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Sugar Ray Leonard: The Mind of a Fighter | 6


Three I'm Dan Rubenstein and this is sports wars For one yeah what comes to mind is that fight in particular Tyson any van Holy Phil was such a highly anticipated matchup wars all one word to nine nine zero zero zero and what occurred was so shocking and bizarre if you will that no fat hey friends as much as I know you want to you can't spend all of your time listening to sports wars and with that we are now joined by the legend himself you've seen his fights against guys like Roberto Duran NBC he'll help us to put Tyson Holyfield into context and talk boxing rivalries and challenges get your take right off the top in terms of rivalries is a vendor and Mike Tyson the the most memorable modern one since the Finance Science Technology Arts and the environment it helps readers like you and me make a little more sense of what's going on in the world around us and it's been welcome in legendary boxer sugar ray Leonard winner of title belts at Multiple Weight classes longtime boxing analysts for places like ESPN HBO Successful Liverpool and Man City have been as the younger players have hit their prime with those new clubs instead of playing out the tail end of their prime like stars do at other big clubs it's pretty fascinating stuff to see how that sort of investment has paid off. If you're a lifelong learner like me Dan Rubenstein who's nineties or is it a Paki owl mayweather situation to you which two boxers in the modern era have really done it for your boxing brain Dan or Tommy hearns Marvin Hagler you've seen him on places like HBO OR ESPN NBC. He's fought at multiple weights has maybe pound for pound the best nickname is there ups and downs the path that led them to each other and the fallout of one of the biggest weirdest moments in boxing history today we there's all one word to nine nine zero zero zero again that's a free print copy of the economist and all you have to do is text sports never stopped asking questions there's something in the economist for you and right now you can get a free copy for your free print copy of the economists just text sports pull in Man City targeting younger players for transfers rather than older established stars like some of the other big premier league clubs do the economists outlines doing so for over one hundred and seventy years I actually just read a piece from the magazines Game Theory Section there sports section about liver and you're not listening to our show you should be reading the economist The economist is a weekly magazine that offers insight and opinion on international and US news politics business that their fight I I was incredible no one expected myself included that event light or do you think something that again bizarre is is something that will always be the first line when you think about the two of them without question name that exists in the boxing world sugar Ray Leonard Welcome to the show how are you I'm doing fine that's that's great to hear obviously we've done a long series here on Mike Tyson and a vendor holyfield but also just about boxing itself and big rivalries so I wanted to or do you think about the fact that they did have an iconic I fight before that second fight that they did have these iconic careers outs outside of that specific Dan Boxing Fan will ever forget it for sure for sure and is at the first thing that you think about the shocking bizarre elements of that fight or Holyfield had a chance at a prayer but he proved US wrong but the second fi again so so shocking boxing's history we've had so many different fighters at so many weight classes but to this day it seems like there's something special about heavyweights there's something and that it will always be remembered as that bite sure and and something that I think is pretty fascinating is throughout the years just a cut above and maybe it's the weight but you fought it different weights you were never a true full heavyweight what do you think it is about the heavyweight class things things around but with the heavyweight especially gifts and a great shot temple you know if that punchers chance that one punch could just change the whole dynamics over fight but other ways can do the same thing one can kind of to try to take somebody else's belt when you for me personally speaking when I was fighting and when I became and once you have a title is it difficult to stay hungry defending the title is camp the same when you're trying to defend as opposed to deal with separately outside of their fight also their fight itself something you had to contend with a good amount of times is not just winning belts but challenging for belts yes that that resonates with people in a way that other weight classes don't that's avert good question what comes to mind is that yes yeah I mean we only human so that can only happen but there are ways mentally and psychologically spiritual that you edge willing knowing that guys might get a little too high on the hog do you think that's common for for boxers to look at their opponents and say this is a great time to you have to be able to stay focus I call it tunnel vision and that it's something that has been talked about that you've been able to take advantage of in your skin you can keep saying that place 'cause you gotTa have that intestinal fortitude to to to not just win but when he actively effectively yeah variance and your experience as a fight fan do you like watching fighters who have similar styles because you know that they sort of know each other and perhaps Fox do you like that difference in styles or do you like the sort of tactics of similar fighters I don't really care I just want effectiveness I just want okay bite champion I never took anyone for granted the only time that would happen at this if there was a rematch in fact dominated and suspended his head ear that fight a normally goes down but the most part for sure for sure and it's something that you know Tyson Holyfield had to each other's tendencies or do you appreciate it when you know one guy is a lot more on the offense and other guys a lot more defensive lot more guys more UNORTHODOX AH champion and I was a favorite because I was sugar rain in it but no one told me this could punch like a bull light him he's feeling a little too good about himself that's not always the case I mean we talking here about someone's mindset sharp not win that fight fair enough and when you look at how boxers today train you know the two thousands in the last decade whatever big hot huge heart Tommy was tough he was quick his jail was it was it was it was powerful it wasn't just a jam it's gotten better and the nutrition as far as eating how you're eating habits has changed significantly because and there's never really you can't really know that until the first punches strong until he executes a punch it's for because they know how to lift the weight in reference to boxing it's good it's a it's a plus an additional thing and a fourth fifth sixth round how much are you in your corner able to adjust once you see what the other guy is doing or is it just a matter of sticking to a game plan tell you this fighters no when a fight his close fighters no if they lost o-on the fight myself included you know so much better than it was what what are the big differences to you in how fighters prepare now versus say you know seventies eighties nineties it's all those things I have a good on a good read on you because they they were so different you have to adapt and I was able to adapt to styles and let's say Tommy do what it takes to win what did you prefer when you fought did you like facing somebody who fought like you and that you felt you had a good read on or did you did you like the fact that they might ah you also you look at the fighters certain fighters do things uncharacteristic of themselves after fight that fight or know that he should it is what are some of the bigger differences in preparation is is it fitness isn't nutrition is it the ability to watch so much more tape that's you know the video is he really made me fight him because he made me mad he upset me when you think about some of the best to set things up it was powerful how much in the middle of a fight obviously you come in with a game plan you scout the other fighter but you know I wanNA aggressiveness I want I want the finest of punch with conviction it and get it really doesn't make a difference because if you WanNa win you have the but also mentally psychologically like durant the first fight he taught me something he got inside my head and let's wait for never included an an boxers workout me weights were Voodoo but now fights and obviously when you think about great fights your fights with Roberto Duran are there as well but in terms of whether it's Ali whether it's you know Joe Louis whoever it is George Foreman when you now my friend he put on he'll go from one forty seven to almost two hundred pounds I mean but we don't all times although I didn't way awarding probably ten pounds overweight when I was fighting fighters sometime like derive Roberto Duran and George George Scher show show us the grill and you know he'll be okay it's absolutely correct what sort of rivalry do you think would resonate just as much in twenty nineteen as it did you know whether it's fifties sixties seventies eighties nineties you know what about huge huge fights over the years if you were to take them in a similar way to twenty nineteen where a year in which boxing is not as popular but onto fight I cry like a baby because I thought that George Foreman was going to nal late Mohammed Ali and of that opponent that opposition that fighter whom will face I watch yeah and I I look at strong points and weak points and I take advantage of that Joe Frazier I just couldn't see Mohammad-ali winning and you think with today's media attention obviously with al I'll see I'll have won the first six rounds or a seven round but that's not necessarily the case but you have to be honest with yourself what which two fighters do you think could really captivate a sports fans attention today Mohammed Ali and George Foreman when they although Ali was really so incredible moving for a big Man George Forman way he took care of you know that they left that out Yup definitely so to you is it more entertaining and I guess we can talk about it in terms of your own oh I mean he puts such fear and the opponents heart and I see it is so so obvious when they get into the ring I got said this is from my own personal perspective because that's what I see in the ring that's what I feel and the ran afford a donny lalonde my head outs early on in his career before the huge upset and Japan to Buster Douglas and then his fights with a vendor Holyfield how much of what he something that that is interesting when you talk about a vander Holyfield and Mike Tyson but specifically Evander Holyfield is that he was finally a boxer on Tyson's level sport boxing that I could observe the mental attitude of the opponent do you still have that ability to see even though was able to accomplish early on with all of those quick knockouts how much is mental intimidating his opponent before the match started and how much was his actual oh you know his boxing gifts I think fifty fifty when I because a lot of fighters when they were facing Mike Tyson after your career do you see fear in the faces of boxers prefight that they know they're not prepared for what's about to come full most part on the ice orest Tommy Herron pretty much at wealthed way the frequent nature made six two arms longer than a football feel may knock out power in both hands and for five fans definitely and so when you think about Mike Tyson's career obviously he's known for those early knockout of a champion he had the hot of a warrior and no matter what anyone said he believed in himself any calls sometimes I'm able to see that and it's it's interesting because all these years later is still is the case out you know if you were able to take the prime of your career and put it in two thousand nineteen what what is giving you the biggest advantage they are watched tapes Hamad avas big personality he would have been a favourite I mean just in terms of a fan favourite fan without without question the fan favorite oh for sure I mean you know boxing takes his lumps is black is what have you but those kind of matchups when you think about the nineties and you think about the era of heavyweight boxing in the nineties obviously on this show we touched on Holyfield Tyson but there are you know obviously George fighter event Holyfield I mean first of all I thought he was too small for heavyweight he wasn't a solid big guy but he had the heart that he was able to take punches he was not going to back down from Mike Tyson he had the history with Tyson going back to their Olympic days. What do you remember about a vander Holyfield the I had a pretty illustrious career but there's no need to hide under what I felt I should have done but yeah I knew right away I mean I i WanNa see Joshua and wilder deontay wilder fight that's a match their think will be huge there is a desire for a lot of these top guys whether it's Holyfield whether it's Larry Holmes whether it's George Foreman to fight into their forties what is it about getting in can't seem to what what is it that keeps them hanging on just a dream is there as we continue to dream and although the odds foreman fought into the nineties with his comebacks Riddick bowe and Lennox Lewis Do you look at that as a really good time for heavyweight boxing inside a ring that so hard to give up for guys who probably in the back of their mind no it's you know they had a good run and it's time to hang it up but they just you know it's time for something new it is yeah because again for me and I refer to myself round with without criticizing others about him something interesting about Vendor Holyfield which is not unique to vander obviously it's something that I'm sure you wrestled with Later on in your career but there they were so intimidated Mike prior to Mike Tyson as far as being the most intimidating fighters was Roberto Duran Mike Tyson and then he he would work the body I mean he he will stand up to any got any fighter any champion and that's what I admired mostly I punch that stock will be good night for me and it takes until you get into the ring and to actually get hit before you fully realize that I like the secret sauce yeah it's a secret sauce it really is these two individuals biters ex-champions Z.. And there is the is reveal a great deal and that look that look of you know I'm I'm GonNa win this fight it what do you think you know is is sort of the the secret sauce I suppose for boxing in getting back into the minds of of sports fans totally against us we believe in ourselves I did but you know after the first them that youth you believe will be another classic boxing rivalry anything can happen I mean they both have styles totally do that now

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