because. Respect. I think you do. It's a terrible fucking movie. It's a bad movie. But it has some. I don't know culturally relevant. It'll be in five years out of this entire crop. If you were to take like an iconic look bad movie from this year. I think that's the one that has the most longevity staying in people's heads to the Ron tomatoes thing for sure. Yeah. Because of the rotten tomatoes and just like just wrapped up this weird Rhone of giant John Travolta's career that has culminated in him, shaving his hair off and going fully bald in immediately. Looking like a snack again. He's going to be a movie soon the get logged about where he's going to be racecar driver in his race against his son is a southern accent looks terrible. Sounds terrible the tween his OJ Simpson. Ryan Murphy series, and this one just to barely very bizarrely acted roles. I real people. I loved him in J. But yes, super bizarre. Yeah. Come on juice that wasn't Israel. But still no. David Schwimmer, John Travolta. Did you see that video someone did where they replaced all the friends actors with the nNcholas cage face, and somehow it made? Yes, NAS made Ross look more like Ross, let's nNcholas cage looked more like David swimming. David Schwimmer does on fuck. Jerry. Fuck fuck. Jerry, Ken, Jack, number two, my number two slender, man. And this is so close for the actress Joey king who's in this. She almost went back to back year. Took my line. We talked with is word for ordered. I have written down on my word document, dammit. Sorry. But yes, you almost went back to back because she was in wish upon last year, which was my worst movie of the year from twenty eight to twenty seventeen it was so terrible. Slender men just back up there still close back to back with terrible is. And again, we talked about it earlier making a horror movie about something that is real and upsetting and kinda make giving it a fictional twist to make money seem sort of fucked up. I am oh so bad movie. And even worse, the fact that they made it that makes sense. I it's one thing if you're gonna do like trying to explain it for money. But if you also just make shooting movie out of it, you're double bed. Yeah. My number two, slender, man. Well, three out of a hundred. So I'm gonna break some protocol here, I'm going to contradict myself ABI hypocrite, I always say that no matter what I'm going to review the movie is what it is. That's why bohemian rhapsody is by defect. I despise. It's my least favorite movie of the year in rhapsody. Wow. I just I and that's that's now under now. That's now bordering on Siddeley savored bordering on. I just it's knowing me. However, even though I don't let the Acura seasonal that. I still gave it a C gave seventy something because it still does a lot of things technically. Well, this movie though, I'm breaking protocol. Fuck this movie. Okay. I don't care that. I'm not gonna look at it in the vacuum of the movie. This should not fuck exist. Exploiting a real life thing that was tragic and just happened. And then made it even more dramatic and over the top on top of that. It's just a shit movie. We'll be just fucking stinks. It's grim looks terrible. It's disgusting. It takes the slender man, which I'm sure to some people's very intriguing character and makes him just as stupid fucking boogeyman type thing cliche. Ending stinks movies is awful on every level possible. I was glad it was bad. I was rooting for it to stink in a did. And again, I lowered it because of what the story is. I know it's not how I rate Louise typically. But I broke protocol for that. So call me out if you want, but fuck this movie, it should not have been made. I have no problem saying that typically like to commend anyone for making a movie, I couldn't do it. I hate this movie. That's what I'm leaving it at fuck. Slender, man. Three out of a hundred audience number two movie the year Gotti seven hundred hell, yeah. And yes, Joey king. I've no problem. Joey king good luck to Joey king and anything she makes wish upon also my number two year. So she's occupied that spot number one worth movie the years zero one hundred from trail, say the title, Holmes and Watson. Yep. I I did I give that zero. Actually, I don't think you did. I rated rideshare as the worst movie of the year. Fishery ridesharing essay, I didn't feel like I've had a change of heart. And I didn't feel like it was fair to put it on this list because it is such an independent movie. So shout out to the director of Roger who don't like us made it they don't they don't like us. Don't like us. Maybe we will maybe we were a little unfair. But on the flip side do feel like we gave the movie some publicity. We did. And I think they did. No, that's an actress than we did note that Moga Roger second Holmes and Watson somebody somebody asked the question. It's a social experiment. If you will what would happen. If movie was written completely by people leaving Jeff Dunham show. In this is what you got a shitty movie devoid actual comedy except for a billion cameo, which was actually funny at the end, but you had a soldier through the entire pieces shit just to get there with the whole movie just to get to Billy's ailing. Thank and that was that was actually funny that was legitimately funny. But it still required some level of cultural knowledge, which I'm sure everyone has, but it isn't universally funny and nothing in this movie, universally funny. Well, I mean like if you like physical comedy like you're leaving Jeff Dunham show, physical comedy. No, it's not it's it's a. Would if the Queen like what if they knocked out the Queen, bro and stuff they're in a box to stuffed into a crate. I left out loud. When the guy the kid walked up stabbed the old guy district. I laugh out loud. It's it's it's. Hello. Can I have the directions and she just walks up? I will say my the only points. I gave this movie were for all the kids. So I can give you that. I look cold dirty old news kids, and that navy's because Chile's do the, hey soups thing, but that hey, that's the only thing. I like they sure look this movie bound to be nominated for some gos- cours lease. No, it's a candidate for most ham fisted political reference. Great again. Oh, well, the guy said fake news in it. Oh, yeah. At the start with one of the news kids, and then they had that whole scene where they're in some courtyard proposing this hypothetical that represents a current day of American politics. I would rather watch videos of like people pulling up black kids watch this movie. Oh, Dr Pippa Popper. I'm not familiar with the actual people who put on these Joe's. But gotta move on that topic people know who talker pimple Popper letting you know, the gotta move on from this one Ken, Jack number one worst movie the year folks might number one. We're just movie of the year is one that takes you for wild ride and helps share a fear in modern society. That's right. Bohemian rhapsody is one worst movie of twenty eight teen. Oh, yeah. No. No. I can't is it isn't it isn't that man? Some boys from Liverpool. Do the bad. It's us clean. It's me. And may in my my Rama noodles. No, my actual number. One is rideshare. 'cause rideshare is just I know it was like a crowd funded moving everything. But everything about that movie was terrible. It was terrible. The weird thing is that's a very tangible and real fear like being killed by echinacea driver. Like, that's a very real thing happens. And like, it's scary. And it's frightening in like a good prospect to us, and they just it was shitty. It was so fucking terrible stubbing in gross and gross and it starred YouTubers like they couldn't get actor. So they use like max, no sleeves from Twitter or from from YouTube like just either don't make it like if you if you don't have the money don't make it write the screenplay for go sell it somewhere or in don't do this because this was terrible bad idea. And I know again, we keep giving them free publicity. It's like a. Yeah. It was it was mean-spirited too. I said that a lot it was mean-spirited. There wasn't like a. A horror element to it. Like, a black MIR like, oh, you're over drivers gonna kill, you know, like a futuristic our thing that's current day that, you know, people think about, but, you know, related to technology, but it was like I didn't division was did some fucked up shit. I I I didn't like that movie. I don't mind saying hate it. I gave it a one on one hundred terrible, dude. It's important. Big time to fig time boomer porn, really everybody is just like a very big like what do you call? It purple is version of millennial stereotypes where there's an they they referenced that a few times where like girl whose only obsessed with social media. There's guys that are just acting like frat deuce bags like like, it was just a hate it off. It's not like, oh, it's Michael Myers. And like what a killer is what a crazy like that guys. Like, this is a fat Wilbur driver who. Uh-huh. We live in society. Risk the cats. My number one s cats is a movie that feels like satire and just bottom line. I had fun with it. But when push comes to shove, too terribly put together movie it jumps around the flashbacks choppy. Changes narrate it just not a good movie. It feels incomplete and feels like they put it together because they forgot to end at the movie, it's bad movie. Like, technically speaking, it's a terrible movie. Two out of a hundred number one worse with your me as Gotti. The couple that do capi no respect from you Stu nods. Hello. It's me. John Gotti, nothing about this will be made sense for me. So my number one, Godley chills. Number one, Holmes and Watson Kenji rideshare. We all have different number ones because the audiences worst movie the year six out of one hundred is guesses. I don't know. There. He said Godley, right? This Godley possession Hannah grace truth or dare billionaire boys club, Holmes and Watson dark crimes to these shaded freed the Meg breaking in number one six out of one hundred its ban on the list. We've all heard it on our live murders. Now, we've all had it on our list. I feel pretty no. I'm not keeping up the list. It's rideshare right or no. Because we are all different ones. You just said truth to their else. Else? Slender man yuppie, Dan, six out of one hundred slender man worst movie the year. Rated by the lead camera borstal delights game audience. Hello slenda men. That's about as serious as they took that book and thing. Oh, man that was fun. That was fun. In the books. Twenty teen is in the back. It's not true. We still got the Oscars and the gospels. I said that last week in I retract it. A Gosford on nations coming out Sunday. We gotta add a couple more things together on that one. I kind of want to reveal one category of kind of feel in do it yourself kind of feel like I wanna reveal in category. You guys got anything while I'm pulling up this document here. We can come up with something. We I I pulled it up ready cranky steam it I found that a lot quicker than I thought. Takes the pressure off us. Let's go with. Let's see I'll read off some categories. Tell me which one tell me which one you wanna hear the nominees for you can do the looking like a snack actor of the year. We can do. Let's see we can do Hornets movie character. No, that's too good. We gotta keep that you wanted to look like a snack actor of the year. Yeah. I think that's generic enough. It's t's, okay. Also best picture nominees and worst picture nominees are based off of the audiences top ten rankings. Okay. That's fair that makes sense. All right. So looking like a snack actor of the year nominations, Henry Cavill, mission impossible fallout Jason momoa, aquaman, Michael b Jordan creed to Bradley Cooper, a star is born John David Washington, black klansman, Ryan Gosling. I man John Christine ski of quiet place. Jamie Dornan fifty shades freed congrats Jamie Dornan. Jason ISAACs, the death of Stalin and Kyle Chandler. I man the gospel of not nominated this year. That's shame can you nominated for. I man. I did you're right. I'm I completely dead wrong. Your fucking with my head. Yup. I personally like. I forgot the nominees. Dude Fundermann it's going to be tough for Henry Cavill enough to win this award. I think Henry Campbell has just one of the bag. Oh, it's locked up. That's I if I if I was a betting man, I was going to bet on the ghost. That'd be my stone cold, look, I do like I like John Christine ski for the dad vibes. He was thrown off the sexy dad by he had quite pleased with the the Maroons shell caller sweater throughout. But he was a bad debt. He was a. He was a man and he gave into temptation and ultimately caused family problems. But breaking forgive us. Lord. He sacrificed himself as children and his family for that. We will remember it. We will definitely remember his character name, which was Peter. All right. So that's that's that will reveal the nominations on Sunday. We also have an interview on Sunday to about that. When interview did we tell we told you about this interview? Now, let's say surprise the audience wants a prize in a movie coming out this weekend. Also in a movie that was nominated for best original screenplay couple years ago. Based on a real life story. That's the tease we'll be coming up this weekend. It was in a movie the lot of based on a very popular real Inamori slash music, ripple put that we'll give again tease, you can probably put together as a fun interview. Actually, the personally interviewed as an academy voter. Yes. For the Oscars and gave really nice insight on a couple of things economy would not tell us who they voted for unfortunately. But was was pretty cool insight for somebody who's on. We've not interviewed somebody on the academy or in the academy. Maybe we have. And they just haven't talked about it. But I'm pretty sure we have we also may be interviewing somebody this weekend will be a very special guest for. Like he's mutant under like if he's. Yeah. It's like a little extra content. But that way, the this views a passion project for Kim, Jack, and I until their stint jet, but more probably no involvement on this. Because I can't add anything of note or quality, and I wouldn't want overstep, honestly, I just want to let this whole thing. But it's a very important one for certain fans of certain movies and shows and media. By the way, don't if they released the fucking shaft trailer. We're not talking about it talk about this weekend. Let's penalty on them. Guys will do TV segment when like right now. Yeah, right now, did you watch the Hannah sneak preview episode on often run? I was going to Joel hinman. I didn't have chance should let's decide or now. It's talking should we do audience questions Sunday, or we should we do a non movie rankings Stu audience questions. Yeah. We haven't done that a while. And let's do we do a. We can give scurvy did remember. But we should do one where they submit scripts again or like me, right? The stone out. How about movie hypotheticals? I like the ones where we get to write out stuff for them. Like, you know what I mean? Yeah. I don't know what we're doing next week. We okay. Our or will leave it at that. Yeah. I don't know. Okay. We take movie characters and we have to create their order japodlay. Sounds like a helluva. From the brain geniuses it. Oh CB. What the fuck? Did. We talk about the. Oh, no. We didn't do. That's right. We did. We weren't super halftime show. Yeah. Audience questions. It is. Except your Poedji true. Okay. That's it anything else. No, no. Maroon five the pod this week's. Also shout out to the person, I read it really wants me to play will. I am. I will never play William sunk in the pot ended. We got a note from Adam LeVine, who is after being on our podcast three times was very upset that we bashed as halftime show. You want to hear the note? All right. Fuck you. Other good Lear. Okay. Hope you enjoyed can Jack and trill. I'm Jeff logos. The LEGO movie to we'll talk to you on Sunday. Have a good week at the box office. That. Spock? And this. Brace. Is known. Nothing. Nothing gonna save. Now. Nothing. Nothing nothing on sale now. Nothing. Nothing. See now.

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